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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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that it stopped a wave north of the weekend but more significantly heavy rain comes back to central and southern. al-jazeera. hello i'm not entirely this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up brazil's president. tests positive for 19 the virus he dismissed as a little through class we want to get our schools open we want to get them open
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quickly beautifully in the fall president trump says he'll precious state governors to reopen schools despite coronavirus cases surging across the u.s. . china's new security door prompts tick-tock to pull out of hong kong. facebook and google in suspending data sharing with police. and a day after to impose sanctions on 20 saudis over the killing of. britain says it will resume arms sales to saudi arabia. well into the sports news north of the return of formula one racing now the return of a 2 time world champion. lined up to drive for next season the team with whom totals. brazil's president has tested positive for corona virus after months of dismissing
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it as a little flu even as the situation in his country deteriorated story about sonar insists he feels in good health despite a fever right when leader was taken to a military hospital after developing symptoms at the weekend he has repeatedly defied local guidelines to wear a mask in public and has opposed locking down the country even as it battles that america's worst outbreak brazil has reported more than 65000 deaths and 11600000 cases the 2nd highest totals in the world. god would be a kid in my syllabus that year everybody knew that sooner or later a significant part of the population would get it it happened i'm an example myself if i hadn't taken the test i wouldn't have known the result and it turned out positive i just got a positive result yes it's positive so it all began on sunday when i started feeling slightly ill and it worsened on monday i felt tired with muscle pain and had a fever that reached 38 degrees. ahead of
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a world health organization has wished both an hour a speedy recovery and a return to office to support his country where infections are accelerating not only brazil the whole lot in america doesn't look good because the side on the rise does not on the rise and even north america middle america except canada canada is doing better. we're concerned. car like ok michael is an associate professor at the institute of international relations at the pontifical catholic university of rio de janeiro he joins us via skype thanks very much need for being with us so how likely is the fact that most narrow now has quote a virus to change his attitude i don't think it will change it very much oh it's not a man of deep insights i think it also it also true it's also extraordinary convenient
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for him in some ways indeed if it stays out late course right he'll be able to continue on his narrative that it's just the flu and can be cured easily he was also scheduled to be deposed by the federal police on its allegations of of someone do influence taking next week so the timing is not knowing and one stays late course the timing is not altogether bad and what about those who've been skeptical in brazil do you think the fact that the president now has it will shift their outlook at all. i don't believe so i get it depends on the course that it takes you know if it if it stays within these are the baby 85 percent that are there like horses and all it will likely strengthen those who who are doubting the severity of the outbreak in all it will it may actually end up lowering the end he's into cutting into the heating to the to the distancing measures here which is not going to begin with so what about they the west hit
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areas in brazil how the hospitals coping there. was a missing phenomenon because you know the virus very clearly here 1st hit the kind of upper middle class and above because these are the people that could afford to travel and bring the virus with them back from places like italy and now that it's now that it's kind of moved into the lower classes move more into the families move more into the interior it's you know the numbers are rising still and it's moved into different regions and so the hospitals that are coping differently and unfortunately we've seen in the government response as well as it's moved kind of as a kind of crucial number of victims of move down into into less less. advantageous you know economic classes. government interest has gone down tell me about that the relationship between the regions or the or the kind of central government and the different governors i mean in the past has disagreed with with them on what to do
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what is that situation and then does that better cooperation nationally or not. i don't believe so not at all it's going to it's the states it's the federal who make health policy it's a similar situation to the united states where you have this quite conflictual relationship and in brazil you also have several important governors sort of now become political opponents of also not of. so we see against others that means sponsibility for the lock down measures it's regional it is based on it's on the municipal level it's mostly on the on the federal state level but again we've seen this kind of catastrophic response of the that the country has had to deal with a total lack of leadership from the federal resume had every possibility of having an absolutely model response to this pandemic we have very strong public health system we have highly trained doctors we have good i.c.u. density and we have but you know experience with pandemics treatment of hiv and
