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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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they are. born. 0. 000 honor and tale of this is the al jazeera news out live from london coming up. not just the israel jordan peace treaty and more than 25 years ago as so much progress being made towards peace in the middle east donald trump brokers an agreement to normalize relations between israel and the united arab emirates under the deal israel has agreed to suspend the planned and exception of palestinian land
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. protesters against the disputed presidential election result in bennett bruce refused to back down despite another police crackdown. and argentina and mexico proclaim and an unmarked deal to produce a coronavirus vaccine for the whole of latin america. and i'm we are hearty and doha with sports we'll tell you who's the latest club to make footballs the european champions league semifinals as we look ahead to a mouthwatering match up lee up lionel messi is in barcelona against fellow 5 time champions at bury munich. in a surprise announcement israel in the united arab emirates have struck a deal to normalize relations the move which u.s. president trump helped to broker only 2 full diplomatic contacts between the 2 the agreement agree it's a hoax to israel's plans to annex areas of the west bank which were part of the
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white house proposal announced earlier this year benjamin netanyahu says annexation is still on the table is the 1st time israel has normalized relations with an arab country since making peace with egypt in 979 and jordan in 1904 but it's being criticized by the palestinians who say it rewards israel's occupation of the west bank and does nothing to further their cause the palestinian ambassador to the u.a.e. has now been recalled to show displeasure the deal was announced by donald trump from the oval office. just a few moments ago i was at a very special call with 2 friends prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel and crown prince mohammed bin laden the united arab emirates where they agreed to finalize a historical peace agreement. everybody said this would be impossible. and as you know mohamed is one of the great leaders of the middle east after 49 years
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that israel and the united arab emirates will fully normalize their diplomatic relations they will exchange embassies and ambassadors and begin cooperation across the border and or a broad range of areas including tourism education health care trade and security. this is a truly historic moment not just the israel jordan peace treaty was signed more than 25 years ago has so much progress been made towards peace in the middle east by uniting 2 of america's closest and most capable partners in the region something which could not be done this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle east israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he has not given up pursuing plans to annex occupied palestinian land. the political interim president trying to put the annexation into east peace
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plan those who criticize me should know i said time and again that an exaggeration will only be made in accordance with the united states without that it is worthless and it will damage the settlements president trump who is one of israel's greatest friends as aust israel to temporarily hold the an exaggeration in order to conduct peace with the u.a.e. and i have not given up the annexation yet and i will bring an exaggeration just as i have with this peace deal and i will never give up israel's rights to this country. she has a chance is standing by at the white house but 1st to harry fawcett in west jerusalem i mean it's you know who will obviously see this is a personal triumph but how significant is this israel as a whole. but he certainly does see it as a personal triumph he talked about his long term work towards trying to normalize relations with arab countries during his statement earlier but i think for israel it is certainly a big moment it is the big story i think that's partly fueled by the fact that it
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came as such a big surprise and for mainstream jewish israeli opinion there has been a good level of support for this i think the outliers would largely be on the far right the settler communities who are already talking about betrayal because of the suspension of the annexation process netanyahu self put it in historical context talking about $979.00 with egypt $994.00 with jordan and now this with the united arab emirates one difference is that this isn't really a peace treaty there was never a conflict or any war to end officially with the u.s. but it is a major change at least in the public nature of this relationship which has been going on behind the scenes to a large extent for many years but this could lead to direct flights much more economic technological cooperation and according to netanyahu and according to trump full diplomatic relations the crown prince of the u.a.e.
