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world. a community of colorful characters who have made the rooftops their homes. from their unique perspective they reflect on the country's history and how it has shaped their lives and hopes for the future. have vanished from on high but it's just good. to have a big convention it's not direct time donald trump scraps of maine republican convention in florida as the state reports it's not just single day death toll from coronavirus. ironically this is out there live from doha also coming up chile's conservative president vows to public pressure backing a bill allowing those hardest hit by the pandemic to dip into that pension savings
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drummer in the skies over syria as fighter jets intercept to an iranian passenger plane tehran is blaming washington. no deal to end weeks of protests against mali's president despite a powerful lineup of west african leaders traveling to the count. so the staggering impact of cave in $1000.00 on the united states shows no sign of easing president donald trump has called off the main republican national convention after insisting for weeks that would be a fully fledged event it was scheduled to take place next month in jacksonville in florida which is one of the worst affected states it reported $173.00 deaths on thursday that is the state's worst single day toll. i looked at my team and i said the timing for this event is not right just not right with what's happened recently
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the flare up in florida to have a big convention it's not the right time when the number of infections across the country has crossed 4000000 more than 144000 people have died 1400000 additional people have registered as job loss in just the past week it's estimated 25000000 people on now out of work republicans are preparing to reveal a one trillion dollar rescue package and democrats say it is not enough that we have a real challenge for getting politics from getting partisanship this is patriotism for at country we're up to 4000000 people and a matter of just over 2 weeks from the 3000000 mark. we have to act and and what they're proposing falls far short let's hear now from a guy who has this update from miami in florida was reporting that the sheriff of jacksonville said the city is past the point of no return and we cannot safely hold
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this type of event so there were also republican leaders saying they didn't want to turn up because of health and safety concerns so i think as you said this was a very difficult position for the president to make it was interesting that he talked about keeping americans health and safety is a top priority given that he's only recently started wearing a mask himself and his whole those held rallies over the past few months but it's a reflection i think of just how bad the situation is here in florida for him to actually cancel such a massive event and one that will be so personally important to the president i mean it's pretty dire a very dark day for this state with a record number of deaths and for the past 2 weeks we've had at least 10000 new cases every single day that peaked around july the 12th with 15000 cases around 300000 tests have been carried out by the refuge problems with the testing here in the sunshine state people waiting for 5 hours lining up to get those tests and then waiting 10 days to 2 weeks to get the results the c.d.c.
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the centers for disease control recommends a 2 day turnaround that is not happening in this state in the reports here so only from people i know they're getting the wrong results. well public pressure has forced cheney's conservative president to support a pension reform bill that would allow those hardest hit by the pandemic dip into their savings the move will impact cheney's highly unpopular private pension system one of the main targets of last year's mass protests a latin america at its embassy in yemen as more from santiago. chile is watched with bated breath as the senate voted to allow them to withdraw up to 10 percent of their pension savings. it's supposed to be an emergency measure to help those hard hit by the pandemic make ends meet. but to many it means much more father to the standard he is who helps out a dissenting soup kitchen says it's seen as the 1st significant blow to the country's most loathed institution the private pension fund system equality. it's
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like 30 pesos metro fare increase that unleashed october social explosion it was symbolic a group together people's discontent and that's what's happening again. for president of us stamping it out it's a stinging political blow made worse because senators of his own conservative coalition help to prove it economists agree the initiative will further reduce chileans already meager pensions i think that. i have time prices governments in particular governments that can borrow like to live or to be paying the bill and i think it is certainly not a very good idea that in the absence of government people have to pay for the crisis with their own savings. yet the initiative has overwhelming popular support some accuse lawmakers of populism but many others blame the president for people
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believing it's their only option not food boxes another government aid plans have arrived late if at all and have been insufficient looked at a lot of them. since much opposition and even pro-government dippy teas have been proposing broader measures with less red tape and small print now with stu late people no longer trust the government's promises. allowing people to dip into their savings will have a direct impact on capital markets and chile's currency but the alternative also has dangers so if the plan barack started with the area which was known as ground 0 blue mountains social demonstrations has been fairly quiet but as well supporters and critics of the bill recognize there's a tremendous risk of a rule explosion of a while of demonstrations should the president decide to root out the bear was sent to the constitutional court as he was indicating that may. just before the vote
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a small group of demonstrators defied the lockdown and came out to show their support for the bill they were quickly arrested but they didn't seem too upset apparently convinced that the end is near for a private retirement system that millions of chileans believe takes their money while giving them nothing but paupers pensions in return. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. what the pandemic a new blow to bolivia's plans to restore political stability general elections have been perspire for the 2nd time this year while the virus continues to spread uncontrolled overwhelm me hospitals and other infrastructure. one by one vehicles enter the central cemetery in. the cars and vans are carrying victims of covert 19 relatives are not allowed inside the cemetery.
