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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2020 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way we could skewed way we do business if we're going to adapt to climate break down this street on out is there are. tens of thousands take to the streets of a roost calling for the president to stand down and to pay tribute to the testing was killed in clashes with police. oh i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program the u.s. postal service warns that millions of presidential votes cast by mail made also arrive in time to be counted. more demonstrations in jerusalem protesters called
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for these rainy prime minister to resign over his handling of the coronavirus crisis and the watch in charges. dot com we're told by everyone should have the courage to talk about the current. breaking taboos in finding their voice a mass anti-government rally planned in thailand on sunday. has been a 7th day of mass protests in belo roosts calling for longtime leader alexander lukashenko to step down after last week's disputed presidential election tens of thousands of people gathered in the capital minsk but the mood was also subdued as people laid flowers and lit candles at the site where a protester was killed in clashes with police and authorities say the 34 year old died when an explosive build up in his hand by. opposition supporters say he was
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shot by police one of the protest is also known to have died while in police custody the demonstrations are the biggest challenge yet to look at those nearly 3 decades in power initially triggered by allegations of vote rigging in a phone call with the russian president vladimir putin. said the 2 were hoping for a swift resolution to the country's problems while jazeera step vasant is in minsk where many of the demonstrators are still on the streets. a mere pushkin. metro station where the 34 year old car mechanic was killed on monday and night it's still unclear how he died but it's for should have he had an open. during the night and also in the week. also here where a lot of remains. rubber bullets we have found in the last 6 hours people have been streaming in to. put the.
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car mechanic but also as a sign of protest and defiance thousands of people also carrying children. around. very euphoric atmosphere i have to say. the day when there was a one minute silence for the victim there were a lot of people crying holding. making a peace sign so very remarkable scenes here today again in minsk where protests are not stopping and only growing bigger the protesters are just. waiting there's no police there are no security forces around for the last 48 hours i have to say. today friday when the people were marching towards independence square. in front of house. with remarkable scenes with women. there was some
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riot police also standing by and there were also reports about trucks military trucks are moving into the city. despite the fact that some people here have been trying to create that everyone needs to be very careful because riot police can come any minute we haven't seen a sign of. this atmosphere of freedom that people haven't felt here for decades. meanwhile protesters in an eastern russian city of shown solidarity with the neighbors and better reduce many carried signs saying long live batteries and rallies on saturday activists have been protesting for weeks and harbor off ski against the rest of the region's former governor sergei fergal was detained last month is accused of murder is 15 years ago that he denies the charges.
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the u.s. postal service has warned millions of mail in votes may not arrive in time to be counted on presidential election day is expected to be a huge rise in mail in ballots as a result of the coronavirus pandemic but the service says it can't guarantee all posted votes will have rife accounting on november 3rd well an internal watchdog is investigating recent cost cutting that has slowed down delivery times the former u.s. president barack obama says he's worried the trumpet ministration is trying to kneecap the postal service he's treated this everyone depends on the u.s.p.s. seanie is for social security veterans for their prescriptions small business is trying to keep the doors open they can't be collateral damage for an administration more concerned with suppressing the vote than suppressing the virus. castro's life for us now from marianne so obviously some strong remarks from president barack
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obama tell us about his warning that from the postal service. sure in recent days the u.s. postal service delivered warnings to $46.00 states and the district of columbia that it sensually said that if these states go ahead with plans to expand mail in voting that there is a large chance that the post office won't have enough time to get those ballots delivered and counted in time in essence millions of votes could be disenfranchised now the post service is telling the states to move up the deadline to have voters request these ballots early or however that may be impossible with election looming just 80 days away people are also looking at the man that president trump chose to leave the postal service louis to joy who was a former republican fundraiser now leading that service and cutting workers hours slowing mail delivery some are saying that's still leverage in order to bolster
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president trump's claims that mail in ballots can cost a massive voting fraud there is no evidence of that having taken place president meanwhile has requested a mail in ballot for himself in the upcoming primaries in florida. ok and then obviously president barack obama there saying that this is essentially being used by president trump as a vehicle to try and shape or deter voting. that's right if you look at the bigger context here mail in ballots tend to turn out more democrats than republicans expanded voter access tends to favor democrats and president trump is trailing behind his joe biden his challenger for the white house so many people are accusing him of trying to sow distrust in the mail and voting process which we know will be a crutch to carry out this election amid this pandemic and because he fears that he may lose and that leads to the wider question of what happens after the results are
