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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al-jazeera. remembering germicide 25 years on somebody being marked in strive and need so are a 1000 men and boys murdered by bosnian serb forces. hello i'm sam is a van this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up voters in hong kong get to choose which democratic candidates could run in september's legislative elections. sent back for press freedom the largest broadcaster in the philippines is permanently taken off after months of protests against its closure. and
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after decades of conflict and the growing demand for housing baghdad is struggling to hold on to its architectural heritage. it's been 25 years since the genocide more than 8000 muslim men and boys were murdered in 1905 by bosnian serb troops it was the worst crime of that war and this still the only mass killing to be ruled a genocide on european soil since the end of the 2nd world war these are live pictures showing a burial ceremony that's underway the bodies of more than a 1000 people are still missing our correspondent target which is at the commemorations instructor needs to talk to him shortly but 1st this report from
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sunday guy you go. an expanse of grave stones each one a victim of the genocide perpetrated here a quarter of a century ago the fathers grandfathers brothers uncles and sons of. those they left behind come to pray here but the trauma of what happened is present . i only wonder why they killed my children they were my neighbors and my oldest son's wedding day i invited them 1st enables. the widows and mothers of srebrenica left with their photos their memories for lost her 3 sons and how husband the body of her eldest has never been found every day she is haunted by the last time she saw her youngest son movie and. she hung on to me when serb soldiers came to take him he said mother don't leave me i stroked
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his curly here and said i won't leave you. they took him and i followed i don't know if they hit me i don't remember anything it was this man retcon lad teach the commander of the bosnian serb forces who gave the order to exterminate the muslim men and boys of srebrenica here he reassured the younger they had nothing to worry about before condemning them to a massacre. together with the wartime leader of the bosnian serbs rather one cottage each the unleashed an atrocity the like of which had not been seen in europe since world war 2. they were later found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity by a un real crimes tribunal both are now serving life sentences in the hague. but the failure of the dutch forces acting as un peacekeepers sent hundreds to their death many of the victims fled to the un designated safe zone only to be
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handed over to the bosnian serb forces. lost his entire immediate family in the killing that ensued he succeeded in holding the netherlands partly liable for their deaths. i mean. who are here all. the are. you. was all a. bystander while of genocide was. now there is a new generation of young people many may have been born after the genocide but it is never far from their minds or their family history as is the need to preserve the memory of those who were killed and i grew up near here i keep an eye on the symmetry i lost a lot of family there a loss my grandfather keeping the memory of the victims alive and for their families a chance to remember them in dignity. al-jazeera. joins
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us now live from cyber need so the commemorations have already started take us through what's been happening so far. was the sound that you're hearing in the background there's the call for the prayer the. midday prayer 2 the will commence briefly after the have to disallow to the heart of the 20 minutes the victims 9 victims of servants a genocide will be buried how ever i have with me here. she wrote a report on genocide now can you walk us through the report what does the report contain absolutely and we start off with the historical background of the violence that took place here in srebrenica and was more generally and then we move toward some studies of big events in genocide denial in recent years selling
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her 2 things like narratives the sort of rhetoric the way some of that was the answer to their current issues are you saying that you deny the genocide and finally we welcome in some ways the fund that genocide denial internationally as well as locally in bosnia now what prompted you what was the motive to write the report. it's very timely we're seeing some of the most pervasive. genocide denial that we've seen in the sense since the end of the bosnian war since urban neighborhood south so the report needed to be written words are not genocide and i was one of the 1st naming leaders that violence to be repayed ins i was absolutely more of the people be aware of what's going on here. concrete challenges you know overcoming genocide denial. genocide denial and so important in buttressing the serbian nationalist ideology that that green zone here are just an obstacle to
