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i saw man kill next to his son i have only once in my life seen. one of the bosnian war as darkest secrets. to count on al-jazeera. donald trump and 1st lady test positive for cave at 19 the white house says the president is experiencing mild symptoms. we have a president that. is not only on the job or made on the job. i'm optimistic that he'll have a very quick and speedy. this is al jazeera line from doha also coming up trumps campaigning is now on hold what does this mean for the election and his battle with joe biden. also the media says
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it could be open to a ceasefire as fighting rages in the disputed are going to occur about. crowns in india defy a ban on protesters anger grows over the gang rape murder. so that the white house says the donald trump is in isolation and is experiencing mild coded 1900 officials are now rushing to find those the president has come in close contact with in the past few days the 1st lady and a senior aide have also tested positive a month out from election day there's new uncertainty over the campaign. the president does have miles sent to him and as as we look to try to. make sure that not only his health and safety and welfare is good we continue to
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look at that for all of the american people he he continues to be not only in good spirits but very energetic we've talked a number of times this morning where the 1st lady has also has also mauled coronavirus symptoms however she said in a tweet that she's feeling good and thank people for their concern and let's cross now to alan fischer who's at the white house and they've been scrambling all night and all morning in that building behind with the latest. of course is a political embarrassment for a president who said they were running the corner on covert in just a couple of weeks ago said that no one actually gets it that's the building behind me were here is self isolating at the moment that's the residence of the white house the oval office the west wing that's down to my left but that is where he is at the moment in one of the many rooms that they have where you can self isolate watching the media coverage of the reports of him catching covert maybe
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a watch of this one from my colleague kimberly hawke at the shocking news came in a late night tweet from the white house president donald trump wrote tonight the 1st lady and i tested positive for coded 19 we will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately we will get through this together it's not known how despite elaborate precautions and caustic coronavirus testing of white house officials the press corps and others in contact with trump how he contracted the virus but earlier one of trump's aides hope pics was confirmed to have tested positive. hicks a company trump to the debate in cleveland ohio on tuesday trump phoned into a fox television program on thursday and talked about hicks having been exposed it's a tough kind of a situation it's
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a terrible bank so i just went for it and we'll see what happens i mean who knows the white house physician sean conley said trump and the 1st lady are both well at this time that the white house medical team will maintain a vigilant watch molony a trump later tweeted we are feeling good trump has several risk factors the put him in danger of complications from covert 19 he's in his mid seventy's and overweight. we have to wait for the next few days. some people get really sick with you know some people don't get sick until week after and so we have to really be careful in this situation travis declined to wear a mask on many occasions looting at rallies where many of his supporters also scorned wearing a mask his entourage including family members went without masks at the tuesday
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debate trump even ridiculed democratic candidate joe biden for wearing a mask as recommended by virtually all public health experts i don't wear masks like him every time you see me got a mask he could be speaking 200 feet away from it he shows up with the biggest mask i've ever seen if trump became seriously ill and was unable to carry out his duties the constitution provides for vice president mike pence to take over temporarily pence said he is praying for trump's recovery and on friday tested negative for covert nighty there can be no spin you can be you know harbor ups there has to be clear understanding of what is going on with this person this president united states because otherwise he's not a passage to take care of the business he will have to be by the 25th amendment transition has to occur. but a glaring question now is how the news will affect trump's reelection campaign he's
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already trailing nationally in certain key swing states it would seem the truck can ill afford to stay out of commission for a quarantine period of 2 weeks trump joins other world leaders including brazil's president and the u.k. prime minister who have also contracted the virus worldwide the death toll from cope with 19 has exceeded 1000000 can really help al-jazeera the white house. so i mean just hang on there for a moment it was a lot of people as you can imagine have been talking about this a lot of key people as you might expect house speaker nancy pelosi said that she's waiting for test results after having had a test and hopes the president's on this brings about a change in policy towards the disease this is tragic it's very sad but it also is something that. is going into crowds unmasked and all the rest this is sort of
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a brazen invitation for something like this to happen it's sad that it did but nonetheless hopeful that it will be a transition to a saner approach to what this virus is all about. the white house you do wonder about what's going to happen next especially in the context of the election which is what 30 odd days away. well there's a great deal of contact tracing going on at the moment what is important is that the president was told that ho pics his close aides had tested positive just as he boarded a helicopter to take him to bed minsters the state in new jersey where he was holding a fundraiser so even though the knew he had been exposed he still went ahead with that fundraiser which was inside and of course there's a concern about who did it come into contact with on tuesday at the debate that includes joe biden joe biden the campaign have told is that he is being tested and hopefully we'll have the results shortly we know that the biden campaign tends to
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leave on statements from the white house and from donald trump very quickly they were pretty slow with their response they decided simply that joe biden would send out a message wishing the president well and hoping that he comes up with a fast recovery. speaking to someone who's connected to the campaign and said why didn't they decide to make any political gain out of this and they said to use the president's own words it is what it is and people will see it for what it is the biden campaign has been pretty good at social distancing fundraising social distancing tone whole social distancing rallies donald trump tends to want to go out and meet the people at many of those rallies those behind him on t.v. where mosques they're asked to do so by the campaign those in the hole do not a lot of them simply don't want to they don't believe the science behind the masks so there will be concern about them as well it's going to be much harder for the
