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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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tical shift to the right on a continent where socialism once thrived. and politician goes on a journey to me leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically. in latin america and giant and turmoil on al-jazeera 'd. under pressure to resign the embattled president of bella ruth seeks russia's help . hello i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. you ever hear the expression he wants to make the post office great again. donald trump
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defends his pick for postmaster general despite allegations that he's trying to sabotage mail in voting ahead of embers election. demonstrators are back outside israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is residents demanding that he resign over corruption allegations and the response to covert 90. expressing deep remorse japan and pledges never to repeat the tragedy of war as the world marks 75 years since the end of world war 2. the president of belarus assaults help from russia as protests group calling for him to step down alexander lukashenko says that his russian counterpart vladimir putin as agreed to help to ensure the security of the cut. if needed as for the
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protests against his rule with members of the state media now joining the ranks. reports from. euphoria instead of fear on the streets of minsk after security forces stayed away from large rallies which crowd around the capital in the past 2 days. 2 former military man came out to denounce the violence used by security forces in the past week. have come to show me in reality is with the nation it always has been thousands held the minute of silence at a metro station where 34 year old. killed during protests last monday in the morial house with a funeral quickly turned into a mass rally. i understand i could have been detained and beaten or dead like this one i consider the president of belarus to kind of. is an illegitimate
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president this president must be judged he should get the strongest sentence possible women photos of injured detainee beaten and tortured by riot police during protests it could be done this banner eats. 4 here in. frustration but also fear. and. police violence. with protests and strikes spreading around the country president. vladimir putin asking for help in a significant turnaround employees of state television networks joint in as well. the mission. i just want to say defending is no less important than defending this holds. for the rest. don't stand strong the
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wave will go on further that way. but analysts don't expect put in to go out of his way to help look at shanghai to remain in power the question is desperate for allies he's relationship with is a really quite badly shape of the some people say that look africa has a bit the. touch of reality and that here a learned to both of the east and the west also now he is the spirit a put in this is lost hope a but put in hospital acted in a way that give a signal that he is quoting to rescue will question cut any cost so far of possible russian intervention is not in the minds of these protesting by the russians who are increasingly dominating the country streets their immediate concern is to get rid of look i shan't have to have free and fair elections step pass and al-jazeera
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means journey across the lever is an associate professor at university college in london she says the look shanker can't rely on backing from moscow. brusha know what one tool actually engage in. providing support for floor the russian authorities at the moment even sad don't be highly risky to bring in. don't fall. easy into the in. this busy case because 1st of all if the conflict is complete that definitely brings attention and has attention of the international community and. actually to has a sanctions introduced against russia as well as a already faces out all internal conflict and problems each started about us support as they already for $48.00 nearly 40 days and now.
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striking to support the bill russians still eve was the reason expression for support to an interviewer and bill are a success now then i. expect. this strikes will rule the whole country so and it's what putin does not want to do so the risk got too high for him and crowds marching for a 6th weekend in russia's far east and showing solidarity with the protesters in belarus for weeks now they've been rallying in about off against the arrest of the region's former governor who defeated approve kremlin rival elections 2 years ago sergei for a girl who was detained last month and taken to jail in moscow he's accused of ordering the murder of at least 2 business men 15 years ago which he denies for girl supporters say the charges are politically motivated. the u.s. postal service is warning millions of mail in votes may also arrive in time to be
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counted in the presidential election there is expected to be a huge rise in the number of mail in ballots as a result of the pandemic but the service says that it can't guarantee all posted votes will arrive for counting on november the 3rd how does jocasta reports now from silver spring maryland. this is not the scene u.s. public health officials want repeated on november 3rd when americans elect their next president amid a pandemic. but the alternative to have large numbers of people vote by mail may also be risky that's the warning the u.s. postal service has issued to 46 states and the district of columbia the government run agencies states must require voters to request mail in ballots at least 15 days before the election or those ballots may not be counted on time we could see a dramatic increase in the volume of mail of people returning their ballots which
