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disorders disposed of those who died frankly a thorn in the system like this one church and state are there to keep the truth from coming hours islands mother and baby scandal on out is there a. the u.k. government bans the purchase of new 5 g. equipment from chinese tech giant twa way a move welcomed by the white house. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program the standoff between the u.s. and china intensifies of a beijing's claims in the south china sea the un's highest court rules in qatar is favoring its dispute with 4 arab nations that imposed an air blockade on the country and to guilin maxwell friend of convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein
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pleads and not guilty to sex trafficking charges. welcome to the program chinese telecommunications giant twa way will be banned from the u.k.'s 5 g. network the move which is a major backtrack on the british government's previous position will likely delay the rollout of the network by at least a year the band follows sanctions imposed by the us which claims the company poses a national security threat qua way denies this the u.k.'s mobile providers will not be able to buy any new huawei 5 g. equipment after the same verse 31st they have also been given 7 years to remove all huawei 5 g. equipment presently in their systems 3 g. and 4 g. equipment can state well the u.k.
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joins the us australia new zealand japan and taiwan in banning hallways products in their 5 g. networks canada is considering a ban while pressure is also being put on germany that the reports. a u. turn by the u.k. government but one it says was driven by practicalities not politics announcing the total ban on huawei kitted britain's planned 5 g. network by 2027 the culture minister said u.s. sanctions blocking quote ways use of american lycra chips would make the company less reliable in future the best way to secure our networks is for operators to stop using new affected huawei to quit and to build the u.k.'s future 5 g. networks said to be clear from the end of this year telecoms operators must not buy any 5 g. equipment from a while away and once the telecom security bill is passed it will be illegal for them to do so. the move against way will please washington which has been
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pressuring the u.k. to act the company had expected it it's warning u.k. mobile users will lose out in a statement it says regrettably our future in the u.k. has become politicized this is about u.s. trade policy and not security over the past 20 years while way has focused on building a better connected u.k. as a responsible business we will continue to support our customers as we always have done. the british government hopes the announcement will convince other suppliers to enter the market and fill the gap meanwhile the china skeptics among boris johnson's conservative party are largely happy they say national security must trump worries about an already damaged relationship and relations with strained over hong kong where china has behaved disgracefully so. anyone taking it with the state in a golden era of relations with china is clearly wrong but so be it i think this is the right decision and we should be calm we want to continue trading with continue
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commercial relations with the chinese but we've got to be perma the same time it's not clear how quickly or how angrily china will react to britain's decision to get rid of quote way kit but other countries will be watching carefully as they to deliberate on whether to ban the company. al-jazeera london let's cross to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett kimberly the u.k.'s previous attitude to the highway being able to be part of the 5 g. network actually being a cause of tension between the u.s. and the u.k. so i guess in the white house no doubt will be welcoming this decision. welcoming it as certainly this is the product of a long lobbying effort that we've seen by this white house urging u.s. allies to heed its warning about huawei the concern being that it is really just a form of domestic surveillance conducting backdoor espionage on unknowing users
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now the u.s. president has called a press conference for 21 g.m.t. it is rumored to be about further action against china although that has not been confirmed by the white house having said that the u.s. administration has taken a number of actions against china with respect to its concerns about some of its behaviors not only has it rejected territorial claims that it has made in the south china sea but also the u.s. has sanctioned chinese officials for its treatment of chinese muslims in the u.s. congress in a rare show of bipartisanship in recent weeks has passed legislation concerns over hong kong's national security law so there's been a number of steps taken against china while way is just one of its many concerns here in the u.s. shared by u.s. lawmakers again sort of a rare point of agreement the house speaker nancy pelosi a democrat we should point out called the 5 g.
