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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 28, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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i don't understand why the speed now. scores of crimean to toss have been arrested tortured and killed. most believe by russian security forces. crime man russia's dark secret and al-jazeera. we believe. you know innocence we believe that. we have a strong case places former prime minister najib razak to clear his name after being sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption. hello again i dream forget this is al jazeera live from go also coming up spain
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says that it is safe for tourists after germany and the u.k. advise citizens not to travel to parts of the country. lebanon announces a 5 day lockdown just ahead of the holiday coronavirus infections that. in the last . 2. logging on to learn if you can afford it but most nigerian children are missing out the schools stay shut. in the courts in malaysia has convicted former prime minister najib razak on a string of corruption charges and sentenced him to 12 years in prison but he won't go straight to jail and says that he'll appeal the trial was one of many linked to a scandal surrounding a state investment fund al-jazeera florence louis reports from kuala lumpur. guilty on all 7 counts and sentenced to prison for a maximum of 12 years and
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a fine of $50000000.00 but the judge has allowed a delay in carrying out the sentence. former prime minister of malaysia has been convicted of money laundering criminal breach of trust and abuse of power that's for illegally receiving nearly $10000000.00 from s.r.c international a foremost. city of state investment fund one empty beach yet that sums only a fraction of the 4 and a half $1000000000.00 that u.s. and malaysian authorities say have been stolen from one and. the judge rejected defense that he had been tricked by finances and he described the argument that not just was led to believe the money was part of a donation from saudi arabia as an elaborate but weak application not given his lawyers say they will appeal against the verdict a process that could take years this is. definitely not the end of the world. because there's a process of appeal. and we hope that we would be successful that.
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there are outside court supporters greeted the verdict with anger and disbelief but there was also optimism elsewhere civil society groups and opposition politicians have fought for years to bring the corruption scandal to light here is. justice is being. you know among the majority of malaysians even minor the majority of malaysians voted for change and no one in the case was. wanting to be leaders reputation and they were bored. the verdict could strengthen the credibility of prime minister ghassan who took power in february but it may also weaken his coalition that relies on not just party the biggest block in the alliance but slim the parliamentary majority. still has strong political influence despite no longer leading the united malays national
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organization or some analysts say tuesday's conviction could strengthen the prosecution's case in other trials faces dozens of additional charges including charges over the alleged laundering of $550000000.00 from one and being. one analyst cautioned it's too early to predict not tips political to meit's. system but for now a leader who once seemed untouchable has been held to account for his actions lawrence louis al-jazeera kuala lumpur. turning our attention now to the global pandemic spain's prime minister pedro sanchez is pushing the u.k. to reconsider its decision to impose
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a 2 week quarantine on anyone travelling from his country infections are rising fast in some places like barcelona resorts like benetton on the eastern coast of reported far fewer cases sanchez says that this means there can be exemptions yelled at the mostly i wonder if you time at the court we are at this moment talking to the british authorities to try to make them reconsider a measure that in our view is unsuitable particularly if we keep the epidemiological data of the spanish territory and in particular certain tourist destinations like for example the canary in the bay lyric islands the violence here and dilutes in regions which i insist have a total accumulated level of virus that is lower than what's being registered in the u.k. in epidemiological terms it is safer to be in these regions than in the u.k. the spanish tourism association says the u.k. quarantine could cost the sector $11700000000.00 in lost revenue i was a serious matter arrow is in barcelona with the latest. these decision has
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a huge impact in the tourism sector that represents a 12 percent of the spanish economy the situation is quite critical we see here in barcelona where we are right now the beaches are we empty bars there are no queues to to to visit the cathedral in the middle of the of the city no cute at all the words we were talking to the people at the cathedral saying that an ordinary day you would reduce 660 people 60 visitors a year the same dates we are they will have 1000 fold the situation is quite critical we know that the government is negotiation and pushing very hard especially to brand the idea that spain is to save this to nation that we've got the corner of ours under control that these are only isolated branches or as isolated clusters that are completely under control as we heard last night from prime minister presented in this television interview he insisted that spain is a safe destination and this comes up. we'll do u.k.
