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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2020 11:00am-11:29am +03

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child labor is working in a $100000000000.00 industry well over half of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. coming soon. iran's foreign minister lands in baghdad and immediately denounces the killing of revolutionary guard general concepts of money as a criminal act. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a new battle looming in libya government forces and those loyal to warlord really fast are preparing to fight for the city of search. another record breaking day more than a quarter of a 1000000 people are infected by the coronavirus in just 24 hours. and waiting for
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aid in india's north of the somme state knocked out have this efforts to help slots attempts. iran's foreign minister javad zarif has been visiting the iraqi capital baghdad he held talks with the iraqi foreign minister and discussed relations which have been strained by foreign powers its roof says neighboring nations have to cooperate for the good of the region without interfering in the child as affairs and he denounced the killing of iranian revolutionary guard commander cost him so the money after visiting the site of his death. for us stable powerful iraq is in the interest of our respective countries that's why we look forward to the continued constructive by literally negotiations the stability security and peace in iraq is the stability of the entire region. for
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a moment we'll get reaction from iran hasa bega standing by for us and to iran but 1st let's get to some our whole team who's in baghdad simona just tell us why is this visit so important. well it's the 1st time iran's foreign minister visits iraq after the assassination of an iranian general custom still in money on january 3rd and it's also the 1st time that he visits the country after the formation of the new government led by a prime minister more than me who is seen as somebody who is closer to the united states compared to his predecessor. the he's somebody who has emphasized the importance of iraqi sovereignty somebody who has also vowed to restrict weapons in the hands of the state and who has recently moved against armed groups like this which are perceived as being close to iran so the last few months have been rather turbulent for iran iraq relations and this visit is certainly aimed at
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recalibrating relationship at making sure that iran's economic political and security interests are represented and it comes just a day ahead of most a visit to saudi arabia which will then be followed by a visit to tehran so certainly one of the main agenda items will be around preparing to visit perhaps even passing some messages that iraq's prime minister will take with him through some sort of shuttle diplomacy on the way to saudi arabia and of course the visit is also important because it just comes just days after the united nations issued a report looking into the assassination of some sort of money by a u.s. drone here in baghdad and ruling that assassination as a lawful source certainly foreign minister mohammad before also be discussing that with his iraqi counterparts and perhaps even pressing the iraqi government to take further action in disregard against the united states think that some on 14 in
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baghdad let's bring in said big who is in tehran i said it's just a little bit more about what stavans or even hoping to get out of this. well there's a lot of cup cooperation between iran and iraq iran supplies iraq with oil gas and electricity in fact they have a cooperation to supply iraq with electricity up until the end of 2021 but this does see iraq as vital to this security and when developed 3 for speaking this morning he did mention the general cost of the money and also his instrument a role in defeating isis in iraq now general glosson for the money was seen as instrumental in stopping isis reaching the borders of iran solve it and he will want to discuss that but iran has made no secret of the fact that they want to end the u.s. presence in the region and they have been accusations against groups in iraq backed by iran of targeting u.s. assets inside iraq so that's
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a point of contention and tension maybe between the 2 countries but iran is also looking for moral support not the united nations special repertoire for actual judicial killings said that the cessation of general crossing for the money was a norful iran is looking for support and even maybe looking to iraq to take more action on that issue but also we have this vote coming up the united states wants to extend the arms embargo against iran and iran is looking to iraq as an ally as a friend for moral support against the united states and it puts iraq in a very difficult position but iran again is laying the groundwork here before the pm iraqi pm comes and visits that iran where there will be discussing the security issues and those regional issues and of course he's going to be visiting saudi arabia and that is seen as a rival regional rival iran take that i said back there live from tehran. european countries are threatening sanctions against foreign governments
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interfering in the conflict in libya and a joint statement that leaders of france germany and italy urged what they call foreign act is to respect the un's arms embargo several countries are backing opposing sides in the via turkey supports the u.n. recognize government in tripoli while the u.a.e. egypt and russia back warlords. and a new battle is looming of a service forces of the tripoli government are closing in on the city that's a gateway to libya's main oil terminals the government of national called says it's planning to recapture the area from have those forces but this is say about $200.00 vehicles have moved eastward from toward the tone of. syria is holding its 3rd parliamentary election since the uprising against president bashar assad began 9 years ago voting will be held in some form opposition strongholds for the 1st time in years that horror reports. syrians will elect a new parliament the results of previous elections were not recognized by the international
