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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. washing. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha in the next 60 minutes a long night of talks but no resolution e.u. leaders go into their 4th day as they debate an $857000000000.00 coronavirus recovery from. a promising vaccine for coated 19 faces its 1st academic hurdle but optimism is high. $40000.00 new cases in just 24 hours india
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extends its lockdowns as infection surge. also had china sees its worst flooding in decades the authorities say 24000000 people have been affected. and i'm peter simmons of all the sport as a limping coasts japan come under fire following claims of athlete abuse across 50 sports. it was their 1st face to face meeting in brussels since the coronavirus pandemic began and talks between european union leaders were planned for just 2 days but now $27.00 e.u. leaders are going into their 4th day of trying to agree on a virus recovery plan at stake an unprecedented $857000000000.00 worth of a deal to help with the economic fallout of the global pandemic but there's disagreement over the amount of funding and how it's to be distributed to member
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states. only if we did it to not meet a spirit of compromise and ambition is to take the risk of returning to hard times and for someone who are concerned about this in the end it may end up costing us even more so i will continue to fight on these subjects in particular with german chancellor angela merkel since as you know we've worked together a lot over the past days and nights having a son now. last night after a long negotiations we worked out a framework for a possible agreement this is a step forward and gives hope that an agreement may be reached today or at least an agreement is possible i am very glad that we the french president tonight made the pushing me for a really substantial program in this exceptional situation that has now been the basis for the commission's decisions and that is why it has been possible to agree on a considerable proportion of clients that is the answer we need for an exceptional situation it is clear that it incredibly tough there will continue today but
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exceptional situations also require exceptional efforts we have done justice to this so far and i hope that the remaining distance which will not be easy can still be covered by us we have reporters following this from france and greece in a moment we'll get reaction from athens with john psaropoulos but 1st let's talk to tasha butler joining us live from paris natasha emanuel my home seems content to put something of a positive gloss on all this. well emanuel mark rara knew going into these discussions that it was never going to be easy 27 member states trying to agree on such an enormous recovery package and already of course we knew the divisions with there now we've seen. several nights trying to come to an agreement but those divisions and differences remain now what a matter of though is saying is i don't know if he's putting
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a positive spin on it but he is certainly trying to urge e.u. leaders to come to an agreement to back this recovery plan because he says it's absolutely essential for european union unity for solidarity in a time of unprecedented a health crisis in europe and for the very future of europe itself because what eman omar cross has said over the past few days over the past few weeks is unless the european union really steps up now at this time of crisis and cooperates and helps we can member states and comes together then people in the european union are going to look at the block and just think well what's the point of being part of it they might turn their back on it and in the future decide to vote against it because anti e.u. sentiment could rise we know that there are countries like italy and spain that have been really badly affected by the corona virus pandemic not just in terms of course in the number of deaths the economies have been battered unless the
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countries like that are given to help him out or mark ross says that what we might see of course is the disintegration of the whole e.u. project so he's really putting it in this much larger wider historical context there's need now of course because we've been seeing the resurgence of cases in different pockets of europe we're seeing 2nd lockdowns in different parts of europe have seen that in spain france for example has now made masks mandatory in indoor public areas the risk is here now but it's also there in the future not only because the current virus pandemic. but also to risk to the european union thank you very much let's bring in john psaropoulos he's our correspondent in athens john what's the big stumbling block as far as the greek government is concerned. well as far as the greeks are concerned the plan was very well expressed by the european commission i even 500000000000 euros in grants 250000000000 and loans greece is keen to avoid an enormous increase in debt burden because greece is going to spend
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the next 40 years spending 2 and a half almost 2 and a half percent of its g.d.p. repaying all those emergency loans it from. its euro zone partners to give it back in 2010 to 15 it's already a one of the most indebted countries in the euro zone however it sees this instrument as extremely useful greece remember suffered a loss of one quarter of its economy during those terrible years of the global financial crisis it began a meager recovery in the last 2 years and this year was the 1st in which it was going to see some meaningful growth when coronavirus hit so roughly $35000000000.00 euros in grants and loans that greece stands to gain are extremely important not only in helping to offset some of that recession this year which is going to be in the neighborhood of 9 percent the commission says but also to lay some foundations for future recovery and growth next door in italy the recession even bigger almost
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12 percent and in spain somewhere around 11 percent for those countries the handouts are going to be much larger roughly $70000000000.00 worth recently somewhere around $50000000000.00 worth of spain those countries rely equally heavily if not more so upon this rescue package as greece france has emerged as the champion of the southern states in this matter france of course also itself looking at a recession of more than 10 percent this year feels the pinch of. coronavirus crisis and feels rather let down by the northern european countries who've been the band and by germany germany used to be the strongest member of the fiscally prudent bloc of countries which back in the 2010 to 2015 years argued that there should be very very strict conditionality on all the loans being given to the 5 euro zone