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join this 150 countries that have imposed limitations under strict travelers coming to our country although government is aligned in this in this in this sense and saying that this being here is safer than being for example in the queue in the u.k. and france. germans are being warned by their government not to travel to parts of spain where there are high numbers of corona virus infections germany which is itself dealing with a steady rise in cases also wants to make covert 19 tests mandatory for travelers returning from high risk areas you know it's not give. us a school interview with the latest results so that people consider the coronavirus to be a low risk them before also the acceptance of measures such as social distancing has decreased at this point i would once again like to be very clear we ourselves are largely responsible for determining how the disease will develop in germany please help yourselves all of you continue to respect the rules meanwhile after
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months of lockdown chile has begun to lift restrictions in parts of its capital santiago but the region remains the most affected by the pandemic authorities in neighboring peru have released a study that says that one in 4 people in the capital lima may have been infected you see any of the reports. one thing is what the authorities say and another thing is what the statistics are showing and and it is quite concerning i spoke to an m.p. demi ologist just a short while ago was this that this is actually a potential disaster waiting to happen but let me tell you show you 1st what it is that authorities are doing to try and on this 1st day of the lifting of the easing of the of the quarantine. but only in this area one of 7 municipalities we're in now you can see people are walking around for the 1st time in 4 months and here on the streets it's a kind of a mixture between a we do board and a chessboard everything is marked so the people walk on the right side of the
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street so that they won't get anywhere near each other that's the idea left and right we'll see just how disciplined people are eventually and just over here people are about to put to it to ask our cameraman to pan over there are about to close to cross the street and there are these little. marks on the road so that people will not get too close to each other as they wait to for the traffic light to change this and many other measures that they are taking are supposed to enforce social distancing but we've already seen that in markets in many other parts of the of the city that is not going to happen in the worst part yet is that while this area where we work and we live has is opening all the shops the people that work here actually come from areas that are still under lockdown so obviously the virus is going to spread from one part of the city to the other. the united nations security council is holding a closed session to discuss the conflict in yemen it's the 2nd time that they've
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met in person at u.n. headquarters since $1000.00 restrictions came into effect the council is concerned over a lack of diplomatic progress on the lovingly deteriorating health situation let's go live now to the u.n. in new york our diplomatic editor james bays is with us from there james what's the latest on this meeting. agent it's actually an open and a closed session and they're at an open session right now they will have i think a more delicate discussion when they go shortly into closed session but even in the open session it's clear that there is some very worrying trends in yemen right now worth reminding you that martin griffiths who is the special envoy of the u.n. the man whose job it is to try and bring peace to the troubled country spoke last the council a man then he talked of significant progress he says is that at the time peace was within close reach now 2 months on and his picture is certainly not as rosies
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as there's a real risk these negotiations will slip away and yemen will enter a new phase or prolonged escalation that's the political situation if you look at the humanitarian assessment i'm afraid it's equally grim we heard from our local who's the undersecretary general of the u.n. in charge of humanitarian affairs and he said the humanitarian situation in yemen has never been worse at any point in the war people are finding it very hard to find food there's a risk of a full scale famine in the country coated 19 cases are increasing there are cases of cholera and there's also that oil tanker in the port of data that needs urgent repair and yet so the engineers have managed to get to it they haven't got her missions to get to it and there is the risk of that oil tanker spilling its cargo over a 1000000 barrels of oil would end up in the red sea
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a very grim picture in yemen and it's clear from listening to the ambassadors they're getting increasingly frustrated about the lack of political progress because you're not going to solve any of these other things unless you get the political process started again our diplomatic as the james bay is live at the u.n. in new york james many thanks. thousands of people in yemen could be dying from undetected cases of cholera because covert 19 is overwhelmed health facilities there that's the latest assessment from oxfam which says that many are scared to seek treatment for fear of contracting corona virus according to the u.k. based charity the start of the rainy season next month could worsen the cholera outbreak more than $100000.00 suspected cases were recorded in the 1st 3 months of the year afghanistan's government and the taliban have agreed to observe a 3 day truce from friday during the holiday cease fire plan follows
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a surge in violence of recent weeks the taliban has indicated that is prepared to hold talks with the government after 8 provided a prisoner swap is completed president ashraf ghani has hinted that the talks could begin as early as next week a weather update next here on out to 0 then defending the justice department the u.s. attorney general is facing questions over in congress over the treatment of protesters . 3000000000 animals killed or displaced scientists give it alarming cesspits the strain is bush finds.