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in the sandia nation coronavirus cases have soared in recent days collapse in many hospitals and funeral services in bolivia's capital the most remarkable difference in the last few weeks things have collapsed we don't have coffins and the only help we're getting is with cremations families don't want to deal with the fact this has exploded we're doing what we can. outside this hospital relatives of the victims have been forced to bring their own oxygen for family members or thought he say they have no oxygen or supplies sylvana brought her father in law to the hospital in a van the 56 year old man died in the vehicle while awaiting treatment. we were at another hospital and he turned blue and started throwing up we asked a nurse to check him out and pay attention to us then we came here with him in the car nobody is allowing us inside he just died he died in the car he was a half human he was sporting and now he is dead. a similar
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situation is ongoing in other cities like violence and the girls will leave you was expected to hold presidential elections in september. last year the country's 1st indigenous president it will morales resigned from office after weeks of protests over an election that international observers said was marred by irregularities since then interim president any 9 years has been leading the country 2 weeks ago she tested positive took over 19 on thursday election officials postponed the election until oct 18th that pic of the pandemic is expected to happen later this month. this electoral tribunal is asking citizens state powers political forces civil society and the media to accompany this decision to show their respect for institutions and their commitment to democracy and the sense of common good former president evo morales said on twitter postponing the elections is
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a mistake and an excuse by the interim administration to hold on to power elections are crucial in bolivia to bring down the political tension that exists in the country since moralist up down from office but the dramatic situation caused by the pandemic has changed priorities at least for now. schools in south africa will be closed for 4 weeks presidents are on pows and said in a televised address to the nation that it was important schools did not become sites of virus transmission the country's coronavirus infections are rising at one of the fastest rates in the world has the 5th highest number of infections globally the coronavirus storm has indeed arrived as we said it would with the provinces of the eastern cape how doing and why as we do not experiencing at a rapid rise in infections even as the country braces for the
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difficulties weeks ahead it is significant that more than half of those people who we know to have been infected have now recovered an identified fighter jets of intercepted an iranian passenger plane over syria jet can be seen in this video filmed by one of the passengers on board the mohamed plane several people were injured when the pilot probably changed altitude gere in the incident plane was able to fly and safely to beirut iran's foreign minister says the united states is responsible. has called the chinese consulate in houston spying an intellectual property theft his comments came after the u.s. justice department said it had charged for chinese nationals with visa fraud the announcement comes a day after the government ordered the closure of the consulate and just a few hours ago called china's president xi jinping a true believer in a bankrupt totalitarian ideology but we have to admit
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a hard truth we have in our truth that should guide us in the years and decades to come that if we want to have a free 21st century and not the chinese century of dreams. the old paradigm of blinding gauge with china simply won't get it done. well the u.s. and the u.k. have accused russia of launching an anti satellite weapon in space the head of the u.s. space command says moscow fired a weapon like projectile on july the 15th in a move that puts assets from other countries at risk britain's space directorate chief accused russia of jeopardizing peaceful activity in space and moscow's defense ministry says event involved a small space vehicle inspecting one of its satellites morse dogs in the u.s. department of justice and homeland security say they will investigate the use of force by federal agents during recent protests democrats say the forces improperly detained in transported racism demonstrators in portland and in washington d.c.
