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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2020 2:00am-2:34am +03

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penetrates global market snavely a 21st century evil continues. on al jazeera. claims that saudi arabia's crown prince ordered the hit men to kill a former intelligence agent in canada the u.s. calls their intended target a valued partner. donald matheson this is all just here a live from doha also coming up deflecting the blame in beirut has residents criticize lebanon's leaders for the deadly port blast the president suggests it could have been caused by a missile or a bomb. ripped apart after skidding off the runway at least 14 people are killed as
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an air india express jet crashes in the southern state of cattle. and u.s. sanctions on home along the territories chief executive kerry lamb and 10 other chinese officials singled out over the controversial security of. the u.s. a spoken out in defense of a former top saudi intelligence agent who was allegedly targeted in a foil the assassination attempt the state department's describes as a valued partner comes a day off that all jobby filed a lawsuit in washington d.c. accusing the saudi crown prince mohamed bin someone of sending a hit squad to canada to try to kill him the state department says it's concerned about al job these allegations and it says any persecution of his family members back in saudi arabia is unacceptable and it's also being reported that interpol rejected a request to extradite algebra back to saudi. arabia because they said it was
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politically motivated and well the state department comments or in a letter sent to democratic senator patrick leahy he requested a formal update on the case and it says dr al jobbery has been a valued partner to the u.s. government working closely with us to ensure the safety of americans and saudis the bobbin of state is concerned by the alleged victim a tease that led to dr al job his exile in canada any accusations of wrongdoing against a doctor or job should be addressed through established legal channels with full transparency and respect for the rule of law and the persecution of his family members is unacceptable and the strength of the u.s. saudi partnership which has benefited both nations for more than 7 decades permits us to engage in frank discussions in areas where we disagree well for more on this let's cross live to mike hanna in washington d.c. mike these are very strong words from the state department. indeed yes they were responding to
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a letter sent to the white house by senator patrick leahy along with 3 others asking about what had happened to the children of out of 3 there in riyadh being held by the saudi authorities the response coming in that letter from the state department a very strong statements made making very clear that he was a valued ally of the united states now outside. worked for the poor crown prince of muhammad bin nayef as its intelligence advisor so he worked very closely with u.s. country intelligence in terms of joint operations between the united states and saudi arabia in fact left saudi arabia because he feared that the present crown prince would take over from hamad bin nayef which was indeed what happened but since then he's been in exile in canada the state department making very clear in that letter that should there be any accusations of wrongdoing against him by the saudi. authorities then they've got to proceed in
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a formal legal matter according to the rule of the law now one must notice well that the saudis approached interpol for an arrest warrant and they refused to give one saying that the saudis motivation was political rather than criminal so here we've got a situation where the state department making very clear that it sees him as a very valuable man and making very clear to that it has on a number of occasions it says approached the saudi authorities about the status of his children who are being held in detention they now aged 20 and 21 so this is a strong statement from the state department making very clear to that it has already be making inquiries into the whereabouts of its children and this is a response to the senators in congress but what this whole matter shows as well is that the state department is moving towards the view in congress about the nature of relations with saudi arabia now president trump has stated repeatedly that
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despite ongoing allegations of ever ation of human rights he still sees ahmed been someone as a friend and as an ally this letter from state department casting some doubt on that and also as well of course the letter from congress and the disturbing in congress about the fate of children is an indication that congress at least sees the relationship with saudi arabia in a very different light than the president mike thanks very much that's mike hanna live for us in washington d.c. lebanon's president has raised the possibility of external interference in tuesday's port blast in beirut michel own has promised an investigation into whether the blast was caused by negligence an accident or even a rocket or a bomb but the government is facing widespread anger over accusations of mismanagement and corruption 157 people are confirmed dead in a hot air has this report from beirut. this is what is left of beirut port the
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stockpile of tons of ammonium nitrate that appeared to set off tuesday's blast was in one of the warehouses some of the missing people are believed to be underneath the rubble it's a complicated job to look for them because the damage is considerable international rescue teams have joined search operations but hope of finding survivors is fading and they say the affair. what we're trying to do is to find the structures that are still under tons of rubble specifically the cells in the technical rooms that are under the silos they could have been buried by the rubble and still be standing which could allow us to find survivors. lebanese authorities have begun investigations into the blast that destroyed much of the central parts of the capital port and customs officials have been detained and their assets frozen investigators initially said it was triggered by a fire the president michelle and says they are looking into all possibilities. this accident is
