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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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long delayed intelligence report says the u.k. government actively avoided investigating russian interference in the brics referendum. unearned taylor says al-jazeera live from london also coming up. we did its europe east's raunch europe. after 4 days of fraught discussions e.u.
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leaders struck an historic deal on an $859000000000.00 recovery fund. after federal agents are sent to break up protests in portland oregon i'm as of chicago and new york pushback against president trump's plans to do the same in their cities. and molly's opposition calls for a 10 day pause in protests against the president head of the ija festival. and or the u.k. government has been accused of actively avoiding looking into evidence of russian interference during the 2016 e.u. referendum a report from parliament's intelligence and security committee says the government failed to take action even after information emerged of moscow trying to influence the 2014 scottish independence vote. the offer say it's hard to prove that the
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kremlin sought to meddle in the brics referendum because the government failed to investigate it inquiry also says the u.k. appears to be a top western intelligence target for russia behind only the us and united nations on a guy who has the details. in the shadows of britain's democratic process and its economy the threat of interference from russia looms large russia poses an all encompassing security threat which is fueled by power noise about the west and a desire to be seen as a subject great power companies at malicious cyber activity in order to set itself aggressively for example by attempting to interfere other country's elections by pre-positioning itself in other countries critical national infrastructure and this is an immediate threat to national security. the warning signs whether the scottish independence referendum in 2014 the 1st post soviet interference in
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a western democratic election but it raised little curiosity from the government this long awaited report paints a picture of a political system rife with complacency when it came to the issue of russian attempts at interference britain's democratic processes were at stake as well as national security so the question remains why did governments take so long to tackle them there is a lot of russians with very close links to. putin who are now very well integrated into book both u.k. business political and social see what is referred to as lending a london grad yet few if any questions have been hashed regarding the problems of considerable wealth. this. approach should provided an ideal mechanism by which illicit finance could be recycled through the london laundromat
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. it was the government's failure to look into possible russian meddling in the 2016 breck's referendum that spoke to the investigation by m.p.'s no evidence of interference has been found but the lack of curiosity to examine that raised alarm in the report after the break said vote it was the turn of the us in the 2016 presidential election u.s. intelligence agencies concluded that russia had been behind cyber attacks on the democratic party to help the eventual winner donald trump it was a wake up call that turned into an uproar after the attempted murder of former double agent said basically on british soil with a soviet developed nerve agent russia denied it was to blame but it plunged u.k. russian relations to a low not seen since the cold war but it is the undermining of british institutions that is at the heart of this storm the u.k. will have to overhaul its previous approach if it is to have
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a chance of tackling this new normal. al-jazeera london. as you had their russian interference in elections is also a major concern in the united states let's talk more about this with our white house correspondent can really help it can you how much is is that issue on the agenda in the run up to the presidential election in november. it's a major concern given that more than a dozen u.s. intelligence agencies have confirmed that russia and other state actors have influence the us election or at least try to meddle in it in 2016 and are intent on doing it again now this is of course a concern to many in the united states given how they saw the disruptions in 2016 and the 2020 election is looming large on the horizon coming down in november that the us president for his part tweeted today that he was concerned about internal sabotage potential voter fraud with mail in ballots he said this could make the results corrupt even rigged so i asked the press secretary what the president was
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doing to prevent extra sabotage here's what she had to say you were teaming gauges with congress on election security on part particularly just for one of the 6 elections security specific hearings he signed legislation 71000000 dollars and so on and so forth and that's quite a contrast to the obeid in the obama biden administration who when told of meddling in 2016 did nothing and in fact susan rice told the white house cyber team to stand down and quote knock it off when they floated when they floated options to combat russian cyber attacks and even obama's cyber chief michael daniel has confirmed the stand down order it's been off the snow more than 3 years i'm asking what's been done now and here in these fresh concerns what are we going to hear from the president and what's been done out of the listed off 3 or 4 things 3 and i'm happy to go through more i we can talk about the 71 letter back in legislation on
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election security we can talk about the 15000000 for election reform activities we can talk about legislation making more than 805000000 available to states. now the presumptive democratic presidential nominee joe biden has put the kremlin on notice that he does not encourage and will not tolerate any interference in u.s. elections we're watching very carefully now looking ahead to $21.00 g.m.t. that's when the u.s. president set to resume his coronavirus task force briefings whether or not he will do the same. thank you very much indeed your search your state my pump air has congratulated britain on its shift away from china on a visit to london he met prime minister boris johnson to see what extra pressure the u.k. can exert to recent moves over hong kong and the technology from huawei charlie rangel reports from london. britain is having
