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tv   Return Of A President  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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dizzier. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world little handy take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you the. ilo i maryam namazie in london our main story this hour has been a major escalation in the conflict between armenia and azerbaijan over the disputed region of no corny car back both sides have declared martial law and a blame each other for sunday morning's flare up as a by john says a 5 members of one family were killed by armenian shelling going to car back says 16 of its service men are also dead and then russia france and iran are among the nations calling for calm turkey is backing azerbaijan and calling on the international community to stand by it robin force their walkout brings us the report now. as
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a very tanks under attack according to army news defense ministry it also claims that is very drones and helicopters were also destroyed but civilian casualties are among those reported killed early in the morning. jennifer case launched large scale aggression including missile attacks. along the line of control that. they are targeting civilian population and civilian infrastructure. as a by john has condemned what it called a 1000000 propaganda president aliyev said as ery forces had launched a counter-offensive after coming under attack so it managed media was the 1st to fire and the 1st to die only servicemen as a by john gave a decent response to the enemy and the enemy could not move an inch this is the new goal no karabakh region internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan but the
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red areas are controlled by armenian forces adjacent as ery territories in green are also occupied by armenia the international community has called for an immediate ceasefire with russia playing a lead mediating role it has a military presence in armenia and good relations with azerbaijan but now another regional power is playing an increasingly assertive role on sunday president ed at the one of turkey's said that turkey stands with azerbaijan. armenia's prime minister nicole passion warned against turkey becoming involved very hot on a boojum on the fact that turkey is maintaining such dangerous behavior is fraught with the most devastating consequences for south caucasus and the adjacent regions the international community must prevent with united efforts the dangerous development of events and stop if it's to destabilize the region. the 1000000
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separatists for control of little or no care about in the early 1990 s. with the collapse of the soviet union 30000 died in the fighting. a cease fire in 1904 was brokered but sporadic fighting has continued ever since. almost 3 decades later internationally mediated peace talks have stalled tensions rose in july with the worst fighting since 26 d. as a by john has repeatedly bowed to recapture nagorno-karabakh by force and armenia has vowed to defend the territory both sides remain determined to claim the corner karabakh as that broken for a city a walker. tbilisi well in our headlines the french president on is saying that lebanon's leaders have betrayed that people by failing to form
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a government to continue his initiative to save lebanon from collapse the promise of designit was to quit on saturday after trying for almost a month to line up a nonpartisan cabinet. just 2 days after being sworn in mali's president has named an interim prime minister the former foreign minister one day the appointment will end sanctions placed on money by west african countries following a military coup last month. and the many government in who the rebels are finalized a deal to exchange more than a 1000 prisoners the u.n. special envoy to yemen says this what will happen immediately so pill pave the way for a larger prisoner deals. program coming up next is return of a president with the story of the exiled leader of madagascar i'll have more news for you off that way with us.
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this is the president of madagascar my carbon woman and. the 1st time i met him was in south africa. he was in exile deposed by military coup so look lou think this is it is good cheer to take a photo because all the hear me and tell us where would you like to say. i want to stay on welfare. born into a poor families family who worked his way up to become one of madagascar us largest fruit producers. in 2002 he was elected president of madagascar. he was reelected with a larger majority in 2006. during his presidency
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new schools health clinics and roads step is to cross the country. in the middle of his 2nd term the mayor of the capital and. organized a military coup against him. the democratically elected avallone men and this exciting south africa why the coup leader this in charge of madagascar. rumor has it that france the former colonial power back the coup. candidacy and if you're
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right you know where i'm from and what the phone point would be about. it's. the process it's. funky. the women but it's a day. in the business to not do so next as if yes how are you going to go this present good book a ticket to yes you're going to get to get ok because the reader there's lots of year again where to go was a useful thing was that to get here is all the tools the nations and yes some of them they foresee keeping. this book this will serve with the with the senate intelligence said oh it's also free to discuss it to be to have somebody to look
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for both the possibility for some pieces of business for some post always do we do that because you're the boss is yourself us isn't bait i respond to the kids. yeah that's obedient policy and it's easier to solve some of my that's something my yes but then you have to descend to the guy's exam was telling you what to do. somebody but. i did my best to be in the period of play dancing but. they resolved. the school. i order cook book i wore clothes he was infamous among the community in the. finals of the restitution to. the world bank the i.m.f.
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they helped me clean up all the depth of my desk. my priority was for the infrastructure of educational reform rebel development but i did them for. appealing to. the needs of the. sides and we did now the need for the other guys because in their island saw it's not normal. spanned. 30 to 40 percent of our budget. for the for very many that. are. still posing real.
