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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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every. a top u.s. official accuses china of destroying a free hong kong as more details emerge on a new security law. follow on it's a whole romany watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up the united kingdom takes action over the killing of to market and other human rights abuses placing sanctions on officials from saudi arabia and russia. those are blood on the hands of thousands of despots their henchmen dictators not be free to waltz into this country to buy property. back to the gym in brazil's largest
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cities the reopening is continue even as the corona virus cases continue to rise. and devastation in southern japan dozens are killed as heavy rain and mudslides submerged roads and buildings. into the program the fallout over the new national security law being imposed in hong kong is growing with u.s. secretary of state mike pompei are describing it as all well and pompei accuses the chinese communist party of continuing the destruction of a free hong kong under the law police can conduct searches without a warrant stop suspects from leaving the city and intercept online communications that many tech companies are worried about the implications of the new law including chinese short video tick tock saying that it will stop operations in hong
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kong social media giants including facebook and whatsapp say they will deny government requests for user data and china's ambassador to the united kingdom has warned to stay out of hong kong's affairs or face consequences and that's after the prime minister boris johnson offered millions from hong kong a path to british citizenship. the speakers are o'clock now our correspondent in hong kong who started by 4 of her of course has been expanding all her position regarding the new security law what else is she been saying. well there was a 1000000 meeting held last night this is the 1st meeting of the national security committee which is chaired by hong kong's chief executive kerry lam that meeting was also attended by a beijing's top official in hong kong and this is when they unveiled these new powers that they granting police and there's a range of new powers sweeping new range and include being at the police being able to enter the premises without a warrant and this is in extraordinary circumstances they can restrict the movement
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or freeze assets of a potential suspect and they can order social media and internet giants of firms to delete electronic messages or contents that they doing a critique of the national security of hong kong and china now i should say the legal fraternity has responded to some of these new sweeping powers are granted to police a one barrister in particular has described it as scary and he's indicated that these powers should be held by the legal jurisdiction or the judicial system not the police but the the fines are that you if you don't comply with these particular police powers the failure to comply you could incur a $13000.00 fine or 2 years in jail now kerry lam hong kong's chief executive has held a press conference it's a daily officers that weekly press conference in hong kong she's defended the introduction of these new national security laws but she had this message to those who are clearly and they need to be reassured about the introduction of these new national security laws and she had this message to the media. if the foreign
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correspondents club or reporters in hong kong can give me 100 percent guarantee that they will not commit any or fencers under this piece of national legislation. then i can do the same. hour so it is not a question of need standing here to give you a guarantee of what you may or may not do in the days and weeks and years ahead and serve in our introduction we mentioned sort of the popular out tick tock announcing major changes to its operations in hong kong what more do we know about the. well that's clearly some concern from a number of the social media platforms of the video platform forms and the large tech companies under these new police powers or tick tock i said that in light of the recent events they're going to stop operations in hong kong and i should clarify that the tick tock was launched by china based a company called bike dance but it has 2 arms one of those arms is based on the mainland the other is referred to as
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a tick tock of what we know globally. and that some believe that the i would certainly tick tock believes that these new laws could force these social media operations and platforms to disclose and hand over sensitive data should say to talk in hong kong it appears to be a small market are the numbers they disclosed in september last year was about $150000.00 users that they may have increased since then that tick tock it said it has not shared any diet with china the chinese government nor would it and i should set as well add to this that facebook and its way it's missing service whatsapp has also decided to suspend the processing of requests from hong kong government and for the from the police for information on the uses and they said that suspension will happen once it's further assist these new national security laws which have been introduced in hong kong so the clock in the hong kong sense of the updates well you can has that its sights on those behind the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it's unveiled its 1st unilateral sanctions since leaving the european union $49.00 individuals and organizations are being targeted under
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a new system to punish human rights of founders and when you go to reports. a long awaited action against abuses of human rights the measures announced by the foreign secretary committed the u.k. to holding perpetrators of mistreatment to account. this government and this house sends a very clear message on behalf of the british people that those with blood on their hands the thugs of despots the henchmen a dictator will not be free to waltz into this country to buy property on the king's road king's road to do their christmas shopping in knightsbridge or frankly to siphon dirty money through british banks or other financial institutions the new regime of sanctions targets 49 individuals and organizations from russia saudi arabia me and ma and north korea designed to encourage better behavior. the sanctions target those at the heart of russia's interior ministry such as a leg to cenk all accused of being responsible for the death of sergei magnitsky
