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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through and. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. naches the israel jordan peace treaty was signed more than 25 years ago and so much progress being made towards peace in the middle east donald trump brokers an agreement to normalize relations between israel and the united arab emirates under the deal israel has agreed to suspend the planned an exemption of palestinian land . about i've listed bar and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up the past as against the disputed presidential election result in better roost
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refused to back down despite another police crackdown. and several each country see a steep rise in corona virus infections amid fears of new lock downs and stricter quarantine measures. hello in a surprise announcement israel and the united arab emirates have struck a deal to normalize relations the move which u.s. president trump helped to broker will lead to full diplomatic contacts between the 2 now the agreement includes a halt to israel's plans to annex areas of the west bank which were part of the white house proposal announced earlier this year but benjamin netanyahu says onyx ation is still on the table it is the 1st time israel has normalized relations with an arab country since making peace with egypt in 1979 and jordan in 1994
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but has been criticized by the palestinians who say it rewards israel's occupation of the west bank and does nothing to further the palestinian cause or that deal was announced by donald trump from the oval office. just a few moments ago i was still a very special corps were 2 for a primary. benjamin netanyahu of israel and crown prince mohammed bin in the united arab emirates where they agreed to finalize a historical peace agreement. everybody said this would be impossible. and as you know mohamed is one of the great leaders of the middle east after 49 years that israel and the united arab emirates will fully normalize their diplomatic relations they will exchange embassies and ambassadors and begin cooperation across the border and or a broad range of areas including tourism education health care trade and security.
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this is a truly historic moment not just the israel jordan peace treaty was signed more than 25 years ago has so much progress been made towards peace in the middle east by uniting 2 of america's closest and most capable partners in the region something which said could not be done this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle east israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he has not given up the searing plans to annex occupied palestinian land. the political interim president trying to put the annexation into his peace plan those who criticize me should know i said time and again that an exemption will only be made in accordance with the united states without that it is worthless and it will damage the settlements so president trump who is one of israel's greatest friends has aust israel to temporarily hold the an exaggeration in order
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to conduct peace with the u.a.e. and i have not given up the an exemption yet and i will bring an exaggeration just as i have with this peace deal and i will never give up israel's rights to this country. fisher is standing by at the white house for us the 1st the how we force it in west jerusalem and harry netanyahu well obviously see this as a personal triumph but just how thick and if it can't is this israel as a whole. well certainly it's being seen here as a major event one which has got broad support from most parts of the political spectrum apart from the far right settlers who see this as a betrayal because it also involves that suspension of any immediate plans for an accession of parts of the occupied west bank as far as i was concerned he's talking about this in historical terms saying it is a peace deal like those in 1989 with egypt in 2994 with
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jordan it's not really a peace deal in that the u.a.e. and israel were never at war but it is a major normalization of relations you know talking about full diplomatic relations and all sorts of other arenas of cooperation with a major arab state something that he's been working towards talking about very publicly working towards in the background with a number of countries most notably the united arab emirates and here it is and the price paid is to give up at least for now on an extension which looked to be pretty much stalled in any case there is a slightly different emphasis coming from the leader of the u.a.e. the de facto leader who he tweeted a sort of celebrate 3 tweet about having assisted in stopping annexation taking place and talking about a road map towards improved but outer relations there was a slightly more positive message from the minister of state in the foreign ministry there saying that this is for real and that dominik relations would happen quickly
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and as you say netanyahu is still talking about annexation even though he says it would have to be in coordination with the u.s. which doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon he still says that is the ambition all right harry west of recent thank you let's take you to the white house and alan fischer he's live there for us allan what was the trumpet ministration be saying about the deal and mean have we learned any more details about it. well jerry has been in the briefing room to talk to the media there he's also been on a conference call let me pick apart some of the things that he's been saying over the last hour we got the idea that this whole i this whole plan came together in the last 18 months or so said the u.a.e. became much more interested after he announced his middle east peace plan and that is when the discussions start to accelerate so that takes us back to january of this year he said that you were impressed that israel wanted to make concessions quite well those concessions are saying that you're not going to do something you
