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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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home and family and gives hope and opportunity. a.j. selects on al-jazeera. racially charged protests that and inferred the tragedy 2 people are shot dead in can osha wisconsin a 17 year old is now in custody. hello there i've honestly barr and this is our jazeera live from london also coming up. laura grows in strength it's now a category 4 hurricane with a potential storm surge that officials warn could be unsurvivable. access granted one year after a request from the u.n.
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nuclear watchdog iran finally opens up 2 facilities for inspection. the territorial dispute between turkey and greece continues to intensify and neither side is showing signs of compromise. oh a teenage suspect has been arrested after 2 people were shot dead at a black lives matter protest in the u.s. city of. the nation grapples with unrest over police brutality video footage from the scene showed a young white man armed with a semiautomatic rifle opening fire in the middle of the street protesters had been defying an overnight curfew for the 3rd evening in a row after police shot an unarmed black man 7 times at close range on sunday the shooting of jacob blake has reignited anger at police brutality against black
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people we're not going to put up with what we saw that monday night we're not going to is that mean we're going to stop it all. it becomes our numbers that come to be able to stop global we're going to be a serial in helping to protect the city akiyoshi it all she county in our neighbors from around the county state and country are here to help to allow those areas john hendren is following that story from nearby chicago and joins us live now so john tell us more about this latest arrest and exactly what happened on tuesday night. on tuesday night overnight just a little before midnight protesters were out in the streets and apparently there was a clash between an armed man and there were several armed civilians in camouflage gear out there some of them were members of malaysia some of them were guarding individual bits of property we don't know much about which which group this guy
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might have belonged to but his name is kyle rittenhouse he's 17 years old and he was arrested across the border in illinois not far away. what happened was. there was a conflict between some protesters and individual who was armed and there's video of this the man is down on the ground he gets up and he fires at various protesters. according to police 3 people were shot 2 of them are dead one of them he is wounded but expected to recover so this is now a homicide investigation this is really the 1st blood from the protests that have followed the the killing of mr blake jacob blake the 29 year old man whose killing at the hands of police set off all of this and so for 3 months protesters have owned much of the streets while police have really guarded the government
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buildings in one central area of downtown and that is what continue to happen last night and now police are hoping that with that massive more numbers they're going to be able to recapture control of the streets we saw that in minneapolis but it happened much more quickly because they brought in more support quickly because it's a bigger city this is a small city of about $100000.00 and they simply have not been prepared for the kind of onslaught that they have seen. let's take another political reaction to this by going to an official he's live at the white house for a set i don't oversee there is concern of more unrest in connection president trumps wasted no time in saying he is going to be sending in reinforcements. well he's been talking to tony evers the governor of wisconsin for over the last couple of days he offered extra support tony evers took some extra numbers for his national guard but didn't go to the philly extend the donald trump was pushing but donald trump has in the last couple of hours sent out
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a tweet saying that he's no sending federal law enforcement as well as reinforcing the national guard in a tweet he says that they will not stand for looting for violence for arson and for lawlessness on the streets of the united states we can expect that those federal law officers may well come from the department of homeland security we know that they were used in the incidents in portland where they were defending in their view the courthouse from protesters and certainly donald trump will appreciate the chance to show that he's very strong in law and order as he is in the middle of the republican national convention he says he is the law and order president he says that he stands by the police and certainly he wants to make sure here that he is doing something positive and significant to dry and bring a violence to the end what is interesting is with the tweets he has been sending out saying that he's going to push for law and order are doing the governor to take action and he hasn't said anything at all about the incident which sparked this
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violence we do know that joe biden his campaign said that it was like a short through the so all of the united states and was very critical saying there had to be a fool inquiry into what had happened and also just in the last few hours he too has put out a statement saying it is no time for the violence to stop and alan of course state 3 of the republican national convention today out what can we expect in the coming hours. well we're told that there will be an appearance by donald trump but he might not speak certainly we've seen how he has used the white house as a backdrop over the last 2 nights that has drawn a lot of criticism and not just from democrats some republicans have expressed their concern that this in breach of the height check which is an 80 year old law which stops publicly funded employees taking time to promote political gain and also to use taxpayer funded buildings for the same thing though
