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the virus returning. from around the world organized crimes is now beginning to try to play the role of rob in the book by giving away food to win over some loyalty a people in desperate need. for china threatens to retaliate after president trump imposes new american sanctions and hong kong special status. hello again i'm the stasi a tape this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. anger at the killing of a top soldier the fallout in azerbaijan off to new border battle is with.
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japan as the u.s. military is accused of not doing enough to contain a corona virus outbreak at its bases. across the surveillance operation in colombia that journalists say is a threat to democracy. china is valid in retaliation after moves by the governments of the u.s. and the u.k. on 2 different fronts president donald trump has announced sanctions against chinese officials over the new national security law imposed on hong kong signing an executive order to hold beijing accountable china now says it will impose sanctions of its own. joan phones don't to to be able to up hold our legitimate interests in china will make the necessary responses to sanction the relevant personnel and entities of the us side we're just the us to correct their mistakes and to not implement this act and stop interfering in china's internal affairs if
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the u.s. insists on going down the wrong path china will definitely hit back hong kong is being stripped of its special trade and economic status and banks that deal with some chinese officials will also face sanctions the hong kong or tanami act which has signed this afternoon passed unanimously through congress this law gives my administration powerful new tools to hold responsible the individuals in the entities involved in extinguishing hong kong's freedom we've all watch what happened not a good situation their freedoms been taken away their rights have been taken away and with it goes on going in my opinion because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets and had the u.k. announced it was banning chinese tech giant huawei from being involved in the development of its new high speed my bomb that were exciting concerns about security well we can speak now to katrina our correspondent she joins us from
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beijing katrina i want to start with huawei because this is really quite the reversal here what's beijing had to say about. well we just heard from quaternion who is china's foreign ministry spokesperson she had quite strong was she said that the u.k. was cool looting with the u.s. to oppress chinese companies she also said that this was an act of discrimination against chinese companies that the u.k. is failing to lord to uphold its commitment to china and to huawei and also said that this is in effect destroying or damaging the relationship between london and they joining and the u.k. government should listen to the voices in the u.k. business community who are against this move because it will be british businesses and the british people alternately who will suffer from this now she was also also she agrees with the global times editorial which is the state media newspaper here which quite strongly attacked the u.k. saying that the u.k.
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was a weak link when it came to the different 5 eyes allied countries and saying that china should not worry too much although this is a blow but it also mentioned that china should retaliate strongly because otherwise it would send the wrong message that other countries can go ahead and bully china now there was no would have specific retaliation from quaternion but she didn't mention that chinese businesses who do trade or investment with the u.k. should reconsider doing business because of the risky environment over there let's have a listen to more of what watching you had to say and that. usually this is about the u.k. at all costs politicizing commercial and technology issues this is about china facing major threats in its investment security in the u.k. and it's about our confidence in whether the u.k. markets can remain open fair and nondiscriminatory so we will comprehensively and seriously evaluate this and will take all necessary measures to safeguard our
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companies interests and rights and katrina as we've been saying a dramatic but not unexpected escalation when it comes to tensions with the u.s. over hong kong what else is beijing threatening here. that's right this diplomatic relationship with washington seems to be in freefall quaternion took aim at the u.s. as well and she said she course that if the u.s. really wants to stir up trouble let the storm rage with grace of force or it seems like the beijing government is not going to back down when it comes to any maneuverable move from the u.s. she said that the u.s. was a troublemaker and she called its unilateral sanctions pathetic and then she went on to reflect an earlier statement from china's foreign ministry saying that the u.s. was in effect slandering this hong kong national security law that it should stop meddling in china's internal affairs that should step back from this because this is what china wants of china believes is good for hong kong it's good for its spera
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t. its stability and this is what is welcomed and accepted by the hong kong people of course the disconnect that not all hong kong believe that at all but then she went on to repeat the stance that this is not going to affect the majority of businesses a law abiding people in hong kong that this will only impact the troublemakers then she said also that china is not going to stand for this that it is going to take its own counter measures in the form of sanctions against u.s. officials and press now although we haven't been provided with any details as to what shape those will take as yet katrina you there in the chinese capital beijing for us thank you very much katrina well speaking of divergent views let's now get the view from hong kong devika poland joins us from there i want to talk about this special status talk us through what the removal of that actually means and we're already starting to see an exodus of businesses. indeed but much of the that accidents that we have seen so far has to do with that
