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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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when the. advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than half the world needs w.-h. in making your health feel with. you. everyone. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.n. security council meets to discuss months of fighting between rival forces in libya amid talk of a possible cease fire. pumping new life into the economy the u.k. government announces $37000000000.00 more for
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a pandemic the recovery plan. anger in serbia over the government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak up plans curfew is now in doubt. and pulling out thousands caught in the flood waters china's war han province back on high alert. the u.n. security council is holding a virtual session to discuss the war in libya as the conflict enters a new phase the head of the session russia's foreign minister says he's in talks with his counterparts in turkey about a possible cease fire this isn't the 1st time that welcome for hof doc has considered a ceasefire it is so last month after his forces began losing their major strongholds the libyan conflicts been fueled by a number of international backers. the u.n.
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recognized government in tripoli has been backed by turkey will have to report from russia egypt and the u.a.e. let's go live to a diplomatic editor james bays who's at the united nations james going from the list of people that are going to be on this at this meeting we're going to have countries there that are supporting opposing sides in this conflict what is the tone going to be like when we hear the secretary general speak. well this is what is supposed to be the regular monthly meeting of the security council on libya because it become a much bigger affair and that's partly because the presidency of the security council this month is with germany and you'll remember that germany has been the country that's been trying to chair the political process on libya go back to january a big meeting in berlin this is the 6 month anniversary in february they try to build on that meeting with another meeting in munich and all the while of trying to
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push an international peace deal talks between the sides in international peace conference get everyone around the table and eventually get to elections in libya they had general have on the edge of tripoli trying to take tripoli basically destabilizing the peace efforts now in the last few weeks that has all changed general have to has been pushed very decisively back from tripoli by the government of national accord backed by turkey's been pushed all the way to sirte and so the germans and others now see this 6 months on from birth in as an absolutely key moment but not necessarily one that will lead to peace it could lead to more war we're going to see the security council and many foreign ministers rather numb vassar's attending it's a virtual session they don't actually sit in the same room right now because of coronavirus and i can tell you that the german foreign minister just in the last few moments before the meeting starts has put out
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a statement marse says the situation in libya isn't getting better on the country the escalation in recent weeks and months threatens to tear the country apart not even a global pandemic has been able to stop this while the whole world shut its borders ships planes and trucks filled with weapons and soldiers arrive in libyan cities and we've had reports of that for example from the u.s. military saying the russians have been bringing planes in from syria from one war to another war. around sirte to try and strengthen positions there and i think the un's real worry is a battle for sirte what i think the u.n. will be hoping is that now the g.n.a.t. and the turks have pushed after back to sirte there is a moment for a compromise and for fresh talks about peace but if you look at it from a military and strategic point of view then you can see why perhaps the g.n. a and turkey might be tempted to move on sirte sirte would be a very big battle we saw at the end of the war against gadhafi in the fall of
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gadhafi that is what was good after his last stand and it was a very bloody battle right at the end of that war a war that of course has since rumbled on and in the 9 years since then but if you get parts which would be a big battle then the next thing on the coast as you head up the coast towards going garci the oil refineries that is where all the beers oil is and that's why you can see it might be tempting for turkey and the g.n.a.t. push forward through a heavy battle in sirte and try and take those oil fields heading up the coast to darby and then towards bone garcia which of course is the stronghold of general haftar as well here's shortly from the u.n. secretary general it's worth telling you that he has been taking personal charge of the diplomacy his previous special envoy got some salami resigned terrace is
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speaking now to the security council and offers an opportunity for the visit was it in berlin and then trying instead with the as well as allusion 25. excellences that is not on our side in libya. the conflict there's enter the new phase with foreign interference reaching and dissident levels including in the delivery of sophisticated equipment and the number of mercenaries involved in the fighting since my f. ing special representative last updated the security council on the 1900 may we have witnessed the retreat of the leader national army's front lines in tripoli the takeover by government of national accord of the air base and bani walid and g.m.a. when it with significant external supports continued that advance eastwards and are now 25 kilometers west of sifter after 2 previous attempts to gain control of the
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city the situation on the frontlines as been mostly quiet since then june however we are very concerned about the alarming military buildup on the city and the level of that its foreign interference in the conflict in violation of u.n. arms embargo un security council resolution and the commitments made by member states in bali in addition on sunday 5 july and identify their force planes launched an attacked our air base in these gloomy context all opportunities one block the political stalemate must be seized the escalation efforts including the creation of the possible be thought eyes on are being undertaken by humans mil to lead to the bullshit solution and spend lives the political situation in eastern libya as it is that some movements indicating the new support for a political solution to the conflict as seen in the 20 c.