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threaten to do might not be regarded particularly by the palestinians as a concession but he said that the united arab emirates wanted to go fast and there were other countries that may be interested no during the briefing he wouldn't say which countries but the names morocco and also bahrain came up but he said there are other countries who are certainly interested in normalizing relations with the united arab emirates he was asked specifically about the palestinian response when they say that they feel they've been stabbed in the back he said that this was predictable and he said that they had to move on that simple fact is that people were waiting for palestinian leadership it wasn't coming that is why the u.a.e. decided to act and he said that there will be business opportunities created jobs created because of what will happen between the united arab emirates and israel what is interesting in how they touched on this is that while the white house. and also israel are saying that the plan for an exception has been suspended
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mohammed bin ziad in his tweet was saying that the idea of an exception has been stopped so there is this disconnect just one other point robert o'brien who is the national security adviser he was also in the briefing room unusual for him to be there he suggested that because of what had happened donald trump should be nominated for a nobel peace prize it's interesting well clearly it is a very timely moment for trying to broker such a deal during election year but in reality what impact if any will this actually have on the presidential election do you think well it will help that he will grab a bit of the news cycle over the next 24 hours it will help that in a couple of weeks the leaders from the u.a.e. and israel will be here at the white house for the signing donald trump will be right at the middle of that that will also grab the news cycle for a period it will help with his base because many evangelical christians have
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a close affinity to israel and he thinks that anything he does for israel order flecked in that and evangelical christians have according to the polls in the past tended to vote with donald trump but if he thinks this will give him a huge boost before the election i'm not entirely sure that that is going to work let me take you back to 1980 there was the year really in hostage crisis jimmy carter was a real trouble and he was not winning the election quite far behind but by far the no we the most devastating attack was when ronald reagan said are you better off than you where 4 years ago that's what really ended jimmy carter and his campaign to be reelected as president so in the middle of a public health and economic crisis i'm not sure a victory in the foreign policy spear is what donald trump really needs an official life at the white house thank you all as i was saying in the past the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has denounced the deal as a betrayal of his course need to him is in ramallah for us a need to what else have the palestinians been saying about the data. we've
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heard from the palestinian president's spokesperson that today he read the statement on the palestinian t.v. just now saying that the palestinian leadership has met and considered this decision by the e.u. we have betrayal to jerusalem and the palestinian cause he said that this is a blow to the arab peace initiative and all the resolutions that have resulted from the arab and islamic beliefs summit namely because the arab peace initiative talks about normalizing relations between israel and the arab states with only after israel and its occupation and. this is considered an acknowledgment by the u.a.e. that jerusalem is the capital for israel this is something that many palestinians have denounced especially when the u.s. has decided to recognize truth to them and has moved its embassy when we talk about
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this move the u.s. is kind of boasting that they've managed to suspend plans for israel was planning to do and annex parts of the occupied west bank and for that out soaring to that many palestinian analysts we've spoken to over the past hour say that annexation was already kind of put on because of domestic. and israeli situations and that the u.a.e. cannot take credit for suspending the israeli plans and for many palestinians in the street they would tell you that they've lost faith a long time ago in the arab regimes that the arab rulers that they are going to be helping them on the contrary they feel that they've been left out alone by these regimes but they still believe that the our nation's support them it's important to note that many here fear that other are an islamic states my.
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leda in ramallah thank you. the government crackdown on dissent in bellary says intensifying after the country's disputed election another 700 people have been detained during a 4th night of protests joining 6000 already in custody some foreign journalists are also being detained in their hotels or thursday seeing a fresh wave of peaceful protests women have been forming human chains in the capital minsk in a demonstration against the crackdown was all triggered by president alexander lukashenko as landslide win in sunday's election which the opposition says was rigged the un human rights office has condemned his government's response and called for the release of detainees. who say the u.n.