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members who asked for those emergency loans but germany abandoned that hard line block in may this year when together with fronts it suggested that at least $500000000000.50 euros worth of commision money be given as grants it's that will very some not only to the southern countries of the northern mediterranean but also to the franco german axis that remains this storm chapa zation from the so-called frugal for so today will be the day when hopefully the matter is decided not only for greece and spain and this and b. but for the eurozone economy as a whole. ok we'll leave it there john thanks very much john psaropoulos our correspondent in athens. now more than 14000000 people have been infected with hiv 19 globally also more than 600000 have died researchers around the world are racing to develop more than 150 potential vaccines they're all for providing some positive
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results there is the university of oxford astra zeneca testing vaccine in big numbers of people in the u.k. south africa and brazil it's expected to release the results of its 1st human clinical trial shortly in australia the university of melbourne and murdoch children's research institute is also conducting phase 3 trials and chinese companies cinna back and soon a farm of both moved to phase 3 testing in brazil and also in the u.a.e. sara gilbert is a research a leading the trials the oxford university vaccine center speaking virtually to members of the british parliament she said her team is still testing how long the vaccine will provide immunity nationally quite immunity to other human actions this is relatively short we don't get reinfected sometimes quite quickly but that doesn't necessarily mean it will see the same thing with the vaccine because the vaccines have a different way of engaging with the need system and we follow people enough that it is using this technology to x.
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in several years and we still see strong responses so again it's something we have to test and although over time we can't know until we actually have the data but we're optimistic based on there is that is that we will see a good direction need several years at least and probably better than the national enquirer. live to paul brennan at oxford university in the u.k. so paul we're still waiting on the uploading of this information to the lancet website what can we expect do we think. well as you heard sarah say there the optimism the cheese been expressing in recent weeks is leading to high expectation here in oxford and in the wider field because the early indications appear to be that the oxford university trials have shown that it's vaccine candidates produces both antibody and t. cell response from the body now antibodies of course lock on to the virus and
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neutralize it off like it up for other parts of the immune system to attack it is a slightly different to one particular cell actually attacks the virus so if it produces reactions from both of those kind of things then then it basically makes it very optimistic indeed that said we're waiting for the lancet to actually publish the data so this is data relating to phase one volunteer about 500 volunteers engaged in the process we know that there haven't been any major side effects because the research is already progressed to stage at a phase 3 with more than 10000 volunteers involved now they wouldn't go to that stage if there had been some major side effects really revealed by by phase want so so the signs there are good but what we want to see in the lancet is the actual data and exactly what it is. that is in it that said 9 out of 10 vaccine research is actually end up falling by the wayside and the prime minister boris johnson has been a pains today to say look despite the expectation we have to be cautious about the
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prospect of a vaccine resulting from this. hopeful i've got my fingers crossed but to say that i'm 100 percent confident that we'll get a vaccine this year or in the next year is a last just you know an exaggeration we're not there yet. and paul also in the u.k. let's talk a 2nd about synergy in southampton that's another study going on and they seem to have come up with something that can dramatically reduce in people who are hospitalized with full blown covert 19 yes the early indications from synergy in southampton look impressive i have to say again caution needs to prevail here we're talking about a very small sample of volunteers just 101 volunteers across 9 hospitals but what the data from the early the early testing shows is that it managed to reduce the amount of time people spend in hospital by about
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a 3rd and the impact of those who were treated with it going on and needing ventilation for example was reduced by 79 percent so on the face of it pretty impressive statistics but they're at a very early stage. or to talk about it it's a nebulizer. essentially when the body is infected it produces interferon beater introducing that into the body through an i.v. allies and is what's. doing and as i say the early indications are impressive but very small sample size we need to see a bigger dataset ok paul soon as that lance of story drops will come back for a suspect in oxford many thanks paul brennan in oxford there for us now we've heard about the efforts to combat covert 19 but what's it like to actually have the virus janine cross is a recovered virus patient based in new zealand she told us earlier how it's affected her health. to be honest i don't remember a lot of that and i think my brains block some of that because it was quite
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traumatic. it was very scary i had a lot of anxiety through it i remember feeling very sick but it was so unknown and . the time time heals all wounds as you can imagine and for months on life is moved on from somewhat a new zealand so i feel very very fortunate for where i'm sitting today i was in hospital for 4 days and. i was nice lation wards i was one of the 1st hospitalized patients in new zealand i think a lot of that might have been course it was very early days and i was relatively high profile enough to look after me in the hospital system wasn't i below those but i was i had a terrible. risk terry issue and my chest was just i was really struggling to get enough it through and i couldn't stop the coughing and it was coarse and i was on a sentence so they were keeping a really close eye on going it took me a long time to get well about 6 weeks before i sort of normal again but the