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maybe should be by the speaker of the isles of representatives and the 6 june kind of equitation the g.m.a. as also been calling for national elections as a solution to the crisis. yet these openings are french giant even the parties positions continued to be determined by military developments and support from external backers similarly recent developments on the ground if you look at both parties agreement we can blame the 5 plus 5 jointly take commission to continue discussions on the kind of ceasefire agreement and bold items merely in geneva in february getting these certain round of talks which resumed enjoy him my acting special representative has convened 2 virtual meetings with each delegation which reconfirm the practical key points of a possible consensus the current discussions focus on areas of convergence including the departure of foreign mercenaries solid counterterrorism cooperation
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between military and security institutions across the country these are meant that the mobilization of armed groups iraq levy and more than it is fight a possible ceasefire mechanism that will reflect the new reality on the grounds united nations will continue working with the parties to reach a ceasefire and resume a political process in recent days to a telephone conversation i initiated the prime minister said ouch and the call i received from field marshal after i made the strong appeal for both to engage fully in ensuring that effective ceasefire it and move swiftly in advancing the political process united nations the african union the league of arab states together and other key regional actors and organizations and the european union will continue to work closely together to support the people of libya as they seek to consolidate their economic security and political future hire your collective supports.
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with respect to the voting process city meetings of the political the international follow up committee have taken place the 02 april set in may and 20 laddies only participant the next meeting is scheduled for these months the political security and economic working groups are all open ational and that company will think on meals on going efforts for the facilitation of the even left and leave your own dialogue excellences there is off of the latest military activities in southern 3 pally and. almost city to city 1000 people were forced to flee their homes beginning the number of internally displaced people in libya to over 400 thousands when l.a. forces of associated mercenaries we through from people who saw them suburbs there are reported to have planned the improvised improper improper improvised explosive devices and land mines which have injured and killed civilians seeking to return to that owns as well as you meant them energy or personnel taked with pleading tasked
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with leading does that leave you vices united nations supporting the national authorities in this country cation and the awareness campaigns excellencies between when they peel and city june 1 small document at least 656 civilian casualties including when i went to see it in deaths and $254.00 civilian injuries this is a 172 percent increase compared to the 1st quarter of 2020 since the beginning of the organization the world our sloganising mission has documented since the beginning of the year well that's a good as it has documented at least 21 attacks on medical facilities ambulances and medical personnel as better lines more centrally b.-a ect of retaliation have put on social media as being useful insight into the violence for the fraying and early and already fragile social fabric after d.n.a. we took control of the i don't know man as mess graves were discovered. i was
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shocked by these auto and remind once again all the parties to the coffee in libya and their obligations and internationally method in law and international human rights law i welcome to decision by the human rights council to establish an international fact finding mission to leave yet to look into human rights violations since the beginning of the 26 team and promote accountability i also know that the international criminal court announced that it would not hesitate to investigate possible world war crimes and crimes against humanity on 1000 june the united nations responded to the written request from prime minister said hours to support the investigation into the mess graves the un stands ready to advise on the conduct of investigations the securing of mustard a visa national mechanisms to assist victims excellences it in the last week on 2 july an airstrike on the title to the tension sense of fuel that least $52.00 migrants and insurance $87.00 others since then then i can see this
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out of 6 magnitude you're going to need to be routinely subjected to have either the attention torture sexual violence abduction for ransom forced labor and then lawful killings i'm also deeply concerned about the risks faced by migrants refugees and asylum seekers who continue to attempt to cross me training in 2020 more than 5000 refugees and migrants have been intercepted or rescued at sea and returned to libya many of those intercepted have been detained with an estimated 2500 migrants and refugees remaining in official detention centers in some circumstances in appalling conditions or thought it is must engine please test and efforts what's finding alternatives to the tension in libya and more sustainable solutions for vulnerable migrants and refugees exodus is the cover in 1000 but then it is a cause of growing concern in libya in the month of june alone confirmed cases grew
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by 7 falls. this is brought the top total to $1046.00 confirmed cases and set it to death and neither could shortages of testing kits the through scanning of the pandemic in libya is likely to be much failures i strongly encourage it to leave you no thought of this without a comprehensive national preparedness and response plan which is a critical step to ensuring a coherent and correlated approach to combating the pandemic adequate resources must be made available to sense and the countries capacity to test trace isolate and teeth people excellences extension cement in central libya ignited nations has continued to engage with the parties to prevent the conflict from spreading to leave your present region from which the country get out of 60 percent of your resources the parents blockade has already cost of a $6000000000.00 in lost revenues damaged our infrastructure and creating the
