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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone. this is al jazeera. team 100 hours g.m.t. hello i'm kemal santa maria here and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. so i don't like blame game but the dutch man is the real response of the man for whom i speak things get personal at the e.u. summit in brussels leaders are struggling to agree on a massive pandemic recovery fund even after 3 days of talks also in the news regional mediators propose a power sharing agreement and
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a new constitutional court in mali to try to end the political crisis that iran's foreign minister calls the stronger ties with iraq on his 1st visit since the u.s. killed a top iranian general earlier this year and reviving hollywood how covert 19 will mean higher costs along the production times for the movie making business. and in sport lewis hamilton wednesday hung gary in the formula one prays for the 8 time in his career his latest victories mean the british driver top of the world championship standings. well it's a little after 8 pm in brussels the end of the 3rd day of european union talks which still seem to have found no consensus leaders have been trying to agree on how to fund europe's recovery from the coronavirus demick and finding the money is not necessarily the issue look at this number $2.00 trillion dollars that is the.
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european union budget it is unprecedented at this level and within that number we've got this $157000000000.00 another not insignificant amount that has been earmarked to help countries recover from the pandemic but this that's where the divisions begin because on one side you have 4 so-called trees who favor loans rather than just straight out grants while europe's 4 biggest in arguably most influential economies want the opposite there are also personal disputes to overcome the hungarian prime minister viktor orban blames the dutch leader for the deadlock he says mark grew to hate him and is attacking hush lee made in a european new center in london following developments there 3 days of talks and i guess we have to start thinking and you mention that they can be a late flurry of activity but the possibility of no deal. yeah it is possible and we've just heard have a better all the prime minister of luxemburg is actually decided to leave the
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meeting to go back to luxembourg to hold a covert 90 meeting of his own and he plans to return to proselyte a little bit later on so we may well see a situation the talks go throughout the night and we hear something 1st thing the morning it's very difficult to say right now but things are most certainly dragging on because there are deep divisions between different parts of europe on how best to distribute this huge tranche of bonnie the differences of opinion between those countries that are the biggest net contributors to the e.u.'s financial reserves and those who benefit most from contributions from the as you mentioned there are 4 countries known collectively as the frugal for so austria the netherlands denmark and sweden they put capital among some of the biggest net contributors to the e.u. budget they are deeply worried about sharing this money through grants that don't need to be repaid they prefer doing it via loans they also want there to be strict
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checks and balances in place to make sure that the money is being used for the right purposes as well but on the other side of the equation you've got the likes of italy and spain that are hoping for a big payout with no strings attached essentially both of these countries saw their economies deeply in trouble as a result of the pandemic and when it comes to italy if he was already on the edge before the pandemic so it most certainly is looking for a significant amount of financial support at the moment but they can't agree on how to do this you know angler merkel the german chancellor. of france trying to broker an agreement that would see countries receive a combination of loans and cross grants but nobody right now knows how to strike the right balance when i'm glad merkel arrived in brussels this morning she wasn't all that optimistic. the indian today we are entering the 3rd day of negotiations and it is certainly the decisive one the various issues the size of the fund the
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way it is managed and also the issues of the rule of law have now been well dealt with whether they'll be a solution i still can't say there's a lot of goodwill but there are also a lot of positions so i will join in working for it but there may also be no result today and what did you make of viktor or burn scar moments about the leader from the netherlands i know victor obama is a controversial character at the best of times but it does highlight that the divisions in europe go a lot deeper and a lot further back than just you know what to do with this money yeah i think it's fair to say that the pandemic is exacerbated already existing problems over to about had been under tremendous amount of scrutiny from brussels for perceived rolling back of key core european values has been accused of attacking journalists over attacking academics of immigrant sort of refusing to take the right quota of refugees into the country he has been
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a thorn in the side of many officials in brussels and now the dutch prime minister is hoping within any agreement to have a mechanism whereby e.u. countries that would have to prove exactly what they are doing to maintain the z. values to maintain european sense of the rule of law and water victor all about is basically said is well look if you include that demand within any agreement we will veto it we have the backing of poland and our friends slovenia as well so we may well see this was becoming a person or spot between an orb and contributing to an agreement being to be railed overall ok nave hopefully we get some movement from brussels a little bit later and we will talk to you then when and if that happens. in the meantime some analysis from london with julian horowitz is the managing director of the think tank vocal europe julian thanks for your time the q.
