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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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the only witnesses who can help bring about justice. follows human rights campaign is in libya investigating since the 2000. unspeakable crime on al jazeera. thousands call for benjamin netanyahu is resignation in the largest protest yet against his leadership. down in jordan this is al jazeera live from also coming up china sends health workers to hong kong for the 1st time as the territory races to expand coronavirus testing rounded up and thrown in jail the united nations calls for the release of human rights activists in india. and returning for a rare splashdown the 1st astronauts moments by space x. leave the international space station.
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cause of the israeli prime minister to step down a growing louder for a 3rd week in a row thousands of demonstrators have gathered outside benjamin netanyahu official residence demanding his resignation is the biggest protest in israel for a decade there's frustration at the government's handling of in corona virus outbreak plus growing anger that netanyahu is still in power while facing corruption charges that he's forced out the protesters early on sunday are a force that reports out from western. it's becoming a saturday night ritual in the square close to benjamin netanyahu official residence early evening in the policeman increasingly robust barricades by the protesters renew their demand that netanyahu leave office the so-called black flag movement has long insisted that a prime minister on trial for alleged corruption must step down they say the pandemic has brought new supporters to the. was folded just like gave us all
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a flap in the face and made us wake up to the reality that. nothing is changing and we needed changing we need now the people over to upset and. stay in the house they don't have the world they don't have jobs they don't have food stamp out and go wake him up waking up the leaders have disappointed us and they didn't do their job so they grow up to contract with the citizens and now the citizens are coming together to make them i did do the job and go home. in recent weeks protesters have risked water cannon and arrest as well as threats of an actual physical assault by right wing groups the prime minister has labeled them anarchists complaint himself the death threats and criticised the media for focusing on the demonstrations nonetheless the numbers on the streets of the new risen saturday's protest in west jerusalem thought to be the biggest yet weeks in
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there is the sense that the momentum of these protests is slowing the sense that people get tired of coming out onto the streets with such frequency the question is what effect all this will have on the political fortunes of the target of these protests the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the karuna virus pandemic deep into its 2nd wave has seen unemployment top 20 percent with more than half of israelis worried about paying bills public trust in the prime minister has nearly carved suggests one poll to 29 percent listen you know who is denied persistent reports that he's considering pulling the plug on his fractious coalition with former rival benny gantz in going to elections once more when you have seen this kind of discontent in the street and when you have people that are really really protesting it really really calling for the end to his tenure it's not the time to go to elections he realizes this is going to be the greatest political risk that he's ever take it benjamin netanyahu is certainly no political newbie few
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a better versed in the tactics of holding on to power but the public pressure isn't going away and this battle is far from over. very force it out west jerusalem hong kong is making covert 900 testing free for its 7500000 residents is that where there's a 3rd wave of infections a team of lab technicians from mainland china is heading to the territory on kong's expo center has been turned into a makeshift hospital to deal with the increasing number of cases 125 new infections were reported on sunday the 11th day in a row cases have been triple digits well david joins us live now from hong kong give us a hong kong seems to be taking some drastic measures to control this spike in infections tell us what's been happening the bat. that's right daryn this is being called hong kong's 3rd and deadliest wave previously hong kong has been able to contain the previous outbreaks quite quickly and quite successfully
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but this time when they say the main issue is tracking and tracing they're having problems figuring out where those clusters are coming from and they are growing quite rapidly according to hong kong standards now compared to the rest of the world this would seem almost minimal just triple digit daily increases but for hong kong this is one of the worst outbreaks it's seen as so far so hong kong has some of the most strictest social distancing measures in place which includes only 2 people gathering at any point kerry lamb met with other government officials and health experts overnight to try and understand what else needs to be done at the moment no one can go outside without a mosque and they also offer the testing for all of hong kong's residents that's up to 7500000 people but here's the problem hong kong hospitals already almost that kept pasadena there just not enough beds and the labs here and the clinical center