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in we know that might it might be a delayed counting process because of the mail in ballots and then the bigger question is whether the american people will trust the results and whether or not president trump himself will accept the result all right thank you heidi joe castro from maryland. where u.s. secretary of state is finalized a deal with the polish defense minister to redeploy troops from germany to poland. signed the agreement in walsall a 1000 more u.s. troops will be added to the 4 and a half 1000 karni based in poland the pentagon announced last month that $12000.00 soldiers have been withdrawn from germany nearly half of those are set to be moved to other countries in europe and u.s. government watchdog says the appointment of 2 top homeland security officials by the trump of ministration improper report by the accountability office is saying acting secretary chad wolf and his deputy can do you can only appointed in
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violation of federal law since they didn't face confirmation hearings findings could prompt legal challenges to recent changes in u.s. immigration policies a crackdown on immigration has been central to trump's term in office. now protesters have gathered in west jerusalem near the official residence of israel's prime minister to call on him to resign demonstrations against benjamin netanyahu has been held on saturday evening for several weeks now protesters angry at the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and netanya his ongoing trial for corruption let's cross now to harry for say his following developments in west jerusalem and obviously is a netanyahu has tried to downplay these protests he said that there. but just give us a sense of the size of these demonstrations and who particularly is is the dissipating in them. indeed here is long attack them as leftists and anarchists has complained
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of death threats against him has to be said there have been more serious threats against the protesters from right wing elements within israeli society but yes once again this is another major protest not far from his residence at a square in west jerusalem thousands of gathered again the local reports suggest it's a little bit smaller than the last 2 weekends when the numbers are well in excess of $10000.00 and the majority of those there are as you say concerned with the coronavirus pandemic response and that and you know who's a corruption trial which is due to start in earnest the evidentiary phase in january but there are others there as well those not just from from left wing going to zation as there is a group of doctors there there are groups representing self employed people who've been hit very hard by the economic fallout of the pandemic and for all of the of the diplomatic coup that has been trying to push this week in terms of the deal
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signed with the u.a.e. there are people here saying that that doesn't matter for those who've been hit so hard by what's happened during the pandemic and what about tensions within his governing coalition. well yes those tensions are still very live but there are signs at least that the immediate threat of an election seems to be ebbing the finance minister from the could party saying this evening saturday evening that the election issue had gone away but still those tensions remain they haven't agreed on a budget that's something that has to be done before the 25th either that or legislation for a delay in that deadline to avert an automatic election and still for a 2nd week running it seems according to reports there won't be a weekly cabinet meeting on sunday because the 2 sides can't agree on an agenda all right thank you very much for set. i always will still have for you on the
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program small scale corona virus outbreak among children becomes a big concern for the doctors in aruba. to japan's emperor expresses deep remorse is the while block 75 years since the end of world war 2. hello there plenty of warm sunshine across most southern areas of europe central regions are all the more unsettled plenty of cloud across the central and southern regions of the u.k. but to the north and it just it clear sunny skies and still fail you warm as well this highland cooling off in the water there i have had some thunderstorms up into scotland it's left plenty of mud like this so this white lived in making the most
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of it to cool off and then of course shake off all of that very muddy water northern sections of germany is fine it's dry and warm plenty of people out enjoying this particular beach lots of really good social distancing going on there plenty more sunshine as a go through sunday not so it's across the west that rain really pushing in across france northern areas really across into the low countries and then through monday it extends really quite rapidly across much of the u.k. and that with line of rain as well at the same time pushing across into germany and trading down into northern areas of clay but for the next few days in berlin so much is coming down steadily but really not see about a toll still close to the average for this time of year rather more unsettled in london the temperatures though again not too bad still about $23.00 degrees that some heavy rain on monday telling light of i choose day a cloudy day for the middle of the week and then in paris we have got the threat of scottish for the next couple of days wednesday should be dry but a fairly cloudy day nonetheless.