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conditions for a new study 3 high level that of over 50 percent of leaders g.d.p. with the support of member states the mission is in the taking mitigation aiming at lifting the are locked in place since generally tend to take not a little scared is vitally important area from the full spectrum of armed conflicts and to alleviate economic are cheap compounded by the conflict and cover 1000 to this ago the economic working group comprising the vote in conference participants now the virtual meeting with the chairman of the national a corporation and issued a joint statement supporting the national or corporation of its resumes the production across the media the national are corporation as the clear today its intention to lift force march 3rd on the eastern part of l c that to allow a tanker to onload crude oil now in storage if there is further the call for the immediately part of all armed groups on the libyan our facilities and confident that the consular continue to support efforts aimed at lifting the our blockades
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for the benefit of the libyan people excellencies. in order to improve the transparent the location of the country's abundant resources or still has worked tirelessly towards conducting an international of it of the 2 branches of the central bank of libya unfortunately this of it has not achieved the envisaged progress that the op structures by several key national officers these is occurring is frankly disowns with these little thought it is having theme the obvious level you jewel of the zia i call on the secret the council to make full use of the necessary measures to ensure that these essential exercise is initiated as soon as possible mr president. remains on the ground in libya despite the difficult circumstances the designation of a new special representative will greatly facilitate the mission's efforts i called want to sit with the council in expediting the process on 10 of us we will mark the one you know diversity of detecting bengazi the fuel city of our vehicle leaks
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hussein alattar. life peak and sending lolly temps up what soli and then judith to others the perpetrators of such a tech have yet to be out in the fight but this definitely will not discourage the u.n. from believing that it's mended to bring peace stability and prosperity to libya and its people thank you i thank the secretary general for his briefing we as i understand he has to leave for our 12 noon due to another and gauge spent but i want to thank the secretary general again for his pipe dissipation in today's meeting i wish to remind all speakers to limit their statements to no more than 3 to a maximum of 5 minutes please i shall now make
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a statement in my capacity as the federal minister for foreign affairs of germany mr secretary general colleagues excellences ladies and gentlemen. 6 months have passed since the berlin conference on libya in those 6 months could be $1000.00 as the wrote upside down by doctors and patients on all continents we're fighting to save human lives ospital it's in libya we're being bombed by the whole closed its borders and went into a lockdown ships planes and trucks with weapons and mercenaries kept arriving in libyan cities ladies and gentlemen it is time to stop this cynical absurdity this is why we decided to invite all of you and all of the petitions over that billet brosius here to you to discuss and create on
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the next steps 1st foray into ferns in may and the main driver of the conflict in libya it must be products to an end that means no more planes no more tanks no more trucks or cargo ships full of weapons and no more lions it will us the mesh we will use the measures at our disposal including tie get to sanctions to make sure that libya is no longer the better college in a foreign war 2nd. deal it's through which foreign activists care of our church ferrous of influence must stop instead we must unite behind and smil and the peace efforts led by the united nations to have
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the libyan people find a political solution to achieve lasting peace and to preserve libya stary chill in texas and sober and. and 3rd the current come on libya spend a few it's more than freight. duty is to translate it into a negotiated cease fire now within the frame of the unite united nation 5 plus 5 talks be called on the conflict parties to bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion without preconditions and without further delay a 1st important step could be a demilitarized solution. and yet front we call on the potus and libya and on all of you to unite behind this idea
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and we encourage the secretary at to provide us with options on how this could be implemented on the ground they didn't gentleman 5 months ago this council endorsed the conclusions of the bill in conference and the resolution $2510.00 a week ago we backed the secretary general's call for a close that cease fire during is a pandemic in resolution 2532 today the time has come to put our roots in action thank you very much. i resume my function as president of the count now and now i give the floor to his excellent see mr kalin and minister for foreign affairs of needs are. you watching our jazeera we've been bringing you live coverage of the u.n. security council holding a virtual session to discuss the war in libya that's was the current president of
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the the security council high cost the foreign minister of germany essentially setting out or echoing comments made earlier by the u.n. secretary general until you get status who said time is not on our side in libya opportunities to and block the political stalemate must be seized let me bring in diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations james very noble the sentiments there in both those statements but the question of course is where do they go from here. yeah absolutely i thought that we heard from the secretary general a very long report about the situation and exactly where we are in libya a moment potentially of opportunity but also as he clearly made clear in his speech a moment to some worry he said that foreign interference is growing in libya and he's worried about the situation and it was in
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a very brief sprit speech the german foreign minister made that point very very forcefully he said there need to be no more planes and cargo ships ferrying weapons and mercenaries into libya no more lie as was his comment in this from the country that's been trying to chair the political process on libya since the beginning of the year with that big conference in berlin followup conference then in munich and i think the position of the germans and the u.n. is pretty much the same everyone came to those meetings and everyone signed up to an international plan of action and yet many of those participants didn't mean what they said and were acting actually acting in very different ways from their words so i think it will be interesting because the countries that are involved in libya will most of them be speaking at this meeting it will be interesting to see what the turkish position is they've been supporting the government of national accord they had great military victory in recent weeks pushing huffed up back all the way