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the hatch act we're told doesn't apply to the president and the vice president but that still hasn't stopped a lot of people airing their concern about this what will we get on the 3rd night well the big speech is going to come from mike pence more about that in a 2nd but we'll also hear from big supporters of donald trump in congress the likes of dan crenshaw the congressman from texas at least definite who was on his defense team when he was impeached at the start of the year remember that such a long time ago now and also all these elden who is a congressman from new york will hear from lot of trump who watch for the campaign she's married to eric trump hugh is a pretty good speaker and she's going to have a lot of the points that will resonate with the base and will also hear from kellyanne conway the woman who ran the campaign for donald trump 4 years ago has taken up the role as a senior adviser and is leaving at the end of the month perhaps even as soon as the end of the week and then there is mike pence himself the vice president a couple of months ago people were speculating that he might not make this speech
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in fact they were suggesting he might be placed on the ticket with nikki haley the former u.n. ambassador given that joe biden was committed to appointing a woman on his vice presidential ticket but mike pence will deliver his speech from a fort in maryland where francis scott key route the poor and that became the u.s. national anthem the theme for the 3rd night is a land for heroes you can understand that perhaps wisconsin might even get a mention and might paint a speech we should say an official at the white house for us thank you. now what could be the most powerful storm to hit the u.s. this year is just hours away from making landfall hurrican lore is already a category 4 storm and officials say it could be catastrophic its power grew by nearly 70 percent in just 24 hours this is what it looks like from space as it crackles with lightning and races towards texas and louisiana 2 states of course
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that are also grappling with coronavirus authorities have warned the storm could churn of floodwaters as high as 6 meters making its own survivable around 620000 people have been told to leave their homes with oracle warnings issued to those living as far as 322 kilometers inland i was there as i got a cousin join us live now from miami. it does seem that this storm is strengthening all the time what is the latest forecast as a saying. a well you're hearing language coming out of the national hurricane center that i certainly haven't heard in years calling a storm unsurvivable is is pretty unprecedented and but when you look at the intensification of hurricane lower over the past 24 hours it's gone from a one to a 4 forecast and say it may even strengthen a little bit more before it makes landfall late on wood wednesday into the early hours of thursday morning now if it does impact the coasts of texas and louisiana
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and the early hours of thursday morning that will coincide with high tide making a bad situation even worse they are as you say talking about storm surges of up to 6 meters going as much inland as 50 kilometers so this is an entirely serious situation for both the states in louisiana they have deployed the entire national guard they expect the rescue operation once the storm has passed to be on a very large scale so this is an extremely situation a serious situation earlier in the week we were talking about 2 storms hitting these coasts tropical storm marco simply fizzled out whereas hurricane laura just seems to get stronger and stronger and more than half a 1000000 people have already been evacuated some arriving in places like austin texas already those that remain are being told particularly by the governor of louisiana look if i haven't given us stern enough warning you need to listen to me
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now get out of the storm's way and make all preparations possible this is a life threatening situation yes very alarming language that's being used what are the preparations are those 2 key states texas and louisiana making. well right now what they're looking at is the truck and all the models have it coming in around port arthur which is right on the state line between louisiana and texas they are all low lying communities lots of oil production in port arthur but up into those barrier islands in louisiana and in texas they're very very low lying indeed so as 600000 or so people have been moved out of that area you always get people that stay behind want to ride these things out but the language being used by officials and by forecasters is something i haven't heard in years this may be the most powerful storm to hit this region in more than a decade and remember what our again harvey did back in 2017 when there was severe flooding in houston and 68 people died of course in 2005 hurricane katrina killed
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almost 2000 people so they are not taking any chances here at the moment but the sheer scale of this storm it is mind blowing to see you're talking about winds of at least 175 kilometers an hour that all an ever present danger of storm surges this is been taken extremely seriously even by residents who wanted normal circumstances might just decide to ride the storm out. in miami thank you iran has agreed to give the un's nuclear watchdog access to to the site it's thought were use for prohibited nuclear activities the decision ends a month long standoff over the inspections the international atomic energy authority 1st demanded access to the sites in january because it's thought they were being used for explosive testing in the early 2000 president has said rouhani also promised to continue cooperation even though iran has openly founded the terms
