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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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here's the. illustrated be telling a good story will people get to hear their living outside and make plans this is not the way any family wants to raise their children we're willing to get in take me into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there. al-jazeera. hello i'm not matheson and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes that you use top court strikes down a previously deal that a lot of tech companies to transfer data on european citizens to the u.s. . china becomes the 1st major economy to recall into positive growth figures since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. if you appear denies it's deliberately
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filling a controversial dam on the blue nile saying the lising waters a juta heavy rains. specifically for the fish. feasting in cartels waters why it's the perfect home for the seas gentle giants. and i'm kind of how much now have all the sporting kidding seriously that the event is just $33.00 draw against. the title in a row. just how safe are online accounts in the past couple of hours europe's top court has struck down a data sharing privacy agreement with the u.s. because of privacy concerns in america now the case was brought against facebook and the ruling could have far reaching implications for companies which share data
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around the world that decision comes as twitter scrambles to find out how hackers were able to post fake messages on some of its most followed accounts victoria gay can be has that report. the fake tweets were only on screen for a few minutes but long enough for people to capture screenshots of several before they were removed which is confirmed and identified hackers broke into the accounts of high profile politicians tech company 1000000000 as and celebrities in a scam apparently designed to leo people into sending money to an anonymous bitcoin account twitter followers were offered $2000.00 for every $1000.00 they sent this was an account all about opportunity and what you're seeing is you know very high profile people reach a lot of people very quickly because i mean it's something that can be turned into cash very quickly anonymously so i think somebody found a very clever way to extract a lot of money from people in
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a very quick amount of talent that might also be a demonstration of twitter's weak security control as campaigning steps up for the presidential election in november a contest in which twitter is likely to play an influential role u.s. president donald trump's account which has more than $83000000.00 followers was not among those hacked chief executive jet doocy said tough day for us at twitter we all feel terrible list happened with diagnosing and we'll share everything we can when we have a more complete understanding of exactly what happened the bitcoin account mentioned in the fake tweets received 12.9 bitcoins by the end of wednesday equivalent to around $114000.00 roughly half that in bitcoin was withdrawn from the account the same day victoria gate and be al-jazeera. so as we just mentioned europe's top court has scrapped a data sharing previous agreement with the u.s. the case was brought by austrian privacy activist max friends over the way that
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facebook sent private information around the world the ruling ends what's known as the privacy shield it's supposed to protect europeans data when it's transferred to a. america the court says the deal is no longer valid because many u.s. tech companies are obliged to give some access to government surveillance the case began were friends challenge facebook's data safeguards he says some personal information hasn't been protected when it's been transferred from europe to other parts of the world but this case has wider implications it could shake up the way thousands of european and american businesses transfer data overseas in 2015 tremors one another case ending a similar e.u. u.s. deal and that was called safe harbor both cases stemmed from revelations by american whistleblower edward snowden of mass surveillance by the u.s. consular going to is the co-director of the maastricht law and tech lab and she says the ruling will have far reaching consequences the case is basically about 2
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decisions of the european commission one from 2016 and $1.00 from 2010 and particularly the one from 2016 that has been squashed by the court this is the privacy shield that you were referring to earlier this has been seen as the way in which the european commission has bowed down to u.s. influence and marks has been mentioning that this case really shows how the european union as a whole really needs to take into account that u.s. surveillance laws need need reform and need serious reform so in a nutshell this is about him 2 very procedural decisions but from a practical perspective it's about the situation when a user concludes a contract with facebook which is going to be facebook ireland for users from the european union and then the question is how can it facebook us get access to data from things we're carland so the answer to that is that it's not going to be that
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easy. rob approaches director of the cyber security expert it's a security consultancy firm and he's also former deputy head of cyber security operations center u.k. government and he's joining us on skype from chamonix in france we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed one would imagine that the companies knew that there was a risk that this ruling would come into place presumably they have some sort of replacement system in mind. so at the moment. and if you are cool. and standard tools it's your contention your contacts tonight it's not so actually a great situation for a company using it is simply provided by the start of the u.s. and probably have. adequate contracts in place will ensure people will be receiving those contracts at the time being. and you know i imagine the u.s. companies like we've just seen mr dyckman coming in must be making plans to. take action in the last few years we've seen lots of them during that anyway.