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hello there still some very heavy rain across the northeast of asia in particular japan has picked up some pretty heavy downpours the last 24 hours the cloud is still streaming across and it will be more as we go through wednesday the korean peninsula also seeing some heavy downpours. lack of course into the central and southern areas of china as we head off into thursday the rains becoming heavy once again for the out towards the west so much as. some heavy downpours and then again a scattering of those rain showers and thunderstorms further towards the east and the same across the korean peninsula also japan so the rain is not as heavy but of course still it will be a dry day temperature wise it's not cool either $27.00 in tokyo and the same across into seoul then across into south asia have seen some very heavy rain of course across areas to the north across bangladesh up into the pole but also we've seen some very heavy downpours into southern as a pakistan corruption but we have got to say this is streets and water people doing
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their best to still ask about it. wednesday but the rains very heavy particularly through to protect pushing up the whole again east was into town the rains a little bit lighter through much of bangladesh but really becoming very widespread again across areas to the west and the south and by thursday very heavy rains into her russia so wet by with a high of 33. rewind continue i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best about dizzier it's documentary. from. these districts revisiting alfred's pre-press. and the money they did it all we know from the public of what's happening in libraries or sites that have been some changes over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera.
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again this is al-jazeera as for much of the main news this hour malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption linked to a state investment capital but he won't go straight to jail the plans to appeal his conviction. spain has reported more than $900.00 new cases of the coronavirus on tuesday with the region's catalonia american and the dreaded worst hit it comes as several european nations rise against travel to the country. chile has begun to lift restrictions in parts of the capital santiago after months of marked down with
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more than $4400000.00 cases latin america remains the worst hit region in the world . u.s. attorney general william barr is defending the trumpet ministrations response to the black lives matter protests he's testifying in front of a congressional committee one of the questions he's answering is about the deployment of federal officers to end racism demonstrations let's go live now to our series alan fischer who's following the hearing and joins us from capitol hill among other things allan this panel is trying to examine whether bars in appropriately politicize the department of justice. there's a lot of groans to cover not least because this is the 1st time that william has given evidence to host judiciary committee which is responsible for oversight since he took office if you think about the protests that we're seeing in portland if you think about the demonstrations we saw across the country driven by but lives matter and the allegations of systemic and institutional racism in the united states and
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then you throw into the mix the prosecutions against people who have been close to donald trump you see that there is a lot of going to cover and not a great deal of time certainly jerry nadler who is the democratic chair of the committee meeting. very clear from the very start that this wasn't going to be a meeting of minds when he described attorney general barr as the washed man at the watch movement to be attorney general for his part well bill barr said that at the moment when they're seeing protests in portland where they had federal officers on the street against the. construction of many lawmakers in portland it has to be said but he is suggesting that the fact that they are attacking a federal courthouse and by extension attacking federal officers then that this is an attack on the united states and he made the plea to the committee for elected representatives to speak out about violence where ever the see it particularly in this context no when it came to the issue of roger stone and michael flynn now you
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remember them because roger stone was a friend of donald trump's he was convicted by a court he was recommended to sever a long sentence bill bar thing got involved in that case and managed to reduce the sentence which donald trump then commuted as an act of clemency and there's also michael flynn who is the national security advisor who pled guilty to charges of lying to the f.b.i. but then william barr and his department of justice decided to withdraw the charges against michael flynn the william barr defended the action in both of those cases he said look friends of the president should not get special treatment what i did was restore the rule of law to the department of justice yes friends of donald trump should not get special treatment but they should not be punished as well so the questioning continues to be frosty that was on the republican side tend to support william barr those on the democratic side have a lot of questions to ask him one very important point was asked by jerry nadler he
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said to william barr have you been involved in discussions with donald trump about using federal officers so he can use these in reelection adverse william barr said i don't talk about my conversations with the president i was there as alan fischer reporting live from washington alan many thanks. lebanon is reimposing lockdown measures after assad in corona virus infections and deaths it will begin on thursday and last for 5 days into the. day businesses will then resume for only 2 days on tuesday before returning to 5 more days of lockdown at least 132 new cases and 8 deaths have been reported over the past 24 hours places of worship night club sports events popular markets will close so lockdown being imposed during the upcoming holiday will probably be difficult for many in lebanon doctors though say that hospitals will be quickly overwhelmed if the rise in infections
