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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 2:00am-2:34am +03

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al-jazeera has teams on the ground just because it's more mean it cannot be crushed what about the guy that can get to bring you more room good when you documentaries and life in. the a. he refused masks and played down the risks but now brazil's president has tested positive for corona virus. for the bacteria watching al-jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha also ahead. angry protests in serbia's capital as a curfew and long downturn downsized to its deadliest day of the coronavirus
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pandemic the u.s. begins a process of withdrawing from the world health organization accusing it of badly handling the pandemic and an arbitrary killing a u.n. investigators says a u.s. drone strike that killed a raid in general got some silly money was unlawful. brazil's president test test said positive for corona virus off to months of dismissing the illness as a little flu shot so narrow has repeatedly downplayed the threat from the virus defying social distancing measures and opposing knocked down even as brazilians deal with the region's worse outbreak a latin america tendency in human reports. to world leaders have defied 19 like brazil's jade bullshit novel. for months the president tempted fate and turned to doctors. he scorned calls to respect social distancing he seemed to relish
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defying even his own advisors always pressing the flesh and rarely using a face mask many members of his cabinet had become infected even his wife's grandmother some joked he'd made a pact with the devil until what was probably the inevitable happened i thought of you acutely my field. everybody knew that sooner or later current of our sort of reach an important part of population a lot of people like me for example if i would not have done the test i would not know about a result that was positive yes it was positive. so far bosso not has admitted to having a feeder and body aches but continues to brush off the severity of an illness he once described as a little trouble even taking off his face mask after testing positive. for the bureaucratic i thought ok so you can see my face who wants to see my face i'm fine calm thank god. thanks that i was there prayed for me what's the porting me i'm
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fine thank god. it's not just balsam not his health but his political reputation that's at stake he's waged war against lockdowns saying they're more harmful than the illness. he's clashed with governors who ordered businesses closed and the supreme court which recently felt compelled to order the president to wear a face mask or pay a steep fine thank you for taking his cue from donald trump also not or has threatened to withdraw from the w.h.o. and has ordered the brazil's health system distribute the anti malaria drug drugs at laura quinn despite warnings that it's not safe or proven to be effective think treating coronavirus he's in fact using it now himself. nevertheless wishes him while i'm a speedy and full recovery. from this disease or leaders around the world who have
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have had similar experiences and i think it brings home. the reality of this wires . that will likely depend on how president bush who not only fares on whether he'll become seriously ill as was british prime minister boris johnson or whether he'll be back at work in a week or 2 telling everyone i told him so. all this despite the more than 65000 brazilians who've lost their lives so far to the so-called little true. you see in human al-jazeera thousands of protesters are out on the streets around serbia's parliament after the announcement of a return to tough coronavirus 1st directions. they have called for the resignation of president alexander vo 6 his chests weekend curfew back in place after serbia's worst day yet of the pandemic with 13 deaths lifted restrictions in the weeks before his win in the june 21st election including
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allowing crowds back to sporting events as just after 1 am in belgrade and dealin at blue shirts joins us now live from near parliament in a way you've been in the thick of it what's the situation like right now. well this is the situation is really out of control and everything you mean it's who we are running from tear gas and short of the bombs so people gathered here in front of national assembly because of new measures. from coronavirus the president alexander who teach said earlier today dead from friday till monday the belgrade who belong down and there may be not only belgrade but entire serbia because of demick of coronavirus situation is very bad specially in belgrade we have more than 4000 people in hospitals and there are only today and 13 people died this is the highest number of that in one day so what is happening right now and for
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a several hours. that the people gathered to hear they're very angry because of their new measures they think this is not to do the right way to deal this situation. they are saying that the situation in hospitals are very bad that this is the way to spend the money in the hospitals not on the elections and also they're afraid their numbers of. people are much bigger than those numbers out or it is are saying so this is what is happening those protests there really fast become really violent and police is here they are pushing away the people in small groups they're all over the city i also saw police on the horses and never have seen something like that in belgrade police on horses
