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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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coming soon frank assessments tourism income stream is dead in the world what's been the result seen pushing go up quite significantly and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. u.s. civil rights activist and long service congressman john lewis has died at the age of 80. hello i'm adrian forgetting this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up as the bases around the wearing of face masks continues to rage on the u.s. president trumpet the country's top infectious diseases experts are again at odds.
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nominations open for hong kong september election candidates are required to pledge allegiance to the territory. taking to the airwaves classes in zimbabwe held over the radio the schools remain closed due to the pandemic. u.s. congressman and civil rights activist john lewis has died at the age of 80 he was one of the youngest leaders of the civil rights movement as an organizer of the 1963 march on washington lewis' advanced pancreatic cancer heidi joe castro looks back at his life we cannot. we cannot give out. we cannot give you. john lewis was born into the segregated world of rural alabama in 1940 when i was growing up i saw those lines that white men
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colored men white women colored women white the son of black sharecroppers lewis devoured books as a child the words of dr martin luther king jr spoke to him loudest seem like he was saying to me john lewis you too can do something and i would ask my mother asked my father my grandparents my great grandparents why segregation why racial discrimination it was the best way it is don't get in a way don't get in trouble but trouble would find him many times as a student leader in nashville tennessee lewis was beaten for peacefully protesting segregation at restaurants and on buses in selma alabama police cracked his skull as he led a 600 marchers across a bridge to montgomery but i don't think i know what it was at age 23 lewis was the youngest leader of the march on washington 2 years later president
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lyndon johnson signed the voting rights act into law protecting black americans from discrimination at the polls the act would foreshadow lewis's own political career he was elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 1986 his consistent defense of human rights during his decades of service earning him the title the conscience of congress john r. lewis has dedicated in 2011 lewis received the medal of freedom from barack obama the nation's 1st black president a moment lewis called amazing and unbelievable and in 2016 he was honored at the opening of the national museum of african-american history the museum lewis had proposed nearly 30 years prior but even then the statesman's work was not done louis continued to champion liberal causes like universe. so health care and the rights of undocumented immigrants will not be.
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remembered as both fiercely partisan toward his democratic party and fiercely independent lewis's legacy is his bravery in the face of perceived injustice have this abiding faith that the things that us all right so good so necessary if you're willing to die for you not a for all of freedom right now following his mentor martin luther king jr to his final rest john lewis was the last of the great civil rights leaders that shaped modern american history leaving another tall shadow for the next generation to fill . out a serious alan fischer joins us now live from virginia island they've been tributes from across the political spectrum to john lewis tell us more about the reaction to his death. well he's been described as a titan an icon a lion
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a giant the conscience of the house a huge row from both sides of the house that's deep the feeling is for joy for john lewis you remember that it was the late last year that he announced he that fans pancreatic cancer said this was perhaps the biggest fight they'd ever face from a man who'd gone through what he'd gone through that was quite a statement and so we found out that he died at some point on friday and as i say the reaction has come from the leader of the house nancy pelosi a democrat from mitch mcconnell the republican leader in the senate but also from rank and file members of both republican and democratic parties interestingly enough while the president has been tweeting in the last hour or so there has been nothing official from the white house or from him that is perhaps not surprising john lewis refused to attend the inauguration of donald trump he described his election is illegitimate saying that he delighted on russian help to do that upset
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donald trump quite significantly and you remember the comment that donald trump made about immigrants coming from african countries donald trump described them in less than glowing terms john lewis said that that was racist and that had to be called out as such so he was very combative against the president but surely at some point donald trump will remark particularly given the protests we've seen across the country over the last few months or so about the important role that john lewis played in shaping modern america he was born on the 21st of february in 1940 in alabama he was one of the youngest leaders of the civil rights movement and helped to organize the 1963 march on washington just how significant a figure was he. he's huge and maybe not a name known internationally in the way that martin luther king was but john lewis was a ally in all of that movement it was the march from selma to montgomery in alabama
