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tv   The Listening Post 2020 Ep 29  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2020 7:32am-8:00am +03

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in a number of cities in colombia more than 190000 cases have been reported across the country brazil's president jaya balsa naro has greeted supporters outside his official residence as he recovers from covert 19 also nora's been in self isolation after being diagnosed with the virus earlier this month the brazilian president has been criticized over his handling of the pandemic brazil is the 2nd worst hit country with more than $2000000.00 cases saudi arabian state media is reporting that king solomon has been admitted to hospital for medical tests the 84 year old was taken to king faisal specialist hospital in the capital riyadh early on monday with what's being described as an inflammation of the gall bladder and there's the headlines the news continues here on al jazeera after the listening posts next.
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realtors report the. controller. shut down on you do not give them an. alarm or to guess virgin you're watching the listening post working from home here are some of the media stories we're covering this week poland reelect its president after the government turns back the clock to the good old days of state controlled television he won the nobel peace prize last year but now the ethiopian prime minister has shut down a major news network and jailed its founder rahsaan kanafani the palestinian voice that like so many authors got his start in journalism. and disney world in florida lays out the welcome mat. through a video that goes spectacularly wrong. polish voters have reelected their president
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on jury duty to another term in office but only just due to who is aligned with the ruling law and justice party scraped in with 51 percent of the vote and the government's control of the public broadcaster televisa port sky or t.v. pete helped get him over the line to many polls t.v. p. could just as well stand for television propaganda the channel backed duda to the hilt in this campaign and went after his opponent the mayor of warsaw. privately owned news outlets channels like t.v. end newspapers like fact have been far more critical of duda so the president and his backers have tried to deal agenda mys those platforms over their foreign ownership they've played the xena phobia card suggesting the german investors in polish media companies were trying to swing this election and they're not about homophobia either now the law and justice party government is talking about the real. polarization of the country's privately owned media which is code for
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nationalizing our starting point this week is the polish capital. holes are proud they like to remind their czech ukrainian and east german neighbors that in the late 1980 s. it was poland's solidarity movement the will of its people that emboldened others to stand up and stare moscow down poles will accept credit for the fall of communism and the soviet bloc the reintroduction of democracy to so many countries now about that democracy poland state owned broadcaster t.v. pete is sounding more and more like prophet of the. god of the bonanza but not a genome of good number that the butler this movie boss calls kind man a bit of a dog horse of just voted in round 2 of a presidential election between incumbent and jay do that and challenger. there was no televised debate that's a 1st in 20 years and t.v.
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pete full of easy of course is getting the play. of his own last night i'm certain you don't hold the responsibility for failing to deliver a fair pre-election the lies with t.v. they refused to collaborate in a joint debate but this is not the 1st time t.v. has supported the government public media has been doing this for the last 5 years but it just became more obvious during this campaign is not and yet we had this bizarre situation in which the 2 candidates both refused to attend debates organized by the media that were more hostile towards them and sympathetic towards their opponent and we ended up with both candidates holding debates someone saying is they completely separate from one another and on their own these weren't that they. were. north korea. the president when he. was called on the witness the president and in fact half of
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the audience well. question quickly. on a piece of paper they were asking him and he was definitely. have been don't pull the. fun of it but on the president as opposed. to the fist get the program event on which amount of. this campaign is being characterized by each candidate operating within their own media so there is no confrontation no debates and each candidate believes his bubble to be big however president does tend to be big enough to make him president of poland for the next 5 years. as well. but bubble always was the government has seen to that pumping another half
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a $1000000000.00 into the state owned t.v. p. this year which due to approval in 2015 the law and justice party known by its polish acronym took power for the 2nd time it set its sights on t.v. and transformed from a channel that tended to lean toward whatever government was in power to a virtual mouthpiece it installed a new boss's piece of loyalists but would now nst t.v. piece journalists would have to reapply for their own jobs scores were fired forced out and were just left poll saw the results of that in the coverage of this election independent survey found that 97 percent of t.v. peace reporting on president campaign was positive the other 3 percent was neutral . t.v. p. for. aimlessly aired a 5 minute video on the evening news and it looked like the finale of
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a hollywood movie it featured. reading people hugging children walking with farmers and business people they were pensioners trying to touch and thank him for it it's a political position that he can shout to them and also slogans about responsibility patriotism and strength it may seem an extreme example but it is representative of t.v. piece attitude towards the president. and public media would not only prize do it or they would also be attack his rival. i would suggest the. radical left wing revolution represented a powerful foreign lobby comment on dozens of the. problems i have come to that are called each about that if you know president are going which will vote them look good a good chuckle skinny of us them from both sides of both either. i suggested she was supportive of the introduction of ideology is that
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a president do not call it how you can be sure just put on them screen they live which was presented as a threat to the polish culture children and particular they were using dog humans. which were ranging from somebody through homophobic. control been used against germans all the dirt who'd use the used and it was really that it worked. turned out and they were mostly go 60 plus age from the provinces. this propaganda was digging for. a new t.v. piece coverage of russia found just the current mayor of warsaw his chilling story last year problem adama for the mayor of gangs had similar progressive policies and . he's also running against a few scandal the treatment he got from t.v.
