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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the famous yellow dress made from blue jeans. to conserving the world's dwindling. fleet of the aids world's global bird migrations life intersect right where we are the place he discovered a treasure it is one of the most special plants on the planet and for ecosystem. announce easier. china sends a team of health experts to hong kong as the city battles a 3rd wave of covert 90. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up multiple bombs target a prison in eastern afghanistan at least one person is killed dozens injured in.
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an attempt to trample on democracy israel's prime minister hits out against massive protests demanding his resignation. refugees connect red artifacts with the postal stories of one of america's most popular musicals. people around the world are facing the prospect of new coronavirus lock downs and restrictions that as the number of infections grows rapidly and governments struggle to contain the spread of the virus globally the number of confirmed cases is edging closer to 18000000 many countries once thought to have been in control of the outbreak is seeing a surge in infections in hong kong hospitals are reaching their capacity as it battles a so-called 3rd wave now health workers from mainland china have been sent in to help but as to vehicle pollen reports their arrival is also causing concern.
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hundreds of beds ready for patients a hole next to the international airport once used for exhibitions and conventions now converted to a hospital hong kong is facing its 3rd and worst wave of corona virus with daily new infections in the triple digits the government says hospitals are reaching capacity testing centers are overwhelmed and so health workers and experts from mainland china have stepped in to help their woman say she was compartments we understand the feelings of residents in one cong so we were deploying medical teams to support them 7 medics from a 60 strong team are the 1st to arrive from neighboring guangdong province they will be based at the makeshift hospital at the asia world expo at the height of the outbreak in mainland china experts built temporary hospitals from the ground up in record time to treat thousands of patients it is that expertise the hong kong government says it is drawing on but many are also questioning why the city would
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need external help given it had managed to swiftly and successfully contain previous outbreaks critics say the public were not consulted and the decision to bring mainland experts bypass the legislative council some activists have voiced concern that this is just another way for beijing to interfere in hong kong's affairs. the government's plan to offer free testing for all of the people in the territory has also raised suspicion with some and social media alleging this could be a way for beijing to access people's d.n.a. samples for surveillance purposes but many of hong kong's health professionals have welcomed the extra help from power mongers our staff has almost been working around the clock and it's good to hear that the central government will dispatch professionals to share our workload and more mainland assistance is on the way 6 experts from move on the city where the virus 1st surfaced last year will help
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build the coronavirus facility from scratch to compliment the asia world expo site this is the 1st time mainland officials have assisted in hong kong's battle to control the current virus outbreak while it may have divided opinion with the territory under its strictest and most restrictive social distancing measures yet many years say they are united in their determination to overcome the latest outbreak they've got pollen are just there of hong kong stories of disaster has been the clad in the australian state of victoria after a rise in cases of covered 19 the 671 infections were concerned on sunday 2300 more than the previous day a nighttime curfew is being introduced people must stay within 5 kilometers of the homes the toria is the epicenter of australia's outbreak and includes the 2nd biggest city melbourne. from 6 pm to know i am declaring a state of disaster across victoria this will be in addition to the state of
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emergency that has operated throughout this means that the police and others have additional powers we can suspend. various acts of the parliament we can make sure that we get the job done and there's no question about the enforceability and the why in which new rules will operate. an attack is underway at a prison in afghanistan at least one person is reported dead 24 others injured there are reports of more casualties 3 bombs exploded outside the compound in jalalabad according to a member of the provincial council or was a car bomb security forces are now locked with in a gun battle with the armed men inside the jail but i'll say is a freelance journalist joining us now via skype from kabul what's the latest you're hearing about the situation. well it's a very complicated situation it's dark the afghan special forces are fighting attackers from several different directions and we're being told blurred by harold