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national security law that was imposed by beijing on july 1st without any consultation with hong kong government or hong kong people but i need to say that the main reason that this current move was made by the us is because of that national security law again i have to catch me at it by saying that this move by the us for the human rights and democracy act and true strip hong kong of that special status was the law before and spearheaded by hong kong's protesters including joshua long and many of the pro-democracy camp so this is seen as a result of a hong kong's pro-democracy camp calling for more accountability to people in beijing and hong kong officials who are seen as not to or violating hong kong's autonomous system and stripping hong kong for their of its rights and freedoms as far as impact goes so far an analyst says there will be some kind of an economic
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impact although many companies had already factored that in due to the fact that this had been weeks in the making until president trump signed it today but according to hong kong a financial secretary to the u.s. that has more to lose hong kong is the u.s. his biggest trading surplus partner in a single economy which means that the u.s. will be on the back foot when it comes to trade with hong kong after this particularly if american companies pull out but hong kong too is concerned due to the fact that this will affect business confidence and there's basically confidence in the political environment so companies like the new york times has already said today itself that it is going to pull out a large number of its staff and move over to seoul and there's concern many other media companies would follow suit and other international companies will also consider thinking about this and they pro-democracy can push for this we have been hearing from them over the last hour or so what if they had to say today.
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that's right joshua long and many proponents of the pro-democracy camp and i have to say that it is mostly the younger democracy candidates the protesters from last year all held a press conference on the back of this primary elections that were held over this weekend which had a remarkable turnout of around 600000 people what the democracy camp and democracy activists were hoping to do is consolidate their support base by asking the people to choose who would best represent them in the legislative council elections in september and as it turns out the result was that those younger younger candidates those that were involved in last year's protests and perhaps those that are more radical are the ones who seem to have gotten the most support and joshua won did speak and i give a press conference saying that this is definitely a sign and a message to beijing that the younger demo democracy camp will not stand down in
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the face of threats of this national security law and from the government here's what he had to say. it's a little voice being heard in this little collision with another shrink in fact faking which is not to surrender at 3 days. from the protest at the press conference and raised the hope to have an old discussion close to a lot of candidates in the primary election to last through the traditional protocol credit how well the crackdown from beijing with no room and we have it from an asian it's time for us to and. now i must say that although this is seen somewhat of a victory particularly for the younger protesters there are those who are trying to get into politics there is an issue of the fact that the old democracy guard the older lawmakers and such have been pushed out those that may have been more
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attractive to beijing and more moderates in attracted to hong kong government and there is also a risk that many of these new candidates including joshua long could be pushed out eventually or disqualified will be watching the lead up to those elections very closely indeed david there for us on the ground in hong kong thank you jeff. now fighting on the border between mania and as a by john has now killed 13 soldiers on both sides and at least one civilian tension has remained fastens the former soviet republics went to war over the disputed region of nagano carava in the 1990 s. robin foster walka reports i in the is very capital crowds demanded vengeance for a major general the most senior servicemen to have died in clashes on azerbaijan's border with armenia only just very. unlike the enemy our generals and officers do not hide behind the backs of soldiers they adequately carry out their
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combat missions unfortunately battles are not without losses. both sides accuse each other of starting the latest hostilities. both sides releasing videos of their high tech weaponry as ery missile strikes on armenian positions. armenians shooting down azeri drones. 'd or wal-mart the fighting which began on sunday has so far claimed more than a dozen lives including at least one civilian what i think many many say you know with whole story of them going question is where's the very area that sleeper created by significant religious are like and it's right next to the military train or between that and was extremely important because it enough are the 1st one to suffer