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where he was beaten and so badly his skull was fractured and he was left in hospital those pictures shocked not just the united states but the entire world and really elected people to the fact that many in the south were not enticed to vote they picked selma as the starting point of the march because the black population made up more than 50 percent of the people who lived in the city but only one percent could vote and john lewis decided to make a public statement about that even though others in his student movement suggested that perhaps he shouldn't he became a lion of the civil rights movement speaking out on many occasions and then said in the congress for year after year perhaps not deeply involved 'd in setting policy but certainly regarded as someone you would always 'd test the water with before you advanced any sort of legislation interestingly enough in his last public
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appearance was just a couple of weeks ago here in washington d.c. where he stood to on the new black lives matter mural which leads all the way to the white house i was there as alan fischer reporting live from the genea many thanks americans continue to get mixed messages about whether or not they should be wearing mosques to protect themselves from the coronavirus u.s. president donald trump has ruled out making them compulsory at a national level many state governors have also said that they won't make wearing one mandatory in the united sates recorded a total of at least 70674 new covert infections on friday here's what the president told fox news earlier. would you consider what you consider a national mandate that people need to wear a mask i want people to have a certain freedom and i don't believe in that no and i don't agree with the
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statement that if everybody were a mask everything disappears a doctor felt she said don't wear a mask or surgeon general terrific guy said don't worry mask everybody was saying don't wear masks all of a sudden everybody's got to wear a mask and as you know mask cause problems too with that being said i'm a believer in masks i think masks are good but the u.s. government's top infectious diseases expert wants officials to do everything they can to convince people to wear mosques i can say as a public health official that i would urge the leaders the local political and other leaders in states and cities and towns to be as forceful as possible in getting your citizen tree so wear masks masks are important as part of the physical distance physical distancing is the most important but practically when you're living your life and trying to open up the country you are going to come into contact with people and for that reason we know that masks are really
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important talk to the cheetah is from the johns hopkins university school of medicine she says that the mosque issue has become political which of preventing the government from taking action. we have other public health measures such as seat belts which are managed by law and which people do follow and so i think part of the reason this is unfortunately become so political is from mixed messaging from our federal government as well as our president. making it into a political issue unfortunately and that's why i think you can see a fairly clear split in terms of where our place is supporting masking unmasking mandates and where places that are not the u.s. is made up of states which have a fair amount of states' rights i think unfortunately due to overall lack of leadership from the federal government there has not been a move to have a national unified response and this is left up to the states and you know unfortunately some are some coming to their own pressures from their own political
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leanings and others are not the world health organization says the brazil's corona virus infection rates appears to have plateaued and that it should seize the opportunity to drive down transmission the country remains the epicenter of the pandemic in latin america but as we see in human reports there's growing criticism of government responses across the continent. in the ignition to chick about a hospital in money that doctors fight to keep critical care patients alive unlike the city of rio de janeiro in much of real state virus infections continue rising infections in brazil have surpassed the 2000000 mark it took 4 months to reach 1000000 infections and less than one to double that number. and the death toll is now well past 75000 yet according to brazil's former health minister who was sacked by president table so natural the defendant confinement measures authorities and even ordinary citizens are not taking coronavirus seriously enough as business.
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people have become uncaring 1300 deaths a day is like 5 jets crashing every day but in people's minds it's like they don't understand that there's a 5 jets packed with people who could be your mother my sister your grandson my great grandson. but the w.h.o. is beginning to see the glass half full saying that infections are plateau ing and no longer spreading exponentially it's an opportunity it says to bring the pandemic under control in latin america's largest country whose president is even infected but downplays the severity of the disease. from the largest to one of the smallest countries panama kovan 1000 is causing havoc. doctors are protesting against what they say is the government's failure to provide sufficient protection money for more money we need more supplies and personnel we don't have enough for the number
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of patients. for the north in guatemala the death toll is soaring after the government relaxed initial confinement measures hospital officials say they're on the brink of collapse well it's what's killing us is not the virus is the indifference of the state it is the indifference of the health authorities and as long as governments ignore calls for more energetic measures to control transmission health experts warn that initial signs of a slowdown in contagion will not last you see in human al-jazeera. we'll get a weather update next here i was 0 then despite the deaths of protesters and mediation efforts a campaign to oust mali as president continues. and did last month's mass protests across the u.s. speak lead to a spike in covert 19 infections we'll take a look at what the latest research shows.