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sweat tears and sometimes blood but for them it's what their dreams are made of. just their wild tells the story of a young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds for training for the fights of their lives. and a former champion who gives his old for that success casablanca i caught on out is there. headlines now demonstrators have gathered for a 7th day in bed
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a ruse calling for longtime leader alexander lukashenko to step down protesters laid flowers at a makeshift memorial where one man died this week during a violent crackdown. former u.s. president barack obama says he's worried the trumpet ministration is trying to kneecap the postal service after it warned millions of mail in vote might not arrive in time to be counted on presidential election day ahead of the postal service has been accused of intentionally slowing down deliveries. protests have gathered in west jerusalem near the official residence of israel's prime minister to call on him to resign demonstrations against benjamin netanyahu have been held on saturday evening for several weeks now. iran will be able to stop buying conventional weapons again in october after the u.s. failed to get the 13 year arms embargo extended just one of the nation the dominican republic backed the american proposal in a vote at the u.n. security council u.k. france germany and 8 other members abstained trouble ministration is threatening to
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find other ways to trigger sanctions though iran says the u.s. has never been so isolated with president has sanral harney describing the vote as a humiliating defeat for the us better yet. the us has worked for months to prepare a resolution to his around and it could only get one vote supporting it from a small country the dominican republic you see how they've been humiliated the reason 11 countries abstained in 2 voted against it was because they believe the prison version of the j.c. pure way is essential for the interests of the region and the world yesterday was a political achievement for iran and a political failure for the us speaking in poland the us secretary of state my own post said his government would not give up. this was a serious mistake we regret that united states simply want to extend the set of rules that been in place since 2007 and as we have said before the united states is determined to make sure that the iranians and this regime this theocratic regime
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doesn't have the capacity to inflict even more havoc on the world and so we'll continue to work on that i think there are a lot of people on average privately on this trip that understand that it is not in the world's best interest to allow this arms above or to expire and hope they will find the courage to say so publicly and assist us in ensuring this is arms embargo is extended. it all the developments the u.s. is calling for a thorough transparent incredible investigation into the explosion in lebanon's capital during a visit to beirut's destroyed port senior u.s. official david hale said f.b.i. agents would be arriving in the city shortly to aid in the investigation or than 200 people were killed and thousands more injured when nearly 300-3000 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse exploded we can never go back to an era in which anything goes out of court or the borders of lebanon. had to contribute to the situation and i think it's very important a lot of these are people who are not permanent how best to do that for them but
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every state every sovereign state controller's its its ports and its borders thoroughly and i magine that all of the news would like to return to that and not have the not anything goes atmosphere that we've seen in recent years. long awaited talks between afghanistan's government and the taliban a-g. to start on sunday but they've been delayed government officials have confirmed it's because 1000 taliban prisoners have not been released last week president musharraf's gone he agreed to free 400 so-called hard core presidents as they described to him what was seen as a final hurdle to launching talks but only them that's been released so far. well the afghan government is saying that a member of its peace negotiating team has survived an attempt on her life koofi was attacked on friday afternoon near kabul she's part of a group representing afghanistan in the upcoming peace talks with the taliban if they take place she is said to be safe now the armed group has denied any
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involvement in the attack. turkey's present range of type one says his country won't back down in its standoff with greece over energy exploration in the eastern mediterranean on dismissed threats of e.u. sanctions on saturday he says a turkish research vessel will continue operations for another week turkey and greece are odds over claims to energy resources in the disputed area between crete and cyprus. protesters in thailand of planning another large rally on sunday as they continue their push to remove the government and reform the monocacy one of the main student leaders organizing the rally has been released on bail and. supporters welcomed part also known as penguin as he walked out of the police station was arrested on friday for taking part in an anti-government rally last month and faces sedition charges the 22 year old activist has vowed to continue protesting for political reform but maybe it. will be low i don't regret being