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aids here is actually quite quite advanced so you know it's a sign of failure of leadership in the federal level this that this is turned out the way that has michael cahill thank you very much indeed if you analysis thank you. in the u.s. hospitals in several states say their intensive care units every chain maximum capacity as coronavirus cases continue to jump the number of people have died in the u.s. has now passed 130000 driven by a reserve of cases in several states the 14th month in red are experiencing westing outbreaks with more new daily cases now than a week ago 7 states in green a seeing that day by day totals drop or the freezing gray have reported the same number of cases florida is seeing the largest number of new daily cases with more than 8000 a day in the past week. with few nationwide gate guidelines in place states have
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been left to implement their own rules for reopening infections are accelerating in many which push to reopen early including texas it's just recorded its biggest daily increase in cases on tuesday with more than 10000 new infections health officials say they're running out of time to get the virus under control in the next 2 weeks we're probably going to end up being what new york was 2 months ago i think that's what's going to happen and that is going to happen particularly because we have the 4th of july. holiday i mean lot of people did not listen a lot of people went out and more likely than not we're going to see those patients come into the hospital over the next 2 weeks mike allen joins us live from washington d.c. mike give us a recap on the situation in the west hit states. well you heard there that texas now above 10000 cases a day exactly the same reaching its highest ever level of cases and one particular
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day monday we're seeing arizona as well reporting massive increase in cases in florida for example the there is a complete shortage of beds in internal health clinics so certainly this is a major crisis but the connection between these states that are reporting the spike is that they are all states that opened up early back in mid april under pressure from president trump who tweeted specifically that it was time for the states to open up to get the economy going these 3 states in particular were among the 1st to open and this is the consequence that you are seeing this massive spike in terms of recorded cases in these states most of them republican controlled the federal government continuing to leave the management of the pandemic up to individual states individual areas testing for example store receives very little federal aid most of it is being done by the states and the common complaint now once again is
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this simply not enough testing going on there's a backstop in a laboratory there's not enough testing kits out in the field so certainly this is a grim situation which dr antony funnell the country's top dollar just says this is no longer any idea of a 2nd wave this is actually the 1st wave mounting so a grim situation indeed and in the meantime president trump is keen to reopen schools in spite of those numbers. not only going to open schools he's putting immense pressure on governors and representatives in various states who actually decide when the schools will be open had a phone call with a number of governors and in the course of the day insisting that they go ahead and open up the schools when the new school year begins in the autumn that's just after august so he's putting immense pressure on the schools to open up despite the fact
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that many states have a great qualms about a speedy opening or one that is not carefully planned but this is what president trump had to say. what we want to do is we want to get our schools open we want to get them open quickly beautifully in the fall and the as you know this is a disease it's a horrible disease but young people do extraordinarily well. well in the midst of all of this the u.s. has gotten the formal process of leaving the world health organization now president trump has been threatening this for months he has been conducting a review of the w.h.o. now a letter has gone to congress and to the u.n. secretary general saying that the u.s. is formally pulling out of the world health organization now that is a process that takes a year so that will be on july the 2021 before the u.s.
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actually leaves the organization and one point that must be noticed is that between then and now there is an election in which the administration could change rejoining the process is not necessary because the u.s. will remain a member and tool of july next year mike hanna thank you very much. australia's 2nd largest city has been ordered into knocked down for a 2nd time as great a virus cases continue to surge 5000000 people in melbourne have been told to stay at home for the next 6 weeks to keep the outbreak from spiralling out of control the city has reported a records daily spike of 191 daily infections state borders have also closed effectively sealing off the entire state of victoria from the rest of the country. iran has recorded its highest single day jump in coronavirus fatalities to date with 200 people dying the health minister has blamed the rise on a rainy and not following restrictions ron has reported
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a total of almost 12019 deaths with more than 245000 cases of said big reports from tehran. iranians had thought they were past the peak of the virus but the new total of $200.00 dead within 24 hours has prompted the health ministry to issue a new warning. unfortunately many people didn't listen to me they didn't take demands of mine and my colleagues seriously we are facing a new wave now it's been 4 months since the virus hit and it's been responsible for the deaths of nearly 12000 people so far the government's blaming the resurgence on guidelines being broken. i ask on people to take masks and coronavirus seriously masks and social distancing can prevent the disease by 80 percent now that we are paying such a huge price people have to take my advice seriously how the time my colleagues and i were insisting people pay attention many people didn't believe us hospital