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say they cannot handle that kind of a volume so they have the governments reached out across to mainland china where the where there they say there are an abundance of experts and scientists who are willing to come over here and help with containing this out latest outbreak and one of those measures is bringing in those technicians from across the border and setting up these makeshift hospitals ok said they're at the age or world expo where they have set up 500 beds and they are planning to set up the central government is also planning to set up another 2000 beds in trying to help hong kong combat. it is interesting because hong kong was seen as one of the coronavirus success stories i mean how do people locally feel about chinese help coming in from the mainland. that's right there are many questions about how home const government handled this
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for one thing there was a good period where the outbreak had been largely contained many are questioning why didn't the government prepare for this kind of an eventuality or even take measures to stop the following outbreak also many questions about why hong kong is reaching out to mainland china for expertise and for that help there had been a ridge the original original idea was to send these samples over to mainland china to help with testing and detecting who was at risk but there were also much there was much opposition to that saying that their peoples personal data would be sense across the border there also questions about the fact that they're bringing in mainland officials and mainland experts over here their questions about hong kong's data and people's personal surveillance issues here so there are many questions about this but the biggest question of all here is why is the mainland china being so involved in hong kong's affairs yet again and
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why is the hong kong government reaching out again across the border for help when it is something that the hong kong government should be able to contain themselves all right the difficult part in their life for us in hong kong divya thank you japan is facing a resurgence in coded 19 cases tokyo confirmed a record 472 infections on saturday and its governor says a state of emergency may need to be reimposed nor but money has more. kooky is a judicial japanese art who hundreds of years old but it's the 1st time it's ever been before like this. the number of the film is limited. to chess. unstick the social distancing rules on states. took years kabuki theater has opened for the 1st time in 5 months with strict guidelines as the capsule reported a record rise in corona virus cases for the 3rd consecutive day as tokyo's governor
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considered ordering a new state of emergency the theater is at risk of closing once. so stop if there are any requests from the japanese or tokyo government we need to respond appropriately and think of a way to adapt the performance depending on the situation this may unfortunately include having to stop partway through the run the so the island of okinawa has declared a covert 19 state of emergency some japanese suspect u.s. personnel based on the island of importing the disease there is concern that perhaps the reason why it's hitting that island particularly strongly is because u.s. forces particularly u.s. marines have been able to come in and out of japan without going through immigration controls and until very recently without any covert 900 tests under the status of forces agreement a record $71.00 daily infections were reported in okinawa on friday and hospitals
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at being overwhelmed the majority of cases a u.s. troops. in order for us to put every effort into combat in the coronavirus okinawa will issue a state of emergency for the commander of u.s. forces says it has nothing to do with that basis there has been absolutely no connection and has been proven to show that there has been any spread from the a coster's on the bases to the local community there are many elements that make japan vulnerable to the virus the government launched a travel campaign last week to revive the tourism industry that's prompted the world health organization to call the campaign ill timed with fears the government was choosing based. over health. 930 vs the primarily q. and leave people japan has the world's oldest population. back in tokyo the kabuki theater still for doing what they can to ensure safety. with
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elaborate costumes the makeup as well as the part they feel warm hearted drama many feel they don't have the chance to forget. about the worrying. about them only. the number of corona virus infections across south africa has passed half a 1000000 but experts warn it's not yet peaked more than 10000 new cases and 148 deaths were confirmed on saturday health officials expect the crisis to be at its worst late this month or early september south africa has more than a half of all reported cases on the continent and kenya has resumed international travel after grounding flights since march because of the virus its national carrier reopened routes to about 30 destinations last month kenya airways announced it will cut jobs as the industry struggles with a pandemic african carriers are expected to lose 6000000000 dollars this year. russia is also resuming international flights after more than 4 months moscow's
