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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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that's. some of your victims which are. others were made by you is there no one who did and incapacitate and a 1st for new zealand the white supremacist who shot 51 balls and washed his dead is given a life sentence without parole. then using a limb muslim community. not most of them as well which stood together against the hate the community still healing from the mosque shootings
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year ago comes together again in a show a few years. i'm convinced this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up arcade or makes landfall along the u.s. gulf coast with warnings that it could cause unsurvivable damage. we need 4 more years of president john will try. us vice president mike pence makes his case for why he had president trump should stay in the white house for another term. and players from one of america's most popular sports express their views on racial injustice of the country. for the 1st time in new zealand's history john has ordered a convicted person to spend the rest of their life in prison without the
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possibility of getting out the sentence was handed to brenton terence the self-confessed white supremacist who killed 51 mills and washed up as in march of last year it was by far the country's worst mass shooting. after a harrowing emotional 4 days in the high court in christchurch justice cameron mander delivered brinton terence sentence on each of the $31.00 charges of murder charges while the $51.00. was feared to life in prison. or did you see the citizens who are all terror and showed little emotion even when being told he would spend the rest of his life in prison outside the court there was relief and gratitude that the convicted murderer and terrorist had been given a sentence never before handed down a new zealand but it was mixed with the realisation that the pain will go on. no punishment. will bring our loved ones back.
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we respect our justice system and then using a muslim community. known most of them as well we're still to go there again is to the court was told terance actions after he entered the 2 mosques on march the 15th last year were premeditated and calculated he had studied the layout of the buildings and when they would be busy and in interviews with police expressed disappointment that he hadn't killed more worshippers because your opinion caught extremely far. it was brutal and beyond. your rations in human. week the sentence brought an end to 4 days of statements by survivors and family members of those killed at least 90 statements were given some of them expressing anger some offering forgiveness all of them emotional the prime minister spoke soon after and expressed his support for them and the sentence the trauma of much 15 is not easily healed. but
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today i hope is the last we we have any cause to hear or the name of the terrorist behind it has deserves to be a life time of complete and utter silence. the sentencing of brinton terrine closes a chapter in one of new zealand's darkest days and means no one has to relive the events in a parole hearing but for the relatives of the 51 people whose lives he took away and those he injured trying to recover will be a long difficult process wayne hey al jazeera well earlier we spoke to the marrow and she had a message of healing and unity for the people of the city. i was relieved when i heard that there was the result i know they many of us standing alongside our muslim communities m who had been so tragically affected by the events of march 5th
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day were late when the who they seem to was without parole it had to be life but to make it without parole means that nobody ever has to think about fronting up to a parole board and and having to argue for that the smen sections couldn't anyway lay to anything less than the age i believe that the community has changed and changed on march 4th jane and we saw it and the response from the whole community you know the tribute wall that developed over the days that followed which really did indicate an outpouring of grief and compassion and love and the end of the one that really sticks in my mind was the call to prayer one week later standing and south hadley park opposite now in the war most we're just thousands of crushed
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resistance to quietly and silently to seen the strong message to the muslim community that we're here we've got your back and their sense of togetherness the spirit of togetherness that has brought our i believe will will see us through and that is what we must continue to demonstrate to all about communities in the air and their diversity as a city saying that this is a place that there is no no place for height analysis but i just want to pay tribute to the courage of every single one of those people who stood up and court and made the statement. that victims that they are courageous individuals who deserve our respect they were. 5 and i just my heart goes out to each and every one of them and i thank them for what they have been
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prepared to do for our city and we will continue to work together to make sure that this is a city where everyone has seen a long. hurricane or has made landfall in the southern united states with forecasters warning of unsurvivable storm surges winds of more than 240 kilometers per hour have been recorded in southwest louisiana near the border with texas tens of thousands of people without power state governors warry that some of the half 1000000 coastal residents under evacuation orders have chosen to stay. i'm asking people right now to pay attention to this storm to get out of harm's way if there's an evacuation order in place where there is mandatory or voluntary and i understand our state hasn't seen a storm surge like this in many many decades. ok joining me in the studio is. just everson fox in what's the latest in terms of where this hurricane is tracking
