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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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as debates over wearing face masks rages in the u.s. president trump from the country's top infectious diseases experts are again. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fears of a further crackdown against civil rights in the philippines as a new anti terror law comes into effect. nominations open for hong kong september election candidates are required to pledge allegiance to the tariff free. of accusations that federal agents of the u.s.
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city of portland or detaining black lives matter protesters without any explanation . the united states is struggling to contain a rising wave of the corona virus with cases of infections and deaths soaring more than $77000.00 infections were reported in the latest daily tally that was on thursday that's another record high resources in many areas a stretch to the limits and hospitals are in danger of being overrun by patients debate is raging over mosques and whether they should be made mandatory u.s. president donald trump has ruled out making them compulsory at a national level. would you consider what you consider a national mandate that people need to wear a mask i want people to have a certain freedom and i don't believe in that no and i don't agree with the statement that if everybody were a mask everything disappears
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a doctor felt she said don't wear a mask or surgeon general terrific guy said don't worry mask everybody was saying don't worry mask all of a sudden everybody's got to wear a mask and as you know mask has problems too with that being said i'm a believer in masks i think masks are good but america's top infectious disease expert on today found she is urging state officials to do everything they can to convince people to wear masks the white house coronavirus task forces identified 18 states a so-called red zones where urgent action is needed. i can say as a public health official that i would urge the leaders the local political and other leaders in states and cities and towns to be as forceful as possible in getting your citizen tree so wear masks masks are important as part of the physical distance physical distancing is the most important but practically when you're living your life and trying to open up the country you are going to come
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into contact with people and for that reason we know that masks are really important face coverings are still only a matter of free and a little of a hof of the 50 us states georgia's governor is urging the public to wear masks but has banned any efforts to enforce that white house correspondent kelly how could has more now on why mosques have become such a contentious issue. well this is a country that is really founded on revolution it's also unique system of government it's not a federal system but instead it's one that has strong states rights so in many ways the united states is like 50 countries all joined together that they're really the local officials have much more power than say the president of the united states when it comes to certain issues that masks are one of them in the state of georgia is really highlighting the confusion when you have a global pandemic and you have such strong state rights as you play 2 there the governor of the u.s.
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state of georgia brian kept saying that he supports people wearing masks but at the same time he doesn't believe that people should be forced to do so in fact his lawsuit says that the mayor of the largest city in his state bought of the fact he has overexerted her authority by mandating that and in the midst of all this we have a federal body saying that he urges dr anthony found people to wear a mask because it just makes common sense what we're seeing in the united states in the midst of this confusion by politicians at the local and federal level and the mix messaging is stores taking matters into their own hands for example the latest being 2 very large home improvement chains lowe's and home depot here in the united states saying look at it may be confusing on the outside but when you come in our store you're going to have to wear a mask if you want to shop here and that's what we're seeing in the business community all across the united states the world health organization says that brazil's corona virus infection rates appears to have plateaued and that it should
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seize the opportunity to drive down transmission in the country remains the epicenter of the pandemic in latin america but has 0 is this in human reports there's growing criticism of government responses across the continent. in the admission to to give out a hospital in money guy doctors fight to keep critical care patients alive unlike the city and rio de janeiro in much of state coronavirus infections continue rising infections in brazil have surpassed the 2000000 mark it took 4 months to reach 1000000 infections and less than one to double that number. and the death toll is now well past 75000 yet according to brazil's former health minister who was sacked by president table so natural the defendant confinement measures authorities and even ordinary citizens are not taking coronavirus seriously enough as business. people have become uncaring 1300 deaths