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mohammed bin ziad was a bit less if you see if he talked about it being a road map towards a bilateral relationship but a senior official from his own foreign ministry so that this was for real and that it would happen pretty quickly the other outlying thing though is the question of annexation the united states has said that that israel suspended annexation to allow this to happen the u.a.e. is saying this is a victory that has stopped defused the ticking time bomb about taxation by going for this deal but netanyahu self says that it's still on the table even if that seems unrealistic without the u.s. support that he says he requires he says that still is ambition i have for us and you very much indeed you have a townsend joins us now from washington d.c. how important will this be for donald trump and his reelection prospects. well this news made no dent whatsoever on the news agenda in america there's quite
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a lot going on after all i think the payoff for donald trump is in a few weeks time when the signing ceremony occurs on the white house lawn finally this is the picture of these this is the footage of the donald trump has covered ever since he came into office the new york deal making now the international deal make a bringing implacable foes together signing peace treaties he's not as joe biden suggest just in the white house watching fox news or playing golf he's bringing peace to the to the world so that's that's where the payoff will come only clinton and jimmy carter have done this done this before so that's that's the big payoff for the elections good for his evangelical base another reminder of anyone's wavering given doldrums handling of so many issues in recent months i'm the one who can say you've got israel's illegal occupation of palestinian land don't forget that and that that fulfills biblical prophecy it's good for one of his major donors sheldon adelson there were reports in the last few days of a tiff between donald trump and sheldon adelson another might have sheldon adelson
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incredibly right wing on the israel palestine keep the money coming i knew about i should add that this is really good use of joe biden as well despite what you may have heard there is a low level civil war under way in the democratic party the selection of comma harris is only intensified that is a big slap in the face because. they represent what is seen as the the neo liberal neo conservative one percent of the of the democratic party come on how this close to a pact the extreme right wing israeli lobby another reason why so many progressives were against joe biden there's been a huge fight about the democratic platform joe biden personally interceded to take the word occupation out off out of the democratic platform he's made it clear that aid will not be conditional on israeli human rights that israel will get $3800000000.00 of aid no matter walt that the u.s. embassy won't be moved from driessen to tel aviv if you becomes president so the progress is already up at all. it was about job i don't call iris when it comes to israel if netanyahu had go ahead with this one exception that war would have become
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would have intensified because biden house spoke out against the prospect of an extension he had been under a lot of pressure than to actually do something instead of just talk meanwhile the mainstream wing of the democratic party we said no no you've got to keep the keep the israeli israelis straight so joe biden has dodged a bullet to. thank you very much indeed to have a chance and. the reaction from the palestinians has been critical with a deal called a stab in the back a spokesman for the president said it should be reversed. the palestinian leadership rejects what the u.a.e. has done which it considers tantamount to trial of jerusalem. and the palestinian cause we perceive it has a recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and demand the u.a.e. to immediately withdraw from this disgraceful declare ration of the palestinian leadership walls to arabic bravos against bowing to american pressure following in
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the footsteps of the u.a.e. and normalizing the israeli occupation at the expense of palestinian rights. need abraham is in ramallah where she says there are feelings of betrayal. we've heard from the palestinian president's spokesperson that dana here read the statement on the palestinian t.v. just now saying that the palestinian leadership has met and considered this decision by the you we have betrayal to jerusalem and the palestinian cause he said that this is a blow to the arab peace initiative and all the resolutions that have resulted from the arab and islamic beliefs summit namely because the arab peace initiative talks about normalizing relations between israel and the arab states with only after israel and its occupation and. this is considered an acknowledgment by the
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u.a.e. that jerusalem is the capital for israel this is something that many palestinians have denounced especially when the u.s. has decided to recognize truth to them and has moved its embassy and for many palestinians in the street they would tell you that they've lost faith a long time ago in the arab regimes that the end of brule or is that they are going to be helping them on the contrary they feel that they've been left out alone by these regimes but they still believe that the our nation is for them it's important to note that many here fear that other are of an islamic states my. our senior political analyst joins us live via skype from london a moment thanks for being with us so betrayal or a breakthrough depending on how you look at it how significant would you say this particular moment is. well certainly not a breakthrough 'd i mean unless you are sitting in one of those spots in capital where you only look at things from an imperial lenses there is absolutely no
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breakthrough for the most interesting part in all of this which is the palestinian and clearly no beast breakthrough between the u.a.e. in israel that we're never at war i mean how could you have a historical peace agreement between 2 countries that are not butting one another have never been up war have never been involved in combat and then call it a historic breakthrough it makes no sense on the other hand the fact that they u.a.e. has already normalized is still a shiz with this right it has already entered into a strategic and intelligence sharing arrangement with israel for it now to agree to a peace agreement with israel and it's all basically happening and reverse if there's anything historic about what's going on today is that never in the history of international relations how we've seen everything been done upside down usually
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you sign a peace agreement you're normalize relations and then you enter into a strategic and intelligence should it arrangement here this started with intelligence such as relations into normalization and disagreements. and how much of this is all to do with the concern from israel and viewing about iran's regional influence it's absolutely a factor but i think it's sort of a fact that somehow or somewhere down the road because if you look at what they u.a.e. has been doing i mean to say it's punching above its belt. it's it's it doesn't you can do it justice normalizing relations with the with the bloodthirsty dictator of syria. it's a good thing war 'd in yemen leading to the death of countless yemenis and the displacement of millions the same thing in libya and now we have this thing that's been done basically backstabbing the palestinians with. with israel when this all
