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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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belorussian police is the moving in on another protest on a day foreign journalists were told their permits a canceled. hello from come on santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera we're looking at europe's migration crisis italy picks up some of the people on board an overcrowded rescue ship others find themselves stranded in bosnia. german
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police step in to break up a large coronavirus skeptics protest in berlin because few were wearing masks or keeping their distance. tanzania's president draws big numbers for an election rally opposition parties say their candidates have been running. so better wrists is tightening its media crackdown as protests continue against president alexander lukashenko accreditation has been withdrawn for some journalists working for foreign outlets that was after yesterday when several were actually rounded up and detained in minsk though most were later released the president's criticize the foreign media coverage of the run up to the disputed. election his disputed reelection this month and the demonstrations that have
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followed and on saturday there were arrests at what was billed a women's march for peace in minsk thousands of people still demonstrating there right now. well bernard smith is our reporter who is tracking all these developments but of course for the restrictions that are in place that means he is in the lithuanian capital illness it is almost entirely when in march there was a fear certainly amongst protest organizers that they were losing momentum people were tied people are tied up so many weeks of protests the no indication is willing to give up power but the biggest protest day is always the some day so if there were $10000.00 people ringing out today then it's an indication our source on the ground says that i could be much higher on sunday president previous that complained about foreign media coverage of protests in. on this
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crackdown on foreign media continues at least 19 journalists have their accreditation revoked now these are mainly local belorussian journalists working for foreign media organizations in kenya to work without accreditation the risk of the possible consequences of that are severe they risk being arrested and we have heard of journalists being beaten not during these past few weeks there are still a few foreign journalists in belarus some of them without accreditation the worst they would fear is being thrown out of the country on to other news in the italian coast guard has picked up 49 people from a charity barge in the mediterranean after its distress call crew on board the m.v. louise michel said there were no longer able to move the vessel after rescuing 200 refugees and migrants in the past couple of days the boat has been funded by the british street artist banksy we spoke to elisa from that polish who is
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a member of the louise michel's shipyard crew she's in spain and gave us this up that on the phone. reason that i was not able to move was because they were towing these 2 life raft alongside not overcrowd to fix too much and also to have. 5 a place for the dead body that was unfortunately found in that boat in distress. arrived on the scene so now as people are being disembarked finally after almost 24 hours on 2. coast guard vessel. the situation is getting if it's nice but. is a lot of people on board. and then again the only other ship in the area that might be willing to take them on board is an n.c.o. vessel for 'd get it's not that you've seen this already doing the job and as many
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as 500 refugees and migrants are stranded on a railway track in bosnia herzegovina bought from one province forced into another where help was refused once again china bennett's reports. on a road to nowhere hundreds of migrants from bosnia a trap to my place and a changing political times the blare it goes like a football we are not human here we are just a football they say they are being kicked between police into neighboring bosnian provinces in a sauna can't on announced last week would ban migrants in tring in movement the rulings in a galaxy has been questioned migrants were pushed back to the province of republika srpska which refused to accept them these were away tracks so the only place they find amnesty. while there is 17 you know that it's very hard live here it's very hard. they rely on aid agencies to bring food water and medical
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aid to the tracks. no food no water nothing. and he migrants seem to mind is increasing in bosnia people in one town sit up roadblocks this summer to stop migrants who still see increased after a regional health minister announced 8 migrants have tested positive for private 19 infected were taken to a local hospital and 2 escaped during further anger from residents. it is certain we have hundreds in fact thousands of migrants in camps where migrants don't follow any norms any regulations and none of our guidance they are simply people who don't respect anything the un's refugee agency says as of last month there were $9000.00 refugees in bosnia accounting for 60 percent of refugees in the western balkans the vast majority are from pakistan and afghanistan $600.00 arriving in bosnia each
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week up from 50 in may. even migrant camps are full. they keep coming every day it would be ok if they were inside camps but they keep coming from everywhere coordinating their movements by phone. then they tried to walk to the croatian border just 3 kilometers that way but get turned back to us. became a bottleneck for thousands of europe migrants and $27.00 tane as other migration routes closed up resulting in a $34.00 would increase of arrivals these migrants are finding themselves on the wrong side of the tracks china ballasts 0 turkey says it's stopped an attempt by 6 fighter jets from greece from entering sensitive spots this incident happened on thursday and comes as tensions continue to escalate between the 2 countries over the eastern mediterranean sea cockpit video released by turkey's defense ministry is said to show a turkish f.