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arrested because since i joined the movement i knew this might happen but it won't be in vain everyone should have the courage to talk about the monarchy there is a police unit trailing me so i'm not sure about my safety but tomorrow there is a big rally so i needed to get bailed to get out and to lead the protests the protesters are calling for significant changes to the royal family's role in society which is considered a to boost object in thailand why now hey reports. there's a new generation of protesters in thailand and they're daring to go where few others have at times they've been gathering in their thousands and speaking about an issue that supposed to be off limits i mean i just want to say that to speak out about the marquis something that we can do the royal family is protected by laws designed to prevent criticism but these protesters who are mainly students say they won't stay silent any more along with calling for elections and
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a new constitution have announced a set of demands to reform the monarchy and reduce its political power the student to announce the demands on stage is wanted by police but if it had all that i have mixed feelings i'm glad that i've started a conversation i think that i'm playing a crucial role in this movement but at the same time i feel bad because we've been suppressed for far too long and many people have been too afraid to speak up so far protests by royalist groups have been small but given the strong language from the students they could grow in the meantime they're choosing to lay complaints with police but people have the right to protest but you have to do it correctly you have to follow the rules and the laws are not criticized the monarchy that criticism and questioning the role of the royal family has increased since the death in 2016 of king a do new day who reigned for 70 years his son king know what you are long gone spends most of his time in europe but has strengthened his position amending the
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constitution and taking full control of palace assets since 932 thailand has been a constitutional monarchy and the king as head of state is supposed to have limited power but in reality he is the ultimate political power and that's what the protesters say they want to change they're not looking for an overthrow of the monarchy but an overhaul of the system for gathering peacefully and calling for that the protesters are risking their freedom for the whole or that but i'm bored. if i'm arrested i will ask for bail because that would prevent me from talking about politics i'd rather spend a few years in prison and come out swinging thailand has a history of political upheaval and violence and given the unprecedented nature of these protests more could be on the way when hey al-jazeera bangkok egypt in sudan or calling for grand renascence dam negotiations to continue with ethiopia after they were suspended last week downs prime minister abdullah is
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currently hosting his egyptian counterpart and hard to say the african union mediation should continue until a deal is reached egypt in sudan fear if europe is hydroelectric dam will threaten their water supplies but ethiopia says the project will help bolster its economy. health officials improve the same hospital system there is on the verge of collapse as coronavirus cases continue to rise country has over half a 1000000 confirmed infections and more than 25000 people have died now doctors at the national children's hospital raising the alarm over a new outbreak john home and has more. some of the late tiny. crew of the national children's hospital some. the country's case and death rate are among the highest in the world and while they're still very few of the seriously who did this young the number did begin rising in july and that's why. we have seen
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a 2030 percent increase that number saw children. and ending. the franklin. blames it on one thing or the. parents' behavior leaving children to play together in parts or sitting shopping malls or a family this is that's what's leading the increase in children. serious coby cases among children a still very far from widespread the most of those here already had other medical complications. as in other countries the virus is effect on children is different from the symptoms shown by older sufferer. it's not the same as the adult infection which causes lack of breath after about a month they've been developing pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome which affects several organs especially their hearts. the staff are doing their
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best to help with learning new techniques as they go it's tough for them to him we don't know what it's really painful having to submit a little one to him to beijing or a ventilator or we know we have to do it because if not the patient could die. and scenes like this make it worth it. the team here are hoping that this sudden increase in cases doesn't go on there will be more patients heading in to the unit john bowman 0. india's prime minister says his country is ready to mass produce vaccines for the coronavirus want scientists give the go ahead and here is confirm more than 2 and a half 1000000 infections and has the 4th highest death toll in the world that render modi praise the country's handling of the outbreak during a senate ceremony said writing india's independence day well he says any vaccine will be made available to every indian he also announced almost one and
