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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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face. it's you who have created hate division. u.s. president donald trump is accused of inflaming a racial tension after a shooting in portland but his supporters fought with wyvil demonstrators. some are about the same this is all to see a live from doha also coming up the lebanese president holds consultations and appointing a new prime minister to germany most of idea has been put forward. sudan's transitional government and several rebel groups are expected to sign a peace deal to end years of conflict. and nearly half
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a 1000000 people sign up for free coronavirus testing in hong kong but it's also stirring up controversy. where portland is accused of presidents donald trump of creating a culture of fear hate and division in the u.s. a supporter of a far right group was killed in the city on saturday night that happened when backers of the president fought with counter demonstrators icon of reports there are. anti racism protests continue in a number of cities across the united states the new wave of demonstrations sparked by the police shooting last week of jacob blake and cannot show wisconsin the 29 year old african american remains paralyzed in hospital. on saturday night dozens of president supporters confronted protesters in portland oregon. one person was
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shot and killed in circumstances still to be established this afternoon my heart is heavy the city. insists that president trump must bear responsibility friends it's you who have created the hate in the division president trump you bring no peace you bring no respect to our democracy you mr president need to do your job as the leader of this nation president trump spent part of the day playing golf but only after sending dozens of tweets rushing out to the ports in may trump described his supporters who converged on the city to hold counted demonstrations as great patriots urging others to follow their lead his chief of staff denies the president is inciting violence we've had over 200 and our kiss and they're not peaceful protesters these are people that every single night conduct violent acts and and it
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is in democrat cities you know you want to talk about donald trump's. america most of donald trump's america is peaceful it is a a democrat led city important that we're talking about this morning people are getting a 17 year old self described supporter of president trump has been charged with killing 2 people in cannot share in the days of to the jacob lake shooting the president is still to condemn the killings and insists he will visit cannot show on tuesday despite the mayor there asking him not to i think that when you look at the conditions that are going on in the community this can be used trying to you know we're trying to move together and i think that this morning time it's it's not the best idea following days of protests and cannot against police brutality a small group gathered to express their support for police an indication of the ongoing divisions within this country which critics contend president trump is
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intent on exploiting amid his campaign for reelection mike hanna al-jazeera washington. lebanon's political leaders are meeting in beirut to discuss who be appointed as the new prime minister the lebanese ambassador to germany most of i.d.b. most likely to get the job is one support from several parties including the future movement and the shia bloc hezbollah well let me remind you of the background to all of this lebanon has been looking for new leadership after its government resigned and or was the 10th promise made the announcement after a string of ministers step down they were pressured to quit after mounting anger over the huge explosion in beirut just days and here the blast was caused after nearly $3000.00 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded at the city's port many blame the country's leaders for the devastation saying it was the result of negligence and corruption tens of thousands of people have protested demanding political change
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lebanon was already struggling with its worst economic crisis in decades and a collapsing cover and seeing well as negotiations get underway far more lebanese prime minister saad howie says political parties are ready to form a temporary government of technocrats. all political factions are aware in order to achieve this goal and bring our country back on track the upcoming government must be formed from among professionals with proven expertise efficiency and integrity such a government must be formed swiftly and present its plans at the earliest all political factions have declared their readiness to fully cooperate with such a government in order for the aspired reforms to be implemented swiftly. holders in beirut with more on the discussions to choose lebanon's next leader. a little known figures the lebanese ambassador to germany. looks set to be designated as the country's next prime minister this emerged last night what emerged last night is