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happens meaning out of because there's come together in alliance with israel under the auspices of the compensation clearly iran is somewhere in the horizon in the sense that they would like to work out a sort of a regional triangle a sort egypt israel and couple of gulf countries against iran under the auspices of the united states i think this would lead to escalation this might lead to war especially if trump really feels that he is not winning election and so to say that this is all done in the name of peace and justice and love for the palestinian really holds no water when yemenis libyans syrians are getting killed and the objective of this thing could lead to even more this collision of war in the middle east while in the shot thank you very much indeed. still to come on the their news out several countries see
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a steep rise in corona virus infections amid fears of new not downs and stricter quarantine measures. a senior muslim brotherhood leader dies in a tourist cairo prison after years behind bars. and in this case ac double trouble was a strong struggle on the evening day of the 2nd text details later with me as. the government crackdown on dissent in better reuss is intensifying after the country's disputed election and all the 700 people have been detained during the 4th night of protests joining 6000 already in custody some foreign journalists are also being detained in their hotels thursday has seen a fresh wave of peaceful protests women have been forming human chains in the capital minsk in
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a demonstration against the crackdown it was all triggered by president others under caution because landslide win in sunday's election which the opposition says was rigged the un human rights office has condemned his government's response and called for the release of detainees. regional leaders say time is running out for president bush and co to agree to dialogue with his opponents so fast and has more from an. i. the state academic choir is singing a song of protest on the steps of the filler monic maybelle a ruse be happy and freak out a word originating from an old poem designed in their hands all votes have been stolen. the calls for alex on the lookout got to step down resonates around us after a violent crackdown this is what the president is facing more people on the streets and growing anger about the thousands detained and excessive violence used all the
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economist for a state owned newspaper is still looking for a 21 year old son illia detained with his friend on monday evening roy seems to be up to your. own. my son is a student at the law department he's not an alcoholic more a drug addict i don't want our boys to be beaten they are the future of our country it's very can the 21st century if they don't stop or we'll burn myself i am ready to go on a hunger strike is that what you get if you think. you got to the dad around the country factory workers have started to join the protests at a large state owned lorry factory hundreds announce a strike demanding new elections former servicemen are throwing away their uniforms out of shame for what government troops have done to their own people as serving police officer fled the country after he recorded a statement saying he won't follow what he calls criminal orders to use violence
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any longer. european and u.s. ambassadors in minsk laid flowers at the square where one of the protesters was killed we call on the authorities to allow peaceful process protest for and through lease all those who have exercise. that's right while the protests are swelling police have stayed away many belorussians have overcome their fears for things that national still not as developed we want our country to develop and not to stay at a dead end. we'll stay here until our dictator is overthrown and happiness comes to our country more and more joining the spontaneous protest after they were beaten and chased off the streets at night they're now protesting during the day a new strategy that seems to confuse your forties why look might have been able to silence belorussians for many years this time they're determined to have to stall him for it to return to stop fasten al-jazeera mintz. in the
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past hour the u.k.'s transport minister says he would impose a 2 week quarantine on all people arriving from the netherlands and france from saturday is sort of a sore surgeon infections france is seeing its highest number of cases since restrictions were eased in may the country reported more than $2600.00 new infections on thursday infection rate is also on the rise in malta the netherlands spain and germany officials say it's due to increased testing and eased restrictions but they're warning people to pay strict distancing and law schools to spanish regions of banning smoking outdoors because of coronavirus health officials in the canary islands and get this year so smoking won't be allowed where social distancing cannot be guaranteed including in the street restaurants and bars the world health organization has said smoking could increase transmission since it involves the contact of fingers with lips or want to look now at the situation across europe john mccain reports from berlin. here in germany there's
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a great deal of concern about the way that these new infections are manifesting themselves because the mantra for ministers has been that it is people coming back from high risk areas tourists who've traveled to other parts of europe and unwittingly brought the infection back with them and yet actually paradoxically the majority of new infections taking place in germany take place inside germany elsewhere in those countries france the new infection rate is twice as large as it is in germany and certainly you see in cities the capital city for example in paris where the requirement for mask wearing is back in place but also separately the organizers of the paris marathon the marathon event which would normally attract many tens of thousands of entrants well they weren't planning to have to stage the event until november and already they've said that cannot take place and then of course in spraying you see several regions there where the flare up of corona
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continues apace and from the german perspective looking at spring we know that the german government is said that there are 3 regions where it is highly advising its citizens its residents tourists from germany not to go there where there will be the need for some form of quarantine when they come back or indeed a negative test the world health organization says there's no evidence that corona virus can spread through the food chain but the u.n. agency has warned that infection clusters must not be allowed to spread into communities it says a very small percentage of the world population has had the virus already and it has quote a long way to burn if allowed to spread the w.h.o. says it also doesn't have enough information to make a judgment on expanded use to the new russian vaccine on tuesday russia became the world's 1st country to grant regulatory approval for a covert 19 x.e. . there was a specific question about whether or not we would see. the w.h.o.