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16 chasing then locking its guns on a greek 5 digit. greece says the jets were simply flying back to base it happened over a part of the mediterranean both claim as their own potentially rich in energy reserves in fact this month turkey started exploring the area for oil and gas stephanie deck is in istanbul for us where she says the government is now ramping up its rhetoric. we have heard from the vice president he said that greece is moved greece has announced that it's going to extend its maritime borders this is on it towards italy however but by 6 miles but certainly here it's being taken as something that it could then also do when it comes to turkey and saying that that certainly you know if that isn't a provocation to war what else is in this is the kind of language that you're seeing coming out of the highest levels here also the announcement that turkey will continue to carry out military drills northwest of cyprus for the next 2 weeks or
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so so i think certainly there's no indication that the situation is calming down anytime soon it is so complicated you have a situation where you have 2 countries backed by different regional and international of european powers it's all about the exploration of gas it's all about where lines stop in the sea but you've got an area that is so populated by islands for example the greek island of kos the loaded saw is only around 10 minutes by ferry from the turkish coast so it just shows you how complicated the situation is and even longstanding disputes with cyprus are coming into this and inflaming it in terms of who gets access to what gas so certainly turkey yes particularly europe being accused of being provocative but the message here from from ankara is that they're doing what's right in that they're being unfairly treated john psaropoulos is just outside athens as well and says the current tensions have spilled over from a long running dispute in the aegean sea or turkey has a history of military incursions into areas claimed by greats. the escalation of
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these incursions by turkish forces has been very precipitous in the last 2 years they've risen from mere dozens before 2009 to hundreds since then and now well into the thousands and this year we're set for a repeat performance greece nonetheless insists that it is going to play this dispute by the book which means it is simply standing by international law and international maritime law the u.n. law of the sea and it is calling on turkey to come to a dialogue on the basis of those laws greeks are standing by this by the book approach because they're winning by this week they've ratified maritime agreements based on u.n. law with egypt and italy they've managed to get the the european union behind them lining up sanctions that could be used against turkey next month and they are going
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to stick to that strategy protesters in berlin are rallying against coronavirus restrictions despise police order for the demonstration to be shut down because social distancing rules are being violated counter protests are also planned germany has recorded of 824-2000 infections from melinda mccain explains now why these protests are happening now. they say that their freedoms are infringed by being forced to wear a mask in public and public transport and enclosed spaces they say that having to observe social distancing goes directly against their fundamental freedoms the or thorough cities here say no that's not the case your storage fees believe that by these people not observing social distancing and not wearing masks they increase the threat to the public health not just for the people themselves but for the
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wider community what the your thora these here have done is where they have seen protesters not observing the rules they have moved in to stop them as they did earlier in the morning where they've seen protesters observe the rules they've not really stepped in to prevent them the police estimate that around 20000 people are on the streets the demonstrations have been coming in going in intensity but clearly the police are monitoring the situation very closely and have demonstrated before their determination to break things up if they believe the threat to public health has got too big. demonstrations also happening in zurich with crowds calling for an end to all coronavirus related restrictions they want the government to lift the mandatory wearing of masks and to stop compulsory vaccinations. still ahead on al-jazeera afghan civilians caught in the crossfire between government forces and
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armed groups and easing the lockdown restrictions in bolivia the government says it's become a choice between the virus and mass hunger. hello there mostly homeless and dry picture across much of the middle east we're still seeing quite a bit of cloud across the fall southwest of yemen and this has also produced some showers some of those heavier in the day through sunday you can see a few more of those showers and maybe just even just across russia really across will sudden sections across into amman and maybe into the u.a.e. but meanwhile to the north of there it is very warm 45 in kuwait 46 celsius in baghdad the winds a little bit lighter on sunday but very warm again for the eastern end of the mediterranean the time which is well above the average and then through monday the