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lingering effects have been substantial to the point of i've actually got a situation this wake for him to make sure it's this which i haven't had a flare up in a long time. having had a hysterectomy last year i didn't expect if i had one again and so there was some research around inflammation in the body and the connection from coker trying to make sure cysts courses early days and no one really knows i had to come off a loss and suffered other people i had to use a binge once my lungs as strong as they used to be. that i've noticed that they change i'm certainly had a lot more x. and pains in my body but to be honest i don't really know how to attribute it drake i mean the lungs are the only thing i can say that are related because i did not have that beforehand and everything else and i really don't know how i'm going to have to get those answers and or if i ever will. well don't suppose pretending is a medical microbiologist and division chief with the soul of the sciences of the sitra medical and research center here in cattle he says it will take some patients
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up to a year to recover from the impact of corona virus we're still learning a lot about urban one team and some of the effects that happen to people that have recovered from the illness and it has only been maybe only 6 months where most people have been have had the infection so so you know what we're learned so far right now is that these isn't just the disease of the lung it's actually one very important aspect of the inflammation occur in the light that these can be damaging to the law moves so we're having some sort of lingering fire tory symptoms afterwards or it could be due to inflammation that has occurred in other parts of the body and i think that that mean you wait the very common things that other people have noticed which could include some neurologic type symptoms and having the brain fog that she has described. very similar to another the
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symptom syndrome that we know about which is my housing and death while i had it chronic in rome. this is the syndrome that we don't really know what causes it but now that we've had i'm currently in an event where over many people in the world have had the same infection around the same time we're probably going to be able to learn a lot more about the chronic effect post infection after this pandemic. more top news stories more sports as well around the corner including these ones new restrictions come into effect in hong kong as the territory sees a surge in the number of infections there. human rights watch calls on the egyptian government to improve coronavirus testing and medical care for prisoners. elsewhere goals a new number one a spanish john rom proposes rory mcilroy at the top of the standings that's coming
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up with peter in about 35 minutes. gunmen have attacked a village in the northwest of nigeria killing at least 20 people the overnight attack targeted dodgy in the state of could do it comes a day after soldiers were killed in an ambush in neighboring can't seen a state armed gangs known locally as bandits and blames the attacks in the region let's bring in. from the geo political security analyst at politico an african security think tank mr are going go welcome to the news hour here on al-jazeera what's your reading of what's going on in this particular situation. the painter having so basically. it's the same scene in this thing because we hear attack today when it's troops or targets on villages pretty much since story
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seems creepy the government would protest. but not to get people to sort of walk towards some solution that was beyond justin in a more sort yes or in a send in security manner we needed products you know peace is peace or into submission somebody the problem to this in iraq was pretty much not the west did not is the better way looking good look i mean look he's got into bond it's pretty much that we're on our own does not wear scorsone disorder and curious when you talk about it being the same story are you anticipating more of the same over the coming weeks and months. well i hope not but if you go back dusty we're looking at this. you will see back in march will disorder you know by book i mean granaries village when you've missed it does not
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do not use of the book and what i mean served in that part of the country when you're not the west and northwest and good the bond is down that's really need your problem you know so you know what i'm going on for when about 2 years unless we can really really was. that means that it's not you know the network of what i'm going to pick up is the lead up company reports and miss it just in class and that's that 2000 people aren't you 100 communities destroyed on the back of it 3000 were displaced so it's it's quite low going not where the army has been a lot just 2 weeks ago the army but for the seed bond it's in the same cuts not on . the micro might suppress the winner but as the president so he says a lot wearing the new president's home state it's not it's not is that you can say the most secure it's always in use for your own reason duties so it's quite a serious challenge government and the government has had spasmodic occasional success when it comes to getting to grips with book or her arm if we also blend in
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this other group the so-called bandits what are the chances that the government can at least calm the situation if not at most take on these groups and defeat them. yeah the government are doing a lot in the last i mean when president where he was elected he was elected busy sports sure isn't security on the part corruption right now that he hates or in the book army sergeants in when you're not in the not if you if you look at the debt and i make sport of that conflict yet the african book rochford use what is since i see us we're having a reduction in effect from where boko haram is not absurd enough facts from the bondage so there was actually bundy tree on clashes between from us on in a couple had us. you know the the. the issues of. security is that the government or the party look i mean just this year around
