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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 197  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2020 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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people have returned to the office and travel restrictions have certainly also. we do have a tour groups now able to operate again domestically as well every dish court has appealed that a british court appeal rather has ruled that a schoolgirl who traveled to syria to join i sall should be allowed to return to a shamima big room had her citizenship brickell revoked in 2019 she wants to return to challenge that decision taiwan's president has watch live fire military exercises to demonstrate the island's ability to fight invasion sighing when says she wants the world to see the determination to protect the island and ethiopia says it has not deliberately started filling africa's largest dam in the blue nile denying earlier reports it says an increase in the water levels rise due to heavy rain e.g. of tents to don fear reduce water supplies downstream and don't want the dam field until they reach an agreement with ethiopia those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera inside story.
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taria line is he allowed to restart flights before blockading country's top court rejected appeal by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt to keep their airspace closed while the verdict changed the course of the diplomatic dispute in the gulf this isn't social. hello welcome to the program on the wrong call and millions of passengers on one of
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the world's largest airlines have spent more than 3 is taking the long way home ways flights have been forced to reroute and burn extra fuel to avoid the air space of 4 countries which imposed an air sea and land blockade in 2017 saudi arabia bahrain the united arab emirates and egypt want to keep it that way but the highest court at the united nations has rejected their appeal to prevent mediation by the world's civil aviation organization step valsin reports from the hague in the netherlands it was a complicated case and covert 19 restrictions did not make it any easier only a few representatives of each country were allowed inside the court building known as the peace palace but the ruling read by the president of the international court of justice did not leave any doubt. call. one. you know. for all by the king of.
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egypt the king of the most. and the united. the court also ruled that the international civil aviation organization the kerio has jurisdiction in the case filed a complaint at the council in 2017 saying saudi arabia bahrain egypt and the u.a.e. violated in 1944 cheap cargo convention dealing with free passage of passenger planes to foreign airspace reporters now have to go back to the council now that the council decision has been affirmed the go back to the council and continue the case and that's when we get to the real heart of the matter the real issues about. services been interrupted. not only did the 4 countries impose an air blockade on caught the 3 years ago but they also stopped all traffic over sea and over land this left qatari aircraft having to make detours to fly in and out of the last year
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the i.c.j. also ruled in favor of kata saying the us. racial discrimination by expelling qatari citizens and separating families there are certain sanctions that the council me grant the state of qatar for example not allowing the member states to vote in the general council or even to certain extent participate in certain important meetings and that will have its own. harsh side effect on those states a clear decision by the international court of justice and a clear victory for qatar but despite this win in the long legal battle this still no reason to celebrate just yet this is another step in the 3 year long dispute with blockading nations although a significant one representatives of the 4 blockading nations left court without making any statements with the backing of the unanimous i.c.j. ruling gattaca now asked their governments to compensate it for the financial
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losses it endured because of the blockade step class and al-jazeera the hague. let's bring in our guests here in doha our political writer. in beirut paul more cos a professor of law at st joseph university in beirut and also in doha as wary director of the gulf study center and cattle university a warm welcome to you all i want to begin in beirut 1st with paul more cost paul this was very much a procedural decision from the i.c.j. it suggested that the ultimate authority in deciding the airlines case the airspace case was with the international civil aviation organization but what does that actually mean does it mean that there is no one central authority that can decide this case. of course you know that the. only force that will.
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it is now if it did to show. that so when it is search so all states are bound by this kind of decision by virtue of article 94 of the u.n. charter. now this shown you know that this kind of link when it's done it's definitive so it's not 'd norm or subject to appeal and the other parties you know if you read the facts and the ruling they had so many grounds of appeal already stated within the court's. verdict so this the last thing they can do maybe and this is here it go that they can ask or request for it to predation of such judgment
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or refer back to the i.c.a.o. well the i.c.a.o. you know has the final decision as you say in order least the fund to speak resolution mechanism between the blockading countries and qatar what is qatar going to be looking for more of the blockading countries going to be looking for when it comes to any dispute resolution at the i.c.a.o. . of course each and every party should look. after his or their interests 1st of all the winning party would look to. enforce this decision and get back thinks to normal in addition to trying to get a compensation. for the years of boycotting or making such embargo against the state saw this can be easily now done by virtue of by the support of such
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a rolling and this gets a fork of his station for material and not only material but even complete station for all sorts of damages let's bring in jail in doha early how is his decision being seen by the qatari authorities is being seen as a victory or yet another step along the way it is absolutely and a victory however i have to say this. ruling by the international court of justice has put the whole matter back and 2 in the hands of that international aviation organization now that's on one hand on the other hand that ruling by the international court of justice has made it crystal clear that
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the decision which had been taken by the international aviation organization was acutely right and valid that is the fuel which is observed here in qatar. well let's bring in as you've had also and. this is been going on for 3 years now there are been several rulings that have been several attempts at mediation but finally we get to the stage where we can decide what body can head one part of the case as the international community failed cattle is it failed in its dispute mechanism with the blockade in countries there's no doubt the international community from day one has not done enough to. force the blockade countries to be positive to any attempt to end the initiative to solve the problem there is no doubt that you know the united nations the united states you can europeans they feel to do so and that's the reason why we so that whole. crisis