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of the 2050 nuclear deal since the u.s. pulled out of the big is in terror and says iran wants the visits to end speculation. there was some tension between the i.a.e.a. and iran over these 2 sites and the head of the i.a.e.a. ruffo grossi had met with iran's head of iran's atomic agency. he met with the foreign minister divides the reef and also the president has sandro harney now wanted access to these 2 sides that they said that it was alleged that undeclared nuclear material had been stored or used now iran had blocked access to these sites in june of this year the i.a.e.a. passed a resolution that was put forward by germany france the united kingdom demanding access now over the last few days it seemed like iran was changing his position it said that they would correct access if it would end questions once and for all now this joint statement seems that these conditions all these kind of vague preconditions have been met now in the statement says that they don't have any more
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questions or access regarding sites and sites tehran has already declared but even more so what they have said is that they will take iran security concerns into consideration or i still had said on the program. i'm certain they will it will be enough justice for what is. at the hands of a terrorist survivors and relatives of victims from new zealand's worst mass shooting testifying course of white supremacist responsible awaits his sentence. and our exclusive investigation into how criminals and dissidents are buying e.u. citizenship despite warnings of illegality.
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storm frances is moved quite a big one now opening up so not quite as powerful as it was but it's 30 oversee a store and it really belongs in. the winter not the end of summer however that's what we've got it's moving during. the baltic states and better us ukraine leaving behind a bit of a gap in full next one tries to wind up as nothing not the same beast still wet and windy there considering we're still in august and i think this will expand so although much of central and southern europe is enjoying no warm settled sunshine and the showers that were around the aegean and the adriatic agog. we are going to see this expand there for sinks south was which means you've now got the potential for big storms all the way from the northeast to spade across the french riviera and into the out still the sunshine is the south but enjoying it but the north africa is as well the temp is quite high in the middle of algeria morocco and tunisia not quite an exchange we had
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a week ago there was. about $31.00 now south of that we have got the band of ready banjo which is called right on the edge of the constant is likely to be went at least 2 or 3 more days these are big thunderstorms. but the. victim. being his past as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often 2 sides to even the darkest of stories witness the color of the chameleon on al-jazeera.
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hello again and reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera our suspect has been arrested after 2 people were shot dead in another night of our arrest in the u.s. if you can osha the 17 year old was held in a neighboring in an oil to violence following the police shooting of an unarmed. forecasters say hurrican heading towards the u.s. coast could produce an un survivable storm surge aurukun laura has been upgraded to a category 4 storm as it heads towards louisiana and texas. and iran has agreed to let u.n. nuclear inspectors visit to site suspected of once being used for violent activities a deal with the international atomic energy agency comes after a months long standoff. the greek prime minister says he's ready to help
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deescalate tensions with turkey over offshore energy reserves in a call with the u.s. president mr tucker said turkey would 1st have to end provocations earlier the turkish president said he would not compromise on territory the aegean and mediterranean sea both nations have been holding military exercises near a patch of water they both claim and in which a turkish ship is carrying out drilling research you know almost similar to this that greece will extend the coastal zone to the west from 12 to 6 miles greece's growing others have said this but where are the ones who are putting this into practice c r c we are determined to do whatever is necessary in the military political and economic sense we invite all counterparts to get it together and avoid mistakes that would bring the destruction. police have detained dozens of demonstrators and questioned a nobel prize winning author as
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a crackdown on protesters challenging the president lama alexander bitch is part of an opposition council created to discuss the transition of power after alexander lukashenko has disputed election victory earlier this month prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into the council accusing its members of putting national security at risk but alexa bitch refused to answer the investigators questions the author who won the nobel prize for literature in 2015 we also called on russia's president to intervene. just from the government of. now look because speaks only to put we need him to speak to the people maybe the road can help us so that. with somebody the more we stay together the stronger we will be and the greater chance really of making the torah to stalk to. al-jazeera is standing by its exclusive report on cyprus is controversial citizenship program which the cypriot
