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and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter. when you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. calls for a ceasefire ignored to armenia and azerbaijan continue to face off in a car back with reports that fighters from syria now join the battle. you know i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program. engulfed by anger protests
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across india over the gang rape and death of 2 women from the dalai community. the e.u. formally launches legal action against the u.k. over its plans to breach parts of the brics it divorce agreement and scores of arrested in hong kong even as new laws and coronavirus restrictions cause protesters to create. global come to the program we begin with the conflict between azerbaijan and armenia and the disputed nagorno-karabakh region where it's alleged syrian fighters have now joined the battle that france and russia are saying they have evidence the fight has traveled through turkey to join the fight on behalf of azerbaijan adorn a car by his internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan but it's controlled by on media and separatists a flare up in fighting over the past week is the deadliest for years robin foresee
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a walker reports. the spoils of war shown by as every public television of a 1000000 tanks and other hardware proof the army says of terror troops taken in the disputed legal mccann about reaching all of the reilly believing our need to learn from the enemy we see several pieces of enemy heart of there and drove them to our military bases currently the fighting continues we are liberating our lands from occupation more videos released on thursday show the unrelenting destruction from the air drones targeting armenian guns and military convoys the region is officially part of azerbaijan but it's run by separatist medians. it has taken 6 days for world leaders to jointly call for armenia and azerbaijan to return to peace talks known as the minsk process with a warning from french president emmanuel mccrone for turkey to cease its
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involvement in the conflict this is a pretty dark we have information today that is very clear that indicates that fighters from syria have left their their members of jihadist groups and they travelled via gaziantep to join the fighting in the going to karabakh turkish president richard tayyip erdogan has pledged azerbaijan his country's full support and says the time for $26.00 is over. given that these 3 mints countries the us russia and france have neglected this problem for nearly 30 years it's unacceptable that they are involved in a search for a ceasefire in the face of these negative developments that came to surface in recent days but if something is wanted the invaders should leave these lands in order to achieve a solution the true gains or losses being made on the battlefield you know this armenian military video suggests its forces are resisting and in some cases
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retaking lost positions but what is known is that the violence continues to injure and kill civilians in the town of marjah tonight on thursday as ery shelling a few 102 french journalists from the moment one is now critical condition for a steelworker out is here. well beyond its methods to panic nagorno-karabakh he says that neither side in the conflict is willing to negotiate at this point. i mean his defense ministry says that on thursday morning and azerbaijani helicopter was shot down by them and then went on to crash in iranian territory and then there was shelling on thursday afternoon into the go no karabakh territory and it was during that shelling in a town called martini that a local journalist was killed and he was working with 2 french journalists from lamond newspaper and one of those journalists was also seriously injured i mean is
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the prime minister nicolle says that he believes turkey is sending fighters from syria and mercenaries from syria to fight alongside the azerbaijani forces and he now says that the front line in the gone or karabakh has become a clash of civilizations and a battle of survival an art suck that's what the armenians call nagorno-karabakh is fighting against international terrorism sponsored by turkey so no mood certainly from the armenian side to look towards a cease fire in talks at this stage. well one of the top stories this hour protests are taking place across india over the gang rapes and subsequent deaths of 2 women from the marginalized dalat community police prevented opposition politicians from traveling to the site of one of the attacks and emergency laws have also been imposed after clashes erupted after one of the victims cremation sara hierarch has
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more. as news spreads of the gang rape in the death of a 2nd woman from the daleks community these protesters try hard to enter the village where the 1st victim was from but it's now under lockdown emergency law was brought in on thursday after days of demonstrations. we have section one for 4 of the indian penal code active in the district right now which means we are not allowing an assembly of more than 5 people. to. police went on to detain leader of the opposition congress party rahul gandhi and his sister as they tried to get into hatteras village to meet the victim's family. the police officials pushed me hit me with states right now when i fell down i'm not saying anything about that i have no problem i am only asking this question than india only be an artist people can walk on the road can't govern people not walk in this country only more they can walk i cannot comment for the not walk the the latest victim was
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a 22 year old who died on tuesday on our way to a hospital in luck now in the northern states of winter pradesh the same day as the 19 year old 1st victim died off to spending 2 weeks in a hospital in delhi police say they've made arrests in both cases and if denied accusations by the family the 1st victim of committing a body without their permission ok separate cases have reignited protests across several states and online demanding justice for victims of sexual violence. if he yogi at atlanta can't protect women that it's better that he should voluntarily step down and resign he can't run the government. if the uttar pradesh government is on the women's side then why of rapes happening every other day every other day there are sexual assaults and other crimes happening to women we will teach this government a lesson not only did both women live in the same state but they were also both from the dallas community marginalized being at the bottom of india's deeply
