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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2020 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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everyone. russian hackers are accused of trying to steal information from research is seeking a covert 19 vaccine. on robot this and this is all just here a live from doha also coming up the british woman who went to syria to join i sold when she was a schoolgirl wins the right to return and challenge the removal of her citizenship . azerbaijan's foreign minister is sacked as fighting continues on the volatile border with armenia. and they come specifically for the fish and you know.
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feasting in qatar as waters why it's the perfect home for the season gentle giants . ok we're going to begin with breaking news and the russian hackers that are accused of trying to steal research from several institutions developing a covert 19 vaccine the u.k. the u.s. and canada say hackers are quote almost certainly part of russian intelligence services and celebs they've been targeting academic and pharmaceutical institutions since the start of the pandemic ok let's go live to paul brennan in london let's talk about this situation 1st of all what more do we know. well the lot of attention about russia's attacks and activities in recent days and will be more next week as well but looking at this specific claim on the specific reports i have
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at the documents in front of me it's an advisory that's been issued by the u.k.'s national cybersecurity center it's 14 pages long and what it essentially says is that the group called apt 29 also known in some circles as the jukes some perhaps better known to the general public because cozy that has been throughout 2020 mounting a wide range of 'd cyber attacks scanning organizations for vulnerabilities we're talking about governmental organizations diplomatic think tanks and health care organizations scaling those organizations for vulnerabilities among the organizations that have been targeted by this group according to this advisory organizations that are involved in developing a vaccine for full coronavirus for cove it 19 what it says in the advisory is that after 29. responsible for vaccine development in both the u.k. the united states and in canada and why well they say it's highly likely with the
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intention of stealing information and intellectual property relating to the development and testing. since they've been using a whole range of various custom made malware such as. well mess and well mail and also spearfishing as well which targets individuals and tries to get them to give over details and it's a very serious allegations of the director of the national subs purity center here in the u.k. has described it as despicable so it's really serious stuff ok i want to come back to you in a 2nd paul but let's go over to kimberly hall kid who's our white house correspondent kimberly won't kind of reaction is the use of us having to this because of course it was one of the countries that allegedly has been targeted by this group. yeah you know this story really has just developed to and there has been no reaction thus far except that the national security agency has confirmed it but
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paul did already report that so really the details that are out right now i can reiterate is that you know for a long time the u.s. president has touted that a vaccine is a minute certainly this is going to be a concern that the fact that there is this group a p t 29 also known as cozy bear that may be undermining those efforts as paul reported russia may be working not just in the united states not just in the u.k. but also in canada this is something that has been corroborated by intelligence services in all 3 nations and the concern is that these are techniques that many people fall prey to very easily even those that have been warned in advance or fishing for example sophisticated malware and again this is being confirmed to be part of the kremlin intelligence services so given the fact that there has been this ongoing fear of interference in the united states whether it be the 2016 u.s.
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election whether it be fear about the 2020 alexion or whether it be fear about vaccine research the concern is that this would hinder the development of a vaccine something that right now officials say is not the case but certainly the susceptibility the fact that there may be intelligence that has already been. retrieved as a result of these sophisticated techniques that is going to be a concern of the trumpet ministration exactly of course we've talking is a big issue at the moment particularly because we saw that significant hike of over twitter just in the last few hours which they're continuing to diagnose but for now can be all good thank you very much indeed i want to go back to paul brennan in london let's move on a little bit but it's a round about the same theme on the geishas from the u.k. the russia has sold to influence the u.k. elections what more can you tell us about. yes it's important to see this covert 19 attack your vulnerability scanning as part of
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a bigger picture here. just today the foreign secretary here in the u.k. dominic robb has come out and announce that there's evidence that there was russian interference attempted interference in the 2019 general election here in the u.k. how well the statement he says the government's concluded it's almost certain that russian actors sort interfere through the online amplification of illicitly acquired and leaked government documents the documents we're talking about here are u.s. u.k. trade documents which appear to show up well certainly labor claims the opposition party claims they showed that the n.h.s. the health service was up for sale well once those documents were leaked it appears according to the government that russian agents russian actors then sort to give that credibility and give that momentum by way of influencing the outcome of the election and the other part of it of course is well we're waiting for the results of the publication of
