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0 journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and head teams out fight to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera. to. * women in belarus defy riot police to lead ongoing protests as the government steps up a crackdown banning many foreign media. but i'm down in jordan this is out as they are live from doha also coming up dozens of migrants arrive in italy after being transferred from a rescue boat funded by the british street artist banksy. mounting tensions in the
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mediterranean turkey plans a military exercise a day after claiming to chase down a great fighter jets. and anger in parts of europe over coronavirus restrictions raising fears of a new wave of infections. thousands of women have marched in bella ruse to denounce state violence against protesters since the presidential vote on or was the 9th authorities have arrested thousands of people now they've started withdrawing accreditation from journalists with some expelled on saturday reports. defying what looks like a crackdown on dissent in belarus these women chanting we won't forget we won't forgive part of what they call a peacekeeping force designed to stop peaceful protesters being intimidated
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thousands marched in the capital minsk. since alexander lukashenko was reelected as president earlier this month officially winning 80 percent of the vote there have been daily demonstrations several people have been killed and hundreds more injured and now the authorities have started withdrawing the accreditation of journalists working for foreign media outlets the government says the move was recommended by bellerose his counter-terrorism unit opposition leaders for atlanta to kind of sky in exile and if the way nia says she's worried about the government top. getting the media on saturday she said quote the only way it will attempt to cling on to power is by fear and intimidation there was also a strong reaction from western embassies in minsk in a joint statement they said we condemn the disproportionate use of force and urged the belorussian authorities to stop the violence and the threats to use military force against the country's own citizens and release immediately and unconditionally all those unlawfully detained intimidation and prosecution based on political grounds need to stop we call on the bell original dorothy's to respect
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the country's international obligations on fundamental democratic and human rights the crackdown on journalists comes a day off the e.u. foreign ministers agreed to impose sanctions on 20 senior belorussian officials this sanctions against certain list of individuals who are guilty of human rights violations about the rumors that is an important step and this will impose some sort of hassle for those people on the list but the regime considers this as the cost of doing business and this won't stop them from further intimidate others. the e.u. has urged russia not to intervene in belarus after president vladimir putin promised military support for an exam to look at shankar but there's no sign those in power are ready to change their approach to the opposition but al-jazeera. dharma down is from their risk make across the globe
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a risk research firm he says women have led the charge against the question. women have become the symbol of this uprising or rebellion or protest movement. we saw early on of the presidential elections. became a candidate almost by default you know she didn't put herself forward into the political limelight originally. and you know some of the the initial spark of this movement has all come from from women and female leaders and so i think that's more this is what this is been used to demonstrate it's also harder to crack down on a march of that kind with severe force. now the italian coast guard has transferred 49 migrants to the island of lampedusa after taking them with a stranded rescue vessel in the mediterranean sea thanks with women children and the body of one person who died trying to make the crossing there among 200 migrants who were picked up by
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a rescue boat funded by the british street artist banksy the crew of the louise michel's says repeated distress schools were initially ignored by european rescue services the un says around $500.00 people have drowned in the med so far this year let's bring in tom credit mary he's a freelance journalist following the story joins us from the italian island of dust to the north of london. you've been following the news from this island there lampedusa so what have you been hearing there about this rescue boat which was initially refused permission to dock. yes so they. we are bald on the lump it was of us for all around it's been a very difficult. they to see in these waters and over here that's exactly the italian course got their work there cos the other was finally doing an intervention to ask you for under news michelle are
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these 49. the most vulnerable people on board the among these that oximetry who on the people that were killed that's q dubai there is mashallah the women are 13 children 4 men and one this is a. son now he said that also because there is michelle was a lover and ask you to buy the sea watch for that and in a series of tweets coming from there is michele coming from the sea watch for the day not is that. well they were told that already 3 but since they previously had died from sheep they had been screened tancredo you've seen this story play out many many times these boats trying to get in to lampedusa so what happens then to the refugees once they've landed in lampedusa where they've