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a change of heart of the china and the u.s. is here to hold its hand on his visit to london secretary of state mike pompei and applauded prime minister boris johnson agreeing to ban chinese telecoms company while away from its 5 g. infrastructure and ending its extradition treaty with hong kong to move the u.s. is also making later he spelt out the dangers of the us is geo political rival and the chinese communist party the c.c.p. sexploitation this disaster to further its own interest has been disgraceful rather than helping the world general secretary she has shown the world the parties to face we've talked about and we've seen hong kong's freedoms crushed to watch the c.c.p. bully its neighbors militarized beatrice in the south china sea and instigate a deadly confrontation with india. i want to take this opportunity to congratulate the british government for its principles of sponsors to these challenges foreign
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secretary dominic robb was kina to extol the special relationship with the u.k. it is really clear that we need to work with all american friends and also with other parties together in the international system to protect our freedoms and interests and stand up as we've shared i think of phone calls from violence we're more influential we have more impact when we work together. only 5 years ago another conservative government rolled out the red carpet for president xi jinping his state visit heralded a golden era of economic ties a closer relationship than ever before but now those ties are badly frayed and china is growing increasingly angry due to. china urges the british side to abandon the illusion of continuing colonial influence in hong kong immediately correct its mistakes and stop interfering so as to avoid further damage to china britain relations. the list of concerns over china's behavior is long
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a crackdown on hold that treatment of the weak of muslims the handling of the current virus outbreak but there is increasing pressure from key trade partner the u.s. in london to turn its back on beijing and the u.k. is finding itself caught between 2 superpowers. al jazeera and. in around 2 hours from now u.s. president donald trump will resume his daily televised coronavirus briefings from the white house it will be the 1st time he's done so since april the u.s. is the worst affected country in the world with well over 3800000 cases the crisis has left 140000 people dead and triggered mass unemployment the white house press secretary said the president himself has tested several times a day the president is the most tested man in america he says more than anyone multiple times a day and we believe that he's acting appropriately. federal prosecutors in the us
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have charged 2 chinese men with hacking hundreds of companies including firms researching the coronavirus they say the men targeted informational drugs most recently trying to steal cancer research it's a measure that was part of a multi-year cyber espionage campaign also targeting weapons designs dissidents and chinese opposition figures well this comes days after russian hackers were accused of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research a chinese made vaccine against cuba 19 is being child in brazil the testing program was launched in sao paolo and will take place in 5 other brazilian states the vaccine was flown in from beijing for phase 3 trials on monday some 900 fallen to doctors and paramedics will be the 1st in the country to receive the drug the study is being conducted by a chinese company sin of ak biotech and the brazilian vaccine producer the baton town institute. there is a boy joins us from argentina's capital winners ariz so there's
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a lot of expectation about the results of the late stage trials of the 19 vaccines in developing nations or tell us what's been going on in brazil. well most of the spread of covert 19 in latin america but specifically in brazil has generated the urgency for many countries in the region to participate in test trial brazil is the largest ones as were thousands of people have already lost their lives and the governor of jo the idea announced that on monday 20000 vaccines arrived from china and the trials will begin this to state in 12 different research centers in 6 different states involving at least 9000 people there's lots of expectations about this vaccine but it's not the only one since june the oxford with the vaccine has been tested in brazil involving at least 5000 people we're being told about it this trials are expected to last for at least 3 months that's what governor of so paulo
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was saying and brazil is an ideal place for this trial not only because of the high transmission rate that's been going on in the country because it also has really known recent centers and very strong public health care system so what we're being told is that at least 3 other vaccines are expected to be tested in the weeks ahead and if a prisoner will participate in these trials does that mean it will have access to 2 vaccines. well what we're hearing is that this vaccine if successful could be ready by the end of the year or early 2021 in the oxford bechstein the government says that they have signed an intention agreement that involves at least 100000000 doses with the same in fact chinese vaccines they're expecting to be able to produce a hoveround 120000000 doses this would be a working alongside a brazilian institute however consumer consumer groups are awarded about whether
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brazil will be able to get access to this vaccine fast enough especially with what is happening in the country we were talking earlier today to one of those persons in one consumer group of what they were saying is that brazil participated actively in the search in the h one n one vaccine and they were able to access it 8 months later and we have mt of people that have been infected in brazil and dying in brazil for many it's not fast enough and that's why many groups in the country are calling for a lot to be passed on compulsory licensing currently there's mean since april a law in congress that they're hoping would be voted on that would allow the brazilian state to give brazilian agencies or the tories the capacity to be able to produce their own vaccines. the agreement of those who all want those licenses it's not clear yet whether the government of president will turn out a would agree to something like this let's not forget how in a way he downplayed the threat of covert 19 and brazil but for many vaccine for