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they're used in some peaceful. manifestation but never like these to run to 2 people to try to push them away so this is the situation in belgrade right now and the protesters here and i especially angry at the president as he said anything about this. well he said that he is the one who is responsible for everything but people don't share that opinion here they're angry because of all this situation and they're afraid that this situation is not. the right way they think that officials are lying to them they're afraid that this law down not. going to have any any good. this is not a good solution so you know one hand they're afraid and in one hand they you know
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underhand they are not have any. trust in india officials in the doctors they're not trusting anyone in this point for every few minutes we are hearing these sound the sound of tear gas and. and the shock of bombs you can hear that right now pretend situation on the streets of belgrade tonight thank you for that update will be of course checking in with you things develop there you know in a close ally fair from craigs. in the u.s. hospitals in several states say they're intensive care units are reaching maximum capacity as coronavirus cases continue to jump the number of people who've died there has not passed 130000 infections have been surging in states which push to reopen early including texas and florida but the president wants schools to reopen
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after the summer break well we want to do is we want to get our schools open we want to get them open quickly beautifully in the fall and the you know this is a disease it's a horrible disease but young people do extraordinarily well. 5 to mike hanna in washington d.c. mike president trying putting pressure on governors to reopen schools but the situation in texas and otherwise hit states is very concerning. one must remember too the president trying to put on pressure on governors to reopen their state's far earlier than many other states and this is a commonality that we're seeing with the states that are spiking in terms of infection in the course of the past few weeks texas there more than 10000 confirmed cases in florida more than 10000 confirmed cases arizona north carolina all of these cases opened up very early drop mitigating measures it's only in the last few
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days that they've actually attempted to reverse the process and start shutting down again and reintroducing mitigating measures and for a change for different from what they did last time insisting on the wearing off mass in public this is what one texas health official as to say in the next 2 weeks we're probably going to end up being what new york was 2 months ago i think that's what's going to happen and that is going to happen particularly because we have the 4th of july. and the role of people did not recent a lot of people we're. more likely we're not we're going to see those patients come into the hospital or to mix 2 weeks and mike the president following through with his threat to pull out of w.h.o. . it's a threat he's been making for a number of months now and nol formally the process is underway a letter was delivered to congress monday the secretary general of the united
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nations was formally informed monday that the u.s. wants to leave the organization now the process takes a year so it is july of next year 2021 when the u.s. will actually in its membership and one what one has got to remember too is that between then and now is an election in the united states possibly a change in administration and president trumps opposite opposing candidate in that election joe biden is on the record as saying that one of the 1st things he'd do as a new president is reintroduce the u.s. membership of the w.h.o. but there has already been massive criticism from congress particularly from democratic members pointing out what they call the stupidity of pulling the u.s. out of the w.h.o. in the face of this crushing pandemic mike thank you very much for that mike hanna in washington d.c. for us let's speak some more about this now to ashley practice who is a political commentator and
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a board member of republican women for progress she's rise from washington very good to have you with us on al-jazeera as mike said that the process of withdrawing the u.s. from the w.h.o. could take up to a year but still a significant decision by president trump why do you think he went ahead with this even as members of his own party were urging him to reconsider the decision. i think for him it will just stand to be a talking point in his campaign you know this whole entire time he's blaming the virus on other countries and not taking responsibility for the disastrous effects that his response from his own administration and that here as you mentioned in your broadcast there are states that opened way too early and a lot of those states are states with republican governors who felt political pressure from this president and this administration to reopen and as a result their cases are surging in spiking in those states and now they're faced with a tough decision to shut down their states again facing future economic impacts as a result so again i think this is
