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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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no raps on how to 0. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. the conflict this sense of the new face of u.s. foreign interference reaching and president at levels the u.n. secretary general raises the alarm over the increasing role of foreign powers in the libyan conflict. i'm not matheson this is our desire to live from doha also coming up more than 3000000 americans are confirmed to be infected with coronavirus as the u.s. defends withdrawing from the world health organization. pumping new life into the economy the u.k. government announces $37000000000.00 more for a pandemic would cover
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a plant. pulling out thousands caught in the flood waters of china's 100 provinces back on high alert after battling the corona virus outbreak. the u.n. secretary general has warned that the conflict in libya has entered a new phase with foreign interference reaching unprecedented levels until hugo chavez was addressing a virtual session of the security council on the violence the head of the session russia's foreign minister said he's in talks with his counterparts in turkey about a possible ceasefire this isn't the 1st time that a cease fire has been proposed while khalifa haftar said he would consider one after his forces began losing their major strongholds the libyan conflict has been fueled by a number of international backers the u.n. recognize government in tripoli has been backed by turkey all huffed are has had
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support from russia egypt and the u.a.e. . he's not on our side in libya. the conflict there's a new phase foreign interference reaching and dissident levels very concerned about the alarming military build up on the city and the level of that it fighting theaters in the coffee in violation of u.s. arms embargo un security council resolution and the commitments made by member states in the early. let's go live to our diplomatic editor james bays adds the united nations alley around antonio gutierrez also said that time was not on our side in libya clearly a lot of pressure to try to get something done yes 2020 was the year that the u.n. and the international community said they were going to try and bring peace to libya and all we've seen is an intensification of violence we've seen mass graves
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we've seen war crimes they do now feel that maybe there is a moment of opportunity because we've seen quite decisive moves with general huffed being pushed back from tripoli back to sirte but certainly germany is concerned about the foreign involvement remember it was germany that organized the berlin conference 6 months ago to try and get all the key players together to get them all on one page but the german foreign minister made it clear to the security council which he's currently presiding over that ever since then they didn't actually follow the words of the. berlin communique tall ships planes and trucks with weapons a mercenary is kept arriving in libyan cities. ladies and gentlemen it is time to stop this cynical absurdity foreign interference in may and
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the main driver of the conflict in libya it must be projects to an end that means no more planes no more tanks no more trucks or cargo ships full of weapons and no more lice so what are the chances of stopping foreign involvement in libya of actually sticking to the un plan which is to get all the key players together to negotiate a way forward and then to have elections in libya certainly it's a possibility and the u.n. and some others are fully committed to it but there are others that support the 2 sides in this conflict think if you're one of the supporters of general huff a country like egypt tell us a all russia well he's on the back foot right now if you were to go into negotiations he's not in a very good position so you might want to bolster him militarily to improve your
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negotiating position before you have any negotiations on the other side if you are a supporter of the government of national accord the main backer there is turkey yes to defeat general haftar further you're going to have a bloody battle in sirte we know that some place where there's been a lot of fighting in recent years in libya but if you manage to defeat general have to insert then you have an open road up the coast to the part of libya where most of the country's oil infrastructure is based james thanks very much we're going to be watching this meeting of course as it goes on but for now that's our diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations. more than 3000000 americans have now tested positive for covert 19 the latest figures come as the trumpet ministration formally moved to withdraw from the world health organization the us secretary of state by pump a 0 says the w.h.o. is failing in carrying out its core function we are not going to underwrite an