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a day is like 5 jets crashing every day but in people's minds it's like they don't understand that there's a 5 jets packed with people who could be your mother my sister your grandson my great grandson. but the w.h.o. is beginning to see the glass half full saying that infections are plateau ing and no longer spreading exponentially it's an opportunity it says to bring the pandemic under control in latin america's largest country whose president is even infected but downplays the severity of the disease. from the largest to one of the smallest countries panama kovan 1000 is causing havoc. doctors are protesting against what they say is the government's failure to provide sufficient protection money for more money we need more supplies and personnel we don't have enough for the number of patients. for the north in guatemala the death toll is soaring after the government relaxed initial confinement measures hospital officials say they're on
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the brink of collapse well it's what's killing us is not the virus it's the indifference of the state it is the indifference of the health authorities and as long as governments ignore calls for more energetic measures to control transmission health experts warn that initial signs of a slowdown in contagion will not last to see in human al-jazeera. a controversial new anti terror law is being enforced in the philippines allows police to bypass the court system and arrest suspects without a warrant they can be held without charge for up to $24.00 days critics are concerned a little endangered civil liberties and maybe abused as a target opponents of president would regard the dirties government richard aryan is a political scientist and author he says the laws definition of terrorism is very broad . to begin with there are safeguards within this law with regards to abuses of
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human rights but the problem is the political and institutional environment in the philippines i mean you have reports of thousands of extra judicial killings in the country despite the fact that you have very strict laws they're supposed to ensure jew process and human rights and the problem with this new law is that even though there are certain legal safeguards its definition of terrorism is extremely broad and if you look at section 4 of the proposed law for instance in the initial draft it says that if security forces deem certain exercises of civil and political rights as posing risk to public safety then that could be defined as terrorism that gives tremendous amount of rain to a quite an authoritarian leaning government this is what the critics are saying to add to tag anyone as terrorists even if that person started being subverting state institutions nominations open to the hong kong for candidates in the upcoming legislative council election the voters sent to take place in september pro-democracy groups hoping to get
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a majority but they could face major challenges getting on to the ballots the government has the power to disqualify people for their political of years it's also the 1st election since a new security law was imposed by beijing which critics say restricts freedoms in the territory let's go live now to hong kong i was there as a theory of brown as the forests given all that's going on in hong kong right now is it possible that this election what even happened. well adrian the picture you see behind me really does sort of belie the mood here in hong kong right now and that mood is one of suffocation suffocation from this new security law and suffocation also from the restrictions arising from covert 19 but blended in with that suffocation is really a tinge of defiance and we're seeing flashes of that defiance in hong kong on saturday because nomination. and so open for the elections which are due to be held
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in 50 days time on sunday september the 6 but there is a complication which really stems from your question because some of those candidates have not yet decided whether to submit their nominations and the reason for that is that the law says you have to pledge allegiance to the government of hong kong into the basic core of hong kong if you want to stand for parliament and the problem there is that many of these young democracy activists like joshua won't like us to show him simply so far have said they can't do that because to do so would be to to sell out but of course they could still be disqualified in other ways because they took part in this unofficial poll last weekend that so-called democratic primary that in china zizou was illegal unlawful and remember 610000 people in hong kong gave their preferences in that poll and it indicated that in fact we are heading for potentially
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a very big turnout in those elections but china has said as i say the election is illegal and the hong kong government is investigating now whether that poll in fact subverted the new national security law so today's events adrian it really happening once more under the very watchful eyes of the authorities given the strong showing by democratic candidates in last week's unofficial poll these primaries to select candidates for the election does this mean that more confrontation looms on the horizon there in hong kong. i think possibly it does you know one commentator put it this way on saturday we could have either a dysfunctional legislature you know a few weeks from now or a discredited one dysfunctional because if you know the democratic camp do get a majority the so-called. $35.00 plus in this 70 seat legislature they would then
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have the ability the power to be able to block public spending to be able to block the annual budget which of course for them put pressure on the chief executive kerry to resign but we could have a discredited legislature if so many of these young popular pro-democracy figures end up being despite. our desire as adrian brown reporting live from hong kong adrian many thanks indeed. weather update next here on al-jazeera then a ban on a controversial symbol of u.s. military bases puts the defense secretary on a collision course with the president. despite the deaths of protesters mediation efforts the campaign to oust mollies president continues.
