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headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. play an important role checking in with. ringback the face . this is al jazeera. hello i'm still robin and you're watching the al-jazeera news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes spying claims and a mysterious fire china's order to shut its consulate office in the u.s. city of houston as the diplomatic intensifies. also the u.k.
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settles on the way to turn millions of hong kong residents of the british citizens if they want to escape china's new security law. i thousands of protesters call on the israeli prime minister to resign over corruption charges and his handling of the pandemic. and the steroids with a life saving boost the drug being tested in britain that's been hailed as a breakthrough treatment for cave 19 patients. and i view similarly of support the n.f.l. agrees to scrap the 2020 pre-season games as another 95 players test positive for corona virus. becomes a welcome to the news are they've exchanged threats and criticism over covert 19 trade and the south china sea now the diplomatic war between china and the us has a new focus china's been given 72 hours to shut down its consular office in the
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city of houston now the u.s. says the move has been made to protect american intellectual property that comes after fire fighters in the texan city were denied entry to the consular premises following reports that staff were burning documents that china's foreign ministry has denied that accusing the u.s. of violating international law it's also warn chinese students in the u.s. to be on guard what it calls arbitrary interrogations this was u.s. secretary of state mike pompei is speaking in denmark. we're not going to allow this to continue to happen where they have seen the remarks that nashiri advisor brian gave that f.b.i. director ray gave him that attorney general barr has given we are setting out clear expert taishan for how the chinese communist party is going to behave and when they don't we're going to take actions that protect the american people protect our security our national security and also protect our economy and jobs. china has
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threatened to close the u.s. consular office in london retaliate katrina you is in the city for us. certainly beijing is yury of about this china's foreign ministry spokesperson one when been spoke on wednesday afternoon calling this outrageous unjustified and said it was an unprecedented exhalation even listed a number of actions he said the u.s. government had taken against chinese people in the u.s. in recent months he said that chinese diplomats there had been subjected to intimidation harassment in some cases detention he also said that chinese students were increasingly being interrogated that personal electronic devices were being confiscated and searched he also said that there would be incidents at least where chinese diplomatic stop had extra restrictions imposed on them that diplomatic pouches was searched without permission that chinese official items were also confiscated both of these would be violations of the vienna convention on
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diplomatic relations one woman also said that the chinese embassy in the u.s. had received a number of bomb threats and death threats and he accused the administration of fanning the flames of hatred against china only in the u.s. but overseas as well and certainly this is just the next escalation in u.s. escalation was a diplomatic freefall in terms of relations between the u.s. and china various fronts in gung ho national security law technology and trade and beijing says if the u.s. does not pull back from this decision it will take what it has called legitimate and necessary countermeasures. correspondent who joins me now live from virginia in the u.s. secretary of state speaking in denmark and what's behind really the closure of this chinese mission in houston. well the allegation from the u.s. government is that the chinese government is engaged in
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a whole scale effort just by all of us institutions both governmental academic and business mainly. again a strategic advantage over the united states and other western countries as we heard in that sound bite from the secretary of state like the u.s. government is simply not going to stand for it we should note that the closure of this consulate is not tell unique to the chinese government the u.s. has previously closed this syrian embassy here in washington the iranian embassy here in washington back in 1979 and the russian consulate in seattle in 2018 all because the u.s. had serious political and diplomatic differences with those countries for a variety of reasons it should also point out somehow that this is simply the latest step in that the u.s. government has been taking against china because of what it considers china's
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violations of human rights particularly against ethnic readers in. bents as well as its ongoing efforts to try to undermine the u.s. technological infrastructure post particularly the efforts by the u.s. government to prevent the expansion of hallways telecommunications operations in this country. we've seen and heard from the secretary of state he's in denmark at the moment and seems to be like a dog with a bone he's on a mission is need to sort of to build this coalition of like minds be it's in london or elsewhere it seems as that of a chapter in sort of trying to build a case that china is a threat to the values that many nations abide by in terms of their international agreements. well certainly mike pompei o is perhaps the most visible face in the trumpet ministration trying to build international opposition to what it considers to be improper chinese monica
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behavior but this is being going on even before the 2nd. terry of state flew to london to copenhagen this week for meetings with his counterparts in those countries the administration right up to the u.s. president donald trump has been very very critical of china's efforts out whether to build fake islands in the south china sea and then to establish territorial claims claims which the u.s. and a number of countries in the region have opposed but also taking a very close look at the work of journalists in this country which the u.s. accuses of working as foreign agents and looking at the work of students who come to the u.s. for academic work but again the u.s. suspecting them of working on behalf of the government in beijing rosenfeld the update since joining in virginia. is a full moon u.s.
