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tv   East End Undertakers  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2020 5:32am-6:00am +03

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policies and border wall serbia's president says we can curfew may not go ahead as his government considers the best way to control a spike in corner virus cases people protested across belgrade for a 2nd night over the government's handling of the pandemic demonstrators blamed alexander for the new surge in infections after he lifted restrictions i had of elections last month you measures will be announced on thursday the u.n. security council has voted against a russian proposal to reduce cost for aid access to syria the council has until friday to agree on future operations on tuesday of russia and china vetoed it rival resolution which response 50 other members of the un security council. those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next this is europe and undertaking . july 19th 94 some of the witnessed one of the worst crimes of the 20th century. the massacre of thousands of post. special
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coverage of the 25th anniversary of the srebrenica genocide. are and. what about the gentleman who died in north fundable this week is with us she sent us the practices that he gets when we do not be able to know these so you listen when you stretch we bury him 2 more for right. now because of the still
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working here is a 24 hour a day 7 days a week job to do with the amount of stress that we experience sometimes is immense i could still hope to maybe go on this was. a whole different kind of but. i'm glad i'm a muslim funeral director here in london. i've now part time and i'm letting the young people take over. so what will happen now is we have to take and miss valentino in front of the month praise this silence in his coffin and we have another funeral happening today so after the prayers finish move will take the deceased down to the money i'm sometimes 20 percent of the total not full building that back at the most open and shut down once the genesis over will take you down to the money and some time and one of the rooms
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will do it but if you look at to see a signature ready my colleagues will take it to them that's ok. and the lady sister who passed away was mostly in the. nephew and the people that came to i don't feel that they're christian. i believe that a bit vague in terms of what happens on the muslim the funeral as in a sonnet his name is very basic and simple in that sense but floor macof to the man explain what's happening.
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right now my grandson in college so i know he's coming in the last 6 months and we hope that we can train him to take over for me to carry on to jewish and to carry on the service for the people who are going to run this. moment together and has a long line and i sort of went off. to what do you know i. have been judged on my dad and. mom my dad and i. like it and. i think. this will give it.
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my whole family member who is really going and has sort of been overwhelmed. the idea of death and death is an everyday thing. that's. carrying on my family's legacy. one to walk up with 3. my mum dad she went into the company was my great grandfather wonder a little bit help so she went for a week and then he turned 3 years and she just carried on. but she decided she wanted to go back teaching. i was quite surprised you wanted to do this and i didn't know whether it was just because it was an easy option because you like.
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it you really want to do it to. really enjoy doing. so my dad's a big character i was really difficult because for 20 years over 20 years we sort of stopping father and daughter and became business partners which challenge to stomach leigh how i was dealing with him and talking to him and there's this very much disrespect thing. and we deal with things very very differently i was in partnership with my dad only up until recently. who know was here for 20 years and she decided that she would stand back for a while because maybe she wanted to direct your nose and i was standing in her way we have women come here their husbands have died and they can relate to a woman better than they can a man especially with asian women so we need a woman's touch here and i think it will be coming back. we have about $30000.00
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plus muslim population here in the white chapel east london area and this is always been the kind of melting pot of southern england. you know did not prepare you paula visit the mosque every now and name and not only did i go. to the extent the most trouble that bit of a channel but islands church lovely little towns and causing crap. they came here that day was good. but i don't think it was it was the other night. for what brits 1st was privileged to be in london i was speech she might arrive in belfast this summer. and you always hear it's because the kids in fact incidently working quite strict was closed off because you had to find the same time i'm sure it was developed by now friend. and you know i don't live in the area.