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a talking point for trying to try place blame elsewhere and i think it's great that the republicans were standing up to this including with marlon center who sent you know that this is a not a very smart decision in this place is americans at risk is this also another tactic to distract from the high cases and deaths in the u.s. for sure and he wants to distract from that narrative that he's already decided that he's going to stop any support for federal testing which seems crazy seeing as we are the country that has the highest amount of cases at this point and we're also seeing a spike in cases so the handling of this has been completely irresponsible so again this all just comes down to a talking point for this administration to place blame elsewhere but i need to look internally and realize how irresponsible this is the w.h.o. is coordinating a global initiative to develop a vaccine against covert 19 what impact will the president's decision have on the u.s. is on efforts say and how much you think this will hamper worldwide efforts to cope
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with calls at 19. well obviously you know it will take up to a year but this place is a huge void in the who's membership by not having the u.s. at the table and that really is what the problem is here it's going to affect clinical trials that will affect future back scenes that will affect responses to emerging outbreaks and that's really where americans are now being put at risk because of a reckless decision by the president so i do think who you know is at a situation right now where they're going to realize that the united states membership was a crucial one we've always been looked to as a leader i'm not sure that there is leadership right now it seems to be a large vacuum there when it comes to the current officeholder at $1600.00 pennsylvania avenue but at the same time i do think because this will take up to a year hopefully a responsible decision is made but this again does cut americans at risk because of the fact that we won't be information sharing with other countries that are working to develop vaccines and host clinical trials to really try to find innovations and
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solutions to fight these deadly diseases thank you so much for talking to us ashley proper legal commentator joining us safe from washington we appreciate your time. thank you. i still ahead on al-jazeera to wrench all rain hampers relief and rescue efforts in southwest japan where floods have killed at least 50 people and i know the voice silenced the united nations condemns the killing of a prominent iraqi analyst and research. hello the 5th named storm of the hurricane season has disappeared now but we have potential of something else this massive cloud he may not look very much to is full of color and it's got a it's propensity to circulate so i might just come up to something as it goes off
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the coast of south carolina or wraps the rain back into georgia some to watch will be significant but it might be yet another wet event the southern states are looking pretty wet from big sun storms unfortunately further west it's too dry dry enough for the red flag warnings and that was fire danger once more big showers are running through the plains so as the midwest on a frontal system that is still potentially quite sundry in the central plains or prairie's of canada know this area lawrence just north of raleigh as a potential circulation will keep knowledge just for fun i think one thing else in the caribbean a mess of showers are running through the smaller islands but equally the thunderstorms everywhere in the immediate future is be of puerto rico and i think the dominican republic will get some fairly heavy weather then it go into haiti then moves further west course cuba generates thunderstorms every day this whole system is quite an interesting one is moving slowly west woods making it regular court where it.
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donald the president's son donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton or obligation to seek an investigation seductress did the trump campaign committee with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james call me in any way shape or form to closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera. the in the the in the.
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welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera brazil's president has tested positive for corona virus and after months of dismissing the severity of the illness jay across a narrow insists he feels in good health despite having a fever and. thousands are protesting the s.a.v. a spot in maine top to the announcement of a return to tough coronavirus restrictions have called for the resignation of president alexander which has put the weekend curfew back in place after the worst day yet on sunday meet with 13 texts and the trumpet ministration has begun the process of withdrawing from the world health organisation the president has been critical of w.h. over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak. and other world news to us drone strike that killed top iranian general qassam silly money in january was illegal that's the conclusion of the un special rapporteur torn extrajudicial killings agnes connemara says the assassination in iraq's capital was against a u.n.