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deputy national intelligence officer the full trans national threats he explained the timing of the decision. well we are in a spiraling crisis certainly relations between the u.s. and china have been deteriorating for some time and trump is clearly chosen to make china a bogeyman in his campaign since everything else gone wrong you know if you blame someone else then that's helped you so that's part of the story i think that's the political background now the events specifically that led to the decision to close the consulate probably actually occurred there's it's not a secret that chinese intelligence has been increasingly aggressive in the united states in the last 5 years and been more than 154
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arrests by the f.b.i. for chinese espionage. episodes so these events occur but it's fundamentally a political decision when to take this kind of a step the british government says it will open a special pathway to citizenship full $3000000.00 whole co-resident starting in january those eligible will last puff to have a job before going to the u.k. now it applies to those with british national overseas principals and their immediate families the new rules are in response to a national security level china is imposing on the whole call which critics say cubs freedoms. and the british government has denied ignoring warnings that russia was attempting to meddle in its elections prime minister barak's johnson told parliament the u.k. was more vigilant than any other country against threats from russia a report on choose to conclude authorities actively avoided looking into evidence
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the kremlin tried to interfere in several votes including the brics it referendum chalons has been monitoring events for us and joins me now from london it does seem that the government is now happy to say fast track hong kong to want to come to the u.k. . yeah we've known for a few weeks now that this was the government's plan it attracted the odder of the chinese and surprisingly when it did announce this a few weeks ago the chinese ambassador said that this was gross interference in hong kong's affairs what we now have is the detail or at least some of the detail about how british nationals overseas and the hong kong these $3000000.00 or so hong kong was going to go about getting a british citizenship when this system opens in january 2021 and the poss
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as outlined by proceed to tell the home secretary is this that with. or any other particular criteria they can come to the u.k. for 5 years of limited leave to remain they have to be financially secure and independence while here they're not going to get government handouts except after those 5 years are up they can apply for what's called settled status an officer a year settled status then they can apply for british citizenship they can also bring. dependents who all cost as normal british nationals overseas this is going sam profile thing the the that the showdown between the british government and the chinese government so way and britain suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong yesterday. the chinese
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government said that this was again. something all of a hostile acts and the british would be having so bad the consequence of it so yes this is an amplification of the showdown with with china. of course the pm has been speaking out of justifying his position on the issues russian defense as we just mentioned u.k. politics what's the fallout from that report because he has been talking obviously in parliament. yes so there was a report a much delayed reports that is be released in the last few days from the intelligence and security committee in the houses of parliament and what it essentially said was that. you know that the u.k. government and intelligence community had kind of taken its eye off the ball when it came to the threats that russia posed to british diplomatic process is and
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institutions so the leader of the opposition has been pressing boris johnson about this at prime minister's questions and said that the u.k. government it's taken its eye off the ball that it barely even qualified as being on the pitch that's whole that it shouldn't of delay action on shoring up britain's national security and it shouldn't have delayed the publication of this report either what the government's response is boris johnson's response has been essentially that this is remain a sour grapes and that this is boiling down really to the reluctance of the leader of the opposition kids so accept the results of the 2016 brett bracks referendum we can listen to exactly what he had to say right now. the people of the truth of this country didn't vote to leave the e.u.