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was similar to what just cos he experienced in the selection bulls was shocked last year when at a charity event adama vigil was murdered knifed to death by a former prison inmate while on the inside reportedly watched t.v. b. day in day and. nobody would be able to prove that the perpetrator his mother was. instigated by a complaint against who was running the same way. he was accused of wanting to take away special benefits for the poorest and move this money to the jews every day there were new information about him you can't even believe that somebody can imagine things like that but they were saying. g.v. piece competition on the airwaves consists of 2 privately owned chants t.v. n. and pull some t.v. and has become an unofficial opposition channel almost by default but for many
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poles in rural areas and small towns t.v. is the only domestic news channel available piece pulls well with those voters t.v.'s and is foreign on so is fact most widely read newspaper president do darkly pointed that out when the paper criticised his track record at that concert in the . uk that's pretty good as if you have got over them watching telly and got the 5 points not the body president. but a ring near axel springer the foreign conglomerate that owns fact is more swiss than it is german. foreign owned news outlets are beyond the peace government's control which is why there's been talk of changing them through what force called the republican i say should of the countries news media. school has been with t.v. peace since 2000. when peace cleanse the channel of potential cracks.
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the post covers rosko news more potent transition from communism was no one controlled the movement of capital as a consequence much of polish media is owned by foreign companies and says the media landscape lacked balance throughout the ninety's until 2015 naturally an injection of $500000000.00 from the government makes t.v. piece supreme in the media landscape but we need public media to ensure a functioning democracy. and the public media need to prosper for this to happen. but public media in poland have a legal statutory obligation to be a balance independent and not to favor one side and so regardless of whether it is true that. state t.v. as balanced out media once again this is simply not permitted and on allowed to be
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biased in this way and there are many broadcasters on radio television and also newspapers magazines which are conservative and supportive of your injustice that existed before 2050 they exist now. the talk of the republican eyes ation of private media is just that talk it's more of a political tactic than a real possibility eliminating foreign ownership of media in poland even limiting it is highly unlikely because of the european union and its free trade rules the government knows that its leaders and their allies in the media also know that if they talk about the specter of german control even if the company in question is really swiss more gullible eyes will turn to t.v. in search of the truth the polish word for which happens to be profit. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of
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our producers flo philips flow the ethiopian news outlet on me at media network is back in the spotlight we know it's had a troubled history what's the latest oh men is an important voice for the ethnic group who make up the majority in ethiopia when we last reported on a man it was the moment that they just got back into the country having been broadcasting from exile for a year is it was actually one of the 1st moves that prime minister ahmed made he's actually normal himself when he came to power 2 years ago but on june 30th police raided their offices shutting down and arrested its founder joe on the hammett accusing the network of inciting ethnic violence and spreading fake news now this was related to that coverage of the killing of a famous are amazing at just the day before his death set of protests which police responded to with deadly force more than 200 people mostly on have been killed and
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the network who's all over the story the details are sketchy though since the government shut down the internet for 2 full weeks almost thought that things would change for the better under all the argument so what happened. right abi was lauded for his reforms both at home and abroad last year he was awarded the nobel peace prize and oh man and its founder joel mohamad were both instrumental in the social movement that helped bring him into office but the tide has most definitely turned john muhammad has become a fierce critic of the government and his large online following is perhaps no longer appreciated by the prime minister another country with a well deserved reputation for silencing and jailing journalists is egypt's now a journalist there face yet another threat the coronavirus indeed richard mohammed monnier was a prominent egyptian journalist and writer monnier had long complained that the
