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investigation trains that he's a military training and arms testing trickett cancer and birth defects are made to the local population. secret sardinia people in power on al-jazeera. hundreds of belarus for sensors are freed from prison with a ministerial apology as the e.u. talks of sanctions after the disputed election. hello again peter dhabi here in doha you're watching al-jazeera also coming up the u.s. brokered a deal between israel and the u.a.e. to establish diplomatic ties palestinians say it's
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a step in the back. new zealand extends the lockdown and its biggest city as it tries to work out how coronavirus made a comeback. can we meet the black americans who say they've left racism and division behind to settle in west africa. an apology from the interior minister and the release of hundreds of protesters from prison is not calming the anger in below roofs crowds are gathering again in the capital minsk over last weekend's disputed presidential election after a 5th night of protests nearly 7000 people were rounded up during demonstrations over the past few days the president alexander lukashenko is calling on people to get back to work. well the way people were treated in detention is helping fuel the anger mr vast reports now from the capital city minsk. they told of torture and
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abuse inside cramped detention centers due to the lack of space detainees who are often forced to lie on top of each other young women say they were forced to undress they were beaten and threatened with rape. the violent police crackdown on mainly peaceful protesters has left deep scars on many belorussians it has also angered many of president alex on the local shankar's former support us the call for him to step down has resonated around. the detained everyone everyone girls guys children who are 151413 years old there was a grandpa who was around 70 with us everyone got to taint even if you just came out of a shop to see what's going on you got detained. i was pushed into a police truck they told me either you go with us for 15 days or we beat your legs and let you go the fact that i'm here now it's clear what i chose. to call for alex on the lookout got to step down resonates around belarus after
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a violent crackdown this is what the president is facing more people on the streets and growing anger about the thousands detained and excessive violence used all the economists for a state owned newspaper is still looking for a 21 year old son detained with his friend on monday evening roy seems to be up to you know. when. my son is a student at the law department he's not an alcoholic more a drug addict i don't want our boys to be beaten they are the future of our country it's very can the 21st century if they don't stop i will burn myself i am ready to go on a hunger strike. around the country factory workers have started to join the protests at a large state owned lorry factory hundreds announce a strike demanding new elections former servicemen are throwing away their uniforms
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out of shame for what government troops have done to their own people serving police officer fled the country after he recorded a statement saying he won't follow what he calls criminal orders to use violence and. the longer. european and u.s. ambassadors in minsk laid flowers at the square where one of the protesters was killed we call on the authorities to allow peaceful process protest and through least all those who have exercised this right while the protests are swelling police have stayed away many belorussians have overcome their fears of national still not as diverse and we want our country to develop and not to stay at a dead end it. will stay here until our dictator is overthrown and happiness comes to our country more and more belorussians are joining the spontaneous protest after they were beaten and chased off the streets at night protesting during the day a new strategy that seems so confused. why look might have been able to silence
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belorussians for many years this time they're determined to have to stone him for him to return to them. in. this updates on those who've been released. people here at the detention center are being treated with very very serious injuries badly bruised we've seen people with completely blue legs blue back they've been talking about had injuries broken bones broken ribs the doctor who has been treating these people here was a volunteer has said that the only fascist the worst thing like this he's had more than 40 people have been taken to the hospitals in serious condition so despite the fact that suddenly the government decided to release all these detainees they have arrested more than a nearly 7000 in the last couple of days there's a deep shock here in belorussian a society a deep wound has been inflicted also among supporters of the president. over the
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treatment of very often the young people who have just been or were to supporting in the protest or just standing on the roads waiting for a bus so despite the fact that this has been a gesture and also a way to calm down the protest it's not likely to stop there also strikes still going on while here relatives at the detention center there still hundreds of people here they are waiting for more loved ones to be released and waiting to hear about their condition. is the director of central and eastern europe or the german marshall fund uses people were already angry the president missed a look at the election. thinks he's clearly overdone it in the past he typically claimed results for around 80 percent those where there were credible the elections were never deemed free and fair but this time around the problem is that the mood
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had been build in the country built in the country for several months for a number of reasons that turned against him so people on election night were angered by this drastic lie that they were being presented with because they all felt that the result clearly was different the mood in society was clearly against . and yet he claimed an overwhelming victory so he has overdone it in the past that may have worked but this society has changed and does not accept these these lies and fortifications anymore i do think that there is a tipping point that has been reached certainly the government is now trying to peddle back a little bit show a softer face to some extent there's been a mass release of many of those arrested earlier this morning their promises to engage in a dialogue with some of the walkers striking so there are there are signs on the part of the government that they would like to show
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a less harsh face than they have in the last couple of days. no the palestinian ambassador to the united arab emirates is being recalled after the u.s. government struck a deal with israel to normalize relations it was announced by the us president donald trump who helped broker the deal as part of the agreement israel will suspend but not scrapped plans to annex palestinian territory from washington ellen fisher reports. it was perhaps unusual that the president of the united states would announce a treaty between 2 other countries but that's what happened in the oval office this is a truly historic moment the president said he brokered talks over the past year that brought what we know in as the abraham a court to be signed by the united arab emirates and israel at the white house in the coming weeks this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous middle east i decided the u.s.