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moved from being a political dispute imposed by the 4th country and qatar to be an international matter and moved to another phase which is basically now we saw it in the courts of the national courts so that is if it either of handling the whole matter of blaming the country is of actually banned thought of using the space i mean let's not forget the airspace is it is a major is a crucial when it comes to the countries or any country because this means you know it affect it is food security to affect its own traveling to the country from from and into the country so there is a lot of them if occasion and imposing such an action against the country it is something it's a serious and the national community should not accept that because if they accept to such an action they basically give it in light another government to do so in other cases so being silent that's something very negative however the absence done
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by the teddies was was absolutely. decisive because they took the whole case to the actor and other countries could decide that and then they now. the decision basically is making make it very clear that's what happened should not should not happen and should not be allowed to happen in the future that is something it affects the ability and the countries of any country in the world and the region is what. hell is a weary is very clear in his thinking he says that actually yes the international community has let down. the blockade in countries in their dispute resolution mechanism do you agree with that do you think that this is gone on for too long it has been far too slow. ok the end of located is an obvious. violation of the international lot then to national sees such
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a blockade as wrong and illegal on the other hand. the gro order of their only order qatar. saudi arabia is. as well also an illegal behavior under side oh sure yeah maybe which is leading in there and on the outset the whole bottom. up on. pull costs in beirut are to guess and have suggested that actually this is the international community letting down all of the countries involved in this dispute by not being able to for enough pressure on them to be able to come up with a resolution but is this more a fact of international law or just takes time and these things do take time. yes indeed in such disputes it takes years and it's 'd
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much bigger and higher 'd if it comes to an international. court court now before the i c g a i think it took. a long time but at the flea it's not too long if we compare this to other international courts and to our other international cases if you take for example the cases in the penalty scene you can see is it that how do you assess the nation to 15 years out of the 15 years you had like around 10 years before the special tribunal for lebanon so if you go back to the of the dispute history also you think that this takes time although this is a unique case and it would be taken as a precedent as a legal precedent as
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a jurisprudence for the asian as are all 'd in the history of aviation there was no plenty of cases in such domain i mean more specifically look a thing. other. countries. and there were saw this primos use we're here there is another aspect of all of this and that's the politics of all of this qatar has made it clear to the international community to suggest that the blockade is actually illegal and nice to be lifted immediately however the blockading countries haven't made any reasonable moves to actually bring that to an end is there a way out that you can see that will end the going to the international community and the international court of justice and things like that is there a way out that the 4 countries and qatar can come up with. just let me just make
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myself very clear on the night when i said the international community has failed 1st basically in putting pressure on the blockade countries because we are we have an evidence so far that. i had shown a lot of positivity toward that mary to 2 of the americans and the europeans and to the kuwaiti initiative to solve the problem but the even the last report but you know what caused by the folks in us that said that died out of it actually has blocked the solution so from that on his side there were clear that you know let's . start discussion let's open you know sort of the channel of discussion and we can have you know open discussion on matters but the problem is at the end of the day discussing the dispute is happening in a wider context of. i would say. the formation aust of the middle east as
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a whole because the whole thing is related to different aspects it has it has a relation with arab supreme consequence it has to deal with the iranian aspect is has it has to deal with them merging of many state actors it has to deal with the the weakness of my many control in that agent it has to deal with the. you know the economy. situation it has to do with their managing of china and its rock so it has you know it has many many aspects from within so what's happening in that agent in reality it does appear that it's between the the former blockade comes out that but the reality it is it is beyond that and that is that he isn't where where where you know politics is important here because the key issue here is whether countries. other countries can say look stability of the region is a key issue because this is a matter of the god the oil everything so if you if the other country wants you know to have this kind of kind of make stability even beyond the. 3 do
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they have to be positive to the dissolution in the region and that's the reason why we actually saw and recent months and days and months that for example just step out of the whole thing and i'm not picking up the blood pressure for example to solve the problem simply because they feel that neither so does nondairy marti's our our duty to listen to them and that's itself is an important issue when you see a superpower of the world today is not being taken seriously in that matter where that region is a number one of its in the list of interests of the united states that is something a lot for the future of the region and the future of the. americans and presence in the region. hell that's a very interesting point isn't it the americans seem to be be able to make any kind of diplomatic inroads when it comes to this conflict are wider issues here than
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just the air blockade the land and sea blockade itself is it time to look to the middle east for cattle perhaps to look to another partner russia china china is one make things better told me was in the region. while the split in the rumor was there it is true or false that the united states of america a week before the 5th to join 2017 when the sanction and embargo imposed upon the term that the green light came from the united states of america more specifically from a president. that's on one hand on the other hand the united states is benefiting financially from the open and continuing gulf a crisis between qatar and its a neighbor and countries plus egypt because these countries had so far spent a lot over trillions of dollars on buying us.