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story based companies on data centers is there a risk that this is going to lead to a more piecemeal level of monitoring of the system i mean that the if i understand it correctly the position of at least gave the opportunity for a single. mechanism if you like that could be monitored constantly but are companies going to have to come up with their own arrangements which is going to be more difficult to follow. yes i mean it's a bit of an open question is how you would want to anyway but yes the point the point of the voting is you compromise you can't just trust you have to do some marketing so you have to have contracts that they would in some kind of boarded regime and all the station individuals who are sharing data with facebook or twitter now that's not going to be viable so no going to need an alternate means it's time for something to eat and that is maybe the jurisdiction that meets energy to be a requirement although again if i understand it correctly this is not going to have
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any significant effect on the way that people use these websites at the same time there is going to be concern isn't there again about the way that these tech companies are using our own private information. yeah i take that because it is going to way. i don't think they'll be any immediate impact or more music in europe will also as a rafale live in the shorten but i think the broader question around people how people monetize the data that we give that should be me. needs to be told and whether or not we're going to impact all matter i think to mean she can also and should restrict. facebook companies like that do based on dates released without telling his advantage without getting an explicit consent. of each other and we are getting a little bit of break up on you on the skype feed there but i do want to ask you about this twitter hack which has happened and this is coming at a time when to i heard of course has been at least publicly trying to clean up its
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act in terms of flagging up the misinformation but what does this twitter breach do to twitter's credibility. it's not good it's not good it's always an answer and sympathy for them but it's clearly not good and come to them that single breach like this can result in the complete takeover of a large tree or all i would guess trigger accounts and i think we're probably very lucky that the people who took it very chose to use it for such a crude scam really i think it could have been very much more impactful. i can't really imagine different ways it could have played out i think we're quite lucky that responsibility has been surfaced didn't wait it was relatively benign rubber prichard we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed for joining us on al-jazeera thank you 'd china is the 1st major economy to report growth since the start of the covered $900.00 pandemic and government statistics show an unexpected 3.2 percent increase in the 2nd quarter that's after the world's a cut 2nd largest economy suffered its worst slump in the early 50 years during
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lockdowns some industries and any back to normal but consumer spending remains down . and the epidemic is still spreading false data sees the restart recovery of the world economy and trade has been very difficult domestically the recovery have to modest slows the pressures of stabilising enterprises and safeguarding residential employment a huge ok katrina used life for us now in beijing katrina just what do we know what's driving this growth. well the chinese government has attributed it to being able to control the corona virus outbreak now we did have a new cluster in beijing at the end of may beginning of june that was very concerning so many neighborhoods put back into lockdown but since then some draconian measures put in place by the government seem to work to now we're back to single digits in terms of no local transmissions in the last few weeks also the government has been ramping up their spending of infrastructure as well we've seen
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new rail projects other building projects subway stations built in beijing and other major cities and the government has also been making it easier for businesses to borrow money from banks to invest in their businesses so these a the reasons that the government is stating that we've seen this 3.2 percent increase in g.d.p. growth which is quite a sharp turn around from the previous quarter where we saw 6.8 percent in terms of a contraction the 1st in decades chinese state media here today on those they are celebrating this saying it's a success it proves that the chinese measures to contain the current virus have worked then it's also a beacon of hope the other economies that are struggling at the moment but of course we have to take this figure with a grain of salt because it's impossible to verify these government figures but it is true if you walk around the major cities here in china certainly in beijing it does appear to be business as usual shops and restaurants are open many people are
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back to the office and even domestic travel is starting to resume the reserves are going to into consideration also the international trade element to this of course a lot of pressure on china and china's economy from the u.s. and also from the u.k. in terms of hallway and so on how does that factor into all of this. that's right rob still a lot of uncertainties going forward for the chinese economy and this is seen by the fact that even though we had this good news of 3.2 percent chinese investors were still not very happy and we actually saw the shanghai stock market and the shenzhen stock market plunged today on thursday by the end of the trading on thursday the shanghai market was down by more than 4 percent and in shenzhen it was more than 5 percent and that's very much because of these uncertainties and fears around worsening ties between beijing and washington and people are also looking ahead to read this trade deal we've had this ongoing trade war between the 2
