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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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washington. thousands call for benjamin netanyahu his resignation and the largest protest yet against his leadership. and again i'm astounded tale this is al jazeera live from also coming up beijing sends health officials to hong kong for the 1st time as the territory races to massively expand growing a virus testing. protesters in several russian cities demand the release of the deposed governor they say he's facing trumped up murder charges. and we take a look at the legacy of late cuban historian used down who masterminded the
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restoration of the crumbling star except that. now it's the largest protest that israel has seen in a decade for the 3rd straight week now thousands gathered outside prime minister benjamin netanyahu is official residents demanding he resign there's frustration over the government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak as well as the corruption charges that lesson yahoo faces police forced out the protesters on sunday are a force that sent us this report from the. it's becoming a saturday night ritual in the square close to benjamin netanyahu official residence early evening and the policeman increasingly repulsed barricades by the protesters renew their demand that netanyahu leave office the so-called black flag movement has long insisted that a prime minister on trial for alleged corruption will step down they say the
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pandemic has brought new supporters to their cause folded just like gave us all a flap in the face and made us wake up to the reality that. nothing is changing and we needed changing we need now the people are all over upset and they. stay in the house they don't have a war they don't have jobs they don't have food something. and our woke him up waking up their leaders have disappointed us and they didn't do their job so they grow up to contract with the citizens and now the citizens are coming together to make them i did do their job and go home i in recent weeks protesters have risked water cannon and arrest as well as threats of and actual physical assault by right wing groups the prime minister has labeled them anarchists complained himself of death threats and criticized the media for focusing on the demonstrations
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nonetheless the numbers on the street sunni risen saturday's protest in west jerusalem thought to be the biggest yet weeks and there is no sense of the momentum of these protests is slowing no sense of people again tired of coming out onto the streets with such frequency the question is what effect all this will have on the political fortunes of the target of these protests the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the coronavirus pandemic deep into its 2nd wave has seen unemployment top 20 percent with more than half of israelis worried about paying bills public trust in the prime minister has nearly carved suggests one poll to 29 percent less than you know who is denied persistent reports that he's considering pulling the plug on his fractious coalition with former rival benny gantz and going to elections once more when you have this kind of discontent in the street and when you have people that are really really protesting and really really calling for the end to his tenure it's not the time to go to elections he realizes this is going to
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be the greatest political risk that he's ever taken benjamin netanyahu certainly no political newbie few a better versed in the tactics of holding on to power but the public pressure isn't . this battle is far from over. moving to the corona virus pandemic and hong kong is making covert 1000 testing free for its 7500000 residents as it weathers a 3rd wave of infections a team of lab technicians from mainland china is heading to the territory to help carry out tests hong kong's expo center as you can see has been turned into a makeshift hospital to deal with rising cases 125 new infections were reported on saturday that's the 11th day in a row that cases have been triple digits well for more let's now go to david apart and she is in hong kong for us if it really seems like they're bracing for the worst now. that's why they're calling this the deadliest
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wave it's hong kong 3rd wave they managed to contain the 1st 2 quite quickly i would say compared to the rest of the world but now they're seeing increases in triple digits on a daily basis and one of the main issues here is that previously a lot of these cases could have been traced to a people coming in from abroad or imported cases another all locally transmitted and they're finding it hard to trace where it's coming from where those clusters are region ating from so they're pushing through some of their most restrictive measures here at public gatherings are just limited to to carry a lot of the chief executive had a meeting overnight with health experts and that that description is expected to be extended indefinitely also restaurants have been closed and will not be serving dinner anymore you can take get take out this is a huge blow to hong kong's economy also which has been suffering quite quite a bit in the past few weeks particularly or in the past months since they outbreak
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started so yes they are taking drastic measures including opening up testing for all of hong kong's population so that's up to 7500000 people but the hospitals are overwhelmed the capacity of beds are diminishing very quickly and will reach full capacity and they're as you said they're opening up this makeshift hospital with 500 beds at the asia expo site another there are no exhibitions and there's no travel in events and they're bringing in those mainland technicians to help because hong kong apparently according to government hong kong's medical system and the labs that currently exist cannot handle this 3rd wave. and divvy given the growing tensions that we've been seeing a man and how a people taking this increase chinese involvement in their pandemic response. what so when it came to the corona virus outbreak in hong kong there has been