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. expanded use of that we don't have sufficient information at this point to make a judgment on that and we're currently in conversation with russia to get additional information understand the status of that product the trials that have been undertaken and then what the next steps might be i can speak now to one professor of immunology at imperial college london he joins us live via skype thanks so much for being with us at a speed a lot of focus on vaccines just particularly on the russian one what's your impression of how convinced are you by its potential. well you know i think we need as many vaccines as possible there's been. already reporting a very large phase 2 clinical trials of many hundreds of people with very detailed data openly published after peer review this is the smallest trial of i think 38 people it hasn't been peer reviewed and hasn't been published so it's not really in
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the landscape yet we don't know anything about it it hasn't been peer reviewed and the data we've heard is rather minimal and in terms of progress towards getting any other vaccine that would make a difference well where are we now. and i think we're in a kind of moderately good place in the sense that you know there are more than 160 vaccine candidates around probably half a dozen of them going through all the right process in all the right steps and they kind of look like they do everything and everything that says on mckinley they raised very high levels of antibodies and very high levels of t. cells which we assume you need for protection and now they've got to go through the rigors of this phase 3 trial where you really see in thousands and thousands of people where they safely protect tell no one what do you think is causing the spikes particularly in places like europe at the moment. i think you know we have to face up to the fact that this is a really horrible insert. infection that has got into
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human beings and gets into the longs of many people in the population sometimes silently and they symptomatically and it's really really hard once it's got in to get it out so you may think your company is doing well and you may have driven down your curve and it only needs a very small number of people who are spreading it you might not know they're spreading it who go into a crowded place and and then you're off again it's a really horrific situation and some people are protesting it says perhaps some good news in that part of the case numbers rising the the death rate in some cases hasn't been keeping pace with that and do you think that there isn't any suggestion of the severity of the virus going down or do you think that they're done a show that actually it's not to do that isn't happening i mean i don't really see any evidence for that i just think that you know we went through our very severe 1st wave when we disproportionately had lethal infections in very
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vulnerable populations including a lot of the old people young people in care homes and several months have gone by and now we see infections in you know somewhat younger healthier people and most of all the medical profession has just you know at great cost become extremely good at creating this thing so slightly fewer people die that's not really i think a celebrated system you know more of the same gas gas the infection. and thank you very much indeed for joining us thank you. and that america is the center of the oil epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic i should say with no end in sight to the outbreak there have been worries about how long it would take for any vaccine to come of the region now the mexican mexican and argentine governments together with the world's former richest man say they have a solution john home and reports. argentina or mexico are calling it a landmark vaccine deal not just for them but for latin america the 2 countries
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have agreed to produce hundreds of millions of doses for the region for the highly regarded astra zeneca vaccine designed by outside university scientists. and they say it would be free for all met skins and so without profit elsewhere in latin america during the pandemic. this is truly something exceptional will help us a great deal to maintain hope to put an end to uncertainty. the hope is that it means these poor region one have to wait in line behind wealthier nations for a potential lifesaver. will be able to access the vaccine thanks to this deal between 6 and 12 months earlier than if there were no such agreements with the governments are doing it together with mit's can carlos slim once the world's richest man this is his son. with carlos slim time dilation will
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participate with the available resources together with the governments of the countries to initiate the process of production of a 150000000 doses with the possibility of increasing to 250000000. but this is not a sure thing yet the vaccine still has to finish based 3 of clinical trials and if it does the production will only get going next year for a short term solution then but still a bit of good news for latin america the regional hit by climate in the world let's go alarm for bird oh is there a many other countries are struggling in the current. government's been criticized for their management of the pandemic. at the white house the killer. of legend to pharaoh. young man wonderful young man. we just just just came 2
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minutes ago so. i just and as you know we named operation legend after legend to for. we're going to be helping out and in the process of helping out cities through country that have difficulty with crime in particular certain types of crime so that's really good news they call it the killing of legend. today we saw joe biden continue to politicize a pandemic and to show his appalling lack of respect for the american people it's what it is at every turn biden has been wrong about the virus ignoring the scientific evidence and putting a left wing politics before facts and evidence sleepy joe oppose both the china and the europe travel bans you know that a pose the china travel ban that i instituted very early and the europe travel ban