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taken. well it depends what is the level of cloud. in that moment the island that was a very tiny island and basically the hotspot that these are receiving the migrants are either serving as the gate to view it up and if you would see how tiny is lampedusa you would be. baffled to for the how. much between the size of the island and being that the gate that what you have up there is a. center for the receiving and then for the other resting the migrants are that after. some time and especially in these days or in these times of course. also the test obviously that should give the negativity of the people then are that i think the migrants all to different hot spots that are cost italy
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or according to work of the deals. and european union. as do other counties or beautifully in the late in the latest times in the last month the operation has been made it much more difficult to buy all the pulsars that has to be done of doing test canaveral status there and then the 3 thing always not coming out negative thank you just a final thought to you i mean what about the residence on lampedusa i mean how do they feel about yet more migrants landing on the island is there a feeling of hostility or do they welcome the refugees that. it lay out really fantastic people that have never been that are feeling double steely they feel more than done if your mother abandoned by this if you show no italian but utopia and i would say institution they've never been they never had to steal it because they
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see what are the conditions in which these migrants are arriving and they see they see face to face that are that these are people whose life is saved so they don't feel it will steal it towards these people that thought of dying and that that saved that they feel like we are the for the spirit of service and we are out being a people are without the executions behind that can't really think that lampedusa the star of the island in the middle of the sea could really make the walk could really make the job for that stop european union or united nations tancredi palmeri great to get your thoughts thank you very much indeed for talking to al-jazeera thank you my pleasure now hundreds of refugees and migrants are stranded in bosnia herzegovina barred from one province forcing them into another and now they've taken refuge on abandoned railway tracks jazeera slowly on us 1000000 it reports now on anger among locals against the refugee. citizens of the cards are gathering
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for the 9th time to protest and the reason is still the same like it was for the last 3 years they demand all levels of authority here in bosnia-herzegovina to do some urgent actions and to help them with this migrant crisis they want migrants and refugees to be deported from the entire bosnia and herzegovina they say that it would be the best solution for everyone. they are also stating that there's a lot of concern which people here in be because for the last 10 to 15 days there's thousands of by ground without any shelter out in the street in the open or in abandoned buildings and there's been reported more and more violence and fights between migrants so they think that this is not safe environment for people who live here their families and their property they are also stating that they have support with this protest from the mayor and as well from surrounding cities
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and areas who are also under a lot of burden since they also have the same problem with this migrant prices for several years democrats in the united states of accuse the intelligence services of betraying the public after it was announced they will no longer provide in person security briefings to congress on foreign interference in u.s. elections the decision comes just over 2 months before the presidential election 4 years after russia was accused of interfering widely in the 2016 election well michael joins us live now from washington d.c. mike so what changed by the trumpet ministration in the procedure for elections security briefings to congress what's the background to this and why now. well the office of the director of national intelligence was due to brief congress in the middle of september however the director of national intelligence. now sent a letter to the intelligence committees in both the house and the senate saying
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that these briefings will no longer be given in person what will happen is their written briefings will be issued to the relevant committees within congress this is a complete change in procedure previously the director of national intelligence would brief congress directly in terms of potential foreign interference in elections well democrats in the house have predicted the reacted with complete fury both the house speaker nancy pelosi and the chair of the house intelligence committee adam schiff have released a joint statement saying that this is essentially betraying the american people it's absolutely critical that congress is kept informed about russian involvement in the ongoing electoral process now this is made even more serious by the fact that a senate intelligence committee just earlier this month recorded that there was ongoing russian interference in the electoral process this was also confirmed by the director of content televisions who released
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a statement to the public at large putting russia with continuing to meddle in the american electoral process but president trump himself he says well there's been too many leaks within congress and obviously the director of national intelligence is quite upset with these leaks hence he is changing the format but certainly this is a serious situation as far as democrats in particular in the house and senate all concerned and they are now seeking ways in which to force a director of national intelligence to come to them and give them briefings about foreign interference in the electoral process particularly they say as it has been shown by numerous committees and even by the director of current intelligence that russia in particular continues to actively in the in the electoral process all right mike hanna there live for us in washington d.c. mike thank you. now turkey's foreign minister is warning greece that its plans to extend territorial waters in the aegean sea could lead to war he also announced 2
