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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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just 0 explores the impact of accessing vast amounts of our personal data. data land on al-jazeera the us is always open for the people all right the world people pay attention to what you told us now does it was very good to bring the news to the world from here. not just the israel jordan peace treaty was signed more than 25 years ago 'd or so much progress being made towards peace in the middle east. donald trump brokers an agreement to normalize relations between israel and the united arab emirates. hello i'm convinced all this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. out of
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the deal israel has agreed to suspend the planned addicks ation of palestinian lands. another police crackdown and bell roosts but protesters refused to back down in their rejection of sunday's disputed presidential election. several you countries see a steep rise in corona virus infections prompting fears of new lock downs and stricter quarantine meshes. u.s. president donald trump has announced the formalization of ties between the u.a.e. and israel as part of the deal israel will suspend plans to annex palestinian territory donald trump says the u.s. helped broker the deal which will see the u.a.e. and israel exchange embassies and ambassadors the 2 nations are expected to meet in the coming weeks to sign bilateral agreements. this is a truly historic moment not just the israel jordan peace treaty was signed more
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than 25 years ago or so much progress being made towards peace in the middle east. well you know i think you are of america's closest and most capable partners in the region something would say could not be done this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle east hamas says accuse the u.a.e. of stabbing palestinians in the back by agreeing to a deal with israel the palestinian group based in gaza says the deal effectively rewards israel for its occupational crimes and we've got alan fischer standing by for us in washington but 1st let's go to harry forsett who's in west jerusalem and harry we're expecting israel's benjamin netanyahu to speak any minute now what does israel get out of all of this. well i mean as far as benjamin netanyahu what he gets out of this is something that he's been working towards for many years
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normalization of ties with other arab states without states in the region he has made it a very public priority he is celebrated myname milestones along the way and indeed there have been indications of pretty close cooperation between israel and the u.a.e. for many years now if you remember just before the suppose a date for the start of the potential annexation of parts of the occupied west bank there was an op ed published by the u.a.e. . ambassador to united states in an israeli newspaper in which he talked about the prospect of for further progress on normalization if annexation were not to happen and that is indeed exactly what has happened and now an exception looks to be a diminishing prospect anyway netanyahu admitted as much this week in an interview in which he said it had fallen down the u.s. agenda so this enables him to say look in return for suspending and they say
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israeli officials that is it it is a suspension not a formal end to any ambitions to annex in the future in return for that there is this normalization of ties with a major arab state in this region as you mentioned harry this has been described as a suspension not a cancellation of those plans for an extension so is netanyahu likely to push ahead with these plans at some point in the future. well i don't think anytime in the near future no i think this is the the major prize that he's been given by donald trump to sort of squash and put aside those shorter term plans for annexation as far as the u.a.e. is concerned it is giving a somewhat less a few sort of read on this the de facto leader mohamed bins i had put out a tweet in which he talked about a road map towards
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a bilateral relationship as opposed to an immediate celebration of full diplomatic ties indeed the statement itself talks about further talks happening in the coming weeks to establish some of those ties in areas such as tourism telecommunications technology health the economy but make no mistake this is something that netanyahu who is due to speak as we say in the next few minutes will celebrate will say something that only he presumably would have been able to achieve and indeed there are indications or at least reports news really media that his allies or erstwhile rivals now coalition partners in this are as new unity government benny gantz and his foreign minister gabi ashkenazi only found out about this at the last minute themselves thanks for that harry 4th headline for us and western is them let's go to alan fischer now here he is in washington d.c. allan and surprisingly the president is presenting this is
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a major foreign policy when is it. what was certainly a surprising announcement it is a victory for donald trump it's odd that the president would announce a peace deal a peace deal between 2 independent countries in the oval office without either leader present i got a phone call just before the announcement was made being told something big is going to happen and then we had what the president said in the oval office so slightly surprising he will paint this as a big foreign policy victory he's tried to land one or 2 we know that he tried to do a peace deal with north korea that failed after 2 summits we know that he put pressure on iran by drawing out of the iran nuclear deal and exercising a policy of maximum pressure to try and get them back to the negotiating table that
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has not worked and bryan who incidentally was in the oval office has been point man on a rainy affairs will leave that position in the coming weeks and he's tried several times to try and get some sort of peace deal going in the middle east we know that gerry cushion launched his own deal in january and that essentially run into the mud he says he's been working on this for more than a year he will present this is a major victory people are saying who are praising donald trump for this says what it does is say that there will be a 2 state solution here he has protected the fact that there can be a 2 state solution in the middle east that perhaps is still got to play out but even if he does decide to present this is a major foreign policy victory and he will do that by bringing both leaders here to the white house in the coming weeks when he will be center stage as they sign this abraham accord as it's being called it's not