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authorities were threatening him over his articles and his appearances on al-jazeera arabic a month ago he was arrested on charges of quote spreading fake news and belonging to a terrorist organization which is a line that you well may recognize as we've heard it coming out of egypt many times before now covert 19 has ripped through the egyptian prison system and this past monday just days after he'd been released on bail money did succumb to the coronavirus he had been being held at the notorious tora prison just outside cairo which is where al jazeera is own mahmoud hussein has been jailed for 3 and a half years without trial or charge ok thanks love. some of the biggest names from the world of literature charles dickens ernest hemingway gabrielle got to see america as maya angelou got their start in journalism their reporting tends to be
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forgotten their prose is what lives on. kind of funny is a name you can add to that list kind of funny was a palestinian writer who threw books like men in the sun humanize the palestinian condition of dispossession and displacement but he was 1st and foremost a journalist kind of funny was also a product of 1960 s. beirut a period when the city was a magnet for young reporters and revolutionaries migrants and misfits lebanon was also playing host to the palestinian leadership in exile at the time it was in beirut that kind of funny produced have a forward thinking palestinian magazine that has been somewhat lost in the mists of time the listening posts tadic nothing now from beirut on the ha sun kind of funny and the era of palestinian revolutionary me. there are some people who. can take a moment in time and give its meaning. is of clarity that's not so easily
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defined. sun can a funny writer artist journalist playwright and politico was one of those people. the middle east turmoil keeps away the video from the. news reports couch is kind of funny in the city where he made his name in beirut to new businesses develop revolution palestinian revolution. is interviewed by richard carleton for australian a.b.c. news by root leader of the popular front is gas head and kind of funny he was born in palestine but fled 1948. from zionist terror as the english speaking spokesman of the popular front for the liberation of palestine the p. . kind of funny made good t.v. which was by no means an easy interview he. does seem that the war the civil war has been quite frankly war it's people defending themselves against
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a fascist government it's a moment of great confidence of clarity of vision of conviction and the way of a son kind of funny speaks in clip shows all of this this and there was the whole of the palestinian revolution all the conflict it's not a conflict it's a liberation movement fighting for justice. well whatever it might be best call not whatever kind of picks up on a very important word which for me resonated the strongest and this is the word whatever this is exactly what the problem started this is a people who is discriminated is fighting for his rights this is a story and this is the narrative that palestinians unfortunately have not been able to relate to the world that post in there to have as narrated by palestinians is not something that the world wants to hear why not just talk. to him talk
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to the israeli leaders that's kind of conversation between this sort of then the next you mean them or because. they're sensitive and simple and clear language how are we supposed to have dialogue you're coming to slaughter when you put aside the sword so we can have a conversation better that way than dead. maybe to you but to us it's not to us to leave it to our country to have dignity to have respect to have a lot of media human rights is something as essential as life itself. in the arab imagination kind of funny is remembered for his storytelling which explored the palestinian experience status. yes separation and exile. in the west he was the public face of the leftist p.f. lp seen as one of the more radical palestinian factions. kind of fanning was not
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involved in the armed wing of the p.f. lp or in the planning of high profile airplane hijackings that the group became synonymous words but he was an advocate of the struggle and understood its media to value. if it's once quiet he writes no t.v. network would willingly give any palestinians a minute of coverage to express themselves. above all other kind of funny was a journalist an accomplished one. the 2nd a funny was multifaceted multi-talented the human being he was very significant in knew that kuwait the end of a nice press in their heyday would own about the 19 fifties and sixties ascent going to fanny was a central figure i mean he was associated with the founding of many magazines and newspapers throughout the region by it and 1960 s. and seventy's was an extremely vibrant city it was a truly arab city and the palestinian revolution was kind of the last hope for