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well as you said it has made landfall made landfall just under 2 hours ago kim but that actually that phrase that you use that term that you used unsurvivable storm i mean that's not as a term i've never heard before so this really is frightening it's a huge storm it's going to make its way further westwards right that western side louisiana and you can see the storm quite clearly on the satellite picture here well defined eye making landfall now and as we go on through the coming hours we're going to see it continuing to push a little further north woods and eventually just curve around towards the right we could well see record breaking rainfall 302400 millimeters of rain for some parts over the next 24 to 48 hours and that would of course cause catastrophic flooding along with the catastrophic winds and the tornado thrown in for good measure storm surge well that may well we're talking 50 kilometers a may well push in the land as much as 60 clematis possibly a little more massive storm surge and that storm surge could be something like 5
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meters possibly 6 meters high there we go as we go on through the remainder friday runs right up that western side of louisiana pushes across arkansas heads up towards kentucky and eventually that will push its way across into the genius maybe just around delaware before easing out into the open waters but look further south this is saturday the storms will introduce comical more heavy showers started to push their way in for saturday so we are going to see further flooding problems as we go on through the next couple of days eventually the storm will push out into the open waters and may well redevelop. u.s. vice president mike pence is used the 3rd night of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's record on the economy and the war in order he criticized democratic presidential candidate joe biden for attacking america and said the
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country would not be safe under his leadership a white house correspondent kimberly health has more from washington. it was a night heavy with symbolism as the vice president delivered his keynote speech at historic fort mchenry in baltimore the inspiration for the u.s. national anthem or. by mike pence stood with veterans in a display of patriotism the imagery a condemnation of athletes to kneel during the song the star-spangled banner parents and president donald trump have denounced athletes many of them black who kneel in protest of police brutality the american people know we don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement and standing with her african-american members. trunk showing his vice president standing in support of law enforcement as protests and riots continue following the latest police shooting of
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a black man in the u.s. state of wisconsin pence denounced calls by some democrats to define the police you won't be safe from joe biden's in there as the head of the coronavirus task force has defended the u.s. response to cope with 19 even as more than 180000 americans are now dead joe biden said but no miracle is coming well with joe doesn't seem to understand. is that america is a nation of miracles. just like the 1st 2 nights of the republican national convention wednesday is lined up again included members of the trump family advocating for his reelection this time daughter in law laura trump spoke directly to women who could help decide the 2020 vote defund the police is the rallying cry for the new radical democrat party joe biden will not do what it takes
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to maintain order to keep our children safe in our neighborhoods and in their schools the appeal to female voters was also reflected on the white house lit purple and gold to mark the 100th anniversary of a woman's right to vote. but the convention didn't focus solely on domestic safety but also trumps foreign policy as well his former acting director of national intelligence defended trump's america 1st approach the d.c. crowd thinks when they call donald trump a nationalist and they're insulting him as if the american president isn't supposed to base foreign policy on america's national interests thursday will be the final night of the convention would president trouble officially accept his party's nomination right here at the white house democrats plan to counter his message democratic vice presidential nominee cuttle a harris will speak prior to trump what she says are his failures to contain code
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that night. kimberly helped get al jazeera the white house or just continued for a 4th nice in the u.s. city of commercial wisconsin grows over the police shooting of unarmed black man jacob lake president donald trump promised to send federal troops to assist the state's national guard about 1000 guard members have been deployed to quell the on wrist and the most serious incident 2 people were shot dead on tuesday a 17 year old has been arrested. protests against the blake shooting continued in american sports the n.b.a. has been to all of wednesday's playoff games after the wisconsin based milwaukee bucks boycotted their match against the orlando magic the rest of the teams followed suit david aldridge is the editor in chief of the d.c. and has covered sports for 3 decades he says symbolic acts may not end racial violence but can keep the momentum going. i think it has