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weeks of military exercises northwest of cyprus earlier both sides accused each other of violating in space has been months of tension over who controls gas reserves in the eastern mediterranean stephanie deca is in town but when she says the government is running up its rhetoric. we have heard from the vice president he said that greece is moved greece has announced that it's going to extend its maritime borders this is on its towards italy however but by 6 miles but certainly here it's being taken as something that it could then also do when it comes to turkey and saying that that certainly you know if that isn't a provocation to war what else is this is the kind of language that you're seeing coming out of the highest levels here also the announcement that turkey will continue to carry out military drills northwest of cyprus for the next 2 weeks or so so i think certainly there's no indication that the situation is calming down anytime soon it is so complicated you have a situation where you have 2 countries backed by different regional and
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international of european powers it's all about the exploration of gas it's all about where our lines stop in the sea but you've got an area that is so populated by islands for example the greek island of kos that already saw is only around 10 minutes by ferry from the turkish coast so it just shows you how complicated the situation is and even longstanding disputes with cyprus are coming into this and inflaming it in terms of who gets access to what gas so certainly turkey yes particularly europe being accused of being provocative but the message here from from ankara is that they're doing what's right that they're being unfairly treated or jones or openness is just outside athens he says the current tensions have spilled over from a long running dispute in the aegean sea. the escalation of these incursions by turkish forces has been very precipitous in the last 2 years they've risen from mere dozens before 2009 to hundreds since then and now well into
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the thousands and this year we're set for a repeat performance greece nonetheless insists that it is going to play this dispute by the book which means it is simply standing by international law and international maritime law the u.n. law of the sea and it is calling on turkey to come to a dialogue on the basis of those laws greeks are standing by this by the book approach because they're winning by this week they've ratified maritime agreements based on u.n. law with egypt and italy they've managed to get the european union behind them lining up sanctions that could be used against turkey next month and they are going to stick to that strategy time for a short break here now to say right when we come back men taking the pressure against systemic racism in the u.s. we'll have the latest from another night of black lives not
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a french tests and israel's prime minister faces a new round of demonstrations of a corruption allegations and his handling of the coronavirus crisis by not stylist . hello once again welcome to another look at the international full costs well laura has now been downgraded to a tropical depression a final warning has been issued for the storm that's the location at present but we got this cold front which will slide its way through as we go on through the next 24 hours so as to engage will see the wet weather sweeping through the eastern seaboard brightest guys starts a comeback. behind but still a legacy of some very heavy downpours she just around the tennessee valley we could see some more flooding coming into play here and as we go on in some monday still
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some heavy rain pushing through the appalachians towards the eastern seaboard again a risk of some flash flooding some heavy downpours touch him with this one heavy rain to up towards central parts of canada down towards the south well i'm afraid louisiana arkansas so again we are going to see some heavy bursts of rain coming through here from time to time over towards the west where we could day with that right i'm afraid it's going to stay dry and sunny may want to have a caribbean lot of sunshine here for the islands at least last fine and settle of still quite a few showers around the western side of the caribbean some showers making the whites was a leeward as we go on through sunday push on into monday they'll ease their way to the eastern side of the caribbean and move further west. hi i'm steve clemency and i have a question because he's days it's hard to filter out the newly sinking track of what's really important to eat the bottom line tackles the big issues this is
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shaping the united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the well and the bottom line only. if you want to help save the world. isn't hero. welcome back a quick recap of our top stories here this hour thousands of women have marched in bella ruse to denounce state funds. against protesters there defying threats by president alexander lukashenko his government's also started withdrawing accreditation for foreign journalists. the italian coast guard has transferred 49
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migrants to lampedusa after taking them off a stranded rescue vessel there among 200 migrants who were picked up by a rescue boat funded by the british street artist banksy. on the trumpet ministration is ending elections purity briefings to congress it will provide written updates instead of verbal ones democrats are concerned about foreign interference in 2 of the process. now the call to end racial injustice in the united states has spread to chicago black lives matter demonstrations being held in the downtown area with other rallies happening elsewhere hundreds of police officers have been deployed around the city well john hendren joins us live now from chicago john the so we understand the block protests started about an hour ago what are you seeing on the ground and are you expect going to confrontations tonight. well there are a number of protests that have been going on around town but the biggest one is that when you're talking about it's called the shut down the magnificent mile
