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the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. to traffickers a truce followed suit psychology and emotions from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human flesh is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can a girl from albania know her way to know how to rental when the must be an organized crime gang sex slaves episode of slavery a 21st century evil on al-jazeera. the world's most promising covert 19 vaccine faces its 1st academic hurdle and optimism is holy.
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i'm convinced this is there a line from doha also coming up a long night of talks but no resolution is to come back for a 4th day as i debate an 857000000000 dollar coronavirus recovery fund. saudi arabia's king solomon is that mission to hospital the 84 year old monarch is having medical checkups. and china is accused of gross human rights abuses over the mistreatment of its moves a minority. the races all divide a vaccine for covert 19 and the pressure person has announced to deal securing 90000000 doses of 2 potential vaccines they include bio tech fits a vaccine and one from the french company. and a report is expected on a vaccine being developed by astra zeneca and oxford university it's in phase 3 of
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large scale human trials let's get more now from paul brennan who's in all obviously the reason you're in oxford we're expecting those results from astra zeneca oxford that scene trials tell us more about that. yes high expectation here from the oxford trial it's been produced by the oxford vaccine group astra zeneca will be the manufacturer and the general institutes have been at the forefront as well of this of this research now we know that they're already in phase 3 trial trials that's large scale testing of the prospective vaccine what we're waiting for today is the academic publication in the medical journal the lancet or their phase one results that's back from april when they tested the vaccine around 500 subjects early indications are pretty double effect producing a reaction both of antibodies and of t. cells antibodies important because how they work they attach themselves to the
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virus in essentially prevent the virus from infecting anything else t. cells work rather differently that kind of a certain type of t. cell is a kind of killer cell and it goes after the virus and actually. basically destroys it so for a vaccine such as what seems to be developing here in oxford to have both of those responses is very optimistic indeed and what we need to find out from the lancet when it's published sometime later today we have we expect it just exactly what the data is how effective it's been what the results are we didn't want to hearing about that meanwhile as we mentioned the u.k. government to sign a few new vaccine deals to make sure that it can get the doses that it needs when those vaccines are approved so obviously the government believes promising. maxime development programs end in failure so what the u.k. government has done and it's very similar to what other governments are doing around the world this is not putting their eggs in into one basket they're
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investing iris won't be combated by a single vaccine it might have to be a program of different vaccines for different groups so what the u.k. governments have announced today is that they've done preliminary deals with 2 main suppliers one is a german u.s. supplier that is pfizer and. with the failure rates that there is with vaccines it's important for governments u.k. and others to make sure that they they hedge their bets and have options available to them should one vaccine proved produce results where another one failed thank you then paul brennan their luck deadlock and division is gripping the european union as its leaders struggle to compromise on an unprecedented coronavirus economic recovery fund let us all meet for 4th sweden and the netherlands the wealthy northern states pay the most per capita into the e.u. shared reserves they want strict controls on how the recovery fund is shared prefer ing to loan countries money the positions at odds with spain and italy both
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economies were hit hard by the pandemic they want generous grants from the bloc that don't need to be repaid the german chancellor angela merkel and french president to buy your microphone have been trying to broker a compromise by offering e.u. countries a combination of loans and grants but even latest can't agree on how to do this. these compromises and i say this very clearly it will not be made at the cost of european goal not out of principle but will be made because we are facing an unprecedented health economic and social crisis and because our countries need it european unity needs it. a fierce argument also erupted between the dutch prime minister mark router and his hung garion counterpart viktor orban over whether money should be withheld from countries that fail to live up to the e.u.'s core values in recent years victor or bans governments been accused of attacks on the
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media minorities and the rule of law charges which he denies i don't know what is the person role reason for the dutch prime minister to hate me or hungary but he's attacking saul harshly and making very clear that because hungary opinion does not respect the rule of law must be punished financially that's his position which is not acceptable you have places its deepest recession since the 2nd world war the road to recovery hangs on solidarity. david hasn't horn is the fossils correspondent of politico magazine he says relations between e.u. member states are as fragile as the economic outlook. the e.u. budget 7 year financial plan in this case amounting to approximately one trillion euro more than that obviously in dollars is always the most controversial negotiation that leaders leaders go through $27.00 countries in this case all have