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the police killing of unarmed black man george floyd in may triggered an ongoing wave of protests against systemic racism and police brutality across the united states. u.s. president to donald trump's formal oil michael cohen is being released from prison and sent back to whom confinement a judge concluded the government to target current for planning to publish a book about trump ocurred was sent home from jail inmate due to the coronavirus pandemic but he was imprisoned again 2 weeks ago and he's been in solitary confinement since current percent in 2018 for directing hush payments to 2 women who claimed they had affairs with trump. still ahead here on al-jazeera talk to farmers in sudan's blue nile state worried about water supply. gets filled up in ethiopia. china's mission to mars is a quest to explore the red carpets heralding the start of a race this but. hello
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there the korean peninsula and japan to get some of the heaviest rains over the next couple of days that this system still trading back into central china and this is similar very slow to clear the rains away from the korean peninsula and as it does that mean some very heavy downpours into q shoe and western areas of honshu still in the forecast on saturday in fact we could see as much as 250 millimeters accumulating in the eastern portions of the korean peninsula and some very heavy downpours across into central homeshare at the same time these rains actually drifting further to the southeast of china once again thank you rains across indonesia widely scattered showers and thunderstorms and also very warm weather of course at the same time so these water buffalo in vietnam in the cal doing what they count a cool down plenty of rain again through vietnam cambodia and then at the same time
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some very heavy downpours friday and saturday across into borneo and widespread showers and thunderstorms across much of the philippines particularly to the north across much of luzon and into india more heavy rain here of course and it's not just india up into nepal as well the help in some torrential downpours mudslides and landslides this does and while you can see all the see what happens in a many people gathered there and they actually get the young man out and eventually also get his bike out of the same time it's very heavy rain through friday and a similar story as we head on into the 1st part of the week at. the hustle and bustle of this. cuba's capitol there is a secret world. a community of colorful characters who have made the rooftops their homes. from their unique perspective they reflect on the country's history and how it has shaped their lives and hopes for the future. have vanished
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from on high but it's just. more. formal. how to get what you deserve a reminder our top stories this hour and the u.s. president donald trump is consul the republican national convention that was to be held in jacksonville in florida next month florida is one of the states hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic trump says the recent spike in infections is the reason . chile's conservative president has agreed to support a pension reform bill that would allow those hardest hit by the pandemic to dip into their savings the move will impact chinese highly unpopular private pension
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system one of the main targets of last year's mass protests. identified fighter jets of intercepted an iranian passenger plane over syria several passengers were injured when the pilot abruptly change altitude during the incident iran's foreign ministry holds the us responsible. well our france's foreign minister is in lebanon to push for economic change join eve live brianna says the government's most urgently enact reforms to get the international support it needs to deal with its ongoing economic crisis so as us. he is the 1st high ranking european envoy to visit lebanon since the formation of the current government in january france's foreign minister didn't come to show support for lebanon's leaders who are asking for an international bailout to deal with the unprecedented economic crisis instead sean evil a day on delivered a firm message politicians will need to reform the state and end corruption even
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weeks the lebanese of strongly express their legitimate aspirations through demonstrations since october and took to the streets to emphasize the need for change transparency and to fight against corruption and unfortunately this call is not being heard what is needed is to carry out reforms this is not just france's demands but the entire international community lebanon's economy is on the brink of collapse the currency has devalued more than 80 percent on the black market businesses are closing unemployment is rising weeks of discussions with the international monetary fund for much needed aid have not made any progress because politicians won't fix state corruption we need to get what i have mats and get it. because that's the only way this country's going to be able to look the needed financial support the immediate cash friends the former colonial power in lebanon has repeatedly tried helping by hosting donor conferences levels leadership but
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here's the thing for you they need money to stop the country from going bankrupt but the reforms the mandate by the i.m.f. would weaken them and deprive them of sources of funding leaders have long been accused of exploiting the state's 3. sources for personal gain allegations they deny the prime minister has found the up says his government is committed to reforms but the french and boy apparently isn't convinced led 3 and went even further to criticize the state's inability to control its territory in clear reference to the armed group the iranian backed hezbollah whose growing role in lebanon and influence in the region has hurt ties with traditional allies in the west and the gulf has been looking at the mess like we had hezbollah is committed to keeping this government and therefore talking about reforms is impossible at this stage hezbollah controls it and will give it cover from us sanctions as well as keep illegal crossings along the border with syria open. them all the while the
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economic implosion accelerates and nearly half of lebanon's 5000000 people have already sunk further into poverty center for their own beirut. 5 west african heads of state who gathered in mali's capital have failed to reach a deal to end the country's deepening political crisis where you said protests calling for the resignation of president abraham group kaka into a threatening to destabilize the region a regional bloc of course will hold a virtual summit on monday on the issue because of course. nigeria senegal ghana ivory coast and we share their president on an extraordinary mission in bamako aimed at ending mollies political crisis similar to we are here to meet president in the various parties concerned to bring peace and ensure that monitors terms of the path of stability for the sake of the whole region. outside their