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to sirte pushing him away from the capital tripoli and away from a position where he can endanger the capital in any way the turkish position is that the government of national accord is the internationally recognized government and that's why they were acting but clearly they bought weapons and they bought forces into libya in defiance of an arms embargo clearly that's happened on the other side general half that is getting support he's getting weapons and he's getting them from the united arab emirates he's getting them from egypt and then really you know. he seems to be getting some support from russia though those why couldn't mercenaries that have been fighting with general half the tree believe in now around some of the oil fields and some of them around the search area and this will be interesting to see how they defend themselves from switch has a growing alliance of the united arab emirates and seems to have pretty clearly
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aligned itself not very publicly but behind the scenes with general haftar is the french position that they support general have to or do they support what the security council's agreed position is is we're going to have to see when we hear the french speak a little later in this meeting interesting that the french are not represented by their foreign minister this time around also interesting to note in the last week or so we've had meetings between president mccraw and president putin mainly to discuss libya so france and russia seem to have some sort of alignment on the beer as well james one thing that did stand out to me from what. i was talking about he mentioned targeted sanctions to make sure that libya is no longer a battleground in a foreign war given the make up of the security council itself it's going to be interesting to see whether or not those targeted sanctions could actually come into being. well if you're going to have sanctions in the u.n.
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security council and that is one of the main things that the u.n. security council can do as a punitive measure then you need to draw up a resolution and you need to get people to vote for it and that's where things get interesting because i've just given you the oh ray of countries that are involved in this conflict and 2 of those russia and france are permanent members of the u.n. security council they have veto power not france hasn't used its veto power for very many years over the course of a set a century since the last used the veto power but russia last used its veto power less than 24 hours ago on the issue of syria so if russia feels that its own interests are are in some way threatened by a resolution almost certainly won't vote for a resolution the other key player with regard to sanctions on syria and potentially on libya russia's close allies speaking right now why he the foreign minister china
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increasingly backing russia there was a time earlier on in the war in syria where china would be a bit wary of support of russia particularly on humanitarian measures but i see think you're seeing a more aggressive position from the chinese and quite possibly a solidifying of that alliance between russia and china as china has come under international criticism for issues like leaders in hong kong and so diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations james for now thank you very much indeed for the u.n. mission in libya has come under fire in the past for failing to enforce an arms embargo in recent weeks dozens of returning home owners in tripoli have been killed or injured by landmines left behind by forces loyal to a lottery for halftime turkish troops are now helping their libyan allies to clear them like china reports. the bombed out homes and scorched military machinery near homes on the outskirts of tripoli show how devastating the 14th month battle for
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the capital was having failed to claim their prize warlords leave or have to his forces have been forced to retreat from western libya towards their strongholds in the oil rich east before leaving they planted land mines and booby traps returning home owners have fallen victim to them. g.n.a.t. officials say at least 27 civilians have been killed and 70 wounded it's a familiar job for the head of the mine clearing team in tripoli brigadier ahmed by you spent months clearing syria after the city was liberated from my school he says eisel targeted janay forces and searched all russian mercenaries from the wagner group along with have to forces laid landmines and other weapons to kill indiscriminately and as unwelcome in. residential homes and streets children's toys along with play areas were booby trapped this proves that it is residents who are
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targeted by these landmines when they return to their homes when they learn man is planted in a toy who is the target it is to kill children and residents. landmines are banned by most countries but their sheer number here and the sophisticated manner in which they were planted led the tripoli government to request help from the turkish allies turkish bomb disposal experts are helping clear the hidden menace left behind by have to his forces months after being forced to escape the fighting while beginning and his family were shocked when they saw the state of their home when they returned. he doubts he will be able to afford to repair his home anytime soon and shows us where a land mine was recently cleared well before the thought of it's going to take a lot to fix it too much i don't know when we'll be able to return i don't know what to say may god give his patients. while some residents have been able to reach
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or for most their return can't happen until they're given the all clear in this law dina names are neighborhoods the other threats of explosive is in addition to the severe destruction of homes here now traina al-jazeera southern tripoli 30 that scene is the international crisis group's senior libya analyst and she's also a former policy advisor to her son salami a former head of the u.n. support mission in libya and she's joining us on skype from rob thank you very much indeed for being with us on al-jazeera given that this meeting is going ahead and obviously we had the statements made particularly by the secretary general there there definitely appears to be a sense that this is a crisis and something needs to be done how confident are you that something can be done from meetings like this. well certainly today's gathering will have an echo in the sense that public opinion and the broader international community will be reminded of the libyan crisis but i have no illusion that today's