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the russian lawyer arrested after alleging that russian officials were involved in large scale tax fraud and who died in prison also sanctioned by those who were involved in the killing of jamal khashoggi including siloed abdullah al qahtani a senior advisors of the crown prince mohammed bin sol mon and the senior official who planned and directed the murder of a saudi journalist using a 15 man team also listed the perpetrators of ethnic cleansing of the red in myanmar. and so when the commander in chief and his deputy with me and my our armed forces who are least a humanitarian disaster that killed thousands and left many more displaced and the 2 organizations responsible for forced labor torture and murder in north korea's. the sanctions also signify a change in the u.k. status no longer applies to european union rules it is designed to place human
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rights front and center of a new push policy. was very key and that's where and the opportunity to delay the departure of the place this weekend and so this was a stronger that you can stand on and it's going to exercise this right the act is set to be extended to may challenge other countries such as china or the week of detention camps and crackdowns on hong kong protesters the question is will they go far enough to affect a change behavior so you go. well yes no has more than 3000000 corona virus infections and president donald trump is being accused of enabling it spread new york governor andrew cuomo is urging him to acknowledge the outbreak as a major problem infectious disease expert on to the fact she says the u.s. is still deep in the 1st wave with more than 50000 new cases
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a day but trump has tweeted about the u.s. having the world's lowest fatality rate and called for schools to reopen in the autumn. we still need deep in the 1st wave of this and i would say this would not be considered a way it was a surge or resurgence of infections superimposed upon a baseline francis' that really never got down to where we wanted to go if you look at the at the graph from europe europe the european union as an entity it went up and then came down to baseline now they're having little blips as you might expect as they try to we open and we went up never came down to baseline and now is surging back so it's a serious situation that we have to address immediately. well brazil is struggling to contain the virus but is easing more restrictions bars restaurants and other businesses also reacting in sao paolo over in india it's become the country with the 3rd highest number of cases reported nearly 50000 new infections in just the
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past 2 days or brazilian president tribal sonora has been tested for covert 90 after being taken to a military hospital with a high fever but he says his lungs a clean now he emerged from the hospital wearing a mask just hours after he took steps to walk to donal requiring them in prisons last week he vetoed the use of masks in churches schools and shops. well brazil is the hardest hit a country in latin america but despite this the largest cities are power is bowing to pressure from the business sector to lift restrictions of latin america to see a new because what. there's something seriously disturbing about this picture at least according to a.p. demi all of just few if any countries in the world have as many gyms per capita as does brazil with physical fitness is an obsession. but the permission to the
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opening gyms bar is responsive and shopping centers in rio de janeiro and sao paulo brazil 2 biggest cities comes just as the country surpasses 1600000 infections and more than 65000 deaths from code 19 the glass and metal technical director of this gym applauds the move for possible 3 center i'm very optimistic because physical activity is part of the solution to the problem people have to exercise. but is this graph shows at the top of the list of places people should stay away from during the pandemic are bars gyms and cell service restaurants because of the high risk of contagion all sagittal have yet i asked epidemiology to leave early badal if brazil was near the peak of the infections. in much of brazil not only has it not reached the peak but rather it is spreading to places that have far weaker public health services than in the main cities places that don't have emergency
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care units or other basics and in a country as large as brazil you can just move patients to places with better care 7. not one of those remote places of course is the amazon rain forest 100 to the indigenous people have already been infected. brazil's public prosecutor is investigating charges presented by indigenous rights advocates that last week's visit to some of the most isolated tribes like the no money by members of the defense ministry has spread the virus. the ministry with thinks the charges. what is the how can an organization that is concerned about indigenous people be upset by giving medical treatment and food to indigenous peoples. but world renowned brazilian photographer and amazon preservationists it all sounds algal says that's absurd as a dancer but as it did it's the brazilian authorities know have known and will see
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again that the indigenous people don't have the antibodies to protect themselves from diseases that come from outside the forest so the penetration into indigenous territories promoted by president balsa narrow is really genocide. whether in brazil's most remote areas or in its major cities the spread of corona virus remains out of control despite measures spurred by economic pressures that would make it seem that the pandemic is almost over you see in human al-jazeera. for the 1st time in a century the border between australia's 2 most populous states is being closed in the coming hours concerns about a spike in coronavirus cases of victoria prompted the authorities to close the frontier with new south wales in definitely. victoria reported its largest one day spike in infections since the pandemic began. still ahead here on al-jazeera rallying for reform villagers are demanding sudan's government does more to protect
