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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 192  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2020 3:32am-4:01am +03

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areas and. in the money in capital protesters have stormed the national assembly and state t.v. channel calling for the president. to resign opposition figures reject major reforms recently introduced by the president another latin american politician has been quarantined compounding the coronavirus crisis across the region venezuela's oil minister tactical as army is the latest of many regional leaders to contract covert 19. the president says the 1st prayers will be held inside istanbul's i asked for fear on july the 24th after he signed a decree formally restoring landmark status as a mosque lots more news whenever you want it on the website it's always there for you al jazeera dot com up next inside story after that i'm back here with a quick summary of world news hopefully see that.
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tension is running high in the democratic republic of congo protesters denounce the nomination of a controversial they got to head the election commission so how will this impact the ruling coalition and can any full out be contained this is inside story. and welcome to the program i'm laura kyle the democratic republic of congo is braced for more violence after several people were killed in protests across the country on thursday thousands of protesters defied a ban on public gatherings to march against the nomination of
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a new election administrator. they accuse melinda of rigging previous polls in favor of the former president joseph kabila who stepped down last year after 18 years in office we'll bring our guests in just a moment but 1st this report from catherine soy who's following developments from kenya. this shooting started as supporters of president kennedy's union for democracy and social congress party on my. in kinshasa police fired tear gas and bullets to disperse demonstrators trying to reach parliament you d.p.s. official said security forces shot and killed several protesters others carried away the body of one of the victims a police officer was also killed a police station attacked and firearms stolen. the u.t.p. as forms half of the governing coalition in the democratic republic of congo they're angry about the parliamentary nomination of the president of the electoral
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commission their cues wrong side monda of being part of the team that presided over offload election in 2018 has not publicly responded to the accusations protesters in march 2 party offices of the other half of the qualification former president joseph kabila is people's party for construction and democracy. we are here to protest against this parliament they want to take us hostage we are not afraid of the police or the governor we are ready to die joseph kabila and his allies have destroyed the future of the country we do not want to hear of them we will kick them out starting with members of parliament tension and mistrust within the ruling . coalition are threatening to break it supporters of the presidency the kabila led common front for congress side of the partnership seems to be in control and influential members want to impose judicial and political changes to the constitution to protect themselves what's happening when the coalition is causing
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chaos in the country the different parties need to agree the coalition cannot disintegrate i think it's clear that there's no need for the coalition the president must be decisive if they dissolve parliament or break the coalition. the president recently rejected proposed edition changes that if passed in parliament in september would give the justice minister an ally to former president kabila more powers over judges and prosecutors some on a lease each security doesn't have much more gaining power within the coalition but this protest is valid the fight doesn't end here they'll continue to speak out and to level it is a hard catherine so i. let's bring in our panel now and joining us in london are kitto tong i'm a politician and president of the congolese support group in also in london associate director for africa at the political consultants control risk and joining
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us on the phone from kinshasa congolese economist and political analyst a very warm welcome to all of you there in kinshasa can you tell us what's happening there this friday afternoon what's the situation on the streets. the situation on the street is the border area and some other areas acquired in the city center everything to quiet limit and. it's still boiling like yesterday about the police is doing the job there's been a lot of tension hasn't there there's being as being police firing rounds protesters killed police stations attacked i am concerned that this kind of tension is going to continue we ought to the dish who will take responsibility to stop talking among them and then stop all this nonsense because it cannot continue this way because it is a very negative impact not only on business but on people's security as well. you
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say growth particularly. very concerned about the lethal force that's been used against these protesters who are ordering police to shoot live rounds. around crested questionnaire and i'm very happy that the u.n. has taken the position we have seriously condemned the use of force against. expressing the right the constitution of our country to give us the right to protest when we know. those peoples are walking according to the law anyone using the force of stopping them just press the freedoms is abridging the rule and the service of being there's a generation of abuse in the congo where police stations are used especially mystical be allowed previous regimes if they used to the system of using force killing civilians abusing the low bridge in the constitution and also using a different type of intimidation to stop people expressing them we condemn this and
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have to stop people expressing the freedom and the decide to be taken more seriously are a moment congress people want to see a more credible election commission we've been a generation for the process feel action we have to see all different forms of abuse during the election system corruption has been a permanent. and a mystical be another one which is still leading the corrections system which is trying to impose an. alibi these protesters are angry and they are the nomination of one saddam along as the head of the election commission i why would the national assembly which is pro to be led choose someone who is so controversial and likely to spark these protests the read the problem with. recall tickets for election fraud and today we pay the price of every very poor election because what could be. the marking of the. assembly.