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overcome to get. great knowledge they can. through the words just now regarding the victims. in your experience. how important. the massacre of srebrenica is recognized as a genocide the significance for them you know it's extremely important that we recognize what happened here is genocide and that we do everything that we can to prevent genocide denial for the victims of genocide to know this important. to them is the struggle over memory who gets to say what gets remembered and how it's the last stage of genocide now so it's extremely important for the victims and for their pursuit of justice you know you said that it's the last stage of genocide and that is an indicator for the future war crimes what do you mean. when you don't form a factual or moral consensus about the violence that happened in the past it's absolutely
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setting the stage for it to be to be repeated you have to you have to come to terms with the past we're experiencing bad in my own. right you know it's a universal principle well thank you very much for talking to all just around now the silence you're hearing. the prayer prayer is behind me that means that. no one. has commenced and shortly the 9 victims of this evidence of genocide will be buried. thank you very much talk let's hope they find peace. in hong kong or casting their ballots to narrow the field of democratic candidates who will run in an upcoming election campaigning has been underway for several hours and people will be voting over the weekend beijing's newly imposed national security law in the city is overshadowing the main election in september. pollen has more from hong kong. according to organizers who spoke to us not long ago there
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is demanding around 60000 or even more people have turned out to cast their ballots if not polling stations digitally also which is a pretty good turnout as their estimates are their target was 170000 and so they still have until sunday night before the ballots close they could very well get their part of the issue here has been the uphill battle trying to get this these primaries up and running for instance a lot of the venues that were supposed to be ballot stations pulled out in the last minute they say jurors due to pressure from a lot more to say that they don't want their property used for political means but democratic activists and advocates like joshua long for instance have really pushed the importance of these primary elections particularly at a very uncertain time here in hong kong so i feel like i need to explain exactly where i am behind me and so that we district council hired to circumvent any issues for instance last minute pulling out a venue or even the earth or to say that they're not allowed to hold these ballots
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in certain areas and so people have been coming here to cast their ballots on the spot not all you've got as you can see behind me many people are taking pictures so it's a great promotion for these elections but it's by no means a done deal even if these elections go smoothly yes the democratic camp is still facing a lot of issues particularly due to the vagueness of that national security law. the philippines congress has refused to renew the operating license of the country's biggest fraud cost what rights groups are calling a dark day for press freedom they say it's part of a broader crackdown on dissent in a country already considered one of the most dangerous places in the world to journalists john allen dogood reports from manila. the resolution to deny a.b.c.'s franchise of legation is here but adopted it is seen as a crushing blow to press freedom 70 out of 84 lawmakers voted against the
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renewal of the broadcast license of the country's biggest media network e.b.'s c.b.s. . it looks highly political highly highly political but that being said i respect their decisions and i respect what they have done. i will accept that it's painful. the ruling of sparked a public outrage and criticism of congress where most members are allied with the president through 3 go to terror to join. the decision comes as the government is a ready grappling with its response to the coronavirus pandemic which has led to millions of filipinos losing their jobs maybe a c.b.s. closure threatens the livelihoods of another $11000.00. we're moving the channel from there also means depriving many people of information in remote areas
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where it's often the only one available the government spokesperson denies the president was involved in influencing congress. but president of the go to tear down has repeatedly tried to a.b.s.e b.n. in the past saying that the network did not air his political campaigns during the 2016 presidential elections and instead uren most of the ads of his political opponent choice and next year if you're expecting. him sort of. euro i would sit through it. rights groups say deter to as often treated journalists with contempt and the closure of the network is the grave assault on media freedom under the current administration it isn't the 1st time that the media network was forced off the air in 1972 it was also shut down by then president for didn't mark cuz when he declared martial law and a.b.s.
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c b n only reopened in 1986 after the dictatorship was thought polled by a people power revolution this is a b.s. review. they say the network is being punished because of the tear it is grievances and the position will further damage on the already troubled nation jim duggan al-jazeera monella. well still ahead on al-jazeera a new voice in singapore's politics now small but significant gains by the opposition have cost a shadow on the ruling party's election win. and an economic lifeline for nigeria find out what its $3000000000.00 natural gas project means for its people and those and everything.