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now as in early as the 5th of july 2017 the state of qatar has been a star even before calling for that dialogue and communication only through dialogue and communication that 4 countries can sort out their differences with the state of qatar and vice versa unfortunately their countries of saudi arabia bahrain no not the arab emirates egypt they did not take advantage of the 1000 virus we thought everybody thought that that could $1000.00 would be a good way out for to get a b. about a route out of a minutes and egypt to get out of this crisis with good face saving unfortunately they haven't done that yet and that is really
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a great disappointment see if you compare qatar with the other gulf with the other gov the states plus egypt you could see that. those countries have so many problems saudi arabia has so many internal problems with with the people who they we're to persecute did and so on behind bars. crisis you can see that by adding lording could isn't that the atheist. rushing to get their expenses allowance and so well and so on the war in yemen saudi arabia is it needed a big trouble now if you look at they were not a murderous and extent they have the same problems they have their own people if you created one load to get the people who experience go to suttons doctors who are
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or have been one of them is doctor now some benefit of more are sort of born university a professor of economics all of them they have been thrown behind bars are in of course has many problems bahrain is living on the money they can get from saudi arabia and you are not to arab america egypt you know about the problem and the problems of egypt in c. and i. would if your. so these all these countries have been its rubber while qatar does not suffer from really the same troubles those countries suffer from qatar has managed and succeeded to accomplish almost 90 percent of the world cup's. projects and qatar did not do any harsh mander. any harsh measures as far as its people and people who are living in qatar let's
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bring in paul more cause here in beirut paul you heard what our guest in doha to say a lot of the problems of this on solvable by an international dispute resolution mechanism because our guest in doha suggested that actually these countries are using the blockade to distract from the problems at home would you agree with that. look you see the international edition systems are not necessarily leading to direct results but that does not mean that those systems are not forcible by results i mean if you get let's say it only this is obligate that if for all states to respect even those states. 'd that loose usually in the court and more specifically at the i.c.j.
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they recognize the ruling and data suspected but they find ways how to escape or to all 'd over you know to counter those rulings or to say let's say the lesser price in this case that does not mean that the international sentences are not now proven to be enforceable and by the history of the i c j there was plenty of sentences not only in i view. but also in disputes for land and territory and you know or over see this buttes so this came to an end. after a few years or several years of this feud but nevertheless they sent this is and the ruling was were internationally recognized and even by the
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losing states so if you are if we. are you we are we all running out somebody one or she one final question our guest in beirut bullmore cusses just suggested that actually you know there is plenty more legal action to take place in this case but in also in doha has also suggested that actually what's needed is a face saving measure for the blockading countries to be able to climb down from the current hardline position and that needs to come from then rather than from rather than from qatar is that a potential solution to this or is it wishful thinking. i think what we see now and there are you know both lines are movie took that others will be all cases because they think others believe that their government believes that you know no she should be respected international lucia's be respected and based in that they are moving from case to case still make it clear that what happened was was illegal but
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at the same time i think political attempts are more than maybe slowly to find you know exist strategy to solve the whole matter but unfortunately again as as you said there are other factors influencing the whole thing now everything is if it's a frozen because you know you have a medical action into a few months and everything is everyone is looking at what's happening in the united states so that i love that and that elements are influencing the whole thing but i do see there are 2 things july's are moving to there but they are very slowly and i'm not sure they would lead to any kind of result maybe before beginning of 2021 i want to thank all our guests allie i'll help poll more calls and there's use of harry and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter we are at a.j. and so story for me and ron cowen and the whole team here and i hope i didn't. i. growing up in a harsh and unforgiving circumstances children learn to play dangerous games they exist without studies that the store the house and take worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment they took me to the cheap and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of
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their lives is when the boys returned prison life inside and out. on al-jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do as a roaming correspondent i am constantly on the go covering topics from politics to conflict is often bar mental issues the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen accept oh yeah right what we want to know is how do these things that people we revisit places to stay even when there are no international headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist and the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be reinforced to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its
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devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the forest in very high fidelity street techno on all just 0. if you want to help save the world. i'm not matheson in doha the top stories on all jazeera europe's top court has scrapped a data sharing privacy agreement with the u.s. the ruling prevents tech companies from transferring data of european citizens to the u.s. the court says the deal called privacy shield is no longer valid because of u.s. of valence laws the u.s. says it's disappointed by the decision twitter is scrambling to fix a system hike that seemed fake messages posted on some of the most popular accounts
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in the world among those affected are former u.s. president barack obama presidential candidate joe biden and amazon boss jeff bezos the torah gave.


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