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part of me thinks that during a pandemic during such a serious time which is going to have such serious repercussions for such a long time this would be the time when people would be able to find compromise and work for the greater good why can't they do that in europe well i'm sure actually everybody in europe would agree of you and specifically everybody at the special european council meeting the problem is that the politics of rule everybody has their own opinion of what's best for how to deal with these crises and look at 19 crisis is no different i guess it highlights that well we've gotten used to having a european union but it is still such an ambitious sort of idea isn't it the idea that 27 countries could come to some sort of agreement when they say you know they go from rich to poor to north to south it's it's a very diverse area. it is and of course these all have different cultures and
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different ways of perceiving the political issues i mean for example in something that's many people would find surprising 3 of the frugal countries being finland sweden and norway they're all run by for example social democratic parties or lead question them about bodies which usually you would actually be. very supportive of measures just in today's programs but it also shows a sort of the left and right dynamic such as the identity crisis happening on the left right now in ash and the parties like these could this also be part of all for potentially part of the sort of recessing of european politics when we think european politics we immediately think france germany italy probably spain as well used to be the u.k. as well but now the power is if not shifting it is dispersing a little bit and other views have to be taken into account. of course and that's the way the european union should work i mean the frozen pool while the u.k.
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was a member usually had the as you say de those 4 big countries and u.k. in a way dictating things but now for example the u.k. as a member states the netherlands is almost taking on the role of the defender of that form of liberalism and the defense of frugal and markets economies and the fact that states through d. east of the european union are having a much more impactful way of dealing with european issues while we may not agree with the politics themselves this is technically a good thing because for example maybe 1015 years ago or sorry when poland every industry joins most people laughed about the idea of poland deciding anything and it was seen as the box of jokes in many political circles same thing with hungry when they joined and now what we're seeing is these countries are in many ways engaging fully with the european process and that's of course taking aside the rule of law issues and the liberalism that we're seeing but if we tied look at the
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silver lining of the situation we are seeing these countries taking more active role and that also leaves them open to the influence of states such as france than outlands it's really germany and spain in this particular situation just to come back to the idea of the recovery fund why is it that the countries have split how they have for the reasons they have in that the big 4 are saying let's give the money out let's make them grants and the other ones are saying no let's make them lines why are they taking those different camps. well i think it's so we should look at it as the big 4 and the rest ok so for example germany france italy and spain all hit quite heavily by the current of ice crisis and in the case of france for example france had to take a lot of financial but in order to put forward the incredibly supportive and helpful plan they put out to support french citizens and benefit and businesses and in that's why that is why they are quite keen on this plan because in effect they
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see it as benefiting them but it would also benefit of the countries that need to support them regarding be frugal for will say or particular the northern european countries there is a sort of troll not that still exists from the financial crisis and the eurozone crisis where they have this perception that they were running dry in order to help and that what was shown in some dutch newspapers the latest suppleness to just going on holiday when this is actually not the case i mean the the lazy southern a stereotype when europe is actually incorrect because you see the reforms being but forward in spain and greece you see the improvements in the finance situations you see the improvement in their ability to handle that issues in the way that many people didn't really expect them to be able to do and these people are doing the best to make things work out but unfortunately when you have a crisis of the scale that we've all lived through for the past 4 months you can
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simply just get by fruit and you do need assistance from other countries which is another reason why countries like france want to help these countries. you know it's from europe very interesting talking to you really clear thank you so much for that thank you very much. we're on to other news an international mediators in mali have called for a power sharing government on a new constitutional court so try to calm tensions between opposing parties a delegation from the west african regional bloc issued a statement after days of discussions with the governing party and the opposition they did have an earlier plan that was rejected by the opposition alliance led by the cleric mahmoud. under the proposal the current ruling coalition would make up to or would make up 50 percent of the unity government you would have 30 percent that would come from members of the opposition and the remaining 20 from civil society groups the mediators also say new judges should be appointed to the constitutional court to resolve the disputed march election results.