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isn't managed right away al-jazeera zoho to reports from beirut the number of daily infections in lebanon is now into 3 digits official say the corona virus has spread across the country there reimposing restrictions less than a months after the country and its only public airport reopened the numbers may be low when compared to other countries but this is a nation of only 6000000 people including a 1000000 refugees where the health care system is already in crisis private hospitals have started to turn away patients they make up 85 percent of the health sector and they are owed $1300000000.00 by the government and lists the health sector is passing through a critical crisis that has been going on for 2 years we are crying for help the health sector is taking its last breath 10 days ago our hospital stopped receiving non-critical cases. staff are also being fired the country's leading medical
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facility the american university hospital laid off nearly 900 and administrators citing what it called the disastrous state of the economy since november up to 40 percent of lebanon 9000 nurses have lost their jobs what is happening is very serious and if then i fact that they can they had them in lebanon if we don't have enough nurses there that the number of patients who are currently at the hospital will be much higher burden or us hospitals funded by the public and left underfunded and ill equipped by successive governments for 3 decades are not just at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus what we have seen is with the economic crisis more and more patients cannot afford the private sector anymore and they are heading towards the public sector importing equipment and medicine is becoming harder and more expensive because of the sharp devaluation of the local
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currency and a lack of u.s. dollars in circulation. the surge in corona virus cases couldn't have come at a more difficult time levanon is close to bankruptcy because of years of corruption and the health sector has long been neglected by successive governments and was collapsing before the pandemic. more than 200 medical staff have now been infected the number of patients hospitalized and admitted to intensive care more than doubled in the last 2 weeks if that rate continues lebanon's hospitals once among the best in the middle east will run out of the intensive care beds it needs by mid august. beirut. in iraq a 3rd protester has died from injuries sustained during anti-government protests on monday it was hit by a tear gas canister the deaths of the 1st since prime minister mustafa the deal he came to office in may he's ordered an investigation thousands of iraqis have rotted
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for jobs and for an end to corruption for many months now china is suspending hong kong's extradition treaties with the u.k. canada australia it's a reciprocal move after those 3 countries plus new zealand suspended their agreements with hong kong over the new security law beijing says it reserves the right for further reaction in response to new zealand's decision stephen viands is a china's china affairs analyst and author of hong kong china's new colony he explains why other countries are likely to begin taking similar measures. 1st of all this is sation of extradition agreements is is is rare secondly it goes to the very heart of hong kong as an international business center traditionally hong kong has been regarded as the place you go to to sign a contract if you want to do business in china because it's universally recognized
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as a place where the rule of law prevails where there is a form of law that is recognisable in the international community now what australia or canada or the united kingdom and more recently new zealand have done is said we don't have confidence in your justice system any longer and we are suspending our extradition agreements china has now responded and said your response you're removing your side of the extradition agreement we're going to suspend all cooperation criminal matters with these other countries and the stinger in the town is there's a number of other countries in europe the united states who are also at the moment troublingly constant and in their extradition agreements on gravel malia's opposition has rejected a mediation plan by the regional bloc ecowas and called for the president to step down the move comes the day after president abraham book akeda appointed
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a 6 person cabinet to form a unity government he was responding to an appeal from west african leaders who also court for new elections following a disputed vote. the disruption of education in nigeria is raising concern for the future of millions of children schools were shot 4 months ago while finally a 2nd will return next week to prepare for exams but he children don't know when they'll be back in the classrooms but address reports from the. covered 19 as empty classrooms in nigeria for school so the resources learning never stops much of it in private schools. the students say given the necessary equipment to study for all. they're able to log in via the classes and then they also have the ability to view the lesson material in the online classroom and videos that they can watch. on their own and then
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also we have a learning perhaps that goes home once a week and so they're able to get fresh material we actually see some children are thriving in this environment children that had difficulty paying attention in class are really excited by the fact that they can see their teacher one on one but it's a different story for the majority of students who go to government run schools this school has been under lock and key for the past 4 months and is the same story elsewhere in nigeria underfunded and usually overcrowded public schools have been unable to provide teaching for the students during the pandemic. for now on the government's plan to provide teaching radio and t.v. isn't working for most because of poor internet access and power cuts and elicited the disruption to education will have serious repercussions for the future of students on the country. that.