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that the main political factions across the political spectrum have reached a deal how well that many will tell you that it is the pressure and the influence of france france exerted a lot of pressure the french president manuel mccrone is expected in beirut later tonight he was in beirut less than a month ago just 2 days after that beirut explosion he talked about the need for fundamental change he talked about the need of a new political order so there are many believe that behind the scenes france really exerted a lot of pressure on these politicians who really had little choice because the country the state this close to bankruptcy if they were to remain in power it's unclear that they can solve the economic crisis alone because they do need the support of the international community you heard the former prime minister saad just a short while ago named his choice of candidate and really he was key to this whole process because he represents the muslim community in lebanon and the post of prime minister is reserved for this community unlike the previous government the prime
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minister was nominated by the alliance this time around. this man. and the alliance as well as other parties said they will also follow suit. white house advisers out of koestler's charming from israel to the united arab emirates in the 1st commercial flight between the 2 nations persons joined by and this really going to be headed for the visit follows a u.s. brokered deal between israel and the u.a.e. to normalize relations the agreement hasn't yet been signed on the standings and denounced the deal saying it betrays the rights. india says it's foiled what it's calling provocative military movements by chinese troops at a disputed section of the border in an army says it happened overnight sunday in the eastern logic region near the yellow line the so-called line of actual control china denies the allegations alleges it as elizabeth put on him is in new delhi
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with more. the indian army has released a statement the indian government in fact saying that late on saturday night in the early hours of sunday morning that chinese troops violated a consensus that was agreed to in military diplomatic engagements during an ongoing standoff between the 2 countries in the region of east in the dock and that china tried to carry out military movements to you need naturally changed status quo they said that indian troops preempted this activity on the southern banks of the pad. they also said that india is committed to maintaining peace through dialogue but equally determined to protect its territorial integrity and that there are now commanded level talks going on to try and resolve the issue now talks have been going on between the 2 sides since may 2 there's all these escalation in tensions and the border dispute between india and china goes back decades they both have
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territorial claims to read a half 1000 kilometers of land they often have soldiers often have clashes along that unofficial boarded the line of actual control but what changed was despite these talks going on despite a military buildup being seen in satellite imagery there was a very violent clash on the 15th of june and 20 indian soldiers and an unknown number of chinese soldiers were killed in mid june and since then these talks between the 2 sides have really ramped up and yet the latest statement from the indian army would indicate that there is still far from a resolution to this the. security forces. near there were sure muslims holding a religious procession. right. back. on their car insurance. he's had band gatherings to mock the holy day of assura
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perceptions have been banned since 989 the new restrictions were imposed due to the pandemic at least 200 people were detained ahead of the holiday with 7 arrested under the new anti terror low imposed on the region tens of thousands of protesters in bellow's packed the streets of the capital on sunday demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko police are detained at least 125 people but and smith has the latest from neighboring through a new. sunday's alexander lukashenko 66th birthday this is not the president he was hoping for. were not a herd of cattle or cowards were belorussians their chanting i was. it's 3 weeks since the disputed election that the ballot russian president claimed to win with 80 percent of the vote no one here believes that and they've been protesting against luka shank ever since. i'm here to
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express my disapproval at the rigging of the elections and to be in solidarity with everyone he was detained i am for peace i am propellor s. but the. protesters have been peaceful from the outset and after initially violently attempting to suppress earlier demonstrations the security forces have taken a step back in the past couple of weeks some protesters are being detained more than 125 according to the government and many journalists of have their accreditation revoked there was on sunday that witnesses described as the largest deployment so far of security forces who blocked off access to some main street. one of the country's largest mobile phone operators said it had reduced mobile internet capacity at the government's request. and tanks rolled down the road closed the loop to shame because residents in minsk as protesters
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headed there. but there seems to be no indication the momentum has gone out of these demonstrations and luka schenker looks no more likely to loosen its grip on the presidency after 26 years. the kremlin says about amir putin called alexander lukashenko on sunday to wish him happy birthday to man of agree to meet in moscow in the next few weeks a suggestion of the kremlin's a willingness to buck russia's president as the european union prepares to impose new sanctions. burnet smith al-jazeera vilnius still had an al-jazeera opposition supporters celebrate and montenegro after a church dispute brings a surprise election result. and a minimum wage is among a number of sweeping labor reforms in qatar as a god state gears up for the world cup in 2022.