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sheremetyevo airport was the 1st to reopen passengers are allowed unrestricted travel to the u.k. turkey and tanzania flights to other countries operating under special rules. residents of the bahamas been advised to stay cautious after hurricane hit the u.s. national hurricane center says the worst affected area was new providence the most populous island the storm winds of 120 kilometers an hour when it struck south of the capital nassau on saturday. and forecasters warn that they say yes is likely to pick up in strength as it heads north towards the u.s. state of florida it lost some speed though while moving through the bahamas florida's governor has declared a state of emergency for some areas the state is already struggling with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the u.s. some code red 1000 testing sites closed because of the storm well despite the approaching storm nasa says 2 astronauts aboard a space x. capsule are on track to land off florida in the coming hours doug hurley and bob
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behnken of undocked ending their 2 month mission aboard the international space station in marks a new era for commercial spaceflight 9 years after nasa retired its space shuttle fleet the pair's return will be the 1st c. landing for u.s. astronauts in 45 years. lots more still to come here not just here including me in moscow in community marches for justice after soldiers are accused of shooting dead a mother and stealing her jewelry. and making do with makeshift homes we need argentinians left out in the cold because of coronavirus more in that state. hello there are mature thunderstorms mature some of thunderstorms floating around in the plains states in the ohio valley moving northeast was the eastern side of
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the great lakes which is not atypical this time the but maybe more obvious is what's happening down here in florida that is a hurricane the category one it's not like to get me stronger but that's enough to cause some trouble in the lowlands on the eastern side of florida now beyond that we go to monday and tuesday the likelihood is that go up the east coast of the u.s. but we're not sure exactly where it's about so why does it line somewhere within that wherever it goes it's going to be notable flash flooding probably the major risk elsewhere remarkably kwacha few showers here and there of the high ground of the west dropping science because of what's happening in florida there isn't much energy left for the rest there's a possible new development his you can see but that's over water otherwise apart from the daily light showers in the lead on the wind without going to great until monday maybe tuesday to regenerate some showers for example in nicaragua or honduras or to the south. in south america there's a lot all snow to come in patagonia she's just the bottom of your screen here
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otherwise it's a dry looking picture temps the risen again in paraguay with a sense you're a surprisingly high midwinter 31. but . i'm counting the cost the wealth of banks prime minister says that paris make his built on the backs of slaves how much does britain know and reparation how the pandemic could wipe out latin america's modern social and economic gains plus wild cards missing billions counting the cost on al-jazeera we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the sentimental when you call home movies and news and current approaches that matter to you.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera thousands of people are calling for israel's prime minister to resign in the biggest protest in western sudan for decades frustrated by the government's handling of the coronavirus and there's anger that any minute in yahoo is still in power while facing corruption charges. hong kong has opened a new community treatment center to cope with a rapid rise in corona virus cases a team of lab technicians from mainland china is heading to the territory to help carry out tests and 2 nasa astronauts are on their way back to earth after undocking from the international space station that aiming for the gulf of mexico just off the florida panhandle in the 1st sea landing for u.s. astronauts in 45 years. now at least 80 people have died in india's northern state of punjab after drinking toxic bootleg alcohol police say they've arrested 25 people and confiscated large quantities of booze and storage drums of horror to say
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they expect more deaths at the sales were widespread in the united nations has joined the calls for the release of human rights activists in this summer in prison awaiting trial on the anti terrorism laws the conservative b j p government denies accusations the charges against the left wing activists are politically motivated those with prominent has been speaking to some of the prisoners families. no. ordinary feeling of the air. it's been 2 years since some of india's most recognizable rights activists were rounded up and taken away by police they were accused of instigating violence during a march by disadvantaged hindus in a state where one person was killed. and prominent human rights lawyers so the butt of the watch are among the detained their arrests led to nationwide protests by this approaches most of the 11 accused yet to be formally charged. in delhi so that. reads
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a letter from her mother from jail in mumbai what does this. this is not fair. and it's not a joke this is how to live this is my life and their voyage. human rights lawyer get it has worked with so the bout of the watch for 10 years she says only one of the 11 accused was at the launch because right from the beginning it was a mini politically motivated case as far as a criminal case goes there is no evidence it is really that. political it was taught that these people need to be punished for the what they're doing all of them very well known that human rights activists. what about a stranger to presidents haven't previously spent 10 years in jail for inciting communist revolution but he has never been found guilty his family according for his immediate release after the contract to the coronavirus and prison.