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community the syrian leader will need to agree to political reforms in order to receive western aid to rescue the economy devastated by years of war and corruption regime this is a preemptive strike. and the elections to take place in accordance rosters there's. been this to agree to political concessions even when he was losing the war he now believes he's won largely thanks to the help of his russian and iranian allies for many this latest election shows how little has changed in assad syria. who is following those elections from beirut in neighboring lebanon designer for those who can vote it's one of the biggest issues in this election. well definitely people would like their livelihoods to improve the economy is
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collapsing not just in regime held areas but across the country the currency has collapsed the food prices are are much higher 200 percent higher than they were last year just look at the statistics the united nations says 80 percent of the population lives below the poverty line the world food program is actually warning of famine that there is a threat the famine that the 9000000 people are food insecure 2000000 of them are * at risk so the situation is dire in across the country really and the regime is faced with a lot of challenges even though if we captured 70 percent of the country in the south for example there's a lot of insecurity the different security forces which are supposed to be loyal to the government east where the british like the ministration is in charge of this autonomy area which is really rich in oil and. oil and in wheat it's the bread basket of syria and now with the bread shortages in regime held areas the
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government really needs wheat from from the north east so a lot of challenges yes they declared victory there was a military victory but they have not been able to translate that victory into political gains and the syrian government the syrian regime they are not getting any help from outside unless they agree to a political transition and comply with the u.n. peace process what is happening today this election really contradicts the u.s. led peace process and it is and actually of defiance thanks for that. from beirut. still to come on al-jazeera. my kids i'm a guinea pigs i'm not going to send my kid to school to see if they're going to get covert the fierce debate goes on in the u.s. over when dad back to school but it's the children who are stuck in the middle. of the show for some mexican drug cartel displays its strength and defines ahead of this is the president.
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how the summer heat is returning to europe having taken a backseat for much of central east europe for a quarter while there are still remaining thunderstorms keeping the khuda in places like austria or remain here and this cold front indicates it should be getting colder so it is raining a coolish day in southern parts of britain denmark sweden and parts of norway as that cold front comes through briefly the temperature in profit dropped 232251 monday in the cloud increases in germany and poland but on the whole the trend should be upwards most of the european plain is in the orange or red depiction which suggests it's nice and warm vienna once the show has gone through the sun come back stronger up to 20. by tuesday obviously hot weather is throughout north
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africa the costa showers come a long way and also a great retrenchment to say hello almost into the sudden so hardly seen showers in mauritania we've got currently in the forecast and quite a long way north up there was the gambia and suddenly not many are heavy in the coming 3 incomes you can say in ethiopia harlan's for example south sudan central can republic but they are a long way and also in the forecast of bamako typifies that we got showers for monday tuesday and wednesday slow moving. from. there. is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues that we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and the spending we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. a diverse range of stories from
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across the globe from the perspective of our networks journalists on al-jazeera. there were jobs there a reminder of our top stories this hour the iranian ad a rocky foreign ministers have held talks of bad debt relations have been strained recent months because of outside polls are on surveillance raef says neighboring nations have to cooperate for the good of the region. a new battle that's looming over the libyan city of sirte the government of national accord says it's planning to recapture the area from hostiles forces so it is a gateway to libya's main oil top and it's. syria's holding its 3rd parliamentary
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election since the uprising against president bashar al assad began 9 years ago voting will be held says 28 new infections have been reported since friday the city of rome she has suspended large gatherings of people mass screenings are being carried out china is facing international scrutiny over its treatment of ethnic minorities in jan including ethnic we go and muslims here and secretary general antonio guterres says the pandemic has pushed the world to breaking point to exposing deep divisions in societies made the comments during the speech marking nelson mandela international day. my hope is that people will understand that when recovering when taking profit of the opportunity that of course after the coffee we need to restart when recovering people will be aware of the need to address the footage with these that have caused the chaos that we have in today's world with the government and that requires fighting inequalities that's required active crime
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addiction that requires its national cooperation on the digital space that's requires a in the end much stronger unity and solidarity in the way international relations are conceived in the usa he said debate is taking place nationwide as the 1st day of the new school year approaches should children be sent back to classrooms during the pandemic or by adults reports from los angeles. well sanjay list parent brenda dell hero is helping her 10 year old daughter emma with school lessons online it's grown kind of stressful just because our own i swear i quit at more where i feel like with that more work here in our school emma's mother says virtual learning is not ideal but she's against sending her daughter back to class the risk outweigh everything i can't of my cat risk my kids getting sick or