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because of pressure from russia and russia they voted because they wanted to take back control of our money of our trade policy of our north. so the british government has announced new legislation or plans for legislation to tighten up the national security framework what it when it comes to resisting russian interference it says it's going to. shore up the. the detail of legislation the rads the official secrets act and it's also considering whether to set up some sort of foreign agents list in the same way that the united states has done recently and should be noted that russia has as well a list of people who it wants to declare themselves as foreign agents so that their actions could be more closely monitored for nefarious behavior in
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a ferris influences. in london thanks very much for the update. turkey and russia have agreed to work together towards a lasting cease fire in libya turkey supports the u.n. recognize government in tripoli well russia backs its rival warlord khalifa haftar who is based in the east delegations from turkey and russia met an anchor with more talks planned in moscow they say dialogue remains the only solution to the conflict jonathan winer is a former united states senior diplomat and former special envoy to libya joins me now via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program i mean the fact that the 2 main supporters of the 2 main factions are speaking in agree to a framework to move forward is encouraging but they're only talking about sort of a sustainable ceasefire not a long term way out of this bloody conflict. well they both have got in thousands of mercenaries into libya to fight the war and if turkey and russia decide to stop
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the fighting and have their mercenaries no other fight or withdraw from the church or leave the country oh that's going to be a good thing for libyans do need to get together and negotiate this state a way forward with the u.n. process that's what needs to happen this is a good step over russia and turkey started all this to the very beginning of the year 6 months later it still hasn't happened if it is the sort of step in the right direction where do you start talking from because in terms of the timeline the d.n.a. backed by turkey say have to the should return back to the agreed 2015 lines that's an acceptable have to supporters because it includes valuable oil fields and and there is the sticking point. well the government of national accord is recognized by essentially every governments on earth it is the recognized government of libya general have to or is not a recognized government except by syria's assad government so it's pretty
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clear that the government ought to have control over its territory. they will ultimately need to have a unified national force some kind of military council or civilian rule those are the kinds of things would be and should be negotiating a foreign country should be supporting what the russia and turkey who potentially dose is reduced the risk of a proxy war and by reducing the risk of a proxy war it is creating a. reduced fresh to the country into the region and that's a good thing indeed i mean if you still. see it from that point previous agreements. you have to start all over again because at the end of the day the the warring sides are quite intransigent only about moving obviously the official u.n. backed government wants to control the country but you still do have this issue of have to supported by the united arab emirates supported by egypt is also
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threatening to come in and support them militarily it's a real worry about where these talks can actually begin and what really can be broken it. before have to decided to tripoli in april 2019 there was supposed to be a national conference which would have involved a lot of libyans a lot of different places to find it out for sponsored by the u.n. and that was about to make sure real progress after an issue military issue of this effort to conquer the country become a dictator stopped all that it's going to be hard to put it back together again but there's no alternative for the moment david weena thank you very much feel inside and thanks for joining us here on out is there. a vote is expected in the coming hours that will give israel's government increased powers from poe's coronavirus restrictions across the country now the move comes as protests grow louder against prime minister benjamin netanyahu is handling of the pandemic dozens of demonstrators have been arrested after chaining the cells together and blocking
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people from entering parliament in west jerusalem how he feels it has more. benjamin netanyahu is where the protest before so called black flag activists have waged a years long campaign against what they call his anti democratic rule but in the last 2 weeks the protests have changed and grown as israelis buckling under a 2nd wave of coronavirus turn their anger on the government. netanyahu has admitted to reopening the economy too quickly allowing gatherings of too many people others point to the government's failure to expand the system of testing and tracing is the 1st wave airbed leaving it ill equipped to stop the 2nd author and journalist roden bergman has investigated that decision making he says the health ministry went against expert advice you need to know as soon as possible if there person is or not you need this person immediately after he is a fight is so the suspect so even if you do not then.
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of infection he goes on and on if you are not able to cut it the government itself said it needed a 48 hour turnaround from suspected case to test result even now it's taking $6.00 to $8.00 days the concern now is that it's simply too late in terms of testing to catch up with the sheer scale of this 2nd wave israel's missed opportunity on testing and tracing is now being seen as part of a wider political failure to tackle the pandemic under pressure the prime minister has been announcing measures only to announce them from a $1750000000.00 package of cash handouts 1st universal now means tested too in order to close restaurants postpone within hours to weaken. and closures of beaches and pools reversed within days the one constant is insistence on avoiding a 2nd full lockdown because during the school or so i've requested each ministries plan for a safe exit from the current virus restrictions meaning that if we straighten the
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coven reach the goals that we see it for the determined number of cases per day that we can work with over time in the coronavirus routine. but the head spinning policy shifts have undermined belief in a prime minister also on trial in 3 separate corruption cases one survey this month put public trust in him at just 29 percent and the problem that. there's really this it's not creating trust and trust is groucho. in order to move ahead because it's a long term situation where they're talking about trustees of thrust of the public interest of experts just weeks ago netanyahu had squashed the 1st wave of coded 19 and neutralized his most serious political rival benny gantz inside an emergency coalition now he's fighting to beat down a resurgent virus and restore his diminishing political capital force at al-jazeera television. david carroll is the director of the democracy program at the not for