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very. very. correspondent following developments from neighboring senegal he says the initial recommendations ignored key opposition demands. eko oss recommends a new constitutional courts with judges appointed by the president half of the other judges appointed by what they describe as a neutral independent body to set up a core of 5 judges that would decide on the $31.00 contested parliamentary seats after the much contested parliamentary elections that took place in april many of those seats went to close members of the family of the president. or allies of him
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and so for the for the echo us body it seems that this political crisis is a constitutional crisis he did mention that there will be no dissolution of the national assembly nor will it work our kate resigned he's been democratically elected and therefore he is illegitimate ruler of mali so none of that that those were the demands made by the protesters during the protest movement that we've seen the last couple of months the opposition want seats in government the cleric. wants to see a different type of government that address the security concerns in the north in the center of the country so it'll be difficult for for these recommendation to satisfy all of the members of the opposition now echo oss has said that it will have a delegation that will stay in mali it gives a deadline until the end of the month for this constitutional court to to nominate
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a new judges so that they can the so that mali can find an end to this political crisis a crisis which goes back a lot further than this recent all these recent events it actually goes back to 2012 when armed groups took control of the north and declared islamic law before they were defeated by french and african troops the thing is the violence has continued molly and security forces have been leading the offensive but they've also been accused of rampant abuse the situation is only worsen the plight of civilians most of whom. live in poverty position they decide the government just hasn't done enough to improve the economy in the last row came in april when the constitutional court overturned those provisional results of a long delayed and disputed parliamentary election held in march some thoughts from the queen's and now her lectures on politics at the university of aberdeen and wrote the book inherent and contemporary challenges to african security he says president abraham. inherited a fragile state the president actually understand the historical issues the
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question is what then do you do it's very complicated one you know you have the issues with islamic groups you have issues with tribes you have issues of poorly you have a government who simply doesn't have the means to be able to control the entire country and you also have a type of state which the people are not seeing we don't want to concede the protest there were more islamic party jeeps which it's not quite certain team with one heater stands for one doesn't interesting uses there because this is the kind of event that is accepted by the international community and is more or less there to enforce it whether the people want it or not. he doesn't have a choice. the news hour and here is what's coming up syria holds its 3rd
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parliamentary election since 2011 but all the candidates on government approved. also the latest on the floods in northeastern india and nepal that are affecting millions of people. in sports running moto g.p. world champion suffers a serious injury during the opening race school season far we'll have that story a little later. because president donald trump has blamed democratic party leaders for a recent surge in violent crime across some american cities he made those unfounded comments on the fox news sunday program you've seen gas up in new york doused up in chicago shooting. it's how do you explain it and what are you going to do with i explained it very simply by saying is there democrat run cities there liberally run there stupidly run liberal democrats have been running cities
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in this country for decades surely why is it so bad right now they run a poorly it was always bad but now it's gotten totally out of control and it's really because they wanted to fund the police and biden wants to fund the 30 just left seaside a charter with bernie sanders nothing about the funding all real it says abolish it says of let's go all right what do you get me that you're out of. my town or in washington d.c. let's go get me the child or what happened after that. well they went got him the child and he looked at it and couldn't find the claim that joe biden wants to defund the police fox news then went back a couple of days later before the spooled kos which was a delayed broadcast and still got no answer from the white house some what basis president trump was making what was essentially a false statement there were a lot of false statements in that hour long interview president trump had
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a wide ranging conversation discussing is if it's to come back to coronavirus all what many would argue his lack of effort is relationship with the chief just in the united states dr tony funk she is threat to to defund schools that refused to open up 5 days a week at the beginning of the new school term so certainly it was a very wide ranging conversation and in point she got a hugely controversial come on ok so let's go back to some of those other points you made particularly coronavirus which really should be the number one issue for any interview i think with the president at the moment what more did he have to say on that and comments on dr felt she as well. continue to argue. assumption that the rates are so high in the united states because the testing levels are so high well