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we would absolutely determine has to be done in a timely fashion so here ruins vote is counted historically mail in voting has turned out more democrats than republicans and polls show president trump trailing behind his challenger for the white house joe biden that's led to allegations from democrats that trump's battle against mail in voting is for political gain there's a collapse of trust broadly in america right now in government in these institutions in the white house in congress those that are opponents of. president trump who are going to turn out at polls 'd and are going to turn out at mail in ballots and those that support president trump are going to support him enormously. in washington protesters accusing trump of voter suppression gathered outside the home of lewiston joy the former republican fundraiser appointed by trump. u.s. postmaster general in may it joy has removed some mail processing machines and cut
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workers' hours citing the need to slash costs the post office inspector general is now investigating and lawmakers of both parties have voiced alarm there's no doubt that the postal service has a long term financial challenge and those who need to be dealt with but now it's not the time to be cutting back services earlier this week trump said he wanted to withhold funding from the postal service because he didn't want to see the money used for mail in voting now the president has backtracked saying he will agree to fund the agency but despite requesting a mail in ballot for himself trump continues to claim without evidence that mail in ballots will lead to massive voter fraud in november. castro al-jazeera maryland. president trump has continued to back his pick for postmaster general despite the
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protests against him you know he's a fantastic man he wants to he wants to make the post office great again you ever hear the expression he wants to make the post office great again i don't know what he's doing i can only tell you he's a very smart man he'll be a great postmaster general and he needs obviously if you're going to do these millions of ballots out of nowhere he's going to obviously need funding but the democrats aren't willing to provide other things and therefore they're not going to get the funding for that but you know you're going to have a catastrophic situation with universal mail and votes and on top of it the democrats aren't willing to give the people the money and the post office the money . before us president barack obama has joined the criticism of the postal service is functioning he tweeted that everyone depends on the u.s.p.s. samia's for the social security veterans for their prescriptions small businesses trying to keep the doors open they come be collateral damage for the ministration
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more concerned with suppressing the food and suppressing the virus bruce fein is a lawyer and former associate deputy attorney general he says that the president is trying to whip up control the senate on an issue he has no control over early political gain president trump has no authority 0 under the constitution neither does congress to prevent a state from deciding to accept mail in ballots electing electors for the president so he can say what he wants he's powerless to do anything about it this is a state law issue it's been that way for 230 years now it may well be he's just trying to create atmosphere to suggest that if the states go ahead and do this his supporters should be skeptical of accepting the outcome if you want to challenge the outcome but even then he's powerless really to influence those ultimate decisions as which votes are valid or not and the only test case we really had when
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you had more than one slate of electors claiming that they were authorized to vote it was decided by congress this is 876 they've created a commission that decided whether or not one slate or another should be accepted so even when it comes to determining whether or not the fraud that mr trump alleges is proven or not it's outside of his hands it's in cook the hands of congress. they have been processed in west jerusalem near the official residence of israel's prime minister calling on him to resign demonstrations against benjamin netanyahu have been held on saturday evenings for several weeks now there's anger over the government's handling of a coronavirus pandemic and netanyahu has ongoing trial for corruption i'll just serious hurry for supports now from west jerusalem once again this is another major protest not far from his residence at a square in west jerusalem thousands of gathered again the local reports suggest it's a little bit small the last 2 weekends when the numbers are well in excess of 10000
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and the majority of those there are concerned with the coronavirus pandemic response and that in yahoo's corruption trial which is due to start in earnest the evidentiary phase in january but there are others there as well those not just from from f wilma's ations there's a group of doctors there there are groups representing self employed people who've been hit very hard by the the economic fallout of the pandemic and for all of the acts of the diplomatic coup that has been trying to push this week in terms of the deal signed with the u.a.e. there are people here saying that that doesn't matter for those who've been hit so hard by what's happened during the pandemic the palestinian ambassador to the u.a.e. has been recalled in protest of the gulf states to sit in to normalize relations with israel palestinian leaders denounced the u.s. brokered agreement as a stab in the back to their cause under the deal israel agreed to suspend its planned the next ation of areas in the occupied west bank. we're going to weather