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hello this is the right time of the year to have rain of some so from the amount coast salala represents that as you well know but you don't often see this sort of thing happen we've got shows spinning off honest on spinning off making landfall in armaan this is on saturday and on sunday the keep moving west through the n.t. quarter and catching yemen as well the most active weather in this part of the road otherwise it's a bit of bit of breeze it's still quite hot 48 to 50 slackly western iran and maybe in kuwait the bit of dust in the air but not in a huge amount south of this and the wind running up against the high ground the coast of kenya or somalia will bring some more rain with it it comes through impulses like the monsoon rain does so we've got something on the coast of tanzania bit of a break then for a good part of kenya and you pick up the biggest showers in south sudan which drift west into was the gulf of guinea but mostly from lake victoria south of that this
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town here it is dry now sometimes it's quite active we had some pretty nasty weather runs through cape town recently be hard pressed to see very much beyond a few showers at the moment so the wind direction is critical porcelain suppose showing 25 degrees that moment which is really quite warm before cross a port elizabeth which is 5 degrees above average does take it right down to average fairly swiftly at the end the weekend. and the next step is a techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be a rain forest to investigate illegal gold mining work we had a very unique characteristic of finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact is what we end up doing is imaging the worst in a very high fidelity tree. techno on al-jazeera.
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who are. hello again this is al jazeera the 2nd of a trilogy of the main news this hour u.s. congressman john lewis has died at the age of 80 he was one of the youngest leaders in the civil rights movement but an organizer of the 1963 march on washington lewis had advanced pancreatic cancer. the u.s. has recorded a 2nd consecutive day of more than 70000 corona virus infections meanwhile president on the trunk has ruled out a national mandate on wearing face masks despise advice from top health advisors. at the world health organization says that brazil's coronavirus infection rates
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appears to have plateaued and that it should seize the opportunity to drive down transmission brazil is the epicenter of the pandemic in latin america $34000.00 new cases were registered on friday. the confederate flag has been effectively banned from the u.s. military sites following months of anti racism protests defense secretary mark asper announced the policy is going commanders that only flags that promote unity and respect are all the rawest the confederate flag was flown during the civil war by breakaway southern states that wanted slavery to continue it's seen by many as a reminder of the enslavement of black americans and was a symbol of white supremacy ashley lawrence and this is assistant professor of african-american history at the university of dayton ohio she says that not listing the confederate flag by name in the new policy sidesteps the wider issue. i think it actually was a political move to fry well the dissent obviously within the military
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about the constant usage of the y. which has been a historic descent african-americans have complained about the use of the confederate flag in the military since at least world war 2 and the korean war where if who oversees actually among troops they don't want to upset trump i think mentioning can better fly directly would have set off some sort of alarm bells when we just had the president earlier this week in last week defending people who are lying because that are like saying that it was an issue of free speech not mentioning the confederate flag directly really sidesteps directly addressing with the confederate flag me it avoids a conversation about the history behind the flag with the better suit was this are still this lingering idea that it's heritage and not eat that you know if people want to fly can better fly they're not flying it because they support white
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supremacy they're doing it because they're proud of their southern heritage how this argument is still floating let alone from the highest office in the united states in 2020 is beyond me i hear it is not he was very popular in his seventies eighties and nineties around the confederate flag is sort of allowed better like iconography to see it as long as it did i just don't think it's sustainable for anyone to hear the confederacy with anything other than white supremacy the u.s. state of oregon will file a lawsuit against the use of federal agents during protests in the city of portland the local units of the american civil liberties union is also filing a little seems appropriate to block federal agents from dispersing arresting or using force against journalists and legal observers they were among those struck by tear gas and rubber bullets during black lives massive protests in oregon. the month of june the source huge protests across the u.s. against police brutality these mass gatherings sparked fears of