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countries and this phase one trade deal people are uncertain of whether this is still going to go forward although what china's foreign ministry spokesperson said today on thursday that china has every intention of following through on its obligations despite what she called the u.s. is determination to oppress chinese businesses that being said china's national bureau of statistics says that they are quite optimistic that going forward they expect a growth of about 5 percent for the 2nd half of the year and certainly we do have some data to support that but it has been patchy although industrial output is up retail sales are still down and the chinese government is still remaining cautious to the extent they that they have scrapped a g.d.p. growth target for the entire 2020 s katrina you live for us in beijing between this thank you very much for once president has warts on your life our military exercises to demonstrate the island's ability to fight in vision so in one said she
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wants the world to see determination and efforts to protect our country china considers taiwan as its territory that's been displaying its military strength nearby recently. we want the world to see our determination efforts to protect our country national security has never relied on buying down or bending the knees to the enemy but relying on the most solid that national defense and all our military officers and soldiers are the core of the national defense robert bryant's following developments from seoul these exercises are meant to test the readiness of taiwan to defend itself against obviously it's much more powerful neighbor they've been held since the 980 s. but also they are intended to send a very strong signal to cross the straits to the mainland and we have seen in recent months there have been incursions by chinese military aircraft into airspace close to the island of taiwan that has resulted in the scrambling of aircraft to
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intercept them so these exercises we've been seeing the these aircraft being tested air defenses ground to air missiles being tested also the testing for the 1st time in more than 10 years of a heavyweight torpedo which has been tested fired against an obsolete frigate obviously taiwan will be concerned about the build up of mainland china's navy in recent years with the addition of aircraft carriers and so on and of course all overseen by saying when the president of taiwan who at the moment is riding on a wave of popularity given her defiance compared with previous taiwanese leaders to mainland china she was reelected earlier this year on a much increased a majority really securing her position in taiwan partly as a result of seeing what's happened in neighboring hong kong with the deep rooted concerns in taiwan that they really have to keep mainland china at an arm's length
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. it is associate director asia pacific at jane's it analyzes military hardware strategy and business around the world and he's joining us on skype from bangkok thank you very much indeed for being with us as rob was mentioning that of course the president of taiwan won the last election with resigning victory a big part because of her opposition to china how much of that is playing into these latest activities we've been saying. well it's an important part is that i mean the military exercises that was that we are seeing are real demonstration of the military modernization and the president has committed to and he's under why in taiwan with the idea that the military modernization will will create a degree of terence against any chinese invasion and certainly my china think twice about any effort to do that. little more than isolation the time when there's undertaken in the last few years is incorporated you know manner of sophisticated
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systems military vehicles fighter aircraft frigates tanks defense systems miss our systems and the idea with the iss the president of taiwan has said is that any invasion would be very costly for all involved if mainland china would too were to go ahead that's what taiwanese about this what these military exercises are about really drawing a line in the sand as far as i'm aware china has never actually said it would not to use force to bring taiwan under its control but in strategic terms would it actually be worth it to china to do that. well as as as the taiwan government has said any any attempt would be very costly and that's not withstanding the political and military ramifications that any year that any in extend by china to invade taiwan would create certainly
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a political issues across the world in the international community what would cause potential problems for china and also the military response from taiwan and also its close and strong partner of the united states is something that the chinese certainly would would play into their thinking in any kind of consideration of any invasion on time and again this military exercises kind of makes that clear and outlines that determination from taipei. when it comes to these military exercises which many countries of course do and particularly in this region how much of it is a demonstration of military force to other countries and how much of it is a practical usage of a way of testing the equipment on the ground testing there that the troops that you have is it actually an exercise in that true sense. yes it is i mean you know as i've said many top talent has undertaken significant investment in military
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assets over the past few years and these operations give the trombone a real opportunity to see and to evaluate their systems to evaluate their chains of command and see how their own horizons would work in times of crisis in times of peace not. in times of in times of conflict disaster relief for instance so in that in that respect the exercises are very much a important part of normal military operations having said that there is also the strategic side of it the strategic signaling of it all minutes your operations which send that message all to terence of determination which we're seeing in taiwan now trying to vote from jane's defense weekly we appreciate your time thank you thank you the white house is getting involved in a contentious maritime dispute saying it's going to back countries who oppose china's territorial claims in the south china sea. it's not china's maritime empire
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if beijing violates international law and free nations do nothing that history shows that the c.c.p. will simply take more territory that happened in the last administration our statement give significant support to us in leaders who have declared that the south china sea disputes must be resolved through international law not might makes right what the c.c.p. does to the chinese people is bad enough but the free world shouldn't tolerate beijing's abuses as well. the u.s. support is being cautiously welcomed by fisherman in the philippines they complain that the chinese navy is keeping them out of their traditional fishing grounds as well and organ reports from zimbabwe as problems. saw me at royal air remembers a time when the sketch was far more abundant that was many years ago when he says he was still free to fish inside the lagoon of scarborough shoal just a little over 120 nautical miles from his hometown of machine look in somebody's