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protest the magnificent mile is the area in chicago known for its posh shops and skyscrapers it's where the business is and they want to gather people's attention by shutting that area down by taking over the streets and this protest started with dozens of people and it's grown into 100 perhaps low hundreds still dwarfed by this 700 police officers around chicago who are trying to ensure that this thing doesn't go south they are taking no chances indeed there are business owners business owners have begun boarding up again because in the past after large rallies sometimes the city has gone out of control late at night this was a long scheduled event and that means the city was prepared for it they had a plan police have been participating and for weeks now whenever we've had events like this curfews and road shutdowns have been the norm so that police could control the street staring until not far from where you are is k'naan so wisconsin
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the family of jacob blake joined in a rally there we understand how did that go and what's the latest on the case. that's right there was an enthusiastic rally with hundreds of people including the family of jacob blake. and it was the 3rd night of peace we've had 6 nights since jacob was shot 7 times by police and remains paralyzed in a hospital bed the 1st 3 nights that there simply weren't enough police to control the streets in there were fire bombings of buildings dozens of blocks burned and looting is well well then the national guard came in and hundreds of federal and local police from all over the country and they pretty much controlled the streets the last 3 nights and since then those protests have been peaceful and today we heard from jacob lake sr the father of jacob blake who said police tried to kill
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his son take a listen. my nature is my son to stand up for my son when he cannot stand up. and book. on. the right. to attempt to murder. the right. right. it is. now another thing jacob blake sr was upset about was that when he went to the hospital room to see his son for the 1st time his son was shackled hands and feet with handcuffs there were deputies at least 2 at all times in the room watching him that has all been removed it's also superfluities considering that those bullets paralyzed him from the weight waist
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down he couldn't go anywhere if he tried but that was all due to a warrant in may and that warrant is the reason police were trying to. arrest jacob blake and it was for violating a restraining order and for sexual assault by a woman who identified herself as his girlfriend blake is expected to appear remotely in court this week and we are told by his lawyers he will plead not guilty or as a john hendren there live for us in chicago john thank you now the suspended interior minister of libya's u.n. recognized government is in tripoli for an investigation of a recent government violence against peaceful protesters. will be questioned about their response to demonstrations that took place on friday the minister requested the investigation be televised to ensure transparency reports suggest a growing friction within the government of national accord between bush and the prime minister. concerning the older by the supreme
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council i'm ready for the investigation i don't have anything to hide my only fault is that i said the libyan people face problems and that the government must put forward a program because people bore the burden during times of war and they continue to do so and so the government should give them some hope meanwhile thousands of rallied in misrata in support of the suspended interior minister who's from the city. but there's a wide list of grievances against the tripoli based administration people are accusing the government of corruption and not investing enough in infrastructure. if it's ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing another south a day of demonstrations demanding his resignation for several consecutive weekends thousands of israelis have been rallying outside the leader's official residence and western protesters say he should step down while facing a trial on corruption charges they're also angered by his handling of the economy
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and a corona virus outbreak that has more now from western. another saturday night a noisy protest here in west jerusalem thousands of people gathered just a few 100 meters from the entrance to the official residence of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu they're demanding that he leaves office we've seen people gathering again on various bridges and intersections around the country in protest against the prime minister as well as out as an international element especially to this protest with various gatherings of 18 cities mainly in north america isolation jem'hadar also in europe which are being coordinated and there's another group inside questionis them as well marching from a bridge a few kilometers away to join this group here that's what happened last weekend as well that the time police intervened tried to stop them from marching and they were clashes minor scuffles and a couple of dozen of detentions as well this time police are allowing them to march
