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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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into something more like the team i didn't see on the bridge when i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera. he mocked and the use of masks and pushed an anti malarial pill as treatment brazil's president is quarantined with coronavirus. you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up. angry protests in serbia's capital as a curfew and lockdowns are announced after its deadliest day of the pandemic. and the resurgence of the pandemic in several u.s.
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states and there's resistance to the president's push for schools to reopen sooner . we do it why are. people. little people can't get. an aid to the u.n. says will save millions of lives in syria is vetoed by russia and china. welcome to the program the president who repeatedly downplayed coronavirus is now in quarantine at his home in brazil after testing positive. has counseled his shared goal for the next few days but insists he's still in good health he's one of nearly 1700000 people infected in brazil the 2nd worst affected country in the world latin america editor lucien newman has more i know world leaders have defied. 19 like brazil's jade. for months the president tempted fate
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and turned to doctors he scorned calls to respect social distancing he seemed to relish defying even his own advisors only as pressing the flesh and rarely using a face mask many members of his cabinet had become infected even his wife's grandmother some joked he'd made a pact with the devil until what was probably the inevitable that happened. of you accuse me of my fill the west side. where everybody knew that sooner or later current of our sort of reach an important part of population a lot of people like me for example if i would not have done the test i would not know about a result that was positive yes it was positive. so far bosso not has admitted to having a feeder and body aches but continues to brush off the severity of an illness he once described as a little true even taking off his face mask after testing positive. for the
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bureaucratic of the theft ok so you can see my face who wants to see my face i'm fine calm thank god. thanks that i was that prayed for me was supporting me i'm fine thank god. it's not just bill some not his health but his political reputation that's at stake he's waged war against lockdowns saying they're more harmful than the illness. he's clashed with governors who ordered businesses closed and the supreme court which recently felt compelled to order the president to wear a face mask or pay a steep fine thank you for taking his cue from donald trump also not who has threatened to withdraw from the w.h.o. and has ordered the brazils health system distribute the anti malaria drug hydroxide chloroquine despite warnings that it's not safe or proven to be effective through treating coronavirus he's in fact using it now himself. nevertheless wishes. meanwhile i'm
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a speedy and full recovery from from this disease other leaders around the world have of have had similar experiences and i think it brings home cross all the the reality of this fires that will likely depend on how president paul soon i don't fence on whether he'll become seriously ill as was a british prime minister boris johnson or whether he'll be back at work in a week or 2 telling everyone i told him so. all this despite the more than 65000 positions who have lost their lives so far so called little. you see in human al-jazeera. is an associate professor at the pub difficult catholic university of rio de janeiro he says baltimore is ill this could work in his favor. this is not a man of deep insights i think and also it also true it's also extraordinary convenient for him in some ways indeed if it stays our late course right he'll be
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able to continue on his narrative that it's just a flu and can be cured easily he was also scheduled to be deposed by the federal police on its allegations of. one do influence taking next week so the timing is not known and one stays late course the time is not altogether bad if it stays within these sort of 85 percent that are the life forces and it will likely strengthen those who. who who are doubting the severity of the of breaking of it may actually end up lowering the end even to cutting into it getting to be distancing measures here which isn't likely to begin we've seen this kind of catastrophic responsibly that the country is had has to deal with a total lack of leadership from the federal represented had every possibility of having an absolutely model response to this and make we have a very strong public health system we have highly trained doctors we have good
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i.c.u. then city we have what you know experience with pandemics treatment of hiv and aids here is actually quite quite advanced so you know it's a sign of failure of leadership in the federal level this that this is turned out the rain has and the crowds have tried to storm services parliament after the announcement of a return to tough coronavirus restrictions of the right place for spent thousands of protesters many calling for president alexander to resign he's put a weekend curfew back in place after serving as worse day of the pandemic with 13 deaths reach it lifted restrictions in the weeks but hold his win in last month's elections including allowing crowds back to sporting events elena glue shechinah has been following events and the clashes around parliament which went on into the early morning. the president alexander who teaches now some new measures because of
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the coronavirus he said during the weekend belgrade will be locked down and maybe not only belgrade but to the entire serbia because the situation would put on a virus is a very bad and the worst is here in belgrade though we have more than the 4000 people in the hospitals just today 13 people died over the coronavirus this is the highest number in one day so what happened today is that people were very angry of this situation and we did this kind of measures to why because serbia was already has already been in a state of emergency before and then alter it is said it's ok now things are going better let's have in the elections so we had the parliamentary elections in the day after numbers started to increase and today the situation is even worse than before so people are angry. they think that the money should be invested in