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a problem that all glory in our military activities. the region is situated north of the disputed territory of the goanna kyra back internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan it's controlled by armenian forces how to go to think in the armenian prime minister has accused as a by john. the danger in regional stability as a by jones president says international peace talks have led nowhere. there is a risk of a wider conflict if the fighting continues turkey says its stance with. russia which brokered a cease fire in the past may be needed once again to bring the 2 sides back from the brink of adversity a walker al-jazeera. hostile ahead here on al-jazeera trashing india's high school full of us why some are questioning the government's my teds. and why glenn
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maxwell will be staying in jail until has sex trafficking trial begins. however much of europe has cooled down the clouds but invading the remains of the thunderstorms from what was hot weather have shown up in potential flooding this is the black sea coast of turkey and the east but actually the sun so i've been taking more towards the caspian is certainly wrap around rain that should be watched with care just on the edges of europe and of course this is the disappointment area attempts as sea to continually drop cloud increases rain falls in the sky in the middle of july and in 19 in zurich for example there is still warm weather run if it's going to be warmer in spain and portugal but receptive that far and italy and
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some parts further east is still in the thirty's just about you can see from the color background this is really an area could consider the rest presby warm milk about grade for example 29 degrees but even here as the front goes through the cloud the rain invade down to 19 by saturday the average is 20 downs we're dropping 10 below average hence the disappointment south of all this rain is falling properly where it should in cameron $128.00 maces and that's 33 hours of thunderstorms but those storms are generally drifting slowly west woods so we got a concentration for example in guinea and maybe southern mali the next few days. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. to form
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a foothold. al-jazeera selects changemaker as. the on. the the way. hello again i'm mr. that's remind you of our top stories here the south china says it will retaliate after the us president announced new sanctions over the national security and all beijing's imposed on home problem donald trump also signed an executive order ending hong kong's preferential treatment. candidates who won and hong kong's recent primaries are calling for greater unity within the pro-democracy
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camp in september's legislative council election they say there's no room for division in the face of china's crackdown on the city's freedoms. and at least 11 soldiers from azerbaijan and 2 from media have been killed as fighting escalates at the border of the 2 former soviet republics have been in conflict over and on trade inside azerbaijan controlled by ethnic amin and it's. now u.s. researches say the 1st phase of testing an experimental curve in $1000.00 vaccine has shown promising safety results and produced an immune response the human trial run by the biotech company madonna tested the vaccine on 45 healthy volunteers of those who received 2 doses had higher levels of virus fighting had 2 bodies compared to others who had recovered from the corona virus and no serious side effects were reported. well now japan is calling on the united states to better manage the spread of the coronavirus at its military bases after more than 130
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soldiers tested positive in okinawa the local governor says he was shocked by the cluster of infections and once the virus prevention measures at the camps to be found the scrutinized and japan's defense minister taro kono says they have discovered multiple problems with the u.s. military's coronavirus policy correspondent for the soma has the nation from the capital tokyo nonstop u.s. bases are located in oak you know chad has almost been free from the virus for a long time now we're. seeing about $148.00 cases during the whole last 4 to 5 months and only 7 deaths so the number of infections inside the u.s. bases in okinawa which was almost 70 percent of u.s. troops there the number now is $136.00 so it's almost the same number that. the island has recorded and another concern is that. during the 4th of july during
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the. in the billions they said rationing of days in the billions they it seems that many of the u.s. troops there they had parties on beaches and investments downtown and there is quite a big concern now that the this has caused the cluster in the in the aisle and this is why they're asking now the u.s. troops there to increase their preventive measures against good enough buyers. well corona virus infections in india heading towards $1000000.00 after another record day of new cases more than $29000.00 people tested positive for the virus and just in the past 24 hours at least 500 people died local authorities and 12 states are reimposing lockdowns and high risk areas they enter the tech hub of bengaluru which is shutting down for a week while this global pandemic has shortened the academic you have a schools and universities around the wild and in india the government has taken
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action to reduce costs lowered by asking high schools to cut by 30 percent but many are now questioning its most of us as it is with problem reports from the capital new delhi. year by year for the bottom a family sitting together and discussing ideas is important especially during his last year of high school but some of the topics they debate at home are no longer part of the high school philippus the indian government cut the curriculum by 30 percent because of the class time lost doing coronavirus restrictions so you lose them federalism. very important. mention in the preamble. and the. discrimination between me. or some of the other topics which are being dropped a democracy and diversity popular struggles and india's relationship with its neighbors as well as being