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that is not correct the testing levels are still lagging far behind in a large number of states president tramples contested the mortality rate insisting and repeating. that the us has the lowest fatality rate in the world well no it does not to do still up in the top 10 in terms of fatality rate and this is at a stage when we're in between the spike in infections and the result in subsequent deaths which normally follows on about 10 days to 2 weeks later so there was a lot of this going on there but another very troubling comment made by president trump he was asked directly would be where he would accept the results of the election in november win or lose or president would not give an answer in fact he declined to give an answer as to whether or not he would accept the results of the election so many troubling aspects in this interview centering on things that
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president has said repeatedly in recent weeks well the 1st time in an interview he was actually challenged on a number of those full sorts. thank you mike hanna in washington d.c. . or protests by black lives matter supporters took place in the u.s. city of portland again on saturday night for 6 weeks now with. federal law enforcement agencies accusing them of unlawfully detaining demonstrators dozens have been arrested the state attorney general is asking for straining order to stop federal agencies making further arrests. now a car bomb in syria has killed at least 5 people explosion that happened near the syrian turkish border town of more than 25 people were also injured the area has suffered a similar number of incidents in recent weeks. and yet syria is holding its 3rd parliamentary elections since the uprising against president assad began 9 years
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ago the thing is candidates are either in the baath party or are loyal to him and his government so no one has more. syrians will elect a new parliament it's the 3rd such vote since the start of the uprising in 2011 the last time large parts of the country were outside government control president bashar al assad's forces have since recaptured nearly 70 percent of territory they had lost to the opposition as in previous elections candidates need to be bettered by security and the credibility of the election has been further questioned by the exclusion of millions of syrians who left their country or have been displaced by the conflict. in 1000000 people in the north of the country for example won't have any representation in the next parliament and the deputies who are supposed to represent regime held areas are not real representatives they won't stand by the people they are beholden to the regime which has absolute power and control. but
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president bashar is facing challenges results of previous elections were not recognized by the international community the syrian leader will need to agree to political reforms in order to receive western aid to rescue the economy devastated by hears of war and corruption. and the election. process. after much delay the un announced the creation of a committee to rewrite the constitution ahead of internationally monitored elections there hasn't been any progress elections contradict the political transition agreed on by the international community but assad seems to have different objectives many say syria's president is ensuring the incoming parliament whose job is to ratify
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a new constitution will reject any changes to the president's powers and tenure in office. old war lords. all my we learned people who fought his horses on the ground so he knows. this people who will be voting soon for their constitutional amendments they know they will be accountable changing the constitution when you talk about. transitional justice the syrian president showed little willingness to agree to political concessions even when he was losing the war he now believes he's won largely thanks to the help of his russian and iranian allies for many this latest election shows how little has changed in syria. beirut in libya trial tribal leaders have gathered for another show of support for the un backed government the council of elders representing the most prominent tribes rejected
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a meeting in egypt with some of its members now the egyptian president met supporters of the warlord khalifa haftar last week in cairo and threaten to arm the tribesmen against the government in tripoli if they don't stop military action against hafter but the council of elders say they only recognize the sovereignty of that tripoli government. and european countries are threatening sanctions against foreign governments interfering in libya in a joint statement the leaders of france germany and italy urged what they call foreign actors to respect to the u.n. zamzam they also added if it breaches or if the breaches continue and this is on land or in the air then sanctions will be considered turkey supports the un recognized government in tripoli while the u.a.e. egypt and russia back the warlord khalifa haftar. iran's foreign minister zarif spend visiting the iraqi capital baghdad and holding talks with the iraqi foreign minister zarif says neighboring nations have to cooperate for the good of the
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region without interfering in each other's affairs he also denounced the killing of the iranian revolutionary guard command to manny after visiting the site of his death. i regret to say that this says a nation of custom so the money was a criminal act it's a loss to our country and to the entire region and it undermines the international if it's for committing only so and terrorism in the region again we reiterate that we canin maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of iraq. that you up we look forward to continuing our balanced relations with all of the regional countries and neighbors based on 1st our national interest and then based on our mutual interest without any interfering in our own domestic affairs more with simona fulton our correspondent in baghdad on the importance of jobs at serious visit. well it very much is a diplomatic balancing act because iran and iraq are mutually codependent iraq is