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brazil is urgent it's necessary and it would definitely help save lives terms of oh thank you very much indeed. still to come this off hour. i'm going hey reporting from thailand which used to be the largest exporter of rice in the world we'll tell you why the numbers are continuing to fall. despite ongoing talks with egypt and sudan ethiopia is a prime minister says i mean rain means it's grandness on stem already has a year's worth of water in it. hello there still are all the cloudy picture across northern areas of europe and not discount of course there is a some rain in the makes the mickelson clear skies out across the southwest where we've also seen is in fairly strong thunderstorms and this of course is the result
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off the thunderstorm festival in hungary a beautiful rainbows you can see there across the skies darkest skies in moscow but again some thunderstorms have been in the mix on some particularly strong thunderstorms in lisbon in portugal this of course is where the heat has really been in place temperatures actually coming down a little bit across into portugal and spain and in fact the same time the cloud is increasing want to shout to the north and you can see that very widespread throughout france across the line of the alps and on towards romania that sunday through wednesday there's also more rain across northern sections of the u.k. and a scattering of showers and for you cloudy conditions really across much of the north then as we go on into thursday those rain showers becoming rather more widespread across the u.k. a temperature wise london coming down a little bit as you might expect but mostly sunny and warm in paris with a high of 27 and again discussing a shot across areas of the south and more of that rain across northern europe as well meanwhile down into northern africa it is fine and dry there is the chance i want to show just developing across areas of morocco but for the most part for the
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next couple days it is fine dry and warm. territorial social and ethnic divisions. france has seen some of the biggest recent protests over black lives matter. al-jazeera world to some of its least privileged communities. where treatment by the police is still a contentious issue. paris a divided city on al-jazeera. are
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one of the top stories here now to syria the u.k. government has been accused of actively avoiding looking into evidence of russian interference in the brics it referendum. yes extra state michael barrett has praised his country's alliance with the u.k. against china beating prime minister boris johnson he said china was against freedom and democracy. and a chinese made corona virus vaccine is now being trialled in brazil where more than 80000 people have died from the virus. iran has reported its highest daily number of deaths since the outbreak began the health ministry announced 229 more deaths on tuesday it follows weeks of rising infections across the country well then 278000 cases have been officially reported and at least 14600 people have died the rising toll from to the authorities to make face masks mandatory and enclosed public spaces further restrictions have been introduced in
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the worst affected areas including the capital tehran. 2 south african cabinet ministers have been admitted to hospital with corona virus that says the official number of infections there passes 373 sat 1000 south africa accounts for 50 percent of cases in africa and ranks 5th in the world after the us brazil india and russia the virus has killed more than $5000.00 people in the country so far the world health organization says it should be a warning to the rest of the continent to strengthen disease surveillance. zimbabwe's president has announced an overnight curfew in an effort to contain the spread of the virus and isn't a non-god worse as the dusk to dawn curfew will begin on wednesday with the security forces in forcing it critics say the measure has been known to stop and to government protests planned for next week zimbabwe has reported just over 7500 infections and 26 deaths and took 4 days of negotiations but it
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dawned on the 5th morning european union leaders finally agreed a massive coronavirus recovery fund they hope the $859000000000.00 deal will help rebuild economies devastated by the pandemic but it's also highlighted stark political divisions after pushback by northern nations led by the netherlands steadfast in reports from amsterdam. it was a test of an durant for e.u. leaders in their longest gox summit in decades 4 days of tough negotiations with tempers often freight finally on the 5th a deal $859000000000.00 in non repayable grants and loans to countries worst affected by the coronavirus can that make a cut. in we we spent 4 long days and nights of negotiation more than 90 hours but it was worth it this agreement is a signal that europe is able to act after all people often accused europe of being
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too little too late for us here we're demonstrating that the opposite is the case dawned in masks it was the leaders 1st face to face meeting since government imposed lockdown restrictions in march lockdowns that also meant the biggest economic downturn since the great depression. german chancellor angela merkel was among leaders from france spain and italy who led the way in convincing the block to consider the amount evenly into loans and grants we've laid the financial foundations for the e.u. for the next 7 years and at the same time came up with a response to the biggest crisis in the history of the european union with the recovery fund the south proclaimed fogel for sweden denmark austria and the netherlands initially stood opposed to the deal. the group led by the dutch prime minister mark hurd worried about death but in the end they were also convinced.