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update next here on out 0 then for the cracks in the cleanup process in the richest as the japanese ship but still tons of oil breaks apart. and why after $150.00 days of lockdown argentina's infection rates and death toll continue to rise. hello there more heavy rain in the 4 calls across more northern areas of asia can see where the cloud is you have that she's some pretty good case guys across central and southern areas of china but no also across the southwest as you can see here the flood waters of course all still very high but here in particular they really are bracing for the 4th flood crest of the yangtze river so people are doing all they can to move their possessions to high ground and of course people have
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also been evacuated from their homes now the heavy rain and sunday's going to work its way across the korean peninsula but it trails right there back into these more northern and western areas over china and sunday 3 monday it begins once again to become really quite heavy so again the threat of flooding really just doesn't go away at the moment here conditions across the korean peninsula i want to shine and scott the thunderstorms across central areas of honshu plenty more rain still across into south asia very heavy rain to expected in bangladesh for the next couple of days but you can see will happen that across into iraq just on the rains really have just a pushed across this region the last few days the flood water really is very deep very not a good idea to go through this on a motorbike and ends up of course a very wet indeed we've got very heavy rains to go through sunday again rajastan or also across into madhya pradesh with really no change as we head off into monday. the slums of manila home to an extraordinary community on the front line remy
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a self-taught midwife. delivering new life into some of the toughest living conditions in the world. in a unique 6 part series al-jazeera follows the lives of the remarkable people who work now and thrive in the slums on al-jazeera. again this is. of the main news this hour the president of the sort help from russia was protests group calling for him to step down thousands gathered at the
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spot where a man died on monday during a violent crackdown on demonstrators. the u.s. postal service is warning that it can't guarantee all ballots cast by mail in november's presidential election will arrive in time to be counted president trump has continued to back his pick for postmaster general despite protests against. him at the mall protests there the official residence of israel's prime minister calling on him to resign that angry at benjamin netanyahu is handling of the pandemic and his ongoing trial for corruption. japanese ship that ran into a coral reef off the coast of split apart spilling it more oil into the sea russia's declared an environmental emergency and many now fear the spill will do irreversible damage to the local wildlife laura burton badly reports. the rules have flooding in oil is leaking out. the japanese owned vessel and the
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rockies share has basic parts of the oil is though spreading along the pristine coastline of east and. the ballcarrier running to refit point does need 3 weeks ago a 1000 tons of oil spilled into the ocean presenting a huge danger to marine wildlife some unique to the country the area boasts colorful reefs mangrove forests protected wetlands and pristine beaches. an environmental emergency was declared last week we are facing another threat of another 50 tons of fuel against billing in the logo and in the long term we're also looking at the in the longer term impacts of toxic elements containing the ship like the batteries toxic paints and other elements counting the ship which we've been to see and contaminate further. so the damage of the washer is not a short term damage it's a very long term damage the japanese ship big company has issued an apology on its
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website saying it's willing to pay compensation for damages japan after france responded to calls for assistance joining thousands of local volunteers who are bracing the clock to protect the wildlife and some have got creative. using boobs made from human hair and husks from sugarcane to soak up as much of the oil and sludge as possible the island of 1300000 people relies heavily on tourism many are angry the government did not act quickly enough it blamed bad weather for the slow response and is investigating why the ship came so close to the shore it was supposed to say at least 16 kilometers away. many doubt fear the spill could impact the local economy for decades and do irreversible damage to the local wildlife. the. equitorial guinea guinea's prime
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minister and his cabinet have resigned in the wake of a deepening economic crisis triggered by a pandemic president 2 door being says the government hasn't fulfilled its policy objectives it also dissolved the capital back in 2018 woman who is a lecturer at the university of aberdeen and says that these resignations are unlikely to lead to any meaningful change. this is a government. or the head of state is part of leadership that has been in place or wired a long time 979 and that from any family has the neutral. ends so the entire. family has kind of captured the state completely so you cannot really need in the name of the head of state. pm for the economic crisis so when something like this