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to agree on what programs they're going to lay out how they're going to set their priorities over the course of the next 7 years add into that this historic situation with a coronavirus pandemic and the worst economic shock since the great depression now they're looking at this recovery effort a really new concept for the e.u. which is to borrow giant sums of money on the financial markets together and then give grants to the countries that need help this means that the e.u. would borrow together but then give to countries where recovery is most needed italy of course hard hit spain they are feeling very left alone in certain respects and what they want to remind the netherlands and austria. denmark and sweden is that those countries manufacture things they sell things it's great that they had to terrific rainy day fund saved up they were in a much stronger financial position to have that umbrella open and be ready for the storm when it hit but in fact they'll be standing out there alone under their
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umbrella unless they make sure that italy spain france all these countries are also able to recover in the same way so what you hear is a lot of talk about divergence germany has recognized this how quickly did germany was able to unleash more than a trillion euro in support of its own economy other countries have not been able to do that they're already saddled with debt so they need this help and they're trying to explain that all together that you can make sure they recover in a much more cohesive way than if they struggle on their own. the united states is still struggling to contain the world's biggest grown of our celebrate there's been nearly 3800000 cases nationwide and more than 140000 deaths the president has downplayed the epidemic falsely claiming in an interview that the u.s. is one of the lowest mortality rates in the world and fisher. thoughts from northern virginia. what the white house described as embers has become a blaze the us now is seeing around $70000.00 new cases of cold meat at the the president's own health expense expressing concern masking has become
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a political issue now here we are not only with 70000 new cases almost every day but from my perspective also quite concerning the number of hospitalizations which is very close to being as high in the country as it was in back in april so yeah we've got a really dollar down here the number of deaths is rising to arizona and florida breaking new records the residents here are terrified and i'm terrified for the 1st time in my career because there is a lack of leadership johns hopkins university has been tracking the virus since day one it says the u.s. has the 7th highest mortality rate in the world a figure disputed by the president in an interview with an american t.v. network i heard we have one of the lowest maybe the lowest mortality rate anywhere in the world you have the numbers from us because i heard we had the best word salad there are republican governor has warned his state could be the new florida
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keys numbers are heading in the wrong direction but he's still not ready to issue a statewide order telling people to wear masks were really in the message is that you were the mask for other people you wear the mask to to protect your grandmother and you were of the mass too and so it's not just the orders the orders are obviously important but getting people to buying and to understand and there's a warning there may have to be a new low tones across the country meanwhile it's been reported that the white house is trying to block billions of dollars for increased testing and contact tracing democrats want $75000000000.00 and many republicans are now saying that they would support the move if that would help bring the coronavirus crisis in the united states under control alan fischer al-jazeera northern virginia. saudi arabia state media is reporting king solomon has been admitted to hospital for medical checkups the 84 year old monarch calls taken to king faisal specialised
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hospital in the capital riyadh early on monday he's reportedly receiving treatment for inflammation of the cool blood. iraq's prime minister has postponed a visit to saudi arabia in light of the king's illness with staff i'll count them he was expected to travel to riyadh on monday the 2 sides had planned to discuss a range of issues including trade and border crossings. a prominent saudi journalist has died after contracting covert 192 months after being released from prison according to local media reports saleh share was sentenced to 5 years in jail and 2018 for insulting the will court after he criticized corruption in the kingdom on a t.v. show he once worked under murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi still ahead on al-jazeera following a surge in coronavirus cases hong kong becomes the latest victim of a return to long dull. and how the coronavirus pandemic is exposing the fault lines of cheapies economic plans.
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the european summit continues with more of the same and quite same intensity but on the cold front in here still very cold beyond it is not much on it but it will dip temperatures a little bit as it moves eastwards from scandinavia through germany and poland with the tail end somewhere near hungary or slovakia the high and it temps do rise again as the sun is quite intense some places really it is quite warm quite hot in fact but if you're in poland know about a rose you've got us for the rain to come the high ground of the alps the temperature profile shows you where the hot spots are down the west of spain probably northeast and italy and hungary innsbrook shows the warmth of the my word for that front goes through knocks temperatures back down to 24 or 25 with
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a bit of rain in the middle of the week in north africa again the continuation of the correct type of weather showers all the way north into the sahara coming through in clumps was some concentration it appears a month on the western side of north africa the showers are right up into southern mali even sudden mauritania but their intensity is probably at its greatest in senegal and the gambia but anywhere in this part of west africa will see some pretty wet weather coming up soon. as a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. for. al-jazeera selects changemaker this.