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. the former partner of billionaire paedophile geoffrey epstein is moved to another prison after stories after the break. hello there are the usual summer weather across much of the middle east it is hot and it is dry the winds being quite strong the last few days the sand and dust they should begin to ease now you can see a fair amount of clabber taking that into more western areas of yemen this has produced one or 2 shots as we go through tuesday we could just see as a cropper shows developing later in the day but really nothing more than that temperature wise well the temperatures are up there 48 celsius in kuwait on tuesday you can see the winds coming from the interior and really very light they threw the cold so it is going to the warm day and haul in choosing the high 43 degrees
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celsius after these and the madras look at this nice the temperatures there in the high 20 celsius and across areas of turkey we've got one to scottish as that a warm day choose an anchor with a high of 35 degrees celsius more rain developing there as we go on into wednesday and temperature wise it actually dips down quite noticeably and the whole 36 is the high although it will probably feel quite humid with that lower temperature then down into southern africa we've got 12 more showers on the way through the south the south africa cape town port elizabeth could see wanted to show us a fairly brisk winds as well. but actually a wednesday we had this little system developing and that could bring some heavy amounts of rain particularly to the coast. from imprisoned dissidents to inspiration and. from founding the independent state
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to fiercely defending his people from ethnic cleansing in the conclusion of a 2 part documentary series i just see a world expose the rise to power of the 1st scene of an independent bosnia herzegovina. is a bag of bridge. from prisoner to president on a jazzy on. the roof in the order of the order. bookmarking watching al-jazeera with me is the whole room the reminder of our top stories u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was criticized the chinese government over its new national security law in hong kong under the law please can conduct searches without a warrant stop suspects from leaving the city at intercept online communications.
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the united kingdom has announced economic sanctions on those involved in the murder of saudi journalist. 49 individuals and organizations have been targeted under the government's new system to punish human rights offenders. and the u.s. is still leading in the 1st wave of provirus with more than $550.00 some of the $50000.00 new cases a day that's according to infectious disease experts and to the south but president donald trump says it has the world's lowest mortality rate i'm just calling for schools to reopen in the autumn. thousands of protesters in sadar have been staging a sit in outside the administrative headquarters in the town of now t.t. for more than a week they accuse the government of failing to protect them from attacks by arab armed groups ever morgan has more. for a weekend to have the administrative headquarters of near city in sudan central dar
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4 has been the scene of a sit in thousands of protesters gathered to protest what they say is a rise in the number of violent incidents there demanding the government dismissed the administrative head of the area as well as the head of police military and the paramilitary rapid support forces that. we have been suffering violations in and justice such as killings displacement and looting no one official wants to discuss these issues and solve them that is why we all regardless of our political affiliations have come out with clear demands we want justice peace we want security and stability. and. i'm a farmer and when i go to farm the arabs they try to rape us when we run back to tom to told the police they don't accept our request for help and those people who attack us are armed if we go to the farms they trust in us. protestors they arab militias are targeting them local people consider themselves africans and say
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they've long been targeted and their needs and demands marginalized similar grievances contributed to the start of a civil war in the region in 2003 and led to the deaths of nearly 300000 people and the displacement of almost 3000000 it around the country's then president all model bashir an arrest warrant for work crimes crimes against humanity and genocide from the international criminal court the worst yet to end despite a ceasefire as we're in factions negotiate for a deal with the transitional government that came to power last year the government has responded by pledging to set up a new court and send prosecutors to the area to look into the issues and justice is important we have taken decisions and have a new court and prosecutors we took some time in coming here because we didn't just want to come with words to offer to you to follow up on the issues we pledged and if they're not implemented the executive committee of the area will be. touch of us until we can all guaranteed they are implemented the demands of the thetan didn't
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go unheard by many in the capital hard some once home to a city that was violently raided last year dozens staged protests in front of the prime minister's office to amplify the voices of those in netty for some who traveled hundreds of miles to join the sit in the issue of security is not just the darfur problem. the problems of the t.t. other problems of sudan as a whole because the problem with the lack of security is everywhere in the country so we want security nationwide because if we can't have peace and security everywhere we can't have a country that will cater for us all. the people of 93 day hope the government listens to their demands and stop the violence he will morgan al-jazeera heart i'm almost 200 migrants rescued by a charity boat in the mediterranean have arrived in sicily after 9 days stuck on the border police escorted them to another we quarantine to prevent the spread of coronavirus by the arrival camp a tense few days on board the ocean viking the charity s.o.s.