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heavily reliant on gas importance on on imports of consumer goods in general so iraq very much must maintain good ties with iran on the one hand but iraq also needs relations with for example the gulf countries as well as of the united states so this is a 1st visit by in iraq is very much an effort to try to reestablish and perhaps heal a little bit their relations with iran and have gone through a rotter turbulent period over the past few months. to meet the new prime minister is somebody who was very close ties to the united states and he's somebody who is seen as being closer to the united states compared to his predecessor. the he's somebody who has vowed that he will restrain the weapons in the hands of the states and very recently he has made a move to try to curtail the influence of iranian backed armed groups in iran so
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certainly on the part of the iranian government there may be a feeling that their influence in iraq is per perhaps not as strong as it was during the previous administration and dismissive just very much aimed at restabilizing those relations and ensuring that the mutual interests of both countries are secured not just in the security side but also on the economy side. in the news ahead. was. the voices demanding political change growing louder in democratic republic of congo. also a warning from activists in chile the pandemic and the lock downs are putting women at risk and in sport we will find out why this major league baseball team has to look for a new home. hello
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spin off from the edge of the southwest monsoon this massive cloud here is an interesting thing doesn't happen very often it's not a tropical depression or at least a massive thunderstorm on the way through our mom then into yemen just catching the entocort and off towards the southwest saudi over the next $12.00 or 3 days that's significant right in price to don't normally get significant rain so flash flooding is inevitable elsewhere it's pretty much you might expect the breezes coming out of a very hot iraq 50 in baghdad bring in the big dust dancer the southeast of saudi arabia missing bahrain and qatar so temperatures drop down drop down to about 40 but indicates fairly humid weather which is typical for this time of year that's going to be the case for the next couple of days probably couple of weeks to be honest there further west is hot and dry of course the time of the year when the rain comes as far north so it's going to have seen showers right up into mara tamia
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they are still there we seen some heavy rain in the gambia there in the forecast as well those showers they are passing thunderstorms generally speaking that's a big orange color there and the thunderstorms moving up to the gambia also that remains dry i have to say for western sahara a more tenuous usually dry and dusty there's no exception at the moment. growing up in harsh and unforgiving circumstances children learn to play dangerous games they exist or the studies that destroy the house and take worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment it took me to the cheap and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison life inside and out. on al-jazeera. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team
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travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor culture chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpaid child labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. coming soon. lulu's. oh. oh oh. this is the news from al-jazeera these are the top stories european union leaders are meeting for a 3rd day to discuss a multi-billion dollar package to deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic
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the german chancellor though says it is possible they will not agree on some conditions international mediators in mali are recommending a power sharing government and tensions between the opposing parties the delegation from the west african regional bloc equal wants is also suggesting a new constitutional court to resolve the disputed march election. and the foreign ministers of iran and iraq of health talks in baghdad discussing it relations which they say been strained by foreign powers in recent months. hundreds of protesters are demanding the dissolution of the parliament in democratic republic of congo was that. the demonstrations in the capital kinshasa were organized by the catholic church which wants them to become regular sunday protests the church says parliament is blocking meaningful reforms has been following developments from nairobi. calling for the dissolution of parliament and for electoral reforms and
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they say that the parliament thank you charter isn't legitimate because it was elected in an election one and a half years ago that they say was rigged and under an electoral commission which they say was parties and i'm biased in favor of former president joseph kabila this could be a less step down at the time of the election he couldn't run again because he already reached his constitutional limits of terms but according to leaked documents. if you move out of their victory and felix the security the current president was announced the winner now to be carrying could be entered a fragile coalition after that which is widely seen to be an arrangement meant to keep joseph kabila in power from behind the scenes now that coalition has been on the quite some tension in recent months and these calls come at a time which is he carries trying to the thirty's authority and joseph kabila seems to be trying to push back with us now from washington executive director of friends
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of the congo morris county thanks for your time said just 1st of all i'm interested in the fact that it is the church that is leading these present protests and wants them to become a weekly thing how strong and influential is the church there. too to be more specific it's activists within the church. intellectuals and activists within the church the lay cordoning community c l c. citizens group youth civil society. leading the demonstrations but earlier in the week also had demonstrations from the opposition forces from. in addition to their. own party unity for democracy and social progress u.d.p. they had demonstrations along the same my calling for reform of the commission and calling for reduction in the influence and power of joseph kabila so you have pretty much the same color shit that we see. in 20000 the same forces that