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admissions are also including into iran iran's most populated city and financial center some patients have been receiving oxygen in a hospital carpark the wards inside apparently full to capacity the government has made face masks mandatory although there's no penalty for not wearing one and some provinces have reinstated lockdown measures but the blame at least from the health ministry is on the failure to observe guidelines on social distancing and mass gatherings this year but i'm in the hospital for about 2 weeks i didn't invite by chrono really rules we went to a wedding and 12 members of our family contracted corona we didn't socially distance there were many people in the party together for god's sake keep socially distancing wear masks and observe your personal hygiene. since i voted in february i didn't leave home because i suffer from asthma for 30 years i have had asthma i didn't go out of my family did they didn't of their protocol and yet i got infected
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. i had a c.t. scan any said it was coronavirus you have to be hospitalized and begging people to not go out the government is also under scrutiny for easing the lockdown early despite warnings from the health ministry. with the economy struggling the government faces tough decisions reposed lockdowns are trying to stop the spread of the virus and excess deaths a hope that people would take on a board by the rules something that doesn't work so for assad. to her own. israel's public health director has quit accusing the government of failing to contain the coronavirus see that ski said restrictions were lifted too quickly after israel source spike of movement 1000 new cases a day last week she said her warnings had been ignored prime minister benjamin netanyahu reimposed restrictions on monday closing bars gyms and event tolls when 330 people have died in israel with a number of cases exceeding 31 pounds and zimbabwe's health minister has been fired
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for inappropriate conduct a statement announcing a d m o u's dismissal did not elaborate further he was arrested last month or to be accused of illegally awarding a multi-million dollar contract for medical supplies to fight the coronavirus the company that clinched the deal sold the government $28.00 facemasks and other materials at inflated prices iron which also has more from harare. obadiah moyer who is not the former health minister was arrested last month he is currently out on bail and is suspected back in court on the 31st of july but it's not clear whether that's when his trial will actually start or the his lawyers will ask for a postponement giving accused of illegally awarding government contracts to a company called drugs international is say this company inflated prices for personal protective equipment and this alleged lawyer pocketed some of that money and allegation he denies for years zimbabwe's been dogged by allegations of many
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government corruption and health look there's a particularly very angry they say they're struggling to make ends meet they say they want to be paid in american dollars for this involved keeps devaluing for weeks now i'm a nurse and they've been demonstrating outside hospitals demanding for things to change in the public health sector but they saying that nothing is being done and no one is dissing to them some of them in the past few days have been arrested by the police the police say the reason why already has admitted is they broke rules or people aren't allowed to gather in large numbers of when president. of the rebel mugabe in 27000 he said is going to be tough on corruption but people say they still waiting to see results is the phrase in zimbabwe called catch and release with some people feel that senior politician senior officials are sometimes a race that follows corruption they go to courts a trial is held by these trials drag on for weeks months sometimes even years the people either get off scot free or nothing is really done about it things that
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people are now watching. very very close to his case very very closely when he finally does go to trial we want to see what the result is going to be. around 1000 protesters have gathered in serbia's capital after the president said he's reimposing coronavirus restrictions on friday. a lockdown after serbia sorts highest daily number of deaths from cavan 19 he's been accused of restrictions so that he could hold an election last month which he won. coming up on this news hour from london. he was driven by basically literally about asylum seekers trapped in lockdown in dirty hotels with inedible food. the un's expert on extrajudicial killings says the u.s. drone strike that killed a top iranian commander assim sort of money was on all fours. and child amputees return to the sport they love has grown a virus restrictions and lifted in gaza is coming up in sport or at least.
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talk has announced it's pulling out of hong kong this is some of the world's largest social media companies review their operations in the city in light of the new security rules imposed by china zuma has joined tech giants such as facebook microsoft and google in suspending requests for user data by the city's wealth or cheese that worried the new law will let the chinese state access sensitive information because more from hong kong. a week after the introduction of the new national security law in hong kong carrie lamb was quick to respond to the international condemnation of the legislation which has already been used to make arrests the national security what targets crimes it's a version suspicion terrorism and collusion with foreign forces on the.