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parliamentary. is showing that copy and party got the majority but the street is showing to be in print and that's exactly where constitution is coming from ok events of this is a big test of hipparchus acadia i mean he's being called a puppet of the below when he came to power he does have the power now to deny him along those appointments but will he use it. absolutely i mean he from the beginning of of this power sharing government on the back of the 28000 election has been stuck in a situation where yes you are all the office of the president but in fact the constitution of congo gives significant powers to the prime minister who is appointed by the president but needs to have the consent of the national assembly so his bargaining power is limited from the beginning now when it comes to disappointment it has powers to validate the appointment of malanga he can
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hold off validating this appointment but he cannot singlehandedly choose to nominate someone else and in 5 mission also remember that milan the was nominated not by the national assembly but by religious representatives where as a layer of complexity to the situation national assembly is here to validate the choice of the religious confessions with who made that choice in june well how shaky is this coalition this ruling coalition with these 2 forces appear seemingly oppose each other. it's actually a very weak cool haitian and they do not have the same movies and the don't have the same interests and their own aligned with the election in 2023 and ever think that doing is all aligned with what the objectives of the everyone 20 degree 3 unfortunately and he's not going to get away with the interest of the nation. for
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a 2nd so whether you see this coalition. force. regular and famous some concern is to be honest the coalition does seem to be. ready to resolve the issue but they are more likely to create concrete we have to see the scenario before and you saw in the lobby going to come to a generation where people never agree on some issues together the coalition of the moment is totally divided on the number of issues dies down in the caret coalition but going back to well my concern will be the most at a moment because we have to see the ability of congo coming into features the only way we're going to have that is by having more credible election in the congo and to see people out of our mystical below us being at a moment in the center of all these are closed he tried to embody hope for a truck toward a serious problem will never resolve this issue because god should have background
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of this when he said you know mr could be a law is that now personally we can pull him out of the senate in a country but he's the person who will never get far enough on the prime minister of a country he's also the patient wasn't it but it's all willing the president of the senate this is someone who doesn't even know the body of democracy or respect other freedom is imposing corruption and a willing often for the dictates obviously the political party or generation of coalition which he's using for want to destroy the stability of the congo he's not with the patient who choose mr malone. let him hold having the space and them as the person to put it a bit russell malone i don't know him personally but we can sit back and he has been close friend of misfits of the last generation of election commission we've all the election commission to be independent clearly the message of our national election commission is an independent body will not have to get involved as a person should be appointed to lead election commission should be coming from the
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supposed to sightsee not up went about mr billow so we see generation off a bridge by mystical be less regime and it is a political wheelings ok this is something will change and there are a lawmaker below all it did step down some 18 months ago but was extent does he still wailed all the power behind the scenes so i think there's a lot of institutional levers of power that the program below can still real obviously they do have a large majority in parliament and as i said before this allows them to nominate a prime minister of their choice to help is significant ministries and portfolios. board membership in state and companies for example there is also significant grip that the program in the camps was still holds of the security forces part of the security apparatus is still largely controlled by general and there are closed because these are some of them are still under us an e.u.