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march we have good and young government you know received quite a number of heavy weapons from you know in china and also courts and government engaging more to let her into the security to say look we do know this that which was also secret out this year you know the government is ill across the beauty in india i mean training or retraining but it's not you know another because why it's not enough that because the government is address it is primarily a military problem it's not he goes beyond up in the us on a sunday and then jerry it's if you have any luck population that's for you know they have you know almost no chance of of course they're advancement in india lives you know if you see if you study the bunny tradition very carefully you see does it there's a connection between bunny treat and my illegal mining you know twist so this is who let it go when 2 are clearly the new mining in newborn example one person because you know these are going to these groups be our understudy but continue to
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mine and get in line get funding from the illegal activities begin to organize themselves small strengthen their capacity by our points and i know they're going to commit a real serious problem you know for security in the. so it's quite a look at all governments what is not in love we need peace butin up route because you can't reach peace you know true security you will reach secure peace ok thanks for that of a way joining us live from a butcher good to talk to us or. thank you very much antigovernment protesters in mali have descended on the capital bamako demanding the president's resignation they're blocking roads and their burning tires a day after an opposition coalition rejected a plan by a regional mediators the west african bloc ecowas recommended president abraham baba hookey to to form a unity government with the opposition but the june the 5th movement wants keiter
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to step down over poor handling of the economy and a lack of security life now to nicholas is covering those developments from dhaka in neighboring senegal nick hi there so the protesters most definitely not getting what they want. that's right and they've taken to the streets again today blocking certain neighborhoods of my co this morning they tried to block the 2 main bridges that connects the north and the south of the city of burma co we're hearing also same demonstration in same movement of trying to block roads in the historic town of timbuktu in the north of the country they blocked also the road that leads from bamako to the town of so that's following. a call to action by the m 5 the movement of the june late last night calling in what they describe in french. a day where protesters are trying to turn capitals and
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cities into a ghost town blocking major arteries and that's because they reject the eco os recommendations and made because it falls short of their demand their demand is that it resigns or that he stripped of his powers and also that the national assembly would be dissolved they say that the elections that happened during the current virus outbreak of the parliamentary election where there was a historic low turnout just 10 percent of the electorate coming out in vote well that is not a legitimate election so they want a revote on that now it seems that the echo is saying that dialogue will continue despite this mission that described by the m 5 movement as a failure that they will continue to have some sort of discussion on key to this negotiation something that we haven't heard of are there french the former colonial power that has $4000.00 french troops on the ground which without their presence
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present. wouldn't be able to govern in certain areas particularly the north in the center of the country now they haven't come out and said anything they say that the e.u. the un should be mediating efforts for a negotiation for. a. a break of this deadlock we're hearing as well that perhaps there will be extraordinary summit of the heads of state of course in the days to come to try to find a resolution to this conflict at stake is the future of mali because despite the presence of u.n. troops $14000.00 u.n. troops in in what is the most expensive u.n. mission costing $1000000000.00 a year there is still no peace to be found in mali and and what we're seeing is that the armed attacks that we're seeing the north in the center of the country well that instability is now coming to the capital of bomb a coke in the form of these mass protest movement against. peter nic
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do we know if behind the scenes almost of course was signaling to mr you've got to go and go now if only for the good of the country because the protesters who was seeing this the protesters have a valid case for you to answer. well good luck jonathan in his press conference said yesterday that you know that key to the eco oss mediation is to follow the constitution of mali and so for them. it was elected democratically so he is the legitimate president of mali in that he cannot be removed out of power and no move for him to be removed out of power if it's beyond the constitution of that's one of the main criticism of the protest movement they see that echo os's recommendation is that they see this this crisis as being intellectual crisis but for the protest movement it's
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a crisis of confidence in the rule of in the governance of. remember peter some of the 30 elected officials that were recently elected during the parliamentary elections are close relatives or affiliated to the president himself and that's what the predator protest movement want to see an end of corruption and they want to see the return of the rule of law peter ok nic thanks very much nicholas hogg reporting live for us the from dhaka. drenching rains and rising waters are swept across southern and central china at least 140 people are dead or missing nearly 24000000 people are affected by the worst flooding to the country in decades weather experts say global warming is partly to blame katrina new reports from beijing. villages submerged and thousands of homes destroyed as floodwaters inundate 24 chinese provinces emergency teams have been sent to rural areas to help
