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coronavirus tests again in brazil with another day death toll soaring beyond 1000. this is all it is their life and also coming up. doctors and health workers go on strike in peru as the latin american nation the highest krone virus death per capita in the world. the family of an indian woman who was gang raped and left for dead accuse police of cremating her body without their consent.
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and u.s. airlines appeal for billions more dollars in relief to avoid laying off thousands of workers. brazil has recorded molnar 1000 they leak coronavirus deaths for the 2nd time in a week it brings the total number of fatalities to almost 144000 this tally by johns hopkins university shows brazil is 2nd only to the u.s. for cope with 19 related deaths and 3rd off to india for infections registered cases are approaching 34000000 more than a 1000000 people are known to have died. and we can see here just why the death toll in latin america is causing concern looking at deaths per 100000 of the population peru has the world's worst mortality rate followed by brazil and chile
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underlining why latin america remains the region most affected by the pandemic the un's international labor organization reported wednesday that at least 34000000 jobs have been lost in latin america due to cope with 19 figures for the 3 months to july showed unemployment in brazil rising to 13.8 percent although august showing signs of recovery when a chaotic here is in rio de janeiro she says the government in brazil has downplayed the current of r s. people here have are acting as if brazil had already discovered the vaccine there are they're not social distancing it's been very it's been a very hot season it's winter here in brazil but it's it's really hot and people have been crowded going to the beaches everywhere not wearing masks just going to bars and restaurants there are parties in many of the slums in brasilia the favelas
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there's parties everywhere basically and to so it's people have not been taking the necessary measures to protect themselves from a virus that has killed 40000 people in just 2 months these past 2 months it's a very confusing situation because you have the federal government has always downplayed the virus president variable so not only has called it a little flu although he had it and he recovered fast and he doesn't wear a mask so he sets an example. people in the government don't wear masks either so and every state has a different policy people don't know if schools should open if not if the you should go to the beach if not because there are all these different rules mayors will say one thing governors will say something else the federal government will say something totally different but the fact is that people keep dying. now as we were saying peart neighboring peru has the highest death rate per capita in the
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world and the health service is buckling under the pressure doctors and other health workers are on strike demanding better equipment to fight the spiralling outbreak money or apollo reports. that have been perused capital lima health care workers are on strike. the 48 hour walkout was organized by more than 9000 doctors and other medical professionals employed by the government. that by there are any sacrifice the doctor packs on the streets will translate into better quality of care we're not asking for a pay rise what we're asking for is already demanding for by law and what is an all job. protests over poor working conditions and a shortage of medical supplies began on tuesday as peru's president met at the visited the national university in san marcos where the 1st clinical trials for a potential covert 19 vaccine or being held. we are not here when we are ending
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phase 3 and it's good through was one of the few countries chosen by sign a form to carry out trials of the chinese vaccine and starting next week this johnson and johnson with the united states vaccine and also the astra zeneca vaccine from the united kingdom there is also a german vaccine everyone is willing to do the clinical tests here and that is a good thing because it will mean we know how our own people will react coronavirus cases in peru recently surpassed 800000 which is one of the highest contagion rates in the world and although there are signs the contagion has slowed experts say that self isolation and social distancing are still necessary iliza least risk is thinking that this decrease means that everything ended if people let their guard down the people that have been cautious let their guard down and start to go out they begin to expose themselves we could see what's called a 2nd wave. a lifting of restrictions in the. has also meant cemeteries are now allowing visits from family members who have lost loved ones to the virus peru has
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recorded more than 32000 deaths from hope at 19 representing the 3rd highest death toll in latin america but ended up a little al-jazeera. the world health organization is aging more countries to join its global vaccine plan it wants to deliver at least $2000000000.00 doses by the end of next year the program so far has received $3000000000.00 but needs another $35000000000.00 the government well that's the family that if the vote is maybe 3 days of dollars to respond to the socio economic impact of the crisis in their own country surely we can invest a small fraction of that to stop the spread of disease everywhere i call in all countries and partners to see if we can please step out in the next 3 months to provide much needed new additional resources who will be allies on partners and to put everybody behind the global responsibility. to the united states largest
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airlines are asking thousands of employees to go and leave as politicians struggle to agree on a new coronavirus relief bill american airlines is following 900000 workers and united airlines more than 13000 the trumpet ministration has proposed including a $20000000000.00 tension in aid for the industry and a new stimulus to proposal to house democrats hoping for a very counter proposal and for a possible stimulus bill to get passed or at least an serious negotiations to be signaled this afternoon so it's crazy tomorrow i'm unemployed and today and i'm waiting for congress to do something if there's 100000 workers who are facing being out of work as of thursday and those are on various statuses but 100000 people immediately facing being out of work and many of them losing their health care as well. the head of the u.s. federal aviation administration has conducted an evaluation of flight