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happens you have to blame someone else so he's kind of pushing away the blame onto a government that is it's a trip that was happened before in 2019 and this afternoon again so it's not really it's the kind of drama i'm doing and to our teeth as a situation it's not a new new cool climate change so the tour again is very dependent on oil for it's your sources it is there we just entre in africa because it was as one of the smallest population in africa so when you take the oil money and divide it by a little mission when a capita income comes very high that their reality is that the oil when you goes to very very few people at the top so look the dependence on oil corruption that today will be our nominee and our governance is the real problems that are in . russia says that it started manufacturing its vaccine for covert 19 and initial
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batches will be rolled out within 2 weeks doctors will be the 1st immunized head of the general public the institute which has developed the drug says that it will produce $5000000.00 doses by december the world health organization has warned that the vaccine still be in a rigorous safety review or russia or isn't the only country that's fast tracked the approval of a corona virus vaccine china's military was given the green light in june to use a vaccine that still being tested it's one of china's 8 francs seen candidates that have been approved for trials at home and abroad the u.s. and the u.k. signed several multi-billion dollar deals with some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies to supply vaccines the global race to find a cure for covert 19 from to the world health organization to warn against so-called vaccine nationalism it's warning that if wealthy countries keep treatments to themselves they won't be safe because poor nations will remain
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exposed jeff slick milch is the director of all the national sense of the disaster preparedness at columbia university he says that it's dangerous to rely on a vaccine to end the parana virus pandemic. with any pandemic it's a global pandemic it's impacting globally it's not impacting a single nation and so in addition to just the of the spread of infection itself you also need to trade with these countries that would still be battling a pandemic and and the global economy would still be suffering even if there are brighter spots with less infection in nations but it's also important to note that these vaccines these 1st batches of vaccines may also not be at the high levels of efficacy that we're used to seeing in vaccines in the u.s. the f.d.a. the federal food and drug administration is willing to approve vaccines as low as 50 percent effectiveness now that'll give us leaps and bounds in terms of extending the impact of our social distancing policies masks things like that it will be
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a big help but it won't in another itself be a solution or an exit strategy to this pandemic so we do need to continue to think of this holistically even when a vaccine does come on the horizon that is available this is why the this sort of announcement of vaccines before their through their safety trials and efficiency trials are so incredibly dangerous because it feeds that cynicism and it feeds that suspicion and rolling out a vaccine that that doesn't work that is said to work or rolling out a vaccine that is dangerous it could severely undermined the ability to have any widespread vaccination policies in the future. sunday is argentina's 150th day in lockdown but with one of the highest infection rates in the world it's causing many to question the effectiveness of the shutdown form from. reports. it doesn't look much like a quarantine these residents of one osiris enjoying the glorious winter sunshine and escaping one of the world's longest lock downs since march their movements of
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him restricted of the essential businesses have remained open and schools have been closed it seems to be working for they're going to write an essay to it to avoid contagion and people can't sit on the grass at the benches they can enjoy the public spaces with a mask on and always respecting other people's distance. covered 19 infections are now surging more than $6000.00 new cases reported on friday alone in manhattan found the world is the truth is the only medicine we have is to limit as far as possible the circulation in the meeting of people. the president blames the setbacks on those who don't respect the rules he has extended the lockdown until the end of august. because the number of infections is rising and the already struggling economy is feeling the strain signs are increasingly question in the effectiveness of the restrictions on. the current teen was used as the only measure it was not accompanied as it could have been done by
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a strategy of early detection isolation and blocking of bricks that was a big mistake that we're paying for today. many are simply bored staying indoors and frustrated that when they are allowed out there's nowhere to go. but as you know it's very difficult since it affects every aspect of life the social the human the economic and some of the health measures i too much. see that. there are many things we can't do a lot of customs but it's what we've got to come to terms with and we have to let those who make the decisions get on with it. a study released this week by the university of one osiris also found that the consumption of alcohol the medication for stress during the pandemic has increased dramatically the author it is of found that for the lock down measures to work effectively they need the support of the majority of the population easy while the figures alone but more difficult to impose at the infection rates rise