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close in the gentle. corners shows. the situation for the good to the real i think i was really. tough in the new deal villa still molineaux thank you guys it was a hell of a lot of. the full down but still it will still cloudy on the appraisal for obama's face if you look. for what a few of these. i think it would be very too soon to get into it you just didn't. because. it is i think the subquery of all the events that took them to seems to come from 9 feet from the house. and probably nothing from the left side to make it to appear as
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a single cause it's a bit long. seafood from release your former prime minister. the 1st to need to talk. to us to pay cuckoo to hands confection. a trip or is really missing was interviewed carrying out operations black monday was held in 2009 for 9 decisions were made to recruit. big thumps from the slums in order to create a climate of insecurity and trouble spots throughout the country to destabilize and topple the legal government. is necessary to shift human plus a 2nd 5 4th successive to create.
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what should certainly this is fish do at 15. i don't want to the point you became in the book to push for a very bad that this was to be afraid. of the way i wish its way from me say well. that's preposterous all this and then come up in my room and be a point. again maybe for saying if you'll old piece wish. we could you. know wait a month for the p.g.p. can. blow. away for. us he has the cutting edge potato. ones here this sounds so he is good to get it but seem to be seen to do.
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this but i'm going to be true. and this i'm want to get it it's good it's cool. to skate. and he put this on someone little money. and when you pass a good number of people in malls. obviously through the prepaid. companies you know if. you get the money. is in order to load their own post your 1st job to do they do the interview with you 1st is it done open to follow all of those things like that. these are people.
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i look forward to being home. may feel countrymen. women. true democracy demands nothing less the reality is that brazil is and is in control of the country when you arrive there's a very strong possibility that you will be arrested how do you expect to lead your dialogue if you will jail this is time for me to come back that's not the on yes it's you that's not bad but for you the most important thing for me is they ask me that's enough for democracy but what about you but my half. i. just knew i don't is on all of them from the ira it's the u.n. news service and sometimes that formal power such as france still wield. a long due to strong influence madagascar's is that true it is so important for our
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health mother got to get up from this crisis because a plea deal or. just until she. is concerned about you talk about this but to say. good place just because to something good for the country you don't need to. not talk to are unable to rest i have to be brave we have to rule of the college to do it to do so if i why do you think people here i cannot be anymore for people to watch it and so i have to make a choice. about how many years i have to how many years he's made this of my life because to me the goal to marry all of you know that here. but to create. a new mother to be would mean.
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some of the sad if such a thing among the tillington might have. been to montana and yet also. for one very sweet sundays when you're. home on the market a bit from him yes. a heart. different than based on some other guy i'm visiting the son of a monk but the. problem for me is to be appointed to feed people because they are.
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here i don't come up in the sky oh that dimmock the sequel does. not see boots on the lawn at city hall to the tune. of it's put up to the victim want to see most of what seemed to do good stuff so that's good to me small simple see my gosh all such a symptom oh not so please don't say. nothing here we need the school we need the school cd mother has gone. to full sufferer. most job. i mean and. it's very difficult for people. all leave falls running for power no.
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come take profi to our country and you'll see situations. places that say. it's a message for people say you got. to riyadh here. i think the french would definitely not in his favor the footage of it in view of the province's interests in africa is being corroded all the time by the chinese find him a visit by south africa and they want to keep medicare french yes and they felt if they had to choose between. they would choose originated because he's french. to understand the process was the call that you. so if you just go to another goes can you look at me to go see everything and he goes history from. from there cause the language of the people the business and everything well present drove them all to do it's been explained to me and this is just my understanding of it is that. he
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then began to open the economy engine on french interest so he would say the creed for example is change the constitution so that america's short and she speak english is the food language a.j. . he began to open the economy to just about. all of these tourist signals from still but some of the power she was. ok and was free have been something as you know is that the truth was true. and we lost to the non-negotiable french position is that rather than the literature. since the coup the president has been part of international negotiations mediated acetic the southern african development community. said it has drawn up a road map to lead madagascar out of the crisis. but the road map fails to mention
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the president's rats return home. and we are missing mr president have from the from the road met the labor. leader again say i want to use a clearly the good to be able to say indeed but we cannot say if the lad who by him of the best. set icsa lead negotiator does she sound the former president of mozambique. man and i want his son it's ok i'm seeing the right to go home and say pat in future. you can get to living with. me as someone people who know that you know who knows what they owe you if you have . that. or 2 but yes have 2 great to see them do this because if they get the. upper.