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profit non-governmental organization the carter center joins me now from swanny in tennessee have i financed correctly david good to have you with us on the program you've obviously set out a very interesting report which delves into the way that governments in all thora tease have been using the pandemic to stifle dissent organize gathering and the like and we've seen certainly in israel over the past few months that they're all thought words he said wanted to really to monitor their nationals and their public around the country in terms of covert 19 that was what they said nannie disagreed with them and that that debate still continues in israel but it's an example of what other countries and other groups of people are facing what have you found out. yes this is a situation that's happening all around the world in many different countries settings where you know a globe that has been struggling with having good elections and good democratic
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processes. for the last 10 years anyway now is confronted with the situation of the pandemic so that there are easy excuses for governments and other actors who are not really interested necessarily and ensuring the core freedoms now have extra excuses and if they're not following. clear scientific evidence to base their policy decisions on their there's many ways for them to try to evade keeping democracy on track in elections on time your reporting is endorsed by a 100 other civil society groups across the world but can you perhaps give us an idea or know example even if you don't want to mention the country particularly of what people have experienced or what groups are experiencing particularly. so i would say they fall into a number of categories there's things that relate to shutting down key aspects of
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expression such as the internet obviously and social media platforms that are used to communicate. as well as clampdown on journalists and reporting and. freedom of assembly as. instituting some kind of actions that would for big gatherings or meetings or things that would just be essential for part of public participation obviously you know in some instances those are required from a public health perspective but there needs to be a real close tracking to ensure that they're not being misused but i would say that the main things aren't theme of expression and freedom of assembly and then possibly shifting. electoral timelines for postponing elections and keep processes connected to elections again we see a number of these examples around the world and without listing any particular
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country as an example there's widespread examples so how do you they take this report and allow it to have an impact on the governments and the organizations that you're trying to target because obviously the report is verified and it's endorsed but it's got to have some weight is going to meet when you go to see a solution a resolution to the research that the carter center has done. yes so let me just clarify this is not a carter center research report as much as it is a report that's been endorsed by a large number of organizations actually internationally day and the european endowment for democracy were spearheading this report many organizations have been dorst it and agreed with the findings and contributed insights but in terms of solutions and recommendations given the complexity of this problem and how
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widespread it is and how the circumstances will vary across country are you know we're facing a huge challenge but the the the recommendation is essentially one of raising awareness getting information to as many. countries and audiences as we can and showing that this is a unified voice from organizations around the world that care about democracy and that are committed to upholding transparent inclusive democratic processes at the same time recognizing that we're in the midst of a public health crisis that does require concerted action at the same time but not allowing it to be misused david carroll from the carter center joining us from tennessee thanks so much for your time sir thank you counselor always has laws a multibillion dollar lawsuit against 4 arab countries that have imposed a blockade on the gulf state funding qatari across from that space conaway's is seeking a $5000000000.00 in compensation from egypt saudi arabia bahrain and the united
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arab emirates the countries imposed on land sea and air blockade in 2017 the un's top court ruled last week in favor of council approving the jurisdiction of the international civil aviation organization to hear the case. now scientists in the u.k. are conducting the world's biggest randomized drug trial to see which existing medications might count to cope with 19 it show that a cheap off the shelf steroids can work in many cases saving the lives of one 3rd of critically ill patients in the 2nd of our series inside scottish clinics chona home meets the medical staff hairmyres hospital in east kilbride who have been on the forefront line of the british trials. this is the intensive care unit. this is a 10 that intensity of where we had all our covert patients would endure at the height of the pandemic the place would be in fill of medical staff not the staff as
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your therapist the coded 1000 pandemic in the u.k. may have subsided for now but it's accelerating in many parts of the world so the search for treatments alongside a vaccine remains as urgent as ever and the drug trial has revealed the steroid dexamethasone to be effective in reducing deaths by up to a 3rd a lot of patients and he commented intensive care unit they have a hyper immune response so the system goes into overdrive because it's the hyper immune response actually causes a lot of the illness the damage to the lungs so dexie mess when it was just kind of dampened although 56 year old eddie hughes believes dexter methods saved his life or what it was the function actions machines were basically for faster seem to keep me alive on the way from flying with. little to nothing else as what if not into bruce let's try it after he had to teach me this one is optional and started to
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stay don't started to get at least. for the 1st time it was the end of started to be talk of wean him off the team 3 times and that was just we just couldn't even believe that any was given deck's of methadone here at hairmyres hospital in scotland one of a large number taking part in the u.k. wide randomised drug trial being run by scientists at oxford university the aim to test a number of widely available off the shelf drugs with the hope of finding one or a combination that might work to ease some of the worst symptoms of covert 98 hughes return from the brink of death contributed to data that has seen dexamethasone approved as a breakthrough treatment for some of the worst cases of covered 19 states methicillin has been. result and. their order not to be scraped up and been able to be for the recovery
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trial has also been successful in ruling out the malaria drug hydroxy chloroquine once hailed as a game changer by president donald trump but found instead to be useless in treating covert 19 as the world waits for a safe and effective vaccine that may yet be a long way off recovery continues to look for treatments that will help us live with the virus possibly for years to come join a whole al-jazeera scotland and all series all surviving coronavirus continues on thursday join me joe now for the concluding part in our covert 19 series looking at the lingering effects on the long road back to full health. well still ahead here on the news hour a pessimistic president donald trump's dramatic change of message of face must sound coronavirus. and stars from sport and screen join forces to launch a movie football team in los angeles.