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possibly getting somebody else sick or their teachers or vice versa on friday california governor gavin newsom laid out detailed guidelines for school reopening including mandatory mask wearing schools in counties with low numbers of cold cases and downward trends may reopen otherwise the school doors must remain closed schools that don't meet this requirement they must begin the school year this fall the distance learning school reopening has become a national political issue president donald trump says democrats are scheming to make him look bad so i think it's going to be good for them politically so they. keep the schools closed no way so we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools back in may house democrats approved $90000000000.00 to support schools reopening safely but the republican senate has not approved that measure but when you make it about politics than just
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people trying to. score points and get elected i mean that's what i really think it is a disservice to how credibly important this issue is the conservative dominated school board in orange county california recently voted to allow schools to fully reopen without masks or social distancing it's time to get these doors open and get these babies but the school board has no power to order schools to reopen that's a decision made by local school districts and so far the county's largest districts say they'll opt for virtual learning los angeles and san diego schools will also use distance learning for students brenda deal hero has a message for trump my kids are not guinea pigs i'm not going to send my kid to school to see if they're going to get covert and to see if they're going to survive an agonizing dilemma for parents teachers and kids now weaponized for political purposes rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. by black lives massive
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demonstrations took place in the u.s. city of portland again the other nice it's been 6 weeks without a break on friday the state of oregon sued federal law enforcement agencies accusing them of unlawfully detaining demonstrate its dozens have been arrested. u.s. president donald trump has tweeted to say he said and by the death of civil rights leader john lewis flags have been lowered to half mast in the capitol and honor of the late congressman many u.s. politicians paid tribute trumps electoral rival joe biden called him a moral compass former president barack obama said lewis got to see his own legacy play out in a meaningful and remarkable way. amanda seales is a comedian and creator of smart funny and black she says it's important for activists to continue looking to john lewis as an example i think john lewis's legacy is one. a commitment to more alyan ethics and i think it's
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something that a lot of us almost feel is impossible specially to have in politics but that he demonstrated with. just such commitment so when we talk about the civil rights movement of the sixty's the truth of the matter is we never left the civil rights movement we just stopped moving in the right direction a lot of us did you know there are many of us kept moving in that you know have sustained that work and john lewis is one of the few who really continued in earnest to make that make that work friends center and anyone who's watching not in america should understand that what's going on in america is not a moment to suppress and so it's not going to just be americans that challenge this it's going to be the world who loves what black america produces in terms of arts
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culture and innovation and coming together to support this movement. the mexican government is analyzing a video showing dozens of gunmen an armored vehicles apparently belonging to the powerful head disco drug cartel seems to be a show of force ahead of the visit by president door to 3 states where a group has a stronghold of home and reports from mexico city. these are mexican government forces instead this video appears to show someone else's army. and men show they're saying the alias of the mess you'll also get us of on this the leader of the holy school new generation kauto a bit of these are gone and they want to the video hasn't been authenticated but it showed up online just as the president under his manuel lopez obrador was touring the group's heartland and it seemed to send a straightforward message this video showed the overwhelming arm strength clearly scott cartels have had which we could call the wider law the. violent law
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being is using violence against the state against government forces to push forward their agenda which often means getting the government back off from going after their assets osting their drugs and arresting less actually only on saturday our phones will do russell mit's crew security minister tweeted this. there is no criminal group with the power to successfully challenge federal security forces and definitely not with this obviously staged video. that this cartels never been scared of attacking authorities about 3 weeks ago mitch cruz city's police chief was shot up and blamed the group for the attempted hit. this late to show of force increases pressure on the government struggling to deal with going wolf and recall violence john homan al-jazeera mexico city. and the democratic republic of
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congo at least 43 people have been killed in fighting between armed groups in south kivu province 40 others have disappeared after members of an armed group attacked a village houses were set on fire in other villages as well. the corruption trial of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is set to resume later on sunday amid growing anger of his government's handling of the pandemic but he's used water cannon in west jerusalem to disperse crowds outside netanyahu residence israel reimposed restrictions after coronavirus cases surged last week protests have continued for several weeks over the worsening it worsening economy and lockdown issues of calls for prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign by force that has more from west. there are 2 simultaneous sizable protests going on one here in west jerusalem close to the prime minister's residence where we hearing reports of water cannon being used again of