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trapped villagers many people have died or are missing and more than 2000000 have been evacuated from their homes in mountainous areas landslides are an added danger by all of those people afraid of living in their house there's a landslide near the back of the house which is also flooded urban areas have also been battered in her face city an adequate province roads became rivers dams along waterways connected to the young sea river have been blown up to reduce high water levels the 3 gorges dam opened its flood gates last week after levels were above 15 meters to wrench all rain which has lashed the region since the beginning of june has seen more than 400 rivers breach flood control limits 33 had broken record levels flooding occurs in the south east every year but experts say climate change is making it worse fasten the hour of the vision a study shows that global climate changes let the extreme weather regions of our
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country is located in the area that is sensitive to the climate change people living in sichuan province have begun cleaning up with more heavy rain expected this week soldiers are reinforcing dikes in who they province the del years has devastated communities still struggling to recover from the curve $900.00 pandemic economic losses are estimated at $12000000000.00 chinese authorities are desperate to avoid a repeat of 1998 when extreme flooding left more than $4000.00 dead and. yes the training al-jazeera bulging. ok time for the warm winds of winter that sit in the good time department for a weather man isn't it robert yes isn't it just we don't often talk about south america where of course it is with winter so this is to just the. overlay the temperature colors if you like obviously the reds are warm and in this case at all the wind in the southern hemisphere is a warm one montevideo as
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a $25.00 degrees but if you come science we're into the teens which is where we should be really i mean it zoom in on or. there have been near record temperatures in the last few days and weekend has been really quite nice to be honest records not quite broke but so close the average is 70 and we got nearly 30 this happen quite often actually our side of the river plate tend to get these variations in temperature that way you might expect it where it's happening again in the u.s. mid-summer and it's also hot and the thames is. a big surprise because not just the heat is the humidity it's made the difference here there's actual fact that heat warning out for excessive heat for delaware and down towards the juniors will also include washington d.c. philadelphia for example hasn't yet been cleared out of the way so philadelphia has got $37.00 degrees but 65 percent humidity not for anybody who lives in the tropics that's pretty sticky but also feels more like $55.00 celsius is just this combination of what we feel heat and humidity only slowly drops off in the next day
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or so as the cold front pushes through and there is a cold front so behind it terms are dropped a bit but ahead of it they still got to go down and you know what it feels like pieces are. rob thank you very much still to come here on the news hour for you. live in the occupied west bank with the latest on the visit by the egyptian foreign minister. the u.s. college football season is a $1000000000.00 gold but will it be able to kick off this year. on counting the costs cold war 2 could the u.s. break hong kong spread to the on the verge of another currency shot turkey at war in libya and syria and president putin hope to kick start the economy this year but how will you pay for his big plans. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this
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underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures when we great strain the area heritage's. under tourism industry. we will lose it instantly if we have another bleaching event of these magnitude. continue they just will not be the opportunity for the currents to recover in between those mad. scientists are calling for strong climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without this situation and they get worse.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news. your top stories are in brussels for a 4th day of talks for corona. virus recovery plan locks 2 trillion dollar budget includes $857000000000.00 to help countries deal with the economic fallout. the u.k. has signed deals for 90000000 doses of 2 potential vaccines is also signed a deal for a 1000000 doses of an antibiotic treatment reports on the early stage of the human clinical trial is expected on monday. to ensure rains and rising river waters are swept across southern and central china if used 140 people are dead on missing nearly 24000000 people are affected by the worst flooding to china in decades. india has now begun human trials of a new virus vaccine that's another 40000 people that have tested positive in just 24 hours india's total number of recorded infections is now more than 1100000 from
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new delhi here's elizabeth purana. the 1st human clinical trials of a vaccine called kovacs and begin today with 375 people taking part and the director of the all india institute of medical sciences where a large part of the trial is taking place so that regardless of which country comes up with the vaccine 1st india has the ability to mass produce given its history the fact that it is the world's largest producer of generic drugs and speaking about the situation in the country he said that some places like in delhi where cases have been coming down for the last 2 weeks seem to have passed their peak whereas other places especially the southern states are going through their peak now now india did record yet another single highest a rise in cases more than 40000 cases and nearly 700 deaths the state of mind remains the 1st the worst affected and with more than 300000 cases now its tally
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has surpassed that of spain's it's adding nearly 10000 new cases every day and. the hotspot has moved from india's financial capital by to less developed areas with less medical resources and that is the situation and the concern around the country as the outbreak moves from the major cities to more the less developed areas which have far less health care infrastructure so apart from maharashtra the worst affected states are in the south they are not and. there are a number of lockdowns around the country as state governments try to slow down the rise in cases and they're also increasing testing to better detect infections the united states still struggling of course to contain the world's biggest virus outbreak there have been nearly 3800000 cases nationwide and more than 140000 spot president trump has done play the epidemic falsely claiming in an