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i once again welcome to look at the international focus we have something of a brief rest by sea in the heavy rain across japan at the moment but what weather in the forecast as we go on through the next couple of days a stationary front let continues to drift its way across a similar path out of central areas of china the my front there of course we will see that rain just drifting further east which as we go on through sunday little. q.c. for a time but you see what's waiting in the wings will see the sweater weather pushing across the yellow sea into the korean peninsula and then it'll make its way up across well north america security say the heaviest of the right and then it'll make its way into that western side of japan some more big down poles in the full cost over the next day just shifting the flooding a little further north woods and east was still linking back into central china
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more heavy showers coming through here for the southeast and retry hong kong around 33 degrees in the sunshine and not say much sunshine in the forecast across india at present we got lots of cloud of course the monsoon rains driving those heavy downpours right up the western ghats heaviest downpours continue into bangladesh the fog with east of india are also affecting a good part of the poll. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of politicians in coats and loads of communes of the across the country and there's a dark side in detroit is you do see the grit from his office the majesty of the fish into something more like the team i didn't see of the british today i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera.
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news. the all. back you're watching out to syria time to recap our headlines it's been 25 years since the strabane it's a genocide these are live pictures showing a prayer ceremony that's underway more than $8000.00 muslim men and boys were murdered in 1995 by bosnian serb troops the bodies of more than a 1000 people are still missing. hong kong's pro-democracy camp is holding a primary vote to decide on its candidates for september's alleges that of council elections they say a newly imposed security law is threatening freedoms in the tertiary. the largest broadcaster in the philippines will remain permanently off of them peace refused to
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renew its license fee a.b.s.e b.n. corporation is forced off in may after its franchise expired. singapore's ruling party has won friday's general election but with a reduced majority in the lower share of the vote the opposition party secured its best ever result of the vote was largely seen as a referendum on prime minister lee looms handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the looming economic crisis priyanka gupta reports. for most people the result was never in doubt the people's actual party that has to do with the poll to do that half a century has retained power the p.d.p. one fight is general election with a 2 thirds majority in the parliament but with a share of the vote close to a record low prime minister lee hsien law called the stop board last month to deal with the corner virus pandemic. and what could be singapore's worst recession in
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history he says the results fell short of expectations their results reflect the pain and uncertainty that singaporeans feel in this crisis the loss of income the anxiety about jobs the disruption caused by the circuit breaker and the safe distancing restrictions. this was not a feel good election but one where people are facing real problems and expect more rough weather to come. in the opposition camp over celebrations despite june still to large gatherings workers' party members killed their biggest election victory. oh boy fighting. for a lovely time. for yourself 3. 00000000 making. the opposition's victory do small is significant it's still only 10 seats out of
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$93.00 but now we have the government people government recognising that this party can be a leader of the opposition and so we have a kind of meaningful opposition party and it and it's a party that served to regenerate itself and take on new leadership and actually brought in a lot of young candidate so i think it this is a very new voice for singapore politics the p.d.p. is the party of singapore's founded leader on you which is enjoyed uninterrupted power since the country became independent of malaysia and $65.00 i mean it's his son $62.00 d.c. along has been a prime minister since 2000 for this election could be his last before his times but this or that he has to stay one of the world's leading financial hubs out of an unprecedented economic and health crisis and with a struggle position the parliament. could go on to see. hundreds of people
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have been holding a protest in israel calling on prime minister binyamin netanyahu to step down. it's on trial for corruption charges turning general has banned him from appointing any top legal or law enforcement officials while the petition to limit his powers is being considered that's now denies any wrongdoing. thousands of lebanese protesters have held an anti us rally outside the american embassy in beirut gaza. they're demanding an end to what they say is u.s. interference in their country's affairs police used water cannon to disperse the crowd it's the 2nd anti us protest in beirut and its suburbs this week amid strained relations with washington. libya has long been a transit point for migrants and refugees attempting to reach europe the recent