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was putting pressure on the could below government in order for it to open up space so that the interests of the population at large could be served let's talk more about joseph kabila then is supposed to be out of power isn't he but still clearly very influential and causing issues in controversy for people. yeah there are 3 key things to retain from what we see unfolding one of course you covered exquisitely and that is the unfinished business from the 28000 elections where countless people organized not only to get rid of joseph kabila but to get rid of his system unfortunately coming out of the 20000 elections joseph kabila and his coalition what they call the f.c.c. coming from protocol go they retain a great deal of power are certainly in the parliament they have a super majority upper and lower chambers throughout the provinces they have super
9:36 pm
majority and a governorship so just it could be 0 is still very much a major force in the politics in the country because of the position that his coalition holds so as i said the 20000 elections are one key element to retain 2nd is that what's unfolding is an elite affair in a lot of respects the battle between computer and chess acadia the president and the reason why i say that is because there the exchanges that they're having had very little to do with the material conditions of the people we see today and the exchange rate is dismal for the congolese franc where people are it costs more to actually buy less in the country so what are you talking about economic condition the social conditions what's unfolding among the politicians is not affecting the operation as a whole in a positive way morris kind of great to talk to you about these developments in to
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say thank you for your time so. thank you. hundreds of refugees have been relocated to safety by the u.n.h.c.r. after violence in a refugee settlement in the northwest of uganda 3 people were killed in fighting between ethnic groups that began last week hundreds of families have been forced to flee the polar india camp and to seek refuge elsewhere uganda hosts over 1400000 refugees south sudanese nationals make up or than 65 percent of the migrant population police in israel of the rest of the palestinian governor of jerusalem who was detained for what israeli officials are calling illegal activities. was arrested 7 times as well just last year hundreds of people have gathered outside the official residence of brazil's president jaya both scenario a show of support for their leader of course remains in self isolation in brasilia
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after contract in corona virus nearly 2 weeks ago brazil is now the 2nd worst hit country by the pandemic it's confirmed at least 2000000 cases and nearly 80000 deaths more with alexander he's covering events from bogota today. i know these are huge numbers that are coming out in support of the president is that representative of the widest support he has in the country these days. well support in general in brazil phrasing them both as been coming down as as he has responded. to the pandemic in in a way that some brazilians a can see there hereat continue to insist on me my seeing the effect that the outbreak has had. even if the numbers kept growing exponentially for the
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last few months and now brazil is the 2nd worst affected country and you were in the world after the united states so probably he still has a core support core number of supporters roughly around 20 to 30 percent of the population and these people are very motivated and that's why we see them even if it's just a few 100 people coming out almost every weekend in front of the presidential palace to show that they indeed still support this positions and not only when it comes to. a number of economic issues on the fact that he would like to open up the exploration of the amazon and so and so on so they are small numbers but highly motivated in a very polarized country in
9:40 pm
a sea in the country that is still trying to come to terms with them there is one silver lining though is that earlier in the week the. world health organization a said that the name is not increasing exponentially anymore in brazil they might have reached up and they mean and this might help in the coming weeks to control the virus there on the sun what do you tell us about what's happening in colombia where you are as well i think it's important that we remember other places in latin america even though brazil is the big story. yes come out here the numbers have been growing exponentially for weeks now we're getting very close 220-0000 confirmed cases that number will probably be reached later on sunday or on monday and a lot of local mayors and. regional governors are worried
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by the fact that they are running out of i.c.u. beds intensive care units in many hospitals we are way over 90 percent occupancy here in the capital and so there has been at this age and to roll back the. restrictions that started the. 3 weeks ago almost a month ago and new lock downs have been imposed here in the capitol roughly a 3rd of the population will be in full lockdown in turns every 2 weeks to try and slow down the spread to make sure that the health system that's in collapse here the same is true in other cities in particular including mr sitting also in may the yin that had been so far quite successful in controlling the spread they've seen numbers going up but experts believe that the next 3 weeks will
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probably be the worst for this country and there's also calls for a return to a fool lock down in the entire country ok thank you alice. in bogota well a coronavirus pandemic is being used to reduce civil liberties a warning from feminist groups in chile who say women's rights are especially at risk the chilean. is being sued for allegedly instigating violence against the very same police force they accuse of abuses in america edison's in human reports from santiago. last november no one had heard of us they cease until the chilean hoops before minutes of a rapist in your path turned into the feminist and the world wide. 2 words denouncing violence and sexual abuse against women including by police have been translated into almost every language. it was performed again in paris just