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as well as intelligence in members of the provincial council the least 12 did bodies are in the area that could not be picked up because that's how serious the fighting is at least 30 people are wounded it is a very residential area and most of the windows in glasses were shattered because the 1st car bomb exploded was extremely powerful and it just sort of shows you how difficult this fight remains for the people of afghanistan because ultimately wherever there are attacks from suicide attacks 2 years strikes to night raids the number one losers or ordinary civilians were caught in these attacks who might be behind this particular attack the supposed to be a ceasefire wasn't for for the ied holiday between the government and the taliban. the taliban have said they were not behind this attack
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the eastern province of never heard of which jalalabad is the capital remains a stronghold of the islamic state a few days ago the afghan intelligence service announced that they killed a solo or exactly the head of the intelligence service for the militant group as well as the head of its secret networks according to afghan intelligence service so we'll have to wait and see but this is a present at houses fighters and commanders from the islamic state to the taliban through drug dealers and an attack like this also just shows you that claims made by the afghan government as well as by the american military dead the group has been defeated is it simply not true because time and again we've seen that this group is quite capable of striking in major cities including jalalabad in the east in kabul here and for the people of this province in the east life has been extremely difficult especially for the people in the districts who had to leave
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their homes either didn't want them or the afghan government was fighting against the taliban people lost their pine nuts forest in the valleys or they lost their livelihoods or agricultural farms so if anyone was looking more to a ceasefire i would say it was the people in this eastern province like many other afghans and now those dreams and hopes seems to be shattered good structure campbell are many thanks indeed some were either in kabul. libya's un recognized government says that more russian mercenaries of arrived to support warlord khalifa haftar these groups have been backing have his campaign to capture tripoli the u.s. recently accused russia of using these mercenaries to deliver supplies to half us forces the u.n. representative in libya is warning against foreign intervention saying the conflict is in danger of becoming a proxy war for regional powers let's go live now to tripoli al-jazeera is muffled
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up the wash had is. many stories are we talking about him. well there is no specific number of the stated by the government of national accord as you know adrian that the spokes men of the military operation of the senate and joe for a counter offensive line should by the government of national court for the perp have to force their deployment to tax in the city of sirte and in their job for and sent to libya he says that mine cargo planes including russian made aleutian planes are arrived in central and eastern libya over the past 24 hours 5 of them arrived in the course of the strategic city of it namely another go to the airport well 20 kilometers south of it loaded with weapons and ammunition also that some of these blip planes landed in
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a military base in central libya under the control of how to forces meanwhile in the east fire according to the government of national court of the 4 russian made. cargo planes landed in the end in there. in the eastern city of the carrying mercenaries the government sources say that it's believed that the most and reason are russian and syrian mercenaries because the planes took off from me mean airport in syria the government sources also say that this is a clear violation of the arms him imposed on libya since to live in and also have a listen of the international law given the fact that this is going against the international efforts and mediation to deescalate and to bring stability back to the country by or through peace as you know adrian that the government
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is blaming gratia for what it calls a clear and direct intervention in libya by support. the warlords leave for have to do with weapons ammunition and medicine is in fact that the government is blaming russia for what it calls derailing international mediation to deescalate in and around their strategic coastal city of sirte and also it's blaming the russian mystery's for blocking it blockading the oil terminals and also the oil fields in southern libya and the oil crescent area in eastern libya al jazeera as more hold out for what had reporting live there from tripoli many thanks indeed israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the protesters demanding his resignation are anna kists who are trying to play on democracy throughout the summer thousands of israeli demonstrators of call for him to step down but we canceled the largest protests to date they say netanyahu has failed to handle the coronavirus pandemic
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and shouldn't be in office while on trial for corruption rallies are mostly peaceful but there have been some scuffles with police the prime minister has blamed the media for inciting violence. of. these wild and unfitted. including the day before yesterday there were calls to move to the prime minister and his family the media is ignoring it and covering it up in the politicians. meanwhile netanyahu son has been banned from tweeting about the process leaders and israeli court ordered him to delete tweets sharing personal addresses and cell phone numbers of the organizers they invited his followers to troll them and even gather outside the targets that they received threats after the tweets were posted over the weekend now he is a journalist based in tel aviv and an adjunct fellow at the washington institute for near east policy he says that contrary to netanyahu is claims the majority of