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charter lower birdman he has more. top iranian general cousin solomon he was popular among many in iran but was considered a dangerous threat to the u.s. by present on trump that was the justification for drone attack on some the money's convoy as he left baghdad airport on january the 3rd killing him an iraqi commander . and mohandas among others a killing that's been called a new fool by u.n. investigator actors come on the special rocketeer on extradition killing said in a report on tuesday in the eyes of the evidence the us has provided states the targeting of general stolen money and the deaths of those accompanying him constitution treat killing which under international human rights to the us is responsible for this attack is different from all the drone strikes the united states has engaged in because it targeted senior figure in the iranian government
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so whatever you want to say about solmonese history and his alleged offenses against the united states and other countries he was a senior figure in the iranian military and we kill them. at a time when we're not at war with iran so it seems like an act of war against iran or under other definitions of assassination so money was the leader of the could fool with the overseas of the iranian revolutionary guard corps. help strengthen iran's ties with the armed group hezbollah backed by shalah found in syria and his food has played a key role in fighting i still in syria and iraq. person turns accusation the full amount he was planning to attack u.s. targets. was legally justifying an attack based on self defense. those insufficient evidence provided of an ongoing or imminent attack. is the
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killing by an armed violent to the un charter meaning it was breaking international new don't try to put the u.s. onto the human rights council in 2018. group or to be present to its own. the u.s. may were largely nurit but it's calmer points out in her report it may lead. to greater regulation of targeted killings but. only. a car bomb in northeast syria has killed at least 7 people 3 children were among those who died the explosion and explosion happened in and tell. me air that order dozens of people have been killed by compromise in the region since turkey drove up the kurdish white b.g. armco in october. fashion and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid
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to $3000000.00 syrians for a year the operation is off the rise until friday it allows a delivery system turkey to be delivered free from government control the u.n. says a yearlong extension is crucial to the lives of millions of civilians diplomatic editor james phrase has more from the united nations. i think humanitarian experts even top u.n. officials are very concerned about what has happened here in the last hour or so russia and china have used their veto on the security council resolution that was going to extend for another year the permission to bring in a into syria using border crossings and they have vetoed that for now now the existing permission runs out on friday so there is the possibility perhaps to come up with some sort of compromise but it's worth reminding you this is a repeat of what happened 6 months ago until 6 months ago there were 4 border
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crossings which would allow aid into syria to then be distributed and these are border border crossings that allow mainly the aid to go to opposition areas well 6 months ago russia used its veto on this very issue and having used its veto then to put forward its own resolution to reduce the number of border crossings from 4 to 2 that's where we were until today now russia's used its veto on the renewal of the to russia's come up with a new security council resolution as soon as this one was vetoed which is now circulated which would reduce the number of border crossings from $2.00 to $1.00 so substantially reducing the amount of aid that can get in to opposition areas the u.k. government says britain can begin selling weapons to saudi arabia once again after a new export licenses where suspended last year it follows a legal challenge by campaign is concerned that you can exploit or violating
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international humanitarian law johnny angela has more from london. over a year ago a british court ordered the u.k. to stop the new licenses of arms sales to saudi and to review the decisions surrounding preexisting ones that review is now concluded it's taken over a year and the government is saying while there were possible breaches of international humanitarian law these were exceptions and not a pattern it's not clear what methodology they used it certainly contradicts that u.n. panel of experts who found widespread possible war crimes in the conflict between saudi and yemen and it's not clear how many isolated incidents it would take to constitute a pattern but the u.k. has concluded that the saudi government is demonstrating a commitment to comply with international humanitarian door and i quote there is therefore no clear risk that arms and military equipment exported to saudi might be
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used in serious contraventions of international humanitarian law so what this means is the government is now going to be processing that backlog of orders from saudi it includes a multi-million dollar deal for typhoon fighter jets and earlier i spoke to the campaign against arms trade who really spearheaded the original case against the government they said they are baffled by this decision they've they've described it as morally bankrupt and reprehensible they said that their lawyers and now going to be looking into ways to challenge it. the united nations foreign governments and iraq's leaders are condemning the killing of a well known iraqi expert on al-qaeda eisel and other groups hashmi was shot outside his home in baghdad simona 14 reports. and authoritative voice silenced one of iraq's brightest gone. this coffin bears the body of dr who shot a man hashimi