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tensions even prior to this particularly due to the fact that hong kong was very slow in closing its borders with mainland china even at the height of the outbreak in beijing so there had been a lot of political issues already related to this but now hong kong seems overwhelmed in the public while there have raised concerns about technicians coming in from abroad and this increased help from mainland china that makeshift hospital is spearheaded by experts from mainland china and has been spearheaded by their efforts in particular so this is also has been much of a topic of discussion within the political sphere about home kong. is feeling like it cannot cannot take care of its own issues once again and reaching out across the board and of course there's that issue once again of hong kong inviting more interference not only from experts are scientists but also politically into hong
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kong's affairs so yes this is raising a lot of questions but on the outset or at the foundation of this is that hong kong people are very concerned about the situation here they're very concerned about the current virus scituate outbreak and they're also wondering whether hong kong government has really tackled it properly hong kong has what they call a lift and suppress method that they use as soon as they feel that they can lift all the restrictions they will do it and then eventually suppress many questions are now being off whether that is effective and that is the way to tackle this so yes this is creating a lot of discussion at the moment but at the heart of all of this there's a lot of concern about this latest outbreak. there was all the latest from hong kong thanks very much to. well japan is also facing a resurgence of coven 1000 cases tokyo confirmed a record 472 infections on saturday and the governor now says a state of emergency may have to be reimposed in the capital or about a nanny has more. kooky is
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a traditional japanese art who hundreds of years old the 1st time it's ever been before like this. the number of films the limited amount of chess. unstick the social distancing rules on states. took years kabuki theater has opened for the 1st time in 5 months with strict guidelines as the capsule reported a record rise in coronavirus cases for the 3rd consecutive day as tokyo's government considered ordering a new state of emergency the theater is at risk of closing once. so stop if there were any requests from the japanese or tokyo government we need to respond appropriately and think of a way to adapt the performance depending on the situation this may unfortunately include having to stop partway through the run the so the island of okinawa has declared a culvert 19 state of emergency some japanese suspect u.s.
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personnel based on the island of importing the disease there is concern that perhaps the reason why it's hitting that island particularly strongly is because u.s. forces particularly u.s. marines have been able to come in and out of japan without going through immigration controls and until very recently without any covert 900 tests under the status of forces agreement a record $71.00 daily infections were reported in okinawa on friday and hospitals at being overwhelmed the majority of cases a u.s. troops. in order for us to put every effort into combat in the coronavirus okinawa will issue a state of emergency for the commander of u.s. forces says it has nothing to do with that basis there has been absolutely no connection and has been proven to show that there has been any spread from the a coster's on the bases to the local community there are many elements that make
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japan vulnerable to the virus the government launched a travel campaign last week to revive the tourism industry that's prompted the world health organization to call the campaign ill timed with fears the government was choosing based. over health. the primarily elderly people to power the world's oldest population. in tokyo the kabuki theater still for doing what they can to ensure safety. with elaborate costumes the make up as well as a pop base a warm hearted drama many see the don'ts of the chance to forget at least. about the boring searching cases outside. of a number of corona virus infections across south africa has surpassed half a 1000000 but experts warn the outbreak has not yet even reached its peak more than 10000 new cases and 148 deaths were confirmed on saturday officials warn the
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situation will get worse as they're expecting the crisis to peak in late august early september south africa now accounts for more than half of all reported cases on the continent. now residents of the bahamas have been advised to continue being cautious after hurricane e.c.s. hit the u.s. national hurricane center says the worst affected area was new providence that's the most populous island the storm was carrying winds of 120 kilometers per hour when it struck south of the capital in the saw on saturday meanwhile forecasters are warning that e.c.s. is likely to gain strength again as it heads north towards florida it lost some speed while moving through the bahamas and florida's governor has declared a state of emergency for parts of the state and this comes as florida is already struggling to deal with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the u.s. the storm even prompted the closure of some code in 1000 testing sites in the state well despite that approaching storm nasa says 2 astronauts aboard a space x.