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human rights office has condemned the violence and is calling on the government to release those who are still detained we do have reports that people were ill treated during the process of the rest while they were being arrested but also in detention and we do underscore that there is an absolute prohibition in the treatment i'm told with very concerned the local police or is that those that may have been unlawfully detained should be released immediately out of there a step lassen is with protesters in men scott and says many people continue to come out despite that government crackdown. more and more people are joining in here with the spontaneous protest they're all angry about the police crackdown that happened in the last couple of days some of them are still looking for their daughter's house. many. torture. leave. out they all want a better country for their children most of them here are middle class people who
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have felt really action on the counter and in the last couple of years they feel on the look the country has come to a standstill put it out of. the workers on strike and several factories hundreds of . risking arrest. so it is a bit movement here growing despite the authorities crackdown and everyone is wondering proto government is going to react to this. had so on the program under control a critical. time. with thousands of arrested in woman 100 dead in recent protests. could regress to the pressure.
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however we are now losing that exceptional heat across the northwest of the year up . been extremely hot here recently areas of low pressure continue to just tumble in in across the sea from some lively storms some very down poles so this storm warnings in force across many parts of the u.k. right through the weekend into the early part of next week and here's why you can see how this area of stormy weather thundershowers there set to continue not a little further east with through the low countries into germany down across the alps then we go. and it's a sas day little further southwards in a sweat still down to the balkans but temperatures around $24.00 celsius showers still in place particular across the southern half of england wales into southern parts of ireland to the east of fats but bad moscow to around $21.00 celsius to the south of that that's where we have some lovely sunshine plenty of a warm and sunny weather right through the med it's right in the parts a spine on the other hand could still see some alive the showers all the sort of
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the med is fine and dry more hot sunshine coming through here heavy showers around to the ethiopian highlands some big downpours developing in notice there and to northern and central parts of nigeria showers extending right across west africa there were some heavy rain the sierra leone. but. progress. or a serious mistake. intelligence is slowly invading every aspect of our lives. but very few of us really understand its capabilities for better or worse. in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the impact of they are accessing vast amounts of our personal data for data on al-jazeera.
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again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has announced a surprise deal to normalize ties between the u.s. and israel as part of the agreement israel will suspend plans to an extent as to me and territory. but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the annexation plans may still go ahead some day with support from the u.s. meanwhile the palestinian leadership has called the deal of the trail and as demanded it's for traction. and thousands of people in belarus a protest against a police crackdown on anti-government rallies demonstrators say an election that extended the 26 year old president alexander lukashenko was raked.
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a let's not get more on our top story this hour that is of course the u.s. brokered deal between israel and the u.a.e. our senior political analyst model of the shore shara joins us live via skype from london and i'm all on the u.a.e. says it's agreed to this deal to try to stop israel anik saying the west bank has a way of you know holding on to the possibility of a 2 state solution how do you read it why has the u.a.e. agreed to this deal. well clearly it's not because of the question about the station because of the very president of the united states that blasts this this new york treatment is the person who paved the way for the potential annexation about a city and then authorities and it was in his hands president trump for israel not dynamics in fact netanyahu was already not an exciting at least for the time being because there's a lot of opposition it is or as we've heard from our reporter in jerusalem so this
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really has nothing to do with annexations and everything we've heard from the palestinians the last few hours confirms that they're saying they really is not helping they really is betrayed they u.a.e. is not aiding us it stabbing us on the back so clearly the palestinians who are more than capable of defending and speaking for their own cause have already lain and criticized even denounced and condemned the unity step as not only not helpful for peace but certainly increases israel's patiently and depressions of the palestinians back now who himself says more arab states are likely to follow in the footsteps of the u.a.e. chad. was saying something similar how likely is that do you think. i think it's likely that you know similar you know tiny countries like for example