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that i instituted quite early if he had. followed if we went after i listen to his advice. hundreds of thousands more people would've died this is according to many people i believe that dr felt she agreed with that he said that president company great decision when he put the ban on china joe biden wants to fling open american borders allowing the pandemic to infiltrate every u.s. community based on his policies he wants to have ridiculous open borders i've been saying from the 1st day i started campaigning for this great office that you have to open borders you don't have a country you don't have a country with open borders so he wants open borders the democrats want to open borders and if you take
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a look at our southern border we would have criminals pouring through the wall is getting close to 290 miles long and it's having a huge impact so we disagree with him on that that's one of the many different many things that we disagree with. but while joe biden would allow rioters and looters and criminals and millions of illegal aliens to roam free in our country he wants a federal government issue a sweeping new mandate to law abiding citizens he wants the president the united states with the mere stroke of a pen to order over $300000000.00 american citizens to wear a mask for a minimum of 3 straight months i guess is just happen if thinks it's good politics i guess no matter where they live and no matter their surroundings because different states are much different both in terms of the atmosphere itself and also
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in terms of. the corona problem he does not identify what authority the president has to issue such a mandate or how federal law enforcement could possibly enforce it or why we would be stepping on governors throughout our country many of whom have done a very good job and they know what is needed also many of our 50 states are doing the job at a level that frankly people are really surprised and looting foreign governments that are calling us constantly and asking for advice so i want to just say our governors have worked very hard they've worked with vice president pence and myself and everybody else that's been going we have scott now involved and so scott congratulations with you'll be working with a lot of governors you've already started and dr fouts dr burk's if the president
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has the unilateral power to order every single citizen to cover their face and nearly all instances what are the powers does he have that's why he refused biden. to take questions he couldn't answer any of them couldn't answer the questions he refuses to take questions he never takes questions i take questions in ever takes questions and you sort of wonder what's going on because they're not that difficult. some can be nasty but they're not that difficult but he never takes questions so he just i guess left i didn't see it but i guess he just left the body and put it in your minds my administration has a different approach where of urge americans to wear masks and i am for size this is a patriotic thing to do maybe they're great and maybe they're just good maybe then not so good but frankly. what do you have to lose to have nothing to lose
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so we do and we've been saying where i'm when it's appropriate especially in terms of social distancing if you can't distance enough and. we have to lose but again it's up to the governors and we want to have a certain freedom and we want to have a certain freedom that's what we're about the same time we also understand that each state is different and is facing unique circumstances you have very very different states may be facing very unique. differences and circumstances we even trusted the governors of each state elected by the people to develop and force their own mask policies and other policies following guidance from the federal government and c.d.c. were working with each state to implement a plan based on the facts and science we will continue to urge americans to wear
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masks when they cannot socially just since but whether or not they do bring the full weight of the federal government from there a clearly the pandemic has become or stop still an election issue of a lot of focus there was on biden and what he's been saying he said that biden had was continued to politicize a pandemic any attacked us on the measures that partner suggested and he then went on to suggest that people have nothing to lose by wearing a mask or perhaps a woman dos mint of the policy of mask wearing that same people have nothing to lose but do so only for president tom there. is. a sticker mind and now the top stories here on jazeera u.s. president donald trump has announced a surprise deal to normalize ties between the u.s. and israel under the agreement israel suspend plans to annex palestinian territory although prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the annexation may still take place
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in the future. palestine is recalling its ambassador to the u.a.e. calling the deal a betrayal and demanding it be retracted. let's get more on this now see go to knew about is an author and specialist on middle east and gulf issues he joins us now via skype from washington thanks very much for being with us so how significant would you say this is for the region. this is a significant development i think that the essence of the announcement today is really our timing because really since 2008 the relationship between the u.a.e. and israel has been strategic in nature. and it has been growing incrementally ever since the question is why why now and i think the answer is quite frankly tied in to president trump's reelection campaign the end of the speech as a gesture from the white house that jared krishna gave a briefing saying that other quote other countries may come forward soon with
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similar deal and private discussions are continuing containing the white house is excited about who we think might be next and is that likely. well i think we have to look at it in context here because. there are 3 gulf countries are the 6 that have solid diplomatic relations with with that would israel one of them of course is the united arab emirates that has now become formal and answer teach it and there are dar oman and qatar oman and qatar both have significant diplomatic relations with israel coupler as we know are cooperate on gaza and and help the palestinians and or mom has a long historic friendship with israel that goes back almost 50 years in time the question of course is will they follow suit and i would i would not necessarily agree with that assumption the relationships between these 2 countries and israel will likely continue but that does not necessarily mean that there will be formal