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a report by britain's intelligence and security committee which is due to report next week could a report of months ago but it's a long delayed report into whether or not there was any russian interference in the 2016 vote and the 2017 general election so this 3 elections 3 votes here in the u.k. that russia may have had an influence over it can see that it's not just about targeting coronavirus vaccines there is a bigger picture here that is causing grave concern for intelligence and cyber security experts and paul the timing of this is interesting as well because of course it's coming on the basis of some changes within the government with in relation to the way that intelligence is handled and all and also this is moving forward as you say as part of wider investigations into longer term allegations of russian interference. yes i mean that report that long awaited long delayed report could have been published before the 29000 general election that's
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the report into the brics it votes in the 2017 general election there was a lot of by the chairman of that committee when it was prevented from publishing the report before the 2900 general election committee chairman felt it was a lot of information in there that the voters really should know it was stopped from being published lots of question marks about that now though the government boris johnson the prime minister wanted to install a chairman of his choice on that committee with the belief it seems from outside circles that it was to kind of water down the outcome of the findings however the boris johnson was outmaneuvered a challenge has been voted in who is not a pet of the conservative party here in the u.k. and so the report will be published next week and we are waiting with some keen interest as to exactly what it's going to say that's paul brennan talking to us from london paul thank you very much indeed well as i mentioned to kimberly just
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a few moments ago or go an investigation is underway into a major hack of twitter which saw fake messages posted from some of its most famous users the companies has hackers targeted employees to gain access to twitter's internal systems or to a gate and get reports. the fake tweets were only on screen for a few minutes but long enough for people to capture screenshots of several before they were removed which is confirmed and identified hackers broke into the accounts of high profile politicians tech company 1000000000 as and celebrities in a scam apparently designed to leo people into sending money to an anonymous bitcoin account twitter followers were offered $2000.00 for every $1000.00 they sent this was an account all about opportunity and what you're seeing is you know very high profile people reach a lot of people very quickly because you know something that can be turned into cash very quickly anonymously so i think somebody found
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a very clever way to extract a lot of money from people in a very quick amount of talent that might also be a demonstration of twitter's weak security control as campaigning steps up for the presidential election in november a contest in which twitter is likely to play an influential role u.s. president donald trump's account which has more than $83000000.00 followers was not among those hacked chief executive jet doocy said tough day for us at twitter we all feel terrible this happened we diagnosing and we'll share everything we can when we have a more complete understanding of exactly what happened i think we're probably very lucky that people who took it very chose to use it as a crude scam really i think it could have been very much more impactful. i can't really imagine different ways they could have played out i think we're quite lucky that responsibility has been surfaced in way that was relatively benign the bitcoin account mentioned in the fake tweets received 12.9 bitcoins by the end of wednesday
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equivalent to around $114000.00 roughly half that in bitcoin was withdrawn from the account the same day victoria gate and be al-jazeera. europe's top court has scrapped a data sharing privacy agreement with the u.s. the case was brought by austrian privacy activist max rhymes over the way facebook sent personal information around the world the ruling ends what's known as the purpose e shield it's supposed to protect europeans data when it's transferred to america the court says the deal is no longer valid because many u.s. tech companies are obliged to give some access to government surveillance in the case began when trends challenge facebook's data safeguards he says some personal information hasn't been protected when it's been transferred from europe to other parts of the world but in this case well it has wider implications it could shake up the way thousands of european and american businesses transfer data overseas in
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2015 sherm's one another case ending a similar e.u. u.s. deal called safe harbor both cases stemmed from revelations by american whistleblower edward snowden of mass surveillance by the us can only now go on to is co-director of the maastricht law and tech lab she says the ruling will have far reaching consequences. the case is basically about 2 decisions of the european commission one from 2016 and one from 2010 and particularly the one from to sept 2016 that has been squashed by the court this is the privacy shield that you were referring to earlier this has been seen as the way in which the european commission has bowed down to u.s. influence and marks has been mentioning that this case really shows how the european union as a whole really needs to take into account that u.s. surveillance laws needs need reform and need serious reform so in a nutshell this case is about the 2 very procedural decisions but from
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a practical perspective it's about the situation when a user concludes a contract with facebook which is going to be facebook ireland for users from the european union and then the question is how can it facebook us get access to data from things we're carland so the answer to that is that it's not going to be that easy another 1300000 unemployment claims have been filed in the u.s. last week commute jobless claims have already been mostly steady over the pos months after falling over may and early june as many states opened up their economies but now reopened these are being posed amid a surge in coronavirus cases. still ahead on al-jazeera 25 years obama's and we look at the rise from cabbage base bookseller to the world's biggest marketplace.