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protesters are not far left activists. these are regular israelis on the whole left leaning but on the whole really reasonable and normal israelis who want and that is earl it's the law of democracy and that now who was elected by a complicated internal democratic system here in your 2 or 3 months ago had new unity government and going further i think you know it's not as if the numbers here are over long and significant but not a lot which remember that 9 years ago there was another protest movement in israel that got about 500000 israelis on the streets and now who 9 years later still prime minister what the demonstration will likely do and are doing at the moment is having an impact on the overall political debate in israel so it's a sense of economic drift help drip in terms of the krona crisis. dysfunctional
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unity government that only about 2 and a half months old and on top of that demonstrations on the street clashes with police relatively low still clashes the clashes on the left and the feeds into a larger sense and a larger narrative that neon of losing control. a weather update next here on al-jazeera ben the man who is called europe's last dictator faces the biggest challenge to his rule in 25 years. rounded up and thrown in jail the united nations joins course for the release of human rights activists in india. hello the planes will rain across areas of the northeast of asia we're also watching this very closely. to the east of taiwan and the 4 calls track has it
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continuing to have a very close to northern areas as you can see and eventually coming closer to the south coast of china again 3 monday winds had about 85 kilometers an hour those are the sustained winds gusts will be higher animals producing some very heavy amounts of rain but at the same time also following the progress of said la q this is making its way inland across land across into northern as the last eventually it will carry on up towards the northwest now that will dissipate monday and say at this hour the storm system will not expected to make landfall sometime throughout she said just in the eastern portion of china bringing with it of course and strong winds also some heavy amounts of rain that area extensive those rains further to the south across taiwan hina and the southern areas of china meanwhile more heavy rain through monday and tuesday across the korean peninsula so that of course could just exacerbate the flooding that is already in place and across into india plenty more rain here as well in the full cost and of course the flooding just continues and this is what it's like living with these floods either in the hot sun long the
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road or cool still being rescued with the floodwaters the still very high more ages ago through monday and once again heavy in bangladesh on choose day. japan is building a massive c. one to protect against devastating tsunami one i want to investigate that nature can be can time or if the walls will expose could be used to greater danger. on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world's. good. sneeze and your own. to end.
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well again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour specialists from mainland china have been deployed in hong kong to help contain the resurgence of the corona virus 125 cases were confirmed on saturday the 11th day in a row the cases have been in triple digits. an attack is underway at a prison that afghanistan 3 bombs exploded outside a prison in jalalabad at least one person is supported are reports though many more casualties afghan special forces are now fighting gunmen who are believed to be inside the jail and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called on protesters calling for his resignation or rather is called protesters and a kists thousands joined the largest demonstration in west jerusalem in a decade they're angry of a netanyahu is handling of the coronavirus crisis and say he shouldn't be in office
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or facing corruption charges. media reports in the u.k. suggest that prime minister boris johnson is planning to drastically slow down plans to ease coronavirus restrictions johnson is believed to be working up a plan to avoid a 2nd nationwide lockdown the economy has been opening up in the last month but new restrictions were imposed in northern areas on friday after a spike in infections al-jazeera. reports from london. hopes that the worst of the coded 1000 crisis may be behind the u.k. this autumn appear to be fading infection rates are rising for the 1st time since may not to the heights of a pandemic in april but nevertheless going up and the government has warned it may have to go further than the localised restrictions in place to control local spikes where they happen there are reports that the prime minister boris johnson has commissioned a plan for a london wide lockdown including restrictions on movement in and out of the m