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this is a difficult time for everybody. to. play with my teacher said the king but. i seem to see to be of no use to raise in the discussion above the roadmap not. to fish for the president over the line is his return to lead again. if we can draw an analogy with the house president and i will manana was chased out of his hopes. this is just if there was it would have solved the problem but be able to time and again i just make the point if you want to dismiss a kid who she doesn't work and we are asking the president here to show good
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faith and generosity but i also expect that as well to show good faith and generosity he is living someone out of his that was ok but he has to start or whoever knows. which way the toes. it could manipulate. and so on and he is not alone. john force is outside and inside with him but the president yes what i'm saying. 'd is that instead of no use to. my. district that listens to me exactly and it's the stuff they don't love video to they tend to be in the context of this is no yes yes this is a big change from the 1st vision and the basics of who said it and decided big
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budget you saying that that road is not a for any further. discussion on negotiation i'm telling you i said that you cannot carry the solution in modesto by trying to impose it on the road map again it's up to you because listen to this in the room with him that he was lousy blood is a little substance night with a clever idea but i think it is it's how you. use a lot when we were doing mumble when like the real we are we didn't work the battlefield . and i'm not so hot on the knot and you know you aren't reaching the solution is not for me myself i can stay here by the ship up before appointing me dumping i don't expect you to be happy because you see you are here
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playing for me don't think anyone that has a fan base one. 10th . please don't think i'm some. they trying to peddle bad things about 2 of our money but almost think oh are they president of mother got sky or. ever done something to. improve entry to create a very just if mother gets caught nothing noble be. it 60 miles down one
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that. i think people feel they have every day been helped in their daily life and day to day. hope for a. better future. to heal. on.
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christmas. this is. not think. i'm hot. gints is in paris to not be the french authorities says. he wants to reopen negotiations on the route in big big deal and that not every army major city approved wants to. send me to students but this man while he would sit in the circle see. the misinformation and condemn the son will see happening. is the resistance and its young. people who know shit about so though the real skill anytime you have
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a clear course is perceptible you know about modeled on all they would say do. a fake or it although it. was just great. to see. first hand information from the french are saying that the french are economically interested is accepting our viewers as the future president of the countries they have to support active what i don't like that is absolutely no. willingness to listen whatsoever and from the have closed the case the fight is close to compete in what you can stay out ok. and then assert the manifest pollution is your only one possibility to react to absolutely and that is why being on the streets and you are white thing for that band you are and why i think for
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the regime to kill innocent people in order to come down he said yeah you know this . and you feel people he quits yes don't they don't bow down to. chinese of the making events it's not necessary but not let the media. find the white peacefully. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. against corruption corruption is not something to be taller than it. is on the average in. the country his. let's destroy this wall. in
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2020 the 1st face i want in college is the heroes who are fighting against corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption here and. nominate now if by trying to win it by the mob would you lied to the american people fail to do is job on track you don't go and sleep in jail for nothing ok he still doesn't have a plane to save this christmas one of the vice presidential debate on al jazeera. from out geria liberia ponderous and cameroon al jazeera world means for writers and performers this wasn't journeys to europe have changed their lives i can't use the force about when it will all fall i'm talking about we we we we are moving
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fleeing persecution seeking a safe haven and creative freedom a hard road from home journalists and activists on al-jazeera. hello i'm in london our main story has been a major escalation in the conflict between un union azerbaijan over the disputed region of no connie karabakh both sides declared martial law and are accusing each other of starting the fighting at least 16 people have been killed and many more injured are going to come back is internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan but it's controlled by armenian forces. the french president emanuel says lebanon's leaders have betrayed their people by failing to form a government that vowed to continue his initiative to save lebanon from collapse the prime minister designate was there for
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a deed quit on saturday after trying for most a month to line up a nonpartisan cabinet. sit in the usual it was has happened over the last few hours and days was clarification on that lebanese political forces and their leaders clearly did not wish to respect the commitments made before france and the international community they decided and i'm forced to make a cruel assessment a month later they decided to betray that commitment in the live in these political forces favored their partisan choices to the determines of the country. just 2 days after being sworn in mani's president has named an interim prime minister a former foreign minister one a totally appointment will end sanctions on the country by west african countries by west african states following a military coup last month. the yemeni government and who feed the rebels a finalize a deal to exchange more than a 1000 prisoners the u.n. special envoy cmin says that's what will happen straight away it's hoped it'll pave
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the way for larger deals. anti-government protests have taken place in egypt for a 7th day concentrated this time in smaller cities at least one person has been killed in the rallies against corruption and data to rewriting economy. police in batteries to fight stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds about 100000 anti-government protesters rallied in minsk it's a 50th straight day of protest since the disputed election last month new york has recorded the highest number of new coronavirus cases in months more than a 1000 new infections were posted for the 1st time since early june cases have been rising in the last few weeks as businesses and schools start to reopen. the 2nd half of our program return of a president coming up next and then the news hour 2100 g.m.t. i'll see you then.