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hello with a change of wind direction there's been something of a dust storm or sounds to one of the u.a.e. in the last day or so you don't pick it up on the satellite picture you pick up the edge of the monsoon that's really the prompting the change in weather type so with that science easterlies more humid in the forecast and now then qatar and bahrain east inside in this orange is dust is coming out from the empty quarter and to some degree coming down from iraq it's typical for this time of the year otherwise it's a dry looking picture occasional thunderstorms possible in western yemen all the southwest of saudi arabia and southern storms in clumps all the things to watch for at the moment in the highlands and they drift west through africa in immediate future we've got a few thunderstorms developing and a few showers there but nothing significant the biggest ones appear to be in syria
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or monrovia for example they have been as far north as the gambia but in the forecasts of friday says in friday they probably won't be that far north south and all this just coming into the edge of your screens heading forward towards madagascar the circulation might want to add in something may generate some significant rave the eastern side of madagascar is helping to form showers in mozambique which just touched the eastern side of zimbabwe otherwise it's dry. but. mexico's coded 1000 death toll is one of those one types with one in 5 of its inhabitants living in the capital with the deadly obscenities never to take it off a 1000000 visitors every day there's really no way that they can focus on the guards without borders or has the governments on all the drug strategy lead to unnecessary suffering frontline mexico the fight against 19 on al jazeera.
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but much of what you mean of 0 news are with me as a whole rom the reminder of our top stories the u.s. government has ordered beijing to close its consular office in houston texas saying it's to protect american intellectual property a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry has denied reports that staff had been burning documents inside the building. u.s. president donald trump has more the current virus outbreak is likely to get worse before it gets better he's now urging the public to wear masks and promise to deliver vaccine as soon as possible. and a vote is expected in the coming hours the hope of israel's government increased powers to impose crowd a virus restrictions more than 30 people were arrested after protests calling on prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign. u.s. president donald trump urs wardley corona virus outbreak is likely to get worse before it gets better it's a mark departure from the optimistic picture he has projected so far even as cases continue to rise in many states mike hanna has more from washington d.c.
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. in the past president himself as america's cheerleader making rosy predictions about the course of the pandemic that were often at odds with the facts but this was a more subdued president than on previous occasions it will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better something i don't like saying about things but that's the way it is and a complete reversal on the use of mosques something that in the 1st few months of the pandemic the president often derided at one stage even expressing support for anti mosque protests in a number of states this to it seems a thing of the past i have no problem with the masks i view it this way anything that potentially can help and that certainly can potentially help is a good thing i have no problem i carry it i wear it you saw me wearing it a number of times and i'll continue if there were some familiar claims that the
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u.s. is leading the world in testing and that it's mortality rate is lower than anywhere both assertions declared false by most health experts and little comment about a startling report from the centers for disease control it says the official figure of some $3600000.00 cases of corona virus in the us is dramatically less than what it now is to mates could be as many as $38000000.00 cases it's not clear whether the president's new embrace of reality rests in a recognition not because such as these or whether he's seeking to reverse what are politically damaging polling figures about the public's view of the way he's handled the crisis mike hanna al-jazeera washington. but still the white house correspondent kimberly how could he joins me now from washington d.c. can really hone in i mean we saw you settled sort of covert 19 policy from president told cheese state evening we all expected you know the briefing later old
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wednesday and i did what he might be talking about. yeah well the white house press secretary and also the president have been very clear they say this is not a u. turn on policy that the president has always encouraged people to follow c.d.c. guidelines which say that it's ideal that you wear a mask but certainly this is a personal choice so they are arguing that this has been a consistent message all along but you're right in a week where the u.s. president has really made a point putting out a tweet of him wearing a mask something that we didn't see early on in this crisis it does seem to be a shift in strategy by this president also the acknowledgement that normally optimistic tone now one of much more real isn't that the president saying very clearly at his coronavirus taskforce briefing that this just resumed as of yesterday that things are likely to get worse before they get better it is clear that this president is trying to take this head on an effort to boost some of the sagging poll numbers that have shown as he has stopped these briefings his numbers