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last week during protests against the interior minister accused of rape. while the chant has become a battle cry for the rights of abused women here in chile the 4 members of last bases are being accused of abusing the police with their words in their new manifesto they're being sued for allegedly threatening and inciting violence against police in this video released on social media in late may back to game here we see this not only as an attack against us and art but the right to freedom of expression against all the women who have taken part in our performances it's clear censorship and a threat to everyone who wants to use art as a way to denounce abuses. the manifesto was filmed in front of a police station and was done in collaboration with the latin american branch of russia's feminist group pussy riot it denounces increased domestic violence during
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the pandemic but it also says police are all rapists assassins and inhumane not all of us a scene or not of course you can say that individually not all cops are assassins or rapists pows we're referring to these to choose one that's forms to carry out violence it's not literal. justice he says they and their legal counsel haven't yet been given access to the investigation or even presented formally with the charges we asked the police for clarification on a number of occasions the response has been the because this is a judicial matter there will be no comment which is rather unusual for the lawsuit has hit a sensitive chord some see it as a reprisal for a rapist in your path which went viral during widespread demonstrations here last year they gave it's pathetic that after all the well documented human rights violations that chile's police have committed they now play the victim at our expense they blame our work which is artistic of being the cause of violence
9:45 pm
against them when that is not tree. with demonstrations now severely curtailed because of a nationwide curfew and lockdowns the group is warning that civil liberties and artistic expressions like theirs could be even further limited after the pandemic is all. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. floods a force nearly 4000000 people from their homes in india's northeastern us some state and neighboring apollo. more than a 100 people been killed after heavy monsoon rain caused rivers to break banks and coronavirus lockdown measures are also complicating the delivery of aid shipments the full story with. foreign wara and the 6 other members of her family flooding is only the latest disaster to hit 2 hectares of land and the crops they tilt are still under water. but every day she returns to her flooded
9:46 pm
home to feed the cows and check to see if levels have subsided. nobody has even come to ask how we are doing a livelihood is gone we can't buy or sell anything we can go fishing we're in so much trouble. the area is also under lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus and war and other residents are unable to sell whatever harvest they managed to salvage unable to travel elsewhere for work the muslim majority area park had done lower a psalm is one of the worst affected most villagers who stayed remain on the river and bank while thousands have moved to government relief camps where it's hard to follow help guidelines when 30 people are crammed into a room coke or not whether the government has not given us any mosques we've got our own mosques we are poor people but we all following. us are full hussein is a resident of goma pilbara village helping villagers get masks he says the government has failed them forcing some to go billets to billets in search of 8 so
9:47 pm
silverstone single issue social distancing is an issue for us because of corona virus it's spreading dangerously when people have no space to live all sleep because of the floods coronavirus is a small issue in comparison the state's disaster management authority says it's heard the complaints and is working to reach every person in need you brought up and that's what we see that you know we still have all space so that you know i really could be said to see the distance in time i've been in those gaps according to the district's prepared class and told to people who want to believe are benefiting associate distance number of gas have increased but the residents tell us that elaborate government plans and new standard operating procedures are not helping them as they grapple with the natural disaster on top of a pandemic and are schapelle al-jazeera. supporters coming up here on this news
9:48 pm
hour ag and wave action from behind very strong crazy ways on the job as a sort of a make it stop on. al-jazeera world meets for remarkable both mean women survive this after those closest to them were taken away never to return. some of the 8000 muslim men and boys killed in the strep anita massacre 25 years ago heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past women who refused to die on al-jazeera.
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we're back with a look at sport is far from all thank you so much lewis hamilton looked a class apart as he cruised to victory at the hungarian formula one grand prix its 8th time hamilton has won this race and the british driver is now top of the overall world championship stabbings and the richardson reports. lewis hamilton's only unsteady moments in budapest came as he emerged from his miss
9:50 pm
eighties to celebrate yet another race win victory at the home garry in grand prix putting in top of the world championship standings. honestly it was one of my favorites is to raise. my own for the race it was just a different kind of challenge and. course we had great pace but as i said it couldn't win without these great guys that are working did great get some. comments and drive bulls seemed keen to help him red bulls much for stuff and managed to crash else on the warm up lap some fast work from his team did get into the grid for the starts and the dutchman when songs of finish 2nd try to make it so folks ferrari continue to look well off the pace charlotte claire finished out of the points in 11th all sebastian vettel was 6. months and was so far ahead in the closing laps he had time to pit and get some fresh tires that allowed him to close the fastest lap and earn a bonus points off this last time when you were thinking big guys.