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hospitals and not in the election and this is what happened tonight it seems like the situation a little bit quieter now but the moral maybe we'll see the same picture again. critical uses continue to climb in the united states the number of dead has now surpassed 130000 and infections are surging in states a push to reopen early but president trump continues to downplay the resurgence of the pandemic and says that he wants schools to reopen in the new school year mike hanna has more now from washington d.c. . texas is one of the 1st states to use its mitigating measures responding to pressure from president trump in mid april who insisted he wanted states to open up to restart the economy. now with stealing with a massive increase in impact. since joining florida in reporting more than 10000
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cases in a day a figure matched only by new york state in the early stages of the pandemic in the next 2 weeks we're probably going to end up being what new york was 2 months ago i think that's what's going to happen tanya ingraham has been an i.c.u. nurse for 17 years last week she went from caring for patients to becoming a patient herself after testing positive i really at one point in time asked god to take me the pain wise ridiculous. it was a clue i mean in my mind i couldn't breathe think i didn't have to be put on ventilator the republican governor who ordered the early opening of texas is now dialing back and reimposing mitigating measures including the wearing off masks we warn not have to shut it down if everyone will follow this very simple rule and that is just get
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a mascot this where it make sure that you don't get covered 18 and you don't give it to anybody else but the u.s. president continues to be masculists and even as the cases surges now are putting pressure on governors to open schools for the new year at the end of august we want to do is we want to get our schools open we want to get them open quickly beautifully in the fall and the as you know this is a disease it's a horrible disease but young people do extraordinarily well the reaction from teachers was furious that is so callous and him so callous we do it wrong people die. little people can get sick you have asthma you've got bad allergies and you're 6 years old you could die if we do this ron there was anger too among many in congress which was
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officially notified that president trump is pulling the united states out of the world health organization the notice period is 12 months so the u.s. will actually only leave the w.h.o. in july next year between then and now is an election and presidential candidate joe biden says one of his 1st acts as president will be to reverse the decision effectively it will be up to the voters to decide mike hanna al-jazeera washington . actually private is a political commentator and a board member of republican women for progress she says it's another reckless decision by president troubles will put americans at risk. for him it will just stand to be a talking point in his campaign you know this whole entire time he's blaming the virus on other countries and not taking responsibility for the disastrous effects but his response from his own administration is that here there are states that
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opened way too early and a lot of those states are states with republican governors who felt political pressure from this president and this administration to reopen and as a result their cases are surging in spiking in those states and now they're faced with a tough decision to shut down their states again facing future economic impacts as a result places a huge void in the membership by not having the u.s. at the table and that really is what the problem is here it's going to affect clinical trials it will affect future vaccines it will affect responses to emerging outbreaks and that's really where americans are now being put at risk because of a reckless decision by the president so i do think who you know is at a situation right now where they're going to realize that the united states' membership was a crucial one and we've always been looked to as a leader i'm not sure that there is leadership right now it seems to be a large vacuum there when it comes to the current officeholder at $1600.00
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pennsylvania avenue but at the same time i do think because this will take up to a year hopefully a responsible decision is made but this again does put americans at risk because of the fact that we won't be information sharing with other countries that are working to develop vaccines and host clinical trials to really try to find innovations and solutions to fight these deadly diseases. well still ahead here on al-jazeera the united nations condemns the killing of a prominent iraqi analyst and research or why his family blames the government and on the defensive mexico's president is accused of selling out as he prepares to meet president trump at the white house those stories after the break. however still plenty of moisture around for the mountains of a man to generate thunderstorms and they are quite good ones when they happen and
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equally the on shore breeze insulin has made it more or less continually continuously of a cost was just every now and again but not continuous just which is yet this brown stain you see is a hint of dust carried in the air coming down from iraq is nothing. in fact doha's 40 indicates rather more humid weather in the immediate future where the wind picks up the dust again and syria into iraq once while temperatures here have hit 50 in the last couple days we're still in the high forty's clearly it's much nicer the further west you go with that on shore breeze from the mediterranean now the driving force of the monsoon is once more generating big showers and are on the way to the coast maybe of somalia more likely tanzania and iraq that's the orange suggesting some pretty heavy downpours it's been dry here for a while so that on shore breeze makes a significant difference the big showers where you are expected to be south sudan's in the wet season so this is a moment so juba is going to forecast next 3 days or rather of rain or
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thunderstorms the temperature of just $30.00 to $34.00 degrees it drops down to $23.00 at night so it's not especially humid. join our global community they call the crisis is just slapped isn't the place the blessing upon latin upon latin human hands equals global health keeping you up to date why so for situation where we have a human rights prices that persist beyond the help prices on your questions is a dialogue just nothing we are now approaching across route this is an opportunity that we must miss the stream on al-jazeera. earth.