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there seems to be a relentless drive to change the season in europe a massive clouds come what is front after front come in from the atlantic and that's the current setup which means you've got nothing much happening here except what you can't see is a light northerly breeze the is only cool down here the temperature in london paris is about 3 to 5 degrees below average that's quite a big change and the junction between the cooler and what still warm obviously means regulus on the storms it's a least a vignette to western parts of austria seem like the place to get the biggest dam pools the real heat still there in eastern europe but it is quite confined to eastern europe than moscow obviously beyond the european borders is about 9 degrees above average but book arrests were $37.00 degrees there is sunshine around plenty of sunshine for the thames isn't necessary reflect the lack of sunshine it's there so the mediterranean as well is the position for tuesday the rains moved up into
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poland and slovakia. for west africa we're still saying well come pasta clump of potentially tropical storms that go off shore make tropical cyclones but count in there a long way north and the heaviest downpours like be anywhere from. mali and towards senegal over the next 2 days. of. dreams johnson and entertainments a way for people to rise above the violence around them so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the wards of this community 3 short films show how foments creates a home and family and gives hope and opportunity. a.j. selects on al-jazeera.
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the remove. or. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the mayor of portland is accused president trump of creating a culture of fear and hate in the u.s. a supporter of a far right group was killed in the city on saturday night when some backers fought his counter protesters. lebanon's political leaders are meeting in the bay roots to discuss who'll be appointed the country's new prime minister lebanon's ambassador to germany most of id bill looks likely to get the job after winning support from the governing future movement party. india says as for what it's calling provocative military movements by chinese troops at
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a disputed section of the border then the army said it happened in the eastern ludacris region near the yellow line shown on this map the so-called line of actual control china denies the allegations. the party that's led to montenegro for nearly 30 years may struggle to hold on to power after an unexpectedly close election early results give the ruling d.p.'s party of president's millar's your kind of bitch around 35 percent of the vote alexia brown reports. position supporters out in montenegro's capital pub after. the government had fallen. out of the. people of montenegro freedom has happened. after 31 years of absolute power this had to happen. early results from sunday's
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parliamentary elections put the opposition alliance just behind the ruling socialist party the d.p.'s. side so they can forge a majority with the help of smaller powers nice. the d.p.'s of president candidates has never lost an election that is ruled montenegro 50 years he is the kind of leading the tiny nation after the collapse of yugoslavia independence from serbia into the nato alliance and told the european union. that the ca his past he's faced a real challenge from an opposition which wants closer ties with syria and russia. we have great respect for the results achieved by all political subjects in montenegro as i said we will wait for the final counting of. wait for the official results of the state election commission analysts described account of it as both a reformist and an autocrat who's allowed corruption to run rampant but much of
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this campaign is focused on a controversial law passed by his party which paves the way for the state to take over property from the powerful serbian orthodox church that has sparked huge anti-government protests which are kind of a chick used to trying to raise serbian heritage about a 3rd of the population identifies as you can of it he was trying to protect montenegro which he said was being threatened by civil nationalist forces if the opposition alliance was able to govern alone it would herald major changes it would mean that. it would change. its stance on the. on its membership and who are because. it wouldn't want it with the existence of the.
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final results are expected later on monday in an election that's changed montenegro's political landscape. and edges are a. sudan's transitional administration and a coalition of rebel groups are expected to sign a peace agreement in the coming hours neighboring south sudan mediated the deal it aims to end conflict in various parts of sudan including the darfur region and reports from khartoum. nearly a year after the start of talks to dance transitional government and the opposition coalition the sudanese revolutionary front are on the verge of signing a peace deal the administration made ending conflicts across the atlantic stop priority and it's hoped this will help achieve it so from the bottom of the me we are glad that we managed to achieve a milestone regarding achieving peace in sudan we know there are other factions better yes to sign and we hope there will be another ranch negotiate with these groups peace is the most important thing we have for the decisional period and