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list province that it was until chinese navy warships seized control in 2012. no you can disobey the bigger chain dispersals we know we are no much against them we stay far from them. government leaders in beijing claim the south china sea as theirs saying it's been part of chinese territory for thousands of years and china's military continues to build installations such as on the spratly group of islands the u.s. secretary of state michael b. is says the chinese claims to the south china sea are completely unlawful and washington supports a 5 asian countries indonesia malaysia the philippines and vietnam to what's been described as their inherent right to exclusive economic zones there. the philippine secretary of defense the finland's on the supports pompey is message to china and there in santa says china should abide by the 2016 ruling when the
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philippine government one its case against china at the international tribunal in the hague but philippines president really good to tear to has repeatedly said the china is a far more powerful country and doesn't want to risk going to war the u.s. china dispute is seen by many countries as a conflict between 2 competing superpowers but geopolitics isn't the issue here in the philippines for millions of filipinos living in coastal communities like this one food security is at the heart of the south china sea this. many of the fishermen who sail to scarborough shoal sell their catch in local markets like this one in a box box in the unit the fish used to be delivered to us in crates now fisherman just come and bring supplies in bales it takes about 5 fisherman for us to have this much to sell and the price of fish has tripled. filipinos here tell us they
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find it ironic that they live in a country rich in maritime resources and yet the majority of them can't do regularly afford even just a kilo of fish they welcomed the u.s. is backing with cautious optimism but they know that help should come from their own government 1st jim duggan al-jazeera province northern philippines if europeans denying state t.v. reports that it started filling the reservoir of africa's largest dam the increase in the water levels be attributed to seasonal heavy rain and a natural part of the construction process and the blue nile river egypt sort o. didn't clarification of the t.v. reports both egypt and sudan fear reduce water supplies downstream and don't want the river down until a binding agreement is reached the $5000000000.00 dam has caused nearly a decade of tension between the 3 countries the hydrologic project is the
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centerpiece of ethiopia's bid to become africa's biggest power exporter ethiopia is the source of the blue nile which flows through sudan and merges with the white doll flowing through egypt ethiopian government says at full capacity the dam will be able to turn on the lights for 70000000 ethiopians who have no other tricity but egypt's 100000000 people rely on the nile for 90 percent of their water especially for agricultural irrigation well that's big to our correspondent mohammed vall who's covered this story extensively for us mohamed this seems to be an awful lot of confusion about what's going on here what do we know is actually happening at the dam well it's very difficult to know the fox at the moment because. there is no access to the dom by international experts or delegations at the moment . there are no media crews allowed to go there so we are only hearing from the
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champions and the tokens have sent some conflicting signals since yesterday and it's under school that the signals that afflict the difference between the domestic needs and the international ones domestically the prime minister wants to show resolve he wants to. cater to the desires and aspirations of each opens who look at this as a personal thing each individual each open looks at this as a personal thing for him or for her they have paid. for the last 7 or 8 years. they saw there they paid for this down and they are told by the government that this is the thing that will move from poverty to prosperity so it's very important for the joke is so that for that to need and for him to continue to unite the country at a time of. many problems domestically country that is disunited around religion
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around politics around ethnicity. there is a crucial need for him to show resolve and courage and. and and and the ability to take that but historic decision for each opens so that's for consumption domestically internationally i think it's also a test of the resolve of the sudanese and the egyptians and the probably the american partners as well who have been supervising or sponsoring the talks so could now get some kind of conclusions from the reactions yesterday and see the road ahead and what to do they have come back to say that it is time now to give more chance to the negotiations so that that's probably the what's going to happen but reports from inside the chopper suggest that there is some level of feeling. we can't verify these reports there is some level of feeling probably that's also a test test to see the weather whether it's it's going to be possible because
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they've been talking about it for the last 2 years they've been talking about july as the time when they will start feeling this that the. beginning is that context on the ground really sones damn how but thank you very much. an airstrike on a family celebration in northern yemen has killed at least 25 people many of them women and children who are favorable so the saudi i'm right here coalition carried out the attack an object of providence let me give you a warning you might find some of the images and sour reports distressing. that this little boy was knocking to survive the airstrike but suffered bad wounds but with a few medical supplies they have doctors trying to bandage his injured. today we had many people martyred some of them are 2 young children stream leaping. this is the latest horror of a wall in its 6th year. the rebels accuse assad amorality coalition of deliberately