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ambassador to israel and his son in law a senior advisor jerry cushion or his middle east peace plan was released in january and he played a key role in this new a court i would like to say to the people of the region muslims jews christians and this does give hope that the problems of the past do not condemn you to a future with conflict there is a lot of hope and a lot of potential and this will benefit you and this will also benefit people here in america as part of the accord israel will suspend but not cancel plans to an exporter of the occupied west bank speaking to al-jazeera. he said if there was a peace deal it should have been with the palestinians this. is nothing but a step in the back. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had earlier cheered the coronavirus task force meeting of his government but left abruptly telling those present you'll soon find
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out why but while speaking in jerusalem he will be aware he merely. political support domestically for shelving an existing plans a. little additional interim president trump put the an exaggeration into his peace plan those who criticize me should know i said time and again that an exaggeration only be made in accordance with the united states without that it is worthless and it will damage the settlements so there have been discussions of various levels between the u.a.e. and israel for years it seems now each was preparing the ground for this announcement from the official twitter account of the u.a.e. leader mohammed bin ziad a simple statement during a call with president trump and prime minister netanyahu an agreement was reached to stop further is really an exception of palestinian territories the u.a.e. and israel also agree to cooperation and setting your roadmap towards establishing a bilateral relationship the idea is that both leaders will visit the white house
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in coming weeks to sign the deal with donald trump center stage he obviously believes that this will help in the run up to the presidential election in november but rarely are american elections this cited by events abroad particularly during a public health and financial crisis alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. ramallah she says palestinians feel no a sense of betrayal. there really is a lot of disappointment there is a lot of strong language indeed in the newspapers and in the words of palestinian officials the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has instructed the foreign minister to recall the last of the from the u.s. and for palestinians they feel like this has been this these discussions between the israelis and the emir aussies have been going on for a long time they believe some of these discussions go back to 20 years but what is shocking for is them now is the timing they believe that this is giving
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a lifeline for both president trump and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu they feel that their cause the palestinian cause is being used to kind of as an excuse to allow the u.a.e. to normalize with israel let's not forget that relations between the palestinian authority and the u.a.e. have been called for a while just for example in this recent pandemic the palestinian authority refused to receive 2 airplanes filled with aid that have landed to begin gorean airport because they came without a coordination with the palestinian authority so there is fear now that with the u.a. e. doing this that they would be opening the door for many more islamic and arab states to murmur lies with israel's. own resources in west jerusalem where he says people are watching closely to see what the next steps will be. speculation about
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who might be next american officials reportedly speaking to palestinian media saying the amman and bahrain are on the list and you can well see movements in terms of those countries relationships with israel in the coming weeks and months as well the one sort of real opposition to this coming from inside israel is coming from the settler community the far right settlers who see the suspension of the annexation plan as a betrayal that is the language that they're using. benjamin netanyahu rather is still saying though that annexation remains on the table despite the fact that donald trump explicitly said it was off the table obviously he says it would have to be in coordination with the united states something that the u.s. from all the signals made overnight is not ready to do it wants to prioritize this agreement and others it says a coming but certainly for his domestic audience netanyahu is still saying this and
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the more he continues to say it if he does then the question is how might that affect this burgeoning relationship with the u.a.e. because you a is saying that it is signed this agreement in order to stop an ex ation and its defacto leader ahmed and ziad was very clear saying this is a roadmap towards a bilateral relationship so still holding out some room to try to impose conditions on israel going forward. still to come on this program. a ceremony in south korea puts a sony issue with japan back in the spotlight. and as e.u. foreign ministers prepare to discuss a maritime dispute between greece and turkey we'll examine what's at stake.