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a wake up call as i said it could be an act of negligence all we have another possibility it could be a rocket attack or a bomb attack i personally requested from the french president if they were in possession of any aerial footage to kindly provide us with it in order to identify any aerial attack or missile attack if any. popular anger at a political class blamed for years of corruption and mismanagement is not new people have little face in a government inquiry that is led by the politicians and security officials who they believe should be the ones questioned there's a problem of. trust between the political system and the population and this exists for years not just now but now the problem is that the investigation the person in this committee they feel they are a part of the security services that people are asking questions about their attitude french president manuel mccall visited the devastated neighborhoods in
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beirut on thursday joined voices in lebanon and abroad calling for an independent international inquiry but the governing alliance headed by the iranian backed hezbollah has dismissed that. and i would like to emphasize that hezbollah categorically refutes and rejects that we have materials at the seaport not a single bullet weapon ammunition or a bomb nothing at all belongs to hezbollah even the materials the ammonium nitrate that does not belong to hezbollah and. i believe that there is a consensus amongst all lebanese that a. comprehensive transparent and fair investigation must take place authorities are welcoming international humanitarian assistance which has started to arrive in a country already broken before the disaster but they are against internationalizing the crisis which would weaken their control calls for actions against the ruling class are growing louder following reports that officials were
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aware of the presence of highly explosive material in the middle of a densely populated city there are plans for mass demonstrations the priority is no longer just a humanitarian emergency there are attempts to revive the momentum of the protest movement that began in october but bringing about change won't be easy. beirut. and the 17 people have been killed in a plane crash in the air the aircraft slid off the runway as it was coming in to land in the southern state of cattle and heavy monsoon rain and the hayward reports . the desperate search for survivors from an express flight which is being bringing people home from the u.s. 190 passengers and crew on board the bombing 737 when it overshot the runway because according coursing karen. the pilot had apparently tried to land minutes earlier in heavy rain officials say the plane landed at speed and
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skidded down a slope before finally coming to a store it broke into several pieces it seems to have crossed that runway and fallen into a ditch sort of a place because there is a different shield between the runway and the other parts of the airport and because of that impact there seems to have been a breaking off of the fuselage into the aircraft a different portion has been very badly mangled and damaged. it is moments sitting season in india making the rescue effort even more difficult many of those injured and now being treated in hospital both pilots reported to be among the dead there are currently no commercial flights in or out of india this was a repatriation plight from dubai bringing indian nationals who have been stuck overseas because of the coronavirus pandemic in a tweet india's prime minister narendra modi said he was pained by the accident
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thoughts which will be shared by the nation investigators will now want to know how and why this accident happened and why he would al-jazeera the u.s. is imposing sanctions on the leader of the hong kong government in the territories current and former police chiefs are among 11 officials targeted sanctions were prompted by president trans executive order last month in a bit to punish china over a sweeping national security law imposed on hong kong china insists the law is needed to criminalize acts of secession subversion and terrorism critics say is being used to silence dissent white house correspondent kimberly hauck it has more on the story. what will happen is that these individuals that have been named will have any assets here in the united states frozen now the treasury department's very clear the reason this is being done and these individuals have been named is because they are directly responsible for the implementation of beijing's policies of suppression of freedom and democracy and in his statement the treasury secretary
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steve said that the united states will continue to use all of its tools and authority to target those undermining hong kong's autonomy the u.s. president is furious that cope with 19 that originated in china has decimated the u.s. economy and in turn hurt his reelection chances so a relationship that had looked like it was starting to improve following those tit for tat trade sanctions between their tariffs rather between the united states and china the whole thing is a really deteriorated since then there's been a long string of actions by this administration most recently yesterday the restrictions on the social media abs from china we chat as well as to talk there was an executive order that now mandates that all drugs for the u.s. government that are purchased by the u.s. government must be from the united states that cuts off a major source of revenue for china where drugs many cases came previously and