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diplomatic relations in sense of what the united arab emirates achieved today the palestinian has of called it a stab in the back in the briefing there was also a suggestion from from krishna that the whole tone was temporary and he defined it as between a long time and a short time and does that not ready to dilute some of the one of the key parts of the deal. i don't think so because from an israeli and trump administration vantage point they argue that the settlements are already there and under any agreement with the palestinians the settlements would remain within israel proper excel therefore recognizing them is just justifying the status quo that's their argument of course in the arab world that is an argument that that is a nonstarter by what the trumpet ministration is of course hoping to accomplish just to palestinians and israelis will return to direct negotiations and within
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that. scope can begin to hash out borders amongst themself so far that has not happened and the term but mr a since that is clearly to be passed the palestinians and and push forward what the gulf israel tice the reaction from iran has been strongly against this and they called it a strategic mistake well what do you think iran will do about this this deal if you expect a kind of actual reaction of than words about it well i mean iran iran's position on non disuse is sqrt is clear and iran relationship with the united arab emirates is very tense we just saw as a matter of fact last night a tanker that was boarded right off and ronnie waters by and by the iranians so iran iran the relationship with the u.a.e. is tense and the u.s. decision to move forward with establishing diplomatic relations with iran is going
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to agonize tehran so so terence response in that matter was predictable so getting about thank you very much indeed feel for some shopping thank you. if european police have arrested more than 9000 people since the killing of a popular musician in june sparked days of violence among those detained as opposition activist to tougher who was dragged from his house by police in the middle of the night catherine saw reports. i said to says her husband to janet has been in custody in ethiopia says july and has tested positive for cobbett 19 he's a political activist being held without charge alongside many others rounded up after protests against the killing of a popular musician and activist a child who desa the cop at all addis ababa to death as death sparked days of violence in which at least 178 people were killed and property destroyed across this and they're all mia region. we never
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anticipated the occurrence of a situation we felt we had transitioned to a democratic system exactly a month ago they came and knocked on our door at 4 in the morning we told them we can't open it before sunrise for a while they didn't try to break in but they kept banging on it so it 5 he was afraid they'd break in and he opened the door. is human rights commission says 9000 people have been detained since june and this includes john hammad an opposition leader who came back home from exile last the government accuses him and others of inciting the violence of the human rights campaign i see they're also worried at how the government is dealing with political dissent. government is. going back to. just made threats and.
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detaining people for investigation. protracted. our prime minister abi ahmed came to power. promising to respect human rights and he has been implementing democratic reforms he has won a nobel peace prize for his efforts to achieve peace and resolve a border dispute with neighboring areas track sami theo paeans all of us say he has not achieved what he set out to do and the country still deeply divided along ethnic lines government officials accuse protesters of being violent and the leaders of trying to destabilize the country visiting. family say he was just exercising his right and the government should either release him or charge him catherine sawyer. fighters linked to isolate have taken control of a port town in northern mozambique is the 3rd time this year that muslim border prior has been seized it's an important part of
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a $23000000000.00 natural gas project that's about 60 kilometers away security forces say they've killed 59 members of an armed group who've been trying to occupy the area over the past week from an a miller has more from johannesburg there is a muslim beacon military presence in that area but this is also an army that is under funded doesn't always have enough resources at hand and so when this attack took place it carried on over a number of days and this is also when the muslim beacon army said that they killed at least 59 of these fighters but ultimately the the army was pushed back and the fighters linked to isis to control of the town we do know that the muslim beacon the government has used private security companies to try and assist in trying to keep these fighters outside of this territory it hasn't always been if it does take
12:43 am
you back to president trump and relations nobody thought this was something they could have been for a long time. this is the most important diplomatic breakthrough since the egypt israel peace agreement was signed over 40 years ago we have ambassador to israel they've had friedman here thank you david for being here we very much you would agree that this was a big day for israel in a big day for the world. to thank you david you've been fantastic to fantastic ambassador and representative of our country thank you very much. the deal that was reached today will enable muslims to have far greater ability to visit many historic sites in israel and to peacefully pereo at the. mosque which is very important to them which save wanted to have access to for many many decades this is a monumental step to forging ties of cooperation in the middle east and i think