9:51 pm
so i think this team just continuous continues to amaze me and i love i love working with them and i'm grateful that i can do. on days or weekends like this no how or want to do it in the beginning of course ending up in the barriers to the grid but. yet in the mechanics of it amazing job to fix it i don't know how they did it but yeah incredible. so you had to pay them back with their 2nd place i was very pleased today. it seems i have a week off before heading to the british grand prix at the stalls of august and the richardson al-jazeera is not such a good day for the brain in moto g.p. champion mark mark has at the spanish mark has crashed out of the opening race of the season and will now work quite surgery on a broken arm france's fabio quite tomorrow went on to win the 1st world free of his career the marriage of p.c.'s in the had been due to starting tar in march but was
9:52 pm
delayed because at the toronto buyers down. chelsea looked to be on their way to the final of the english f.a. cup chelsea lead manchester united 3 nil with just a few minutes to go in their summary final at london's wembley stadium 2 goals from here amharic abu our style be to magister city to know in saturday's semifinal the gagne's striker has less than 12 months arraigning on this current contract and his manager hopes results like this benson to sign to. win a s.b. with him he sounds really convinced but obviously if you can see that and in that direction i would say good news that i won and i think he will be more positive about us. several n.f.l. players are calling for the league to tackle health and safety concerns before official training camps begin on tuesday and a fellow rookies will pour into training 1st while quarterbacks and interest
9:53 pm
lawyers will start on thursday the regular season is due to commence on september 10th the league and the players' association are still discussing exactly how testing for covert 19 will be carried out the seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson say said on twitter i am concerned my wife is pregnant and i felt training camp is about to start and there's still no clear plan on player health and family safety want to play football we also want to protect our loved ones canada's only major league baseball team the tron a blue jays are looking for a new home most games will be played the united states and canada as federal government says the amount of cross border travel required presents a health risk to the spread of coronavirus one option is for the jays to play all their home games in buffalo new york without any hesitation that i tell you we respect their decision it's not hard to reflect and think about how well managed
9:54 pm
how well led the virus has been throughout toronto in canada by the public health leaders and by political leaders and so so respectful of how they've managed that process that we are certainly understand and appreciate the decision that was made . ok and that is all you sport for now. thanks so much for millions of us all over the world movies and t.v. have really been an escape from the stress and the boredom of lockdown haven't i but how did 19 is manage to stop the entertainment industry in its tracks with some fun films forced to delay their releases thousands of actors encouraged to find themselves out of work while director trying to find alternative ways to keep going it's about from los angeles. veteran actor ray a brut so has had a long career on stage in movies and television including the acclaimed series the
9:55 pm
sopranos and i know my old man could be a tough nut to crack and i want to know he says with the pandemic work has dried up it's basically nonexistent at 19 put in a broth and 2 movie making which is uniquely unsuited to social distancing the nature of filming and such and such an intimate thing i mean you have the wardrobe people addressing you have hair people you have makeup people you have sound guys wiring you everybody and then there are the scenes that you play with another rock there where you're always in close proximity it's just the nature of what we do. before the pandemic the u.s. film and sound recording industry employed 456000 people now producers in locations scouts are scrambling to find relatively safe places where they can film a little of it at the moment is almost completely shut down that's some things are opening up so you see some places. iceland some places in europe they're
9:56 pm
starting to be opened most of it at the moment is still local production producer jogia near runs capital arts productions a vast space with 20 standing sets where movie and t.v. production companies shoot scenes there before crews are departments you know grip aleck trick coming in and cameras going this way that way all production things that would happen in t.v. and film happen out stage and now it's all quiet. it's very quiet now he says the industry and its unions have been developing new safety protocols you need to outline you know where p.p. is being distributed the testing and testing is a big part of all of it you know your disinfectant protocol your cleaning protocol where is your when does your hygiene crew come in still to be worked out are issues including how to shoot romantic scenes with social distancing all of these new safety protocols are absolutely necessary for the movie business to revive but they
9:57 pm
will also mean that film productions will take longer and become much more expensive there's going to be a big line item in pretty much everyone's budget about what has to be spent for people to feel safe going back to work well it's definitely going to be different and everything's going to be different i do think aventura will come back it may take some time but to paraphrase hollywood's favorite saying the show must go on even in a pandemic robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. finally a quick trip to the circus in brazil's capital rio de janeiro it's back in business it's a new act and a new setting after nearly 4 months of closure due to the pandemic. in the car in the foreground here there are performing in the open inspired by drive in movie theaters helping entertainers of the story circus unsure social distancing people watch from their cars that's
9:58 pm
a news hour from here in doha more news from london in a moment. this underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing due to coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures. great . eric eric egypt's. tourism industry based. instantly if we have another. if this continues they just won't obey the opportunity for the corals to recover in
9:59 pm
between those mad. scientists are calling for strong climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without the situation and they get worse. is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and the spend that we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. in for the mishandling of the coronavirus kunda making the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of how dad he turned not even through wave one as a result of the lack of a new ship here i said to my people slow the testing down please that is criminally negligent that i was there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on algis
10:00 pm
iraq. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on a juicy. budget deadlock in brussels deep divisions remain as leaders try to find common ground on a massive pandemic recovery plan. our barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up a new west african proposal to end the months of violent unrest in mali mediators recommend the formation.


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