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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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small signs of hope in the fight against corona virus a vaccine trial in the u.k. shows some promising results. down in jordan this is al jazeera live from dakar also coming up talks continue in brussels for a 4th day over the e.u.'s coronavirus economic recovery plan. covered 9000 infections are still rising rapidly the u.s.
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florida cases soar past 100048 6th straight day. back out on the streets of bomb acoa we'll have reaction to a new proposal by international mediators to end the crisis in. we begin with the fight against covert 19 and a breakthrough in the race to develop a vaccine the lancet medical journal has published encouraging results from scientists at oxford university who've been conducting early human testing they found their vaccine appears to be safe and produced a strong immune response right now it's being tested in large numbers in the u.k. south africa and brazil there are more than $250.00 different vaccines being worked on around the world with 23 of them already in human trials the world health organization has welcomed the progress but says that any viable vaccine must be available to everyone. with political commitment of course.
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that's the only way you can get you know fair distribution but one of the warning part of this we see is. some countries moving the other direction of course more and more countries are joining the. benefits the advantages of making this global public good paul brennan has more now from oxford. phase one really could have gone much better for the oxford team early positive signs now confirmed in the published research this is an important milestone on the park but we're now moving rapidly forwards to try to evaluate whether the vaccine actually protects the population. by conducting large scale trials we have 10000 people already vaccinated around the world we still need to see how the vaccine in older people more is the disease than the. east
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so that's the subject of work and to be more public. the oxford vaccine is adapted from a common cold virus found in chimpanzees spike glycoprotein a genetic material from the covert 19 virus was added the hope is the human body will develop immunity to the spike protein stopping the virus from entering cells and preventing infection tests indicate the vaccine produces 2 reactions by producing a defensive antibody response as well as t. cells which attack the infected cells t. cell response peaked just 14 days after volunteers were injected antibody response peak to 28 days and side effects were minor mainly just tiredness and headaches treated with paracetamol i'm hopeful i've got my fingers crossed but to say that i'm 100 percent confident that we'll get a vaccine this year or indeed next year is alas just you know an exaggeration we're
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not there yet this is a hugely encouraging result for the team here in oxford but provoking an immune reaction is just the 1st stage in vaccine development phase 3 trials are already underway in the u.k. south africa and brazil are looking at issues such as optimal dosage and exactly how much protection vaccinated people have when exposed to the actual corona virus fairly cameron was injected with the oxford vaccine as part of the phase 3 trials she's a family doctor herself and has lost friends and patients to the virus. rather than sitting in front of the t.v. and screaming at the mortality rates every day screaming at politicians or getting annoyed on social media right i really felt very strongly. that i wanted to do something i just wanted to be a part of the armed sarah i don't think there's going to be one answer to cove it i think there's going to be a few different answers 9 in 10 vaccine projects and in failure and there's no
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guarantee that the early promise of the oxford trials will lead to an effective covert job but it is a very positive step paul brennan al-jazeera oxford professor adrian hill as part of that research group at oxford he explains what will happen next. the immune responses that the vaccine produces have been found to be pretty encouraging we're seeing that both signs of the immune system are triggered interaction reducing antibodies on the one hand and t. cells part of the center immune system on the other and the numbers that are pretty encouraging about the level that you would see in somebody who's had a really severe or significant bit infection so these are really about as good as we could have hoped at this stage of the vaccines journey so where at the stage now of looking for efficacy of the back scene and that has involved recruiting almost 10000 people into our circles phase 3 trial those people are being recruited at
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19 centers around the country in britain and we are following those to see who gets infected by that and. that will come to a conclusion as soon as we have enough cases in the trial that hasn't happened yet it will probably take a couple of months at least yet we will get an answer on whether or not there are more cases or less cases i didn't really of vaccine. of it in the backseat route and in the polls we can't judge how long efficacies subtlely have some efficacy so we don't know that yet but we are confident that as with nearly all vaccines the immune responses last years not months and even though they make applying a bit over time we don't expect that to be an initial problem in other words the vaccine should last for at least a year and thank fully long for that so the main problem right now is to get