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cutting happen this is completely constitutional legal and reasonable i do not understand why certain foreign countries a so he came to comment on this. the national security committee which lends his has unveiled new powers granted to police think through grades without a warrant in special circumstances ordering internet firms and social media to remove content considered a threat to national security as well as a seizure of their equipment failure to comply with the law risks a $13000.00 fine and 2 years in jail. compared with the national security laws of other countries it's a rather mild law its scope is not as broad as that in other countries and even china the tech giants and social media companies i'm not convinced the video sharing app tick-tock says it will stop operations in hong kong it's owned by chinese internet giant by dance but isn't available on the mainland the company
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says its app will no longer be available in hong kong and social media platforms including facebook twitter linked in zoom and whatsapp have also announced they will suspend processing government and police requests for user data so i i think the work 2 here ok to fear is already spread. about the cyber expression freedom. in total i believe the government will take further actions towards these social media platforms i think i can foresee that we won't be able to use these applications in the future the u.s. secretary of state has described china's new legislation as being an assault. hong kong's freedoms and rights my compiler like and the censorship to the totalitarian state enjoy all these famous noble 980 some fear the chinese communist party censorship in face of mind and is fast coming into effect in the semi autonomous city the government has acknowledged that some people in hong kong are concerned
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the current i am says it's only been a week since the new law was introduced and an education program will reassure the people that the legislation protects not undermines the city's freedoms sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. and the 7 people have been killed by a car bomb in northeastern syria 3 children were among those killed by the explosion in tel aviv near the turkish border dozens of people were also injured. dozens of people are being killed by car bombs in the region since turkey drove out the kurdish y.p. jiang group in october. the un says a string of as strikes carried out by the syrian government and russian forces in ad lib amount to war crimes investigators identified what they called 52 emblematic attacks between november and june the report says syria and its ally russia have killed hundreds of people and forced nearly a 1000000 to flee it also accuses the. group of firing into civilian areas with
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quote no apparent military objective as well as torturing and executing detainees or a show in china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to extend authorization for cross border humanitarian aid in syria or to body the editor james spays joins us live from the united nations so is it surprising that these these 2 have vetoed it. well certainly members of the security council were expecting a russian veto they've been joined again in china in what many humanitarian experts believe will be a devastating blow to delivering humanitarian aid in syria it certainly i think means that not as much humanitarian aid is going to get to opposition controlled areas what we've just had is a nother russian and chinese veto because the meetings don't happen in person they happen virtually the votes happen a bit of a different way they vote over
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a 24 hour period the members of the security council vote counted and they are then announced in a virtual meeting that meeting taking place in about 5 minutes time but i've got the result already was 13 members of the security council in favor 2 against but those are both veto wielding members so it means that for now the plans to extend the authorization for the crossing points to get aid into syria have not been approved now this is really history repeating itself because 6 months ago almost the same thing happened they used to before crossing points into syria to get aid in russia used its veto 6 months ago and then came up with their own resolution reducing the number of crossing points to 2 well now russia has block has blocked the the renewal of those 2 and guess what having used its veto backed by china russia has come up with his own resolution saying that over
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a crossing point should go down to one this is again is under a voting procedure and the security council will vote on this in 24 hours time but as i say a professional's very very concerned this means there are syrians who are getting humanitarian aid particular in opposition areas who will not get any more james bays thank you very much. definitely yes. the u.k. says it will resume selling weapons to saudi arabia more than a year after it was forced to stop because of alleged war crimes in yemen saudi forces are accused of deliberately targeting civilians in their campaign against who the rebels but the british government says the saudis have now agreed to comply with international law weapons exports were stopped by the u.k. court of appeal in 2019 which asked the government to clarify how they were used it comes just a day after the u.k. imposed sanctions on 20 saudi officials over the murder of journalist.
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andrew smith is the director of the campaign against arms trade he joins me now via skype from glasgow thanks for being with us so what were you surprised by the announcement we were shocked by the united we had any prior warning that was going to be coming today and we believe it's actually disgraceful decision it's a morally bankrupt decision we can't see how your government could possibly get looked at the evidence and concluded that the seals were illegal the bombing of yemen has created the worst humanitarian crisis and one of those and yet the u.k. has continued to arm and support the stated regime but doesn't let it was brutal catastrophe so that in the written statement the trade secretary talked about there being only isolated incidents of air strikes in yemen that breached humanitarian law. and you can add you expect to the government that would somehow continue blocking arms sales even when the even when this expired this legal precedent.
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well when. mr set. she is referring to the bombing of schools she's referring to a bomb in a possible she's referring to the bombing of weddings and even funerals which have been turned into the sights of massacres high many hundreds of isolated incidents does it take before the government sees it as a pattern we are considering all leading up all legal options to challenge this decision and we expect to have an update on that in the days ahead but this is a disgraceful decision and cannot be allowed to stand and i understand they want to pursue other legal avenues but in terms of the the politics of it there's been criticism from the labor opposition and others as sales to saudi but sales to saudi also saudi arabia can also happen under labor how difficult is it or would it be to change the policy of the u.k. continuing to sell arms to saudi arabia. you're right that this has been a long term policy into starkly labor governments have followed very much the same policies as conservative governments and coalition governments have followed the
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same policies as both but we know that there has been far greater opposition in parliament over recent years and we were heartened to see a labor taking such a strong stance today and we expect that m.p.'s from across all of the opposition parties will be holding the government's keep to the fire and we hope that conservative m.p.'s will be as well because public opinion is betty clear all the polls show but the vast majority of people are firmly opposed to these arms sales and just me thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us thank you. what's more still to come this hour including friends and colleagues pay tribute to $1.00 of iraq's most trusted isaw experts as his family blames the government for not protecting him. a breakthrough in brazil gives hope to millions of people infected with hiv aids. and in sport basketball's best players are getting ready for the resumption of the n.b.a. season.