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a great bit of policy that will play well in the elect. american elections don't tend to be decided on events outside the country even if you go back to 1980 in the arabian horse to a crisis when jimmy carter was beleaguered in the white house the election really hung on 100 reagan seeing were you better off than you were 4 years ago and that's what really drove a lot of people to vote for the republican in that so this may be a significant foreign policy when it may well be presented by republicans as exactly that but it's not the sort of thing that wins an election particularly in the time of a public health and financial crisis and finally alan i was interested to see donald trump when he made this announcement said he expects other countries to follow the u.a.s. laid. and very much in the way that donald trump does very much in the way that donald trump did when he was
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a reality show horse saying there are other developments other things going on and i can't tell you about them he often teases these things sometimes they don't come to fruition but he seems to suggest that this time there are certainly things that are moving behind the scenes and jerry seemed to suggest that that was the case as well what is clear is that they've been working on this for about a year you'll remember that donald trump moved the embassy to jerusalem the u.s. embassy to jerusalem the 1st u.s. president to do that even though numerous people who run for the office said they would and eventually back down he recognized israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights which pleased israel no end and then when those talk about an exception we were told on this driveway by kellyanne conway there would be an announcement in a couple of days a couple of days went past we tried to check what was going on we were told that the team was no discussing technical issues over that an exception what is clear is
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what has happened to draw back a bit is that the u.a.e. said if you do this there will be no deal and clearly that his influence the united states but donald trump would still like to see it wider a peace deal in the middle east and if there was the possibility of doing it before november the 3rd i think you'd be delighted. to take that challenge us there live in washington d.c. . well a prominent member of the palestinian liberation organization has responded to the move on twitter. said israel was rewarded for not openly declaring what it's been doing to palestine the u.a.e. has now revealed its secret dealings with israel please don't do us a favor when nobody's thinking life. egyptian president. has reacted to the agreement in a tweet he said he followed the announcement with interest and appreciation to help the israeli enix ation of palestinian lands taking steps to bring peace in the middle east. earlier this year president donald trump had unveiled his so-called
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deal of the century to address the israeli palestinian conflict this is how the israeli and palestinian territories were outlined in a conceptual map for the future states the proposal aimed to give israelis the green light to formally most of its illegal settlements in the occupied west bank. a school in gaza run by the un's refugee agency has been damaged in israeli military strikes the palestinian education ministry has condemned the attack which came on the 3rd consecutive day of bombardment the school was empty at the time and have been no reports of casualties israel says it's been targeting hamas facilities in response to the group launching balloons laden with incendiary material a senior leader of the muslim brotherhood has died in egypt's dettori a scorpion prison in cairo the age of 66. there was a doctor an m.p. and a founding member of the egyptian organization for human rights he was arrested in
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2013 off the revolution and remained in jail until his death. we'll go live now. israel's benjamin netanyahu who is speaking after that announcement about a peace deal with the united arab emirates let's listen in. tonight it's israel and the arab world and hour ago i had a whole. bunch of united states i'll try. and check inside. we decided on the. twenty's and. the strongest and most of. the world. will include
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a diplomatic relation with. embassy. and move it will be beneficial to the economy of. looting direct like between abu dhabi and tel aviv. united and. we. very significant very thing the concern. is. and cooperate on. anything very important. united emirates of. knowledge.
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we are promoting. a long. patient knowledge. that our country. into a fiery country we see the luxury of. educational island. ferry impressive. and we also. need. a cheap. safe. collaboration. we can bring beautiful future to our people region. the war conversation. with trudy.
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979. by minister menachem begin to reach agreement. not to pull funding if. not acted peace agreements we've. now in 2020. years. part. of. my right. to come back to peace agreements with countries that arab emirates. already. i talked about. the achievement. of. the israeli i should be talking about collaboration between. our oh we believe
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it's possible. this is why i. promoted a mission. called go between the arab world i already. visited in oman. with the president of. diplomatic relations. i think talking for. a 2nd. i will not mention. this agreement with the united arab emirates a moment of. change in that. we create. a. lot.
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in the ability of a strategic spot. in the middle. east they will be more arab and muslim countries will join. but we are all the same the united. against the fact. that. in the world. it's not on our wish. the absence of our country. on the cannot make collaboration. shruti respect should. be. for peace.
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love. peace. for peace. the only. kind of. i'm committed i'm saying that it's one theory and it's. a beloved brother. to protect the. nation to bring. the story. of diplomatic peace with an important arab country. i'd like to thank with all my heart to president. xi great friend of the nation for his. achieving.