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a resurgence of the coronavirus but in many big cities like new york that hasn't happened well to 0 as gabriel looks at why. it. was thousands of protesters on the streets in cities all over america demonstrators shoulder to shoulder huge numbers unified in a historic fight for social justice but this is not what social distancing is supposed to look like leading many to ask did the protests lead to a spike in corona virus cases this recently published research paper is the most definitive study to date addressing that question based on our research there is no relationship between the black close matter protests and spikes in coven 1000 in any particular city at the population level the study was coauthored by 5 economists and examined government coded numbers and cell phone location analysis in over 300 cities where protests occurred the results showed what researchers call
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a void in speech havior people who didn't participate in protests went out of their way to stay home increasing social distancing and keeping infection rates flat we're looking at the entire population of the city not the protesters themselves so why you may have 810-020-0300 extension 00 protests the cities that they're happening in are 500001 1000000 or 1000000 you know. so you can have a protest worked on it people are coming out but then you can also have more overall social distancing the aid or as people try to avoid these protests that was certainly the case in new york where the protests look like this. much of the rest of the city looked like this researchers call it a balancing out effect there were 2 other important factors as well 1st most of the
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protesters at least here in new york wore masks and all the protests were held out doors both factors health experts said. transmission rates down. protest didn't dance the cause of social justice there's little indication that they also advanced the spread of a pandemic. new york european union leaders failed to make progress during the 1st day of negotiations on a coronavirus stimulus deal they met in brussels for the 1st time in months a proposed $858000000000.00 rescue package is aimed at pulling the plug out of what could be its deepest ever recession but there's disagreement over the overall size of the funding and how it's to be distributed nominations opened in hong kong for candidates in the upcoming legislative council election the vote is set to take place in september pro-democracy groups are hoping to get
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a majority but they could face major challenges getting on the ballot the government has the power to disqualify people for their political views it's also the 1st election since a new security law was imposed by beijing which critics say restricts freedoms adrian brown reports from hong kong. the picture behind me speaks of prosperity but it's also a picture that in many ways belies the mood right now here in hong kong and i would categorize that mood by being one of suffocation suffocation from the effects of this new draconian national security law and also suffocation from the restrictions arising from covert 19 with mixed in with all of that we've also seen displays of the defiance on saturday as candidates begin submitting their nominations for those elections due to be held in exactly 50 days time on sunday september the 6 but not all candidates submitted their nominations on saturday
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especially those from the more radical wing of the pan democrats including people like joshua wong and lester shroom that's because at the moment the law in hong kong stipulates the people who want to stand for parliament have to swear allegiance to the basic law of hong kong as well as the government of the special administrative region of hong kong and these younger candidates quant can't quite sort of align themselves with that but of course it may not even come to that they could be qualified in the disqualified in the days to come and the nomination period by the way runs for 2 weeks because some of these legislators would be legislators took part in protests in the legislative chamber and of course they also participated in that unofficial primary. election last weekend which saw more than 600000 people vote here in hong kong to decide who they would like to represent them in the democratic camp. opposition is still insisting that the
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president must quit despite international mediation efforts the west african regional bloc eco was a been hopeful of making a breakthrough with the june 5 movement but the protest group led by the cleric marco dicko described the talks a total failure as nicholas hawk reports prayers for the dead 15 year old isa my god died from a bullet in the head when security forces stormed the influential muslim cleric mahmoud decodes mosque in bamako outside 27 year old how is he was walking home when a stray bullet struck her in the stomach you said that about the way they were killed was barbaric they were shot at close range some in the head others in the belly the attack was gruesome and we have many severely injured and prime minister. and is calling for an investigation after at least 12 protesters were killed when
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a commando unit fired live rounds against demonstrators protesting against the president last week and. i am hopeful that this political process will lead us to a solution and a way out of the crisis for the well being of older people of mali but despite mediation efforts from the west african body ecowas led by former nigerian president goodluck jonathan the nationwide civil disobedience movement continues the demonstrators who call themselves the m 5 movement want president. to resign and the new elected national assembly dissolved. and they. all want to solve the problems but indeed it was. insensibly quote. unquote. we saw. but it appears the crisis is deepening while the president calls for a national unity government the m 5 movement want a transitional government that would strip kate of his powers accuses the president