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a very significant role and it doesn't solve all the problems but i tend to believe that you know when jackie robinson broke the color line in 1947 major league baseball that was a big deal you know it was a big deal when muhammad ali said after winning the heavyweight championship in 1964 that i could he was free to be whoever he wanted to be he didn't have to be who you know right white sportswriters wanted him to be that was a big deal. it doesn't solve everything but symbols matter symbolism matters. in this country and around the world i think and it goes and sports often not always but often can lead the way towards making people kind of stop and think and i think that's what these players are trying to get people to do please as the protest over george lloyd's have kind of receded in their depressed slowed down somewhat you know last few weeks people have started to forget we're going to start to revert back to their previous positions and i think the players are saying no we can't do
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that you have to continue the energy that you had before. still to come here on al-jazeera. troubling signs for the president of the terrorists from his traditional support bags. however got some rather disappointing weather across parts of northern europe a little area of low pressure swirling away it's was the baltic states that west is out of russia this is what was still in france as a couple days ago which made its way across the british isles has been replaced by yet more wet and windy weather blustery showers rattling in across a good part of the northwest corner of your mo the pos of france will see some of that was a weather to the area showers along the spells of rain just around the house as we
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go on through. friday out west a weather repaying up here there is the possibility of some localized flooding still rather disturbed is certainly disappointingly cool there for london with a temperature temperature of just 19 degrees celsius baltic states poland that should brighten up we'll see more the west sunshine showers longer spells of rain do ease their way towards that western side of the russia southern parts of europe that's the place to be for the best of the sunshine and bus load it can see some rather lively showers from time to time through the course of the day northern parts of africa here it's fine and dry the showers that continue through central areas of africa still a little further north than we'd like to see at this time of year can a faso see some very heavy rain on thursday and senegal also seeing someone usually wet weather as we go on into the weekend. jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to
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create its own democracy with social media and will online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic arlin's that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way he gets human way be it business if we're going to adapt to climate break down this street on out is there i. heard. you watching al-jazeera her mind to all of our top stories this hour the man responsible for these events worst mass shooting has been given a life sentence without parole self confessed what supremacist printed tyrant
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killed 51 muslim washers in march last year. survivors and relatives of the victims say they feel relieved hopes the end of the trial gives them closure minister just another and issued a message of unity and solace for the muslim leaders. are kind or has made landfall in the southern united states with forecasters warning of unsurvivable storm surges wheezy and texas state governors are worried about coastal residents who have chosen to stay despite mandatory evacuation orders. e.u. foreign ministers are holding talks and then on easing tensions between greece and turkey over an energy dispute in the eastern mediterranean both nations have been holding military exercises now a patch of water that they both claim the turkish ship is carrying out drilling research in the area on wednesday greece said it would extend its claim of a water is in the sea further to the west. the mccain is live for us now in berlin
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dominic and we've just heard i believe from the head of nato and from german chancellor angela merkel what they have to say. yes the 2 leaders as it were gave brief statements prior to a meeting which itself is taking place prior to the meat of the day's meeting which is the e.u. foreign affairs minister all coming together to discuss the security situation in europe particularly concerned with south eastern europe with the greek turkish tensions course the turks are not going to be present at this e.u. foreign ministers meeting but anger that merkel speaking about it said she was very concerned by the tension that has been brewing in that part of europe and actually missed the start and the secretary general of nato was even stronger this is what
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he had to say we are all concerned about the situation in the eastern mediterranean and i welcome your efforts to find a constructive way forward i'm in constant contact with the greece and turkey my message is that the situation must be resolved in a spirit of sort of that it is in line with international law dialogue and deescalation are in everybody's interest. it's not just southeastern europe which is a an area of of debate between these leaders and between the e.u. foreign minister ministers later on it's also eastern europe specifically belarus and this is also about that as did angle americal both saying that that nato is playing no role nato is not building up forces on the border with yellow roses and calling on and in the words of mr shelton calling on the regime in belarus to