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organization that has historically been incompetent and not performed its fundamental function there there's a real focus on the failures that took place around. the world health organization's fundamental inability to perform its basic core mission of preventing a global pandemic spread ok let me bring in our white house correspondent kimberly holcomb who's been following developments that statement there from might from peo seems fairly damning but does this close the door on the relationship between the u.s. and the w.h.o. . you know it really doesn't has a lot to do with the outcome of the u.s. election in november i mean look the paperwork's been filed the process is in place but here's what's notable this won't take effect for about one year july 6th 2021 as so what that means is that if we have a democrat in the white house next time around it's very likely that this will not happen in fact we know that democrats are firmly opposed at least on capitol hill
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to the united states pulling out of the world health organization they've called a short sighted they've called it dangerous and they're really concerned about what this will do to the united states sort of leadership role in the global sphere so expect that this could be turned around should joe biden become president but if donald trump wins reelection well the white house says that this is going ahead but there is one piece of the sort of price tag if you will that the white house hasn't yet satisfied that needs to happen for them to withdraw the united states is the biggest donor to the world health organization right now it is behind in dues and so is that would need to be paid out some $200000000.00 we understand of the $400000000.00 that the the white house does contribute to that question myself no whether it's 1000000 or 1000000000 but the $200.00 the $400.00 is correct but the bottom line is they got to pay their dues up and there are in arrears by about 50
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percent and so that needs to happen in order for this to go ahead either way it's still a great deal of money but of course this is happening at a time when coronavirus borders cases as we've just mentioned are continuing to rise in the u.s. . yeah arizona is one of the big states where things are really getting out of control public health officials watching that carefully also florida where the president is expected to go to a fund raiser on friday some questions about why he would be doing that considering that cases are spiking in the midst of all of this the u.s. president has surprised many by clashing with his own public health officials over guidelines for opening schools now the centers for disease control or c.d.c. says look at we need to be cautious about this bringing kids back to school in the fall especially because there's poor ventilation a lot of these schools we know from the science those water droplets that are breath are often what's transmitting the virus and so the concern is having these
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kids in close proximity could actually exacerbate these sort of the outbreaks that we're seeing the so-called 2nd wave of the fall getting even worse incredibly the u.s. president though sending out a series of tweets this morning saying that he doesn't agree with those public health officials he'll even poll finding federal funding to some schools if they don't reopen this is remarkable given the fact once again that his own public health officials are saying this isn't a good idea but the u.s. president is putting on the pressure even threatening to pull funding if these schools don't open in september that's our white house correspondent kimberly hall could kimberly as always thank you very much indeed. the u.k. government's announced a $37000000000.00 mini budget aimed at saving jobs and pumping new life into the economy which has been battered by the pandemic businesses are being offered a $1300.00 for low bonus if they bring stuff back on in full time work until
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january the government scrapped tax on properties about 500000 pounds that's around 630000 dollars and eat out help screens been introduced participating restaurants will offer half price meals every monday to wednesday throughout august and they'll be reimbursed by the government within 5 working days john hall has more from bogner regis in west sussex an area hit hard by job losses the signature measure here along with other measures to stimulate consumer spending and to encourage employers to keep their staff on the signature measure here is this job creation scheme to kick start scheme the government effectively paying a salary up to the minimum minimum wage of young people under $25.00 for the 1st 6 months of their employment employers then taking over after that in the hope of keeping them in work getting them in work rather than having them in unemployment queues and. ok let's go to the u.n. security council meeting discussing libya this is egypt's foreign minister sami shook his speaking. and writing. so much of.