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hello there are warnings of extreme heat in the finals east of the u.s. now a cold front has apparently gone through there and when you combine the heat with a cold front attentive you some pretty vicious thunderstorms and in the north of new york state that looks like damage from a tornado from just that frontal system that's quite localized on the edge of lake erie and it's gone through now but the temperatures are rising again the forecast is in the middle to high thirty's of both saturday and sunday so the air is heat wave territory elsewhere it's quite warm but not the same extreme except down in for example phoenix arizona 44 degrees which is on the high and a very should be because the fire risk is still there but there are a few showers in the area south of this and there is a good scattering of shastra cuba the bahamas and his plan euro not many elsewhere in the forecast that is reflected as such even where you get the higher ground so that trade winds can be against the land bridge there aren't that many showers
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around the yucatan possibly the wettest place and then costa rica see some pretty big showers build tools in the weekend most of brazil is dry but the bottom half is seeing an increasing cloud a moment is warm but that won't last. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop their energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such to moms as a global power develop into the basement companies nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the stigma we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy.
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again this is our facilities roger of the main news this hour u.s. corona virus infections rose by a record 77000 on thursday as the government sends mixed messages over mosques president trump has ruled out a national mandate and many state governments are refusing to make them compulsory . the world health organization says that brazil's corona virus infection rate appears to have plateaued and that it should seize the opportunity to drive down transmission was that was the epicenter of the pandemic in latin america 34000 new cases were registered on friday. and nominations opened in hong kong for candidates in the legislative council elections to be held in september it'll be the 1st
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election since a new security law was imposed by beijing which critics say restricts freedoms. the confederate flag has been affected lee burned from the u.s. military sites following months of anti racism protests defense secretary mark asper announced the policy of telling commanders that only flanks which promote unity and respect to all the rawest the confederate flag was flown during the civil war by breakaway southern states supported slavery to continue it seemed by many as a reminder of the enslavement of black americans at a symbol of white supremacy supremacy ashley lawrence sanders is assistant professor of african-american history at the university of dayton in ohio she joins us now live via skype from cincinnati good to have you with us this could perhaps see this be seen as a progressive step it's hard not to view it through a political prism what do you think the pentagon is doing here and what do you make
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of the very fact that the word confederate was was never uttered by defense secretary asked by. i mean i think exactly was a political move to try to quell the dissent probably within the military about the fonts and usage of the flying hoops it's been a historic descent african-americans have complained about the use of the confederate flag in the military since at least world war 2 and the korean war where who oversees actually among troops. they don't want to upset trump i think mentioning confederate fly directly would have set off some sort of alarm bells when we just had the president earlier this week in last week defending people who were flying the confederate flag saying that it was an issue of free speech not mentioning the confederate flag directly really sidesteps directly addressing with the confederate flag me voids
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a conversation about the history behind the flag with the confederacy was so what do you think the that the president is going to be saying to his defense secretary . oh i mean i don't know if he's going to say anything to him directly or are going to hear about it on twitter. but i do imagine that this may get some pushback i notice that you know just reading the orders it's already upset several groups including q groups because pentagon officials said that this meant that pride lines would not be allowed black lives matter flags would not be allowed the overarching thing they said was divisive but i think that in appeasing trump they you know they're not going to peace trump on this i think it's going to pick up that confederate flags are banned i think he's been using this as a cultural issue like a cultural wedge issue in this you know a culture war that he's trying to pick up on now i don't think that they have
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actually done either side of this debate. you know sufficient enough service to actually slow any of the controversy around it just by saying divisive flags are gone there's no addressing the history of what the confederate flag means better seeing means or you know actually confronting what you know trump wants to say which is that it should be allowed i wanted to ask you . as an announcement maybe welcome it is off the roll just one gesture of what more needs to be done about confederacy iconography. well i think they're still i mean we heard trump articulate this or still this lingering idea that it's heritage and not hate that you know if people want to fly a confederate flag they're not flying it because they support white supremacy they're doing it because they're proud of their southern heritage how this argument is still floating let alone from the highest office in the united states in 2020 is
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beyond me here it is not he was very popular in his seventies eighties and nineties around the confederate flag i sort of allow the confederate flag iconography to see it as long as it did i just know that you sustainable for anyone to hear of the confederacy with anything other than white supremacy so i think what we're going to see now is an increased conversation about yes what did the confederacy mean the fact that we still have people in 2020 assuming that it needs anything other than you know and or you know an organized group of states that wanted to secede to preserve and expand slavery and support black inferiority and white supremacy. i don't think that that conversation should have already been closed. you know as a historian it's crazy to me that we're still having these debates about what the flag me i think going forward we're going to see more and more people try to distance themselves while also maybe trying to do the you know the quote unquote