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a mother. also trains teaches and doesn't agree with the changes as a citizen of india as a democratic being in a democratic country so if we remove these chapters if we do lead these there is no point of education you know. the government says the changes were made by independent experts and only for one year but they have been criticized by some of india's prominent politicians and that's partly because of the governing hindu nationalists but at the edge on the party's history of changing high school textbooks since it came to power 6 years ago some of the changes to the curriculum include taking india's staunch 1st prime minister. out of history books and removing references to the man who killed mahatma gandhi the hero of india's independence struggle was a hindu nationalist and a member of the parent organization. but it's this context
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as well as the government's crackdown on dissent which has people questioning the motion of the changes. which makes all of us already suspicious that you know. that you know all the. talk about democracy understanding all of. that is being discarded. for the young minds interested in those ideas have to be fostered at home now elizabeth al-jazeera you daddy. flash flooding on the indonesian island of pseudo westie has killed at least 16 people dozens of others a missing and thousands of homes have been destroyed in north through heavy rain triggered landslides burying buildings and roads and mud around 2000 islanders are now in temporary shelters and flooding in northeast india has killed at least 77 people 2000000 indians and some state have been forced from their homes during 2
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weeks of heavy monsoon rains heavy areas a huge areas i'm sorry underwater because of one of asia's largest rivers busting its banks and the heaviest rains for 10 years in bangladesh stranded or forced more than a 1000000 people from their homes water levels and major rivers there are continuing to rise in northwest and central districts the flooding which started late last month has also washed away crops and weather experts expect little relief soon and the monsoon season has also brought misery to nepal at least 100 people have died there and some 500 homes have been swept away there are an estimated 74 landslides in 15 floods over the past week. while hundreds of bolivians have defied coronavirus restrictions in the capital to protest against the lockdown they're calling on the government to reopen businesses thousands of people have lost their jobs and the economy is expected to slip into recession this year because of the pandemic bolivia has recorded nearly 50000 cases last week several ministers also
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tested positive for the virus while the u.s. government has reversed its plan to revoke fees as from international students if the universities hold classes exclusively online because of the corona virus pandemic the decision follows 8 federal lawsuits and opposition from hundreds of universities thousands of foreign students travel to the u.s. every year to study and are also a significant source of revenue. well thousands of israelis have rallied outside the prime minister's residence calling on him to step down there was scuffles with police as the demonstration was ending dozens of protesters were arrested benjamin netanyahu is facing a corruption trial and also growing discontent over his handling of the corona virus pandemic critics say he reopens the economy too soon causing a shop a rise in infections which has prompted a 2nd lockdown. now
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a judge in colombia has ordered the defense minister to reveal the full list of journalists politicians and judges who are illegally monitored by military intelligence the scandal has forced the retirement of an army commander and the firing of 11 senior offices and asunder m.p.'s he reports from. the award winning independent journalists who. plays a recorded phone conversation of accused drug trafficker. is part of a treasure trove of recording star to help them uncover is related scoop the possible use of illegal funds for the election of president. success as an investigative reporter as come with the prize. on june 10th the director of colombia's freedom of the press foundation called me to say they found out that the military had to follow me last january the weekly semana revealed the army intelligence had been illegally intercepting the communications of dozens of
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foreign in colombian journalists supreme court justices in opposition politicians. it reminded many of the legal surveillance a decade ago during the presidency of his perceived enemies that led the government to dismantle the us intelligence service. the same journalist that was spied on diana being spied on now this time by the army with the same tactics of the department of security so i think this is afraid to democracy because they are spying on us for us following us listening to our conversations reading our chats the intelligence units involved in the scandal are also accused of us intended to fight cocaine trafficking from colombia to illegally collect information on journalists and others the only the government promised a jury investigation against those they describe as bad apples in the military but have so far. rejected calls for reform the military feels texted by the current