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the order. and watching others there are a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.k. has signed deals for $90000000.00 doses of 2 potential vaccines it's also signed a deal for a 1000000 doses of an antibody treatment report on the early stage of human clinical trial is expected on monday. talks on a coronavirus economic rescue package for the european union are entering their 4th day the leaders meeting in brussels have been unable to agree on how to distribute the $857000000000.00 recovery from. saudi arabia state media is reporting king solomon has been admitted to hospital for medical checkups the 84 year old monarch
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is receiving treatment for what's being described as information be called letter. and call is tightening coronavirus restrictions after recording its highest one day increase infections its leader carry lamhaa and else the measures off to 108 new cases were confirmed on sunday she described the situation is critical and said there's no solid of it coming under control adrian brown has more from hong kong. up until a few weeks ago hong kong was recording a 0 infection rate but now in the past 2 weeks we've had more than 500 new infections now as to why that has happened well there are different interpretations certainly some commentators are suggesting that it's complacency kong's food supply driscoll and they're not prepared to do that so i don't think that's going to change meanwhile the media on the mainland says that they believe the recent
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protests as well as an unofficial poll that happened here in hong kong last weekend in which more than 610000 people took part is an although known source south africa's death toll from the corona virus has passed 5000 with more than 360000 infections it has around half of the continent's confirmed cases ministry of health is warning that people are not following guidelines on social distancing and masks the outbreak there is expected to peak in the coming weeks. affaires chile has been hailed as one america's most successful free market economy the pandemic pandemic rather as exposing the country's inequalities the spot of nationwide curfew and lockdowns benicia lane say the government's response to the economic fallout has been to this too late a latin america ever said have seen human reports from santiago. that in every day takes on a tour of life victoria a low income neighborhood on the outskirts of santiago was its murals dating back
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to the 1980 s. tell the story of its residents political struggle against chile's former military dictatorship and the fellow this is the mineral in honor of the people who were detained and disappeared. before it was the time when the community got together to create soup kitchens to confront a profound economic crisis. when soldiers rushed in to arrest or kill protesters under an endless state of emergency. oh bugger 3rd world 40 years later for many it feels like deja vu again there's a curfew a state of emergency was soldiers on the streets and police fighting protestors how do you think and once again the women of this community are looking for the hungry in soup kitchens. this pandemic has exposed the deep fault lines of chile's economic system there are millions of people to chileans receive the average income
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while in portugal it's 53 percent of the population in portugal the middle class is a middle class well here most average income earners are more like poor portuguese and extremely fragile economically. chile's conservative government is now offering an economic aid package to the middle class the problem is that millions of people including many of those in line at the soup kitchen no longer qualify even as lower middle class. ever get. all this is that the. to the still unresolved political social and economic explosion that erupted in chile last october in israel there's anger of a construction project being built on top of a muslim cemetery protesters took to the streets of java in tel aviv before police moved in they fired flash grenades and used water cannon to disperse the demonstrators but they say 4 people were arrested hundreds of protesters have
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demanded the dissolution of parliament of the democratic republic of congo sunday's demonstrations against chelsea organized by the local catholic church its supporters say parliament is blocking meaningful reforms reports. the catholic church and its supporters say parliament in the democratic republic of congo is not ready to mint. hundreds marched to the parliament building in the capital kinshasa. we are the owners of parliament we have noticed that m.p.'s are not playing by the rules simply because they were not elected by us in the last election they are serving the interests of individuals this is why we are marching to demand the dissolution of this parliament and calling for deep electoral reform . the protesters say the last elections were rigged by an electoral commission that favors former president joseph kabila in the last election about 18 months ago. but he's widely seen to still be the most powerful person in congo. felix just
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a kerry took over he was announced the winner with a leaked documents show he lost a war position to see kerry's power depends on a fragile alliance with kabila and his party. the protests are happening is the alliance is increasingly strained by factions want to control the electoral commission notice any i'm not sure i phrase securely zone coalition will really like to have fully independent electoral commission one thing to. remember with this is that the results in the programme was very short. please stop the demonstration when it reached the road leading to parliament this time it ended peacefully catholic church is influential in congo you have millions of supporters and can call them to the street it's promised weekly protest the dissolution of parliament looks on likely for now it could be
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his party still firmly in control malcolm webb al-jazeera wiley's opposition has called for more protests after rejecting international mediation efforts a delegation from the west african regional bloc echo us held days of discussions with the governing party and the opposition the bloc opposed to power sharing and a new constitutional court the june 5 opposition group says the plan does not go far enough at 1st heart has more on the opposition's demands in neighboring said. well members of the opposition have dismissed it some leaders of the 5 movement this coalition members of civil society and trade unionists and opposition political opposition have described it as a failure from the get go we've seen that some of them some of these leaders wouldn't even step in into the negotiation room they said that 1st there needed to be an investigation on why the government deployed a commando trained by the e.u.