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meeting will actually need to have a solution because the positions of the worrying parties in a studio. far apart we have a triple base government that now feels very strong support to militarily by turkey and feels and wants to reconquista the subtlety of the entirety of libya let's remember that it's a tripoli based government that for the past year it's has seen its territorial control shrink over time so now it feels that it has an opportunity to really control the whole of the country and peace talks and negotiations that if they don't help us in means that tripoli does not want to compromise with its opponent movement it uses of throwing bombs on tripoli for the past year and a half of putting landmines in the capital on the other side now we have you know
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general whatever in his question and his international backer is who of course feel this is a moment so weakness and want at all costs to happen to go see a ship so they're pushing for a political deal they're pushing for an accuracy ations but at the moment tripoli is not giving signs that it's willing to accept this and then we have the similar situation on the financial. regarding a financial arrangement as the secretary general mentioned in his speech there are attempts to try to unplug the oil terminals to get goods loyal flowing again but even there you disagree attempts and proposals that are being names to find a solution on the oil terminal and blockade i do not believe in. well we've heard within the last couple of hours that russia and turkey say that they're working on a ceasefire for a solution for us i mean media ceasefire agreement in libya how confident would you
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be in that and why do you think that they're making that statement at this time. well we you know we saw both moscow and anchor at this year in january make a joint statement saying that they are the parties a look at to to accept a cease fire it created some buttons but it did not materialize because the parties on the ground did not accept that in that case back in january it was how tired we were felt still strong and wanted to continue the war and did accept the ceasefire with the terms that were being propose now i think that you countries have to show that they are in dialogue and you know that they are it's also requests being made to them because there is such military important military stakeholders on the ground turkey with the tripoli base a government of national quality russia not officially of course but a russian. one private security contractors are believed to be supporting the
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output issue so there is pressure on that you countries to to forge an agreement i have not i don't think that we will see this materialize in the d.l. . also because remember there are there are international holders involved at the moment egypt and the emirates and arab capitals feel very anxious about the possibility of a long term turkish presence in libya just next door to egypt and the last thing that they want to see is increased turkish presence and military might just next door to that closure continues the international crisis group's senior libya and others too we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed thank you. plenty more ahead on the news hour including condemnation and despair as russia and china vote to restrict u.n. aid deliveries to syria. and north america's biggest football league is ready for
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takeoff but without some star players set eyes here to tell us why and as for the rest of the sport to. the u.k. government has announced a $37000000000.00 mini budget aimed at saving jobs and pumping new life into the economy battered by the pandemic businesses are being offered $1300.00 farlow bonus if they bring stuff back on in full time work until january the government scrapped tax some properties about 500000 pounds that's around 630000 dollars and an eat out to help out scheme is being introduced participating restaurants will offer hof price meals every monday to wednesday throughout all wrist and will be reimbursed by the government within 5 working days john hall has more from regis and west sussex an area hit hard by job losses. the signature measure here along with other
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measures to stimulate consumer spending and to encourage employers to keep their staff on the signature measure here is this job creation scheme the kickstart scheme the government effectively paying a salary up to the minimum minimum wage of young people under $25.00 for the 1st 6 months of their employment employers then taking over after that in the hope of keeping them in work getting them in work rather than having them in unemployment queues and on benefits and trying to avoid a sort of failed generation as a result of this crisis here's what we have to say. people need to know we will do all we can to give everyone the opportunity of good and secure. people need to know that although hardship lies ahead no one will be left without hope. so today we act with a plan for jobs our plan has a clear goal to protect support and create jobs it will give businesses the
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confidence to retain and hire to create jobs in every part of our country to give young people a better start to give people everywhere the opportunity of a fresh start yes the costs have been enormous and the government here just adding yet more tens of billions of dollars to a build ready wrapped up close to $200000000000.00 spent since lockdown came in in march the government and since then says it's helped $11000000.00 workers to retain their jobs or at least to retain their sources of income a 1000000 businesses big spending pledges on infrastructure and public services and all of it deeply necessary of course in unprecedented times with this country facing a slump in g.d.p. by the end of this year a 14 percent possible unemployment going up from close to 0 to close to 15 percent and a deep sense of disquiet now about quite how all of this is going to be paid for in the years to come. domestic flights in nigeria taking off for the 1st time in 4
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months the main airports in abuja and lagos reopened and others will fall over the next week in the 30000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed with at least 660 deaths on that address has more from. it have been flights in and out of trouble you know over the past few hours and although there are only 4 kind of operations today we expect that things will pick up by to morrow today it's been cautious on the part of parsing just a lot of people are waiting to see how things go but right now behind me is an aircraft that just arrived from the commercial capital lagos and these are the only 2 airports by the way that have been approved to restart domestic flights in nigeria after 35 to 30 months. in the airports now what happens will determine what will happen next week more airports across nigeria will open next week and over the course of 2 weeks the civil aviation authorities