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negotiations have at last and we're on our way to acetic meeting inputs rhianna. and they say the say. the president and the coup leader 100 as for me to preside over the set of hits of states to discuss the real. faculty want to speak from this meeting with actually. you don't know. we do wish dogs know what ok. there's a seal is quite important right now you know so it's not just
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a little missing it's my hope so. you know. if it could go to my house last may you should hear. this on the property just to prove it which. i. didn't draft and it was a show there who should be able to knock it out that made me happy don't do more because your mother has got to see another man live vision dump another guys get. the deal now tell me which of them is new what if you mess up. the tornado nothing but a bus stop a bus like the false starts on the basis of moves the rules is that we have got one fucked among us asking if octomom or food looking. for. the next meeting. once upon
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a time bomb but kept at the bottom of this which i. knew this was the norm this case posted with the phone this is a feature against muslims nothing nothing we give them is to keep them here when you're on the bill if you didn't get it and it was you want to won the vote of any no nothing good enough to. get the money or they will think you know oh you will find with more details and again oh thank goodness i'm still might use it and i would have nothing to follow you and i could end up i think you're looking very much as you want to know she will make the best crude oil on land without a deal yet i just think just a little but you know the metrodome up with this big think about it not to be a good idea. i'm getting late no jacket and yeah you get there get to.
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know jesus. and you put in the trial of being seen as for the city. you have guided us since this morning. don't destroy them just like you do put a bet if you ask. your prayers here today sitting in for a visit all for them. well approach the people want it to.
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be subjective carrier she. only if you will place the interest of your. whole family to be a dual interest. sex organ that is a meeting of heads of states and government of the southern african development community such. as the hives frenzies and i'll put it took a lot of. people in time for political reasons to be allowed to return to the country and condition including my problem and their.
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position could because they have a late edition already. here 6 and they say. we must be more like africa. and that's really the must find their way through freshly painted it. let's see you know now to resend this. for to think of just how this is great that i love this position. because a prisoner of my own no idea if he goes to a match is appropriate but then my feeling is yes isn't that nice you're ok i received my vaccinations to come for a couple of days you forget he's so busy for a 1st date and that we would see the next but i just got up and hopefully we've booked that this week good. fish fish
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a good hands thank you very. quick from might. be better but he's getting worried maybe you know what he's process because. it's just sort of the no fish showed the. trend. i would say for people who are deeply angry. i pretend these news had to freak out. in face to want to have hands on but. if this is all you want about the president's. it's so this responsibility is show the future. so what is there a difference is friends give a chat room and so we don't accept that so we'll say the french troops are going to go and support for a drug they probably think it's game over for the really good is. going to get
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medigap get back to being a productive country instead of being a busted i don't foresee it as a vice i suppose you can still expect big gun is based on music. farce is seeing to read that. that. reality is that they come up and said think of your return to madagascar have to go for the next election the frost no 6 actually. that you will win the next addiction but i'm just asking the question mark if it is like that why don't they approach us. because the real thing is either not even a guess there's any doubt about you just enough to get a good decision suggesting a lot of good ol sam priest gone by a clever man and crazy to feed. it a secret keeping to force. expediency good it ministry and to
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continue to push on is just a lovely said over at a place on think about us. as immediately. going to the soup of the good of the us . you easy wrong you are you and jesus to prove david and the bone. disease end of the world when he goes this is along the 3 known. he's being kept out of the country because of the interests of the small clique of people in the farmhouse and that is just wrong that has to be wrong. and gets 20 people and again jack. don't believe if you don't stack lluvia be glad if you don't any of it was about who should use. the hands remake and most of all
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keep it would not feed because you don't fuck with these would be good if you don't stand. there in tears and process this floor all this is being achieved or love is for music to extend above of all the could at all no i think that done. i actually moved to be taken into politics a guy imposed by friends who are secular shared by them created because even by the nuns at but. it's very deriving people. that you have put in class as an illegal go to share and i just love them trick and i want you to come see him if he's under 5 but they want to transform something illegitimate him do it it was leverage it. was what most needy or is a porsche serial put in power. a
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. recession gives a poor thing a place in the little kids he'd. put it in. to recreate any security guy. but this master creased. well. you can phone people they say you get my phone. i should miss you that it did use it for a little bit i should have soon see if you. think this was. a president thank you kelly. if it's intended. to
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be the same room security that is. anybody is going to be a security going student who can keep the peace because it is to be molded into the evidence of the money donated you know which are new and you're going to be able to you know evolution you continue to make a few good would be should. not enough on them votes on all things that the smears out of not the mother say. i mean they in the back of the brain. that is it is not going to play the bad breath of people who want to hear from. the public that is it up i'm going to live with he can have more of the.