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meant to fight armed groups such as al qaeda and the stomach state greater affiliates in northern mali well why were those troops used to deployed against protesters last weekend number of them were killed shot in the head or in the stomach so in order for a discussion to happen there needs to be an investigation 1st which which then the prime minister reassured would happen that they say that the offers made by the echo was was more about trying to solve an electoral crisis but what they're saying here is it's a crisis of government that's happening in a crisis of trust that's happening in mali they they want to see the dissolution of the national assembly they want to see. resign or be stripped of his powers down just just now we've heard that there is discussion about what they're going to do
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next so they say that they will continue their movement of civil disobedience and they describe what they will do as a day in french. which means a day of ghost town will they will they will block the capital bamako bring it down still hundreds of people have been relocated by the u.n. to violence in a refugee camp in northwestern uganda 3 people were killed in fighting between ethnic groups uganda hosts more than 1400000 refugees most of them from south sudan . britain's foreign secretary dominic rob has accused china of gross and egregious human rights abuses against its muslim weaker population in the western province of jan rights groups say around $1000000.00 ethnic weaker are being held in so-called re-education camps to purge them of their faith and identity all the camps are shouldered in secrecy there's growing evidence of mass torture and forced
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sterilization of women to cut birth rates exam we get is have accused chinese officials of genocide and crimes against humanity the international criminal court investigate beijing says the cabs are vocational education centers designed to combat extremism teach students mandarin and job skills nuri turkey is the chairman of the we go human rights project he compares what's happening to that of nazi germany the $940.00 s. . seriousness of the crisis that came to surface in the last. 23 years. quite out for global condemnation strong government the response is. that has not been really shown until the united states government recently passed this week. we were human rights act and the. and sanctioning of war chinese officials senior terms officials under the global sanction this should be
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the just the beginning of the effort to address the worst when it wants human crisis that have been described by experts in the makers and government officials as the largest interment of ethnic minorities since the 2nd world war the witness being bound and blindfolded loaded on the train headed for modern day concentration camps absolutely sickening and also. the images that we have seen reminds us the events unfolding in auschwitz in 1940 s. the arguments of 944 shares a striking resemblance to what is happening to weakness in 2020 american rapper kanye west is held as 1st campaign event in the state of south carolina he wore a bulletproof vest as he spoke for an hour and else plans to run for president earlier this month but it's unclear if he met the deadline to appear on the bellows . italy's coast guard is working to free a sperm whale tangled in
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a fishing net off the aeolian islands divers say the whale is distressed which is making it difficult to cut away the netting they were called to help on saturday after the mammal was seen struggling off italy's west coast another sperm whale was caught up in a similar situation 3 weeks ago. there were charges there on convene l. these are the top stories the u.k. has signed deals for $90000000.00 doses of 2 potential vaccines they include the bio tech fits a vaccine and one from the french company. a report on the early stage of a human clinical trial is expected on monday from oxford to paul brennan explains that the bio intake vaccine has already produced a strong immune response and trials that's why it's looking quite optimistic
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another one is a french consortium and they haven't actually started their trials at all they won't start trying until the autumn but that is a more traditional type of vaccine where they use deactivated bits of the corona virus so it's a far more conventional way of doing it it would also be manufactured up in scotland so within the home nations and for that reason the government has decided that it's prudent to preorder $60000000.00 doses of that if it comes to fruition so it's the government kind of hedging its bets making sure that it's not sort of exposed if one fails and another one succeeds. talks on a coronavirus economic rescue package for the european union are entering their 4th day leaders meeting in brussels have been unable to agree on hope to distribute the 857000000000 dollars recovery fund. us president donald trump is defending his handling of the pandemic going so far as to say the nation has one of the lowest
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mortality rates in the world those claims of falls on kong as tightening coronavirus restrictions after recording its recording rather its highest one day increase in infections its leader kerry lamb announced the measures after 108 new cases were confirmed on sunday she says there's no sign of the virus coming out of control. saudi arabia state media is reporting king saul man has been admitted to hospital for medical checkups the 84 year old monarch is receiving treatment for what's being described as inflammation of the. who. was the headlines more news here on al-jazeera right after a.j. so the x. . talked to al jazeera. is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that at travel it's the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the 00.
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