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this is of course difficult in the decisions in very difficult times for all your appearance martin which ended in success for all 27 member states with especially for the people this is a good deal this is true only you and most importantly this is the right deal for europe writes no it's an unprecedented aid package an unprecedented times with so many european countries suffering from the covert $1000.00 crisis the european union did not have much choice but to show solidarity and unity otherwise its relevance would have been seriously questioned now it's up to the individual leaders to sell this expensive deal at home while the e.u. bloc has been faced with rising unemployment as large industries including airlines and car manufacturers lay off workers inside these walls in brussels many are hailing this as a historic deal and
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a big step forward in suffering the economic blow the liver by the pandemic step fastened al-jazeera amsterdam thailand has been relatively successful at containing the coronavirus but its economy is struggling nonetheless it's expected to be the worst affected in asia because of its reliance on international tourism and exports but the agriculture sector is also facing a tough time as when he reports from bangkok. it's farming has never been an easy way to make a living but in thailand these are particularly tough times this year growers of rice and other crops have been hit hard on multiple fronts all beyond their control but. there's not enough water to grow rice probably the rainy season arrived late this year and the water in the canal is too salty the farm will be in trouble if there's not enough rain soon because the drought was really bad this year thailand is the world's 2nd largest exporter of rice but is likely to drop down the list
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this year the coronavirus pandemic slow demand to thai rice as other produces such as vietnam stockpiled their own product to protect domestic food stocks in case of a shortage now they are freeing up supply flooding the international market which is pushing prices down but not the thai exporters who can't compete on price even though thailand's rice farmers have had a difficult year with drought which affected production warehouses and mills like this are expected the fill up in the months ahead as exports continue to decline they'll have the product to sell but the strong thai currency makes it the most expensive rice in southeast asia exports may fall by 30 percent this year and industry leaders worry about the long term future of the sick. we are less competitive now you know why because our labor costs is increasing our land prices increasing and our farmers. you know it's more than 55 years old most of them.
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next generation they don't want to go into farming sending more growers who've been working the fields their whole lives are also concerned they say a government subsidy in the form of a price guarantee won't be enough but walking away from farming isn't an option for them how many. are continue to grow rice i don't know what else i can do i'm getting old and i can't work in the factory and know that i'm not going to make a lot of money but i have to carry on with around a 3rd of thailand 70000000 people working in agriculture that's a sentiment that will be echoed around the country wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. the mayor of new york city says he will take president trump to court if he goes ahead with what's been seen as a politically motivated threat to send in federal agents to police the city bill de
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blasio is warning comes a day after the president said he would send national law enforcement personnel to democrat led cities including chicago new york and philadelphia trump has been critical of their handling of protests against racism and police brutality sparked by the death of george floyd in may. want to house has already deployed federal agents to the city of portland in oregon which is also run by a democrat they clashed with protesters outside the city's federal courthouse late on monday with small explosions of smoke seen the federal personnel were sent in against the wishes of local and state officials causing outrage even within the president's own republican party. opposition has called for a 10 day pause in protests ahead of the upcoming festival at least 11 people have died in widespread protests demanding that president. step down 4 west african
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presidents will head to the capital bamako later this week to resolve the crisis position has already rejected a proposal from a regional bloc ecowas for a unity government. has more from dhaka in neighboring senegal and moves to break the deadlock. coming back to this 10 day hiatus of the protest movement well that coincides with the end of the monitoring mission set out by the echo was to ensure that the government takes the steps that the ecowas the west african body has recommended including the appointment of new constitutional judges so that there could be a quorum of 5 judges that could rule over the contested parliamentary election results $31.00 seats that went to the ruling party and they're being contested by the by the protesters and by the opposition movement yesterday president bush wanted to meet with the union of judges but the universe has refused to meet with the president saying the demands by the president are on unconstitutional so