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targeting 2 homes in knowledge province during a family celebration. coalition spokesman to demand king told reuters that it would be thoroughly investigated using an internationally approved independent process. this is the coalition's such attack since june just 4 days ago a family of 10 were killed in an airstrike on the city of haifa which we see as a blatant disregard for the war that's why we use the region refugee camps are calling for an immediate independent investigation those responsible to be held accountable both warring parties are stepped up their attacks on each other since a temporary ceasefire ended in may so 1000000 casualties have tripled despite this the coalition was last month removed from a un blacklist over the killing and injuring his children they did this many times before that so i think if the united nation will not help so i would be responsible
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for this killing i believe that that's all they can continue. earlier this month saudi arabia carried out air strikes in sun on responses said to who 3 drone attacks in saudi soil. to mitchell coalition command center and the king of saudi arabia were cut. the hands that target civilians in saudi arabia weather systems residents of the kingdom's territories the terrorist leaders from the who the militia will not be treated softly and they will be pursued and prosecuted. with each time the sides blame each other striking 1st was in the middle millions of yemenis caught in a productive who in the midst of a pandemic. and the world's worst humanitarian crisis sort of played at al-jazeera. and it's time for the other his journey on a partner with yet more rain across parts of asia and it's not going to stop just yet rob but these are the seasonal rains that india is china but yes let me start
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straightaway with india let me show you what's been going on particularly heavy rains across the west marussia that's where the very heavy downpours have been having said that some good monsoon rains they need of course these rains every year into northern pakistan you can see it's hasn't stopped the traffic this particular example but it's very heavy nonetheless meanwhile into mumbai exactly as expected the very heavy rains that have been impacting here for the last few days have just that many many streets completely under water now there is more rain in the forecast across areas towards the west and this does mean that we could actually in some areas of northern maharashtra pick up another 450 millimeters of rain that will again of course lead to some flooding but the very heavy rain this area of yellow and blue here this is pushing away from good drought that's actually heading towards a model when the rain over the next few days that the monsoon rains a very widespread but actually through much of friday and saturday we haven't got any areas where we're going to see some particularly torrential downpours so yes across a localized flooding but the rains the goodness what we need to see this time of year we control them all the way around into the central eastern areas of china and
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this is you can see it through friday so again we're looking at some torrential downpours it is a much better day across much of the korean peninsula even the rain into japan is going to be further to the east but even so you continue to see images like this and just a 1000 upon thousands of homes of course that are submerged as we go through saturday the rain. then rob all the way from sichuan right the way to shandong so a different area so we're probably going to see flooding in a different part of your journey thank you very much indeed. still ahead on al-jazeera london schoolgirl who travel to syria to join i sold one use the rights to return home and challenge the removal of her british citizenship. plus heads roll as the president approves popularity crumbles but it's his capital that's hit with a major reshuffle. and it was a night of celebration for top son is going to have all the details later on in sport.
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the coronavirus manful starts to change the full lot of head to head for the time being but that would stop me doing robust interviews with challenging direct questions in a u.s. election year i'll be seeking accountability from both sides of the political spectrum on who's to blame for the horrific coronavirus death toll on how to fix the us health care system and whether the war of words with china is entering a new and dangerous phase join me made the awesome 1st special series of head to head on al-jazeera. jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on and will online be part of the debate let me put some huge she comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic islands that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way he keeps human way be it business if we're going to adapt to climate break out of this stream on out is there.
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oh. your geologist reminder of our top stories this hour europe's top court has scrapped a data sharing privacy agreement with the u.s. in a ruling that prevents tech companies from transferring data of european citizens to the u.s. the court says the purpose is shields deal that no is no longer valid because of the newest surveillance laws and. china has become the 1st major economy to report growth since the start of the covered $900.00 pandemic official data shows its economy grew 3.2 percent in the 2nd quarter after shrinking the most in nearly 15 years. ethiopia says it's not started filling africa's largest dam on the blue nile
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denying earlier reports egypt and sudan fear reduced water supplies downstream and don't want the dam filled until they reach an agreement. but his court of appeal has ruled that a schoolgirl who travel to syria to join eisel should be allowed to return to the u.k. show me a big home who's now 20 years old had her citizenship revoked in 2019 she wants to return to challenge that decision so you're going to go is joining us live from london with more so what more do we know about the background to this ruling. well rob it. outlines exactly what her legal position is and the fact of the matter is is that the call call rules that whilst we continue to be at the refugee camp where she is now it was just would not been possible for her to launch an appeal for her to maintain her u.k.