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and of the civil right in the full cost of all small central and eastern areas of china plenty of clout as well in that also as streaming across japan there is some more in the $4.00 calls today but we have some much better dry conditions across much of the korean peninsula now as we go through friday the rain heading towards japan will generally states that the could just see some heavy downpours through more eastern areas of honshu but of course the system trying to all the way back you can see it's actually just a slight ridge that taking slightly to the north it does mean areas in the south we'll get a bit of break finally from these torrential rains however the rain is still in the 4 cars and 3 suits us today is getting a case of very heavy rain all the way from sichuan towards some very heavy downpours and again this could well lead to more flooding at this time further to the north and then across into india plenty of rain here again the monsoon rains that doing what they should but at the same time again here there has been some
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recent flooding in the last day or 2 across into mumbai but the very heavy rain is not pushing away from go giraffe's that eventually that system will head across towards him on the could be some heavy rain there across into coastal areas but we've got the usual widespread rains as we go through friday and saturday nothing particularly heavy but again the rains back in the 4 cost in a pull on up to the northeast. the politics of division have pushed india into the grip of a historical reckoning i am afraid because i know on the minorities in the trade where do these ideas come from the tragedy of the lives how much we've tried to send the clothes are getting to school a happy family over the course of joining me on to style series on the final part of my journey when i do become a target of the hindu 1st policy in search of india's sole on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out to see a reminder of our top stories this hour russian hackers are accused of trying to steal research from several institutions developing a covert 19 vaccine the u.k. u.s. and canada say the hackers are almost certainly part of russian intelligence services it's alleged they've been targeting academic and pharmaceutical institutions since the start of the pandemic. europe's top court has scrapped a data sharing agreement with the u.s. in a ruling that prevents tech companies from transferring personal data of european citizens to america the court says the privacy shields deal is no longer valid because of
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u.s. surveillance laws. a british court of appeal has ruled that a schoolgirl who traveled to syria to join i saw should be allowed to return to the u.k. to show him a big girl who's now 20 years old at her citizenship revoked and 2019 she wants to return to challenge that decision. big homes lawyer he believes the u.k. will have a hard time arguing that she poses a real threat. well i think it's for the government to convince the court that she's such a security threat that. she mustn't be allowed into the u.k. and laws without losing her citizenship and that's going to be somewhat difficult when the u.k. government accepted $430.00 s. some of which were male fighters and who salvage a bed in itself in parliament accepted some of which were not in significant risks themselves so when you compare the people the type of people who all governments admitted have come back already 1st as
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a 15 year old girl who went out from school to isis and by all accounts spent her time as a housewife if 3 children. then one has to wonder what is the security risk that that person poses and some of the leaders feeding the issue is well which country would take somebody in these circumstances where her home country the u.k. government has expressed this strong desire not to have her back the ultimate about this is whether it's even legal or more than potentially quite innocently be burdened with somebody who is not their problem so unfortunately s.d.f. and the kurdish people find themselves having been allies of the u.k. of america burdened with u.k. citizens and foreign citizens who've got nothing to do with them. azerbaijan's foreign minister has been sacked for what the president calls meaningless negotiations with neighboring armenia and that's as more fighting broke out on the
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border despite both sides saying they're trying to find a peaceful solution both countries say their villages are being shelled by opposition forces at least 16 people have been killed since sunday a tension between the former soviet republics has been escalating for several years over the disputed region of the horn or cut a buck or open for us to walkers cover the conflict extensively and he's joining me live from tbilisi in neighboring georgia robin 1st of all just bring us up to date with what's happening on the ground and then talk to us about why the foreign minister has been sacked. what we've seen on the ground today was a breakdown in a fragile truce was brokered yesterday we understand by. being in touch with the international. mediators the. so-called. group. at about 3 or 4 o'clock am local time when shells
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fired. at positions in the area the area of armenia. area of. and again both sides accusing the other of. resumption in fighting but now the big developments on the geo political side with president ilham aliyev of azerbaijan dismissing his foreign minister. literally a career diplomat who'd been in that position since 2004 the past 16 years a man who would have been intimately acquainted with the personalities and the detail the technical detail in these longstanding negotiations over the disputed territory. but negotiations which president ilham aliyev felt were going absolutely nowhere so this for him is a big way of saying i'm going to change things i'm going to mix things up and we're