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people and so that's why arabs from all over went to beirut to be part of that last front for revolution and creativity and activity and literature and journalism . after the defeat of arab regimes in the war of $967.00 and the disillusionment that came with it palestinians took matters into their own hands. a national struggle for liberation took form. and for kind of funny its months a shift in thinking the revolutionary politics of the p.f. o.p.m. . in 1989 he was made editor in chief of the head of the group's newly formed weekly magazine. and whether it was revolutionary in fear it confirms truth it's combined the p.f. o p s political messaging with analysis human arts and calligraphy in
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a chronicle of the palestinian resistance the link to answer colonial struggles in africa asia and latin america. he made leftwing media accessible well beyond the narrow confines of the already converted you went after arguments by fellow arab journalist as much as he went after argument by western journalists because article where an unusual combination of satire sharp wit disses them as well as information that he can imagine soviet communist literature using humor and irony and that but there was none of that and a communist were even more dollar more humorless then the soviet union so you can imagine when the center for any comes with this new form of media it was entirely novel. and heather had an open door policy that made it a hub of cultural and artistic exchange it was there that kind of fanny and his
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associates produced some of the most iconic posters of the palestinian revolution. it was a progressive magazine with an engaged international readership but it's one of the official party organs some would say the mouthpiece of the p.f. lp. killing with most. of what i don't like the term mouthpiece it's not true neither was it propaganda we were not spreading propaganda we were trying to get the truth to the people that was the slogan of ahead of the dread the truth is always revolutionary which is what lenin wrote these truths with the refugee camps or the truth of the palestinian situation a wonderful openness to accept all kinds of new ideas and for this reason i think the importance of literature and journalism and culture from that era was that it was the founding culture. kind of funny left a distinctive imprint on the our cultural and media space there is his pioneering
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fictional writing and then there is this huge body of journalistic work and when you look at the range of his output so you get the sense for house that he knew his time was limited that he had a target on his back. on the 8th of july 972 kind of funny and his knees were killed in a car bomb outside his home he was 35. it was among the 1st in a series of israeli assassinations talk to palestinian leader and cultural. and it's a betrayal of kind of funny lebanon's daily stuff that he was a commander never fired a gun because weapon was a ball point pen and his arena newspaper page of. israel decided to go after all facets of the palestinian national movement whether they were writers journalists combatants they made no distinction whatever they wanted
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to extinguish the flame of the palestinian national movement in all its forms. percent going to finally has gone through to life there was a life if you actually lived on this planet and there was a 2nd life that he has been living after his death especially in the last 20 years his iconic image is almost everywhere there are so many facebook pages dedicated to him instagram pages. resistance for him was something that was not necessarily just an action the heart of resistance could be in the written word and this voice of hope and aspiration and clarity and conviction that we don't have anymore and that's why this resonates so strongly with us today. and finally the last thing that walt disney world in florida wants to be is
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a mickey mouse operation but it chose to reopen last week and the very next day florida set a record more than 15000 new cases of coronavirus the most reported in a single day by any us state not to worry disney world released a promotional video to convince us it was still safe showing masked employees in the theme park also saying welcome home and to the internet the thing about people speaking behind the mask is you can make them say anything which is exactly what brendan mckay a comedian based in los angeles to it 1st he changed the soundtrack then dubbed in a few lines of dialogue gifting the rest of us the disney world horror remakes a short but scary movie we'll see you next time you're at the listening post.
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well you know. capturing a moment in time snapshots of the lives of the stories provided to someone else is one. inspiring documentary witness on al-jazeera. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpaid child labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry well over
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a huff of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. an al-jazeera. hong kong tycoons coronavirus restrictions after recording its highest one day increase in infection. i'm adrian for the go this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i think we have one of the lowest mortality much of the work week while we had 900 deaths on a single day we will just go this week falls.


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