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change its policies to recognize what its people want so clearly lots of issues being discussed by these ministers and we wait to see what will emerge from this meeting as the day unfolds thank you that doesn't it came live for us and berlin. well speaking of belarus car factory workers there have joined the general strike to demand new elections. at least despair stand tamed protesters in the capital hands on wednesday the 18th successive day of anger at the reelection of president alexander the question is accused of rigging the results which contained 26 years of a party. he says the protestors are western puppets refuses talks with the opposition. while demonstrations against local shanker draw hundreds of thousands to the streets in cities it's a different story in rural areas because franco who was
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a farmer remains popular among people there but support is slowly starting to wane as step out of reports from scudamore total. outside the capital minsk life seems to have been standing still soviet style collective farms name call code is still exist here although they're not as prosperous as in the old days a former coal goes direct to himself this is president lukashenko is heartland villages are reluctant to talk about the mass protests against him events happening in the cities worry them protesters take stones from the pavement and attack policeman why the time of revolutions is gone nato wants war they will make profit from it on the bench an assassin gets this information from watching state television. a new person in power will not bring any changes that will never happen only young people are protesting old people are supporting look at sankoh i saw to muse like him many and of a lot have to get by on
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a small pension or income life has been difficult here but at least it's been stable worried about what might come next from say they rather stick to the devil they know meaning look at shankar but even here he is losing support flooding me who does not give us his full name make some extra money growing fused to be astounded 4th of look at but those days are over. in the ninety's he was a nursery leader he saved and preserve manufacturers' of the time by the rules came up from his knees but his successes have expired you must understand that he isn't able to be the country into something new the let's go. like many in belarus he doesn't believe the president will go peacefully pictures of look as shanker in body armor carrying a rifle during a mass rally last sunday were widely watched here for larry king live it you wrote a book about him fears he's aiming for more violence true or. he's
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a person who in politics reliance on strength and violence and cruel cruel words like he wanted to tear hands or. has more chances to win than the opposition in case of his victory there would be large consequences. consequences already felt in this city is where the belorussian rubble is falling in value during the crackdown on protesters and here in the villages many are also worried about what comes next step fasten al-jazeera care month over. an israeli police officer has told investigators that the killing of an autistic palestinian man by his partner was unjustified. or was shot and killed by an israeli police officer and occupied east jerusalem in may the offices colleague says he told his partner to hold his fire multiple times but nort says halik posed no threat and there was no need to
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shoot his partner denies his account or her force is live for us now and west drew slim harry what else did this officer have to say. this is all according to repeal in the house are it's these people which says it's cool transcript still an ongoing investigation some 3 months later just to recap some of the important details about just this was a really tragic terrible incident on the 30th of may this year. 32 years old when he spoke to his father shortly after his death he said that he was very childlike that he enjoyed watching cartoons enjoy dressing well and had recently been given the responsibility of walking by himself to his special needs school just inside the walls of the old city in occupied east jerusalem and it was there where he was chased by these 2 police officers 2 border police officers into
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a trash room where bins a cat and it was there the 3 fatal shots were fired now according to this account one of the israeli security forces members saw him behaving in a way that he thought was suspicious and immediately shouted terrorist and that's when these 2 other officers took up the chase the senior officer 21 year old force commander shot shot at how lock we believe twice missing him he then ran around the corner into this trash room where the private security cameras are said to have been not running and so there is no video that anybody's been able to see of what took place but what these 2 accounts the senior officer says it was a close place with no way to escape from it he didn't attack or anything he was definitely not resisting he didn't in danger i mean and in that situation and he said that he told his colleague not to fire at least twice the junior colleague says i did stop i acted the way i was taught as far as i was concerned there was