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a large number of streets around the residence being sealed off in order to keep protesters away and as you say this other major protest in television there been small protests throughout the country there are those who are protesting as part of a long term campaign against benjamin netanyahu on the grounds of wanting to get rid of a prime minister who's also facing trial under trial in 3 corruption cases but the numbers have been very much buttressed and swollen by people who are protesting against the economic fallout of the pandemic the protests in tel aviv are largely or at least they've been talked about as protesters from the communities of small business owners of restaurant owners because they feel that they are unduly bearing the burden of the shutdowns that have been taking place as you say the restrictions imposed last week further restrictions imposed just a couple of days ago including beaches to be closed from next week all non-essential shops and morals to be shut down during weekends gatherings
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restricted to 10 indoors and 20 in open spaces but they also plan to shut down all restaurants from 5 pm on friday there was a revolt from restaurant owners who said they'd already bought all of the perishable goods for this weekend the government reversed itself on that because it was afraid apparently of the kind of street protests and public disorder that could have resulted from from that. large parts of northeastern india have been submerged to heavy monsoon rains flooding and landslides have killed at least 79 people and also millions have been forced to leave their homes their health guidelines when 30 people are crammed into a room coke or not i don't think the government has not given us any mosques we've got our own mosques we are poor people but we all following. us for a full hussein as a resident of goma put bari village helping villagers get masks he says the government has failed them forcing some to go billets to village in search of 8 so
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silverstone single issue social distancing is an issue for us because of corona virus it's spreading dangerously when people have no space to live or sleep because of the floods coronavirus is a small issue in comparison the state's disaster management authority says it's heard the complaints and is working to reach every person in need you brought up and that's what we see that you know we should have more space so that you know i really could use a social distancing amenity and in those camps according to the districts prepare to plan and hold the people who want to believe i'm an associate distance number of gas have increased but the residents tell us that elaborate government plans and new standard operating procedures are not helping them as they grapple with the natural disaster on top of a pandemic and or chapell al-jazeera. german chancellor angela merkel says it's
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possible you leaders will not agree on a coronavirus bailout plan the $27.00 leaders are meeting for a 3rd day to discuss an $858000000000.00 package to help the block's economies recover from the virus financial crisis is europe's worst since world war 2 some delegates oppose conditions attached to grants for the hardest hit nations. they said arrested a man after a fire broke out of a cathedral in the french city of known to the flames destroyed the stained glass windows and organ of the saint the same. french president a venue walk on described the 600 year old building as a gothic jewel. quite state media says the kingdom's emir shakes. his recovery after a successful surgery on sunday morning a 91 year old volvo was admitted to hospital for a medical check up on saturday his designated successor crown prince shaikh now off . has temporarily taken over some responsibility.
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results is there and these are the top stories the iranian and iraqi foreign ministers have held talks in baghdad relations have been strained in recent months because of outside polls there on the reef says neighboring nations have to cooperate for the good of the region and he denounced the killing of iranian revolutionary guard commander qassam sort of money earlier this year or great to save the assassination of because some sort of money was a criminal act it's a loss to our country and to the entire region and it undermines the international if it's for commenting on the sill and terrorism in the region again we reiterate that we can you know maintain the sovereignty and territorial integrity of iraq. a new battle is looming over the libyan city of sirte the government of national accord says it's planning to recapture the area from have those forces surge as a gateway to libya's main oil terminals syria is holding its 3rd parliamentary
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elections since the uprising against president bashar assad began 9 years ago voting will be held in some form opposition strongholds for the 1st time in years. grown a virus infections have risen by record levels around the world for a 2nd day world health organization says more than a quarter of a 1000000 people were diagnosed in just 24 hours more than 7300 people died. china's singerman region has declared a war time state after a small increase in cases 28 new infections have been reported since friday the capital city of rome she has suspended large gatherings of people mass screenings are being carried else china is facing international scrutiny over its treatment of ethnic minorities in jan brooding ethnic week and muslims protest by black lives matter demonstrators took place in the u.s. city of portland again overnight it's been 6 weeks without
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a break on friday the state of oregon sued federal law enforcement agencies accusing them of a more fully detaining demonstrators dozens of been arrested on certain floods of forced more than 1000000 people from their homes in northeast india red alerts remain in place across our state and rescue teams have dispatched hundreds of boats health officials say at least 72 people have been killed those the headlines do stay with us more news here after talked to al jazeera. as protests rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the votes follow the u.s. elections on and. all the workers.
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he's one of the most divisive figures in american politics today to some he's washington's most famous warmonger to others a fearless defender of u.s. interests john bolton's decades of conservative foreign policy have influenced the position and actions of the united states in conflicts worldwide. from iraq to iran syria and north korea to mention just a few. ever since 1st serving on the president run break ins administration back in the 1980 s. bolton built a career as a solid conservative republican politician. he was assistant secretary of state for international organization when president george h.w. bush was in the white house and when his son.


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