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fighting between the forces of the un recognized government and wartime if a hostile has made matters worse for them some say they're still willing to stay in libya as long as there's work i'll just malik trying their reports from the coastal city of misrata. every friday misrata city center becomes a flea market it's known for its cheap products and laborers come from all over the city to buy and to so they're mostly from other african countries and came to libya looking for work to provide for their families back home so. these are people who are looking for opportunities and they can make a decent living in their country so they come here a stable libya would mean many of them will be able to find work and make a good living here. is from niger and works at this well in home it's been closed for nearly 4 months because of the covert lockdown now he's preparing for its
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reopening and. there were police i came to libya to look for money i have 2 brothers a sister and my parents i send the money every month. ali says he's been promoted twice and given a raise he's happy he could support his family. but the money. and working with us as a labor we immediately noticed that he was a hard worker so we developed him now he's an assistant supervisor there are many like me who are looking for opportunities for work they are a very important segment of our economy. while many people focus on libya being a transport hub for migrants attempting to reach european shores others come here to provide for their families back home some here tell us a stable libya would likely lead to fewer people making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean. and many like him say they have no interest in going to europe he says after a few years of c.v. he will move back to niger a sort of
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a stable income here in libya allows him to do the mali training. misrata another latin american politician is being quarantined after testing positive for covert 19 venezuela's oil minister samy reported his diagnosis just days after a televised me thing with president nicolas maduro the head of the national constituent assembly is also in isolation the leaders of bolivia and brazil have also tested positive the outbreak is worsening across the region and the u.n. is warning of unprecedented economic damage. workers began a gas pipeline in nigeria worth nearly $3000000000.00. natural gas which element is burning off from going to waste in the long term customers in north africa and europe. reports from. after 15
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years of delay nigeria's international gas pipeline is finally and the way the almost $3000000000.00 project with a capacity to deliver 2200000000 cubic feet of natural gas is designed to feed electricity generated power stations and reactivate dormant industries in nigeria. the head of the national petroleum corporation says the project will increase domestic consumption and export of gas an indication that nigeria is increasingly shifting its focus to natural gas after more than 60 years of dependence on oil. and never. gas. the country and also particularly in areas where opportunities didn't exist and by extension also to create opportunity for employment where you have more when you develop more continue to for growth of your local economies you also have bigger market because as we go forward. utilization
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of diminishing across the globe of the new 600 kilometer pipeline will link up with the existing network to deliver gas to nigeria's neighbors and nigerian gas is eventually planned to reach europe through the 4400 kilometer pipeline nigeria produces 2000000 barrels of crude oil a day on average and is nigeria's biggest source of revenue by the oil price war an unprecedented slump in demand because of the coronavirus has seen a sharp fall in government income. analysts say nigeria has failed to make as much money as it should from its all reserve basically the net benefit per barrel of oil export it was actually reduced so regardless of how much you produce if your cost of production is not optimal it's not good business industrial production in africa's biggest economy has fallen brusquely mainly due to partial to use the
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country currently produces less than 5000 megawatts of electricity despite having the walled 9 largest natural gas reserves of $200.00 trillion cubic feet the government. channel excess gas currently being played by all companies to generate electricity. pipelines in nigeria have repeatedly been attacked over the years the bombings have reduced as has oil theft by disappeared and the resumption of attacks on the energy infrastructure could derail nigeria's dream of a gas rich future. al jazeera. baghdad is struggling to hang on to its architectural heritage after decades of conflict neglect and commercial pressure the iraqi capital had around $5000.00 traditional buildings in 1904 but less than a quarter are left today growing demand for as eventually housing and commercial interests taking over traditional neighborhoods simona faltering explains. on the