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capsule are on track to land off the coast of florida on sunday afternoon astronauts doug hurley and bob behnken undocks just over an hour ago officially ending their 2 month mission on board the international space station now this marks a new era for commercial spaceflight 9 years after nasa retired at space shuttle fleet repairs arrival will mark the 1st sea landing for u.s. astronauts in 45 years they're aiming for the gulf of mexico just off the florida panhandle. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. rounded up thrown in jail the united nations calls for the release of human rights activists in india. and me and karen community march as a justice after soldiers are accused of shooting down a mother and stealing hats only.
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head of the heaviest rain now in shiner is further north out of the yangtze valley which is a lot of flooding to disappear to some degree so yellow valley europe about it is yet to see and the korean peninsula where the wet places the most souls got to 3 days more of miserable weather i suspect heavy in places that rain in north korea at least but the chinese side it's quite dr in sichuan they're more than a shower too much of the heavy rain it's a lot for the south over the water or edging towards hong kong or taiwan the orange center the circulations which provide provide big sunder storms so flash flooding is definitely on the cards here which means does not much energy left places further south i think we will see a good chance to showers for the southern philippines west pop your time to sort of way z. and the eastern side of borneo but 1st up on saturday probably remain dry java was certainly most to sumatra and finished in malaysia not so for me and more on for
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thailand it's looking increasingly wet up there. as the monsoon coming in from the southwest it should of course affect the western ghats and it is that's where the heaviest rain is light to be of the next day or so but with plenty of big showers further north all the way up to northern pakistan. japan is building a massive say to protect against devastating tsunami one o one east investigated nature can be can time or if the wall will expose commuters to greater danger. on al jazeera. played important role protecting him and. don't touch face.
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the. the and. hello again i'm mr. that's remind you of our top stories here this hour thousands of protesters in west jerusalem are calling on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign there's frustration over the government's handling of the growing a virus crisis as well as netanyahu is corruption charges this is the largest protest that israel's seen in a decade. and hong kong has opened a new community treatment center to cope with the rapid rise in coronavirus cases a team of lab technicians from mainland china is heading to the territory to help carry out tests. and to nasa astronauts of undocked from the international space station and are right now on their way back to the aiming for the gulf of mexico
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just off the florida panhandle in the 1st 3 landing for u.s. astronauts in 45 years. at least 80 people have died in india's northern state of punjab after drinking toxic brew take alcohol police there say they've arrested 25 people and confiscated large quantities of booze and storage problems or authorities say the sales were widespread and still expect more faith. while staying in india and the united nations has joined the calls for the release of human rights activists there some of them are in prison awaiting trial and antiterrorism middles the conservative b j p government denies accusations that the charges against the left wing activists are politically motivated elizabeth purana has been speaking to some of the prisoners families you know call it mistreatment of your. it's been 2 years since some of india's most recognizable rights activists were rounded up and taken away by police they were accused of instigating violence during
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a march by disadvantaged hindus in the state where one person was killed a 2 year old poet and prominent human rights lawyer so the bought of the watch are among the detained their arrests led to nationwide protests by this approaches most of the 11 accused yet to be formally charged. in delhi so the. reads a letter from her mother sent from jail in mumbai what does this. this is not fair . and it's not right this is how to live this is my life and their voyage their. human rights lawyer get it has worked with so the bout of the watch for 10 years she says only one of the 11 accused was at the launch because right from the beginning it was a many politically motivated case as far as a criminal case goes there is no evidence it is really that. political it was
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taught that these people need to be punished for the what they're doing all of them are very well known that human rights activists. what about a stranger to prisons have been previously spent 10 years in jail for inciting communist revolution but he has never been found guilty his family according for his immediate release after he contract to the coronavirus in prison. is hell. critics say the government is using anti-terrorism legislation which allows detention without charge or trial. human rights watch as among many groups are asking the government why it hasn't an investigative the alleged role of head of the nationalists in the body. is that rolland. for even though a fact finding mission found hendren. worth sponsible. the government