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however last week has seen the entire complection of weather in northern europe change from excessively warm tickly in scandinavia to not quite up to standard is the cloud might suggest this latest cold front is chasing the real water out of the way into russia it's still quite nice in turkey spain and throughout the majority we've got temperatures in excess of 30 and got a few places but really it takes an old half of europe and you're disappointed the temperature reaching 20 is a lucky thing for many places blue is rain and you can see the arrows representing fairly breezy weather the forecast for london should show about 24 degrees and it's dry so it should be sunshine but we got rain on thursday and it's a lovely cloudy picture up to the weekend there is that it's nice in the mediterranean it is pretty windy at the moment through croatia and that wind goes
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down into the governor said so i think the sand would be picked up into the air the temperatures not really affecting bengazi to spot on shore breeze in fact it warms up shower wise for africa again we watch the clumps of showers this time of the year there's one not far from giannina but for it's the gulf of guinea and beyond where you see the dark blue or even the orange pick up there's a significant showers affecting moreover and sierra leone this week. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of partitions and cuts and loads of humans of people across the country and as a dark side is we do see the grit from his office the majesty of the him fix into something more like the team i didn't see of the british football i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera.
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from one of the top stories here now jazeera brazil's president has tested positive for growing a virus after months of dismissing it as a little flu. or insists he feels in good health despite having a fever. the u.s. state of texas has reported more than 10000 new coronavirus cases its biggest one day increase in the state since the pandemic started or in a virus deaths nationwide have topped 130000 and hospitals as several states say their intensive care units are reaching full capacity. iran has recorded its highest single day jump in coronavirus deaths yet with 200 people dying the country's health minister blamed the rise on the iranians not following restrictions. conditions in hotels housing asylum seekers in scotland's largest city being described as degrading and unsanitary aid groups in glasgow say residents are at risk of contracting corona virus and tensions are
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running high last month police shot dead a sudanese asylum seeker after he stabbed 5 people including a policeman urgently reports from glasgow. it isn't uncommon to see food parcels being to live or to refugees in places like the greek island of less force or the french port of cali but in the sense of scotland's biggest city outside a hotel organized by a company with a 1000000000 dollar contracts in the british government a case of these people has problems has a whole series of questions they don't have access to washing if let's say your room is dirty your bed sheet is dirty or protest dirty you don't have access to anything and you know the code on our office i did lucky didn't not catching it they throw away the food they given off in the chicken is roar or they say it's otherwise inedible the plastic containers are a coronavirus risk and these men a forced into a position where they cannot keep their distance from each other they aren't allowed to work and are effectively locked in here when the food is being delivered
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they had to argue with the staff to be let outside to get it every day people are going crazy to do it so we did it without being so saw some people out up the people who meant south issues riyad mental issues and asylum seekers every day the sorts of just yesterday after one of the old said somebody went to his police are saddam and others to he isn't exaggerating in the last few weeks one syrian man committed suicide after warning he was going to and a few days ago at a different hotel a sudanese man stabbed several people including a police officer before being shot dead the police have been there ever since what always happens here the national media in the u.k. got very excited indeed for almost an entire afternoon because they thought it might be what they described as a terrorist attack but as soon as the police said it wasn't interesting it vanished as quickly as it appeared since then there's been almost no inspection whatsoever
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as to the reasons why asylum seekers might be suffering such severe mental health problems so this then is what they think happened during the stabbing incident from all the oh there kinds. is that he was driven basically literally bodies left the room for 2020 days on his own with suspected coronavirus symptoms is what was reported to us and to others and basically just to take it no longer i had had warned people that he was once to hearten self harm others he was in these images of the conditions people being told to live in the muse group which has the 1000000000 dollar contracts directed us to the home office which gave the contract to them it's denied the accommodation is substandard and so the asylum seekers are given 3 meals a day and a phone number to call if they have problems largely al-jazeera. a prison man infected with the aids virus has shown no sign of it for more than a year after taking part in an experimental drug therapy the treatment was aimed at purging hidden and dormant parts of the virus from his body which usually go