4:37 pm
interview with fox names that the u.s. has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world helen fisher reports from northern virginia. what the white house described as embers has become a blaze the us now is seeing around $70000.00 new cases of cold meat at the the president's own health expense expressing concern masking has become a political issue now here we are not only with 70000 new cases almost every day but from my perspective also quite concerning the number of hospitalizations which is very close to being as high in the country as it was in back in april so yeah we've got a really dollar down here the number of deaths is rising to arizona and florida breaking new records the residents here are terrified and i'm terrified for the 1st time in my career because there is a lack of leadership johns hopkins university has been tracking the virus since day
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one it says the u.s. has the 7th highest mortality rate in the world a figure disputed by the president in an interview with an american t.v. network i heard we have one of the lowest maybe the lowest mortality rate anywhere in the world you have the numbers from us because i heard we had the best word salad there were republicans governor has warned his state could be the new florida keys numbers are heading in the wrong direction but he's still not ready to issue a statewide order telling people to wear masks were really in the message is that you were the mask for other people you were the mask to to protect your grandmother and you were of the mass too and so it's not just the orders the orders are obviously important but getting people to buying and to understand and there's a warning there may have to be a new low tones across the country meanwhile it's been reported that the white house is trying to block billions of dollars for increased testing and contact tracing democrats want $75000000000.00 and many republicans are now saying that
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they would support the move if that would help bring the coronavirus crisis in the united states under control alan fischer al-jazeera northern virginia. republican party leaders are expected to meet president trump in the white house to continue work on the new trillion dollar economic rescue package following that story for us this hour can be healthy at the white house correspondent how much agreement is there there kimberly on how they should spend the money. not much at all in fact as congress is in session taking out what is the 4th major rescue package for americans there seems to be very little agreement on what needs to be inside it even the price tag seems to be under dispute house democrats looking for a 3 trillion dollars package the republicans in the u.s. senate looking for something in the neighborhood of one trillion dollars and the contents very different in terms of what both sides want republicans looking for
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liability protection that would help small businesses of one of their employees get sick on the job that they would be suited to go out of business on the other hand what democrats are looking for is a lot of money for state and local governments something that republicans are pushing back on saying look if you had financial troubles before cope with 19 you can't use this now as an excuse for a bailout so as you can see the both sides pretty far apart and in the midst of all of this the u.s. president looking for a payroll tax cut something that neither side seems too interested in on capitol hill now time is of the essence peter because this is a very short session before the break the end will break by the congress members and that members say that they need and will continue to have that break to fight the fact that quite a virus cases are surging because not only are they going to have their annual conventions but also they feel that this is really a time for them to go out and campaign before the november elections so that is
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what is on the minds and priorities full of democrats and republicans again watching very carefully to see those negotiations of whether those republican leaders are going to show up at the white house in the next hour or so ok you can believe will come but i'm sure i suspect in the next 90 minutes in the meantime thanks very much can we talk a bit to. the authorities don't call them have taken restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus it comes off to the territory reported 108 new infections on sunday the highest one being creased since the pandemic began. in hong kong. hong kong's star ferry is one of the city's famous symbols but as with all other forms of public transport here the wearing of masks is now mandatory on board on monday the measure was extended to indoor markets and other covered public places and for the 2nd time 180000 civil servants began working from home hong kong's chief executive warns the new outbreak of covert 19 may not be possible to contain
4:42 pm
a thing for the situation is really critical and there is no sign that it's being brought under control until 2 weeks ago hong kong had a religiously low infection rate it chief that without imposing strict containment measures has happened across the border in mainland china at one stage the city was recording 0 transmission rates the moods very different now why we worry that we are close to the collapse because we got more elderly cases more cases we have long term illness and also we found more cases when their wives emergency room they're ready got some new warning as some changes they're quite ill but since july the 6 there have been almost 600 new cases experts have yet to trace the source of around 40 percent of those infections some medical experts say the new wave of infections points to
4:43 pm
a lupo in hong kong's quarantine arrangements arrangements which are exempt workers like pilots sailors and the drivers of lorries the bring essential food supplies into hong kong from the mainland every day. china's state controlled media offer another view saying recent protests against you now tional security law help to spread the virus on sunday for local politicians were arrested on suspicion of taking part in an illegal assembly they've also fined for breaching social distancing laws laws that now make protests like these unlawful adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. several egyptian prisons and police stations are suspected to have virus breaks a report by human rights watch says at least 14 prisoners and detainees have likely died from cope with 1000 complications is calling on the government to improve its testing and medical care about 13000 prisoners have been released since late