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entrenched cost system despite rules protecting what were formerly known as the untouchables they face daily discrimination for generations so those so-called made him a mainstream society regards this actual violence against augusta woman as a serious issue but when it happens to or a low cost woman they are trying to predict their past just in the past right now not coming out as new would come for an upper class woman for instance in the us her head was used she was brutalized she was in the hospital but she was not given to build proper medical care the issue of sexual violence against women has been under the spotlight in india since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a woman in delhi which led to huge nationwide protests and changes to the country's great throws but this time protesters say it's hasn't been enough to protect these 2 women in a to pradesh sort of hired al-jazeera. britain's
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exit from the european union might have just become even more complicated formal talks to hammer out a trade deal by december 31st deadline are set to conclude on friday but now the e.u. is launching legal action against the u.k. of a plans to breach parts of the brics it divorce agreement a letter of formal notice has been sent to the british government which has a month to now respond it could eventually lead to a case in the european court of justice the disagreement centers around a bill in the british parliament which would violate international law if passed it could ignore trade rules involving northern ireland brics it is one of the topics that leaders from the bloc of discussed during a summit that is taking place in brussels this morning the commission has decided to send a letter formal notice to the u.k. government this is the 1st step in an infringement procedure. the letter invites the u.k. government to send its observations within
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a month. and besides this the commission will continue to work hard towards a full and timely implementation of the withdrawal agreement we stand by our commitments out there as paul brennan has more on this now from westminster. the last line of the lane statement i thought was important we stand by our commitments she said and i think that goes to the crux of the exhaust ration that the european union is feeling having seen the british sides in the negotiations essentially go back on the pre-agreed terms of the withdrawal agreement and having given the british 3 weeks to amend the internal markets bill and by the end of september with take out those controversial clauses the fact that they didn't meant it was inevitable that on the 1st of october underlaying would have to come out with this statement whether it will inevitably mean a day in court is by no means a foregone conclusion there are plenty of ways that this can be avoided 1st of all
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the british can relent and one route is through the agreements of the free trade agreement before the end of the transition period and the fact that they're still talking they're still negotiating in brussels i think is a good sign whether they can do it in time though is another matter the british have set a deadline of the 15th of october the european union i think believes that's unrealistic and things early to mid november is more likely but the fact that they're still talking i think is a positive sign and it's not to get an absolute foregone conclusion that the 2 sides will face each other in some massive day in court. aiding russian opposition figure alexina valley is accused president not in a position of ordering his poisoning of ali was released from about in hospital last week after treatment for a nerve agent attack he collapsed on a fly in russia's siberia region in august and an interview with german media on thursday vali claimed putin was behind the attack the kremlin has repeatedly denied
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any involvement. more than 80 people as been arrested in hong kong after defying a ban on protests erast came during china's national day holiday which marks the founding of the people's republic 71 years ago adrian brown has more. under the shadow of covert 19 and deepening concerns over a new security law this was a subdued national day for many people here but at a ceremony attended by hong kong's political elite the territories leader kerry lam said the legislation had brought stability for host family over the past 3 months the plain truth is and it is obvious to see that stability has been restored to society while national security has been safeguarded under people can continue to enjoy their basic rights and freedoms in accordance with the law. some not on the
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guest list try to stage a demonstration outside the venue. a protest that was quickly extinguished by police. on a day when they were braced for trouble riot officers sealed off a busy shopping area ready to act quickly to stamp out any signs of unrest they'd earlier denied permission for a march citing covert 19 and the potential for violence you cannot have well organized that lead today but i think most of the hong kong people will come at this with to express their anger. there were many arrests taking to more than 10000 the number of people detained in protests since last june the combined effect of the new security law plus social distancing measures means we've seen no repeat of the mass protests of a year ago conventional demonstrating in hong kong is now effectively over with the
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movement behind the protests continues so people have had to become more creative in how they protest like displaying the newspaper most critical of the government there was some overt resistance with heckling. and chanting of pro independence slogans. in the chinese capital beijing the mood was very different not a mosque in sight at a ceremony in tiananmen square a mask of the ring that would be hard to imagine in many other countries today and a reminder of how life in china is returning to normal a weeklong holiday is likely to be a test though of the country's success in controlling the virus adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. well police in southern egypt have reportedly shot and killed a man while making an arrest during protests this is video from the our media area
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and looks all security forces have been deployed in large numbers to crackdown on demonstrations and rest follows nearly a week of rallies across several egyptian cities protests that have been calling for president abdel fatah sisi to step down you have on him as an egyptian journalist and author he says that people in the south including in locks are have long been neglected by the government they have grown over hundreds of years this culture of personal than that. that that that part of the country and its population have been neglected over dk that's no development nothing they will lift out with poverty and they have been taking care of themselves for decades and that's why be indifferent to what's happening in the rest of the country but now when be for it is when the police force they adopt such violent violent means to deal with those that part of the population and they feel