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in terms of approval rating when it comes to handling this crisis have continued to fall something that's a problem as you're heading into the november presidential election and indeed the public house is the only going protests in portland in the debate around that the president threatening want to send in more federal authorities not just to of the cities if they step out of line. we've seen a real line drawn when it comes to the 2 presidential candidates in november u.s. president donald trump branding himself as the law and order president not apologizing 2 for what some say is heavy handed policing tactics and then you have on the other side the u.s. president legis his opponent joe biden that he says is encouraging the protests to continue the reality in all of this is what we've seen for 55 straight days is violence in the city of portland oregon on the united states is west coast the white house says that at times the federal officers have had bottles here and
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thrown out the bricks another projectiles at the protesters say look at this is our civil liberties we have a right to this the white house saying this is an arche and we're going to draw a clear distinction there so they're defending the federal authorities and saying in fact that there are other cities where there is still one brass chicago being one of them as well as new york city they say these are democrat run cities and that this is being encouraged if not allowed to run out of control so once again the white house not backing down on the use of federal authorities to try and quell the social unrest in fact they're amplifying this in terms of an election message trying to draw a distinction between the opponent joe biden and we should point out that joe biden has put out a statement saying that the president is sowing chaos division and essentially is saying that this is the response ultimately will be the voters that decide in november indeed a good coach with you of course could be would call school a team or once we have from the president later in the day thank you. the u.s.
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justice department is accusing china of sponsoring hackers who targeted labs working on krona virus vaccines to chinese nationals have been charged in the u.s. with trying to steal vaccine research and hacking hundreds of companies across the globe of ortiz say they've been operating for at least a decade and also targeted political dissidents weapons designs and pharmaceutical companies just last week the us canada and the united kingdom accused a hacking group with links to russia of trying to do the same in may a report from reuters also claim that hackers linked to iran were targeting staff u.s. drug maker guillard jodi westby is chief executive of global cyber risk joins me now via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program and thank you for your time it does seem that some countries all citizens are unwilling to wait for a sort of a collective agreed approach to finding
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a vaccine and its distribution how concerned are you and how concerned should governments be this rather worrying development of hacking are they should be very concerned it is a very serious issue it is ongoing and it does and our national security and our economic security that are so the viability of these companies and their companies really do have their critical and electoral property and good you know assets at risk i mean the u.s. has long insisted that cyberspace theft is a crime and should be punished and rules need to be laid out globally i mean is there a new a course for theft of intellectual property or medical research like this. well there are laws that will help investigate international internationally for that event electional property but basically the cyber crime laws are very inconsistent globally and especially when it comes to gathering of digital evidence
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that we need to gather quickly in a cyber crime investigation the laws aren't really made for the internet age to put it simply and so that is a big impediment. and so the legal frameworks are not consistent and frankly the u.s. government has not been helpful in this area they've really abdicated their leadership role in cybersecurity and it is her that squabble a because we don't have a consistent framework that we could have helped and chord name in multilateral fora but instead we have we have only pushed our own agenda and that has not been helpful just your opinion or one particular statement from dmitri alperovitch he's the former chief technology officer at a cyber security company crowd strike you know him he said that some experts have suggested that such a low theft is low or theft of sort of code of virus details is
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low on the list of priorities in terms of seriousness that would want more to god in terms of other issues that are much more important and dealing with people's or governments electoral decisions votes. the medical side of covert 19 isn't really a priority of the moment would you agree with him. you know and i like dimitri very much we've been friends for a long time but in this case i'm sorry but the whole stability of our company of a country depends on our having a vaccine the horror of the stability of the global economy and of and of countries everywhere depends on there being a vaccine to counter this pandemic and so it has to be one of the highest priorities of the moment we can focus on all these other kinds of cyber and hughes and what needs to be done but nothing much has been happening on that for the last several years and it's
6:44 pm
a lot of talk and not much walk but in this area we really do need to focus and take it seriously and help these companies because researchers are typically used to working in a collaborative and there's you know they're also the principle of open science and that is something embrace globally so scientists and researchers when they work work in a very open way in cybersecurity is not at the top of their mind but when you have . scientists working from many different institutions together then that compounds the risk because it's not just the cybersecurity program of one organization it can be many and so that makes it much more difficult and fragmented but the problem is very serious and i think it should be one of our top priorities. you mentioned just a few moments ago that americas are dictated its role as leading the world and tried to get sort of legislation a raw and cyber crime such we've over the you know 23 decades that we've had the