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going to have a new normal he's also responding to thousands of his areas who came out onto the streets in. an all out conflict with armenia this could be president ilham aliyev way of responding. bringing us up to date from tbilisi in neighboring georgia thank you very much indeed. it was 25 years since amazon web site went online what started as a garrote base booksellers struggling to break into an emerging online marketplace has grown into the world's largest retailer with a market value of 1 point one trillion dollars this year amazon became not just convenient but essential for millions of people to survive in the coronavirus pandemic of around $11000.00 worth of goods are sold anonymous and e-commerce platform every 2nd 3 and a half 1000000000 packages were delivered last year one for every 2 people on the planet and amazon web services its cloud computing division enables more than
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100000000 people to make calls a day and a similar number to watch netflix but the giant company is not without its problems some politicians think it's far too big and powerful and they want to see it broken up questions are being asked about water and the treatments. marianas and fords retail specialist and a managing director at retail she's joining us on skype from london thank you very much indeed for being with us. i want to talk about amazon's impact rather than the huge growth that it's seen over the 25 years because as amazon has grown we've seen a massive change in what i would regard as traditional retailing people walking in and out of shops why do you think that is is that driven by customer demand or is it is in another companies forcing that to happen. i think that what we've seen is a complete change in attitude what because the wants so where is previously we may
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be interested in the best price now we he is young student who believes clearly equals we need to know that we can pick through wide range of things in the poem homs and we need some it's going to arrive may get same day maybe the following day and after that it may be 6 majors for 10 minutes through this am system in the uk is it cracked in the right 1000 so i think it's just a very young a very it's an all new very impatient customer that's coming to our elite already 2020 and that is that the successful ones we talked earlier about the fact that particular coronavirus locked on this has been a very significant services been a very interesting time for on was and is a danger that people are starting to see amazon as a lifeline as opposed to just a retailer yes i would say so i say that and increasingly they're consuls the most it's a service i mean this is we need anything and we do if you don't want to consider
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we know it's in it's own up don't need to go anywhere for it and it isn't the right but it's the last time that's causing a day because the high streets are resisting that i think to be carrying the high street. madison in me is a passion that i was not i'm not looking around shots but my goodness i'm not from . anything i can go through my door opener and wanting are we seeing the start of a huge change in the in the way that retail works or is there something that again what i would call the traditional retailers small shops where for example if you're selling clothes it's better to go in and actually try the things on can actually do is a something that they can work on to try and boost their profile of these co-exist . yes i mean i think ultimately what we have is a situation where asm has been can be a long reach. it has the ability to imagine the will frankly just sit there are
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protests well over a survivor. but we do know that when it comes. 80 online. their retail. experience so of going to the shell in really no way it's an incredible great pleasure to see 8 or underground shops or anyone privileged also in a lot of stuff is why next you're just spending time just in this frenzy hammering wasn't mad so it's a little bit of an. annex to say that it's back to corona virus but as soon as that got vaccines you carry on again i had to keep going to series certains he was pulling enough shots again these things always come. and i think that we will be it's 90 or so will save me around shops and banks have that experience because it was just a 2 dimensional relationship it's just transactional what we're doing in the past is so much more he said for the enjoyment i accept the joey again i'm still under
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some form of a monitor director at aqua rito we appreciate your time thank you very much. thank you god as waters holes to some of the largest gatherings of whale sharks in the world they're the planet's biggest fish and research has found they come here to feed on the abundance of fish eggs in the waters 70 decker's got exclusive access to head out to sea and swim with these gentle giants. for scanning the waters but not for these playful visitors. this is. the element of. we've traveled almost 2 hours off the qatari coast to find these majestic animals the whale shark the biggest fish in the world and they gather here in huge numbers mohammed al jaida the head of the whale shark research project here explains the biggest emitter we recorded by