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something. and i'm telling you a common died solemn aleck. ok that is israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu there speaking after the announcement that israel and the united arab emirates have agreed to normalize diplomatic relations and as part of the deal israel has agreed to suspend annexation plans of palestinian land although he did not talk about that there. netanyahu they're saying that this will include full diplomatic relations including embassies he really talked about the opportunities for cooperation and innovation between israel and the u.a.e. pulling placing himself in history talking about this being the 3rd agreement with an arab country recognizing israel said this deal is based on economic cooperation and mutual respect saying this is all about peace we should mention though that the
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palestinians have so far slammed this as a normalization of illegal occupation let's go live now to have a force that is in western for us harry. so netanyahu they're really talking up the opportunities that this is presenting. yes but i think we're just concentrating there on the last point you made those no mention in all of that of the palestinians no mention of the very heavily trailed and then quietly put aside issue of an expression but as far as the palestinians are concerned and we've seen tweets and messages from from senior palestinians this will be seen as a total abandonment at least by one arab country the u.a.e. of the arab peace initiative which has been the framework under which at least publicly these nations are supposed to operate that they wait for a resolution to the israeli palestinian conflict before they normalize relations in
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this case the normalization has come 1st with the united arab emirates and netanyahu is talking about more to come and he also made a big play of how much of a personal effort is to dean which i think is something that we've been expecting to hear he has long made out that he is that the one and particular kind of israeli leader who would be able to achieve these sorts of things to keep the country secure and make major progress as you say he set this in a historical framework talking about the peace deals with egypt and jordan and now this one and he also made another historical allusion at least to my ear which is when he said that he believed in peace for peace will for a long time the idea of a 2 state solution between israel the palestinians have been about land for peace there is no land being given up here by israel indeed they are merely suspending
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plans to formally annex land inside occupied and inside the occupied west bank so i think that's why we're already seeing some messages of opposition to this from palestinians but as far as israel is concerned as far as the israeli prime minister is concerned this is a major. moment one of the celebrating very publicly i think that harry forces there live for us and western let's go to ellen fischer who is standing by in washington d.c. ellen netanyahu they're saying trump is the greatest friend of the israeli nation but as we have been saying it was a netanyahu or even the united arab emirates to make this announcement in the 1st place it was donald trump. which was very unusual and would suggest that both countries are keen to help donald trump in his reelection campaign what is interesting and how he touched on this earlier there is a slight disconnect between the messages coming out of the white house and what we've just heard from many given netanyahu and what is being said by the united
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arab emirates from the white house and from netanyahu we are hearing that this is a a deal that there will be a normalization there will be an exchange of ambassadors there will be embassies built in each other's capitals but what we're hearing from the united arab emirates is that they will look to form a road map for normalizing relations so they seem to be at least 2 steps further back from where donald trump and benjamin netanyahu is but there's no surprise that benjamin netanyahu is quite happy to tie himself to donald trump he is very popular in israel he's done a number of things that he said he would do he moved the embassy to jerusalem he absolutely accepted when israel said it was exercising sovereignty over the occupied golan and they were certainly very close to recognizing the idea of an extension until the united arab emirates appears to have said that would scupper
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any sort of normalization deal donald trump has often portrayed himself as a huge friend of israel the best friend that has ever been in the white house and he believes that by helping israel that energizes the evangelical christian base that helped him get elected and as we get closer to november donald trump's focus is very much on what can he do to get himself elected he will certainly play center stage when both leaders are here in the next couple of weeks when they're due to sign this abraham accord but it's worth pointing out to donald trump that often foreign policy successes don't necessarily mean election successes that is because . you go back to 1980 jimmy carter very famously involved in the really hostage siege he didn't lose it because of that donald trump sort of ronald reagan frame the argument at that point are you better than you were 4 years ago it was the economy so well donald trump is saying this is a good idea he's got to remember that the economy will be an important factor just
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one other thing a couple of people are suggesting with donald trump getting this agreement to stop an exemption he has perhaps protected the idea of a 2 state solution that will have to see how that actually plays out and it's certainly not something that the u.s. really is a ruling out at this stage but they're also not saying that they're stopping an exemption completely is how he was pointing out it's peace for peace not one for peace. thank you so much for that alan fischer live for us in washington d.c. it's. all moving on to some other news now and they have detained another 700 people in a fortnight of unrest of a sunday's disputed election they join 6000 already in custody bassett is to belarus have laid flowers at a makeshift memorial for victims of the crackdown on protesters died in police custody on wednesday the unrest was triggered by president alexander lukashenko