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a half trillion dollars worth of infrastructure projects to try to help the struggling economy. coronas a big crisis but it's not so big that it can stop the victory journey of self reliant india today it is our priority to take the lives of people the economy out of the effects of coronas soonest possible to cure olby of the national infrastructure pipeline project we will spend more than $1.00 trillion u.s. dollars. elsewhere south korea is tying coronavirus measures following the highest number of new daily infections in 5 months was frictions on gatherings and other activities have been rolled out in the capital seoul and the surrounding areas that didn't stop a large demonstration against president ninja in the government of a new real estate policies in a series of sex scandals as well involving leaders of his administration. who are the viruses silently spreading in various places in their daily life such as churches stores work schools and cafes making
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a see even more concerned the government believes that if we fail to overcome this crisis our country could enter the route to virus resurgence that many countries around the world are undergoing. it's 75 years since imperial japan surrendered in world war 2 in effect bringing the conflict to an end days been marked with commemorations in several countries and the promise of a commitment to peace from japan's leaders warning that moved back as report contains flash photography in the japanese capital tokyo prime minister shinzo an emperor nor hito led commemorations expressing deep remorse over japan's wartime past. but it's be 75 years since the end of the war our country has consistently valued peace and moved forward we have made the most effort to make the world a better place never to repeat the tragedy of war we will continue to remain
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committed to this resolute pledge by 75 years ago countries echoed with the sound of heavy weaponry. the war in europe ended several months earlier hitler was dead the nazi war machine destroyed. the conflict in the pacific against imperial japan continued on the island of it were jima us marines and japanese forces who were locked in battle the us emerged victorious japan responded with intense resistance suicide pilots the kamikaze sped their planes into a life targets in the closing days of the war america unleashed on power destruction on japan 1st on the city of hiroshima 3 days later on nagasaki. the nuclear attacks killed more than 200000 people and forced japan to surrender it was peace at a colossal price. japan's defeat also meant an end to its colonial rule in other
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parts of east asia in korea north and south this is liberation day with tributes before statues of past leaders and in the chinese city of nanjing the site of the massacre of 300000 civilians by japanese troops people gathered in solemn silence. in the u.k. victory over japan day began with the sound of a lone piper. parades who scaled back because of coronavirus but in the skies above british cities the war of iraq one of those here. today we remember and give. for the extraordinary bravery resourcefulness and tenacity demonstrated by those who fought in the asia
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pacific theater of the 2nd world war. there's an ever to when you remember the world war 1st hand for them the trauma still echoes down the generations the courage and sacrifice still commands respect they've just here a. quick recap of the headlines now demonstrators gathered for a 7th day in baton rouge calling for longtime leader alexander lukashenko to step down after last week's disputed presidential election protest is laid flowers a makeshift memorial where one man died during a violent government crackdown demonstrations of the biggest challenge to look nearly 3 decades in power in a phone call with russian president vladimir putin said the 2 were hoping for a swift resolution to the country's problems. for u.s.
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president barack obama says he is worried the trump administration is trying to kneecap the postal service after it warned millions of mail in vote might not arrive in time to be counted on presidential election day head of the postal service has been accused of intentionally slowing down deliveries. castro has won the story now from maryland. people are also looking at the man that president trump chose to leave the postal service louis to joy who was a former republican fundraiser now leading that service and cutting workers' hours slowing mail delivery some are saying that's deliberate in order to bolster president trump's claims that mail in ballots can cost a massive voting fraud there is no evidence of that having taken place president meanwhile has requested a mail in ballot for himself in the upcoming primaries in florida. perceptions of gathered in west jerusalem near the official residence of israel's prime minister
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calling on benjamin netanyahu to resign or demonstrations have been held for several weeks now protesters are angry at the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic and nestle on his ongoing trial for corruption. where ronald be able to stop buying conventional weapons again in october off the u.s. failed to get the arms embargo extended just one other nation the dominican republic back to the american proposal in a vote at the u.n. security council u.k. france and germany abstained iran says the u.s. has never been so isolated trouble ministration is trying to find other ways to trick sanctions supa 30 is the program coming up next looking at a scheme to help india's poor students secure a spot at a top technology university that is coming up right now. the boy.
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