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hello there the rain is still very much in the forecast across northern areas of asia we've seen a bit of a preview cross these the most central and southern areas of china but the rain is back on its way across towards the korean peninsula and certainly through saturday this heavy rain hail extend say towards northern sections not bought a cross much of japan want to see scottish as and thunderstorms and you can see the generally clear skies across much of central and southern china but the rain is heavy again as we go through sunday further to the north pushing there's rain showers across into beijing and against a very heavy downpours working their way across much of north korea and then india plenty of heavy rain here and we're actually watching a disturbance which is to the north of the both angle but the winds are very strong really funneling up into those northern areas and of course we have seen rain showers and thunderstorms produce some localized flooding across into new delhi the streets are really underwater causing all sorts of problems of course the traffic is very backed up there's more rain in the forecast there but not as heavy as
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elsewhere this is a system i'm talking about it's going to reduce some very heavy amounts of rain odisha on into west bengal and all the while the rain very heavy extending through much of the west drafts up into raw just on it'll stay there on sunday but the rains that extending further west and reading compassing much of my pradesh. back to. the. progress. or a serious mistake. artificial intelligence is slowly invading every aspect of our life. but very few of us really understand its capabilities for better or for or worse. in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the impact of they are accessing vast amounts of our personal data for data on al-jazeera.
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welcome back let's recap your top stories for you so far this half hour crowds are gathering again in the russian capital minsk despite the government starting to release detained protesters it had rounded up 7000 of them this week has also made a rare apology enough to quell days of unrest following the disputed election. the palestinian ambassador to the u.a.e. is being recalled after the amorality government struck a deal with israel to normalize relations a spokesman for the palestinian president says the u.s. brokered agreement amounts to treason. your thirty's in afghanistan have started releasing 400 taliban prisoners paving the way for long delayed talks with the
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armed group 80 were freed on thursday the release of the so-called hardcore prisoners was approved last weekend by afghanistan's grand assembly or loya jirga it's seen as the final hurdle to launching negotiations and that is in the end. i was detained here for kidnapping in syria almost 80 years of my prison sentence i call on my leaders in the president to embrace permanent cease fire and stop the bloodshed so that we all have peaceful lives the lives of our youth have been miserable due to war and the future looks bleak to them study and make a good life. you zealand has extended a lockdown in its largest city as health officials try to contain a new coronavirus outbreak restrictions in or cloned keeping non-essential workers at home have been extended by 12 days the rest of the country will be on a lower level of alert for the same time testing and contact tracing is being stepped up after 30 cases were detected this week investigators are trying to find
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out how the virus reemerged after more than 3 months with no locally transmitted infections. and keeping with our precautionary approach and new zealand's philosophy of going had and going. today cabinet has agreed to maintain al currency sings for an additional 12 days bringing us to a full 2 weeks in total michael baker is a professor of public health at a target university and a member of the advisory group for new zealand's qubit 19 response team he says investigators are looking into several possible sources of the outbreak. the outbreak occurred in the community which is obviously a red flag if you don't know the source the most likely source of course is people in one of the managed taint or cities and we still have thousands of new zealanders
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coming back to the country and some of them are infected there how in these facilities for 14 days quarantine and tasted and there's a reasonable chance that the virus escaped from there were some creatures biosecurity and started this outbreak we have to look for alternative sources that may be coming from a seaport or could be coming from a flight crew for example who have somehow avoided the usual cautions i mean this is one of the challenges of elimination as a strategy is with very well in terms of health we've got the lowest code mortality in the o.e.c.d. and the economy has got spent very well now and i think part of the elimination approach is you have to manage our brands and the government is pursuing this outbreak control theory aggressively just as we did we need a nominated the pending in match 2 and 2 months to get rid of the virus so this is part of the elimination approach and we hope to be back on track again in