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election victory which the e.u. says was neither free nor fair the u.n. human rights office has condemned the violence against protesters and is calling on bellows to release the detainees we do have reports that people were ill treated those during the process of the us while they were being arrested also in detention and we do under school that there is an absolute prohibition on the treatment and torture with very concerned the moral calling for is that those that may have been on lawfully detained should be released immediately steadfast and has this update from a protest in minsk. more and more people are joining in here with the spontaneous protest they're all angry about the police crackdown that happened in the last couple of days some of them are still looking for their daughter still house. many . torture. leave. out want
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a better country for their children most of them here are middle class people who have felt really economic downturn in the last couple of years they feel on the look the country has come to a standstill but in other parts of color are also workers on strike and several factories hundreds of put down risking arrest or detention so there is a bit movement here growing despite this crackdown and everyone is wondering proto government is going to react to this several countries across europe are reporting a surge in corona virus infections france is saying its highest number of cases since restrictions were eased in may in spain the government says there are 675 active outbreaks of germany has its highest increase of cases of 3 months john mccain has moved from berlin. here in germany there's a great deal of concern about the way that these new infections are manifesting themselves because the mantra from ministers has been that it is people coming back
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from high risk areas tourists who travel to other parts of europe and unwittingly brought the infection back with them and yet actually paradoxically the majority of new infections taking place in germany take place inside germany elsewhere in those countries france the new infection rate is twice as large as it is in germany and certainly you see in cities the capital city for example in paris where the requirement for mask wearing is back in place but also separately the organizers of the paris marathon the marathon event which would normally attract many tens of thousands of entrants well they weren't planning to have to stage the event until november and already they've said that cannot take place and then of course in spain you see several regions there where the flare up of corona continues apace and from the german perspective looking at spring we know that the german government is said that there are 3 regions where it is highly advising its
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citizens its residents tourists from germany not to go there where there will be the need for some form of quarantine when they come back or indeed a negative test the philippines is preparing to start trials of a russian coronavirus faxing president ford rico deters he wants the tests to start as soon as october and hopes to be inoculated himself by begg the philippines has recorded the most covered 19 infections in east asia over the past week prompting stricter lockdown measures in and around the capital. fighters into i still have taken control of a port town in northern mozambique it's a 3rd time this year that the prior has been seized the town is an important part of a $23000000000.00 natural gas projects about 60 kilometers away security forces say they've killed 59 members of an armed group who have been trying to occupy the area of the past week. new unemployment claims in the us a for them below 1000000 for the 1st time since march the total number receiving
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some form of benefits stands at 28300000 roughly 18 percent of the workforce last week president donald trump issued an executive order to send $300.00 a week in federal aid for those struggling in the pandemic. it is a country with one of the fastest growing coronavirus outbreaks in the walt now india has reported its highest number of infections in a single day the $67000.00 new cases bring its total to nearly 2400000 official figures put the number of deaths at more than 47000 infectious disease experts say the country is still months away from hitting its peak. and watching al-jazeera reminded now of the top stories u.s. president on trump has announced the full normalization of ties between the u.a.e. and israel as part of the deal israel will suspend plans to annex palestinian territory. this is
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a truly historic moment not just the israel jordan peace treaty was signed more than 25 years ago has so much progress being made towards peace in the middle east by uniting 2 of america's closest and most capable partners in the region something would say could not be done this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle east palestinian president mahmoud abbas is holding an emergency meeting on trump's announcement and is expected to issue a statement soon hamas is accusing the u.a.e. of stabbing palestinians in the back egypt's president sisi expressed appreciation for the deal israel's prime minister is welcoming what he calls a new era in relations with the arab world he described the agreement with the u.a.e. as an historic and important breakthrough. police in belarus have detained another $700.00 people in a fortnight of on wrist over sunday's disputed election they join $6000.00 already
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in custody and bassett is to bellows have laid flowers at a makeshift memorial for victims of the crackdown on rest was triggered by president alexander lukashenko action victory which the e.u. says was neither free nor fair. a senior leader of the muslim brotherhood has died in egypt or tory a scorpion prison in cairo the age of 66 some who was a doctor an m.p. and a founding member of the egyptian organization for human rights he was arrested in 2013 after the revolution and remained in jail until his death new unemployment claims in the us have fallen below 1000000 for the 1st time since march the total number receiving some form of benefits stands at 28300000 that's roughly 18 percent of the work force india's reported its highest number of corona virus infections in a day that brings the total to nearly 2400000. so those are the headlines more news on al-jazeera after inside story.
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she's the 1st black woman to become a u.s. vice presidential pick the time of increasing racial tension what role will come of the harris play which she helped joe biden's bid for the white house this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. u.s.
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senator coming to harris has joined joe biden's presidential.


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