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sanction and they do continue to have significant influence on our operations within the security forces and i find that financially. the proverbial i can also still wield influence. through their control over several provincial administrations k l what what could be less planned in the democratic republic of congo is it that he is seeking to return to power in elections in 2023. i think the most important thing started coming to understand is that we in a country where politicians are very much involved in economy issues which in all the rules and serious conflict of interest 2 of the reason why people trying to control on their own voting process and trying to take control and turn 23 is just because of that big issue regarding the abuse of economic issues
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and the not prepared to face the justice or to face any situation that can solve the problem 'd for everyone and you know if we want to change things in this country at a certain point we have to go in the congo. conflict resolution and make sure that we go through an amnesty but we have to start a new page with a new way of doing things in public service is ok but i could be less seeking a return to power. you never know the law says he's not supposed to but if they change the constitution he might be coming back and it could be one of the agendas but it's not even for 2 to be open but nobody stays and said nothing about it so ok ok so we would put people in the d.l.c. allow communitarian time to power as i said it would never happen and i will said again never happened prostitution of our country will be it's been what we needed from getting back to power again and i know what needs to be as we used to another
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way of using a different way to use it by the often all the country bridging the constitution does the only way you can do and the killings to be a we've been a generation of people being killed you know country our nation is becoming normal by people being killed in a nobody knows what is happening we have to stop and all this issue's been watching but the international community last week or the last 2 days on the b.b.c. of people being killed not only from the border country but different for. off florida also been supported by some important government and a general in the army of our country to the people close a friend of mr b. look these are serious allegations and the international community up to started it and that's good to know slip up and see people being killed in our country when asking just for the respect of our country was addition and a couple also is a playing games but trying to introduce another will always in another way are you know election in our country that this will never ever prevents and vincent how closely is the international community watching events unfolding there and the
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other thing they are watching but i think we also need to remember that this is a time of and then it was wide where there isn't the same level of international scrutiny the international community is not ask or he is there was for example at the time of the 28 election and science is like this it is largely down to the congolese parties to work out a solution between their and there is no international mediation in this case and there's no amount of international talks or involvement that will solve the current disputes between the 2 science alcan congolese parties work this out themselves before protests escalate significantly yes politicians are drawing to their birth but to the way to go we probably un and never even leaders should be able to support them and get people to talk because they cannot keep going the way to go in we don't want to go in
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a civilian war but how can people come to the table when you has moods like guessing on saddam along the nominators the head of the election commission when there's moves people say to muzzle the judiciary i mean it's hardly creating the right atmosphere for the 2 sides to come and sit down. i do not think they have a choice because the truth of course limits are we don't want to be people to be killed and we have already 3 people dead yesterday i know i don't think we will continue i mean the situation telling us all to have to stop this and they have to talk ok so how strong is the 2nd as a leader you must remember that he didn't have very much experience when he came to power he basically rode in on the tales of his father at c.n.n. he has just said he stopped the muddling of the judicial reforms he potentially will stop the appointment of this new head of the election commission how is he proven to be as a president. i think it is a number of ways you just look at the oberoi plane is doing its best i know the
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complexity of the situation and the coalition is walking away does not are very easy is someone i want to get obviously no vision and i agree with him on a number of issues but as the number 3 shot and i will be at a moment i am struggling on many issues with i feel like we should have a different way of dealing with it but overall speaking now we have to say we have to think of the generational the stability of the country just acadia the moment we are going now what political will is not just our means and percent of our own are being the president the only situations are real the mystical below and it is the person appointing whole is the only person at a moment was given the power to anyone in the congress and people got behind the same want to. take in people like the small children when you take an older and the telling them what to do you know simple terms go to reality or run people's out time yellowing something up to be done it's a national community involvement it will be best to mystical the law is
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a criminal we have to see evidence of it generational to using the power of the fist people ways of destroying the value of democracy in a feature the belief of this is someone who's well known by the international community recently we see a number of. the farm from kind of this and this to all. today by police organization asking for justice to be done and we are all equal to national community to do some investigation look at the law is a race that is up ok no supporter what the right of them so they can operate for that over to you know whatever and you know all this you arrest joseph kabila now absolutely not and i don't think that that you know on the horizon i think you have to be in a is is no part of our ability of congress or the time being either to have this power regime power sharing agreement that he has with which is a good if there is absolutely no attempt from from any one you know to to indict mr kabila let alone try to arrest him and i would simply be infeasible today in the