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undetected by drugs or the immune system independent experts say it will take longer to see if the man's remission last but if confirmed it would mark the 1st time a hiv has been eliminated without a bone marrow or stem cell transplant the patient says it's given him a 2nd chance at life. i've cried a lot i'm very moved because it's something that millions of people want not having the virus in this system it's hard to take the amount of medication i took in that many people take. and to oppose president of the international aid society he joins us by skype from london thanks very much indeed for being with us can you talk us through but in what bit more detail that the difference in what was this particular form of treatment what it entailed. yeah so as you said in the report the 2 patients who got long term so-called cure of h.i.v. the age of 11 come back have had bone marrow transplant cell bone marrow as were
12:37 am
a belated were destroyed and then repopulated with cells that were really amusing to each i.v. but this patient that didn't happen he had a cocktail of drugs including a victim in actually which. removes h.i.v. that's lying sleeping in the body and so he's now gone over a year without the hiv coming back after stopping these drugs which you know is remarkable but we still have to wait a little longer to see if he's actually going into a long term so-called remission but it would be a fantastic thing if that's happened now scientists of course they are preliminary findings and as you suggested how difficult is it to scale up trials of this sort. well this sort of trial wouldn't be too difficult to scale up because he's actually giving a cocktail of hiv drugs hiv drugs that we already use plus relatively simple other drugs so this would not be a difficult thing to do and in fact 30 patients have been included so far in this
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therapy but we don't have all the answers from the other 29 just from this one patient in terms of that the progress that's been made for aids does it give us any lessons in terms of what to do this current of ours. i don't think it's going to help with corona virus but i think the age of the pandemic and the way that we tried to get a vaccine over many years as the way that we've used as science and technology and the involvement of community has helped coronavirus but this actual approach we don't really have an answer coronavirus one thing that we might say is that hiv treated with a cocktail of drugs a maybe that's what we should do with corona virus if we can catch it early enough and you think that would lead to me mentioned things like injectable. progress is that something that you think will be the treatment of choice for people of living with hiv well i think that people with hiv in the next 10 years will have
12:39 am
a range of treatments and one of which will be long acting drugs either give them by injection or by implants or in by skin patches or other ways and there's some progress going on now there is an injectable that you could take every 2 months. to keep your h.v. under control there are implants under development where you may have them change every 6 months or year so i think this future of long acting drugs for a child he is very promising in d. and there is going to be understand a conference or that the conference is being given over to 19 what can we expect from that. well yes we're going to have a after the age 2020 meeting which is going on now we do have a section on the interaction of h.i.v. uncoated but the code conference itself which we're doing on friday is going to be open by the head of w.h.o. and then we're going to have a look at the science of cobia the impacts of covert beyond health on.
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food security on the economy on the environment and we're going to have a special. video by jane goodall and then we're going to look at the health sector and people that she suffered from cope with an emergency responses and then look at country policies and finish off with with bill gates talking about preparing for tomorrow because we we really have to prepare for to morrow today so the conference is very very comprehensive and really interesting and i'm posting it thank you very much indeed for joining us 2 people have been killed in an explosion which ripped through a factory south of iran's capital 3 people were also injured in the blast in back a shah a local official says it was caused by workers who mishandled oxygen tanks the explosion was so powerful it damaged nearby buildings it's the latest in of several recent incidents in iran on june 26th a blast at the parchin military base northeast of tehran caused
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a massive fireball there torches blamed it on a gas leak outside the base 4 days later an explosion followed by a fire at a medical center in the north of the capital killed 19 people again officials said a gas leak was to blame last thursday if i was reported at the net tons nuclear facility the centerpiece of the country's atomic program and the government later admitted it caused significant damage that on saturday a fire broke out at a power station in the southwestern city of oz there was also a chlorine gas leak at a petrochemical plant on the gulf coast which injured 70 people. the u.s. drone strike that killed a top iranian general kassim stolen money in january was illegal as the conclusion of the un's special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings and yes our says the assassination near baghdad international airport went against the u.n. charter the white house said the attack on ceremony was carried out at the direction of u.s.