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without it all the talks about democratic transition economic developments is not possible so we see this as a 1st step to the dance incision leading up to this deal agreements have been signed by other groups that make up the sudanese revolutionary front each are presenting a different region in sudan the groups some armed oppose the previous government of ahmed bashir who was overthrown in april last year they say their regions have long been marginalized the new deal will give a role in the transitional government and hand over more power to local governments it also paves the way for the formation of a transitional legislative assembly they deal mediated by south sudan would also restarts the dance of 39 month transitional period imo we affirm the commitment of south sudan and sudan's journey to peace because sudan peace is south sudan's peace there are still 2 more groups that are yet to sign a deal and we will continue on the issue of peace until there is a comprehensive peace in sudan we don't want any more war in dar for negotiations to end the conflict in the western region of darfur has taken the longest the war
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there began in 2003 and has resulted in the deaths of 300000 people and the displacement of 2000000 the forces of the armed groups will be integrated into the sudanese army reparations will be paid to those affected by the conflict and those displaced will be allowed to return home and if. we've been in these came since 2004 we won't be conflict in so we can go back to our. home but we've not been properly consulted on the deal that's taking place all represented and so we concerned it may not hold. the deal is not the 1st attempt at peace in sudan's conflict zones but sudan's transitional government and the sudanese revolutionary front see this time there's a political will to make it last people morgan onto the euro zone. there are increasing calls from mali's military leaders to accelerate the change to civilian rule the protests coalition that campaigned against molly's former president before he was removed is demanding
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a 2 year transition former colonial ruler france says the crew leader's 3 year timeline is out of the question the military's held a transition towards with some opposition figures but there's been no agreement yet it seems power nearly 2 weeks ago. india has recorded $78000.00 cases of corona virus in 24 hours that's the biggest single day figure anywhere in the world the health ministry also reported $948.00 deaths taking the total to 63500 but the government still easing pandemic restrictions nationwide subway networks are being reopened and some sporting and religious events will not take place. hong kong's government says half a 1000000 people have already signed up for its free coronavirus testing program yesterday to launch on tuesday but a pro-democracy union of health care workers has called for a boycott because of the program's connections to mainland china said a clock reports from hong kong. in a city still struggling with
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a 3rd wave of corona virus infection the government says mass testing is the best way to put hong kong on a course for recovery. the universal community testing program is running from september 1st the government is heavily promoting the campaign which has been funded by mainland china central government at a cost of $20000000.00 the offer was presented as a favor to the city government has released this video thanking mainland authorities for the hilt odd choice let me reiterate that this is a 100 percent voluntary universal testing program the aim is to ensure those who want to get tested can get tested more than 140 centers have now been set up with voluntary testing to start on tuesday the hong kong government says it's responsible for sample collection but a team of 16 medical staff from china will lead the screening and 3 mine land based or bird trees will process the results china's involvement is being viewed with
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skepticism by some who fear the genetic data could be used for other purposes we do not know how the data will be stored how long they are going to retain or if they are collecting the data for testing so when they use it for comparison. that this takes we we don't know despite a recent outbreak hong kong has seen a downward trend of fewer than 100 cases for more than 20 dies the government says this screening program imes to address a recent spike in community transmissions and also good people peace of mind opposition groups and some in the medical. munity so mess testing is not the most cost effective solution i don't go against testing but i really think that testing should be tackett testing should be targeted to those who have symptoms testing should be targeted to doe's with close contact with
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a convent cases. has reported more than 4 and a half 1000 coronavirus cases so far these mess testing program may identify moon fictions but the my mental thought he's leading the campaign it will also be a barometer of anti mainland sentiment in his former british territory sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. at least 3 migrants have died after their boat caught fire near italy's southern coast vessel was carrying around 20 people italian health officials say another 5 migrants were injured and taken to hospital police say 2 of their officers were also hurt during the rescue operation residents of the italian island of lampedusa have protested against their arrival of 450 my once on a fishing boat locals say the island can't cope a migrant reception center built for around 100 people is not what i was here more than a 1000 and responds to the overcrowding italian officials have begun transferring people to other locations
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a wildfire in southern spain has forced more than 2000 people to leave their homes schools and sports centers have been converted into temporary shelters the fire broke out on thursday in a mountainous area 120 kilometers northwest of seville fire crews on the ground are struggling to access the affected areas because of the rugged terrain. a public inquiry into australia's devastating bushfires at the end of last year says the conditions that created them were unprecedented and it's warning they may become more common it was the country's hottest and the driest season on record the fires burned around 35000000 hectares of land the commission has published interim observations to help prepare for the next fire season was only a few months away. qatar has announced a series of labor reforms for the 1st time it sets a monthly minimum wage for employees regardless of nationality or job the new measures will also allow workers to change employers without needing any approval