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life. critics say the government is using anti-terrorism legislation which allows detention without charge or trial. human rights watch as among many groups are asking the government why it hasn't investigated the alleged role of head of the nationalists in the violence that rolland watch for even though a fact finding mission found hendren as. the big government insists there's no political interference in the case that he's asian is the baby going to protect. you know democracy. something. it was a 1000 people who said i'll give it all the more. of the watch is waiting for her
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mother's next bail hearing she's been joined by the united nations and european parliament who are calling for the release of human rights defenders elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. meanwhile the military says 2 soldiers accused of killing a woman from an ethnic minority community will face court martial the mother three's death has reignited anger in current state where there's been unrest for decades barbara reports. anger on the streets of neutral in myanmar's northeast protesters march for justice after a 38 year old mother from the ethnic karen community was shot dead by soldiers the men then stole her jewelry members of the community accuse the military of rights abuses and want them out or you die. we want for you in communities you have the power to put pressure on the minima government to stop the use of violence to care in the groups in myanmar stop raping killing and
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treating the villages like animals. karen community leaders say the army is using coronavirus lockdown measures as an excuse to attack villages. go come in and have no care in villages have a problem of finding food they can't leave the village as movement is limited they can't people can't move freely with them in my arm you can call madalena up. karen rebels were among the last ethnic groups to sign a cease fire deal with me and must cover menton 2012 after more than 6 decades fighting a self rule many current villages were forced from their lands during their rebellion and many remain living in camps along the border with thailand you need to recognize our digitas people's right to land and resources and instead of taking away these results of promise and displaced from the forests they need to really
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protect the people the government says soldiers responsible for killing care and civilians will be punished but there are concerns with the proceedings will. be fair and transparent for now protest is pushing for compensation for a husband and 3 children been left without a mother barbara power outages in. a torrent of water has destroyed hundreds of homes after a dam suddenly collapsed in sudan the bout diamond blue nile state is used to store 5000000 cubic meters of water and estimated 600 families in one neighborhood have been cut off heavy rain in the flooding is common in savannah this time of year. facebook has abated a brazilian judge's order and blocked 12 accounts belonging to president jacques bolton are supporters from being accessed worldwide they're under investigation for running a fake news operation previously facebook failed to comply with the order because the accounts were only blocked in brazil the social media giant says it will appeal
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against the order which it says is extreme coronavirus cases in latin america have doubled in the past month in colombia they have not been more than $10000.00 deaths if they remain in lockdown for weeks with the government expecting cases to peak later this month hospitals in several cities including the capital bogota a few beds available in their intensive care units and mexico is reporting a record number of virus infections for a 2nd day in a row registered more than 9000 cases on saturday in the 800 deaths mexico's overtaken the u.k. as a country with the 3rd highest number of deaths in the world the government began lifting restrictions in may to restart the economy. well argentina's lockdown was due to end on sunday but it's being extended because of a surge in cases on top of that the governments began shouting with foreign creditors to prevent a hard default on its sovereign debt to raise about reports from the capital one as ours. it's been a week since these people took over this piece of landing rated one of sightings.
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it's located in that anita about an hour away from the capital. city says he cannot afford to pay for a home anymore. i've had no work says the quarantine began i'm eating what i can i want a place where i can live with dignity i want to work but with the current situation it's impossible i work as a day laborer building homes and nobody's hiring me. there are over 3000 people here among them dozens of children victims of argentina's dire economic situation and of colvin 19. there's been a lot down in place for the past 4 months and many arjen times haven't been able to go out and try to find work there's dozens of languages like this one all around one aside as people who are desperate to find a place to live who have lost their jobs and can afford to pay a rent this people are waiting for a government associations to start building their homes but in the meantime they
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have to see this tense in spite of the cold weather at night. these people say the land belongs to the state but a neighbor says the land is his and try to remove them by force the dispute is ongoing and. the next few days are crucial a period in which they can be evicted by their police. argentina's government has increased cash handouts in recent months but. says it's not enough they're going to say i knew i'm 26 years old and i have 3 children i have nowhere to live my husband has no one i get so. help in the gulf but it's not enough for the said if you read to me is the minister in charge of security when i cited this. he says criminal organizations are using a desperate people to seize land. there is an increase in land grabs and there is a housing problem but land grabs are