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clearly siding with the protest movement so as you mentioned 4 heads of states are coming to go on thursday to try to break the deadlock that's currently taking place in the in this political crisis including present mikey's of senegal the president of ghana coast and as well of their hoping that they can bring both parties to the table to form some sort of dialogue to bring an end to this deadlock. the trial of sudan's ousted president began on tuesday but was quickly adjourned for 3 weeks because of lack of space the judge said the courtroom chosen to try omar bashir was not big enough for the more than 190 defense lawyers shares accused of plotting to overthrow the democratically elected government of prime minister sadik and monday in 1909 the military coup allowed him to take power until he was forced from government during an uprising last year
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a 76 year old is currently serving time in prison for corruption egypt and sudan say they will keep open negotiations over a controversial dam ethiopia's building on the river nile even though it's already being filled if he appears prime minister be a comment says the latest talks have ended with a major understanding on route to a breakthrough agreement but he cautioned that technical discussions would follow suit on an egypt say the grand renaissance dam or affect their water supplies and don't want it filled without an agreement as the recent rainy season means the reservoir already has a year's worth of water in it. a prominent pakistani journalist who was abducted in islamabad has been returned to his family but you know john is known for his criticism of the authorities including the country's military footage from surveillance cameras showed men dragging a driver out of his car and into another vehicle on tuesday still not knowing who
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abducted him why and a group of hostages have been freed unharmed after they were held for more than 12 hours on a bus in ukraine but he said the armed men who held them surrendered and has now been detained he was originally armed with explosives and other weapons and set of demanded that senior ukrainian officials state their terrorists according to police officers came under fire and a grenade was thrown but it did not explode. right and other top stories around his era but you could a government has been accused of actively avoiding looking into evidence of russian interference a report from a parliamentary committee says it failed to take action ahead of the 2016 e.u. referendum even after evidence emerged of russian attempts to meddle in a scottish independence vote 2 years earlier m.p.'s say it's hard to prove the vet
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bricks and vote wasn't influenced as the government never looked into it enquiry also says the u.k. appears to be a top western intelligence target for russia behind only the us and united nations russia poses an all encompassing security threat which is fueled by power noise about the west and a desire to be seen as a subject great power companies at malicious cyber activity in order to set itself aggressively for example by attempting to interfere other country's elections by pre-positioning itself in other countries critical national infrastructure britain's relationship with china has also come under the spotlight as us are just take my pump visited london meeting the british from his supporters johnson he praised the country's recent ban on technology from the chinese family while away as well as tougher stance on hong kong payer said china's communist government was counter to what he called the freedom and democracy promoted by his country's
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transatlantic alliance with the u.k. . we talked about how we've seen hong kong's freedoms crushed to watch the c.c.p. of all its neighbors will try to speak to the south china sea and it's to get a deadly confrontation with india. i want to take this opportunity to congratulate the british government for its principle sponsors. the head of a pan american health organization says there's no sign the spread of a corona virus is slowing in the americas it comes as trials begin of a new chinese made vaccine in brazil the testing program was no instance of power and will take place in 5 other brazilian states a vaccine was flown from beijing for phase 3 trials on monday some 900 volunteer doctors and paramedics will be the 1st in the country to receive the drug. that's the top stories to stay with us when i was there a strain is up next i want is for you after that i think.
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they're welcome to my home in fairfax virginia i'm josh rushing sitting in for the irreplaceable for me ok and this is the stream today we're asking is to dan on the path to democracy still now look if you're watching this on you tube you see that box over there yet right there that is the live you tube chat help me out get in the conversation we have a producer in there that's going to get your comments or your questions to me and i'm going to try to get them in the show now let me catch you up on what's been
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happening in sudan we're just over a year from omar bashir is government being toppled the new governor.


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