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a more and more people decide to leave their homes. in their old his era when osiris south africa is beginning to lift restrictions of the confirming a drop in the rate of new coronavirus cases presidents around the poses of the country is moving to a lower level to which removes nearly all restrictions on economic activity over the past 3 weeks the number of new cases fell from the peak of over 12000 a day to around 5000 it's been 75 years since imperial japan surrendered in world war 2 in effect bringing the conflict to an end of days from march with commemorations in several countries on the promise of a commitment to peace from japan's leaders move back a reports. in the japanese capital tokyo prime minister shinzo abbé an emperor an hour he led commemorations expressing deep remorse over japan's wartime past. but it's be 75 years since the end of the war our country has consistently valued
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peace and moved forward we have made the most effort to make the world a better place and never to repeat the tragedy of war we will continue to remain committed to this resolute pledge by 75 years ago countries echoed with the sound of heavy weaponry. the war in europe ended several months earlier out of hitler was dead the nazi war machine destroyed. but the conflict in the pacific against imperial japan continued on the island of. u.s. marines and japanese forces who were locked in battle the us emerged victorious japan responded with intense resistance suicide pilots the kamikaze sped their planes into targets in the closing days of the war america unleashed on power destruction on japan 1st on the city of hiroshima 3 days later on august
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sucking. the nuclear attacks killed more than 200000 people and forced japan to surrender it was peace at a colossal price. japan's defeat also meant an end to its colonial rule in other parts of east asia in korea north and south this is liberation day with tributes before statues of past leaders and in the chinese city of nanjing the site of the massacre of 300000 civilians by japanese troops people gathered in solemn silence. in the u.k. victory over japan day began with the sound of a lone pipe. parade who scaled back because of coronavirus but in the skies above british cities the war of an era one of those he said.
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today we remember and give thanks for the extraordinary bravery resourcefulness and tenacity demonstrated by those who fought in the asia pacific theater of the 2nd world war as an evident when dealing dumba who remember the world at war and for them the trauma still echoes down the generations the courage and sacrifice still commands respect. al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello wager and sitting in here in doha the headlines from al-jazeera the president of bella reuss has sought help from russia as process crew calling for him to step down thousands gathered at the spot where a man died on monday during a violent crackdown on demonstrators president trump has continued to back his pick
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for postmaster general despite accusations that he's purposely trying to sabotage mail in voting ahead of november's election the u.s. postal service is warning that it conquer aren t. all ballots will arrive in time to be counted. yes he's a fantastic man he wants to he wants to make the post of his great again you ever hear the expression he wants to make the post office great again i don't know what he's doing i can only tell you he's a very smart man he'll be a great postmaster general and he needs obviously if you're going to do these millions of ballots out of nowhere he's going to obviously need funding but the democrats aren't willing to provide other things and therefore they're not going to get the funding for that but you're going to have a catastrophic situation with universal mail in and on top of it the democrats aren't willing to give the people the money and the post office the money that they're more protests in west jerusalem near the official residence of
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israel's prime minister calling on him to resign protesters are angry at benjamin netanyahu is handling of the pandemic and his ongoing trial for corruption. the palestinian ambassador to the u.a.e. has been recalled following the gulf states decision to normalize relations with israel palestinian leaders denounced the u.s. brokered agreement as a stab in the back to their course of the deal israel agreed to suspend its planned annexation of areas in the occupied west bank the japanese ship that plowed into a coral reef off the coast of russia's splits apart spilling more oil were says to plan an environmental emergency after what some scientists are calling the war of the island's worst ecological disaster and south africa is beginning to lift restrictions after confirming a drop in the race of new coronavirus cut cases the country is moving to alert level 2 which removes nearly all restrictions on economic activity. those are the headlines the news continues here in syria after inside story next.
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the people versus the president and the drugs in belarus against the disputed election alexander lukashenko so will these protests topple his 26 years this is about story. hello and welcome to the program. protests already in by the roots president
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alexander lukashenko has maintained a tight grip on power since 1900 full silencing nearly all forms of dissent but his controversial.


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