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a business and justice is slow to land they're taking is generally sold later on facebook. that's. what this man says this is not the casing at a new guy. this is something that came from the people not so young people who live with their parents who won the social network is broken there are no jobs there is a pandemic people criticize us who want to beat us but they should come and see how we live and treat us like human beings difficulties are everywhere in argentina these days millions are finding it difficult to survive they are proof of the enormous challenges that argentina is facing. and. meanwhile opposition groups in argentina are protesting against a justice reform bill put forward by the president alberto fernandez. they say it's politically motivated to defend his vice president who's being investigated for
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money laundering on corruption. and on to says the bill intends to run the courts more independent from politics argentina's justice system has long been accused of pro government. must protest triggered by the arrest of a popular governor in russia are now in their 4th week demonstrations started in the far eastern city of karbala vaska but have spread to the rest of the country going to see the reports. we're bringing back for a gal chanted these protesters gathering in the russian city of office they're demanding the release of surrogates for a gal the regional governor who was arrested earlier this month on murder charges. supporters say the accusations are politically motivated. her to go ahead defeated a program and candidate to become governor in 2018 but then. the rest of the government like a common criminal ensured that the whole country that is
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a slap in the face for us as the citizens are chosen we are not for we offer power of the people who. many are also angry over the falling standard of living as russia continues to grapple with the corona virus pandemic but that was not just a preschool we've become fed up with this kind of knife we want to children to have everything they need good schools and a better life instead of poverty level salaries and unemployment. protests 1st erupted in harbor ask in the beginning of july but they have since turned into a nationwide movement against the kremlin. hundreds turned up in sting petersburg. and moscow to show support for the governor. of north america but i believe we're one country and we should stick together and support because look the people that are fighting for their freedom of choice and we support them in this police called
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the protests illegal a number of demonstrators were arrested opposition protests are relatively rare in flight i'm a putin's tightly controlled russia the security forces have so far stayed away from the demonstrations in harbor offs testers have vowed to keep going until the governor's released and. a fast moving wildfire in southern california in the u.s. has forced people out of at least 200 homes ground their crews are working to contain the blaze 3 buildings have already been destroyed about a dozen more fires are burning across the state in support us major league baseball commissioner rob manfred says the league could be forced to shut down its corona virus infections continue to rise among players on friday the milwaukee brewers should have been playing their home opener against us and louis cardinals well that game was canceled up to 2 cardinals players tested positive the coven 19 there are
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reports that saturday's game will also be counselled after another 4 people from the cardinals organization tested positive. all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera thousands of people are calling for israel's prime minister to resign in the biggest protest in western sudan for a decade. they're frustrated by the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis and there's anger in the near term yahoo is still in power while facing corruption charges hong kong has opened a new community treatment center to cope with a rapid rise in corona virus cases a team of lab technicians from mainland china is heading to the territory to help
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carry out tests al-jazeera has developed holland has more from hong kong. this is being called hong kong 3rd and deadliest wave previously hong kong had been able to contain the previous outbreaks quite quickly and quite successfully but this time they say the main issue is tracking and tracing they're having problems figuring out where those clusters are coming from and they are growing quite rapidly according to hong kong standards now compared to the rest of the world this would seem almost minimal just triple digit daily increases but for hong kong this is one of the worst outbreaks it's seen so far for the number of corona virus infections across africa has passed half a 1000000 but experts warn it's not yet reached its peak more than 10000 new cases 148 deaths confirmed on saturday. 2 nasa astronauts are on the way back to earth after undocking from the international space station they're aiming for the gulf of mexico just off the florida panhandle and the sea landing for u.s.
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astronauts in 45 years residents of the bahamas have been advised to stay cautious after hurricane hit the u.s. national hurricane center says the worst affected area was new providence the most popular silent storm winds of 120 kilometers an hour when it struck south of the capital nassau on saturday and forecasters warn that the c.s. is likely to pick up in strength as it heads to heads north towards the u.s. state of florida it lost some speed while moving to the bahamas florida's governor has declared a state of emergency for some areas a torrent of waters destroyed hundreds of homes collapsed in the estimated 600 families in one neighborhood have been forced out. of the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after counting the cost of watching. 15 years ago an explosion ripped through lebanon's capital killing prime minister graffiti and 21 others. the special tribunal for lebanon in the hague will deliver its verdict
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on find out what this means for lebanon and for those indicted follow all the developments. and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the well for banks prime ministers and parish vicar built on the backs of slaves how much does britain reparations millions pulled out of poverty tour in the commodity the pandemic could wipe out latin.


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