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temperature quite a lot lower and their whole 36 degrees but the winds coming from the south it will feel very humid but look at these temperatures in jerusalem about 10 degrees above the average for this time of year so really is extremely hot 39 degrees celsius a little bit cooler on she say but even so very warm with a high over 36 then down into southern africa the use activity across central areas but lots of clouds further to the south of this could well produce some showers it's a front which is training right there back across into balls want to eventually up into but also across into zimbabwe areas a south africa it'll work its way sadly northwards on monday and a few more showers and gusty winds pushing across into cape town. frank assessment what are you seeing back in yeah. there's. a. lot of. we look at this it's an informed opinion which is ethiopia on the verge of
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a breakdown many parts of the old immediate region are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate after the use of proxy because look at a recent interest of the libyan people in depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. roof. with al-jazeera these are the top stories this hour better russa's tightening its media crackdown as protests continue against president alexander lukashenko. accreditation has been withdrawn some journalists who were working for foreign office. the italian coast guards picked up 49 people from
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a charity boat in the mediterranean after it sent out a distress call the m.v. luis michel had rescued 200 refugees and migrants couldn't move the boat it's been funded by the british street artist banksy and turkey says it stops excrete final jets from entering as base that is above an area where one of its ships is exploring for dance media reports say the planes though were harris to as they returned to base in crete. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing another evening of demonstrations demanding his resignation for weeks now thousands of israelis have been rallying outside the leader's official residence in jerusalem unhappy with his handling of the economy the coronavirus and let's not forget his pending corruption trial his hairy fall sets in west jerusalem. feel that we have the search at almost every saturday now and tight harry but the thing is it just keeps getting bigger and the list of grievances keeps growing.
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well yes and some of the grievances that the protesters now have are against police because during the last week and protests last saturday we did see some pretty unpleasant scuffles some of them featuring quite senior and well known offices between the taxes and police protests is blaming bullies for unprovoked attacks tonight we've had police warning of threats against them on social media something that protest organizers have entirely denied but as you say yes another saturday night and another major protest here in the same square very close to the residence of prime minister benjamin netanyahu as for the tactics tonight we're seeing an attempt to try to internationalize it back have been protests for and do is extract the aspirate communities around the world against netanyahu in recent weeks tonight it's going to be a little bit more organized 18 separate cities mainly in north america united
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states and canada also in europe and they going to try to coordinate it sort of pass the baton from each one to the next before having the real kind of percent a year in west jerusalem as well as we're seeing reports that some 3 or 400 people gathered at a bridge as they did last weekend marching from that bridge if you can to be does away from here to join the other protest this year it was that that sparked some of the sort of running cat and mouse situation with the police and then it was here in this paris square behind me where those scuffles and clashes and a couple dozen detentions also took place looking at some other pictures while we talk do you have the well the sheer number of people there i guess. pretty much out the window here. well yes i mean they they talk about trying to maintain some level of safety by wearing mosques and the like and of course it is in the open air but this is a very hot. my 2 students in the grip of
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a heat wave at the moment people are very close together so yeah that is one of the things that the critics of this protest among them the prime minister and his family of course do talk about when there are all sorts of restrictions on prayers and concerns about schools reopening in the coming days the fact that so many thousands of be grouping together so frequently in this way at a time when israel is in the grip of the 2nd wave of coronavirus that's just one of a list of grievances the prime minister has against the protesters he calls them anarchists and leftists his son has been tweeting various theories about who might really be behind them and financing them and the question of course remains how this really acts as leverage against prime minister netanyahu the time when any threat of an imminent election seems to have passed at least until spring next year and is look good party is very much behind him especially after his recent 2 with the agreement with the united not