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$25.00 ring road ask. people over the age of 50 who may help vulnerable conditions the virus to shelter at home and with schools due to return in just a few weeks' time in september scientists are warning that any further reopening of the economy may mean other parts of the economy have got to shut again to maintain balance and the finger is being pointed at the hospitality industry will take a look at where i am now in soho in the heart of london a normally vibrant buzzing entertainment district full of londoners locals tourists the bars restaurants and pubs that have been allowed to reopen their doors have the tables and chairs spilling out across the pavement and onto the road desperate for custom but there are no tourists around a lot of londoners aren't venturing out all that much and the reports suggest that the price of getting children back into the classrooms may well be that some of these businesses have to shut their doors again and business owners are warning they have survived one lock down many will not survive
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a 2nd the outbreak in latin america shows no sign of easing the number of coronavirus deaths across the region has doubled in just over a month to more than 200000 mexico has overtaken the u.k. to record the 3rd highest number of fatalities after the us brazil and it's been reporting record numbers of infections in recent days are to serious manuel apollo reports from mexico city. testing is being increased but we know that the number is likely much higher than what's being reported now on saturday mexico reported the high is a new daily record for new contagion with 9556 new cases and a lot of this you know boils down to leadership is what we're hearing from health policy experts what we're hearing from people day to day there's a lot of criticism over the handling by the federal government a lot of criticism of mexico's president on this matter looked as over the top who for over a month now has been consistently repeating that the worst is over that the that
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that the worst of the pandemic in the worst of the economic impact is over but what we're seeing in terms of the statistics paints a completely different picture. many parts of the country including here in mexico city began reopening on july 1st many people many non essential services are now open people out on the streets not a lot of people wearing masks there's nothing mandatory in terms of containment strategy so the sense that we're getting from public health experts is that it's almost inevitable for a return to a lockdown given the a recent spike in contagion here in mexico iran has reported its highest to any number of corona virus infections in nearly a month more than 2600 people tested positive iran has been dealing with one of the worst outbreaks in the middle east. a week today people in belarus will be voting for a new president few people are expecting anyone to beat the incumbent alexander lukashenko who has ruled for more than 25 years and is labeled by many as europe's
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last dictator bus as the dame barbara reports one woman is mounting a major challenge. here here yeah well she's only 37 and she's not a politician that's for atlanta hopes that in a week's time she'll be president have been a rule. on thursday she drew tens of thousands of people to a rally in minsk the biggest protest the country's ever seen. the former teacher announced she'd stand off to her husband sergei a well known blogger was arrested in may he's been charged with plotting mass disturbances says he the running of people who were looking at the election commission didn't accept sergei's documents i run instead of him not because i need palla open because i'm the politician and want to become president and all of the country must know i ran to support my husband but i was supporting family values people saw this and were inspired by it was not planned i was just following my hot
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. she's challenging president alexander lukashenko who's been in power since 994 and is seeking his 6th term there's been an upsurge in protests against him fueled by the poor state of the economy and look at his handling of the covered $1000.00 pandemic. he originally downplayed the virus and refused to stop sporting events here he says there are no viruses here do you see any flying around. but belarus with a population of 9500000 has registered nearly 70000 infections and more than 500 deaths in recent weeks hundreds of opposition activists journalists and bloggers have reportedly been arrested among them 2 men who are considered the president's major challenges victoria arrested on suspicion of money laundering and valarie sept carlow a former ambassador to the united states now said cally was wife seen here with the rico's campaign manager is backing svetlana to kind of scios it like it is just us
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a puppet lana's husband has been held as a hostage as well as her children who she was forced to take out of belarus my situation is similar my husband had to flee the country because they framed up a criminal case against him and my children were being followed by the security said this is so i had to send him away from bella bruce just. a week ago belarus arrested more than 30 men they accuse of being russian mercenaries russia says they worked for a private security company and were on their way to turkey but investigators in belarus suggest they were working with opposition figures including sergei to cannot escape he and his wife is dismissed the accusation and says she's afraid attempts to tie her family to alleged foreign plotters could lead to violence ahead of next sunday's vote. al-jazeera at least 13 people have been killed by suspected boko haram fighters in cameroon grades were launched to the count for displaced people in mosul gold in the country's north 8 other people were injured.