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trump campaign to pivot to virtual online fund raising and campaigning that it is for the democrats who are already there that's not good news for the president he's behind in the polls 8 percent in the last national poll came out just 24 hours ago and behind in a lot of the key states and know if he is to self courting team for up to 2 weeks it's going to make a. much harder to close that deficit before november the thought. what about the optics of this and how the electorate will respond or his base will always support him of course but what about those at the margins you wonder how they're going to consider will perhaps reconsider the vote. well of course early voting is already underway in many states so many people will be casting their vote over the next 2 weeks while donald trump keeps a relatively low profile. it's going to be difficult for this white house because they have been arguing for so long going back to the convention which took place
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largely here at the white house that the coronavirus had been dealt with they were through the west of it you could see the light at the end of the tunnel just a week ago donald trump talked about how they were rounding the final corner he said not many people get it and know the president has got it there has been a break here at the white house the problem is that so often he didn't win a mask in public he did occasionally but there seems to be mixed messaging from the white house so people will make the judgment that donald trump is no like many many families in america and have to suffer from corona virus everyone of course sends best wishes to the president and the 1st lady but there will be a concern that he simply didn't get a grip of this that he wasn't on top of it and know there will be a real test of the testing and also the track and trace that they have to put in place for anyone who gets this it's a difficult difficult thing to deal with we all know nic that in elections in the
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united states they always say there is an tobar surprise 4 years ago that was james called me stepping up and saying that he would reopen the investigation into hillary clinton and her e-mails this time on the very 1st day of october we get donald trump saying that he has tested positive for covert and there's a long way to go before the end of october so wouldn't even begin to suggest that this is the top we're surprised or the biggest thing we will hear a boat before we get to november the up who knows what's in store and thanks a lot alan fischer there at the white house. well trump is not the 1st world leader to contract the virus brazil's president jaya paulson are supposed to back in july a british prime minister he was moved to intensive care in april after contracting it johnson has tweeted to wish president trump and his wife a speedy recovery that he has more now from london. boris johnson has been one of
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the 1st world 'd leaders to put out a message of support for president trump and his wife in the last few hours based not just on that close friendship that they've struck up but based on boris johnson's own personal experience of being in the hospital with covered 193 nights of his hospital stay being in intensive care leading to dark days in which in his words things could have gone either way let's have a listen to what he said just a few hours ago well obviously i think we all want to send best wishes to the president and the 1st lady and i've done that this morning as you can imagine and i'm sure that they'll both stage a very strong recovery where boris johnson is to some extent and a changed man after his experience when he came out of hospital he paid tribute to medical workers who he said had saved his life and then started a fitness regime including daily runs and he has lost weight and just this week in
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fact reporters asked him whether he had fully recovered from coverage 19 he said that he was far healthier than he had been previously due mainly to losing weight and in the last few months he's actually trying to start an initiative to fight the big problem here in the u.k. of obesity at the same time initially what he went through seems to actually increase his personal popularity ratings into april but then they've actually started to go down following controversies over the way the government handled things like testing for coronavirus things like protective equipment for frontline workers and other issues so i think there was a lot of public sympathy for boris johnson as well it's not clear exactly how his experience will compare to the u.s. presidents but certainly boris johnson has taken. the whole. danger the whole
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fate of coronavirus more seriously one can say for example president also noro in brazil. so here in algeria the sanctions pile up for better research disputed election the government to minsk takes is an action. and scott heiler in northern thailand home to more than a dozen ethnic hill tribes even after living here for generations many are still fighting for thai citizenship a battle made even more difficult because of the pandemic. hello we've got some wet weather in the forecast for central parts of china with them i mean see this area cloud just diving in cross the northern and central pas it links all way back through the korean peninsula to the far north east of china
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into that eastern side over russia so some rain on this heavy rain is probably going to be around that eastern side of china pushing across into a russia but you can follow it down across the fall north of japan some lovely showers into hokkaido for a time and then we come down to watch shanghai tools will hand flooding rain certain a possibility some disruptions certainly likely we are going to see dry weather down towards the fossella the competition hong kong around $31.00 celsius in feeding on the humid side as for japan the showers do become a little more evidence as we go on through sunday heavier showers at north of honshu and on into her car that generally find a dry cell with a temperature of around 22 degrees for a dry across a good part of in the end now the monsoon rains starting to retore quite nicely but we have got still some rather lively downpours across the northeast of in the western parts of myanmar pushing up into the final feast of into some state right across bangladesh the possibility of flooding here and that is further showers for
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the west and get. young women with caution in this space i used to dream about working and if they are still coming in you know like not sound enough so that a small step for science a giant leap for mankind in kind of a stone but don't place it inside and at the scheduled time the satellite could be sent into space women make science kind of sound space school at this so try on al-jazeera.