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context of congo i think what works in the favor of stability is really for i missed a good deal i missed that you security to hammer out a compromise on this because when it comes to the appointment of the electoral commission when it comes to previous disputes we've had recently a controversial laws for judicial reform we still see the 2 leaders come together and being able to work out some compromises that they face both camps and at the moment i guarantee a certain level of stability however shaky that is that is essential that this continues for or the been a day of congo for the next few years. but it's you know wishful thinking to to expect that. power in congo will diminish in the next few years if for the 2023 elections yes because there are the country isn't it that that needs
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a strong government al with all this political fighting in kinshasa any thought to get the rebel fighting in the east that cause more than a 1000000 people to flee their homes this year alone how much does that get forgotten. it's true that we need a very strong. government but unfortunately when you look at the coalition it's all about 2 leaderships at the same time and with internet jindal and today people don't even look at the face of the term derivative of their decision their political options is to part alone is but for to until now by these companies 19 is to another problem we need actually for the government to be very focused but you see we're not in for now and people are really much involved into the agenda 2023 and these what they call politicians in. political leaders. giving
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advantage to the general interest of the country of the citizen that's exactly why there is a serious conflict between the people in the land and the street. would you agree that a key issues like the fighting in the east the economy corruption and burleigh now corona these are all guessing forgotten mystify thing we have to definitely agree on now on some of these you list and not employed as a reality anywhere because something in a cold war a lot of people take it much longer but we can believe people we are aware the situation in the congo has just been introduced by another way of people doesn't want to stability we name a few but i can tell you we still got a ball and paul was all east of the cause been really a place where nobody would be happy to leave on those people have been a victim of a generation of abuse and lauren i insist on this is a clear at a moment they could be a lot doesn't want to give just spectating a power to the army and the peoples are killing civilians east of kabul they are
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most likely to be part of the army of the whole so disability the wealthy generational criminal we have to start walking with the reality what we calling the international community this is some international big asian we are supporting white collar who has. already signed the treaty to be part of the international obligations we have to albeit with a lot other more macaulay's our pride because a small group what do you know that taking a country hostage hoping the value received to be restored and the people to spread them so it has been using the power for the last 80 years of dictatorship alchemist to be lock everybody know what police people be going through personally i'm talking for the n.h.s. from a subsidy yeah only $10000000.00 people still living with also country being able to go back to tell the court or even to be audited by the regime then say i'm going to get the last word to you for 2023 can democratic republic of whole congo hold credible elections to bring a strong government to power and i think 2023 is still
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a long time away and the pace of congress politics is such that it's very difficult really to jamaica a certain judgment on these elections in our lot will depend on the senate and the electoral commission appointments and whether mr malone the is concerned or someone else indeed takes office a lot will depend on the prospects for the coalition between cash the courage because the side and yes this is the probability side and also a lot will depend on the strategies of different leaders the chief because he will almost certainly seek reelection as we discussed before will miss the good or for one another it has back and the rest i think will only find out very very shortly before the election in 2023 what is more concerning is that in the 2023 still 3 years away there is a lot to do in congo where there is a backdrop of coronavirus if we're economic damage that and then make is causing
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and all of these political intrigue some are distracting everyone from finding solutions and trying to bring the country forward on many of those issues the risk is that this. and this constant political intrigue will just continue in the next 3 years many very difficult place for investors making a challenging place for actors seeking reform and generally there are a lot of prospects for growth and development ok ok such an interesting discussion many thanks to all our guests for joining us today alcatel ok total no mayo and vincent regime and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website that's al-jazeera dot com and a further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from me in oracle and the whole team here is by and.
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as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few. neighborhoods and many feel the economy is be prioritised about for human life until fall before people come to get trained to focus on the outfield because i can put in 1000 francs if we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus fundament special coverage on
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a. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search for looking in the wrong place this radio carbon dating method can tell us if a trade of ivory is legal or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on to take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ivory from entering the network take no one else is no. scandal which rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials . in bribes just to show the most dangerous cool movie t one s sometimes take a spy or an edifice to blow up a personal fine against judicial corruption as. i have. come back in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine one man's extraordinary battle for justice in ghana at this time understand the differences and similarities of
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cultures across the wound so no matter when you will be using current affairs that matter to you. peter they'll be here in doha with your top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump out in the last hour commuted the sentence of his ally roger stone he advised mr trump's presidential campaign and was sentenced to jail for lying to congress 5 times in the russia probe here is what mr trump has been saying about the case and i think roger stone was very unfairly treated as were many people and in the meantime told me you know all these guys are walking around and moving by the obama because we've got them crying and mike here they go to believe that one thank you the chairman of the democrat led house intelligence committee.


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