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insists there's no political interference in the case because accusation is that the only protects. people in a democracy the people something the truth it was a 1000 people who said give it all to your. watch is waiting for her mother's next bail hearing she's been joined by the united nations and european parliament who are calling for the release of human rights defenders elizabeth al-jazeera you daddy. now myanmar's military says 2 soldiers accused of killing a woman from an ethnic minority community will face a court martial the mother of 3 his death has reignited anger and karen state where there's been an arrest for decades reports. anger on the streets of neutral in myanmar's northeast protesters march for justice after
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a 38 year old mother from the ethnic karen community was shot dead by soldiers the men then stole her jewelry members of the community accuse the military of rights abuses and want them out or you die you know about we want for you in communities you have the power to put pressure on the minima government to stop the use of violence to karen and all of the groups in myanmar stop raping killing and treating the villages like animals. karen community leaders say the army is using coronavirus locked on measures as an excuse to attack villages. of have not cared in villages have a problem of finding food they can't leave the village as movement is limited they can't people can't move with them in my army can hold. up. karen rebels were among the last ethnic groups to sign
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a cease fire deal with me and must cover menton 2012 after more than 6 decades fighting for self rule many current villages were forced from their lands during their rebellion and many remain living in camps along the border with thailand you need to recognize our digitas people's right to land and resources. and instead optic you know where these results are from us and displace us from the forests they need to really protect the people the government says soldiers responsible for killing karen civilians will be punished but there are concerns with the proceedings will be fair and transparent for now protest is pushing for compensation for a husband and 3 children who've been left without a mother barbara al-jazeera. mass protests triggered by the arrest of a popular governor and russia now in their 4th week demonstrations fast imagine in the far eastern city of khabarovsk have now spread to other cities across the
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country and they see who has the story. we're bringing back for gal chanted these protesters gathering in the russian city of rubber offs they're demanding the release of surrogates for a gal the regional governor who was arrested earlier this month on murder charges. supporters say the accusations are politically motivated. a rest of the government like a common criminal ensured that the whole country if that is a slap in the face for us as the citizens are chosen we are not for anneke we offer power the power of the people. many are also angry over the falling standard of living as russia continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic but that was the best appraisal we become fed up with this kind of life we want our children to have everything they need good schools and a better life instead of poverty level salaries anonymous calling went. protests
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1st erupted and in the beginning of july but they have since turned into a nationwide movement against the kremlin hundreds turned up in moscow st petersburg and yet to remember to show support for the governor 1st more now from my but i believe one country and we should stick together and support because look the people that are fighting for their freedom of choice and we support them in this. police called the protests illegal a number of demonstrators were arrested opposition protests are relatively rare in flight m a putin's tightly controlled russia the security forces have so far stayed away from the demonstrations in harbor offs testers have vowed to keep going until the governor's released and. now one of the long term effects of this coronavirus pandemic will be limiting career prospects for young people many fear that their opportunities will be damaged for many years to come so negative reports. a
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crisis that is on the brink of erupting from lock down to rising unemployment young people all around the country are facing the worst prospects in decades the onslaught of the pandemic on the economy has turned the health crisis into a financial one with many wondering how long they will have to pay for time we put some dough into your head about what will i do after university you know will i be able to get stuff bought and then what. do we really have to do if as ahmed is in his twenty's and runs a community sports mentoring service in leicester he was supposed to resume work when the city went into a 2nd lockdown unable to do so he fears for the future of his business and the younger people he helps funding because a major issue because we can't fund half the activities are going to do. generally be like stuff as well definitely have been deal people have been affected by. the
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sea there is not many jobs at the moment people don't know what to do with. religion you need joy luck don you're not really letting it think while you're in your household it's going to be a catch 22 effect where people really forgot to socialise around the acute lack of prospects is a ticking time bomb for whole generation of younger people 2 thirds of under thirty's are more likely to be made unemployed that. that seeing is they also have fewer scales and are disproportionately likely to be in insecure shops but even that kind of work which used to be readily available is now when dealing. work in the gokhan of me and in the services industry has been ravage since locked down working hours were cut as well living standards for many in such a short space of time. those who invested in higher education are seeing opportunities drastically reduced on average there are 15000 graduate recruiting bacon sees a year in the u.k.