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citizenship and the only fast and effective way of doing that is to be allowed to return so she can contest that. in her own right now the home office have said that they are extremely disappointed with the decision and what is out the forefront of their decision is really issues and questions of national security now at the time when she was stripped of her citizenship after being found pregnant in a refugee camp the decision that was made to underline that was the fact that she's the home office had said that she was already entitled to bangladeshi citizenship through her mother she had never been to bangladesh but because of a so-called bloodline law she would automatically have the rights of that citizenship until she reached the age of 21 in which case unless she made efforts to. to conserve it then it would automatically go away however at the
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time this was turned into a situation where the bangladeshi foreign minister refuted that she had anything to do with bangladesh and that if she had tried to come into the country she would be in his words the words of the foreign minister at the time that she would be executed for terrorism when that she was very much an issue of the british state she also claims that she doesn't have anything to do with bangladeshi citizenship that she is a british citizen and that she would even try to go for duchess. and ship if it was stripped if the british citizenship was stripped of her totally of course her husband who's had since been killed was a dutch eisel fighter as well so she was also considering that route to the however this has been a back and forth the tribunals that deals with this kind of appeal said
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that with these challenges they did look on how they could do it without rendering her stateless which is of course the core issue of becomes current situation sonia thanks very much at cern your gago talking to us from london iran is reported to have halted the execution of 3 protesters after a mass social media campaign demanding a reprieve the men were given death sentences following their arrests joining anti-government protests last november more than 7000000 tweets using the hash tag do not execute was sent following the decision as president donald trump celebrities and sports stars joined the campaign. in the u.s. the pandemic is continuing to spike with over 67000 new cases reported on wednesday in the midst of all of this the white house is distancing itself from a senior advisers a scathing op ed attacking the country's top infectious disease expert donald trump
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says the article targeting dr anthony function is unacceptable maicon of reports from washington d.c. . weeks of failed white house criticism of dr anthony parky culminated in an all out attack by peter navarro president trump's economics adviser in a newspaper column he accused the infectious diseases expert of being wrong all the time dr fox he responded in a magazine interview saying the country needs to stop this nonsense and focus on the surging virus rather than political games referring to the white house doctor said it's only reflecting negatively on them president trump insisted peter navarro was speaking only for himself we're all in the same day including dr felt you have a very good relationship with dr g. and we're all in the same team we want to get rid of this mess that china sent us so everybody's working at the same line it would doing very well this rosy view of
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the crisis has been one point of disagreement between the president and dr funky who's warned of grave consequences from the beginning of the pandemic i think if you talk to reasonable people in the white house they realize that was a major mistake on their part because it doesn't do anything but reflects poorly on them that there was also disagreement about the easing of mitigating measures as president trump urged states to open up as quickly as possible. and dr pao she advised against large gatherings of people while president trump went ahead with a campaign rally in tulsa last month one of those who attended was oklahoma's governor kevin stood and he's become the 1st us governor to test positive for the virus the latest point of disagreement is president trump's insistence that schools open on should joel discounting doctor found she said vice that the metrics of the pandemic in each area should determine if or in what manner students should go back
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to school that's an opinion shared by many teachers concerned that their own safety is not being taken into account in the administration's desire to return to normal it's not only dr fogey who no longer has the president's ear the administration has ordered hospitals to send all coronavirus data directly to the health department here in washington not the centers for disease control in atlanta effectively sidelining the body that has been at the forefront of the battle against every previous pandemic in an apparent bid to end public concern about dr fall trees diminished role the vice president tweeted about the latest coronavirus task force meeting here at least still appears to be listening to what dr fox has to say mike hanna al-jazeera washington. one of india's poorest states because it is the latest region to go into lockdown as the number of covert 1000 infections across the
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country approaches 1000000 more than 600 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours red cross is warning the virus is spreading alarming rate throughout south asia elizabeth cohen is live for us in new delhi as with most of the numbers that are connected with covert 19 these numbers are extraordinary i understand that 100000000 people being logged on to the must be real concerns about the way that the health system is able to cope with this. absolutely so what's happening in behind is significant because it's the entire state it's india's 2nd most populous state a population of nearly 130000000 people who are going into lockdown for 2 weeks and as you mentioned be hot is one of india's most impoverished states and so the number of cases there are concerning because it has one of the if not the worst public health care system in the country it's conducting some of the number of