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meeting demonstrators supporting mullion opposition leaders who he remains missing after being abducted during the parliamentary elections in april it is time for these african heads of state to intervene in the actions of even in his government to bring back to his family safe and sound as soon as possible in his absence and unprecedented protest movement calling itself the m fine among its leader. but also leaders of the opposition in civil society all calling for president. to resign. police fired bullets in july as demonstrators attempted to set fire to the national assembly building roadblocks and seize control of the national t.v. station the west african regional organization echo osce made a series of recommendations on sunday to end the crisis including setting up a new constitutional court to rule over $31.00 contested parliamentary seats in creating
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a national unity government but the m 5 rejected the recommendations and demands that the resignation of president. they are blaming the crisis in mali to the issue of the 2nd round of the legislative elections i think this is a fundamental mistake the main issue is that. when he came to power in 2013 specific pledges which is ending the war in the north millions of millions fled years of fighting between mali's army and armed groups linked to al-qaeda and i still in the north and center of the country at times in mali in neighboring countries continue despite $14000.00 french and un troops based in the south 7 years after becoming president critics say he's failed to deliver peace and is unable to unite seeking a better future nicholas hawke al-jazeera. thousands of supporters of the former president joseph kabila have marched in the democratic republic of congo against
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currently difficult to katie and the demonstrators accuse him of abusing his power following recent appointments in the army and in judiciary took office last january in the 1st peaceful political transition since independence. water has started to fill africa's largest hydroelectric even though it's sudan and egypt have not reached a deal on it he morgan reports now on the concerns about the impact the job may have on blue nile states in sudan on the border with ethiopia. planting banana trees is nothing new to has been in say fidel now his family has owned these farms in sudan's state for generations has been managing some of the lands for years and has noticed changes in the landscape and. our farms are by the bloom in about a decade ago the river was 500 meters away but since the increased highs of the dam the flow of the nile river has changed and some parts of the water levels have gone
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down in others there's an increase in production some parts increased and decreased in others it all relies on the dam and its operation has the names farm is on the banks of the blue nile river the water is controlled by there was there is down built more than half a century ago to every great farmland it's also one of the main sources of hydro electricity the dam was extended in 2013 with the aim of increasing water levels for farmers to irrigate their crops farmers say the river which used to cost seasonal floods is more controlled now but there are concerns about the dams future . this reservoir called was there it is the 1st point where water from the territory is reserved. and experts and government officials say the feeling of the ground if you can renaissance them will have an impact on the risk there is down so down has tried to bring together to reach a deal while it too is a stakeholder on the mile the 3 sides say the technical issues have been resolved
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but the legal aspects remain so dan's government is also concerned about the safety of the new dam and says it has failed to provide any safety guarantees it's true say was that is just 100 kilometers away from the renaissance them or gerd as it's known. sudans to be signing an agreement prior to the start of the filming of the good safety is entirely dependent on the operations of the good disagreements are currently concentrated on legal matters the degree to which the agreement is binding separation agreement to water sharing agreements and conflict resolution mechanisms as well as various other limited technical issues. analysts agree that mismanagement of ethiopia's grandam will affect the irrigation of farmland in sudan . the capacity of reserve is a 6 to 7000000000 cubic metres but the goods is 47000000000 if the water released by the good as above or is it is capacity that would lead to its destruction
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another issue is that the irrigation of land along the nile will reduce by an estimated 50 percent farmer and need a mix of the wit and dry seasons so the agricultural patterns will be affected. has a name expect any changes to the blue mountains floor will forever change the landscape of his home but he hopes to continue growing crops just like his ancestors have done for generations people morgan al-jazeera terrorist state. french president tomorrow macro's want turkey against further maneuvers in the eastern mediterranean and wants the e.u. to consider sanctions and micron's comments come as a maritime dispute over natural gas reserves escalates between turkey and greece french criticism of turkey's role in the libyan conflict is also straining ties turkish government backs the un recognized government in tripoli or france russia egypt and the u.a.e. they all support the ball of relief after. the european union you're opinion its chief of breaks in negotiating has warned a new trade deal with the united kingdom appears unlikely to show body i made the
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comments at the latest round of negotiations in london he says u.k.'s refusal to agree on fishing rights and a level playing field for business is the key sticking points. 93 year old german man has been convicted of helping to murder more than $5000.00 people at a nazi concentration camp or into he was a guard stood off during world war 2 campaign is saying his 2 year suspended sentence is too lenient because de was $17.18 at the time of his crimes the case was heard in juvenile court. china's 1st independent mission to mars is on its way for goes well early next year or rather a vehicle will touch down to begin searching for water it is a necessity of the planet's ever to become an alternative or about manly as this report. when one which translates to questions to heaven hopes to find some answers on mars where the red planet can sustain human life.