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the purpose of special. so that libya has been bought for almost the record an escalating crisis this conflict disclaiming calculus lives in libya and continues despite our best efforts to constitute a serious threat to stability and security throughout the region and cumber good behavior bourbons of the movie overall challenges but even permissiveness predicament which should be that more as the international community is clear i have to look at the numbers for the future of libya where an aspiration is a bridge or how many have to be experts aren't the rational community to realize our common objective i'm alone with our bishops' of a peaceful and prosperous libya egypt has been steadfast in its support of the effort i mention reach a settlement of the situation in libya from so high that the level we have been
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active no will go to the political process including about a summit of facts and the welsh emotions the parties unfortunately are over large swaths of western europe will have become for tolerance for extremism and so famous for better or worse there is oceans misfires a remote afam staff to extend that shadow over had to buy them from tokyo or western borders and navigate around the exact exact bad price of their lives that dozens of mad women have children after this from russia being a mosque and churches and those who are good must be martyred but such bad professionals have been at the. efforts by the libyan national army to secure minister there was a movie up there believed for some established bar but the responsibility for preserving the nation's security must be made with them and the legitimate institutions of governance advice to bear arms them up and bounds a bit of a militia but to promote person not ideological agenda because i be expanse of them
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again. the pattern of the last battle with us because. well you have a terrible crime or the conscious argument when plenty of objections working in the city of sirte where most of us know structure by back there was 2050 that the act of barbarism empowered the council to abduct evolution. of the member states to combat bargains and accordance with the one chapter that the national security calls back their worst acts i am dismayed however to report that bashed by person are you sensing of nowhere and have recently and some cities of western libya especially in suburbia i therefore people are submitted to the fact that my best bits i knew about the combat there was a bit. more limited than banning any form of support or suspects extended by any measure or player but the force of extremism is the problem then the
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situation is further i would buy the transfer but i believe there are plenty of external speicher's from syria to remove the bad things as carpet bomb had been abuses by the syrian observatory on human rights there is a remember serious threat to the security of negatives as well as but nobody expects and the bird shows of the military such that spencer protocol a predator. will not tolerate threats of dispatcher as they approach our borders and which i believe the better actively supported by foreign intervention support for extremism must cease and desist if the incumbent upon us. refers to remain that assistance from regional players that obvious knocking are present to the stability of the mediterranean region because of the recession. it seems is essential to our efforts to protect them before which are our people and but i've been a bit. mr president principal permission is premised on supporting
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a political solution for a unified movement as expressed by the fire of the where the ocean. sure about june of 65 in atlanta. where she lives and can confirm that the radical community of the better the summit and the other members and you are security council resolutions as well every so never have been in the arab states abu african union according to according to a painting stability of the bands are not just constituting the presidency council for more than a pandemic government. but are the ones to have approved by the house of representatives as well as mr savva ministers combat being better as a unifying barrier and get into an equitable distribution of iraq the real root and that's not the issue of to preserve fundamental tenets of a political solution and river and his statement that your plan have a plan which will remove the military base of somebody that knew him best and
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that's a better path the better system. out i don't think we need unconditional ceasefire libya insisting that all parties refrain from military activity thereby providing the opportunity for those options and the political process are not your commitment he is the. solution this agreement that succession lesseps with a unique opportunity for him with russia rights instead of yet this would be an important step towards the back of the political talks in geneva under the auspices of the i could nations and women in the context of a balloon that matters it's a better purpose and better for the international community to exert every effort to have minimal people achieve stability in their country and find a path to peace provide assistance and support the libyan i direct and if. we are bound by paths or for that and the past the weather and the problems that there are and they're still with spam an official of the better of the server.
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and that this. nonstate actors. society and. prosperity and stability and africa. this is al jazeera and we're bringing you live coverage of the u.n. security council holding a virtual session to discuss this the war and conflict in libya we've just heard from the egyptian foreign minister some a shocker let's go to our diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations who's also been covering this for us james it's worth remembering that back in june egyptian president sisi did suggest that egypt could take military action in libya to protect its own borders and prevent any threats to its own security.