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a few weeks. in australia the state of victoria has reported another 14 deaths from corona virus among them is a man in his twenty's is the country's youngest victim new daily infections have also gone up by about 100 but positive cases are slowing down after restrictions in the state capital melbourne the city is under a 6 week lockdown with nightly curfews and compulsory mask rules. indonesia has started human trials of a chinese made vaccine as many as 1600 patients could take part if the vaccine prove safe and successful it's secure the rights to produce at least 250000000 doses china reached a similar deal with brazil where human trials are already. underway. you foreign ministers are expected to hold an emergency summit today to consider sanctions against turkey the meeting comes of the request of greece which says turkey has begun searching for oil and gas in its waters switzerland has offered to mediate
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the conflict to try and diffuse tensions is china angela beneath these waters in the eastern mediterranean lies a growing source of conflict on monday turkish warships entered territory that both greece and turkey claim as their own escorting a ship carrying out seismic surveys on the sea bed searching for oil and gas on wednesday greece's prime minister issued a stark warning. responding to menace broke loose is in response to turkey's deployment of its fleet we have also put our armed forces on alert i'm confident that all greeks have the same absolute trust in the capabilities of our armed forces as i do at the same time though we remain in absolute political and operational readiness we are also mobilizing our diplomacy notifying our friendly nations and alerting our allies and partners we are not alone in this effort. one of those analyze is france who sent in 2 fighter jets and this naval warship to
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sail alongside greek forces but turkey is plowing ahead with plans to issue gas exploration and drilling licenses in the disputed region within weeks this shows the exclusive economic zone to greece turkey and cyprus as defined by the united nations it accords greece 71 percent of the aegean sea and turkey 8.8 percent but this is how turkey redraws the same map claiming much of greece's waters as its own and this is the area where turkey has started looking for oil within itself to find waters but that infringes on greece's maritime territory according to the e.u. and the un. turkey did postpone exploration last month following a truce brokered by germany but when athens signed a new maritime deal with egypt last week ankara vowed to defend its interests are looking to resume putin in haakon that gives him is your greece's attitude in the aegean and the mediterranean is malicious we don't have to zines on anyone's rights
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but we won't let any country take away our rights e.u. foreign ministers are hoping to resolve the standoff through dialogue at the emergency summit greece stated that it is ready to sit on the table and discuss with their kit and all relevant parties in the region as long as all the military presence in the region is withdrawn you cannot share. discussions where you have naval vessels from the needs are there. although the 2 sides seem on a collision course both say they share a desire for dialogue and diplomacy. outta there. poland has gone into recession for the 1st time since the end of communism the economy shrank by nearly 9 percent in the 2nd quarter following coronavirus lockdowns that ends nearly 30 years of economic growth however the slump is expected to be less severe than in other e.u. member states poland's bracing for
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a possible 2nd wave of covert 1000 infections after a surge in cases in the past week. south korea's president has worked to highlight the plight of the country's last surviving women who were forced to work in japanese brothels during world war 2 his recorded remarks were part of a ceremony held in the city of chio now it's the 3rd year the memorial has been held to remember the victims were known by their captors as comfort women issue continues to be a thorny one between north and south korea and japan mcbride has more now from seoul. the location of the japanese embassy in seoul is also the site of a permanent protest against japan's wartime atrocities protesters accuse the japanese of still not properly atoning for the treatment of so-called comfort women taken from career to work in imperial army brothels during world war 2 other sporadic protests here
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a pit in my eyes the troubled relations between the 2 neighbors such as this campaign to boycott japanese goods that followed a long running court battle to force japanese companies to compensate the korean victims of wartime forced labor through interviewer and this goes against international norms in that case we have no choice but to respond so we should handle this to avoid that happening through additional japan did respond imposing trade restrictions that damage south korea's high tech manufacturing despite appeals from seoul we don't win and we hope the japanese government would more actively and sincerely respond to our ongoing efforts to resort. this issue through diplomatic channels. this deep rooted and a master to it has even affected the handling of the coronavirus with japan accused of imposing unnecessarily harsh restrictions on south korean travelers while clearly hurting both countries neither seems able to hold back from taking
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a swipe when national pride is at stake the latest spat this monument to the comfort women built in a botanic garden with a man bowing in apology bearing an uncanny resemblance to japan's prime minister shinzo are they. people say it is but this artwork doesn't refer to a bit at all if that person is then that would be good despite japan's insistence that wartime grievances were settled years ago many south koreans say they're still waiting for that japanese apology robert bryant al-jazeera sold black americans are being invited to migrate to west african countries ghana and senegal are encouraging them to settle explore and invest. in dhaka who say they wanted to leave racism and division behind in the u.s. . and i know a certain looks in the snow and know what the person is thinking and go back to