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network an insidious form of aggression by an autocratic government that doesn't share u.s. values and we should also remind our viewers that it was back in february that the u.s. justice department took action against wall way accusing it of racketeering so we know that the national security adviser is in europe for 3 days of meetings to discuss the concerns about china about domestic surveillance of various nations so that it appears that this effort to kind of get some sort of global agreement on wall way is gaining some traction again the united states considering a number of actions it has been promising further action for a number of days many wondering whether or not those will include potentially banning apps like tic toc as well as we chat which the united states is accusing china once again of using to conduct information warfare can really help with the latest on that from the white house kimberly thank you. well meanwhile china is accusing the united states of trying to stir up trouble in the south china sea
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that's after secretary of state mike pump a.o. said beijing's claims to the region are completely unlawful well china claims about 90 percent of the south china sea including ownership of the spratly islands which is this putrid by the philippines vietnam and others the scrubber show is claimed by china and the philippines and that this agreement escalated 8 years ago when the philippine navy a pretend that 8 mainland chinese fishing vessels in the area when hay has more now from bangkok. in several areas of the south china sea islands at holes in reefs have been transformed china claims almost the entire area and for years has been militarizing the islands constructing remote outposts i want also claims parts of the south china sea along with several southeast asian countries including vietnam which is mounted the strongest challenge to beijing last month the vietnamese prime
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minister opened the latest southeast asian leaders summit with a strong statement on the issue without mentioning china. while the entire world is mobilizing its full force to fight against the pandemic responsible acts and violations of international laws are still taking place affecting the environment of security and stability in several regions including ours the statement from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o came after the permanent court of arbitration in the hague ruled that china's claims were invalid the case was taken by the philippines but the verdict did nothing to slow china's assertiveness tensions between china and the united states have been increasing over trade coronavirus taiwan hong kong and now the south china sea. the us statement neglects the history and facts about the issues about the south china sea it breaches the u.s. government's open commitment to not take any position on the sovereignty of the south china sea it violates an distorts international law it is stirring up
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territorial disputes in the south china sea which is very irresponsible. in recent weeks both militaries conducted exercises in the area with the us saying repeatedly it wants to ensure freedom of navigation beijing suspects otherwise not only is their strategic value in the south china sea but it's one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and is believed to hold large exploitable natural resources china has continued to develop parts of the region largely unopposed militarily while the us statement doesn't necessarily signal a chain. jeannette regard it does signal a stronger stance against beijing and will increase tension during these unstable times when hey al jazeera bangkok. international court of justice in the hague has ruled in favor of qatar in a dispute with 4 arab countries that imposed
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a blockade on the gulf states and prevented cattery aircraft from flying over their airspace the court ruled the u.s. civil aviation agency has jurisdiction in this case because of one. you know. rejected to the of the froth by the kingdom of bahrain the art of the public or. the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united. to. by 15 both you. told me that the council of the international civil aviation organization. they. submitted to you by the government of the state of global 27 and the seat of the occasion miscible. that this feud began in 2017 when saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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bahrain and egypt severed ties with qatar and imposed the land sea and air blockade they accuse the castro's government of supporting terrorism allegations without evidence that doha has strongly denied their had called on the international civil aviation organization to declare the air blockade illegal but the book aiding countries a said the u.n. agency didn't have jurisdiction to handle the dispute in 2018 the agency rejected that claim insisting it does have jurisdiction a move in qataris favor the blockade in countries that asked the international court of justice to re-examine the issue of jurisdiction it has now ruled in katter's favor once again it paves the way for doha to possibly sue for compensation or find other ways to end the air blockade set fast and has been covering the story for us at the hague. yes robert it is a complicated case but also very important ruling here in the hague which has been
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described by legal experts here as a very confident and very clear ruling in a very complicated case basically the president of the court was dealing with 2 cases at stake here 2 different cases on based on 2 different articles but basically going back to the same issue which is the freedom of air traffic these 2 conventions one is the chicago convention and the other one is the air surface traffic convention both dated back from 94 to 4 basically dealing with the freedom of other countries to go into the airspace of their neighbors or other countries exactly of course the fact that qatar has been disputing with the 4 nations all accounts of these appeal by the 4 nations filed against kata were rejected and also the charge at length discussed the fact that the 4 nations accuse qatar of not