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a terrorist in the force commander shot at his family doesn't expect a connection but any investigation is due to wrap up the next few days and be handed over to the prosecutor says story thanks for that force of law foss and restaurants in the. medical stuff in peru have protested nationwide to demand more quick to protect them covered 19 the virus has claimed the lives of at least 153 health workers during the pandemic hospital staff want better working conditions to help them combat the disease more than 10000 infections were reported in the past 2 days. and brazil environmental research is a warning that smoke from fires in the amazon rain forest could worsen the coronavirus death toll well in 10000 fires have been recorded this month at least 2000 brazilians datas hospital treatment for respiratory illnesses during similar fires last year croatia has recorded 358 corona virus infections
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its highest in a single day since the outbreak began much of the western balkans is dealing with a resurgence of the virus it's bad news for the economy as tourists rethink their plans for the end of summer reports. coalition had been a european success story in the fight against covert 19 months that had some of the continent's lowest numbers then in a bid to save its tourism reliant economy it opened up hundreds of thousands of tourists surged in and so did the virus. me daniel cheaply and we expect the number of positive patients to rise even more as we had large events organized in this canton and the incubation period has not expired yet no one expected this high number of tourists coming into croatia the government is in damage control croatia has limited gatherings and shoes and opening hours for bars and nightclubs i see it was only the situation is very serious we call upon people to respect the measures
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but we should not panic we have a solution for this split immigration domination coast will be safe for its residents and also for visiting tourists. last week the u.k. removed croatia from its safe list those who visit now face a 2 week quarantine upon their return to the u.k. croatia was also relisted by slovenia its 2nd largest tourist nationality. further down the domination coast montenegro faces a similar predicament tourism accounts for a quarter of its economy and employs a 5th of its workforce disparate to salvage the travel industry they too opened for some a vacation so. i don't know what is happening now is the level of cataclysm but it's not up to us we didn't cause the problem or do anything wrong the problem concerns the whole world in may the prime minister pronounced montenegro europe's 1st
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covered free country but a month ago it had the 2nd highest in fiction right on the continent it hasn't seen the same tourism upsurge of croatia summer arrivals a 10 percent of what they were a year ago. was the biggest i think we have to look at the bigger picture and be satisfied that's the way it is the whole world is hit by the crisis he was not lament you must look at the future and be positive in montenegro virus containment may prove challenging for a while yet parliamentary elections are scheduled for sunday and on tuesday it's expecting a large influx of tourists as its border opens to russia shallot ballasts al-jazeera . and kevin allen doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the man responsible for new zealand's worst mass shooting has been given a life sentence without parole self-confessed a white supremacist brenton terrorists killed 51 muslim washbasin march of last
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year. survivors and relatives of the victims say they feel relieved and hope the end of the trial gives them closure a minister just said i had this message for new zealand's muslim community. nothing will take the pain away but i hope you felt the arms of new zealand around you through this whole process and i hope you continue to feel that through all the days that followed the trauma of march 15th is not easily healed but today i hope is the last we we have any cause to hear or i have the name of the tirith behind it has deserves to be a life time of complete and utter silence hurricane laura has made landfall in the southern united states with forecasters warning of unsurvivable storm surges
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winds of more than 240 kilometers per hour have been recorded in southwest louisiana the border with texas tens of thousands of people without part u.s. vice president mike pence has used the 3rd night of the republican national convention to praise donald trump's record on the economy and law in order to criticize democratic presidential candidate joe biden for attacking america and said that the country would not be safe under his leadership. protests continued for a 4th nice in the u.s. city of can no show wisconsin people are angry of the police shooting of unarmed black men jacob lake e.u. foreign ministers are holding talks in burden on easing tensions between greece and turkey over an energy dispute in the eastern mediterranean both nations have been holding military exercises near a patch of water they both claim. was the headlines more news here on al-jazeera right after the stream which is coming up next. the deadline it's drawing near
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ivory coast his rival parties to nominate their presidential candidates. october's election is likely to be a major test for the country's security who will face the people in a run for the highest office every coast presidential candidates on al-jazeera. i am fairly ok you're watching the stream home edition can we chat well apparently not very much longer in the united states the hugely popular chinese are we checked has been deemed a national security threat alongside to talk we will pass what's behind president chants and in today's show and if you want to be part of the conversation as well but your comments in the comments and you too could be in the state.
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and looking forward to hearing cronies gets i would say hello to the guest again.


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