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or. as could be $1000.00 cases rice government officials are putting in place safety requirements before schools can reopen private schools are more likely to meet those safety requirements as a public school students the option for many is either to stay at home or room the streets how many trees. which are scientists say the nearly 3000000000 animals were killed or displaced by australia's last bushfire season the worldwide fund for nature describes it as one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history or koalas became the face of the crisis that affected nearly every species on the continent many animals that didn't die in the flames faced
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starvation dehydration or attacks by other animals christopher dickman is a professor of terrestrial ecology at the university of sydney he worked on the estimates and says he was shocked. this really has always been a fire prone continent so far as a already part of the ecology but i think the sort of ours that we saw over the last season were so big so extensive that we really haven't seen anything quilt to them before and i think because not of the forest anyone is the beard there are developments and been fragmented to a large degree it may well mean that some of the chunks of forest didn't it was very difficult for people to list mobile species to come back so we will be looking at a. pretty important for us to state as a consequence one of the things we we really need to take ways that and monitoring before the fires in the forests the state wasn't very good and what i'd like to see
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is much more since one of the dream through the forests of woodlands and other by regions in the continent so that we got more of an idea of where he'll ations are we're ecological communities and other tracking of the time what he thinks of different students events art market isn't that their position they're in with the with the fires in the future to be able to predict with we should go where an engine if it's to be most targeted perhaps in the wake of the 4 or the disturbance we're recovery teams and recovery efforts should be most focused as well so monitoring i think would be a critical listen to learn from this. it is good to have you with us hello adrian fit in doha the headlines on al-jazeera malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is appealing his conviction linked to the one m.t.b. state investment fund scandal he's been sentenced to 12 years in prison and find
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almost $50000000.00. we are all just positive we believe. you know innocence we believe that. we have a strong case. but of course we have to convince the judges and we will do our best. we will continue to lead a team and he is very determined. to get the outcome that we believe is only right plus spain has reported more the $900.00 new cases of the coronavirus on tuesday with the regions of catalonia are gone and madrid worst hit it comes to several european nations advise against travel to the country chile has begun to lift restrictions in parts of the capital santiago off the months of lockdown but with more than $4400000.00 cases last america remains the worst hit
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region in the world the united nations security council is holding a closed session to discuss the conflict in yemen it's the 2nd time they've met in person at u.n. headquarters since covert 19 restrictions came into effect the council is concerned over a lack of diplomatic progress and a deteriorating health situation in the country u.s. attorney general william barr is defending the trumpet ministrations response to the black lives matter of protests he's testifying in front of a congressional committee one of the questions he's answering is about the deployment of federal officers to end and he racism demonstrations. in iraq a 3rd protest has died from injuries sustained during anti-government protests on monday he was hit by a tear gas canister the deaths of the 1st since private estimate stuff i'll cut the meat came into office in may he's ordered an investigation. and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off to rewind next.
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hello and welcome to rewind i'm come all sons of maria over the last 10 or so years here at al-jazeera english we've built up an incredible library all award winning documentaries and all rewind where taking another look at some of the best of them
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and seeing what's happened in the years since they were 1st shown this week we're going back to 2012 and a remarkable for.


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