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this year it has gone down to just 3000 in the week leading up to june when you compare your year 80 percent fewer jobs are available to young people than were last year and so young people really are bearing the brunt of it and when we speak to them and we had a report that came out in me which was a young people in lockdown report issued really high levels of anxiety amongst young people this is a predicament that shows little sign of improving any time soon the pandemic has exposed sharp inequalities and the lack of opportunities for young people is exacerbating them for generation lock down this will be the challenge of a lifetime sony vaio. london. now the man who oversaw the restoration of cuba's famous old havana you said has died at the age of $77.00 they all became a member of cuba's parliament and also served on the central committee of the communist party he was also part of the campaign to designate old havana while
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heritage site historian would take world leaders on guided tours of the city under his guidance to cuba rebuilt dozens of colonial era buildings making it very attractive to tourists and tourism became crucial as the cuban economy crumbled following the soviet union's collapse in 1991 well let's now speak to belmont freeman he runs an award winning architecture firm in new york city and is also a professor at columbia university he joins us now from new york mr freeman thank you for being with us i understand you knew mr lay out you have my condolences let me start by asking how you were a member him. well i did notice a many years professionally personally and i just remember him as a woman or with will always remember him as a towering figure not only in cuba but internationally within the architecture and historic preservation world i mean he was.
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one of the most trusted and respected public figures in cuba find other fidel it was for you tell but to say b.-o. somehow managed to. operate on a level that both gains the trust of the political establishment in cuba but also the common people who are revered him for having to take the lead in preserving the city of havana and it has got old have managed to carry unesco heritage site i hope back in 1902 i think can you talk us through has that iraq's sense about us and how do you approach a project well his very sophisticated very very tired man even though he came from a humble background and he lived in have found on not you know it in a nearby neighborhoods told her van and as
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a teenager he became intensely interested in the. architectural heritage of the of the city and so he he sort of had internalized the. architectural legacy of her valor and he approached it with a book about the very area tightened sophisticated attitude but also very practical . you know in devising ways in which the government could. preserve the city for not only just tourists but also for the residents of the city i mean as you well know he he he spearheaded and he invented this incredible system of with initial government funding seed money. system within the office of the historian of the city of hama
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to finance their rather restoration of buildings in the historic core for hotels restaurants shops and then to channel the proceeds from these profit making enterprise is into the continuing the next projects for a. historic preservation and remember esther issues in the city i know he was on at times called the de facto mare of old have an evangelist also very powerful when it came to governing within the party can i also very briefly what was his relationship like with the castro family. i think they were close i think that early on he gained the trust of the dow. and then and one would have to say that the dow and the the. revolutionary government initially was not all that interested in the ships they were much more focused you know understandably on rural development and
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raising the quality of life for people outside of the cities and how about it was received in 1958959 has after having been a sort of that it's a locus of the corrupt. american control but he stuck government but they said you know now. assumed in a sense in a really real sense to sort of assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the city of havana and i think that he i think that he was a very deft politician you can't deny the highly made and here again fresh and i'm sorry to interrupt you about mt thank you so much for being with us and a professor at columbia university joining us from new york ceci. well that was allison next up the listening 10 years ago a mining disaster and today trapped 33 men the world watched there's a 2 month rescue turned tragedy into
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a miracle i'll get 0 revisits the men who once celebrated as national heroes and asks how this ordeal changed their lives chilean miners after the rescue on a. boat a chance for the country 1st time in my day off i was back in that. same tax cutter right after right back trying to cite should get the assistance on russia tests much time to come to stay clear. direct. alarm richard burton you're watching the listening post working from home there are some of the media stories we're covering this week hungary another major news organization is about to turn pro government prime minister or brown's work is almost done more bonkers pseudoscientists on cope with 19 go viral dairies oh she also called it is called open with a little help from their friends in the white house making the.


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