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a vaccine that we can deploy and use even if it only did last for a year that would still be very useful indeed and what we've shown in this report today is that we can give the vaccine again and boost immunity with the us. e.u. leaders are locked into their 4th night of tense negotiations over a coronavirus rescue fund there are signs that a deal may be imminent france and germany want the e.u. nations most affected to receive bailout grants but there's resistance from some members who want loans not handouts tasha butler reports. american ease summit and the fatigue was evident leaders arrived for more talks on a proposed $860000000000.00 fund to help the bloc recover from the coronavirus pandemic the leaders of spain italy france and germany the 27 to back the deal as. it's clear that these are incredibly tough negotiations and they will continue but
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exceptional situations also require exceptional efforts we have done justice to this so far and i hope that the remaining distance which will not be easy can be covered by discussions of the intense and at times hostile he does disagree over the size of the fund and how the money would be distributed the main opposition coming from leaders of sweden denmark austria and the netherlands the same called frugal full he worries about shared debts and prefer loans with strict conditions rather than grants. we haven't found a way out yet it may still fail but i'm more optimistic than i was at one point last night i said to myself it over the french president says the e.u. must show unity and solidarity at a time of crisis or risk feeling anti e.u. sentiment. we must enter into the details of a proposal it must be a proposal of compromise which each of us moves forward but it must retain the ambitions of our great european policies for the future that proposal came on
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monday evening with concessions made to the frugal 4 e.u. council headshell michel leaders to sign off on the full 860000000000 figure spit nearly equally into moans and groans with some conditions attached i know the last steps are always the most difficult but then turned for didn't i think that even if difficult even. important to turn to new to work i think and i am convinced that an agreement is possible earlier in. summit's michel said it was time to finish what he called a mission impossible the choice he said was between a europe capable of building unity in trust or a weak europe undermined by mistrust national interests are clearly at stake but so is the east reputation natasha butler al-jazeera paris u.s. president donald trump has been putting the conflict in libya on his agenda holding
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talks with multiple leaders on the situation and a phone call with egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi the white house says the 2 leaders affirmed the need for immediate deescalation in libya including through a ceasefire tramples i spoke with the french president among your macro about deescalation for the white house statement saying the situation has been exacerbated by the presence of foreign forces and arms egypt's parliament later voted to allow president sisi to deploy troops abroad it allows a potential intervention in neighboring libya since he has previously threatened to support warlords leave the have to force as if tripoli's government and its turkish allies launched an assault on the city of sirte the arizona the control of after his forces out as a gateway to libya's oil rich region but just before that parliament vote the un warned against any foreign intervention in the libyan conflict and particularly singled out egypt whether it's syria gyptian with already or were any other country. that has an influence or look farther east in no or in libya i think
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they all know our position you know there is no military solution. to this conflict and this buildup of forces around sooty is worrying interest rates more libyan civilians at risk contact have been had with the egyptian. authorities as i say we're continuing to rich countries. to help alleviate agree on a lasting cease fire rather a rather 95. meanwhile libya's interior minister has met the turkish and qatari defense ministers in ankara to discuss the situation the group agreed to continue cooperation between their countries supporting the un recognized government in tripoli while the u.a.e. egypt and russia back to have tough human rights watch is concerned the coronavirus is circulating through egyptian prisons and police stations its report says at least 14 prisoners and detainees have likely died from cope with 19 the groups
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calling on the government to improve its testing and medical care about 13000 prisoners have been released since late february but overcrowding is still an issue . time for short break here al-jazeera when we come back the worst flooding in decades millions of people are affected as china is hit by a daily. just how are new restrictions being received in hong kong as the territory sees a surge in the number of infections one that stay with us. for . how the seasonal rains changes orientation is brought up a little bit but it's still there the last bit of heavy rain which is on this frontal system went through north korea and now it's in siberia and stretches down through a car i don't honk shoe that will be the case during choosey rain on the northern
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shores of japan in particular but a break for q shoe increasing clouds in south korea and the next pulse developing in the west and the yangtze will be a bit further north than the yangtze river itself and stretch out through the sea towards south korea which i think will see the significant rain in a couple of days' time south of this and there's an area of thunderstorms that maybe not obvious from what has just happened but what will happen not this one just a scattering in west papua but further west of the sumatra and over the far south of thailand peninsula malaysia and singapore the scenario i think we see quite a few thunderstorms and big ones develop over tuesday and wednesday and maybe on less so to the east less so in java the monsoon rains have taken the wrong turn i think for many points of view they are concentrating now once again in nepal in the northeast of india and bangladesh and a few showers in northern pakistan but this looks worrying.