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the united nations has joined calls for the release of human rights activists in india some are being held in prison under anti-terrorism laws while they await trial the government denies accusations that the charges are politically motivated as elizabeth warren has been speaking to some of the prisoner's families every. year it's been 2 years since some of india's most recognizable rights activists were rounded up and taken away by police they were accused of instigating violence during a march by disadvantaged hindus in modest a state where one person was killed 80 year old poet and prominent human rights lawyer so the butt of the watch are among the detained there rest fled to nationwide protests by their supporters most of the 11 accused yet to be formally charged. in delhi so the bottled waters daughter my share everything letter from
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her mother sent from jail in mumbai what does this. this is not fair. and it's not a joke this is how to live this is my life and their voyage their ruling of. human rights lawyer get it has worked with so the bout of the watch for 10 years she says only one of the 11 accused was at the launch we feel right from the beginning of us of any politically motivated case as far as a criminal case goes there is no evidence it is really that. political it was taught that these people need to be punished for the work they're doing all of them very well known that human rights activists. what about a stranger to presidents haven't previously spent 10 years in jail for inciting communist revolution but yes but he has never been found guilty his family according for his immediate release after he contract to the coronavirus in prison
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. is held. like. critics say the government is using antiterrorism legislation which allows detention without charge or trial. human rights watch as among many groups are asking the government why it hasn't investigated the alleged role of head of the nationalists in the violence that rolland bought of watch are in jail for even though a fact finding mission found hendren ashton this leaders were responsible. the government insists there's no political interference in the case because that is a shame is that the behavior going to protect. a little bit. you know democracy because people are seeing something. it was a 1000 people who said i'll give it all the more. of the watch is waiting for her mother's next bail hearing she's been joined by the united nations and european
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parliament who are calling for the release of human rights defenders elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. nasa says that 2 astronauts aboard a space x. capsule on track to splash down off florida on sunday afternoon astronauts doug hurley and bob behnken undocked after a 2 month mission onboard the international space station it marks a new era for commercial spaceflight 9 years after nasa retired its space shuttle fleet it will be the 1st splash down the u.s. astronauts in 45 years philadelphia's penn museum is widely around for its ancient artifacts from the middle east africa and central america now in a modern twist as it reopens on the strict coronavirus restrictions it has to a guides displaced by violence from countries like syria as kristen salumi explains the move is drawing international attention. thank you so much for coming as a tour guide in philadelphia's penn museum you'd expect me in
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a sardar to know ancient middle eastern history but so revealing is how personally she takes her subject matter like this 4000 year old wedding headdress from the tomb of the mesopotamian queen a personal favorite this is my it's me with a very very special occasion my wedding day i wore approximately 2 pounds of gold that nearby food unlike. other queen probably for one day mina is from damascus syria a refugee employed as part of the museum's global guides program which gives recent immigrants an opportunity to work in the u.s. and stay in touch with their roots and nino fled civil war with her husband and 5 children and arrived in philadelphia just 3 years ago dealing with artifacts from my home from the middle east i'm connected to my culture. it's a wide or why door open to me to share my culture the initiative involves intensive
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training in history and storytelling the guides come not only from the middle east but also africa and central america and are encouraged to read their own experiences into the tour museum officials say it's popular among visitors one of the things people told us is they would come into the museum specifically to hear from these guides which in many ways makes a lot of sense all of the kind of historical context of religion they give you can get from wikipedia all right but you can't get anywhere else as the personal stories about what's going on in the world today in the lives of the people who are from there at least a dozen museums from around the world are now looking to set up their own global guide programs bringing modern relevance to these ancient artifacts christian salumi al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello adrian forget here in doha the headlines from
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al-jazeera specialists from mainland china have been deployed in hong kong to help contain a resurgence of the corona virus 125 cases were confirmed there on saturday the 11th day in a row that cases have been in triple digits. and attacks on the way at a prison in afghanistan 3 bombs exploded outside a compound in jalalabad at least one person is dead but there are reports of many more casualties afghan special forces are now fighting gunmen who are believed to be inside the jail. so worry is a freelance journalist in kabul he gave us this update it's a very complicated situation it's dark the afghan special forces are fighting attackers from several different directions and we are being told by health as well as intelligence in members of the provincial council the least 12 dead bodies are in the area that could not be picked up because that's how serious the fighting is at least 30 people are wounded it is a very it is eventually area and most of the windows in glasses were shattered
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because the 1st car bomb exploded was extremely powerful libya's u.n. recognized government says that more russian mercenaries of arrived support the warlord khalifa haftar the group's opin backing have his campaign to capture tripoli the u.s. recently accused russia of using these mercenaries to deliver supplies to have task forces the u.n. representative in libya is warning against foreign intervention. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the protesters demanding his resignation are advocates who are trampling on democracy throughout the summer thousands of israeli demonstrators of course they have to step down but we canceled the largest protests to date they say that yahoo has failed to handle a coronavirus pandemic and shouldn't be in office trial for corruption. unless the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off one or one east next
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. and. when the fukushima tsunami hit japan's coastline in 2011 it destroyed everything in its path the jewel in the mahdi more. you know the more. genteel the would move up the judicial. in the aftermath of the thorazine began building a massive new sea wall along 400 kilometers of the coastline. it's meant to help protect communities from future wags but some feel it's putting them in even greater danger water huey tall and you know have got to meet him as he will put his
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arm i mean i don't i also hope that i'll get out of this. little it was. one i want to explore with deep.


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