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personally insulted and i'm afraid what's coming up is going to be worse. so i have for you on the program all special cases rising you don't downs in fresh work from home or has european nations rattled by strengthening coronavirus such. forced labor and worker exploitation why malaysian company has been banned from selling its products in the u.s. . how low we've got some proper or some weather sweeping into western pa so if you have a spike ling a shallot cloud rattling in cross the british isles and then we go they say areas of low pressure swirling in from the alliance a lego bricks a very heavy rain and some very very strong winds into parts of northwest say the
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worst of those conditions could see around 5060 maybe 70 millimeters of rain from this system and the way in the script in excess of 100 kilometers prasad damaging winds power outages trees down that's certainly a possibility as some heavy rain also coming in across the good parts of southern england same area of low pressure you can think of as one system radius swirling away and then anticlockwise direction so picking up warm moist air from that western side of the mediterranean and we'll see quite a rash of thunderstorms into southeastern france pushing across northern italy on into switzerland we're moving a little further east which as we go through saturday becoming a little more widespread across northern parts pushing across a good part all of england at also into scotland eventually pushing of the tool scandinavia at this stage bright skies then the across southern parts of europe will areas of africa largely dry and brought the further south every show us the
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west africa. 2 planes came from. a year and 15 check you know or tell mr your mom how. far it is possible to fully clean the premises off and skeletons but what you don't leave is evidence that you have fully clean some mystery wanted to give him with it from start to speak about the old. before even the saudi government just jamal khashoggi murder in a saudi consulate on al-jazeera. come
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back and look at the headlines for you now france and russia say they have evidence syrian fighters have now joined the battle of a new gorn a car about a flare up in fighting between our azerbaijan and armenia of the disputed region this past week has been the deadliest in decades have been protests across india over the gang rapes and subsequent deaths of 2 women for the mark from the marginalised down it community emergency laws of also have been imposed in the country and the european union is not unique in action against the u.k. over plans to breach parts of the brics it divorce agreement letter a formal notice has been sent to the british government the case could wind up in the european court of justice. well now facebook has taken further steps to prevent its platforms are being exploited in the run up to the us election political ads that seek to deal with just some lies the result of been banned from the facebook and instagram platforms
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they include articles that suggest there's widespread voting fraud or ads that attack a particular method of voting during tuesday's televised debate with democratic challenger joe biden president all trumps at the election in november will be rigged. but questions are also still being raised about the president's performance during that debate on tuesday particularly his response to questions over his position on white supremacy came up again at thursday's press briefing at the white house so let's get out of there is can really help it because she is across the story kimberly how did the white house approach it today. well if you thought the 1st presidential debate was bad you should have seen the white house press briefing today i was in it and had the opportunity to hear what it times was . difficult to hear both question and answer as reporters and the press secretary kind of talked on top of each other and here's why that happened the one of the reporters in fact the fox news reporter in the briefing room asked if the press
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secretary kaley mcenaney would definitively on ambiguously and without the flexion . condemn white supremacy and the k.k.k. because the feeling is in the united states that the president has kind of been on both sides of the fence on this issue so to set the matter straight they were asking for a very firm clear declarative statement the press secretary wouldn't do this instead she referred to the president's statements including his statement in the debate where when asked to condemn he said sure but then went on to tell a group known as the proud boys to stand by or stand down so this was where the point of contention went back and forth between reporters saying that the president's record on this is mixed but the white house press secretary once again refused to have kind of a definitive answer the one that reporters were looking for and that's what led to the conflict and the hostilities really how the
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president. well it could hurt the president in that this is an america that's divided and right now the president seems to be playing both sides it's very clear that this president is looking to try and win over voters of color what he's done is he's tried to say look at before the pandemic we had historically low unemployment for key minority groups latinos african-americans but the problem is they want to see this clear declarative statement they feel the president has not done that the press secretary had the opportunity and also failed to do so and so what the president now really is that risk of is maybe alienating both groups the both groups he is trying to attract that being those that would support those type of policies which many would say are racist and those that are voters of color so 2 this is a president that's behind in the polls by last count it was by 8 percent he needs
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every voter in order to try and hang on to votes he has he's at risk of losing the ones he's trying to attract thank you i went house correspondent can we can bully. there's been a potential breakthrough between israel and lebanon and if it and a decades long border dispute countries have agreed to hold the u.n. mediated talks the u.s. secretary of state has described the development as historic and hunter reports. gaz an oil reserves believed to be underneath these waters may soon be exploited lebanon and israel have long contested the 860 square kilometers of water the neighboring countries which are technically at war have agreed to talk with u.n. support and the united states acting as a mediator is a significant political development that was announced by parliamentary speaker nabi bertie but he reiterated lebanon's longstanding position that there won't be a deal unless land borders are demarcated along with the maritime border line