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but for. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis you know how many do not know how to die with this horrid stock of his heart he says all are really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in yemen the sapphic case is an interesting. one for the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour oxford university has made a breakthrough in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine only results appear to show it's safe and triggers an immune response the world health organization has welcomed the progress. egypt's parliament has voted to allow president abdel fattah el-sisi to deploy troops outside the country allows for a possible intervention in libya u.s. president donald trump has called c.c. to urge deescalation. and e.u. leaders are considering a new budget proposal put forward by the council president to try and break the deadlock over a massive and democrat company package members are divided over how the multi-billion dollar fund should be given else. people in gaza city have been protesting in support of palestinian prisoners who were sick and being held in israeli prisons the march organized by the popular front for the liberation of palestine was held outside the red cross center. the last guy we asked the
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military wings of the palestinian factions to exert pressure on the occupation to achieve a fear prisoner swap that frees all or prisoners egypt's foreign minister has met palestinian leaders in the occupied west bank city of ramallah some reaffirmed egypt's support for a 2 state solution and rejected israel's plan to unexpressed in the inland israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had said he would begin next in parts of the occupied west bank and the jordan valley from july 1st. calibers foreign minister has cost down to about an iranian report which found the shooting down of a ukrainian passenger jet was due to human error french investigators have successfully downloaded flight recorder data from the boeing 737 which crashed in january all 176 people on board 57 of those canadians were killed iran had refused to release the black boxes to the u.s. but the plane's manufacturer of boeing is based international mediators are heading back to mali later this week to try and find an end to the growing political crisis
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the opposition has already rejected a proposal from echo us calling for a unity government there insisting mali's president abraham step down because more . they call it operation ghost town opposition protesters from mounties and live movements have set up roadblocks in the capital bamako and in the cities of timbuktu and go to protest movement is spreading we don't want to be gassed we raise your ears high up so that they can see we are not looking for violence that we are not a threat our motivation is to continue our movement of civil disobedience so that our demands are met. moments later police fire tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowd demonstrators want to see president. resign and the newly elected national assembly dissolved the accused of rigging the ballot which was held earlier this year in favor of his governing party candidates many of whom are close allies or relatives of the president. to end the crisis the regional bloc ecowas
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led by former nigerian president goodluck jonathan says newly appointed constitutional judges should rule over the contested election results while the block calls for national unity it says there is no reason for the president to resign. it is urgent to set up a government of national unity on the basis of consensus taking into account the recommendations of the inclusive national dialogue the proposals are for 50 percent of government members to come from the ruling coalition 30 percent of government officials will come from the opposition and 20 percent will come from civil society . says a monitoring mission will make sure that this is implemented before the end of july but the m 5 movement has rejected ecowas as recommendations it wants a transitional government saying president is in breach of the constitution after commando units trained to fight armed groups such as al-qaeda and i salute philly 8 were deployed and fired live rounds on unarmed protesters several were killed and
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many injured. we have told that we would not want people to feel a dnd of this whole process that ecowas has disowned of of keeping a president in power against his people must not be an instrument for protecting the heads of state it must be an instrument of the service of the interests of the people the protest movement continues to gain momentum those who support it say they have lost confidence in molly's leadership in president is increasingly becoming isolated nicholas hawk al-jazeera. torrential rains and solar in rivers have swept across southern and central china at least 140 people are dead or missing nearly 24000000 are affected by the worst floods to hit china in decades weather experts say global warming is partly to blame as katrina new reports in the capital beijing. villages submerged and thousands of homes destroyed as
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floodwaters inundate 24 chinese provinces emergency teams have been sent to rule areas to help trapped a delicious many people have died or are missing and more than 2000000 have been evacuated from their homes in mountainous areas landslides are an added danger by all of those people afraid of living in their house there's a landslide near the back of the house which is also flooded. urban areas have also been battered in her face an adequate province roads became rivers dams along waterways connected to the young sea river have been blown up to reduce high water levels the 3 gorges dam opened its flood gates last week after levels were above 15 meters to wrench all rain which has lashed the region since the beginning of june has seen more than 400 rivers breach flood control limits 33 had broken record levels flooding occurs in the south east every year but experts say climate change