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there are a whole host of other actions that have taken place in recent weeks it is clear this administration is looking to punish china and this president perhaps even looking to punish china specifically at harming his reelection chances. ok let me take you back to more on our top story the fact that the u.s. officials are speaking out in defense of fall more. secret agent who has been there describing him as a valued partner he's alleged to have been the target of an attack by the saudi government i want to talk to george will cuff yetto who's the c.e.o. of gulf state analytics it's a washington d.c. based geo political risk consultancy is joining us by skype from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for being with us the statement to that the state department has put out seems very strong but is it likely to go any further than just strong words for public consumption. you know i think this statement
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underscores how the u.s. diplomatic establishment is increasingly troubled by the ways in which mohammad been some is using his power while president trump has bent over backwards to give m.b.'s the benefit of the doubt throughout trump's presidency more and more diplomatic officials elites in the washington d.c. foreign policy scene have been criticizing trump for being too soft on mohammed bin so money is they see it and i think this is just going to you know add to those perceptions you know right now the crown prince is obviously working with an american president to give him the benefit of the doubt but if the trump presidency ends either in 2021 or 2025 there could be a different kind of white house that is going to keep this file and so many other
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issues in mind and possibly have a quite different sort of relationship with mohamed been summoned to so the 2 of these children are being held in circumstances we're not quite sure about in saudi arabia do you think that this statement by the state department actually creates any greater protection for mr but also for his family as well you know i think probably trump would have to try to put pressure on the crown prince to 3 these 2 adult children. i don't think that this statement from the state department alone would result in them having their freedom i'm a little pessimistic about that how big a p.r. problem is this becoming for saudi arabia not over just with this case but it being preceded by the killing of
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a as well. well in my opinion i don't believe that the crown prince can ever return to washington d.c. or any american city for that matter you know earlier on prior to the killing of jim on his show g m b s coming out to d.c. new york california meeting with billionaires people on wall street you know that can't happen anymore. so that is definitely a serious issue that will have an impact on the u.s. saudi relationship especially if mohammed bin so mine is to become the next king of saudi arabia and i definitely think that that's going to happen where we go to get your thoughts on this joseph you had oh it's great to have you on i'll visit again once again thank you very much indeed thank you still ahead on our jazeera unemployment shows a slight drop in the u.s. but the painful reality remains for millions of americans out of
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a job because of coronavirus pandemic. promising sweeping reforms that rajapaksa brothers to strengthen their grip on sri lanka with a big electoral win. how the legacy of you say yes is still with us the storm is still over the top for new york and d.c. for example just exasperate the fact there are still power outages now those showers will carry on in the humid weather for a few more days and there are big ones drifting across the plains states in towards the midwest which i don't think will cause power outages but they are going to be significant storms otherwise it is a dry picture still far riskier for of course out west but surprisingly dry in texas and substations few showers around here as east coast also slowly dries up
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pakistan or whether in the caribbean as well when would all see frequent daily showers a polyp or cloud against nicaragua or costa rica and big showers seem to be developing in southern mexico as well you can tell that because of the or incentive these blues things and that's potential tropical cyclone developing off the coast of mexico another one to few longway sayas and there's been a lot of snow this winter in patagonia and there's more on its way the sort of division line more or less about montevideo so the river plate but this is where the snow is falling and snowing 2nd fast for the time we get through the end of saturday whereas in montevideo the temperatures rising. exploitive plays the can. learn a word. to make the charcoal that feels
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a fantasist that forge the steel didn't make sure that the trade that exploits them and. solve it penetrates global markets slavery a 21st century evil continues to charcoal slaves on al-jazeera. you're watching out to see a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. state department is called a former top saudi intelligence official. valued partner shall be filed a lawsuit in washington d.c. on thursday accusing saudi crown prince muhammad and solomon of sending hitmen to canada to try to kill