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followed by minute who would like to go to the united states was asked by both sides israel and lebanon to act as a me buteux and facilitator to drop them any time orders and it is ready to do this this is a framework agreement not a final one the timing of the agreement raised questions since a common desire to exploit offshore oil and gas deposits in the mediterranean has failed to resolve differences for years the iranian backed hezbollah which fought wars with israel in the past softened its stance it's the most powerful group in lebanon which has publicly entrusted its ally speaker betty with the file this definitely would not have happened without the support of his wife that's for sure now got 2 main reasons for why we've seen the negotiation one is lebanon is very much in need to actually start exporting from block 9 which is the south and i think you took french pressure because it's going to be eating this they're probably forced to actually do solve this issue and number 2 what are the prospects
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of sanctions by the americans the united states which has been shuttling between the 2 countries for years claim to credit for what it called a historic agreement president donald trump can use this as a diplomatic win as he seeks reelection the u.s. has just brokered deals between israel and the u.a.e. and behind but lebanon so officials insist this agreement can't be seen within that framework they say. it's not about normalization nor is it a step towards a broader political agreement and lebanon will change its attitude toward israel but some argue that has already happened an implicit recognition of what many here consider and be certain for their beirut europe's worst infection hotspot right now madrid is going to head into lockdown in less than 48 hours but the local government is vying to challenge it self governing region initially backed out of spain's plan to impose a partial lockdown on wednesday but the trades leader isabel diaz
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a used is now reluctantly agree to a baby order although she still says her ministration plans to launch a legal challenge. and then sweden could be on the cusp of a covert $1000.00 resurgence recording its highest daily rise in infection number since june country which famously chose not to enforce a full scale lockdown during the pandemic reported more than 700 new infections on thursday the highest number since june and sweden registered just over 800 cases the early 6000 people in sweden have died from the virus countries death rate the capital is several times higher than its nordic neighbors. united states has banned palm oil imports from a malaysian company after an investigation into alleged forced labor the company says it is disappointed with the move and has been actively trying to fix the situation but palm oil producers have long faced allegations from rights groups over labor and human rights abuses palm oil is the world's most consumed vegetable oil it's estimated to be in close to 50 percent of the package supermarket goods as
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well as cosmetics and bio diesel plantations cover more than 27000000 hectares of the surface almost the size of new zealand the plant grows best in a tropical climate meaning large tracts of rainforest have been turned have been bulldozed to make way for it around $65000000000.00 of palm oil is produced globally every year 85 percent of that comes from indonesia and malaysia about 84 percent of palm plantation workers in malaysia are migrants from indonesia india and bangladesh florence louie has more on this now from kuala lumpur. the world's most widely consumed vegetable oil palm oil is found in half of all consumer products from food to biofuel it's also been blamed for deforestation with companies accused of clearing huge tracts of forest for plantations and now one of the world's biggest palm oil producing company malaysia based energy holdings has
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been accused of mistreating its employees the u.s. has blocked imports of palm oil and palm oil products from the company after a year long investigation by its customs and border protection agency found cases of abuse deception and intimidation of workers. has issued a statement saying it's disappointed by the u.s. decision and that it's been taking steps over the past few years to uphold my best bandit's this is not the 1st time the company has been criticized for labor abuse 2 years ago it was sanctioned by the round table on sustainable palm oil a world certification group that promotes ethical production of palm oil for among other things forced labor and complicity in the trafficking of its workers rights activists in malaysia say the exploitation of workers is a widespread problem in the industry so we have seen. wage. illegal beats. from the work. it's not renewed on time
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sometimes. because of this but it's really. the use of i work how you work right. bill asia is the world's 2nd largest palm oil producer off to indonesia the 2 countries combined to produce 85 percent of the global supply malaysia's human resources minister told reporters the government views the allegations seriously and action would be taken but did not give further details the us import band comes a year after rights groups called on f g v to be investigated over concerns about forced labor and human trafficking on its plantations and it's not the only malaysian pommelled producer undisclosed to me and he trafficking groups that led to the petition to u.s. authorities in april against another malaysian based plantation company florence
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louis al jazeera. just one bit of news to bring you about subway subway restaurants famous for their savory sandwiches but island says they are too sweet the country's supreme court claims the rolls contain too much sugar to be legally considered bread the ruling was made in a case about how the bread is taxed in ireland it means the roles offered by the u.s. chain which has branches in more than $100.00 countries can't be deemed a staple food an island. is a quick look at headlines now france and russia say they have evidence that syrian fighters have joined the battle of in a corner car back they believe the fight has traveled through turkey to join the fight on behalf of azerbaijan are going to care about his internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan but it's controlled by armenian separatists a flare up in fighting over the past week is the deadliest in decades there have
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been protests across india over the gang rapes and subsequent deaths of 2 women from the lodging line.


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