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like bahrain already that's the. agreement that they would follow suit eventually and we see that there is a certain number of autocrats that have a big issue a democracy they have a new. you know structure security structure in mind and they would like to enter into alliance with israel and under the auspices of the united. a coincident that the u.a.e. has already established relations with health with bashar assad that the theater. of syria already in war in yemen and involved in the war in libya so really they u.a.e. has been for a long time now sharing intelligence and cooperating strategically with their israel normalizing relations with israel so what we see now on the part of the u.a.e. and perhaps behind enemy saudi arabia is basically formalizing their already existing
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cooperation organization and strategic alliance with israel all to say that it's the same kind of dictators that have marker see in the arab world like sisi let him have a good time and mohammed bin zayed of you really. eager to to forge an alliance with israel because they would like to see that kind of protection from is and the united states for their regimes everything about this agreement is appeasement everything about this agreement is betrayal according to the palestinians and from a strategic point of view it would have less to do with encouraging peace and more with encouraging appeasement and occupation and certainly in the end of the day it will probably lead to escalation of this new security structure between certain gulf countries israel and the united states against iran but we will end up with is
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more regional instability and it's collation towards war then we win with peace and certainly with anything that resembles human and national rights for the palestinians are for my moment thank you. a senior leader of the muslim brotherhood has died in a notorious egyptian prison where some al-arian was a doctor as an m.p. he worked to promote democratic principles within the muslim brotherhood he died in cairo scorpion prison at the age of 66 of being arrested in 2013. and was also a founding member of the egyptian organization for human rights. the world health organization says there's no evidence that corona virus can spread through the food chain but the u.n. agency has warned that infection clusters must not be allowed to spread into communities it says a very small percentage of the world population has had the virus already and it has a long way to burn if allowed to spread the w.h.o.
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says it also doesn't have enough information to make a judgment on expanded use of the new russian vaccine on tuesday russia became the world's 1st country to grant regulatory approval for covert 19 drug there was a specific question about whether or not we would see. the w.h.o. . expanded use of that we don't have sufficient information at this point to make a judgment on that and we're currently in conversation with russia to get additional information understand the status of that product the trials that have been undertaken and then what the next steps might be several countries across europe are dealing with a surge in corona virus infections weeks off to easing economic and travel restrictions france's seeing its highest number of cases since restrictions were eased in may the country reported more with $2600.00 new infections on thursday infection rate is also on the rise in malta the netherlands spain and germany that
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will say it's due to increased testing and ease restrictions but they're warning people to obey strict distancing and mask rules the mccain is in berlin with more on the situation across europe. here in germany there's a great deal of concern about the way that these new infections are manifesting themselves because the mantra for ministers has been that it is people coming back from high risk areas tourists who've traveled to other parts of europe and unwittingly brought the infection back with them and yet actually paradoxically the majority of new infections taking place in germany take place inside germany elsewhere in those countries france the new infection rate is twice as large as it is in germany and certainly you see in cities the capital city for example in paris where the requirement for mask wearing is back in place but also separately the organizers of the paris marathon the marathon event which would normally attract
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many tens of thousands of entrants well they weren't planning to have to stage the event until november and already they've said that cannot take place and then of course in spain you see several regions there where the flare up of corona continues apace and from the german perspective looking at spring we know that the german government has said that there are 3 regions where it is highly advising its citizens its residents tourists from germany not to go there where there will be the need for some form of quarantine when they come back or indeed a negative test flight is linked to iceland taking control of a port town the northernmost and big it's the 3rd time this year that wasim bird a prior has been seized the tally is an important part of a $23000000000.00 natural gas project that is about 60 kilometers away security forces say they've killed 59 members of an armed group it's been trying to occupy the area over the past week of a major miller has more now from johannesburg. there is
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a muslim beacon military presence in that area but this is also an army that is under funded doesn't always have enough resources at hand and so when this attack took place it carried on over a number of days and this is also when the muslim beacon army said that they killed at least 59 of these fighters but ultimately the the army was pushed back and the fighters linked to isis took control of the town we do know that the muslim beacon government has used private security companies to try and assist in trying to keep these fighters outside of this territory it hasn't always been effective in this particular case the private company mercenaries even had dropped and initially but too far from this particular site to assist the muslim beacon of soldiers