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negotiating enough before taking this this case to the court but the president of the court said cutter did its utmost to make sure that the all the diplomatic steps were taking before they filed this case at the i.k.o. court which now has has the court the case back basically so the case is now back in the court of i.k.o. and they have to now decide on the content of the matter. and see if this air blockade can be lifted so there's no white smoke at the moment of the blockade of course is still in place but of course it's a big step and a very positive victory here for qatar in the hague. still to come here on al-jazeera england the main facemasks banditry in shops as it tries to avoid a 2nd wave of coronavirus cases and the trial of a mali and man accused of torturing women. and the story. starts at the
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international criminal court. still not feeling very much like summer across central and northern areas if you're this cloud as well giving a little bit and we've also got one to rain showers meanwhile we've also got some pretty good weather though some places this is in central switzerland look at this is the voice river and you can see here's how she a title of a so this writing the bore as it travels up the river to go through wednesday plenty of can throughout much of central europe as i say even if it's not rainy it's pretty much is really all below par for this time of year just 19 degrees in london cloudy skies but the rain is generally felt that the central regions down into northern areas of italy some heavy rain pushing into western as russia as well
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actually declining as we go into thursday and really just a very unsettled picture 3 much of mainland europe although slightly improving picture across the northwest the best sunshine will be across portugal and spain but damage wise london for the next few days it does actually get a little bit milder but it's a very cloudy few days ahead and paris again it does get a bit warmer sunny by the end of the week when we should have a some sunshine mixed in with the clouds then down into northern africa we have going to shatter the central med that means algeria and tunisia but despite the shadows it's very warm a high of 31 in tunis on thursday. al-jazeera world meets for remarkable bosnian women survivors after those closest to them were taken away never to return. some of the 8000 muslim men and boys killed in the strep or needs a massacre 25 years ago heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move
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on from the pain of the past women who refused to die on al-jazeera. a reminder now of the top stories on our. chinese telecommunications giant twi way will be banned from the u.k.'s 5 g. network the move which is a major backtrack on the british government's previous position will likely delay the rollout of the network by at least a year china is accusing the u.s. of trying to stir up trouble in the south china sea by describing beijing's claims
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in the region as completely awful china claims are disputed by several other southeast asian countries and the international court of justice in the hague has ruled in favor of calcutta in a dispute with 4 arab countries that imposed the blockade on the gulf states and prevented kept 3 aircraft from flying over their airspace. a new york judge has just delivered a ruling on whether to grant bail to get a lane maxwell former girlfriend of jeffrey epstein gabrielle elizondo is outside the court in new york gave to the judge say. well after more than 2 hours of hearing from the prosecution and the defense just in the last minute or so the judge has denied the request for bail for delaying maxwell so she will not be leaving the jail she is currently being held and held for the over a week now in the metropolitan detention center in brooklyn about 3 or 4 kilometers
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of where i'm at right now outside this federal court her defense lawyers head or if you did she should be released on bail arguing that she is not a flight risk and also that she potentially is a health risk. because of covert 19 however the prosecution had argued during this court hearing. that she is very much a flight risk. that she has access to tens of millions of dollars and more than a dozen bank accounts linked to her name and that with 3 passports from france the u.k. and the united states that she could if there was no guarantee that if she was to be granted bail that she would come back for a potential trial or court proceedings alternately the judge heard both sides of the argument as i mentioned for more than 2 hours and just ruled that bail will be
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denied for delaying backs well. gorillas on the with that latest development from outside the court in new york agave thank you. a man accused of torturing women and destroying enchant more human sin malise timbuktu is standing trial of the international criminal court in the hague prosecutors say al has son. was part of an al qaeda linked the armed group in mali and said he committed unimaginable crimes in the most brutal way possible he's charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. the plan and design was to impose a personal religious and ideological vision by force with a great deal of brutality and abuses constitution crimes against humanity and war crimes under the roma start to use this is the heart of the present case to use violence the commission of crimes against inhabitants who are belittled humiliated