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the. moment the light though it's a pretty you know they're an issue we work together we go on to give a what. i want to for some in a minute well. we all respect one another's views to a point of we disagree sometimes but we don't ram if you spend people's fronts. the way i do you can't be fearful just in case you have you know that. when they're down am not ok's and think we're going to happen is it going to happen yeah especially when you got the kates. what i could. to get to your original question yes you have to give them the original green certificate last year were too slow in this country you have to have
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the green certificate original ok i do problems give me a ring but i think you're going by. you only bury somebody once and people remember things when they go wrong weddings and funerals and if you do it right there where my dad used to do it then that's good and if you do it wrong those people will never forget you and will always curse you. today. this is a picture of dad and me. yeah when i was about 5 years of age because my father that wasn't very happy about having photographs taken and when mothers in the sari and i'm sure this was about 1956 this was taken. ringback ringback ringback around about the mid sixty's when there was an influx of muslim people arriving here in east london mainly bangladeshis or at that time it was east
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pakistan ringback. the need for a funeral service grew so my father purchased a black ambulance man and started to do the funerals here in london ringback. tasneem army was only 17 is anyone he deputized this find his father was away on pilgrimage to mecca i grew up here in this area and we had this phenomena called bashing we had right wing groups coming along looking for asians to beat up just for the sake of it. my father was beaten up ringback and. it wasn't what wasn't a good time in east end of london ringback ringback. my mum was welsh she converted to islam too in the 2nd world war with my father she was a coal miner's daughter can you imagine the stigma of a white lady marrying a dark person but she didn't care but i'm also proud to be
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a bangladeshi as well. oh yeah that's my dad that's my dad roughly. 4 weeks before he died and his smile when he graduated. and muna when she graduated she sees the world in a different way because being younger than me she can maybe project forward where i don't that's why i think politicians shouldn't be allowed to be politicians after 65 that some young blood a far worse away because they've got better ideas and see things better than we do we're always thinking in the past and they're thinking in the future and it's important. so i do miss her yes.
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today we have the you know gratian of the strong room for the 1st british muslim archives and guests who want different books of life have come to join us in the celebrations of this kind of pivotal moment. i just passed leaving setup the country's 1st and indeed it was europe's 1st muslim burial service we're hopefully going to see and the family members coming in. we're starting at 530 so fingers crossed show sure to make it on time just go 15 minutes.
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that's a very good move you should call. i can have just missed a whole can of this finished significantly different timing. ok so where is this pat going this is going to go in the marriage and to find it before you go down to this town right how many can see it if you want to hide it in a guide to pray to hell that play. 30 funny because i didn't realize when they said the almighty why i sat here but now we're all maybe you can take a photo and i can send it to dad. we know i. but to say that i was expecting it given some of what went on. a bit of excitement in the room very very little come
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to say may. but the mayor of london said the city called. the famine stop explaining how my granddad became the can tell you catch a fellow i'd love in the room for him so many people to i didn't actually know that knew of me or knew who i was came up to speak to me on this one here it's because my dad was at the meeting. and my granddad. after some heated discussion the bail was approved impulse the payment. and at the time it's a tough it out he would request his not to do any burial something off of the farm before getting prior consent from me on all charges about my grandfather someone died for them quickly doesn't it make it go i think what if i know you need to make sure you get the machine but you're going to get the money. flow to the. from the boss so your
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family and your contribution. to building this room were true i was history this is great. so he was a sailor a life. you can see like all the ports of engagement was discharged i pulled away from calcutta to london to thank god they were from calcutta drawls go back to calcutta wrote to grab bassinette my gran that book and then. got a lift holding my dad and i so it started him oh really don't want kids. because my dad was but you know back then there weren't many makes us out of a bottle and i've seen the muslim community go. and so much specially in the east end to what he is now and i wish my grandfather could see this now and my children will have no idea where the struggles my granddad had you know when he 1st came
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over here trying to get how make you know where would you this sort of thing it shows how people came over and then just you know the struggles they probably had. 'd work. can. just possibly literally in the. 79 year old. mean. he suffered for 3 to 4 months but does mean his country for many many years saw my dad with for a lot you have a lot i don't think i was the best person as
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a son but the last 5 years i've changed 10 years of change so 100. to i.d.m. both of us father son brothers sisters and this is going to be a big time in our lives saw i mean it's going to bring us close to a law bring us close to our family members and in the future people people recognize how how precious people are around them especially. and when they go they go and said this is not a place nicer is no place been brought up momentum that is see this is the time that you need you to be stand up and i commend that because it improves your chances is good for your father is not only for your years whatever your that is but so i have just looked for a new market after you says there's a lot of these are going to be foreign and much income just for your father or the current become of your prey's. sharma you can go
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for the 5 minutes sometimes the government can do it you. want to pray every day sticks out for you somebody. something you walk in there and you can take lightly every single day you meet somebody that makes you feel. your loved ones to. the way you view die and then how you deal with your family and your friends. was going on there. just feeling for. the man so that the whole shipley's. element she had with him as well. so if we can see $45.00 to stand up for itself. scans and book for them thank you.