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president donald trump and was aimed at deterring future attacks and educate being planned by iran. united nations has joined iraq's leaders and other governments in condemning the killing of a well known iraqi eisel expert who shot his shame he was shot outside his home in baghdad where he's now been laid to rest similar 14 reports. and the authority to voice silenced one of iraq's brightest gone. this coffin bears the body of dr who shot a man hashimi a prominent analyst and researcher shot on monday night by unknown gunmen a small group of family friends and journalists gather took company his body on its last journey from the morgue to respond to the home it was here in front of his own house where 4 gunmen on motorbikes waited for him on monday night he was shot several times at close range. his family blames the government for not protecting
12:43 am
him in italy who if not the government carries the responsibility is the government that should provide the safety and security for the people prime minister most of the mid dismissed the senior security commander responsible for the area and is vowing to bring those responsible to justice. all the possibilities are open we'll wait for the results of our investigation through the responsible offices to find out who carried out the operation who shot my hashimi was regularly interviewed by iraqi and foreign journalists including al jazeera and was a trusted advisor to iraq's governments he also worked for a western think tanks most recently the center for global policy based in washington d.c. he 1st gained prominence for his expertise on al qaida and eisel but more recently turned his attention to shia armed groups including those with links to iran. this was his last interview on the latest rocket attacks in baghdad aired just an hour
12:44 am
before his killing. the in this incident that they were about in fact this series of events that all started after june 26th or a reaction from these rebel groups that challenge the rule of law and the power of the iraqi security forces several of his friends say he considered moving to northern iraq after receiving the numerous threats including from the armed group the type hizbullah but he believed that the government would protect him if i knew my level of esteem and we always during our meetings with the prime minister we demanded to at least offer protection for the free voices but the result is we didn't get any protection and maybe we will all follow in her steps that's what they want for iraq they want an iraq without a state we are a country without a state and this is the victim. hashmi was laid to rest in the holy city of najaf in southern iraq he leaves behind his wife 4 children and the country shocked by it and other senseless murder the same on
12:45 am
a fault in our desire but that. well than 50 protesters have been arrested in kenya during demonstrations against police brutality and he's fired tear gas at protesters who are trying to march to the center of the capital nairobi on monday an officer allegedly shot dead a man selling fake hand sanitizer i used international says kenyan police have killed at least 100 people this year. a u.s. judge has rejected a bid to delay the shutdown of a major oil pipeline a court had ordered the dakota access pipeline to be emptied within the next month until engineers conduct a more extensive environmental review of the pipelines owners say it will take 3 months to drain it and will appeal the ruling at a higher court native american tribes and environmental groups say the facility threatens water supplies is the largest pipeline out of north dakota's shale basin moving all 570000 barrels
12:46 am
a day. and he's 50 people have died during 3 days of heavy rain in southwestern japan the government is now doubling rescue operations after around half a 1000000 people were advised to leave their homes because of the floods currently reports. japan's self-defense force police and coast guards are all pitching in to help relief and rescue efforts across q shoe island in flooded towns and cities residents are being moved to safer areas. this is unimaginable it's raining like a bucket of water over turned as we used to say in the old days. but floodwaters and continuing rain are hampering rescue operations the government says it's doubling the number of emergency personnel and with more rain forecast for the next 2 days people are being warned to stay vigilant. on the ground formation is
12:47 am
weakened from the rain we fear there may be landslides even if it rains slightly i asked residents to please be alert for information released by local officials and watch out for flooding in rivers japan's 3rd largest island has been reported many coronavirus cases local officials in q she say they're taking every precaution to prevent the spread in evacuation centers across the east china sea heavy rain has also battered several provinces in china with the worst flooding in 50 years reported in and the 2nd highest flood alerts have been issued in who bay and hunan province is with more rain forecast florence louis. arctic siberia is experiencing record high temperatures e.u. climate scientists say the average temperature in june was 5 degrees celsius above normal the region has been experiencing extreme heat for months causing some of the worst wildfires in living memory researchers described what they called exceptional
12:48 am
wolf as a warning cry. and visor to the head of russia's space agency has been arrested for treason even suffer an office accused of passing military secrets to the intelligence agency of an unspecified nato country a foreign journalist used to report on military affairs for 2 major russian daily newspapers he pleaded innocent in court but in trial is likely to be behind closed doors because of its sensitive nature. still ahead. disease. does. things or does the responsibility of a dollar we hear from west indies cricket legend michael holding as england's players show support for the black lives matter movement.