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lost sofas from the island of heinen in southern china the long march by broke it carrying the team when one craft it's the optimum north wind the 2 planets throughout their closest the 26 months essentially shortening the journey from 9 to 7 months. and it's a busy time for travelling to mars the united arab emirates 1st mars launch by a middle east country quote a mile or hope closer from japan on monday and now say aims to launch its most sophisticated monsoreau ever next week the u.s. has had 8 successful missions to mars so far 6 on the spacecraft are exploring mars from orbit 3 american 2 european and one from india considered the nature of space exploration in the fifty's and sixty's all of this is bound up with
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a sense of national pride or countries such as china looking to conceive in another way in which you can demonstrate the world is technological sophistication and growing sense of it being a 1st world power china's 1st man's mission includes all of the equipment needed to survey the red planet 1st in order to be released into the atmosphere then detach a landing probe it's to take 7 minutes to touchdown in an area called utopia planets here that's where the u.s. fighting to craft landed in 1976 once on the surface a run pull slide open releasing china's rover vehicle the old it is carrying 7 instruments to survey the planet's geology as well as searching for underground ice to. songs that could sustain life the future colonies of people from the usa so far the only country to have
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a rather long time on the planet almost half of all of the missions failed china's leader has more space ambitions changing paying hopes to send a manned mission to the moon in the next 10 years the last time anyone did that was the u.s. in 1972 china is also aiming to build a space station in earth orbit by 2022 if the mission is a success and china could counter its rival the u.s. in future space ambitions lord out in manly al jazeera. all right let's have a checking top stories here on al-jazeera and president donald trump has canceled the republican national convention that was due to be held in jacksonville in florida next month florida is one of the states hardest hit by the current of us pandemic and we've got to has this update from miami in florida we do know the
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president loves these kinds of gatherings loves talking to people there are strong supporters of an hour but just a couple of days ago i was reporting that the sheriff of jacksonville said the city is past the point of no return and we cannot safely hold this type of event so there were also republican leaders saying they didn't want to sign up because of health and safety concerns so i think as you said this was a very difficult decision for the president to make it was interesting that he talked about keeping americans health and safety as a top priority given that he's only recently started wearing a mask himself and his hold was held rallies over the past few months chile's conservative president has agreed to support a pension reform bill that would allow those hardest hit by the pandemic to dip into their savings the move will impact chile's a highly unpopular private pension system one of the main targets of last year's mass protests. the pentagon has just confirmed one of its fighter jets intercepted an iranian passenger plane over syria it says the f.
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15 conducted a visual inspection of the plane from a safe distance around a 1000 meters it says the move was to ensure the safety of coalition troops in syria several persons were injured when the pilot abruptly changed altitude you're in the incident when she landed safely in beirut u.s. president donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen is being released from prison and sent back to home confinement the judge concluded the government to do targeted at cohen for planning to publish a book about donald trump and was sent home from jail in may june the coronavirus pandemic but he was imprisoned again 2 weeks ago and he's been in solitary confinement since kern was sentenced in 2018 for directing hush payments to women to 2 women who claimed they had affairs with donald trump got a website out desert dot com is the address for that you've got more news coming up right here on al-jazeera the inside story.
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have relations between the u.s. and china is solid to the point of no return chinese leaders threatening retaliation for the closure of its consulate in texas from trade to security and human rights while the superpowers find room for compromise this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm wrong come on it's being described by some as a new cold war relations between the u.s.
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and china unraveling quickly in the latest spat chinese diplomats have been given 72 hours to shut down.


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