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welcome back you watch al-jazeera of me still run a reminder of our top stories brazil's president has canceled his show job for the coming days after testing positive for covert 19. our own who's now in quarantine at home has repeatedly downplayed the threat from the virus. was also thousands of protesters outside serbia's parliament over plans to reimpose tough coronavirus restrictions president alexander of egypt she is putting a curfew back in place after 13 deaths and she's day the worst day yet of the pandemic which is lifted restrictions in the weeks before last month's elections. at the top of ministration has begun the formal process of withdrawing the u.s. from the world health organization the president has been critical of the w.h.o.
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over its handling of the corona virus outbreak accusing it of being influenced by china. the u.s. drone strike that killed the top iranian general. in january was illegal that's the conclusion of the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings. maher says the assassination in iraq's capital was against the u.s. charter laura birdman really has more. top iranian general custom solomon he was popular among many in iran but was considered a dangerous threat to the u.s. by present on trump that was the justification for drone attack on some the money's convoy as he left baghdad airport on january the 3rd killing him an iraqi commander . and $100.00 s. among others appearing to be called a new fool by u.n. investigator actors come on the special rapporteur on extradition killing said in reports on tuesday in light of the evidence that the us has provided states the
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targeting of general stolen money and the deaths of those accompanying him constitution treat killing which under international human rights school the us is responsible for this attack is different from all the drone strikes the united states has engaged in because it targeted senior figure in the iranian government so whatever you want to say about solmonese history and his alleged offenses against the united states and other countries he was a senior figure in the iranian military and we kill them. at a time when we are not at war with iran so it seems like an act of war against iran or under other definitions of assassination so money was the leader of the could fool the overseas of the iranian revolutionary guard corps. he hopes 20 runs ties with the armed group has bola backed by shalah found in syria and his
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food has played a key role in fighting i still in syria and iraq. person turns accusation the fall of man he was planning to attack us target. who is legally justifying an attack based on self defense. kalam markers those insufficient evidence provided of an ongoing or imminent attack kalama says the killing by an armed drone violated the un charter meaning it was breaking international law don't try to pull the us out of the human rights council in 2018 the report will be presented to it on thursday the u.s. may were largely ignore it but it's kalama points out in her report it may lead to international pressure for greater regulation of targeted killings but armed. nor oppose him only al-jazeera russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid
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to $3000000.00 syrians for a year the operation which is authorized until friday brings in supplies from turkey without interference from the syrian government aid workers have called the veto reprehensible are diplomatic editor james bays reports now from u.n. headquarters in new york. earlier this year the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft visited one of the border crossings used to bring much needed aid into syria accompanied by the un's top humanitarian official marc local she was shown the bubble how a crossing considered a vital lifeline for the people in the last main opposition enclave in the province of idlib. speaking on a facebook live link up with the young syrian ambassador craft appealed to the other members of the security council to renew permission to deliver aid across the border we must ensure that the syrian people get life saving food and medicine and
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this is just a basic need this is. a result distance between life and that. not stress the importance of this week's vote on across borders. this wasn't the only appeal to the u.n. security council in the hours before the vote a u.n. commission of inquiry has released its latest report on human rights abuses in syria giving a damning assessment of what it describes as acts amounting to war crimes the chairman of the commission added this the very least the security council can do now is to renew and history infant the cross border and cross the line into operations pandemics no no borders nor should when it aired a need those pleas went on answered the result of the voting is as follows 13 go out in favor 2 votes again no abstentions the draft resolution has not been adopted or into the negative thoughts of 2