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is making it worse thousands are trying to achieve our of the ration study shows that global climate change is a let the extreme weather regions of our country is located in the area that is sensitive to the climate change people living in sichuan province have begun cleaning up with more heavy rain expected this week soldiers are reinforcing dikes in who they province the deluge has devastated communities still struggling to recover from the curve $900.00 pandemic economic losses are estimated at $12000000000.00 chinese authorities are desperate to avoid a repeat of 1998 when extreme flooding left more than 4000 dead and 15000000 homeless katrina al-jazeera aging the british government is spending its extradition treaty with hong kong and blocking arms sales in response to beijing's new national security law the foreign secretary dominic robb has described the measures as reasonable and proportionate last month china and post sweeping new
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legislation which outlaws what it calls a session subversion terrorism inclusion of foreign entities. i'm particularly concerned about articles 55 to 59 of the law which give mainland china chinese authorities the ability to assume jurisdiction over certain cases and to try these cases in mainland chinese courts. also tell the house that we would not consider reactivating those arrangements unless and until there are clear and robust safeguards which are able to prevent extradition from the u.k. being misused under the new national security legislation hong kong has further tightened restrictions to slow the spread of the corona virus until recently it had brought transmission rates down to 0 but infections have shot up in the last 2 weeks and as adrian brown reports the source of the infections is still unclear. hong kong's star ferry is one of the city's famous symbols but as with all other forms of public transport here the wearing of masks is now mandatory on board on
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monday the measure was extended to indoor markets and other covered public places and for the 2nd time 180000 civil servants began working from home hong kong's chief executive warns the new outbreak of covert 19 may not be possible to contain thing for the situation is really critical and there is no sign that it's being brought under control until 2 weeks ago hong kong had a relatively low infection rate it chief that without imposing strict containment measures as happened across the border in mainland china at one stage the city was recording 0 transmission rates the moods very different now why are we worried that we are really close to the collapse because we got more elderly cases more cases we have our long term illness and also we've found more cases when their wives
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emergency room they're ready got some new warning as some changes they're quite ill but since july the 6 there have been almost 600 new cases experts have yet to trace the source of around 40 percent of those infections some medical experts say the new wave of infections points to a loophole in hong kong's quarantine arrangements arrangements which exempt workers like pilots sailors and the drivers of lorries to bring essential food supplies into hong kong from the mainland every day. china's state controlled media offer another view saying recent protests against a new national security law help to spread the virus on sunday for local politicians were arrested on suspicion of taking part in an illegal assembly they've all. so fined for breaching social distancing rules rules that now make protests like these unlawful adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong.
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florida has and during the worst corona virus outbreak in the united states new cases of sore past 10000 for a 6th day in a row that's a figure higher than most countries california and texas are also experiencing surges it takes the nationwide infection total to nearly $3800000.00 with 140000 deaths president trump says he will resume white house briefings from tuesday and he has in miami he says there's been a lot of confusion surrounding the situation. the governor of the state ron dissenters a close ally of president trump is refusing to even talk about shutting down the economy once again but as before many of the local leaders are taking a different tact here the mare of miami is talking about possibly closing down the economy once again if things don't get any better there's already a curfew in place here where i am from 10 pm till 6 am in the morning as for the
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emergency wards there are about 75 percent full in miami dade county some of the other parts of the state it is almost entirely fall if not full completely so the bed space is running out at the moment and i have to say as someone who's had covered 19 and i think a lot of other people feel the same way it's very disappointing for me to watch boats of young people partying along the intercoastal taking pictures of themselves to social media or not wearing masks because there is no mask monday here so it is a very difficult situation for all involved but rhonda santa is the governor of this state is refusing point blank to talk about closing down the economy again he's a close ally of president trump as i said that is the goal he wants to see the economy up and running again and making money but just in the last few moments an official in jacksonville florida has said the possibility of holding the republican convention which president was hoping to go to is now beyond the point of return because things are so bad in that city that just gives you an idea of how about the situation is here in florida and if these figures don't start trending downwards it