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but again you're watching out there are my top stories the u.s. president donald trump is in isolation and suffering from mild symptoms of coronavirus the white house is now rushing to find those who else might have been infected in the 1st lady and a senior aide also tested positive for several senior officials are confirmed negative tests including secretary of state might compare who's in croatia he says he plans to go ahead with his asia trip next week vice president mike pence has also tested negative. democratic house speaker nancy pelosi said plans for continuing government are in place and that it's tragic trauma's habit of going into crowds about a mosque as a phrase an invitation for something to happen. that's enough plumber who is a democratic strategist and he explains how troublous diagnosis will drastically change the dynamic of his election campaign. what we will see over the course of
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the next 30 i guess 19 hours days is that you know this is going to bring the issue of the pandemic and health care to the forefront of american voters one of these that we've seen in the last couple weeks is that the charm campaign has tried to as much as they could to pivot away from talking about health care talking about kovi and right now they're campaigner and she has and so people are thinking about that and as was reported earlier that's going to change the dynamic in terms of how chosen to be able to get out his message certainly when world leaders have gotten sick we've seen poll numbers. change so for instance when boris johnson of this year tracked we saw i think 17 percent bump in his approval rating i don't think we're going to see quite that without some because he has really talked about it in a way that it's been nonchalant he's trying to downplay the actual significance of it now wearing a mask setter and so i don't think he can really expect too much more often that
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way as i think which i'm seeing the biden campaign is the really focus on the issues that matter most of the pain to americans making sure they are talking about why every american doesn't have the ability to have the type of access to health care that we see from elected officials like president tom to other news now the united states has become the latest country to impose sanctions on batteries following its disputed presidential election is targeting 8 officials including the interior minister the e.u. announced sanctions on 40 but a recent nationals all accused of falsifying the results of president alexander lukashenko is not currently on the list but the head of the european council has warned that could change. rights groups of renewed calls for an international inquiry into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi activists gathered outside the kingdom's consulate in istanbul where a soldier was killed 2 years ago assad he called his jailed 5 people for 20 years over his death in a move that rights groups have called
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a travesty of justice and people in india are defying a protest ban in the state of a protest following the recent gang rape and death of 2 women from the marginalised community the case is it reignited the national debate on sexual violence and discriminate $3.00 cost system. reports it's also turned into a week of political attacks between the government and the opposition was an emergency lockdown and a ban on protests haven't stopped people from gathering at this village in india's northern states of it's a pradesh this is where a 19 year old one of 2 women from the marginalised dunnit community was gang raped recently resulting in her death was scuffles broke out between opposition politicians and the police i'm not gathered there are going to die or jock when we were going to meet the doll that family they didn't let us go this policewoman pulled my blouse and beat one of our legislators with
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a baton she fell down. was. the 2nd victim was a 22 year old he died on her way to the hospital and she was date the same day as the 19 year old they cases have caused a national public outcry. was a. protest is a blaming the government's police and what they say is a deeply entrenched discriminatory cost system for what happens in minority women. while the suspects from an upper cos community are in custody the police chief on thursday ruled out rape allegations in the case of the 1st victim. that got hit. it was clearly stated in the report of the forensic science department that the samples that were collected didn't show any trace of sperm this makes it clear that some people used this case to try to stir cast tensions and the state was a claim refuted by forensic experts in the victims' families who accuse the police
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of destroying evidence and cremating the body of 19 year old victim without her family's permission. facing heavy criticism the government has promised to fast track the cases it's human rights activists and the opposition blame it for allowing police to use excessive force against protesters including the detention of congress party leader a whole gandhi and his sister on thursday. accountability is also completely certainly it's not in the public domain if it's happening it's happening only in the level of the department and that doesn't build public trust it would build public trust if the police reported to the public this is why we had to take the action that we take. student pritish reid says police in delhi mistreated him during a protest on wednesday. police it seems you know is functioning with complete immunity there is really don't care if you file cases there really don't care if the media
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covers i personally feel that you know delhi is on the word of becoming another don when kashmir where you basically waste your don't agree to go pinion and you are welcome to the police station or the jail. sexual violence against women was at the center of widespread anger and nationwide protests in 2012 that led to changes in the little. potato years later women here still face a significant risk of sexual assault according to the government's own national crime records bureau a woman is raped in india every 15 minutes set aside at al jazeera. it's pretty sad news that reuters reporting that the democratic presidential candidate joe biden has tested negative for coronavirus tested negative of course u.s. president donald trump is in isolation and suffering from mild symptoms of coronavirus