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a prominent analyst and researcher shot on monday night by unknown gunmen a small group of family friends and journalists gather took company his body on its last journey from the morgue to respond to the home it was here in front of his own house where 4 gunmen on motorbikes waited for him on monday night he was shot several times at close range. his family blames the government for not protecting him from the who if not the government carries the responsibility is the government that should provide the safety and security for the people prime minister most of the mid dismissed the senior security commander responsible for the area and is vowing to bring those responsible to justice. all the possibilities are open we'll wait for the results of our investigation through the responsible offices to find out who carried out the operation who shot my hashimi was regularly interviewed by iraqi and foreign journalists including al jazeera and was a trusted advisor to iraq's governments he also worked for western think tanks most
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recently the center for global policy based in washington d.c. he 1st gained prominence for his expertise on al qaida and eisel but more recently turned his attention to shia armed groups including those with links to iran. this was his last interview on the latest rocket attacks in baghdad aired just an hour before his killing. the sensibility of in fact this series of events that all started after june 2006 are a reaction from these rebel groups that challenge the rule of law and the power of the iraqi security forces several of his friends say he considered moving to northern iraq after receiving the numerous threats including from the armed group the type hizbullah but he believed that the government would protect him if. during our meetings with the prime minister we demanded to at least offer protection for the free voices but the result is we didn't get any protection and
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maybe we will all follow in her steps that's what they want for iraq they want an iraq without a state we are a country without a states and this is the victim. hashmi was laid to rest in the holy city of najaf in southern iraq he leaves behind his wife 4 children and the country shocked by it another senseless murder. simona fulton al-jazeera but that. rescuers in japan are warning that it's a race against time to find survivors after torrential rain triggered floods and landslides and a 60 people are confirmed dead so far and about a dozen are missing restaurants force more rain is on the way. japan's self-defense force police and coast guards are all pitching in to help relief and rescue efforts across q schoo island in flooded towns and cities residents are being moved to safer areas. this is unimaginable it's raining like
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a bucket of water over turned as we used to say in the old days. but floodwaters and continuing rain are hampering rescue operations. the government says it's doubling the number of emergency personnel and with more rain forecast for the next 2 days people are being warned to stay vigilant. the ground formation is weakened from the rain we fear that maybe landslides even if it rains slightly i asked residents to please be alert for information released by local officials and watch out for flooding in rivers japan's 3rd largest island has been reported many coronavirus cases local officials in q shu say that taking every precaution to prevent the spread in evacuation centers across the east china sea heavy rain has also battered several provinces in china with the worst flooding in 50 years
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reported in and the 2nd highest flood alerts have been issued in who bay and hunan province says with more rain forecast florence louis. zimbabwe's health minister has been fired for inappropriate conduct a statement announcing about d.m. oreo's dismissal did not elaborate further for us arrested last month over allegations of corruption related to the procurement of $60000000.00 worth of coronavirus that coronavirus tests and equipment prosecutors claim 2 companies were illegally awarded government contracts without a competitive tender process. well again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera brazil's president has tested positive a coronavirus after months of dismissing the severity of the onus of also narrow insists he feels in good health despite having
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a fever. everybody knew that sooner or later a significant part of the population would get it it happened i'm an example myself if i hadn't taken the test i wouldn't have known the result and it turned out positive i just got a positive result yes it's positive so it all began on sunday when i started feeling slightly ill and it worsened on monday i felt tired with muscle pain and had a fever that reached 38 degrees. thousands are protesting the spotter meant after the announcement of a return to tough coronavirus restrictions. they've called for the resignation of president alexander who church has put a weekend curfew back in place after the worst day yet of the pandemic where the 13 deaths they trumpet ministration has begun the 4 promo process of withdrawing from the world health organization the president has been critical of w.h. over its handling of the corona virus outbreak hospitals in several u.s.
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states meanwhile say their intensive care units are reaching maximum capacity as called 1000 cases continue to jump the number of people have died there is now passed 130000 infections have been searching in states which pushed to reopen early including texas and florida russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to 3 mere 1000000 syrians for a year the operation bringing aid delivery some turkey is authorized until friday. and a new report from the united nations has found that a u.s. drone strike that killed top iranian general in january was illegal agnes colum ah the u.n. special wrapper torn extrajudicial killing ses the attack went against the u.n. charter those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera at one o one east. as protests rage over police brutality and
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corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on a just. as malaysia dances to contain the code 90 barks will car she said been carrying out military style operations across the capital one bowl. in the name of public health and safety they've rounded up illegal foreign workers. but when you look at these riots you can't help but think is the practical reality of dealing with a pandemic or is it racism. we're treating them like animals this is not the way to treat a migrant worker is not a way to treat a human. but you know they're living.
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with bill but i didn't go to get the kind of my sausage i will.


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