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tv   The Mortician Of Manila  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2020 8:33am-9:01am +03

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all nations lay claim to territories under the oceans $21.00 geologists are secretly plotting new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans monocular on a 0. 000 minute it in fact i mean. i love. that i love the look. of. a needle and are telling god i mean i'm not i mean. don't look at my land young doke. they study. right now. i very much on.
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a lot right now that the goggle eyed like you know when i've got back you've got a stabbing. being. in luck i'm. bored. a model home all of them complaining about nothing for. i don't let up on the public or not.
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not hard. yeah. oh i'm like she he. we. are you know. we're here. and he was no no. no no no no no no this is somebody from the campaign and everything that you can. get out of you. * know you. must need to. go
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oh my you're going to come. over go go. they have only that but. even. if. this is the crime scene of some of the news and.
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the guys the emmys. would not be done they were both in jail together. early morning february 6 they were killed in different police and god there's. everybody was caught off guard with the the. the killings in metro one he lost a book to a point that they don't want media to over the killings. and by them. and us i mean my book. independently didn't even think. it will it didn't and you know them but you know i did want to get these. off there doesn't police stop giving us information and tips on where the crime scene is we started tying up only spins that's how we became friends
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come to phenomenon dumb somebody believe. me and not. let go of the phone. to win the. lottery thought. oh but if you love jesus there's not. a one off. i don't you have. a moon the moon. a sample that i'm sure.
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my live among up for work for change. suddenly dishing on the food. i threw in the putting to. a good command of the net i thought i had a moment in. the me. or you under political. well where now i'm born good enough. when the couple met up on top of. their going to vote on it all. and one of. them along.
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it be cheap steel. you know let me. along by a good deal competing in the. leadership. and the unknown. among us how loyal and how much polish and been you can remember not what i had to money. it's a long oh my live and we love them obama is not i'm about i'm a vessel. as the 5 discover look at the numbers that were reported today.
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out of my life in the past. 11 and i mean.
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that on oil i've. got daughters. out of prison a man living with nothing. not a lot of. logan lovely children the knowledge of the. father was a big. build up. of. woful the deal with the mob on. the run is all the more money. i mean and that's. back. when i'm going to.
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die within the that. didn't bother me enough. to feel good. there's been. so many people left to make it a learn and blue monday. for you to follow. the link. that. we can only.
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buy on my home number from our own mother but not the budget to deliver. on the president being in the know not be on the moon the move into something is being. done the right model i reported. much like the one. i'm going to put in the mother i would love to be. going on you know the fun for somebody. new or may want to say no. i'm going to them for this mission out of or for the birth 'd church pool rebooted
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the we need to document this things. we have to keep records for follow up and is going to have the final. say. in one form. he. told. the little. girl although to. you know i don't think of all. this bullshit. that they do do you really do you know if. i didn't have a point of view to look at. for the way. that will make for the long. run out and about and i got a bit of a little under your love has been left under
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a minimal. amount of heat of a gun live among. the people who don't even have a rudder do indeed been there. done only the minimum you have will know you can run over. a lot of years as i've been i tell you all know that. lives among us in the plane of the number of are they ended up on pavement but by much that recommending them to. the moon in one of them. out of the mail my fear of a bug not known what. good will. be the morrow i might have it
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bad i'm bad on. my own but they get bad enough bad out milan to be. in 15. minutes which. seemed an interesting. you're the one who think you need. to be met with. the minimum. amount.
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of blood. to. the last thing that i. was going to the gym was craving. it being and then i made it big i mean to make you think you know that i think. that you will. be thinking that you know what happened during this time. i do know somebody very helpful when i think back one of the things i don't find anything that will help you know very well the good it would. mean that. i wasn't fighting it out safely don't look now but when. you really know i don't know what i mean you won't be if i'm down.
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every get me miss out on what we have got out of my snap and out like everything. i know what. was it when i. was no. need to be i got to go and hang around we're. having our numbers go out to meet our . wonderful. if. you want. that has happened to them i mean it's. not even allow me that route and i knew now that i'm not in his house i don't have i don't you know. the highlight of the. evening having a was not. on.
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the killings are on going and some of the media have to dig deeper and not only have a lie on what is being given being fed to them by the police. souls of the police as we're doing the autopsies and most of the victims have to find it's kind of strange that they claim that they fought back but some of the victims has this torture marks on them off marks on the desk. top ups and about one of. the people that put him. in the well i'm going to write in a lot of the let's look at things
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a little bit more. so we know what he people said i go on. the net and i figure out. a little when you're going to have a. minimal . they're gay. or gay. they're good. for. nothing bank and you think you. would you know. off. the top of it of all about the felt.
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like but that might have been to be there by now that. somebody's going to die when they are. the one that the thing. i'm not one of my living out on. a small so we can look to get there i don't care if he'll be an incinerator. maybe one day he will really understand. is he an angel or devil. i think it's in the middle. go they go they get very much. they. love the. i don't know. i can't just. pick
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a thing of. are. the multiple i'm all for it that way and i'm on the lookout. for them all. the money no bus fare from malaysia will.
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it be in the feeling less yes but but a phantom boy. take it. from the. oh man. of the land will. come out and my mother. no no mother can go. and get up among the
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wildmen i have out and in another month. another monday in the. way but out of all of us in the. deported from the u.k. indoctrinated by somalia's unsure about how can a young man disillusioned by father rebuild his life as a mixed race going to make it because it's take to kill and reunite his family africa's no not call me it's awful my kids lost warrior a witness documentary on a jersey you can't say. building a wall was the promise made in the bid for the white house 0 tolerance approach the
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southern border became government policy detaining children and separating families the stark reality of picture too much to bear for many americans in a country that was built on immigration. follow the key issues of the us elections on al-jazeera. north korea isolated and heavily sanctioned yet earning billions around the globe there are 39 is involved in everything that makes money for this korea. to carry defer the customers so they called us. the money this year and it goes straight into the coffers as a leadership a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for kim park one. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound. center
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matter where you call. out to 0 who bring you the news and current affairs that matter to tease. out is there a. man . this is al jazeera with a check on your world headlines 2 police officers have been shot during protests in the u.s. city of louisville there is anger how after a grand jury ruled that police officers involved with the fatal shooting of black women brianna taylor used justified forests john hendren is in louisville with more the police chief here confirms that 2 officers were shot one is undergoing an operation the other one is alert they're both in stable condition and police say they have a suspect in custody those officers were responding to a report of shots fired.


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