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imran khan reports. after a 2 year long consultation process with the un body the international labor organization the state of cattle has announced sweeping reforms in the way employees are treated in the gulf state some of the changes include introduction of a minimum wage of $1800.00 tare rails around $500.00 us dollars a month which includes an allowance for food and accommodation there's also freedom of movement between employers without the need for what's called a no objections difficult the law applies to all x. party please in the country including domestic workers employed by individual families there's concern that previous laws in place to protect workers haven't been in force properly local media reported that some construction workers were paid for months at the start of the coded 19 pandemic the international labor organization says the new laws will be forced and will be more outlets to resolve labor disputes. we had to jointly with the state of qatar study its
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impact its paper ations and ensure that it's beneficial for all including good workers the private sector and the country so a lot of ground work had to be done also the legislative changes the actual law to be prepared but also when it comes to the minimum wage there actually has to be a study done on the needs of the workers after those largest export populations come from bangladesh pakistan the philippines and india the government says that the minimum wage will be beneficial to both employees and the country this is part of it bigger picture there reforms 1st laws are very good these 2 new 2 major announcements today are fantastic for the country but implementation is equally as important so we will be working with the government here. ensuring that the labor inspectors are fully aware of the legislation making sure that their workers are aware making sure that their enterprises companies the private sector is aware council is hoping these reforms will also address concerns in the run up
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to the football world cup in 2022 human rights groups have highlighted various issues about workers in the country that include some construction sites and inadequate living conditions in the last 6 years 34 workers have died during the construction of world cup stadiums that's brought a lot of attention from the international community on cats are now these labor law reforms are partly their way of dealing with international pressure however the closer we get to the world cup in 2022 the more bright the international spotlight will shine imran khan al-jazeera. i 3 year old girl has survived a dramatic incident at a kite festival in taiwan let me show you this. that kite was supposed to scatter sweets for children but it suddenly took off in
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a strong gust of wind wrapping its tail around the young girl she was carried through the air for about 30 seconds before coming down she suffered only minor cuts though and you can find a lot more on our website the address for that is w w w dot al-jazeera dot com. this is all does it for these of the top stories the mayor of portland has accused president donald trump of creating a culture of fear and hate in the u.s. the criticism comes after a supporter of a far right group was killed on saturday night lebanon's political leaders are meeting in beirut to discuss who will be appointed the country's new prime minister lebanon's ambassador to germany and most of id but looks likely to get the job after winning support from the governing future movement party is in a corner has more from beirut on why most of id has gained so much political
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support. what emerged last night is that the main political factions across the political spectrum have reached a deal how well that many will tell you that it is the pressure and the influence of france france exerted a lot of pressure the french president is expected in beirut later tonight he was in beirut less than a month ago just 2 days after that beirut explosion he talked about the need for fundamental change he talked about the need of a new political order so there are many believe that behind the scenes france really exerted a lot of pressure on these politicians who really had little choice because the country the state this close to bankruptcy white house advisers out of caution traveling from israel to the united arab emirates on the 1st commercial flights between the 2 nations kirshner's joined by ins really delegation headed for abu dhabi the visit follows a u.s. brokered deal between israel and the u.a.e.
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to normalize relations policy means have denounced the deal saying it betrays their rights. india says it's followed what it's calling provocative military movements by chinese troops at a disputed section of the border the indian army says it happened overnight sunday in the eastern ladakh region near the yellow line shown on this map the so-called the line of actual control china denies the allegations. india has recorded $78000.00 cases of corona virus in 24 hours it's the largest single day number of coronavirus infections anywhere in the world is also reported $948.00 deaths that takes the total number of people who died 263500 those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera a.j. selects good bye on the counter but how carving up the oil and gas riches of the east and that is radium could prove to be costly to say millions of jobs lost as
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peru tries to control the spread of the corona virus. plus the brig's who wants to run the world trade organization counting the cost 0. ringback days police. can't.


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