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government in power which has really sought to uphold some of the least reformist generals which has promoted some of the less reformist officials there really has been not enough rethinking of military doctrine. the government assigned martine is a bodyguard after you received death threats despite mainstream media in the country not offering him a job he sold his car and uses crowd funding to continue his work but if you could look at this again. we need to continue because society has changed it's not as willing to look the other way when governments commit crimes difficult if you can't find a money order for it to continue we might be forced to stop and that's something martina says can only harm colombian society as a whole i list in the room and just. the former girlfriend of
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convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein will be staying in jail at least until her trial for trafficking young girls for sex delay maxwell pleaded not guilty and eventual court appearance carol is under reports from your. it's official this is the federal prison they will be home to get a maxwell for the forseeable future a judge ruled against her lawyers request to release her on a $5000000.00 bail the court proceedings were held via video link including maxwell herself who pleaded not guilty to 6 counts including sex trafficking prosecutors for the u.s. government argued maxwell's wealth international connections and the seriousness of the charges when she was a flight risk and alleged victim of jeffrey epstein one of maxwell's long time associates gave a statement be a video link calling maxwell a sexual predator who abused her her defense lawyer 'd argued that maxwell posed no
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risk of flight but after more than 2 hours of proceedings the judge eventually sided with the prosecution legal observers believe that in exchange for a lighter sentence the prosecutors would push maxwell to review all she knows about epstein's alleged crimes and that could include more details on britain's prince andrew a friend to both maxwell and epstein for years and who visited epstein several times in new york palm beach florida and the virgin islands the prince has denied any wrongdoing and so far refused to cooperate with prosecutors angering lawyers for the victims because he is a member of the royal family he has something that is called sovereign immunity even in his own country from prosecution so it's unlikely he would ever be prosecuted individually but if he had any moral character whatsoever he would at the very least step forward to give evidence about what he has seen over
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the years that he had been and the times he had been at mr epstein's property so. it's really about moral character at this point. sadly. is moral character is lacking the legal process is far from over in fact in many ways it's just beginning the judge set a preliminary trial date to begin on july 12th of next year gabriel's andu al jazeera new york. i know that this is al jazeera and these are the headlines china says it will retaliate after the u.s. president announced new sanctions over the national security or beijing's imposed on hong kong donald trump also signed an executive order ending hong kong's preferential treatment when china is also lashing out at the u.k. after it announced its banning the tech giant huawei from its 5 g.
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network from beijing katrina you has more on the latest comments from the foreign ministry she said that the u.k. was cool losing with the u.s. to oppress chinese companies she also said that this was an act of discrimination against chinese companies that the u.k. is failing to lord to uphold its commitment to china and to quality and also said that this is in effect destroying or damaging the relationship between london and they doing and the u.k. government should listen to the voices in the u.k. business community who are against this move because it will be british businesses and the british people to millie who will suffer from this. now candidates who won in hong kong's recent primaries are calling for gracey unity within the pro-democracy camp and september's legislative council election they say there's no room for division in the face of china's crackdown on the territories freedoms. at least 11 soldiers from azerbaijan and 2 from mania have been killed as fighting
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escalates at the border the 2 former soviet republics have been in conflict over an enclave inside as advise on controlled by ethnic armenians japan is calling on the united states to better manage the spread of the coronavirus at its military bases after more than $130.00 soldiers tested positive in okinawa the local governor says he was shocked by the cost of infections and once a virus prevention measures up the camps to be further scrutinized and corona virus infections in india heading now towards $1000000.00 after another wreck or day of new cases more than $29000.00 people tested positive for the fires just in the past 24 hours and at least a 500 people have died local authorities in 12 states are now reimposing lockdowns and high risk areas well those are the headlines i'll have more news after the strain as protests rage over police brutality and coronavirus grips the nation
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campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and so their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on a. day welcome to the stream home edition i am josh rushing and you are in my home edition today. with the owner might you run up the talk this is out going out on you tube live and i hope you're going to join us in that discussion box over there to get some of your comments into the show or try my best listen. would you believe me if i told you i had an inside source with a trumpet ministration and they're planning to arrest hillary clinton bill gates
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