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will decide judging from the performances of the airports in the 2 weeks they will decide whether or not they will allow international flights through quickly you've got to travel outside the country despite rising cases of coronavirus in the country so the government is also a key to also reopen the economy fully understanding that a lot of a lot of things depend on the movement of goods and services especially of investors from one city to the other and from one country to nigeria. days of heavy rain has swollen rivers and triggered mudslides across china and japan dozens of people have been killed in the flooding and millions have been told to leave their homes falling slowly has more. than some of the heaviest rain in decades has batted who be a province in china on the outskirts of hong kong city rescue workers dig through landslide debris in central south west and east in china rescue teams have
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evacuated people trapped by rising floodwaters in cities towns and villages you need to see because the water is so deep we have asked the brigade to help transfer residents by rubber boats dams and river banks are being reinforced further to the east heavy rain has continued to pound japan causing flooding and landslides it's up rooted trees and downed electricity pylons making some roads impassable water levels in many areas remain high. even though it may have stopped raining there are many things to be worried about whether there could be mudslide happening here as well i was wondering along with you the worst hit areas of japan on the southwest island of. which has seen the highest number of casualties more than a 1000000 people on japan's 3rd largest island have been advised to seek temporary shelter and stay with friends or relatives where possible to avoid overcrowding at
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emergency centers health workers say basic measures to prevent corona virus from spreading in the crowded conditions seem to be working on you know the fact there have been no coronavirus patients in this area proves that we are doing the best we can whether experts are warning more heavy rain is expected over much of japan florence louis al-jazeera. that of an angry protest in the serbian capital belgrade over the government's handling of the coronavirus that mr h. is accused president alexander of reopening the economy too early for political gain far right nationalists have been blamed for stirring up the unrest and storming the assembly building serbia has seen a dramatic rise in cases and authorities announced a state of emergency in several tons and cities. is a political scientist and he was at the protests not night he says the demonstrations had been peaceful until
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a group stormed the parliament. so the protesters started gathering in front of the parliament after president which its press conference where he announced the new lockdown for the weekend there was my impression around 10000 protesters in the streets at. around 9 or 10 in the evening and this looked like any other protesters there it was mostly an organized i saw many angry youths a lot of students there but what really changed the dynamics was the storming of the parliament that was executed by a group of protesters that was and that was better organized and they managed to enter the parliament around 9 or 10 this is when the situation actually escalated the security forces which were under resourced into the beginning which allowed these groups of protesters to enter the aliment. increase they did their deployment
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tremendously we saw riot police with the cavalry and dogs we saw john there mary v. so special operation units as well as many security forces personnel dressed in civilian clothes and after day after day security forces started using tear gas against the protesters it turned violent there's a lodging a coalition joining us live now from belgrade to as i understand it the president's been urging people just in the last hour or so to stay away from the protests because of the risk of coronavirus are people going to listen to that to do you think. i don't think they're going to listen to because another protest was announced yesterday for a meeting fundraisers local which is 16 g. so it's supposed to start in about 15 or 20 minutes and people are going to gather gather together down into the town of belgrade again to protest against the new measures the president yesterday announced that the curfew is going to be imposed
6:44 pm
this weekend starting at 6 pm on friday ending on monday 5 am today off those riots and and protests yesterday the president said that it's not already decided that the curfew will be imposed this weekend so in one hand we could say that he revolt to decision he gave yesterday and he said that the prime minister and the health minister will tomorrow decide if the curfew is going to be this weekend and that was the thing that sparked the riots sparked protests because the protesters were angry because of the curfew because of the measures were eased at the end of do in the end of may so that the elections could be could go on and the election operations and after the election obviously the government decided that they should go ahead with the strict measures there were even before the elections and that's what sparked the riots and sparked the anger of the people so
6:45 pm
people are going together again here in belgrade during the day we could recruit we had the opportunity to see a lot of police coming through the downtown belgrade they're all around the center all the belgrade and they're coming in buses so there is going to be a lot of police and probably the police today will be better organized than they were yesterday because yesterday they weren't prepared for what happened last night so today they are going to be prepared to clash with the demonstrate their state of the demonstrators decide to clash with the police so we're expecting something. today but we have to say that the president of serbia today unknowns that there will be no curfew despite that the opposition parties who bought it bought the elections because they were afraid of a coronavirus and the rise of the cases of the coronavirus here in serbia. boycotted the elections they're not there today organizing that protest and they
6:46 pm
said that they will go all the way that brought this if the curfew is revoked or if the curfew is imposed so we're going to see what will happen tonight everybody hopes that the things will not be so violent as there were last night but you know having in mind how many police officers and police is today in dollar a day and how many protesters could gather you know who to go either site we're going to be keeping an eye on those protests if and when they happen but for now i do sometimes you nicholas thank you very much indeed for talking to us from belgrade aid workers have called a move by russia and china to restrict aid deliveries into syria reprehensible both countries who are permanent members of the un security council vetoed a resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to 3000000 syrians for a year the decision to veto the cross border aid deliveries couldn't have come at a more critical time for syria more than 11000000 syrians need emergency aid to survive and it largely comes from the u.n.