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a lebanese president michel aoun has launched an investigation into tuesday's devastating explosion in beirut he says the blast which killed at least 157 people could have been caused by either negligence or external interference 17 people have died after a plane crashed on landing in india air india express jet broke into it overshot the runway at an airport in the southern cut of the state it was a repopulation flight for indian nationals have been stuck overseas because of the pandemic. politicians in washington have failed in their laser system attempt to agree emergency benefits for millions of americans who've lost their jobs because of coronavirus president donald trump is threatening to issue an executive order to force the funding to go through john hendren reports from chicago. for more than 30000000 unemployed americans warm summer days fade to sleepless nights i never anticipated being on unemployment period think that that was never something
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that i thought would happen to me in my life among the newly unemployed since march is sira guard who lost a human resources job in fears losing her identity what's at stake for my family is . being able to stay who we are being able to maintain the life that we have when us job losses begin to accelerate dramatically early in the cove crisis congress took the unusual step of creating a 600 dollar weekly subsidy for the jobless in addition to state unemployment insurance that averages a little over $300.00 but that funding expired last week since the coronavirus shut down much of the united states in march the u.s. economy has shrunk by one 3rd the fastest drop in u.s. history according to a new study by the associated press and the university of chicago's national opinion research center about half of americans believe the jobs that have
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disappeared are gone forever as congress debates renewing jobless payments the virus is resurging spreading to tens of thousands more americans every day this thing is coming back around and it's traveling from other states and if we had gotten it under control earlier we might not be in this position right now as washington struggles to respond to the virus and the unemployment crisis americans face insolvency and hunger thousands of them hourly at this los angeles food bank alone when cold it happened i couldn't there was no i had no money no money and now for millions coping with unemployment often for the 1st time dwindling hope john hendren al-jazeera chicago. the u.k. economy is facing its biggest annual decline in a century the bank of england's forecast hammers home the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and it says it could take more than a year to get back to pre lockdown levels providing there isn't
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a 2nd serge ibaka reports from london. this rush hour but there's a little on the move this coffee kiosk normally serves long queues of customers powering workers and surrounding offices for the small business is under pressure. economic storm is brewing a team of 7 people and currently at the moment with the way things are of the lucky to bring maybe one or 2 but. it remains like this i think it's going to be very bleak specially for small independents like ourselves that with cash flow. and the foot flow to come through. is a similar story in london's financial district where every day feels like sunday this week the bank of england forecasts the economy would contract by 9 and a half percent over the year that's less severe than 1st thought but it's still the biggest annual decline in 100 years and by the end of the year when government
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funded support schemes come to an end the bank believes unemployment will double. ramoni office staff now working from home the streets and alleyways in and around london's financial district are fallen silent that's catastrophic news for all of the local businesses that depend upon passing traffic covert 19 is redefining the country cities and towns can see the from the beginning of march that fall started to decrease quite rapidly data scientists in the u.k. have been watching our changing behavior since the start of the pandemic using tracking technology and shops and high streets to find out how where and when we spend our money they are the economy's a vital signs and point towards a slow recovery when knocked down hit for dropped like a stone and really we were looking at drops of 8 know that 80 percent over 90 percent in london where the streets are absolute deserted we've opened 3
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non-essential retail we've opened hospitality we're encouraging people back to work all of those things created those some for and yet post those because we are still 40 percent lower than we were last year the figures are going in the right direction a surge in online sales is keeping parts of the economy afloat but a 2nd surgeon coronavirus could risk another damaging lockdown denting consumer confidence silencing the nation's high street for potentially years to. leave barca london. british airways has begun cutting thousands of jobs because of the impact of the pandemic many of those who remain will face steep pay cuts and lose benefits but it's airways says more than $6000.00 workers have applied for voluntary redundancy the company lost more than $900000000.00 between april and june. germany and france have both abandoned talks to reform the world health organization out of
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frustration with the u.s. attempts to dominate the negotiations the moves a blow for donald trump whose administration had hoped to lead a sweeping overhaul of the w.h.o. before the upcoming u.s. election france's health minister says the u.s. should not lead the reform after announcing it will be leaving the organization trump accuses the w.h.o. of being too close to china and of mishandling the pandemic but rajapaksa brothers have cemented their hold on power in sri lanka with a dominating win in the country's parliamentary election martindale rajapaksa will not become prime minister well as brother go to buy of the president and his men elfin unders reports from colombo they now plan to change the constitution. celebrations in the rajapaksa heartland reason a 2 thirds majority in sri lanka's new parliament on thursday will be queued to see incumbent prime minister mind the rajapaksa who secured the highest number of