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of abuse of powers and naming family members and friends to keep positions without oversight this video circulating on social media of the president's son an elected m.p. on a luxury holiday has caused uproar among the millions have of whom depend on humanitarian aid for food while millions continue to flee the ongoing armed conflict involving al qaeda and islamic state affiliates protesters say the death should not go in vain promising more actions ahead. continues to spread they say the future of mali is at stake because hawk al jazeera. in zimbabwe the reopening of school system bused bownde because the coronavirus coronavirus cases are rising again for now then lessons are going to continue to be broadcast on the radio to reach children in poor households who can't afford computers or an internet connection but reports this way of learning has its limitations. right. it wasn't easy for the students to
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make it on time for today's english lesson 1st the batteries in the radio died the parents put together what money they could to buy some all this english lesson is being taught over the radio instead of in the classroom because of the coronavirus pandemic but these learners complain they can't ask the lady to explain or repeat what they haven't understood they also miss the school teacher and there's plenty. to just need p. to from. them to me and she teaches me. india and indian. and then cleave to. community leader kim alpha helps when ever he can he says he feels frustrated that the bobbies radio stations are powered ties the educational programs i think we need to be practical because this is very important more than playing music. is the better to give
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a preference to the students 1st then playing music online learning is largely restricted to a privileged few who attend private schools for children in poor and remote areas the internet is a luxury the infrastructure in terms of online products is still quite limited with online we are only maybe at the very much mum talking of a to percent of all in most in terms of the connectivity in terms of the guy just themselves because the telephone or the smartphone would be lost to the parent and most cases for sale in the rural areas and the cost also the connectivity is still quite high so already doing this kind of. the number of cosmic 1000 patients is rising in zimbabwe that's why government officials say schools won't reopen just see it alternative teaching children to learn without having to leave the safety
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off the home limiting they talk of catching or spreading the virus schools across the country closed in march to try and stop the thread of coronavirus countries around the world are trying to manage how and when to reopen schools zimbabwe is no exception some parents when the academic year canceled so children repeat classes in schools reopen but at the same as must push on with the syllabus using what families can afford how do. it's good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. congressman john lewis has died at the age of 80 he was one of the youngest leaders of the civil rights movement and an organizer of the 1963 march on washington lewis had advanced pancreatic cancer tributes from all across the political spectrum have been coming in for louis us us house speaker nancy pelosi described him as
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a type in the civil rights movement who transformed america she went on to say that every day of lewis is life was dedicated to bringing freedom and justice to all while the u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the nation's history bent towards justice because of great men like john lewis mcconnell labeled lewis an american hero saying that the country would never forget. the u.s. has recorded a 2nd consecutive day of more than 70000 corona virus infections deaths rose by more than 900 for the 4th day in a row meanwhile president donald trump has ruled out a national mandate on the wearing of face masks despite advice from top health advisors. would you consider well a national mandate that people need i want people to have a certain freedom and i don't believe in that no and i don't agree with the statement that if everybody were a mask everything just appears
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a doctor. or surgeon general terrific guy said don't ask everybody. everybody has got to wear a mask and. with that being said i'm a believer in masks i think. the world health organization says that brazil's corona virus infection rates appears to have plateaued and that it should seize the opportunity to drive down transmission brazil is the epicenter of the pandemic in latin america $34000.00 cases were registered friday the confederate flag has effectively been banned from u.s. military sites following months of anti racism protests defense secretary mark asper announced the policy telling commanders that only flags to promote unity and respect will be or the rise to the u.s. state of oregon is filing a lawsuit against the use of federal agents during black lives matter protests in the city of portland has the headlines more news after techno next.
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