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after testing positive joe biden has now tested negative he was of course in close proximity to donald trump that debate last tuesday may be on media says it is ready to work with mediators to reestablish foreign are going to come back i mean in azerbaijan forces have been fighting over the disputed region for 6 day the united states russia and france have called for the resumption of talks and they co-chair the minsk group set up to find a peaceful resolution to the decades old conflict walker is following developments from neighboring georgia and has this update in azerbaijan we can start there 1st today in the republic in the main as their territory we know of at least 4 villages all settlements that came under fire from the side of the armenian forces and also on the median held territory of the disputed territory of nickel and karabakh a number of places struck with. other forms of munitions shell fire in particular
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stepanek at that's the the regional capital in school and there they are saying that it was the worst that they had experienced since the fighting began on sunday so the fighting very much still in full swing in the foreign ministry of armenia made a statement that there would be considered the idea of a ceasefire if under the under the terms under the conditions of the minsk process that's the. that's the group that has been traditionally responsible for trying to find a peaceful solution to this conflict has been going on for decades but again no sign from the very start that that is going to be entertained and again we're hearing from turkey from the president repeating his assertion that the only way out of this is if the armenians leave nagorno-karabakh all together and the armenians have no intention of doing that so it looks as if we still face continued fighting and
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an intensification of this war in the region well as a budget president has accused the international mediators of allowing all media to occupy is very lands for decades it interfered with al-jazeera says it's about time the un security council resolutions on the garden care about implemented. the main reason is that armenia doesn't want peace they want to keep our lands on the patient forever they don't want to change the status quo and this is a reason why i lasted so long because otherwise if i mean it demonstrated with real and acted in compliance with the resolutions of main international organizations the conflict would have been resolved many years ago because back in 1903 when armenia occupied part of our territories un security council adopted 4 is aleutians demanding immediate who and and
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unconditional withdrawal of their troops from our territories but this is a lucius remain on paper means a group which was created in order to facilitate to find a solution. already is in activity for 28 years and also without any result therefore who was the main reason this they said the position of armenia the 2nd reason is that leg off insistence from the side of the mediators and lack of pressure on armenia to start implementing resolutions of united nations security council. held tribes in northern thailand and spent decades fighting for citizenship the pandemic is forcing some to consider heading back across the border to mean more and the homes that they fled could hide the reports now from i.t.n.
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in thailand. like mob prey has for the last 3 decades since fleeing her home in myanmar's chaos state she readies for her day of selling hand-woven fabrics to tourists after her parents died and with no work nor land to cultivate she left for a better life in thailand but that living has been brought to a halt because of coded 19. she lives in a village with others from the korean hill tribe made famous by brass rings the women wear around their necks giving them the nickname the long necks they make their livelihood in tourist villages posing for photos and selling crafts while most of the men work with elephants at nearby camps. tourist hill tribe villages in elephant camps are viewed by many human and animal rights groups as exploitive but it's one of the few ways the hill tribes people can make a living like the other ethnic hill tribes in thailand generations of korean have been fighting for thai citizenship my prey has been waiting 15 years i'm only
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concerned are you a definite nobody is helping me i want to get citizenship i tried so many times but they say i'm too old the ethnic hill tribes are some of the most marginalized people in thailand they're decades long battle for citizenship now coupled with economic hardship because of the pandemic their meagre earnings from tourists have been decimated. not teach also fighting for citizenship realizes the pandemic has slowed the process she's willing to cut her losses but can't. i think of leaving if the borders but they aren't open now. on jai fled fighting between armed groups and the government forces in myanmar shan state in the 1980 s. he's also seeking citizenship and is part of a group helping others to do so. since they are not making money it's tough for them to pay for expenses like travel this means they are unable to pursue their citizenship local immigration officials say that even in the best of times it's a slow process to investigate cases due to understaffing. many who cross over don't
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have passports or birth certificates in the current religious district normally $500.00 cases will be processed monthly because of covert $1000.00 at most 20 per month are completed. so the career long necks hope and wait for more people to come and see them at least giving them the chance to earn some money while they wait scot heiler al-jazeera made time tyler. for let's have an update of the headlines here on al-jazeera and u.s. president donald trump is in isolation after testing positive for covert 19 the white house is now rushing to find those who else might have been infected the 1st lady and a senior.


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