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permanent member of members of the council both russia and china use their veto power we're seeing a repeat of what happened 6 months ago until that point the un had 4 border crossings authorized for a delivery after using its veto in december russia managed to get that reduced to 2 crossings with the clock now ticking until the existing authorizations run out on friday having used its veto once again russia is now likely to push for just one approved check point greatly reducing the amount of aid that can be delivered to opposition areas james out just era at the united nations. a car bomb in northeastern syria has killed at least 7 people 3 children are among the dead the explosion happened in near the turkish border dozens of people are being killed by car bombs in the region since turkey drove around the kurdish why peachey
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armed group in october. the united nations that foreign governments and iraq's leaders are condemning the killing of a well known iraqi expert on al qaida eisel and other armed groups. me was shot outside his home in baghdad samina 14 has more. and the authority to voice silenced one of iraq's brightest gone. this coffin bears the body of dr who shot a man hashimi a prominent analyst and researcher shot on monday night by unknown gunmen a small group of family friends and journalists gather took company his body on its last journey from the morgue to his family home it was here in front of his own house where 4 gunmen on motorbikes waited for him on monday night he was shot several times at close range. his family blames the government for not protecting
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him when you tell me who if not the government carries the responsibility as the government that should provide the safety and security for the people prime minister most of the mid dismissed the senior security commander responsible for the area and is vowing to bring those responsible to justice. all the possibilities are open we'll wait for the results of our investigation through the responsible offices to find out who carried out the operation who shama hashimi was regularly interviewed by iraqi and foreign journalists including al-jazeera and was a trusted advisor to iraq's governments he also worked for western think tanks most recently the center for global policy based in washington d.c. he 1st gained prominence for his expertise on al qaida and eisel but more recently turned his attention to shia armed groups including those with links to iran. this was his last interview on the latest rocket attacks in baghdad aired just an hour
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before his killing. since and that in fact this series of events that all started after june 2006 are a reaction from these rebel groups that challenge the rule of law and the power of the iraqi security forces several of his friends say he considered moving to northern iraq after receiving numerous threats including from the armed group the type hizbullah but he believed that the government would protect him if. you want to know we always during our meetings with the prime minister we demanded to at least offer protection for the free voices but the result is we didn't get any protection and maybe we will all follow in her steps that's what they want for iraq they want an iraq without a state we are a country without a state and this is the victim. hashmi was laid to rest in the holy city of najaf in southern iraq he leaves behind his wife 4 children and the country shocked by it and other senseless murder. simona fulton are just
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a dad. germany is calling on its e.u. neighbors to agree to a fair way to distribute refugees and migrants the block remains stud locked on a new procedure after the previous system collapsed 5 years ago when the number of y. grounds increased sharply germany's interior minister said it's shameful the 27 nation block remain divided with many countries refusing to take in rescued migrants the majority initially arrive in italy or greece. the. situation is not really where you are not only an economic and security union but also a community of values and i'm convinced that saving people from dying and rescuing them from drowning also prolongs to a community of values also accompanying people have dignified procedures in europe where we're not there is a need for protection and if there is a need for protection or member states should take in these refugees in solidarity in the long run this question cannot be left to italy multo greece or spain alone.