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on in did so because actually a sign that there is an attempt at least not to have a repeat of what took place last saturday the police did say that they had seen calls on social media the protest is to confront and physically home police that something that the brits protest organizers have denied entirely the question remains can these people get their demands met they are protesting against benjamin netanyahu is corruption case against his handling of the economy and the coded pandemic that his party the likud faction still supports him he has put off elections by reaching a deal with his coalition partners it be. until spring of next year it's very difficult to leverage this kind of public protest into getting their demands met. protesters turned out in their thousands in berlin for a march against coronavirus restrictions that's despite a police order for the demonstration to be shut down because social distancing rules were being violated the minute came reports out from berlin. for weeks the
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daily number of new coronavirus infections in germany has been rising yet for these people in berlin what matters most is their right not to observe any restrictions not to wear masks not to follow social distancing and to show their anger at the politicians who have imposed them because of the killing is illegal eilis is illegal the whole government is illegal everything is illegal and corona is just a medium to heavy flu a pandemic that is being used to enslave us humans. that view is not shared by the police who tried and failed twice on friday to persuade the courts to ban the demonstration saying the protesters posed a serious risk mention the name of and of me i was going on and that's these are people that we can assume as coronavirus skeptics have taken no precautions in recent months in a time when infection numbers are increasing we don't believe these gatherings to be responsible. the protesters are made up of many different groups some from the
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political fallout of society some from the far right what unites them is a sense of injustice and rights being lost demonstrations like these pose this country's politicians a serious ethical dilemma forcing them to balance on the one hand the rights of individuals to protest against government measures with which they disagree and on the other hand the rights of the wider community to be protected as far as possible from the risk of coronavirus infection. it's a risk ministers say is growing blame is is just some fruit the problem is the numbers are too high too early given that winter is coming and we don't currently know what effect it will have and hell the flu and other illnesses will affect it the numbers are too high at this early stage. that's why they or forty's have tried so hard to prevent scenes like these and why they are so fearful of what effect so many people might have when they're in such close proximity to
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each other without masks dominic kane al-jazeera berlin now in london hundreds of people have filled trafalgar square to protest against coronavirus instructions. demonstrators are calling for all safety measures put in place by the government to be was drawn some held posters branding the virus a scam describing a potential vaccine as venom floods in have killed at least 45 people heavy rains have caused the river to overflow shutting down the capital ni-mh hundreds of grain stores have been damaged. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera thousands of women have marched in belarus to denounce state violence against protesters defying threats by
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president alexander lukashenko his government's also started withdrawing accreditation from foreign journalists. the list of individuals who are guilty of human rights violations and valerie's that is an important step and this will impose some sort of a hassle for those people on the list but the regime considers this as the cost of doing business and this won't stop for a further intimidate the bellary the italian coast guard has transferred 49 migrants to the island of lampedusa the taking them of a stranded rescue vessel in the mediterranean sea they are among 200 migrants who were picked up by a rescue boat funded by the british street artist banksy the crew of the louise michel's says repeated distress calls were initially ignored by european rescue services the trumpet ministration is ending election security briefings to
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congress it will provide written updates instead of verbal ones in an effort to avoid politicize the nation democrats are concerned about transparency and foreign interference in the actual process the decision comes just over 2 months before the presidential election and 4 years after russia was accused of interfering widely in the 2016 election. bloc lives matter protests are being held in several areas in chicago hundreds of police officers have been deployed around the city. a march also took place in kind ocean that by the family of jacob blake who was shot by police nearly a week ago more than a 1000 national guard members from wisconsin and 3 other states are on the watch following the unrest in the city 29 year old blake who was shot 7 times in the back as the left paralyzed but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the bottom line statement and so much i thought. from
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a local celebrity. to extraordinary interview. many coldest months of money now. but we're not going to be trying to feed. me coffee from the sox. i'll just see real monsters remarkable people. not answer. this now on i'll just see you. hi i'm steve clements and i have a couple of questions can the republican party survive president trump and what will that party look like if you wins again let's get to the bottom line. for the past 4 years donald trump has been radically reshaping the republican party and his image and with his trump brand in the party's convention this week he decided to speak every night bucking the tradition where the.


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