1:42 pm
tests less than a 10th of the tests that say delhi has been conducting every day and the other reason why the situation in bihar is concerning is because of the very large number of migrant workers who returned to be hired when the national lockdown was imposed in late march nearly 2500000 people who work outside of the state return and often traveling and unhygienic conditions now it's for all of these reasons that the state government there has imposed the lockdown but one of the criticisms whether it's in bihar or elsewhere all of these lock downs which we are seeing more and more across india is that they are accompanied with very little information given this such a harsh measure and be hard for instance we haven't heard from the government about how they're going to use the time off to lock down whether they're going to increase testing will improve contact tracing all of which you know just as important measures to contain the outbreak as
1:43 pm
a lockdown itself how does be how compared to the rest of the country what's happening across the rest of india. so the number of cases and. $20000.00 the number of confirmed cases but again it's one of the states that's testing the lowest and it is it joins a number of other areas of the country which have gone back into lockdown including may just cities like bangor new do like to do it on the. go and indeed administered many parts in fact all the parts of the state of west bengal which had cases despite this despite the fact that india has reached nearly 1000000 cases the central government is very positive whenever they talk about the situation in fact we heard from the health minister today and he said that despite india's large population that it has fared better at containing the outbreak and
1:44 pm
battling coronavirus than any other country saying that the mortality rate is 2.5 percent and the recovery rate is something like 63 percent these are figures that the government uses very often the mortality rate the good recovery rate but most independent health experts will say that we cannot go by these numbers in india because even though there's more than 300000 tests which are being conducted now every day india is testing no we need some of those were you know 10 worst affected countries and the testing is still some of the lowest capita in the world and the real number of both cases and infections a much higher than the reported numbers but our correspondent elizabeth for them giving us the latest on the coronavirus situation elizabeth thank you very much. but who has a new prime minister and 10 other different faces in government after a major rift shuffle their president not to invest scar or the changes as the
1:45 pm
coronavirus crisis damages his popularity and the economy poor communities are increasingly suffering as the virus death toll rapidly rises but in a such as reports from lima. peruvians honoring their dead a tradition from the highlands where music is played in beer poured to symbolically refresh them for their new journey. this cemetery for the poor in northern families are increasingly reluctant to see their loved ones died of cold at 19 but their caskets are wrapped in plastic to prevent any contagion. coronavirus has become a stigma among the poor the outbreak has hit them hardest. we are torn with pain and our hearts are destroyed i don't say goodbye you just left
1:46 pm
before us unfortunately that's how life goes. many are dying at home and are not tested for the virus the government says more than 12000 peruvians have died since the 1st case of march but experts say the real number is at least 3 times as much or. many don't have the means to get to a hospital only hospitals can't receive more cases that's why only one 3rd of deaths are actually reported. compared to the past 4 years the mortality excess rate the number of deaths above what is expected in normal conditions has rocketed from one percent to 149 percent the national death registry shows more than 40000 extra deaths one of the highest rates in the world. that increase in a short period of time only happens with a war or something that causes a great destruction like a pandemic our projection is that we will end july with 45 or 50000. the government
1:47 pm
won't confirm those projections but doesn't deny the toll could reach that officials acknowledge the account for cold related deaths has not been accurate in the end it means the government is dealing with a pandemic based on imprecise facts and that may have cost president to shuffle his cabinet on wednesday a sign experts say of the need to change strategy in fighting the pandemic. we need everything it's as if a car from the mentioned fifty's s to go 1000 kilometers it will get there but you have to push. officials say the number of deaths will likely fall in the next few weeks to one of the strictest lockdowns in latin america but restrictions are now been lifted and with millions out in the streets trying to make ends meet and you fear it won't be long before the told starts climbing again but an essential. qatar's waters host some of the largest gatherings
1:48 pm
a whale sharks in the world stephanie decker got exclusive access to head out to sea and swim with these gentle giants. for scanning the waters but not for these playful visitors. think. they're having a. sale many of them. we've traveled almost 2 hours off the qatari coast to find these majestic animals the whale shark the biggest fish in the world and they gather here in huge numbers mohammed el jaida the head of the whale shark research project here explains the biggest emitter we recorded by a drone is 350 with one shot but in our database we have more than 600 record the. world record. a bucket list moment as they say. our 1st glimpse of these enormous gentle giants. it's
1:49 pm
hard to describe the feeling of swimming alongside them watching them feed a feeling like tiny insignificant yet privileged guests in their world. cameraman nick porter and i surface after swimming with them for the 1st time. in a critical. week for. the scale of what we are witnessing only really becomes apparent once you take to the sky and why do they come here the main thing in this area is the temperature the war you see if you go 5 or 6 kilometers out of this the water temperature is about between 32 to 34 average 32 degrees centigrade in this area here.