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is i think of many people's minds here what are the leaders going to do when will we get some guidance because there's an awful lot of confusion here there's long wait times for test results something up to 10 days in some cases and i've been seeing reports of people getting positive results when that isn't the case because the liberties of been messing up their test results so it is really a dire situation here in florida people looking for leadership and at the same time the frontline stuff in the hospitals all across the state are really feeling the strain of this pandemic. india has started human clinical trials for a potential coronavirus vaccine at least $40000.00 people have tested positive there in just 24 hours that's according to the latest tally india's total number of recorded infections is now more than 1100000 from new delhi is elizabeth. the 1st human clinical trials all of a vaccine called kovacs and begin today with 375 people taking part and the
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director of the all india institute of medical sciences where a large part of the trial is taking place so that regardless of which country comes up with the vaccine 1st india has the ability to mass produce it given its history the fact that it is the world's largest producer of generic drugs and speaking about the situation in the country he said that some places like in delhi where cases have been coming down for the last 2 weeks seem to have passed their peak whereas other places especially the southern states are going through their peak now now india did record yet another single highest a rise in cases more than 40000 cases and nearly 700 deaths the state of mind remains the 1st the worst affected and with more than 300000 cases now its tally has surpassed that of spain's it's adding nearly 10000 new cases every day and. the hotspot has moved from india's financial capital by to less developed areas
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with less medical resources and that is the situation and the concern around the country as the outbreak moves from the major cities to more the less developed areas which have this health care infrastructure so apart from maharashtra the worst affected states are in the south they are not and. there are a number of lockdowns around the country as state governments try to slow down the rise in cases and they're also increasing testing to better detect infections pakistan has resumed its campaign against polio the program was suspended some months due to the pandemic volunteers band of the oxalate more than 800000 children under the age of 5 pakistan and afghanistan other than the 2 countries in the world remains of problems. argentina's echo. amik woes aren't going away with 3 groups of creditors rejecting its proposal to restructure $66000000000.00 worth of debt argentina has been in recession since 2018
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a situation only made worse by the coronavirus pandemic the international monetary fund estimates its economy will contract by almost 10 percent this year the credit has of made a counter offer to the government but the economy minister says it won't subject the people to more anguish by accepting the demands. for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera oxford university has made a breakthrough in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine early results appear to show its safe triggers an immune response the world health organization has welcomed the progress we have political commitment of course. that's the only way you can get you know distribution but one of the. part of this we see is.
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some countries moving. of course more and more countries are joining the. benefits the advantages of making these global public good talks on a massive e.u. pandemic recovery package are dragging into a 5th day as leaders work through the night in brussels they're considering a new budget proposal put forward by the council president to try to break the deadlock members are divided over how the $860000000000.00 fund should be given out . egypt's parliament voted to allow president sisi to deploy troops abroad cc's threaten to support the wall orderly for have to force is if tripoli's government and its turkish allies launched an assault on the city of sirte. u.s. president donald trump has called egypt's leader to urge deescalation the area some of the control of forces and as a gateway to libya's oil rich region new cases of coronavirus in florida have
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soared past 10000 for the 6th day in a row california and texas are also experiencing surges and takes the nationwide total to nearly $3800000.00 with 140000 deaths president trump says he will resume white house briefings from tuesday the british government is suspending its extradition treaty with hong kong on blocking arms sales in response to beijing's new national security law foreign secretary dominic robb has described the measures as reasonable and proportionate last month china imposed sweeping new legislation outlawing what it called something. and a delegation of west african leaders are heading back to mali later this week to help mediate an end to the growing political crisis the opposition has already rejected a proposal from echo us calling for unity government there insisting ollie's president abraham. should resign so those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story stage in terms of watching by fidel
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. the u.k. is reported to have turned to japan in its search for 5 g. network technology but can anyone fill the wall way voice what does it mean for the timeline of the 5 g.'s services this is inside story. hello welcome to the show i'm sam is a than now the u.k. is reportedly japan to help build its 5 g.
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infrastructure it's seen as a major blow for chinese technology and the way in for us president donald.


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