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assaulted and subjected to a real persecution on religious and sexist grounds to which there was no end and during which al-hassan was the thinking and acting soul of the islamic police and played a central role reporter nicholas hark now and the warning at those can tame content some viewers may find disturbing. in the city of timbuktu. forces call on crowds to witness the killing of a man this footage secretly shot by al-jazeera in 2012 has never been broadcast the man in a green turban is a former villager veterinarian turned a leading figure of the religious police during the occupation of northern mali by an al qaeda affiliate this man was long for stealing food from a shop this woman without any explanation on the orders of all. he's now at the international criminal court accused of crimes against humanity and war
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crimes including the torture rape and sexual slavery of women and girls forcing them into marriage with al-qaeda linked fighters in an interview with al jazeera at the time he said that he was only applying islamic law in defending muslims his men were also ordered to desecrate and destroy 700 year old shrines of the saints so he goes blank civilization museum director calls the destruction despicable crimes that also needs to be punished. it is more than a crime against humanity it is a crime against faith he destroyed monuments that are important to to move to before or harvard were imagined timbuktu was the center of learning students from europe persia and the middle east would come to listen to lectures from black muslim teachers on subjects such as science chemistry and medicine in this museum are just a few artifacts from that time this room is dedicated to black civilization and
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religion but look at it. it's almost empty because a proportion of it was stolen during colonial times and can be found in museums in france and in the u.k. france just returned this sward belonging to religious leader omar told in this qur'an belonging to his son there is still a substantial part of islamic heritage and history that can be found right here in west africa in the ancient city of timbuktu were fewer trying to preserve and protect this important chapter of both islamic and african history. while all his sons religious police bird 4000 ancient manuscripts dating from the 13th century the people of timbuktu many of them women hidden or smuggled out over 300000 of these historical manage scripts in a bid to protect the city's history to defy those who take it over because hawking
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al-jazeera. after months of mixed messages the u.k. is making face masks compulsory in shops next week those who fail to comply could be fined up to $125.00 the government hopes that the situation will inspire confidence among shoppers to get out and start spending again these barker reports from london. keys phone mosque face coverings have already become a part of daily life during the pandemic and now we're about to see much more of them from july the 24th they'll be compulsory in shops those who fail to comply will face a fine of up to $125.00 the move brings in england in line with scotland and other major european nations including spain and italy. has been mandatory to wear masks on public transport for some time but there's been little consistency elsewhere we want to give people more confidence to shop safe and enhanced protections for those
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who work in shops both of these can be done by the use of face coverings. ministers have been sending mixed messages on masks for months the prime minister boris johnson started regularly wearing one only a few days ago while the home secretary pretty patel met her french counterpart wearing one but was later seen inside without one. meanwhile elusive street artist banksy who spent his career hiding behind a very different mask had his own coronavirus statement to make stenciling a london underground train with a message to cover up complete with sneezing rodents. there were early concerns coverings could lead to a build up of the virus inside the masks all the people would be more inclined to ignore social distancing rules or hygiene standards we know no coverings greatly reduce the risk of people with the virus from spreading it the government also
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hopes wearing masks will inspire confidence among shoppers to be out spending again for some retailers there's a silver lining in making masks mandatory they were quick to spot a gap in the market and they run with it very good news because i think the good thing. our business is going to be. in forstmann will be largely down to the police but shop workers and even other shoppers are expected to encourage the policy by extension questions are already being asked about mosques in schools and workplaces the government says its plans are evolving opposition m.p.'s fear the government is making up its rules or mosques as it goes along these barker al jazeera. the world health organization's the latin america branch says there's been a significant increase in corona virus cases in haiti and infections are expected to rise over the coming days as frictions are continuing to be eased that there
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with worshipers now allowed to gather at churches more than 140 people have been killed by covert 1000 in haiti with the number of cases exceeding 6 and a half 1000. but the pan american health organization has also expressed concern about the high current virus there stole throughout the americas latin america's death toll from covert 19 has exceeded that of the u.s. for the 1st time on sunday mexico overtalk italy becoming the country with the 4th highest best home. france's but still they ceremony in paris says they can plan a place in the shadow of the coronavirus crisis this year the event was scaled back and there were special honors for france's health workers but some house workers say their inclusion in the prestigious ceremony is not enough to save the country's embattled hospitals that reports. all the pomp and ceremony of france's traditional bastille day celebrations but on