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africa. in the insult african-americans julissa george really heard it calling it a move to send a card to find an escape from the racial tensions in the divisive politics at home in america people are right. there and you don't always look to the corner although. there's like a sense of like i don't know welcoming feels really warm you know just like everyone looks at you and they're like you look like me. maybe this is home maybe this is the land where we come in and we make it just like what america what it's the year return an invitation from west african countries like sending american descent to settle in invest in the continent government says hundreds of american families have settled in the country thanks to the scheme. may be due to a specific situation in the u.s. . but i think people need to be divisive and they can
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find common ground where everybody can celebrate you know. the city's replacing street names in the french colonial figures with african personalities while politicians argue over whose likeness should replace them it seems young people have already made up their minds repeating these are legal and they're normally used to depict muslim religious figures look at this it's called black excellence you can find stokely carmichael. nina simone tammi smith even george floyd african-americans that have affected the history of the united states but africa as well and so not only can you find them on the streets they're also taught in schools as part of the history curriculum. it's this that prompted 17 year old miriam his family to move from atlanta so that she could attend one of
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the african-american schools of the city where perhaps really teaches art and representation like learning about columbus in the u.s. and learning about columbus here it was completely different as they kind of praised him like he discovered america all these great things and when i came over here my history teacher said terrible this man was and this was new to me i was like oh oh no. in settling in west africa they have found a new home discovered a side of themselves they had not seen before too often overlooked. preconfigured top stories here on al-jazeera crowds are gathering again in russia's capital minsk despite the government starting to release detained percents to have granted up 7000 this week but also made a rare apology in an effort to quell days of unrest following
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a disputed election result many people say they were badly beaten after being arrested stepped past is in minsk people here at the detention center are being treated with very serious injuries. we've seen people with completely blue lacks blue back they've been talking about head injuries broken bones broken ribs the doctor who has been treating these people here with fallen tear is sad that the only fascists there with things like this he's had more than 40 people have been taken to the hospitals in serious condition so despite the fact that suddenly the government decided * to release all these they have arrested more than nearly 7000 in the last couple of days there's a deep shock here in russia. the palestinian ambassador to the u.a.e. is being recalled after the amorality government struck a deal with israel to normalize relations it was announced by the us president donald trump who helped broker the deal as part of the agreement israel will
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suspend but not scrap plans to an explicit indian territory a spokesman for the palestinian president says it amounts to treason the authority is not going to start who started releasing $400.00 taliban prisoners paving the way for a long delayed talks with the armed group 80 were freed on thursday the release of these so-called hardcore prisoners was approved last weekend by afghanistan's grand assembly or loya jirga new zealand has extended a long turn in oakland for 12 days as health officials try to contain a new coronavirus outbreak investigators are trying to find out how the virus reemerged after more than 3 months with no locally transmitted infections in the newseum has started human trials of a chinese made vaccine as many as 1600 patients could take parts if the banks improve safe and successful it secured the rights to produce at least 250000000 doses those are your headlines up next the bottom line.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question with less than 3 months left to the u.s. elections what do americans really want let's get to the bottom line. in less than 90 days americans are going to decide whether president trump or his democratic challenger joe biden will run the country for the next 4 years even though most polls put biden ahead especially in the crucial swing states it's risky business to predict which way the race will go and there are a lot of black swans or what i call unexpected events that can happen between now and then to get a closer look at the pulse of the american people these days we turn to someone who
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has been listening to them and crafting political messages for them for decades frank luntz is a legend in the world of political communication and he's been helping republican campaigns.


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