4:44 pm
february egypt's foreign minister has met palestinian leaders in the west bank city of ramallah. reaffirmed egypt's support for a 2 state solution and rejected israel's plan to annex palestinian land the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had said he would begin annex in parts of the west bank and the jordan valley from july the 1st for more on this let's go live to him who's in ramallah is really an expansion plans they seem to be on ice for the time being because of a surge of coronavirus so what's the point of this meeting. it comes as part of the palestinian officials diplomatic efforts to try and pressure the u.s. and israel through the arab countries especially those who have peace agreements with israel we know that they both jordan and israel are against the knicks they said they've said it's against international law and international just a messy we've also heard just they need officials say that annexation threatens the
4:45 pm
peace treaties signed with israel there is a visit comes a day after he was a do or did he met with the 2 of the king of the jordanian foreign minister and they both firmed their rejection of an expansion plans and they've invited the 2 parties to engage in any meaningful negotiations process of course palestinians have been saying for so long now and be it's rated that today through the palestinian foreign minister maliki that they are not interested in a peace process with us being the sole mediator of it they say the u.s. is very biased towards israel i think has already taken steps on the grounds to show that it's not going to be a fear mediator for that process they hold and today was for the palestinian foreign minister maliki to call for an international peace conference where different players take forward in solving. peace in order to
4:46 pm
really solve the palestinian cause to do what they say in our legal and international. legitimacy rules ok we'll leave it there thank you very much new to abraham reporting live from ramallah the united arab emirates has launched its 1st space mission. the emirates mars mission to a call from japan's space center is expected to reach the obits of moscow in february of next year the project is promising to provide a complete view of the martian atmosphere during different seasons on the red planet. italian coast guard is working to free a sperm whale tangled in a fishing nets off the louis and islands divers say the whale is distressed which is making it difficult with the netting they were called in to help on saturday after the mammal was seen struggling off its knees west coast another sperm whale
4:47 pm
was caught up in a similar situation 3 weeks ago. still ahead here on the news for you colombia's top flight athletes charter a plane to europe to compete coming up with peter in the sports news when we come back. business leaders whose vote to buy no brass paul.
4:48 pm
business leaders has voted to buy no brass power. the war. i've. used for you with peter let's just get you some what looks like on the face of it some good news coming to us we've been waiting all day for that breakdown of where we are with the fight to find a vaccine to drop on the lancet medical and technology news magazine website it has
4:49 pm
dropped it looks as i say and i have to wrap this up with a health warning on the face of it as if it is good news the reuters news agency is saying the 1000 vaccine was safe and produced an immune response in early stage clinical trials in previously healthy volunteers now the vaccine is called d 1222 development as we've been reporting here on the news shows by astra zeneca working in conjunction with scientists at oxford university in the u.k. and they're also saying it does not prompt any serious side effects and it did this is the key thing it did elicit we understand antibody and t. cell immune responses according to those trial results published in the lancet medical journal last we'll get a little bit keen and over excited on this we've also been hearing just in the past 2 hours from the u.k. prime minister boris johnson saying a vaccine by christmas time no that is not going to happen this is one of 3
4:50 pm
major research projects taking place in the u.k. in which the u.k. government is heavily heavily invested the u.k. government in that sense i guess it would be fair to say hedging its bets but as i say the top line on that developing story is that vaccine test results coming to us from astra zeneca and the boffins at oxford university in the u.k. heading in the right direction. moral not just for you and for you just as soon as we can in the meantime time for sports news his peter peter thank you so much child their fleets in japan are suffering physical verbal and sometimes sexual abuse during training according to a report released by human rights watch the report comes in the week that would have marked the start of the tokyo lympics had it not been delayed a year by the corona virus pandemic the organization documented the experiences of $800.00 athletes across 50 sports japan's limping committee promised to take steps
4:51 pm
to protect athletes from bullying and harassment after an internal survey done 7 years ago highlighted the problem but human rights watch say not enough has been done since then the specific abuses we documented include hunching slapping kicking or striking with objects excessive or insufficient food and water athletes who were forced to train when they were injured or punished with excessive training cutting or shaving hair as a punishment and abuse by all their teammates there is no comprehensive tracking of child athlete abuse in japan where another way no one is even bothering to count the number of abuse complaints or cases with a 2020 limpet games now delayed for a year due to the pandemic human rights watch is calling on japan to take decisive
4:52 pm
action. the new world number one spain's john rama's knocked a rory mcilroy off the top spot of the victory at the memorial tournament in ohio rum started the final round with a 4 stroke lead and extended it 8 at one point he then chipped in the use of lee on the 16th only for officials to hand him a 2 stroke penalty off to replace showed he'd moved these ball as he took each shot but by then that didn't matter as he won by 3 strokes from ryan palmer with mcelroy finishing in a tie for 32nd is the 2nd spaniard to top the rankings after several bystanders. over there wake up and to be a better player a better person every single day a better husband and that's why i can sum it up you know any time i can join my name to spanish history or any kind of history it's very unique and so it's a very special player for all of us and to be able to be the 2nd since then it's