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government is calling propaganda or investigative units highlighted confidential documents listing 2 and a half 1000 people who've purchased cypriot citizenship into criminals and government fugitives around 500 people from china and 350 from the middle east are among those who paid the right to live and work in europe jeopardize reports. are a meeting of presidents to discuss greater links between cyprus and china put away from the public glare hundreds of chinese have quietly paid a personal connection aboard cypriot citizenship a few likely criminals he sanctioned by the us the laundering stolen cryptocurrency others like john young are politically connected he's boss of the state owned energy company. the chinese presence is increasingly visible in cyprus 2 and a half $1000000.00 for citizenship and a passport which can be invested in
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a luxury home is a modest price for china's super rich young husband both have cypriot passports through her family real estate company country garden she's worth an estimated $27000000000.00 and is often called asia's richest woman but paying for the passport and moving assets to the island isn't straightforward because china has strong currency controls strictly speaking it's all illegal very often they use hong kong as a way for getting their money out of china and there are many courageous ways for doing so and they sometimes also used in macau as another way all getting money out of china another category in the cyprus papers includes those we are not naming for their own safety that applies to a woman whose relative was secretly abducted from long kong by chinese security
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agents and several names from saudi arabia applications for cypriot passports from the kingdom have increased since the rise of crown prince mohammed bin salmond like china he announced a crackdown on corruption which critics say only targets his political enemies one member of the bin laden family holds a cyprus passport their business empire has been effectively confiscated by the crown prince. another is a relative of one of the hundreds of wealthy saudis detained in 2017 at the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh without charge until they paid for their release there's also a broker of the saudi foreign investment deals although still well connected a cypriot passport provides a potential refuge should the political tide turn deborah davis al-jazeera london
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or the cypriot government insists it carried out the necessary checks and didn't break any rules. or the interior ministry has investigated all the information al-jazeera has given to the public and all the names brought up on the investigation have been looked into when they applied for the visas there were 100 percent entitled to it was no criminal record in their home countries and with there were living we investigated and there were no complaints against them from any other sources or interpol this is deliberate distortion and deception of the elements biol dizzier. the 5th part of our exclusive report almost like press papers will have reaction from the e.u. after a week of revelations about the serious flaws in the cyprus investment scheme the passports will have an exclusive interview with the european union's commissioner for justice to da rained state from 10 g.m.t. hair on al-jazeera the gunman who carried out new zealand's worst mass shooting his
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face advisors and relatives on the 3rd day of his sentencing hearing bernsen tyrant killed 51 muslim wash posts in christ church last year he's likely to be given life without parole as wayne points for a 3rd straight day brenton terence was brought into the high court in christchurch handcuffed and shackled he again sat largely emotionless as he listened to and faced family members of people he killed or injured and those who survived his attack are even though they thought the remains. do pretty as i feel the government may feel and fight in the store. i stayed in that position. the police came in and lets out from the day i saw a big party just outside the months terence was charged with killing $51.00 people at 2 mosques in christchurch on the 15th of march last year attempting to murder 40
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more and to engaging in an act of terrorism he pleaded guilty to all charges. i'm uncertain there will ever be enough justice for what has happened at the hands of a terrorist. you however i know one thing for sure that this monster who did my father and the other beautiful souls that day much is a coward. on the opening day of the sentencing the court heard how terrence methodically researched the mosques and planned the attacks to when they'd be busy before entering his 1st target the elmore mosque he uploaded a manifesto online detailing his obsession with white supremacy. tyrant declined to address the court but many of those who were affected by his attack chose to speak directly to him i don't know how this justice system would deal with you but i have peace knowing in the here after you get what you deserve by the will of the young
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might not duck beer ah ha ha ha ha ha ha when the sentences handed down brenton tyrant is likely to become the 1st person the new zealand to be sentenced to life with no chance of parole when hey al jazeera. more than 115 people have been killed by heavy floods in northern and eastern afghanistan the flash floods which were triggered by heavy seasonal rains injured 150 people men women and children were swept away in the province of parwan which borders the capital kabul more than 2000 homes have been destroyed and over a 1000 people displaced hundreds of people die each year in northern and eastern afghanistan due to flooding. has forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights in south korea strong winds a battering the southern island of j.g.