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a doubt about marines ok perry for sits in west jerusalem thank you for that the united arab emirates as harry was referencing there has officially ended its boycott of israel the u.a.e. president. handed down the decree enabling economic relations to be normalized the 2 sides recently agreed to establish diplomatic ties making the u.a.e. the 3rd arab states to recognize israel tanzania's presidents officially launched his re-election bid with a rally in the capital the boma john negroponte is seeking a 2nd term but he faces accusations of absolute control and of covering up the extent of the corona virus outbreak he faces the opposition leader. who recently returned to tanzania after spending 3 years abroad that was after an assassination attempt catherine so it's following this one from nairobi in neighboring kenya and since the opposition candidates in tanzania fear this election won't be free or
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fair. president john mclaughlin he kicked off his campaigns in a stadium in the copper. packed with thousands of his supporters and he mainly spoke of his government in the last 5 years he spoke at length about corruption saying that his government has been dealing decisively with corruption which has been endemic in tanzania he spoke of infrastructure all the rules that have been building he said that more people in tanzania are now connected to the electricity grid he also said to his government has a police did the lives of millions of people in the process through its people the villages for people in markets and so one but the president has also been accused of being authoritarian style of leadership the people in tanzania say that is intolerant to dissent they say that his government has stifled. expression and the media increasingly losing john the list and politicians being arrested and
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just people who oppose the government position by the president in today's rally steered clear off that debate saying instead that he wants his development to speak for itself. you'll remember when we started this war against corruption we got a lot of threats including threats of legal action by many people including tanzanians but we forged on without fear because these resources belong to the people of the country now i'm sure those people who are talking arm barest that we are winning the war they're 14 other presidential candidates but a lot of people lessing president before his main competitor is to listen he's a flag bearer of the main opposition party and he started his campaigns on friday and arrested he say that he is going to restore democracy in the country he has often called prism a before the a dictator and the spending the people of pennsylvania if you allow. the president
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again the situation in the country is only going to get worse and a lot of his supporters believe that if the election is free and fair then is going to win we also had complaints by opposition politicians complaints against their electoral commission to damn awful status is saying that the 7 of its parliamentary candidates have been unfairly disqualified as well the 600 candidates of the law call council posts electoral commission officials are saying that they investigating the allegations that are also coming from leaders of other opposition parties but already we're seeing this leader this opposition politicians saying that they do not believe that the election is going to be free fair or transparent . the afghan army says it's killed dozens of taliban fighters in the past 4 days soldiers attacked taliban outposts in providence keith killing $44.00 finances and
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injuring dozens more the army says the operation was in retaliation for a series of taliban attacks on their bases in the region. and more than 50000 afghans have been forced to leave their homes due to that violence in condos and he said the taliban captured 4 army bases that was despite talks with the government to try to win the fighting this from osama bin. laden their heart is one of many of gone provinces contested between afghan government forces in various town groups fighting escalates whenever government forces try to expand their territory and control of groups such as the taliban attack government positions. of our civilians are often caught in the crossfire relentless fighting in northwestern good news province events farmers from tending their fields it's not easy even a local school becomes your home for dean had to evacuate his family from their village and booze problems down on my. working with a mortar shell was fired into my home and destroyed it the situation is very bad
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over there tens of thousands have had to leave their homes and possessions. since if they don't there are children and senior citizens here they've left their livelihoods it's a time for harvest for can do says famous week when the government and other asians were supposed to help refugees did not even hiss at them. gold in $1000.00 is an additional threat to the fighting aid workers are appealing to international agencies to provide the basics for of guns forced out by fighting what or who haul or not until no no one from the government or n.g.o.s came to help and none of the organizations even conducted a survey to help them u.n. agencies admit they may have missed some despite only receiving 28 percent of their budget in c c they're doing all they can to increasing gun battles makes aid work riskier and access to the needy more complicated we are highly.