4:53 pm
a true honor. the prize for the world's top football player the ballon d'or will not be awarded this year because of the disruption brought about by the coronavirus most football leagues were brought to a halt in march because of covert 19 before resuming again in june the ballon d'or is awarded by france football magazine and has been around for 64 years. messi has received the award a record 6 times. but good to do it doesn't make us happy to put this award on hold but we're also responsible for its survival we think it must be irreproachable we really didn't want a little asterix next to the 2020 when his name noting that this trophy was awarded in a strange context. meanwhile the current holder of the bell and all in all messi is finished as the top goalscorer in spain's leader for a record 7th time the argentine scored twice as botha from tel aviv's 5 nil in the final game of the season messi finishing with 25 goals. the west indies are
4:54 pm
battling to save the 2nd test against england in manchester the visitors were said its all good of 312 so when the england declared 112-9431 the final day the west indies on their 79 for 4 stuart broad having taken 3 of those wickets the coronavirus pandemic has forced u.s. colleges and universities to cancel classes and sports in the 1st half of 2218 now campuses are slowly reopening but colleges have to decide whether it's safe for student athletes to get back on the playing fields rosalind jordan reports. the battle on the college football field a highlight of many american lives come september but thanks to college at 19 the fan here athleticism and displays of school spirit will be very different this year especially for the players and coaches. if there's a vaccine of course i probably all across well could be like you know what i mean right now. but it's like there's
4:55 pm
a sense in the back of your head just like man there's no back scene there's no way . there's a quarantine you night after the courts and i guess i'm ok we're on t.v. back to really go with the football we will play the state of the country. but it's not a given the estimated $13000.00 college football players will take to the field to action the ivy league made up of the country's most elite university has canceled all sports for the rest of the year or so and the big 10 and pac 12 football conferences say their teams will only play league games under strict conditions plane travel and hotel stays are off limits until further notice. and it vies regroup on college sports says it's particularly important to make sure the schools come up with policies that don't put minority students at a disadvantage. college presidents on 2 and showed it reopening schools don't
4:56 pm
exacerbate the problem that this fortunate representation and fact that 19 and if there is a real cost in delaying the football season by some estimates the 25 most profitable college football programs earn $2500000000.00 a year and after expenses they still have $1400000000.00 in the bank college sports overall generate nearly 11 trillion dollars money which the schools rely money from the football program often goes into other aspects of the university apart from sports so it's understandably not a minor decision to cancel ellis for all the major decision back at the university of illinois milo i floor is realizing the far reaching impact of code that 19 what a fight back. actually i can't go see my parents at the realization that life is truly not a game. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera. we're just over
4:57 pm
a month away before cyclists are going to have no begins the defense of his tour de france title but the colombians journey back to the top of the podium is already began he joined fellow cyclists and more than 100 other colombian athletes on a chartered flight from bogota to madrid on sunday he's compared to its also travelling to compete in judo fencing football tennis and golf tournaments in europe all had to take a covert test and comply with health and safety rules before they could fly. we know that all colombians are watching us we're going to do our best the motivation we have is that we want to give the best of us to all colombians so that they are motivated so that they continue taking care of themselves and later on thursday. and that is all the sports news for now peter peter thanks very much that's it from me peter darby and this news but on the other side of this 2 minute break we'll have certain minutes of world news.
4:58 pm
frank assessments tourism but income stream is dead in the water what's been the result in portugal what parts of north america informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy gives say contrary they cannot all be disintegrating weeks brittany fish the leading to all continues inside story on al-jazeera. the costs morales day is a magnet for the rich and famous it hosts the most beautiful beaches in all of europe but i've come here to investigate a dock a side sodomy a place host to some of the world's most elaborate war games for decades dust from
4:59 pm
explosions and tastes has brightened down on the towns and the grazing fields of the firing range exactly what was in the no one knows in nearly 2000 local doctors store a spike in the number of unusual cancers in their patients in a country 90 days defense contracts are a source of income but also quite possibly the cause of untold misery after all the inquiries and with military brass now on trial for the people of this island paradise there is a glimmer of hope that the truth might finally see the light of day. territorial social and ethnic divisions. france has seen some of the biggest recent protests over black lives matter. al-jazeera world goes to some of its least privileged communities. where treatment by the police is still
5:00 pm
a contentious issue. carries a divided city on al-jazeera. the initial findings of an experimental corona or a spider's vaccine go public researches say it's promotes prompts the expected immune response with no serious side effects. i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up day 4 of talks in brussels to decide how the e.u. will distribute $857000000000.00 in coronavirus bailout money. another single day.


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