6:47 pm
the country's economy education sanitation protection services and health care are all crumbling under the pressures of the conflict u.n. officials made a plea to countries to help end the crisis by investing money manpower and political promises 5 and a half $1000000000.00 has been promised for humanitarian support this year they will cite as media manager for syria at the norwegian refugee council she describes how the provisions to deliver aid detailed in the resolution i've been steadily reduced over the years. we're talking about nearly 3000000 civilians in the northwest part of the country alone many of these families are residing in overcrowded displacement camps they've been displaced by waves and waves of violence over the years many of which have taken place just in the past couple of months alone with the latest spike in violence and what they're really saying is that there will liant on many of the services that are authorized by this u.n. security council resolution services such as health care water shelter and basic
6:48 pm
food items unfortunately we've seen a real wiggling down of this resolution over the years since it was adopted in 2014 wiggling it down further to a single border crossing in the northwest is absolutely unacceptable there is no way to replace the aid deliveries that are currently going through the crossing point that is an absolutely critical lifeline to serving communities in western aleppo and parts of northern of lab that would otherwise be inaccessible due to insecurity access constraints and logistical hurdles it's going to require that the humanitarian community come up with a new plan change its ways of working identifying new routes of aid delivery and this is going to cost in terms of time and resources that would otherwise be allowed to reach people in a much more efficient and direct manner. and nobody's business man who's accused of
6:49 pm
financing has returned home after 3 years in a u.s. jail. sentence to 5 years in prison but he was released due to poor health and the risks of contracting covert 19 in prison xina hold those in beirut with this update . the court saying that he was released on compassionate grounds that he was facing health risks the risk of contracting corona virus while in prison he is a man who was accused by the united states of being a global terrorist since 2007 for allegedly funding. of course being a lebanese a group that has an armed wing it has a political party and it controls political power along with its allies in cabinet and government so his release is quite significant but we have to make it very very clear that. denies any links with the group and the group hezbollah has not made
6:50 pm
any comment about the man but a few weeks ago in fact in march 11th american was suddenly and unexpectedly released from a lebanese jail he was convicted of torturing and killing lebanese inmates in a jail that was run by an israeli militia during israel's occupation of southern lebanon in the eighty's and ninety's he was airlifted from the u.s. embassy compound out of lebanon at the time lebanese officials said that they had nothing to do with this they were shocked by the court decision to release him and even hezbollah said that they had nothing to do with who is released but many many will say that the courts would not have dared release. without the support of the political power the authorities holding political power in 11 on. and it's time for the sport now here's thank you very much rob well the 1st international cricket match since march is under way in england the home team are playing the west indies
6:51 pm
an attack. match moments before play began in southampton the players from both sides took any to show their support for the black a lives a matter of movement there was also a minute's silence for those who died from cold at 19 allied to has a hole today that's already being a rain affected day with england currently 135-4141 now it is syria that your had the players sent off for biting as their hopes of winning the italian league took another hit fade a title chances were kept alive thanks to the shock defeat for leaders you ventus and which isn't reports some all time greats on the pitch for this game but it was french international andrine robbia who grabbed the initiative for italian league leaders you venters a stunning individual goal giving you very the lead against ac milan early in the 2nd i. christiane are an elder scored in his 5th straight game to make it
6:52 pm
to know if i looked on course to move 10 points clear at the top of the table but milan and just about to lurch into action a penalty from latin abraham of which got them back into the game before strikes from front to see. and rafael yeah completed the turnaround 3 goals coming within 5 minutes. and see robert added a 4th to secure the victory milan moved up to 5th. first defeat since february the result would have had greater significance had 2nd placed on it sio not lost to lecture at sea one last with an ugly footnote a red card for that series patrice after he bit let chase julio donati on the arm last year try you very by 7 points on the richardson al-jazeera. oh major league soccer is set to return later this wednesday but north america's biggest football league is facing some big challenges the new york red bulls play on
6:53 pm
a sunday while orlando city fesses into mammie want to restart in a few hours time the game between nashville and the chicago fire is off a 5 nashville play is tested positive for corona virus and f.c. dallas to have pulled out completely due to the high number of positives within their squat those protocols are there for a reason and as long as you continue to stress the importance of it and put the responsibility on individuals and those individuals abide by it i think you increase your chances of creating the safest environment possible and so there's a matter of how many people you know if you're able to maintain your distance knew where your mask in the testing is all there to make sure that you can contain situations and i think you always put yourself in a position to. to feel safe one of golf's most prestigious events the right a couple has been the spolin until next year because of the global pandemic event says the u.s.