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yes they've threatened military action to get involved interestingly at a time when they've also threatened to get involved with the disputed the noise. with regard to dispute with with ethiopia. they've also offered themselves as a mediator clearly though egypt is one of the countries we want to hear from because it's one of the countries that is directly involved a neighbor of libya but also directly involved in the conflict in libya believed to be a strong supporter of general haftar throughout that speech by the egyptian foreign minister you had the rhetoric that you expect from the sisi government those that they're opposed to are terrorists they are forces of evil making it clear they said that they support legitimate institutions in libya and not militias was a big question mark about that because of course general half was made
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a general years ago by gadhafi he now calls himself field marshal have to he declared himself field marshal he leads an armed group that calls himself the libyan national army it is not the army of libya it is one of the armed groups and egypt widely seen to be one of the players that is into vit is intervening on one of the sides in this dispute so egypt i think talking as being supportive of a cease fire but again some would doubt whether its actions in recent months in recent years actually demonstrate that the meeting is of course ongoing we'll be covering it as it carries on but for now james thanks very much indeed. sebi is president has called a protest is to stop attending anti-government rallies or risk further spreading coronavirus alexander vocation says the no bad left in hospitals after dozens of demonstrators and police were hurt in tuesday's clashes demonstrators accuse
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boteach of reopening the economy to hourly for political gain said be a big to life pictures from belgrade the capital seen a drop a dramatic rise in cases this unhygienic allege has more from belgrade. today it was announced as protests their position partisan and pro announced protests because they don't want that curfew to be imposed a thing that the government he's now going poorly with a covert crisis and that is why they want to gather people on the on the 3 to today but before that president hu just today ed today said that the curfew will not be probably will not be imposed that the prime minister and the health minister will decide about that tomorrow but nevertheless the opposition parties have decided together and down the bell downtown belgrade and there and as we speak there the people are arriving into downtown belgrade and it is announced at the 1900 hours local time there will also again gather around the national assembly we will see
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what will happen there because a lot of police came to the serbian capital today to the outskirts of the center of the city if i can say like that a lot of police buses came rightfully special police there married to cavalry everybody from the police came so we spent a full police is very prepared for the clashes today and we will see how it will go on in the next couple of hours whether it's going to be volunteers yesterday or cult we're at it is a political scientist and was at the protests last night he says demonstrations had been peaceful until a group stormed the parliament. so the protesters started gathering in front of the parliament after president which it's a press conference where he announced the new lockdown puerto rican there was my impression of around $10000.00 protesters in the streets at. around 9 or 10 in the
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evening and this still looked like any other protesters there it was mostly an organized i saw many angry youths a lot of students there but what really changed the dynamics was the storming of the parliament that was executed by a group of protesters that was and that was better organized and they managed to enter the parliament around 9 or 10 this is when the situation actually escalated the security forces which were under resourced into in the beginning which allowed these groups of protesters to enter the parliament. increase they did their deployment tremendously we saw riot police with the cavalry and dogs we saw john there mary be so special operation units as well as many security forces personnel dressed in civilian clothes and after day after day security forces started using tear gas against the protesters it turned violent. days of heavy rain
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house swollen rivers and triggered mudslides across china and japan dozens of people have been killed in the flooding and millions have been told to leave their homes farms louis has more. than some of the heaviest rain in decades has batted who by a province in china on the outskirts of hong kong city rescue workers dig through landslide debris in central south west and east in china rescue teams have evacuated people trapped by rising floodwaters in cities towns and villages you need to see because the water is so deep we have asked the guy to help transfer residents by rubber boats dams and river banks are being reinforced further to the east heavy rain has continued to pound japan causing flooding and landslides it's up rooted trees and downed electricity pylons making some roads impassable water levels in many areas remain high. even though it may have stopped raining there are
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many things to be worried about whether there could be mudslide happening here as well i was wondering along with this continue the worst hit areas of japan on the southwest island of. which has seen the highest number of casualties more than a 1000000 people on japan's 3rd largest island have been advised to seek temporary shelter and stay with friends or relatives where possible to avoid overcrowding at emergency centers health workers say basic measures to prevent corona virus from spreading in the crowded conditions seem to be working well you know the fact there have been no coronavirus patients in this area proves that we are doing the best we can whether experts are warning more heavy rain is expected over much of japan florence louis al-jazeera. aid workers have called a move by russia and china to restrict aid deliveries into syria reprehensible both countries who are permanent members of the un security council have vetoed