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a group of we can muslims living in exile is accusing china of committing genocide and calling on the international criminal court to investigate now they've submitted evidence alleging rights violations that implicate more than 30 senior chinese officials including president xi jinping rights groups say more than a 1000000 weak of muslims are held in prison camps where they're punished and brainwashed china denies this and doesn't recognize the i.c.c. jurisdiction. it's a meeting that's officially about trade but the summit in washington late on wednesday between the u.s. and mexican presidents is already provoking a mixture of anger and bewilderment when well repellent explains why the mexican president under this month. is meeting with u.s. president donald trump this week at the invitation of the white house but what would normally be a standard meeting between 2 world leaders has stirred criticisms but. by sickly
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there is an election season underway in the united states and the mexican president's visit could be misinterpreted but also over the years president trump has expressed many offensive things toward mexico and mexicans this is why many people have a deep distrust and reject the way president trump has treated us. president trump is not very well liked in mexico and much of that has to do with his past rhetoric regarding the mexican people when mexico sends its people there not sending their best they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime they're rapists and mexico will pay for the wall. one to do attitude soured further in 2019 when president trump threatened mexico with export tariffs unless mexico agreed to carry out a strict militarized immigration enforcement policy since the start of his administration 19 months ago mexican president under disciplinary lopez obrador has
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sought to avoid a political conflict with president trump opting instead for a relationship built on pragmatism we had when we did the visit scheduled for wednesday is the 1st time the 2 presidents will meet in person does visit out of the we can talk about baseball we can talk about a lot of things everything without confrontation because it's a political meeting. critics of lopez obrador to say the mexican president is making a mistake by sitting down with trump who many in mexico regard as racist and. anti mexican a recent poll however found that while few mexicans are fans of trump a majority favor lopez obrador a meeting with the u.s. president with many hoping the trip will help improve a bad economy. we're now going on in mexico there are many who do not look kindly at our president attending this meeting but there are those who understand the weight of the economic agenda and recognize the economy's the result of political negotiations between leaders there's not such
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a thing as friendships between countries and geopolitically their own interests. president lopez over the other says the focus of his u.s. visit is to mark the launch of the us mexico canada trade agreement or u.s. m.c.a. a replacement to nafta that mexico's president has said will generate jobs and help reactivate the mexican economy when. mexico city. was there with me as a whole rob a reminder of our top stories brazil's president has cancelled a show drill for the coming days after testing positive for covert 19 ball sonora who is now in corinth tina at home has repeatedly downplayed the threat from the virus. everybody knew that sooner or later a significant part of the population would get it it happened i'm an example myself
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if i hadn't taken the test i wouldn't have known the result and it turned out positive i just got a positive result yes it's positive so it all began on sunday when i started feeling slightly ill and it worsened on monday i felt tired with muscle pain and had a fever that raged 38 degrees. hospitals in several u.s. states say their intensive care units are reaching capacity as credible as cases continue to jump california reported more than $10000.00 cases in a single day on tuesday infections have also been surgery and states which push to reopen early treating texas and florida but the president want schools to reopen after the summer break. and the trumpet ministration has begun the fall process of withdrawing the u.s. from the world health organization the president has been critical of the w.h.o. for its handling of the corona virus outbreak accusing it of being influenced by china. thousands of protesters near serbia's parliament against plans to reimpose
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tough coronavirus restrictions they've called for the resignation of president alexander view church but he's put a weekend curfew back in place after the worst day of the pandemic with 13 deaths. russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to $3000000.00 syrians for another year the operation which is authorized until friday brings in supplies from turkey without interference from the syrian government. a car bomb in northeastern syria has killed at least 7 people 3 children were amongst the dead the explosion happened in taleb near the turkish border dozens of people have been killed in car bombs in the region since turkey drove out the y.p. g. armed group in october those are the headlines more news in half an hour next is the street. july 995 the summer that witnessed one of the worst crimes of the 20th century the massacre of thousands of bosnians.
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special coverage of the 25th anniversary of the sniper needs a genocide on an jazeera. high after man cable watching the string it has been a week since the assassination of a child who desa he was a musician a roma activists well known in ethiopia the fallout has included people on the street people being arrested internet being closed down media being closed down as well there's so much to talk about the if you can the asper is huge i know that you're already in are you to chat if you go to add to this conversation would love to hear from.


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