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a much smaller scale the french president inspected troops on paris's elegant plaster like concord but for the 1st time in more than 4 decades it was no military parade on the famous shoals in say a pair back event because the coronavirus crisis and to make room for a homage to the bravery and dedication the france's health workers. towards the end of the ceremony an unexpected moment a banner floated in full view accusing macro a failing to invest in france's hospitals opponents say the president mishandled the health crisis in a rare television interview and macro admitted he had made some mistakes at the start but that france was now ready for a possible 2nd wave of what could only push instrumental although i hope in the following weeks mass will be mandatory in all enclosed spaces it's already the case in public transport but it's been a bit erratic indoors at this stage. later in the city more health workers gathered
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at this time for a protest the coronavirus price is highlighting the plight of the phone says medical workers and the government to respond. pay rise and well the extra money and the july 14th deal they honor is not. others they say it's not enough to save the country's hospitals. we want a government to stop reducing the number of beds in hospitals and stop closing smaller hospitals and cutting services it's a catastrophe because over the city over to most of us the pay rises are in what we asked for there are too many hospital cuts doctors and nurses are quitting the job because we have the lowest salaries for medical workers in europe michael will hope that his choice to hold the health workers all such. from the foster a sense of national unity. and rally people behind him the protest reveals the challenges he faces critics say his reforms are hurting the poor he's promised to
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reinvent himself and be closer to the people with less than 2 years until the presidential election it's clear he's aiming to convince voters as he projects into the future. to syria's. heavy flooding is worsening in parts of bangladesh with at least $1000000.00 villagers left stranded or leaving their homes for higher ground water levels were rising on tuesday a dozens of points across 20 districts the floods started late last month destroying crops and driving people from their homes in several impoverished regions bangladesh is crisscrossed by 230 rivers including 53 shared with india while the best hope from flooding and landslides in northeastern india has risen to 77 disaster authorities say 2000000 people have been displaced and as some state after 2 weeks of heavy rain heavy rain has seen one of asia's largest rivers
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burst its banks leaving huge areas underwater 40 disaster response teams have been sent to the war state areas and the army is on standby more on that story and everything that we've been covering on our website the address on your screens right now al-jazeera dot com. now the top stories on al-jazeera chinese telecommunications giant way will be banned for the u.k. from the u.k.'s 5 g. network the move which is a major backtrack on the british government's previous position were likely delayed the rollout of the network by at least a year the ban follows sanctions imposed by the us which claims the company poses a national security threat huawei denies this meanwhile china is accusing the us of trying to stir up trouble in the south china sea by describing beijing's claims in
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the region as completely unlawful china claims nearly the end tire area but that's this future by several other southeast asian countries. the international court of justice in the hague has ruled in favor of qatar in a dispute with 4 arab countries that imposed a blockade on the gulf state and prevented catherine aircraft from flying over their airspace the court ruled the u.n. civil aviation agency had jurisdiction in this case. decor one. you know. rejected today of the broth by the kingdom of bahrain the art of the public of egypt you kingdom of saudi arabia and the united. 2 by 51. called the consul of the international civil aviation
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organization has jurisdiction. they. submitted to it by the government of the state of other of october 27th the seat of the occasion you saw admissible. the former girlfriend of jeffrey abstaining has been charged as being denied bail on charges of facilitating the abuse of minors british socialite delaine maxwell appeared by video for her hearing accused of helping epstein recruit girls for abuse the judge agreed with prosecutors that maxwell was a flight risk she's pleaded not guilty and is due to stand trial within a year those are the headlines the stream is coming up next looking at the pro trump conspiracy group q and on the have more news for you at half of our.
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very welcome to the stream home edition i'm josh rushing and you are in my home edition today. with the owner might be right at the top this is out going out on you tube live and i hope you're going to join us in that discussion box over there and i'm going to get some of your comments into the show or try my best listen would you believe me if i told you i had an inside source with a trumpet ministration and they're planning.


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