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a boeing is raef 737 max and liner that was grounded after crashes in ethiopia and indonesia f.a.a. chief steve dickson says he liked what he saw but wasn't ready to give the jet a green light the flight was a key part of boeing's quest to persuade the agency to lift its grounding oda both crashes that killed 346 people within 5 months have been blamed on and on an automated and he still system the f.a.a. . and i in particular will not approve the plane for return to passenger service until i'm satisfied that we adequately addressed all of the known safety issues that played a role 'd in the tragic loss of 346 wives aboard line or flight 60 if you open or launch flight through 2. indian police are being accused of cremating
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the body of a teenage girl against her family's wishes the 19 year old died after alleged gang rape it's provoked renewed anger of the sexual violence in india and against the country's call system under schapelle reports. the women of this village have turned to each other for comfort during a difficult time they're mourning the death of a daughter and a sister 19 year old was tortured and gang raped in india's bitter pradesh state her body was discovered by family members before she died of her injuries on tuesday. after that they say the police made their suffering worse. cremating her body in the middle of the night against their wishes these pictures of her funeral pyre have further angered the local community in a case that shocked the nation. after the post-mortem was done in delhi we didn't even know that a body was sent home we were not asked for any approval late in the night that will forcing us to perform the last rites we requested their latest take go home so a family members could see oh for one last time they didn't pay any heed to our
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request and performed her last rites we want justice we want strict legal action against them and we demand kept all punishment for the accused. local police say they had the family's approval they've deployed officers around the area to maintain calm but the community is demanding justice know none of it victims families say they want those responsible to face the death penalty. the teenager's identity is protected by law but members of her community too often are not she was a doll it's a so-called untouchable and india's controversial caste system all the suspects are from an upper caste living right next door police have arrested 4 men in connection with the attack that's led to protest prime minister narendra modi has called for strict action against the accused as quickly as possible but many have accused his hindu nationalists b j p government of not protecting vulnerable communities or of this government is against the poor minorities labor is. all of them marginalize 6 years of society
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they are against those who are suffering this slogan of removing poverty is all about. the state's chief minister yogi adik spoke to the victim's father on wednesday through video link this case is a reminder of a similar attack in 2012 when a 23 year old medical student died after being gang raped on a bus in delhi the attack prompted outrage and protests across india 4 men were executed for the crime earlier this year and laws were changed to provide further protection but it appears many women especially those in poor communities still face the same risks. al-jazeera. international says guinea's government has felt to hold security forces to account for a violent crackdown on protestors demonstrations began in october last year when president alpha condé announced plans to run for a 3rd term this wasn't allowed at the time but he had the constitution changed and amnesty report says at least 50 people were killed during the protests and dozens
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held in detention. police are out in force in hong kong to deter protests on china's national day. there were small demonstrations earlier on thursday bigger rallies are expected later despite warnings against public gatherings because of coronavirus restrictions it's the 1st national day since beijing imposed a contentious national security law on hong kong last year the 70th anniversary brought face clashes between protesters and the police. a flag raising ceremony has been held on the shores of hong kong's victoria harbor to mark china's national day chief executive kerry was among those attending she said the new security law will be implemented without any hesitation so you know we don't pull funds he said no matter how severe some foreign governments holding double standards are going to level unjustified accusations against the authorities in charge of implementing the
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national security law or aggressively imposing further sanctions against the hong kong officials who are responsible for safeguarding national security i in my relevant colleagues will continue to discharge our duty to safeguard national security in accordance with the law without fear or anxiety sarah clarke is in hong kong with more on how the national security law is affecting demonstrations this year. it's had a huge impact on the protests in hong kong china introduced that national security legislation on july 1st since then we've only seen about 30 arrests under that new legislation but those people who have been arrested are some of the more high profile pro-democracy leaders now that legislation was clearly introduced to deter those protests as it has had a huge result it's targeting those who are promoting acts of secession foreign interference and anyone promoting anti mainland sentiment and those who do get charged could face penalties of up to life in prison so police have also denied the approval of all protests and recent months and particularly since july 1st so
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they've been very few demonstrations taking part at the last little while but there's a huge police presence in hong kong on those and of course those national security though it looms over today's celebrations but certainly call glitches forced trading on the tokyo stock exchange to be suspended officials say the problem is with the system the relays markets information i couldn't say when it would be fixed previous outages have happened when the electronic trading platform became overwhelmed with too many orders at once. still ahead on al-jazeera. i want to the most wanted suspects in the rwandan genocide is to be handed over to the un for trial. and a warm welcome for the new a mayor of kuwait as the late ruler shakes. is laid to rest.