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material any declared an emergency to some migrants became agitated with the wait for approval to talk. southern japan is expecting more rain after days of flooding that has killed at least 40 people about half a 1000000 people have been advised to evacuate their homes robert bryant reports. a weekend of punishing rains across the southern japanese island of q shoe and this is the result. wide scale flooding and landslides especially along the swollen river which burst its banks. as the rains intensified thousands of people were urged to leave their homes but some opted to stay fearing the coronavirus despite assurances from the authorities that they'd be safe one elderly care home was inundated with a number of its residents presumed dead or missing rescue teams have been sent to
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the area to help look for missing people and to help with the clean up i wish there was someone who can help us says this restaurant owner the government says it's mobilizing all resources to tackle the emergency peers. over 40000 members through the units of the police fire department self defense forces and coast guard are putting all their effort into searching and rescuing to save people's lives. for japan it's the worst natural disaster since a typhoon struck last october which killed around 90 people q shoe is used to powerful summer floods and has in place strong defenses against them but for now with more rains forecast those defenses seem to be overwhelmed. rob look bright al-jazeera. china has been hit by severe floods and mudslides after days of torrential rain roads and bridges have been damaged in eastern provinces thousands
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of people have been forced to leave the worst affected areas. the u.s. says it will force foreign students to leave the country if all of their classes are moved online because of the coronavirus pandemic or most colleges are yet to announce their plans harvard says all of its classes from september will be conducted online last month the trumpet ministrations suspended visas for some foreign workers saying it would create jobs for americans but critics say the white house is exploiting the pandemic to tighten immigration rules so heresies is a law professor at rutgers university she expects pushback from university students and even congress against the trouble plan. he's clearly continuing and immigration agenda as in a phobic immigration agenda which is to keep as many people that are from the global south and the global east out of the united states whether it's through the muslim band whether it's through immigrant work visas and now immigrant her student
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visas the immigrants the non it into student visas but essentially though he wants to keep most of these students out because it's no coincidence that 33 percent almost 34 percent now that $1100000.00 national streams are from china 18 percent are from india 5 percent from saudi arabia another 5 percent from south korea and then the rest are from various countries again most of which are from the east the middle east or the or latin america and central america so i think the best means to challenge this is going to come from the american association of educators which is effectively the association of all the universities because they are the biggest losers financially while the students are the biggest losers both financially educationally and and personally so i anticipate that there's going to be a major pushback on this and it will be interesting to see how the congress is get involved because maybe pressure to legislate around it to tie the president's hands
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or it may be the judges that have to intervene again through some kind of claim that this is a violation of of due process rights or some other constitutional right. clay maxwell the british socialite an alleged accomplice of sex offender jeffrey epstein has been transferred to a prison in new york a number of epstein's victims accused maxwell a big instrumental in grooming young girls for abuse accusations the sheaves annoyance gabriel is on the reports. the metropolitan detention center is a far cry from the lavish surroundings of the rich and famous she is accustomed to but this is now home for british socialite elaine maxwell now an accused criminal facing 6 federal charges including luring in transporting girls as young as 14 into sex maxwell is now awaiting a rain meant in a new york courtroom later this week maxwell arrested last week at this $1000000.00
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home in a rural part of new hampshire is a longtime associate of jeffrey epstein who died by suicide last august he was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges many of his alleged victims have long said maxwell was a key accomplice luring girls to him on monday one spoke out he had me come a little closer to him. then he started touching my head. and then he lifted up my sir i was in a skirt and he was touching my bare skin. i started to feel scared and to cry maxwell now sitting in jail is a fall not only for herself but also for her family legacy her father robert maxwell was a wealthy and well known british publishing executive an elite member of britain's high social classes in 1901 he was buried in israel after his mysterious