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a political thing as the military seems to be want to do white by not addressing the history had on pretty good stories here many thanks again for being with us lawrence in cincinnati. a lawsuit has been filed over the use of federal agents during protests in the u.s. city of portland the american civil liberties union of oregon is targeting the department of homeland security of u.s. marshal service it wants to block federal agents from dispersing arresting or using force against journalists and legal observers they were among those struck by tear gas and rubber bullets during black lives massive protests in the state oregon's governor is calling for president trump to pull federal agents out of the states as well brunell's reports. as knightly protests over systemic racism and police violence continue in portland a disturbing new development has emerged this week witnesses say federal agents in unmarked vans are grabbing protestors off the streets and detaining them without
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clear cause. this video shows a man being grabbed by armed men in military fatigues without name tags and without any indication of what agency they work for he is marched to a vehicle and driven away several protesters say they were grabbed put in cells in the federal courthouse and then let go without being placed under arrest or charged with any offense that it will marshals denied any knowledge of the incidents and the department of homeland security has refused to comment in an interview on friday oregon gov kate brown says she wants president trump to pull federal agents out of her state earlier brown said the armed agents were making the situation worse. trump troops in portland are definitely not the answer as we saw this only escalates the tension. and we need dialogue and deescalation
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trump has boasted about how federal officers he deployed routed portland demonstrators i guess we have many people right now in jail and we very much quelled it and it starts again well quality again very easily acting homeland security secretary chad wolf called the protesters lawless an archivist says oregon democratic senator ron wyden accused trump and wolf of provoking violence for political gain. the demonstrators focus has been on the downtown area federal courthouse which falls outside local police jurisdictions 6 federal officers there have fired tear gas smoke grenades and so-called non-lethal munitions at protesters in one incident widely viewed online a federal agent fired on a protester hitting him in the head with a projectile and leaving blood on the pavement the man 26 year old donovan loved
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bella needed surgery and is hospitalized in serious condition rob reynolds al-jazeera the u.n. is demanding an international investigation into the disappearance of a libyan politician and women's rights to fend activists say that see how was violently abducted from a home by wall of khalifa haftar us forces a year ago she's an m.p. in the alternative eastern parliament which is backed by hafta but had been critical of his military operations emma rossi crown prince mohammed bin zeid is reportedly being investigated for complicity in acts of torture in yemen according to news agency a.f.p. a french judge is looking into crimes perpetrated in yemeni prisons by u.a.e. forces the proceedings name had been ziad as the commander in chief of the armed forces mollies opposition is still insisting that the president must quit despite international mediation efforts west african regional bloc echo was
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a been hopeful of making a breakthrough with the june 5th movement but the protest group led by the cleric marco dicko described the talks as a total failure to serious nicholas hoc reports. prayers for the dead 15 year old isa my god died from a bullet in the head when security forces stormed the influential muslim cleric mahmoud decodes mosque in bamako outside 27 year old how is he was walking home when a stray bullet struck her in the stomach is it to you said there is one thing about the way they were killed was barbaric they were shot at close range some in the head others in the belly the attack was gruesome and we have many severely injured and. the prime minister apologized and is calling for an investigation after at least 12 protesters were killed when a commando unit fired live rounds against demonstrators protesting against the president last week and. i am hopeful that this political process will lead us to
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a solution and the way out of the crisis is for the well being of older people of mali but despite mediation efforts from the west african body ecowas led by former nigerian president goodluck jonathan the nationwide civil disobedience movement continues the demonstrators who call themselves the m 5 movement want president. to resign and the newly elected national assembly dissolved. and they. will want to solve the problems. in the did less. we. but it appears the crisis is deepening while the president calls for a national unity government the m 5 movement want a transitional government that would strip kate of his powers accuses the president of abuse of powers and naming family members and friends to keep positions without oversight this video circulating on social media of the president's son an elected
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m.p. on a luxury holiday has caused uproar among the millions half of whom depend on humanitarian aid for food while millions continue to flee the ongoing armed conflict involving al qaeda and islamic state affiliates protesters say the death should not go in vain promising more actions ahead. continues to spread they say the future of mali is at stake because hawk al jazeera. for the 1st time in months e.u. leaders met in brussels to negotiate a covert 19 recovery plan a proposed $858000000000.00 rescue package is aimed at pulling the european union out of what could be its deepest recession the bottle reports elbow bumps and other socially distance to greetings replaced handshakes for e.u. leaders in brussels their 1st summit in person since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in europe the e.u.