6:54 pm
a face off against team europe was scheduled to happen in september but it's been delayed due to the likelihood that fans would have not been able to attend safely said the ryder cup what will happen the fall in september in wisconsin double world champion for nando allows us has a he's excited to go back to 0 as a his f one return is made official he said to 8 year old who quit the sport at the end of the 2018 season will be racing again next year alonso won both of his wall titles with the french team he left f one to race in various events including the dakar rally and i'm on 24 hours. the dean wants to be back in the polls and so do i but i know it's a brand that i'm very close to and i'm very proud to represent the flag and. you know i'm coming to will feel my winning culture you know the aspects of the team on the group or know i know how lacking i am to take a break and have one and now come back. well it's not just professional school
6:55 pm
that's making a sensitive return to action after the coronavirus lockdown child and partizan guys are taken to the football pitch once again joining us there are reports. after months of being locked inside it's good to be out playing football again with your friends especially for these boys and girls who are just a small number of the 1600 amputees among gases 2000000 people with just 72 coronavirus infections and one death the palestinian territory recently allowed sports clubs and gyms to reopen and on choose day the players returned to training . the children participate in an empty football day suffered the same consequences of everybody else but there's a big change in our lives all of a sudden we cannot get close to our relatives friends and shaking we need to know what i'm asking they're confined places. and this participation in our sport that
6:56 pm
they can muster that they can be good at. it is very important for the for the men talking about well do they go back to their normal lives as it was earlier the largest possible extent of course are the club was founded just 2 years ago by the international committee for the red cross or i.c.r.c. and has adult players as well as children some have lost limbs after being injured in protests along the gaza israel border others through work accidents cancer or birth defects all benefit from having a place to come and play the sport they love. alone and i am a coroner and i have this person i live in and no one cares about us but when we resume training we feel like there is someone who cares i would like to think them all for the encouragement this project to have a little heated us and live me to discover my skills when i started the training i
6:57 pm
felt like i got back my amputated leg. out on the pitch it's tough to get back after the coronavirus break it's been a testing few months but these children are used to a challenge and happy to be back playing the sport they love joining al-jazeera. australia is the time a wall champion snowboarder alex behind drowned on wednesday well spearfishing and his home country seen here wearing the red to on his way to the wall title in 2011 he said to year old it was australia's flag where at the 2014 winter olympics and receive treatment at the scene of queensland's a gold coast but couldn't be revived. and that's why as well for me i will have more for you later on but for now hand you back to rob. thanks very much indeed now you can get much more on the website of course the address for that is al jazeera dot com and that is it for me rob matheson for this news hour i'm going to be back
6:58 pm
in a moment with more of the day's news including a more on the u.n. security council meeting to discuss months of fighting between rival forces in libya. they signed up for a luxury cruise but some would never come ha. ha ha ha oh what i want to investigate from new zealand dantley folk you know eruption on al-jazeera. another early morning another ceremony to bit health workers by well.
6:59 pm
29000 to cuban doctors and nurses working in 59 countries around the world has confirmed cases of corona virus increase so just a month for cuban medics medical services at the island's main export while western commentators assume cuba sends doctors mainly to expand influence experts on the on his health system draw a different conclusion you're making a big sacrifice why are you willing to go look a lot of well because there are other people that need me people that are sick and dying and not just and right people shouldn't be dying when there are people who can help them. the ultranationalist mucks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as any good migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to approach to our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. has another religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on all
7:00 pm
jews here. it's context these are the things in storytelling the biggest issues but had to do you should do it again. the conflict is in the new phase it's foreign interference reaching and dissident levels the u.n. secretary general raises the alarm over the increasing role of foreign powers in the libyan conflict. are not partisan and this is all just here on live from doha also coming up pumping new life into the economy the u.k. government announces 37000000000 dollars more for
7:01 pm
a pandemic recovery plan. pulling out thousands caught in the flood waters china's 100 province by.


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