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a resolution that would have extended cross border humanitarian aid to 3000000 syrians for a year the decision to veto a cross border a deliveries could have come at a more critical time for syria more than 11000000 syrians need emergency aid to survive which comes largely from the u.n. the country's economy education sanitation protection services and health care are all crumbling under the pressures of conflict you're officials have made a plea to countries to help end the crisis by investing money manpower and political promises 5 and a half $1000000000.00 has been promised for humanitarian support this year which will site as a media manager for syria at the norwegian refugee council she describes how the provisions to deliver a detailed in the resolution have been steadily reduced over the years. we're talking about nearly 3000000 civilians in the northwest part of the country alone many of these families are residing in overcrowded displacement camps they've been
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displaced by waves and waves of violence over the years many of which have taken place just in the past couple of months alone with the latest spike in violence and what they're really saying is that they're relying on many of the services that are authorized by this u.n. security council resolution services such as health care water shelter and basic food items unfortunately we've seen a real wiggling down of this resolution over the years since it was adopted in 2014 wiggling it down further to a single border crossing in the northwest is absolutely unacceptable there is no way to replace the aid deliveries that are currently going through the crossing point that is an absolutely critical lifeline to serving communities in western aleppo and parts of northern of lab that would otherwise be inaccessible due to insecurity access constraints and logistical hurdles it's going to require that the
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humanitarian community come up with a new plan change its ways of working i den to find new routes of aid delivery and this is going to cost in terms of time and resources that would otherwise be allowed to reach people in a much more efficient and direct manner and that bodies businessman who's accused of financing hezbollah has returned home after 3 years in the u.s. jail cause sometimes dean had been sentenced to 5 years in prison but it was released to jews a poorhouse the risks of contracting covert 19 there it comes as the u.s. secretary of state called on all countries to classify has ball as a terrorist organization then a heart of influence. is back home the lebanese businessman charged by a u.s. court for financing the iranian backed lebanese group. was released from prison on compassionate grounds tasha dean landed in beirut and we're going in to give you more coverage of the u.n. security council meeting on the situation in libya this is the turkish deputy
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foreign minister said that or knowledge democracy that started if that rigid rule they send in 2011 continues unabated they are desperately sense that much at life at the hands at resort acting at the toilet area of the regime but only because. the specialize asian in the beyond entire region. it's been more than a year now and then up there who launched the aggression against the government of nation on the court the legitimate government of libya that was indorsed by december probably i would say that turkey is position has been loud and clear there can be no military solution to the ongoing conflict in libya the have consistently supported and cut tribute to international efforts that didn't draw on
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the screen i. must go or berlant in order to revitalize a libyan led libya known political process under u.n. auspices. and why it will engineer will a political process can only be a hindrance once a sustainable cease fire is received in the country. mr president despite the explicit privileges over the u.n. security council resolution 2 of the $59.00. many actors have engaged to parallel entities in libya at this had to do because serve as no more than a right license or have there to continue his aggression against a legitimate government in our unst the libyan political agreement and it one big blur his own military dictatorship. actually placing the
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aggressor on an equal footing with the later but you have to recognize that our man is wrong and counterproductive this grave mistake much to correct that. in the case of supporters for heart attack. providing brazen political and military support for this war or in pursuit of subversive objectives against the lady of a legitimate government are incompatible with international law and relevant the un resolutions and actually harmful to for peace and stability in libya and you know on putting the malayan sometimes as some countries have done today on turkey although i am lurking at cross purposes with the united nations and the political process sometimes
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a monster it policy and cannot be accepted on the other side of any you know let israel initiative put forward in the absence of the legitimate government is ill fated and cannot be conducive for a political process actually belin framework provides the necessary architecture for interim libyan talks under u.n. auspices. another major shortcoming shortcoming relates to years of patient raney which was launched b. the day you consult patients as it did you in a way in an environment where hot 30 quarks all the arms support it needs to land and air the operation particular sanctions on it a legitimate government this issue must be addressed in
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this context france claims on the nature of the incident between our ships are simply on substantiate it turkey regards it as an international obligation for support of the legitimate government and its endeavors to protect legitimacy in civilian life so that the technical and training assistance that we provide it up on the government's request the d.n.a. sustained that balance underground and be here humanitarian crisis has been prevented. mr president wanting illegal oil blockade is another issue of critical importance for the libyan people libya has lost more than $6000000000.00 since last january the year to the 7
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months long oil blockade which should be lifted immediately and the control of oil facilities should be returned to the nation of oil company. the discovery of metal graves in this appeal tar. is a green reminder of the proportions of recipes and human suffering in libya actually this must be a break up call for all sides who have condoned or supporter of theirs aggression to varying degrees international community and relevant organizations must take urgent steps to investigate this matter as such.


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