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commission president along with the leaders of france and germany wants to reach a deal on a $860000000000.00 of covert recovery fund to help the blocs battered economies next couldn't be higher because if we do it right we can overcome this crisis stronger and emerge stronger from the crisis all the necessary pieces are on the table and a solution is possible discussions are already fraught leaders are defined it over barring such a vast sum of money from the financial markets and concert gree on whether it should be distributed as grants or loans 400 transfield say here i am bring in the differences as still very very large and i cannot therefore predict whether we will be able to reach an agreement this time some fiscally conservative countries including the netherlands worry about shared debt they prefer loans with conditions rather than grants. what is very important to us is that countries are reform and
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if they want grants on top of loans something we don't want actually then you have to nail down very hard guarantees that reforms will be carried through part foster's regular the french president emmanuel macro leaders to show solidarity. so here we are at this very particular european summit the 1st to be held physically since the start of the coronavirus crisis and one that will be entirely dedicated to the european recovery plan. and the budget for the coming years this is a moment of truth and ambition for europe mike ross says a failure by the e.u. to unite and help member states at a time of crisis could feel an anti e.u. sentiment in the block and jeopardize its future the talks are expected to continue for most of saturday but with so many differences and so much at stake leaders may need even longer to reach a deal natasha. paris finally
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a british war veteran who raised $40000000.00 for the u.k.'s national health service has been knighted by the queen captain so tall more walked $100.00 laps of his garden for his 100th birthday initially set out to raise $1200.00 but donations kept flooding in a ceremony was queen elizabeth's 1st face to face meeting with a member of the public since the lockdown began in march. it is good terry with us hello adrian for the good here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has rolled out a national mandate on wearing face masks that's despite a top infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci calling on state officials to be as forceful as possible in getting people to wear face coverings new infections continued to rise in the u.s. with 77000 reported on thursday. would you consider well you consider
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a national mandate that people need to wear masks i want people to have a certain freedom and i don't believe in that no and i don't agree with the statement that if everybody were a mask everything just appears a doctor felt she said don't wear a mask or surgeon general terrific guy said don't wear masks everybody was saying don't worry mask all of a sudden everybody's got to wear a mask and as you know mask was problem still with that being said i'm a believer in masks i think masks. the world health organization says that brazil is coronavirus infection rate appears to have plateaued and that it should seize the opportunity to drive down transmission brazil is the epicenter of the pandemic in latin america $34000.00 new cases were registered on friday nominations opened in hong kong for candidates and legislative council elections to be held in september but pro-democracy groups could face disqualification for their political views it'll be the 1st election since a new security law was imposed by beijing which critics say restricts freedoms
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a controversial new anti terror law is being enforced in the philippines that allows police to bypass the court system arrest suspects without a warrant they can be held without charge for up to $24.00 days critics are concerned that the endangered civil liberties and may be abused to target opponents of president taze government of iraq the crown prince mohammed bin zeid is reportedly being investigated for complicity in acts of torture in yemen according to the news agency a.f.p. a french judge is looking into crimes perpetrated in yemeni prisons by u.a.e. forces the proceedings name i haven't been ziad as the commander in chief of the armed forces and those are the headlines we'll have more news for you on al-jazeera after one hour one east next. we know what's happening in our region we know happened get the date that others and all i was done but only dear god by that put to you the only purpose i did the right path that time and he told rob me to go
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live on the honesty to go live to work another boy that may not be mainstream but if i was just going to morning i'm going to give you. every night my mother the way they tell the story isn't what can make a difference. we have over 10000 new cases. 102000 because of the 14000 hospitalized. the front line battle is in the health care system. a deadly pandemic has cut a swathe through america's biggest cities and filipino nurses are in the hooks in full battle filipino nurses they are very friendly or very carry.


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