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pleased and the strong. people and they are caught between the. actors in. the force. difficult situation. and become more dire security remains of understands the biggest challenge one forces are faced with the prospect of u.s. troops pulling out within months as well as battle hardened taliban and widespread corruption a recent audit found 50 to 70 percent of police positions in 4 provinces are so-called ghost posts salaries are drawn but the policeman don't exist despite the release of nearly 4700 taliban fighters peace talks remain pending taliban leaders told al-jazeera they will abide by the deal signed with u.s. forces and demand that the afghan government lives up to what was agreed upon as the delay drags on of one civilians continue to suffer some of
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a job read out of their. bolivia is easing its coronavirus restrictions the interim president genuine years ago and today could be a 2nd wave but says it's become a choice now between the virus or mass hunger bolivia's economy was already in trouble before the pandemic hit even. if not the coronavirus than it will be corona hunger because one becomes desperate and not having the economic conditions to bring food home. a value anymore we will evaluate god forbid there should be a new outbreak but there's always that possibility and the pandemic has taught us much during this time. and it's been 100 years since women were granted the right to vote in the united states and to market a new study has been unveiled in new york 3 of the women who lead the campaign for change is more from gabriel alexander. there. was 7 a statue to honor 3 women who paved the way for voting rights it's called the
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women's rights pioneer monument and baled to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote in america the statue shows 3 inspiring women of great achievement who gave their lives in really their entirety to fighting for women's equality and the right to vote and full citizenship for all women regardless of color or economic status there susan b. anthony elizabeth cady stanton and so's your inner truth they're sitting around a table as if conducting a strategy session anthony holding a pamphlet that reads books for women from design phase to sculpting to unveiling it took nearly 3 years and the location was no accident here in central park there are over 2 dozen different statues of beethoven shakespeare and even want to
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frederick douglass who fought to in slavery in america and there's a statue of a dog but until now there's been no statues dedicated exclusively only to women. it comes at a time less than 3 months before a presidential election for women's votes will be more critical than ever and when for the 1st time in history a black woman is on the ticket running as vice president and nearly 4 years after hillary clinton was united states her 1st female presidential candidate on any major party ticket she was on hand for the statues debut there is nothing more important to honor the women portrayed in this statue then to vote that is the best way to lead america forward as a sufferer just used to say forward through the darkness forward into light
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organizers say they're not the work is not finished so monumental women is now challenging all municipalities are wrapped more statues and other public you know monuments to women in people of color to teach young people about the suffrage movement and about all the other ways that women and people of color have contributed to the united states a symbol of the struggle for the right to vote long overdue but now when shrine didn't stone gabriels on dope. new york. will take it to the top stories now on al jazeera better russa's tightening its media crackdown as protests continue against president alexander lukashenko credit stations been withdrawn from some journalists working for foreign outlets thousands of women are also marching for me human chains in the capital minsk they call
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themselves a peacekeeping force in support of victims of violent crackdowns against anti-government protests and smith reporting there from the lithuanian capital vilnius he says the better russian police are not allowing some of these protests to happen. within's protester a few 1000 women i'm told of the protest prevented from going towards independence square which is blocked off and they're marching in the opposite direction and there are more protests a much bigger one expected again on sunday and. has made it clear that he is not happy with foreign media coverage of what is going on in his country so the accreditation that have been drawn to those of local journalists who were foreign media organizations on the other headlines turkey says it stopped 6 great fighter jets from entering it says for sorry for entering airspace that is above an area where one of its ships is exploring for guests greek media reports that say the
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greek planes were harris as they returned to base in crete there have been tensions between the 2 countries over energy resources in the eastern mediterranean israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing another evening of demonstrations demanding his resignation for weeks thousands of his writings have rallied outside his official residence in west jerusalem unhappy with his handling of the economy coronavirus and his corruption trial persia's is running in berlin for a march against coronavirus restrictions despite a police order for that demonstration to be shut down because social distancing rules were being violated germany has recorded over 242000 infections and tanzania's presidents officially launched his reelection bid with a rally in the capitol dome john michael fully is seeking a 2nd term but he faces accusations of absolute control of covering up the true extent of coronavirus news hour and 25 minutes time next it's inside story with
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adrian finnegan. what is shinzo of a's legacy japan's longest serving prime minister has resigned described as a nationalist who struggle to introduce aggressive economic reforms so how far has he succeeded and how will japanese remember him this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan the surprise resignation of japan's prime minister shinzo sent shock waves through the country's political
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establishment the 65 year old quits citing health reasons related to all sorts of collide a chronic bowel disease.


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