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financial votes. sylvia would lead us into the unknown also patriotic and then we have 2 thirds majority in the parliament and i didn't know the country can be developed in a very short period to see all what is the discipline and also the theater in it in both these to know within the government. says the strong support for prime minister rajapaksa and his brother who's president just 5 years after they voted out is a message from the people that. of democracy reforms and perhaps those reforms actually retarding guards which is also the main message the president has sent since his election. has been i think the clear message is. what the people who are demanding use unless of course to. reform and more of economic development. seen around the predicts the new government will increase the president's powers
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get rid of independent institutions and an amendment on power sharing in the north and east when m.p.'s walk into the parliamentary chamber of the building behind me on august 20th seating arrangements would have changed to accommodate one of the largest number of m.p.'s to ever sit in government and those in their ranks will face a series of economic and political challenges indeed that today who are the noise of the economic challenges. he's been struggling to keep his garment factory afloat in difficult times made worse by the couvade 1000 crisis castro to do when it comes to a market negative sentiment and then with the market correction so we have been having lost if you take 45 months 80 percent of our business was gone despite the huge mandate the rajapaksa brothers still feels allegations of war crimes and foods disappearances 11. years after the oversaw the defeat of the tamil
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tigers in sri lanka civil. a former member of the national human rights commission voiced these concerns we also see a rise in single a buddhist nationalism and it seems like that is what is taking hold and and shaping the policy of the country so this means that minority thing particularly feel frightened because if you are critical of the government you can be called a traitor you can be called a terrorist you can be arrested merely for expressing an opinion balancing the multiple challenges facing she lanka will not be easy for the new government but for the majority of people here the rajapaksa led government is the best option for now and then this. film. dozens of residents and tourists in italy is also valley have been relocated after warnings that a huge portion of a blog last year is at risk of collapse the recent heat wave has created
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a layer of water under the ice causing it to slide about 80 centimeters a day experts warn it would take half a 1000000 cubic metres of ice just 2 minutes to reach the road below it if it collapses. this is all just these are the top stories the u.s. has spoken out in defense of a former top citing intelligence agent who was allegedly targeted in a fault assassination attempt in the state department has described a saddle job as are valued part of our job he filed a lawsuit in washington d.c. on thursday accusing saudi crown prince mohammed bin sultan of sending a hit squad to canada to try to kill him mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . very strong statements made making very clear that he was a valued ally of the united states now. worked for all he crown
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prince mohammed bin nayef as its intelligence advisor so he worked very closely with us counterintelligence in terms of joint operations between the united states and saudi arabia he in fact left saudi arabia because he feared that the present crown prince would take over from hamad bin i have which was indeed what happened lebanese president michel own has launched an investigation into tuesday's devastating explosion in beirut he says the blast which killed at least 157 people could have been caused either by negligence or external interference the government's facing widespread anger over accusations of mismanagement and corruption 17 people have died after a plane crashed on landing in india the air india express jet broke into when it overshot the runway at an airport in the southern catalyst state it was bringing indian nationals home from dubai who'd been stuck overseas because of the pandemic
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the u.s. is imposing sanctions on the leaders of the hong kong government and the territories current and former police chiefs among 11 officials targeted sanctions were prompted by president trump's executive order last month at a bid to punish china over a sweeping national security law imposed on hong kong china insists the law is needed to criminalize criminalize acts of secession subversion and terrorists and germany and france have both abandoned talks to reform the world health organization out of frustration with the u.s. at tends to dominate negotiations and moves a blow for donald trump who's of ministration had hoped to lead a sweeping overhaul of the w.h.o. before the upcoming u.s. election france's health minister says the u.s. should not leave the reform now after announcing it will be leaving the organization those are the headlines and the news continues in about half an hour after witness good buy. kovan dying teen is seeing a war of words escalate between the u.s. and china all challenge u.s. general robert spaulding and british diplomat an author kerry brown on whether the
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west is entering into a new cold war with china in a special edition of head to head you want to travel bottle china for much of the muslim up to quite stop proposal we need a strict vetting process is the time i finally tele again beijing we have a china centric world and then a world which is not china centric head to head on out his iraq.


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