6:45 pm
internet or out of not longer we've seen so many different examples of it's allowed countries you might say to do their own thing without being policed by the leader of the free world so to speak what needs to change. well actually one of the reasons i believe the us has not taken a leadership role in cyber crime is because we've engaged in government cyber activities as much or more than any country and we wanted to be able to do what we do without someone saying we're violating the law especially international law so hard it is we have to understand that our intelligence gathering and our and our national security. people within the government can just have a free reign to do what they want we've seen with the end validation of the us privacy shield by the european court of justice that that was and largely based on
6:46 pm
our government surveillance and so i think it's very important that our government back up and understand the seriousness of this and africa instructive help will be interesting to see how that develops in the coming months for the moment jodi westby good to have your insights of thanks for joining us from washington d.c. thank you. police in bolivia have a cover the bodies of more than 400 people thought to have died from corona virus but the bodies were picked up from streets vehicles and homes over the past 5 days more than 60000 people have tested positive for the virus since the outbreak was identified in bolivia and more than 2000 have died the government's been advised to delay presidential elections in september. the brazilian president travels nor has tested positive again for the coronavirus it's the 3rd time it's tested positive since initially falling ill on july the 7th president wilson already has
6:47 pm
said that he's been taking the anti malarial drug hydroxy chloroquine which most studies now have found to be ineffective in treating covert 19 and is potentially dangerous to some patients and will repel it is our correspondent live for us in mexico city monitoring what's going on in the americas good news that be coming out of bolivia and some explaining really to be done by the government about how this could have happened this is the news that we're hearing out of the libya as you mentioned already there say hail over a period of 5 days $420.00 bodies were recovered from homes from streets from people's vehicles and the vast majority of these cases somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of these individuals are believed to have died of cope at 19 this is significant news and bolivia because it highlights this worsening health crisis in the country especially in the country's largest cities that these are statistics that we're seeing coming out of la paz and out of santa cruz now bolivia's
6:48 pm
institute for ren sic investigations said this week that between april 1st and july 19th some 3016 bodies of people believed to have died from cope at 1000 have been recovered in a similar way by public workers what this means is these are individuals who died alone either in self isolation in their vehicles as the report mentions out on the street in some cases died while quarantining at home with their families but in any event this does point to individuals that died not under medical supervision so again bolivia experiencing this worsening health crisis a worsening economic crisis and as you mentioned sale there are growing calls now for the country's upcoming presidential elections in september to be postponed so help for the updates about ripple effects joining us from mexico city.
6:49 pm
in sport.
6:50 pm
move toward. the. welcome back it's time to score for his peter so hell thank you so much n.f.l. fans will have to wait a bit longer to watch the teams after the league and the players' union agreed to scrap the 2020 pre-season team owners wanted to reduce the games from $4.00 to $2.00 but the players union argued that would put its members at risk of catching coronavirus when they travel between exhibition games it comes as the n.f.l. announced another 95 players have tested positive for covert 19. last week
6:51 pm
washington's n.f.l. team announced it would drop the redskins name and begin the search for a new one now a canadian football league team is doing the same edmonton have traditionally used the name eskimos but on tuesday the club announced it was discontinuing that name the eskimo name was criticized and seen as insensitive and racist. the major league baseball season will return on thursday at an exhibition game 2 days ago the san francisco giants took a neat during the national anthem in support of black lives matter the new york yankees are still deciding what they will do and of the season opener at world series champions the washington nationals some sports returned after a coronavirus suspension athletes have taken a knee and want black lives matter logos to protest inequality we've got a special platform being you know athletes and be able to speak our mind as speak what's going on in this world and. you know some people express it online some people express it with words some people you know neal do what they need to do but
6:52 pm
i think whatever message you know we try to get out here is i want to try to express unity. meanwhile in basketball the n.b.a. have made a decision on how very will show support for the black lives matter movement the center of the court will have the words black lives matter painted on it several social distancing protocols will be in place as well after a coronavirus suspension the league will resume at the end of this month with all the teams in a bubble at disney world in orlando england cricket fast has reports reported racial abuse he has received on line to the indian and wales cricket board order was dropped for the 2nd test against the west indies after leaving the team's secure double it was a breach of coronavirus safety protocols in place but was sitting out that match he was bombarded with racial insults on his social media platforms female