1:50 pm
about $2728.00 it's the best or the ideal temperature for fish to breed so when they breed or spawn here the shark comes for the brought in you know they come specifically for the fish you know the caviar you know. part of the shark family they are filter feeders and they are categorized as endangered unsurprisingly mostly due to man's activities. research had been going on into this population since 2010 together with some of the major energy companies but has been put on hold in the last few years the local teams are keen to get things moving again back on the boat so how was it just unbelievable to see how many will sharks. and this area here also eager to join us on our trip. a qatari world traveler he has never seen such a gathering before and the maldives we were to go in and spend 4 hours to spot one
1:51 pm
will show one will sharks and the money and the nation and the it is like everywhere everywhere only miss will shock. the doctors as though there were the other one is coming that they're not going i mean saying it's not you know something you know sleep now and they're hurt them but it's still 50 maybe bigger and here the water is below 30 feet i'm not and we're going to be you know we get back into the water it's hard to end such a unique and special experience for now there is no way for the public to come here but we're told it's being looked into raising awareness could also be a way to ensure more protection and more research into this whale shark population . it is a privilege to host these graceful sea giants and we all have a g.g. to play our part in protecting them stephanie decker al-jazeera of the qatari coast . still had an altar it was raining goals and northern italy football action in just a few moments in the. it's
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
time for the sport here santa thank you very much eventis suffered the setback on wednesday as they look to secure and lions syria title and league leaders that were held away as a solid 0 on what was a dramatic night of football in northern italy so. it was the night of unexpected drama as syria leaders eventis faced 8th place us all away after dropping points in the last 2 matches. it looked early on at least that you they
1:54 pm
were finally in for an easy ride have goals from danny low and then gonzales going gave them a 2 goal cushion within the 1st 15 minutes have passed a swallow who have taken points from last year one into in recent weeks we're not going down without a fight was phillip jurisich pulling one back just before the half hour mark the home side vent turned the much on its head early in the 2nd half 1st dominico berardi got them level with francesco caputo giving them an unlikely 32 lead just moments later. that advantage only lasted 10 minutes though alexander getting u.v. on level terms with about 25 minutes left to play swallow did push for a winner but just couldn't pull off the opposite $33.00 the final score another start to for you ventas as they look to seal a 9th school in
1:55 pm
a row so well malick al-jazeera. well after the result of that is have extended their lead to 7 points at the top the however that could be cut to 6 it's into beats ball and later on thursday last year's title hopes were dented by drawing an l.l. against on the wednesday. porter secured the portuguese a league title wednesday they did it by beating the sporting is fun to hail it means they have an on saleable 8 point lead over 2nd place benfica with 2 rounds of matches to go this is post a 2nd league title in 3 seasons. liverpool have missed out on the chance to set a new points record in the english premier league a pair of major defensive as saw them lose the 21 arsenal the reds needed to win all their remaining games are to overturn the one of the points set by man city 2
1:56 pm
seasons ago was one of the better gauge playing here but when you make these kind of restrictions are a bit of a problem or you need to be really lucky. we will. all the mistakes were the big. guns were the last game we started exceptionally well you know i can remember form and you can also. join me. and that's going to want to completely being completely deserved only lab. taking kind of a break. prison football giants flamengo have secured a 2nd consecutive rio de janeiro state championship a late goal of form form a c.s.k. and most go forward it in your help them seal a 31 aggregate when of a few men say the matter cannot stadium to seal the title to rio state big it became the 1st brazilian football competition to restart after all sports in south
1:57 pm
american country were halted in march because of the pandemic. although fans were not allowed inside the stadium because of the pandemic did not stop flamingos supporters of from celebrating. the rio club have had a lot of success in the past few years that they're also reigning brazilian 1st division and daughters champions. his biggest names are fine tuning their game ahead of the memorial tournament in ohio on this day 15 time major winner tiger woods will make his long awaited return to competitive goals for the 1st time in 5 months the american will be playing alongside wolves number one roy mock arroyo at the highly anticipated event in murphy village. as a top ranking could be under threat at this weekend. and that's it for me rob it's not a thank you very much indeed 40 bucks a book is going to be here in
1:58 pm
a couple of minutes with more on all these stories and get more details of course on the web sites al-jazeera dogpile a robot has a good life and a. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor and chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpaid child labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry over
1:59 pm
a huff of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. coming soon. frank assessments tourism income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen poaching go up quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy gives a country they cannot all be seen to grady weeks brittany their stability all continues inside story on al-jazeera on the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants. mother of 4 says contagion is always on our mind none of them receive health insurance for their work in exposing
2:00 pm
themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus and receive messages on the out saying that we are you know so i was a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. the top court strikes down a privacy deal that allows tech companies says transfer data on european citizens to the u.s. . play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the back to the also coming up a london school girl who traveled to syria to join i saw has won the right to return home and challenge the removal of her british citizenship china becomes the
2:01 pm
1st major economy to record positive growth figures since the start of the corona.


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