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well escape question because of all that talk that's what you get they don't really like what. we have 5 funerals be a goddess of peace since i love. the idea of and the suddenly. become numbers 246. they told me in today because a we've got so many funerals so they need to live as i'll be at the cemetery and kind of making trying to close down well. because there will be pandemonium. death is such a level and i see it all the time. you
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meet people from baker to came. and he's met a big insight into life itself every day is a bonus callouses just please don't go on the roads and do what your heart tells you to do the kind the kids maybe the last case the anger maybe the loss and you show somebody forgive quickly don't hold it right. there is this is my one year ok of all of this right please i can say this regular scares me please. we are all god's creatures whether we are muslim gentile jew it doesn't matter excuse me please saudi ok you stay this side you stay decide your brother you don't decide ok from underneath lift up please was my last night i lost. slowly please slowly. thank you bob was this real love. at the end of the day we go back to our create.
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a new. when my grandfather sussed a force on an m m o come in to make sure the business to run smoothly and everything started right it's been. very passive niceties of him most of them they really. 7 are going to go to how are you. i'm a life and what about you. have you broken up from school. ok are you on your own no are you with your mother. ok we're loot when you ask a kindly to give me a ring could i need to know what time should be at the most more because i want to make sure i'm here at the same time. ok so. ok.
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i did that just because you know that teaching and stuff. to be nice to see in the office. i don't like that you're right. it took us i just i let my son go through with the mocha you had. how you learned during that time to the has kids has what. me defending him now that this is me
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live it's me yeah yeah that makes more sense i think was a sentence that this is not a girl and she really you know this bit is well yes i said throw me back then move . or you come back or you are not that of a moron so we have only come on people. coming from an asian family do you try to leave your parents' dreams very often try to do what pleases them and i think i did that to a certain extent and it wasn't until i was sort of in my forty's i went back to teaching thinking maybe i should have done this. really pulls you know doesn't feel that way so clear behaving himself. he's a lovely girl. my plea is man is not boy he's a man yes. and it's the i think this is good this man is really the case is developing a family i. know your marriage proposals well we still waiting for.
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that x. that's. probably gallant. knife crime with mummy. you know where you're. going greece getting. i've always wanted to come back but she said she'd come back part time but this is not a part time job. i need her to be here like 5 days a week. so unfortunately not ready for that yet so. with. my grandson with my guidance and his mum support he can monday do what i do body language is so important expressions on people's faces this is also an education and i need someone to steer the ship in the future and i think he will be very successful.
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because it's full of the actual cost to what is going on. but you can't let go it's something that we've been doing since 1967 just can't let go not. for. long my mind is active and my body is active i want to help and assist. i want to retire now i'm just part time you can say i think i'll only retire when i die. is that.
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a secret musgrave an island discovered at an institution run by catholic nun has. a mission shock to its core. people in power investigates a scandal but destroyed families cost thousands of lives and still raises profound
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questions about the ties between the catholic church and the irish state's. arlen's mother and baby scar. on a 0. they signed up for a luxury cruise but some would never come ha. ha ha. when i want to investigate some new zealand's deadly folk you know eruption on al-jazeera the way disease outbreaks have impacted dense urban areas like during the flu pandemic in the early 1900 has played a role in how our cities look and run urban planners reacted to that flu and other outbreaks changing how cities were zoned and led to updated infrastructure like ventilation and improved sanitation but after what's been learned from pandemics and there includes designer skylines and way of life we also need to keep pace and adapt it's easy to assume that cities are fertile ground for spreading viruses and diseases millions living working at commuting in such tight conditions but one
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expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. ivory coast prime minister collapses and dies in a cabinet meeting just weeks after being confirmed as a presidential candidate. in the stops iran live from doha coming up a worrying turn in libya's war why the u.n. chief was calling for action on a ceasefire. the conflict is going through the new phase with foreign interference .


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