6:53 pm
stars from sport and screen have joined forces to invest in a new women's football team in los angeles that should be ready to compete by 2022 among the owners of the new team is 23 time grand slam tennis champion serena williams she and her 2 year old daughter a limp here are investors as well as her husband alexis ohanian oscar winning actress natalie portman is also in the ownership group as well as former u.s. team players 14 of them in total the team name and home venue are yet to be decided . in the english premier league aston villa are out of the relegation zone after beating austin a one nil egyptian strike a trace a gay school the game's only goal on tuesday this win sees villa move outside of the drop zone but only on goal difference if they can beat west ham in their final game they will be assured of a place in the league next season. police are calling on liverpool fans not together in large numbers when the team lifts the premier league trophy on wednesday because of the threat of the corona virus pandemic officials are
6:54 pm
understandably keen to avoid a repeat of scenes like the births from last month when liverpool clinch the title you can club team will receive the trophy after their home game against chelsea. slaton even have a bitch school both girls as ac milan moved up to firth in the italian city are on tuesday the swedish striker open the schooling for me land against such swallow with this headed goal after bound to equalize the brim of each scored again to restore the advantage to win the final school to milan who are just ahead over roma and napoli in the race to qualify for the europa league. golds european tour has begun the 1st of 6 tournaments in the u.k. but at struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic without fans the 2 is counting prize money and many of its top players are already playing across the atlantic on the p.g.a. tour golf reporter rupert bell says the european competition faces uncertain times . the us p.g.a.
6:55 pm
which is obviously the really it financial powerhouse of the school does seem to be able to be weathering the storm as far as the finance is concerned for the european tour it's a very different set of situations and they are very worried going forward past the financial situation within the sport this tournament alone last year the prize fund was 3000000 euros this week i think it's about 1200000 euros per play as you can see the money is now over in america and they're just not sure where the european tour is going to be able to go in terms of getting back to the kind of financial levels that they had before. and you can hear it from some of the players because they just don't know what's going to happen and you can see by the feel that they've got here at the close house without lee westwood to offer his bit of stardust to the occasion it's not a particularly strong field any 3 players inside the top 100 so for the european
6:56 pm
tour these are anxious times and clearly they've got to hope they can get back to something like the previous normal as quickly as possible and this is just the 1st step a russian teenager is back playing football listen 3 weeks off to being struck by lightning not only did he have a lucky escape from serious injury but he now faces a bright future in the game 2 and a geyser of ports this was the moment that could have ended 16 year old even separate off skis life carries the clip of the last thing i remember i left home have not school and then i woke up in the hospital. the goalkeeper was warming up with the youth team n f c's nummy out through the outside moscow when he was hit by lightning and knocked unconscious as his team rushed to help it became clear to them the player who is so often saved his team was the one who needed saving. the good morning of
6:57 pm
what is it will turned around and saw iran lying on the ground we ran into him this happened there where the boys are training now when we run to him we saw him lying face down we turned him over his jersey was ripped on his chest not ripped more like burnt out we began to try and resuscitate him even was taken to hospital where he was put in an induced coma to assess his injuries but 3 weeks later he's returned to the pitch the i need a reminder of the incident is a burn on his chest where he'd been wearing a chain. my lungs it was difficult to breathe but that's about it it's getting better and better now things are back to normal. he now faces a bright future in the game on tuesday even signed a contract with the club senior team which plays in russia's 3rd division having survived the shock of his life he's hoping to keep out any strikes on goal johnny al-jazeera. more sports news again later so thanks very much peter and you have
6:58 pm
been watching the al-jazeera news hour with means a whole lot of another full update on the other side of the break but until then from peter me and the news r.t. thanks very much for your time and your company. jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on at will online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic arliss that people of color have suffered not only now but for
6:59 pm
decades we are going to be to transform lives the way he keeps human way to business if we're going to adapt to climate break out of this stream on out is there a. coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation. full time died for. our defines our well we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas when there fear we make the rules people in power investigates exposes and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
7:00 pm
researchers say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. spying claims and a mysterious fire china's order to shut its consular office in the u.s. city of houston as the diplomatic war intensifies. rommany watch al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.k. settles all the way to 10 millions of hong kong residents and 2 british citizens if
7:01 pm
they want to escape china's new security law. the protesters call israel's prime it.


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