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hello we've got the usual hazy sunshine across much of the middle east and showers just around the black sea around the caspian sea a little bit more cloud to just rolling across to say some what the weather a possibility here a little speckling of showers from time to time a very hit and miss across iran not too much to speak of but you see that wetter weather just around the armenia and azerbaijan georgia could become a little more widespread as we go on through friday for the south a fine and dry chad just around the southern end of the red sea but nothing too much to speak of phania showers across the heart of africa mainly staying to the west of the rest but there chills are some showers that eastern parts of kenya around the coastal fringes showers to a possibility it's a certain areas of tanzania over the next couple of days where that making its way towards uganda and that western weather continuing all the way over towards cameron
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and gabon to the south of that well it's not too bad but it's not clear all the way we have got some wetter weather just around that eastern side of south africa some very heavy downpours a possibility here over the next day or so the southern cape also seeing some wetter weather and that's going to fringe across southern and eastern parts for friday. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very trained for this would be privatization on anybody they really feel. those people who see every 2 years something to invest the profit of they want all up to the last drop on al-jazeera.
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they're watching out is there a reminder of our top stories this hour. brazil has registered more north aus and daily coronavirus test for the 2nd time in a week it brings the total number of fatalities there to around 143002nd only to the united states. health workers in peru have been protesting to demand better equipment. the country has the highest death rate per capita in the world. police are out in force in hong kong to deter protests on china's national that have been small demonstrations earlier on thursday but bigger rallies could take
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place later. more than 50 women in the democratic republic of congo have accused aide workers of sexually abusing them the allegations were made against staff employed by the world health organization and other n.g.o.s reports say the abuse happened during the recent outbreak that ended this year the w.h.o. says it's investigating malcolm webb's following this story for us from the kenyan capital nairobi more than 50 women reported incidences in the report and they were describing incidences such as being ambushed in hospitals or into hotel rooms where aid workers would demand sex for jobs will threaten to terminate contracts if they refused. a lot of the jobs in question were for cooks or cleaners people being paid about 50 or $100.00 a week to understand this in a context where there are almost no formal jobs one of the allegations was from
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a polish survivor whose husband had been killed by the disease and she alleges that she was drugged and believes that she was raped in one of these hotels where the operations were being run from most of the allegations are against foreign male workers 30 of the 15 question again workers of the un's world health organization others are against workers from congo his ministry of health and some of the other international organizations that were part of that response. i mean here in azerbaijan is that leaders are resisting growing international pressure to end their conflict over the disputed region of. french president emmanuel mccraw and russia's vladimir putin have joined calls for a cease fire a civilian and military casualties belt robin forestay walker reports from tbilisi . this is
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nicole no care about deadly new war films by news site am on the armenian front lines. there are. you can hear the sound of a drone. soldiers desperately trying to shoot down. a median forces have dug in but as a by john says this war will end only with the return of the disputed territory. the cost of that war so far the numbers of azeri dead and wounded is a secret known only to the as their leadership. we have only one condition armenia must leave our lands if the armenian government complies with this agreement the fighting will stop there will be no bloodshed there will be peace peace will come to our region these images show what armenians defense ministry claims is one of its fighter aircraft shot down by a turkish f.
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16 over armenian airspace on wednesday armenia went even further it accused turkey of actually controlling aerial combat operations a charge as a by your own in turkey both strenuously deny but turkey certainly gives moral support to what it sees as its turkish speaking brother in arms. that is a dangerous game says president emanuel mccrum of france another mediator between the 2 sides. at this stage i remain extremely cautious but we know it's an extremely volatile situation that said i have noted turkey's political declarations in favor of azerbaijan which i think are inconsiderate and dangerous france as part of the minsk group which requires the impartiality which explains my caution remains extremely concerned by the warlike messages coming from turkey in the last few hours which essentially remove any of us are by johns in his visions and
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reconquering the garneau card and now we want to accept. more men gather outside conscription offices to sign up for battle does it it is there is no there is no fear and country needs us will go as far as necessary for our country. many of these reservists weren't even born when azerbaijan lost to armenian separatists in the 1990 s. now they're on their way to fight for a land medians and deserve hold the kid we were waiting for this day i hope will liberate karabakh i hope all our soldiers return safely. these are the hellish conditions they will face on the front. high tech heavy weaponry with old fashioned trench warfare. that shows no sign of renouncing. robin 1st to walk a mile to syria tbilisi. rockets have been fired at an iraqi airport where u.s.