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banks of the river tigris one can still get a taste of what baghdad looked like a century ago yellow brick buildings wooden balconies culture shield and ornamental arches where once common features of baghdadi homes but after years of war and neglect many traditional houses have been destroyed and those left are in dire need of restoration. i said our family has lived here for generations. his grandfather used to build. but the craft has almost died out along with the architectural features that once defined by the dad. show as they will be will be made there's no use running dating it's fragile inside in the expertise needed to restore it the way our grandfathers used to no longer exists the owners say it's also more expensive to renovate than build a new house from scratch and so modern structures are gradually replacing old ones unlike other countries where buildings of historic value are usually owned by the
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government more than 90 percent of all traditional houses in baghdad are in the hands of private individuals who have few incentives to preserve them in addition regulations to protect the properties are often not enforced. any construction in the old neighborhood must be approved here in the municipality is heritage department a mile half of the lead engineer says it's difficult to force private owners to abide by her department's guidelines. person comes to us and wants to destroy the old heyse we say no because the building is of significant headed so what does he do he leaves the bought it on for a week and it collapses from the inside another man sets his on fire and says it was an electrical fire. a bus has come to submit his request for a building permit in the car the mia mayberg heard his is a new building but because the plot is located near heritage site the facade must
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contain certain characteristics to preserve the areas historic look. not as they inform me that there are small issues so i have to change parts of the designs that i can get certification but few builders appear to go through the tedious process which can take months to complete we visit the ties plots in the media and find it abutted by modern buildings many exceeding the maximum or 4 floors allowed here. in most of the street there is no her to building i'm the only one who's building a traditional house that resembles the old ca to me or baghdad. real estate is a lucrative business here every year millions of pilgrims flock to the shrine of them the 7th of the 12 in mom's venerated by shia muslims their visits have fuel demand for hotel accommodation but the heritage department at baghdad municipality told al jazeera that all of them are illegal. why don't they build in the cane
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succumbs if she's a fein and that's it he continues experts say what is needed to preserve baghdad's old houses is sustainable investment coupled with strong law enforcement but with iraq's government distracted by other priorities including a deepening fiscal crisis the capital's architectural heritage is addressed of disappearing simona fulton al-jazeera look at. let's take you through some of the headlines here now just there are now a commemoration has ended in eastern bosnia-herzegovina where the 25th year anniversary of the 70 to genocide was marked more than 8000 muslim men and boys were murdered by bosnian serb troops hong kong's pro-democracy camp is holding a primary vote to decide on its candidates for september's legislative council
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elections they say a newly imposed security law is threatening freedoms in the territory. has more from hong kong the primaries as they call it were delayed by a couple of hours due to the fact that police raided the polling at a company that was supposed to monitor these elections and count the ballots police say it was because of such a project they did in 2013 where data was leaked but there are many questions particularly among the democratic camp as to the timing. the largest broadcaster in the philippines will remain permanently off air after m.p.'s refused to renew its license the president has repeatedly threatened the network over its critical coverage the a.b.s. e.b.m. corporation was forced to go off air in may after its franchise expired rights groups say the decision is a major blow to media freedom hundreds of people have been holding
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a protest in israel calling on prime minister binyamin netanyahu to step down. is on trial for corruption charges the attorney general has banned him from appointing any top legal or law enforcement officials while a petition to limit his powers is being considered as india who denies any wrongdoing and dozens of lebanese protesters have held the nanti us rally outside the american embassy in beirut. they're demanding an end to what they say is u.s. interference in their country police used water cannon to disperse the crowd. the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story there's also on our web site of dot com to stay in touch with the news.
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tension is running high in the democratic republic of congo protesters denounce the nomination of a controversial to go ahead election commission so how will this impact the ruling coalition and can any full out be contained this is inside story. i know that and welcome to the program i'm laura cottle the democratic republic of congo is braced for war violence to several people were killed in protests across the country on thursday thousands of protesters defied a ban on public gatherings some.


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