12:44 am
you're going to have other countries come forward i can tell you we already do and they want to make a deal they could have peace in the middle east and be fantastic israel is also suspending settlements in the west bank which is a big deal a bold step toward achieving peace israel and the united arab emirates have also agreed to immediately expand and accelerate scientifical abberation to develop effective treatments and vaccines to fit the china virus they've both been hit virtually every country has been hit 188 countries and to save lives in their region and in their world so they are working very much on the vaccines also with us and again some very good news is going to take place with respect to that unprecedented diplomatic engagement laid the groundwork for this historic peace
12:45 am
agreement which was just announced a little while ago today. we will not rest as we continue to work toward a world of greater harmony and prosperity for all i want to thank prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel and crown prince mohammed bin zayed of the united arab emirates to fantastic people for their vision and their leadership and i look forward to hosting them at the white house very soon to formally sign the agreement will probably be doing that over the next i would say 3 weeks and they'll be coming. to washington so that was a tremendous day that was a tremendous thing that happened and. it's great side we have a lot of other interesting things going on with other nations also having to do with peace agreements and a lot of big news is coming over the next few weeks and i'm sure you'll be very
12:46 am
impressed and more importantly it's a great thing for a country great thing for the world so thank you very much please go ahead thanks mr president there appreciate i want to ask you about school aged kids and one of the real problems when you shut down the schools these are kids on reduced in free lunch programs so when it's nayan that a president from talking about the deal normalizing relations between israel and the united arab emirates which he said he helped to broker he called it an historic peace agreement and a monumental step and he said that he that other countries will be coming forward we would hear more about that soon and he said that israel was suspending a settlements in the west bank which he said was quote a big deal and i will not leave that briefing there with president trumpet after that update on his on the deal between the humane and israel we. now a senior leader of the muslim brotherhood has died in a tourist's egyptian prison as some other arianne was a doctor and an m.p.
12:47 am
he worked to promote democratic principles within the muslim brotherhood who died in cairo's scorpion prison at the age of 66 after being arrested in 2013 a seminarian was also a founding member of the egyptian organization for human rights. the f.b.i. will be joining lebanese and international investigators in the probe into the beirut explosion a senior u.s. diplomat visiting beirut said it comes at the request of lebanese officials when $200.00 people were killed in the blast and about 40 is still missing more than a week later hundreds of thousands have been left without a home lebanon's president said last week that the probe would look into whether the cause was an accident or external interference steph deca a spoken with one beirut family devastated by the explosion and at gemayel lost her husband in the blast and showed us her ruined home. so we look over the window
12:48 am
and we still. smoke over the last the only here you don't. have to be flown there in a few seconds ok and it was. over the knee and my kids and you can see i mean the walls but this figure is good only thing they know if. you move the few minutes after he saw them ok over there magic that the eye could the see here is the results the didn't imagine that i'm following the likeness of it was straight facing the notion of a look we're seeing is this story and i think of my life quite hard that everything with everything was a very good man so why you should go i want to buy for this town why for no reason we don't for no reason why else would you have more than angry one of them and.
12:49 am
giving up a justice who. take his president says talks are the only way to resolve a dispute over its energy exploration plans in the eastern mediterranean tensions escalated this week with the arrival of a turkish research vessel accompanied by washington greece claims part of the area is over its continental shelf and says turkey's action is illegal france has sent 2 fighter jets and a navy frigate to the area of greece and turkey according for the issue to be raised at an e.u. meeting on friday challenging reports. of course this is all about oil and gas the eastern mediterranean has become somewhat of a gold rush in recent years after israel and egypt found large deposits there and on monday when that turkish ship went in to carry out seismic survey over greek waters it was flanked by those 5 turkish warships the greek coast guard had put in repeated calls to those ships asking them to turn around and to leave that zone but
12:50 am
those calls have been ignored that turkish ship the site carrying out the seismic survey is under un law in turkey in greek waters at the moment but turkey never signed that u.n. door because i think it's inherently unfair that because of greece's very scattered job graphy they are awarded 71 percent of the aegean sea whereas turkey only gets 8 percent so what greece is options well they've called on the e.u. for help they've got that emergency summit being convened on friday and athens is really pushing for some strong sanctions against ankara but turkey is such an important partner to the e.u. that it's unlikely that they'll be willing to put sanctions on them in fact most e.u. countries effectively see this is a bilateral disagreement between greece and turkey so greece is going to have to be lobbying very hard for a united diplomatic solution we know that they're trying to seek some international support greece's foreign minister is currently in israel and tomorrow he will be
12:51 am
meeting u.s. secretary of state mike peo and will no doubt be bringing up this subject but luckily as we heard both sides are open to dialogue open to negotiation but until those warships leave those zones that const ott. still to come on al-jazeera ready to roll back into action we hear from the formula one driver has been cleared of coronavirus for sport.