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troops are stationed 6 rockets landed near the airport in erbil there are no reports of major damage or casualties kurdish security forces have blamed the popular localization forces a paramilitary group with close ties with iran. france's highest court has ruled that a suspect in the rwandan genocide can be sent to tanzania to face trial at a un backed court. is accused of helping to finance members of the hutu tribe it killed 800002 seize and moderate hutus in 1994 he's been held in a french jail since his arrest at his home outside of paris earlier this year. natasha butler has more from paris there has been so you know so many people have waited to see police. finally sent to trial more than a quarter of a century he spent at large on the run evading the justice system until maybe when
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he was caught by french police in an apartment block in the paris suburb. so the highest court in france has decided the police or could be can be handed over to when custody that will pave the way for him to peace and return tanzania to face that trial in an international court he is accused of being the main finance their wanton genocide of funding the ethnic hutu militias that killed more than 800000. to seize and moderate. it is as i said for those survivors a really big moment he was one of the world's most wanted men police and computers more is had wanted him to face trial in for had said that he was all these a man in his eighty's and that he is frail his health is no longer very good and they would he wouldn't be able to cope with being sent to reship it seems the
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friend who decided against that they decided he can indeed be extradited. israel's parliament has passed new legislation banning large scale political protests during the coronavirus lockdown demonstrators have been calling on prime minister benjamin netanyahu to step down but he's blaming the rallies for a rise in infections hairy false reports from western. bad tempered debate in israel's parliament the knesset ran through the night because he wasn't going to give up on those eventually this most controversial element of the country's 2nd 1000 locked down limiting protests to 20 people at most a kilometer from their homes it was voted through at 4 30 in the morning. earlier a convoy of protesters circled the knesset while hundreds gathered on foot making the most of what would turn out to be their last legal opportunity during lockdown to call together for the resignation of a prime minister on trial for corruption today the last day of democrats in ukraine
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to try to work with the democrat to move the ball like they were. again in the war in iraq for. 4 months now these protests have been a physical manifestation of the political pressure that benjamin netanyahu is under there is no question that he wants them over his case is that large gatherings such as this can't be justified during a lockdown to combat a pandemic. on saturday night netanyahu released this video emphasizing the necessity of the restrictions and admitting he was mistaken to ease them so quickly at the end of the 1st lockdown he also tweeted an image of a near empty western wall at a time just before the jewish holy day of young q poor when it would usually be packed with worshippers the message that people shouldn't be able to protest together if they can't pray together isn't entirely his israel's powerful ultra-orthodox politicians unwilling for their voters to be singled out so they
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wouldn't support a national lockdown unless protests were included he's cave. into pressure the ultra-orthodox are doing it using it a little bit cynically to rally their own base because a 3rd of all new cases are coming out of the ultra-orthodox who represent less than 10 percent of the israeli population and the real problem is in buildings the problem is enduring prayers people singing people singing loud that's been proven. last saturday protest is confronted police in the latest of weeks of demonstrations near netanyahu efficient residents if they returned this saturday the very presence would be breaking the law. westerners. kuwait's lates rula shakes. has been laid to rest and then you may shake no off. has been sworn in as the gulf nation observes 40 days of mourning. revolts. as he arrived at the national assembly to be sworn in kuwait's amir received
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a standing ovation. now waffle amadis off the half brother of the late amir took the oath making him the 6th leader since the country gained independence is to the local in ice with respect the constitution and the state's laws and to protect the rights of the people and their interests according to kuwait's constitution the parliaments must approve the appointment of a new leader it was a somber occasion to as the new leader struggled to contain his sadness at the passing of a leader loved by many in the law or the woman who had been soprano who made the law if an anomaly to ensue of shortly after the swearing in the body of ship. arrived from the us where he was being treated before he passed. to have a funeral was then held at the main mosque in the front row paying his respects was the emir of qatar shift i mean been head of the fanny kuwait has been one of the house closest friends in recent years under the stewardship of the late shift the
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country positioned itself as a mediator a peacemaker and a source of stability in a volatile region many hope shared no wife will do the same. the color of the quickie foreign policy will continue to be the same and that is see that the region continues to be in peace and through conflict to be a result of dialogue we may see a small change in style. you know between shifts and what because they're 2 different people and we might see a small difference in style but i think the. fundamentals and accord if you like and the drives of. policy will continue to be the same but there are challenges to that the new amir must tackle once the morning has ended kuwait has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and has the worst budget deficits in its history it also needs to diversify its economy away from its reliance on oil production that's
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83 years old the new amir has been serving in senior leadership positions for more than half a century including his minister of interior and minister of defense how should i know what comes to me tweets challenges is yet to be known but many would look to his choice of every parent and prime minister to indicate what sorts of direction he intends to take. i would just say you know. i'm running hard and with the headlines on al-jazeera brazil has recorded more than the 1000 daily coronavirus deaths for the 2nd time in a week it brings the total number to nearly 143002nd only t.v. nights and stay.


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