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effect to be able to take up today expect to be able to take up. a $27.00 aborting so i will be a part of all snots is a choice. to speak listening to mr many people. sing to him small simple yes to. see some small.
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live close to the governor i. think most of it is getting. on. to me. to. take action on a. change. to. keep on going on and off. the want to. see. him with. the most realistic feeling yet not. i think absolutely.
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real. locate it. filmy. male 45. they all come about mushing a. good time to clean so to do. nothing but. love all of the political views of the program mother has got.
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to smoke to smoke yes do you smoke know. that incest situation but back when you do think we'll get back within a few days time perspective. of piña what my opinion here so much up in just my opinion such opinion of the president no political liability no the not and. i think that. if we just trust diplomacy. and. we got purses we can never. never. never let. why. because. france has so. many just thinks. enough to prevent us
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to come. in and i was expecting her to. meet 1600. in the. hand-writing that the station agent and their decision. not. to air traffic control there will be kate. and. the boss of the boss' boss to a station. to fulfill. about. the activities not. you must for instance say. to people to react strongly to refuse these things.
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is always remain quiet remain while you remain peaceful. 'd peace initiative is in shatters. 'd i don't think that they will be a democratic. affluent and term creation of a of a properly. elected new regime and. so i think it will be a disaster. in
11:51 pm
the meantime elections have taken place medic aska. neither have i know men or know how to all were allowed to run. 'd too many community community but no action. issue story of my. my country where i've. been so. thank you.
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i look i didn't see the family for help i didn't say. that they are there last night. don't. move.
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soon as they think please don't is there but i think so they think so and they tend to like 60 military some easy around. there and after that they shift to my door bit and the giftes so what'd you do not at all we don't do nothin of you stay like this and they come and there but it doesn't i'm here and there's a gun. it's with risk to do there's no risk is not not that it is nothing for us noticed because if you are scared for risk it's mean the you accept what they do for you. the president says to his dad mrs cabell a man in a hoax the machine will allow the president to attend to funeral. still
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a young jew even tsunami found found opinions found one church saw a. gift on funding and the end of the yeah. it's my mother and i go on the run you're going to go. the same with. some outside of here to khatami's. live. live live. live live. in the.
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middle east and. you know look at where you. see you saw people. still you know play a. different way he she said that's something. you know thank you. if it or not but it ultimately. is a by the by a look see you got. the
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keys to destroy has spoken to the kids they decided to keep in. killing 5 this. poor little princess with him for something. and. put christensen to france. this is the problem but martin poppy problem. into mr kaminski behavior in poor countries. couldn't.
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hello the very cold weather across the southeast of australia should begin to improve slightly across into south australia and victoria areas of new south wales
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and the rain snow well out of the picture really by monday in fact even the cloud beginning to 22 the high in adelaide we just want to show along this coast the southern queensland we've also got the chance want to show into western australia but again it's not looking through tuesday by then though the rain becoming fairly widespread across south australia havea later in the day across areas tools the coast the southeast beginning to push into areas of victoria cross into new zealand it has been a very unpleasant couple of days as we go through monday no real. widespread these very strong winds rain as well that snow also at low levels and tom ridge is really promising 6 celsius in n.v. caudal as we go through tuesday time which is even a little bit lower these very cold winds coming from the south and also a mix of rain and snow across into the north island that we had up towards asia clearing conditions really across much of japan we can't rule out the old shower on
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monday but generally job than it has been meanwhile across the china some heavy rain working its way east would say a whip couple of days in beijing. the simple tough. inform us. the unconventionality of life witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. 2 years after the murder of the saudi journalist. the global demands of transparency continues. to show ever seen justice.
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you can. just see. this is al jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie or watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes martial law declared and reserve forces mobilized amenia and azerbaijan accuse each other of starting a new war in the caucasus. a man who macron accuses lebanese leaders of betraying their people but south sanctions are now. sealed with a shake of hands yemen's warring factions agree on a prisoner exchange.


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