12:49 am
12:50 am
time or sport on his knee lauren thank you very much the hopes of restarting my just force in the united states are looking increasingly poor caris coronavirus continues to surge across the country might. is set to return this week at disney in florida with a tournament called m.l.s. his bike but it just had to perspire one of wednesday's games between nashville and chicago fire that's after 5 nashville players tested positive for corona virus i'm for more required further testing and this all comes after another team pulled out altogether i think dallas with joe off the 10 of their players tested positive and we've just heard that 5 players from the vancouver whitecaps will not travel but
12:51 am
still m.l.s. is looking to play with their month long tournament and be attained are also in a disney bubble in orlando getting ready to resume their season later this month hasn't been any action since march but on july 30 the players will be back on court including one of basketball's all time greats lebron james hoping to be in action for the 1st game when he's and i like his take on their los angeles vyvanse the clippers and major league baseball is also pushing ahead they took a big step on monday and announced the fixture list to goings on the opening night on july 23 including the famed new york yankees up against the current world series champions the washington nationals but it looks like the u.s. open tennis in new york will be without its defending champion this year rafael nadal has confirmed he'll be playing the madrid masters which starts the day after the us open final driven roadwork a woman prevents for the french open which in a doll house won 12 times. fernando alonso is set to make
12:52 am
a comeback to formula one next season with rana the spanish driver is reported to have already signed a deal for what will be his 3rd spell of the he drove for both ferrari and mclaren of course but it was with rare know where he won both of his world championships alonso left f one in 2018 to focus on trying to win the indy 500 but looks set to replace daniel ricardo at where he's leaving to join a car. england cricket captain ben stokes says he's tame a shower gesture in support of the black lives matter movement before the 1st test against the west indies the match starts in southampton on wednesday behind closed doors the 1st international cricket played since the coronavirus shut down both teams will wear the black lives matter symbol on their shirts during this series stoke says they're not indorsing the political aspect of the movement simply the push for equality i feel as a team that we've got a lot of changes here. to send a real powerful message we're really really excited as an individual of that same
12:53 am
is really excited. that we're able to be a part of the well former west indies cricket star michael holding has told al-jazeera that the onus is on society to change not just sport if the problem of racial injustice is to be tackled properly. the society is what produce exist individuals are what produce in the human beings and the personalities that eventually do clear or are eventually do go to watch sport either societies don't change i don't see the sports changing and even if you are going to think ok i have to do something in particular with my sport and the way it is in charge of that particular sport tries to get as much diversity as possible in that sport was a boat when those people that are playing in the us leave this world and go home or they go back into the real work and they go back to the same rubbish that was there before it affects their minds it takes anyone's head when they are not treated as an equal they might feel good on the cricket field or in the sporting arena but
12:54 am
that doesn't just love to go home this laughter it from the sport at some point when you are finished with the work you feel is the same thing on the outside in this. where you don't have equal opportunity treated equally i don't think this time around is going to fall off the news agenda i think this time around it's been to acknowledge more seriously because you see the corporate world getting in the ball you see companies pledging to do differently they are investing money in trying to make a change because without backing from because parisian and begin dust and ordinary people along with all that it will just as we have seen before and we don't need that we want some real serious change this time a role market how to when it's not just professional sport is fighting a tentative return to action after the coronavirus break child on putin using towels or attaching to the football pitch once again as china has
12:55 am
a risk of opponents. it. was after months of being locked in sight it's good to be out playing football again with your friends especially for these boys and girls who are just a small number of the 1600 amputees among gases 2000000 people with just 72 current virus infections and one death the palestinian territory recently allowed sports clubs and gyms to reopen and on cheese day the players return to training. the children participate in an empty football day suffered the same consequences of everybody else but there's a big change in our lives all of us are there we cannot get close to our relatives friends and shaking we need to know what i'm asking they're confined places. and this participation in our sport that they can muster that they can be good at. it is very important for their lives for them and talking about well do they go
12:56 am
back to their normal life as it was previously of the largest possible extent of course there are the club was founded just 2 years ago by the international committee for the red cross or i.c.r.c. and has adult players as well as children some have lost limbs after being injured in protests along the gaza israel border others through work accidents cancer or birth defects all benefit from having a place to come and play the sport they love. alone. and this is an island and no one cares about us but when we resume training we felt like there is someone who cares i would like to thank them all for the encouragement this project to help us in libya to discover my skills when i started the training i felt like i got back my amputated leg and. out on the pitch it's tough to get back after the coronavirus break it's been a testing few months but these children are used to
12:57 am
a challenge and happy to be back playing the sport they love joining us al-jazeera . finally to the italian football title vice the leaders event has just lost a 2 goal lead and being beaten $42.00 would i say milan but it sound likely to cost them the title because the nearest wild was once you know what. not to remind 7 points behind you by the last election who are fighting relegation but fall from a goal down to win 21 and some odd catching pitches from that guy let's you know defender patrick was sent off for biting. in the 93rd minute he was shouting red after review by the video assistant referee a miserable not for about 0 made worse. that's a spell out it's pretty bad thanks very much indeed. and that's it for me this news hour we're back in just a couple minutes with
12:58 am
a full round up of the day's news and meantime noise catch up with our website dot com i for now. every generation has a higher purpose. ours. is resistance. in akra
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people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity parity and protest to challenge and change ideas. gonna controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the ranger that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. as another religion this is the politics myanmar an unholy alliance on al-jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines i need to go to work because i need to make money risking our lives by going in setting the agenda for tomorrow's
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discussions racially charged social unrest on a scale lawsuit and international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you to terrorist but you hear the story of the war the pot on al-jazeera. a record breaking surge in corona virus cases in texas with more than 10000 people infected in a single day. i'm not intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up brazil's president shy of also narrow tests positive for covert 19 the virus he dismissed as a little flu. russia and china block
1:01 am
a resolution to deliver humanitarian aid to syria which the u.n. says is crucial to save millions of lives. and china's new secure.


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