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with the typhoon expected to make landfall in north korea early on thursday the bride has more from seoul. typhoon babie is the 8th typhoon of this season to come out of the western pacific and it is shaping up to be one of the strongest ever to hit the korean peninsula with wind speeds of over 160 kilometers per hour also expecting to dump hundreds of millimeters of rain it is affected already the southern south korean island of jeju and also the country's south coast as it moves gradually northwards through the yellow sea that separates the korean peninsula from the coast of china it will be passing closest to the most densely populated part of south korea that's the sole metropolitan area during the nighttime hours of wednesday through into thursday and then thursday morning it will be making its landfall in north korea itself now it will have lost some of its intensity but this
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will still be a very big typhoon barreling into north korea the north 'd korean leader kim jong un has already held a meeting this week of his politburo to discuss measures to mitigate the impact of this the country has been put on full alert but this is a north korea is already facing of course merely at problems from the continuing sanctions from the effects of isolating itself because of fears of the coronavirus from the outside world it's also had of course the impact of a weeks of heavy rains that have gone on longer than usual the summer rains that have been really impacting it's crops that have been flooding it's waterways and drenching the ground causing landslips and then on top of all of that of course they now have to deal with the impact of this typhoon. france has recorded nearly 5 and a half 1000 new cases of 19 in the past 24 hours it is the highest daily total since
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the country's lockdown ended with a level in of infections not seen since april the number of deaths has not increased significantly significantly with 16 reported on tuesday the last day when figures were available the world health organization says the chances of being reinfected with coronavirus a slim it comes after a man in hong kong was reinfected coated 94 months after recovering from his 1st bout of the illness scientists at the university of hong kong say the strain that infected him the 2nd time was different to the 1st. so we've heard anecdotal reports every now and then of people who have tested negative been tested positive and it hasn't been clear up until this case whether that was simply a problem with testing whether people weren't getting infected a 2nd time but it's very important to understand what this means in terms of the
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mukasey and this is why we have got a lot of research groups actually tracking people measuring antibodies trying to understand how long the immune protection lasts the natural immunity protection and that should be understood as it is not the same as the immune protection that a vaccine provides. a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera a suspect has been arrested after 2 people were shot dead in another night of unrest in the u.s. city of can i show the 17 year old was held in neighboring illinois after the 3rd consecutive night of violence after the police shooting of an unarmed black man on sunday wisconsin's governor has authorized the use of $500.00 national guard troops on the city's streets fearing another night of unrest on wednesday. on tuesday night overnight just
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a little before midnight protesters were out in the streets and apparently there was a clash between an armed man and there were several armed civilians in camouflage gear out there some of them were members of malaysia some of them were guarding individual bits of property we don't know much about which meant which group this guy might have belonged to but his name is caio rittenhouse he's 72 years old when he was arrested across the border in illinois president trump said he would not stand for violence in the city it comes as the republican national convention continues with vice president mike spence to speak in the coming hours he's expected to urge people to stick with the republicans in november promising economic recovery the 2nd i have the conventional choose stay sore 1st lady a 1st lady melania trump strike a compassionate night when she spoke about the effects of the coronavirus forecasters say hurrican heading towards the u.s.
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coast could produce an avoidable storm surge article or is rapidly gaining strength in the gulf of mexico becoming a category 4 storm as it heads towards louisiana and texas the governor of louisiana says people need to have evacuated coastal areas already as winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour will make travel on saith. iran has agreed to let u.n. nuclear inspectors visit to site suspected of once being useful and activities the deal with the international atomic energy agency comes after a month long standoff while tensions over iran's nuclear program continue. headlines here on al-jazeera more from us in about 25 minutes to stay with us though the stream is coming next thanks for watching.
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i am fairly ok you watching the stream home edition can we chat well apparently not very much longer in the united states the hugely popular chinese car. has been deemed a national security threats alongside talk we will impact what's behind prison chants and in today's show and if you want you to be part of the conversation as well put your comments in the comments and you could be in the street. and looking forward to hearing from these guess i will say hello to the guest again
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