12:52 am
temple sport. thank you lorne in german club r.p.
12:53 am
have reached the semifinals of football's european champions league for the 1st time after a scoreless 1st half against at logical madrid danny almost had a header to push them ahead the spanish conquerors are defending champions liverpool levelled from the penalty spot through a substitute felix but 2 minutes from full time tyler adam sealed a 21 win lipstick now face french club paris and jamal who made the semi's for the 1st time in 25 years by beating the law into 21 in a former a byron munich player has added spice to friday's heavyweight match up between 25 time european champions. dismissing talk of the german club being favorites when they face barcelona in lisbon put on quite a bit of idea of who i know the people upon the players what's been see is not what the players think it's clear that they are very confident but i will not face
12:54 am
a good team boss alone of the beast team in the world. there's another big name pulling out of next month's u.s. tennis open women's defending champion bianca and rescue says the coronavirus pandemic has hampered her comeback from a knee and jury but men's world number one novak djokovic has recovered from cope at 19 and confirmed he will be in new york the 2800 champion will travel to the u.s. on saturday and begin his preparation with the tournaments in cincinnati one of his main rivals defending champion rough on the doll has pulled out over fear of the coronavirus 20 time grand slam winner roger federer is also signed lined sidelined after a knee injury. former formula one champion fernando alonso is back in the hunt for an elusive when at the indianapolis $500.00 the spaniard failed to qualify for the race last year but he got around the track in practice without any concerns he finished the day 5th fastest along though is making a 3rd attempt at winning the final leg of motor sports triple crown he's already
12:55 am
won the other 2 events the monaco grand prix and then the moment 24 hours. sergio president for a return to formula one racing after recovering from corona virus the mexican has tested negative so will compete for his racing point team at this weekend's spanish grand prix and barcelona. yeah i'm very happy to be back to finally get rid of the virus and be back with my with my team. has been done for me. i think it's been. very i'm very happy to be back. doing what i already love all right over to cricket england's pace bowling attack have dominated a rain interrupted 1st day of their 2nd cricket test against pakistan in southampton veteran jimmy anderson did the early damage dismissing 1st test century maker masood and captain the visitors slumping from 784121245 top scoring for pakistan with 60 before he succumbed
12:56 am
to sam current it's major league soccer is leaving it safe haven of disney world to start its regular season up to 5000 fans are allowed to attend the games if they agree not to sue if they catch coronavirus well over in texas some dallas fans booed their own players who kneeled for the national anthem. the dallas and nashville teams were showing support for the fight against racial injustice the dallas defender reggie cannon said he was shocked by what he heard. i think it was absolutely disgusting you got fans booing you for people taking a stand for what they believe in when millions of other people support this cause and we've discussed with every team and the league we're going to do and we've got fans blowing us in our own stadium how disgraceful is that on the pitch it was
12:57 am
a welcome return for both teams who were unable to play and the m.l.s. is back tournaments at disney because of kobe 1000 outbreaks within their squads nashville 11 nil with a goal from going and forward david aka. m.l.s. is following major league baseball and playing games outside of a bubble the action continues despite outbreaks among some of the teams clint fraser had 3 hits for the new york yankees including a home run as they beat the atlanta braves new york are now unbeaten in their opening 6 games at yankee stadium. n.b.a. however still only playing at disney james harden had a great game for the houston rockets with 45 points but they still lost to the n.d.i. pacers by 4 points the pacers secured top 5 seeding in the east all right back to you lauren london thank you very much and that's it for me for this news hour i'm back in a moment with another full round up of the day's news thanks very much for watching by for that.
12:58 am
frank assessments what are you seeing in yemen. the wife thinks look this is an informed opinion is ethiopia on the verge of a breakdown many parts of the order me a region are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate of that is a proxy because not everything because the bill of your people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera.
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in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking skee. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super 30 announces iraq. on the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants. a mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work in exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as skilled migrants now say they're
1:00 am
essential to control the virus i receive messages on the out saying that we are you know so i was a nurse back what i am doing is not all that different from my past helping others . not just the israel jordan peace treaty was signed more than 25 years ago as much progress being made towards peace in the middle east donald trump brokers an agreement to normalize relations between israel and the united arab emirates under the deal israel agrees to suspend the planned annexation of palestinian land the past us leader has called the agreement a betrayal. of life and also coming up.


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