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a drone is 350 with one shot but in our database we have more than 600 record the. world record. a bucket list moment as they say our 1st glimpse of these enormous gentle giants. it's hard to describe the feeling of swimming alongside them watching them feed feeling like tiny insignificant yet privileged guests in their world. camera man nick porter and i surface after swimming with them for the 1st time. in a critical. week for a lot of. the scale of what we are witnessing only really becomes apparent once you take to the sky. and why do they come here the main thing in this area is the
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temperature the well you see if you go 5 or 6 kilometers out of this area the water temperature is about between 32 to 34 average 32 degrees centigrade in this area here. about $2728.00 it's the best or the ideal temperature for fish to breed so when they breed or spawn here the shark comes with a protein you know they come specifically for the fish you know the caviar you know . part of the shark family they are filter feeders and they are categorized as endangered and surprisingly mostly due to man's activities. research had been going on into this population since 2010 together with some of the major energy companies but has been put on hold in the last few years the local teams are keen to get things moving again back on the boat so how was it just unbelievable to see how many will sharks and this area here also eager to join us on our trip.
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a qatari world traveler he has never seen such a gathering before and the maldives we were to go in and spend 4 hours to spot one will shot one will sharks and the money and then he and his like everywhere everywhere only miss will shock. the doctors as though there were the other one is coming that they're not going i mean saying it's not enough something you know you see now on them but it's her 50 maybe degree and here the water is below 30 feet i'm not in the country now we get back into the water it's hard to end such a unique and special experience for now there is no way for the public to come here but we're told it's being looked into raising awareness could also be a way to ensure more protection and more research into this whale shark population . it is a privilege to host these graceful sea giants and we all have
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a jiechi to play our part in protecting them stephanie decker al-jazeera of the qatari coast. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories russian hackers are accused of trying to steal research from several institutions developing a covert 19 vaccine the u.k. u.s. and canada say the hackers are almost certainly part of russian intelligence services it's alleged they've been targeting academic and pharmaceutical institutions since the start of the pandemic paul brennan is in london with a copy of the u.k. report among the organizations that have been targeted by this group according to this advisory organizations that are involved in developing a vaccine for full coronavirus for covert 19 what it says in the advisory is that after $29.00 targeted organizations responsible for vaccine development in both the
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u.k. the united states and in canada and why well they say it's highly likely with the intention of stealing information and intellectual property relating to the development and testing of vaccines an investigation is underway into a major hack of twitter which saw fake messages posted from some of its most famous users the company says hackers targeted employees to gain access to twitter's internal systems followers were asked to donate to a bit coin account with the promise their amount will be matched europe's top court has scrapped a data sharing agreement with the u.s. in a ruling that prevents tech companies from transferring personal data of european citizens to america the court says the previously shield deal no longer is valid because of u.s. surveillance laws. another 1300000 unemployment claims have been filed in the u.s. last week new jobless claims have been made mostly steady over the past month after
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falling during may and hourly june as many states opened up their economies but no real openings are being posed a made as surging coronavirus cases a british court of appeal has ruled that a schoolgirl who travel to syria to join isolates should be allowed to return to the u.k. show me i'm a big girl my heart her citizenship revoked in 2019 she wants to return to challenge that decision. by john's father a minister has been sacked that says more fighting broke out on the border with armenia despite both sides saying they're trying to find a peaceful solution and these 16 people have been killed since sunday those are the headlines more details on al-jazeera dot com coming up next on al-jazeera it's the street could buy what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast
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simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor and chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpatrolled labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry of a heart of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line coming soon. hey they're welcome to this dream home edition i'm josh rushing and we're live from my home today we're talking about the race for a vaccine for coban 1000 in the novel coronavirus. person to bring out that this is going to live on you tube and so what i want you to hear why.


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