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death in the canary islands on his yacht named league elaine. as for the lane maxwell she's due in federal court later this week where prosecutors say they will argue against her getting bail saying she's a flight risk with access to 3 passports and tens of millions of dollars in more than a dozen bank accounts around the world linked to her name none of which will do her much good will she's confined here gabriel john doe al jazeera brooklyn new york. french president model mark role has cut most of his government's key figures in place after a reshuffle but he has replaced interior minister christophe customer who faced heavy criticism for his response to the black lives protests. was appointed prime minister on friday following local elections. the oscar winning italian film
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composer ennio morricone has died to be age of 91 he wrote music for more than 500 films victoria gave me looks back on his crew. you don't need to be a fan of classic westerns to recognize music composed by an earmark hany. his collaboration with director says on so-called spaghetti westerns such as the good the bad and the ugly and a fistful of dollars helped define a cinematic era numbers can no longer. i don't describe images with my music when there is an important movie it's key that the music sees what isn't sid and what you cannot see. until the 1960 s. film schools were on a seemingly designed to go almost unnoticed that morricone changed that and unusually for a composer became
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a star. what more can essentially. mid sixty's almost 68 i guess he fights to get us the soundtrack is and i thank you much more. than are almost music the italian composer was honored by hollywood with an oscar for lifetime achievement in 2007 then 9 years later he won the academy award for best original score for director quentin tarantino's weston the hateful 8 it was a job more coney originally turned down until 10000 allowed him to break with the style of music he'd written for westerns in the past. this is something amazing unexpected because really in my type of work you don't think of the positive or negative consequences in general the iranians have ones but sometimes they can also be negative consequences that is the film doesn't succeed or people
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don't like the me. music but this time everything we do well thank goodness i'm happy amazed. marconi was a prolific composer not just in terms of the number of films he worked on but the diversity of genres it's a measure of his success this some of his school is even more famous than the films he wrote them for. you want your deservedly so horribly reminded of our top stories it's just been announced that australia's 2nd largest city melbourne is being put back into lockdown for the next 6 weeks it comes after a surge in corona virus infections in the city 191 more were confirmed on tuesday the premier of the states a victorious says measures need to be taken to stop the virus from spiraling out of
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control well concern about a spike in corona virus cases in victoria a problem to deal dorothy's to close the front with new south wales indefinitely we have more on that in the coming hours in other news u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or who has criticized the chinese government over its new national security law in hong kong under the law police cannot conduct searches without a warrant to stop suspects from leaving the city and intercept online communications on call chief executive kerry land has again defended the law but won't guarantee press freedom if the foreign correspondents club or reporters in hong kong can give me 100 percent guarantee that they were not coming in any off fences under the national legislation. then i can do the same. so it is not a question of me standing here to give you a guarantee of what you may or may not do in the days and weeks and years ahead.
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the u.k. has an economic sanctions and travel bans against human rights abuses the new sanctions will apply to $49.00 individuals and organizations including those suspected to be involved in the death society jealous kamar jamal khashoggi and russian surrogate magnitsky u.s. infections disease expert antony found she says america is still leading in the 1st wave of coronavirus with more than $50000.00 new cases a day but president trump says it has the world's lowest mortality rate and is calling for schools to reopen in the autumn bars and restaurants and brazil's largest cities are polo have reopened after more than 3 months of restrictions and that's despite infections are showing no signs of slowing those were the headlines are back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's counting the cost to stay with us. july 995 some of the witness to one of the worst crimes of the 20th century the massacre of thousands of
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. special coverage of the 25th anniversary of the genocide on and just. i'm adrian finnegan this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a look at the world of business and economics this week the pandemic decimates millions of jobs and pushes many into extreme poverty could have green recovery be the solution to saving the global economy. flag of convenience chinese ships and cruise but flying the senegalese flag local fishermen say the waters off the coast of being over the fish to. slaughterhouses are hotspots for cove at 19.


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