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a quick you know ultimately this area was lost to these fighters linked to iceland of course it continues to be of great concern because it seems as if these attacks are escalating they've been going on since 2017 and of this year alone according to the united nations they've been at least $28.00 attacks and that was it just at the beginning of the year and now it appears as if these fighters are gaining more territory in in an area that is of importance to the mozambique government given the massive gas reserves offshore that amount to at least $60000000000.00 if european police have arrested more than $9000.00 people since the killing of a popular musician in june spawned days of violence. with the leading voice of the oromo community at least $178.00 people were killed in violent clashes after he was shot dead the vast majority of those arrested or for me or amir region the government says it's priority is to maintain law and order but critics worry the
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arrest could signal a return to more repressive policies of the past and a serious catherine saw is in nairobi and says multiple rights groups are warning against the government's current tactics. one of those people the report is talking about is an activist who was pulled out of bed on july the 8th night by security forces while he slept. beside his pregnant wife we also know that jour muhammad another very popular political activist and opposition leader is also in custody he's appeared in he's appeared in court several times and he's in custody alongside thousands of other protesters a political activists and journalists as well and this report is primarily focused on the incidents that happened last month waling the death of this very popular musician whose music also had political messages he was shot in addis ababa and then thousands of people took to the streets to protest they wanted him to be
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buried in the capital addis the government said no because of security reasons and that he should be buried in his own village in the or roomier in the army a region and people are very upset with that these protests went out of hand. more than a handed people what killed buildings and businesses were destroyed in august and origami a region as well and we've also i had in the last few weeks from other human rights organizations like amnesty international who like. human rights commission officials of ominous international are also saying the very worried about this trend that's being in ethiopia now it seems that the government of prime minister are the on that is taking the country back to those days of repression with security forces using very high handed tactics to deal with dissent and also especially coming after you know the prime minister are the promised in 2018 that
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he's going to lead a democratic country and he's going to respect the human rights and freedoms of the people of the field. and a quick reminder you can find out much more about many of the stories we are covering by visiting our website usually addressed to click on to is al jazeera dot com i was there at dot com for the latest international news and sport. a reminder the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has announced a surprise deal to normalize ties between the u.a.e. and israel as part of the agreement israel will suspend plans to annex palestinian territory this is a truly historic moment not since the israel jordan peace treaty was signed more than 25 years ago 'd as so much progress towards peace in the middle east by uniting 2 of america's closest and most capable partners in the region something
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would say could not be done this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle east. well israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the deal will lead to a new era in relations with the arab world but he added that although the annexation plans and now on hold they may still go ahead some day with support from the u.s. meanwhile the palestinian leadership which wasn't consulted over the deal has quietly greenlit a trial and has demanded its retraction of. thousands of people in batteries have protested against a police crackdown on anti-government rallies demonstrators say an election that extended the 26 year rule of president alexander lukashenko was rigged really 7000 people have been detained and hundreds injured in the countdown at least one protester is reported to have died. and several european countries are dealing with a surge in corona virus infections weeks after lockdowns began to be lifted france
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is seeing its highest number of cases since restrictions were eased in may with more than 2600 new infections on thursday the infection rate is also on the rise in malta the netherlands spain and germany officials say it's true to increase testing and the easing of restrictions a senior leader of the muslim brotherhood has died in a notorious egyptian president similary and was a doctor and an m b he worked to promote democratic principles within the muslim brotherhood he died in cairo scorpion prison at the age of $66.00 after being arrested in 2030 lowry and was also a founding member of the egyptian organization for human rights those are the latest headlines the stream is next looking at how i saw is benefiting from the corona virus pandemic stay with us.
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hi anthony ok you're watching the stream home edition today what's happened i saw groups around the world while the world has been tackling a global pandemic are they making a resurgence you can weigh in on the conversation via you tube in the comments section we would love to hear from you know we can put your takes your questions your concerns to our very expert panel and you too can be in the street. i'm going to say hello to the guest the guests were introduce themselves to you yogi it is good to.


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