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tv   Witness The Italian Doctor  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2020 2:30am-3:01am +03

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just picking up with a southerly push on those winds as we go on through sunday what's the weather around the lakes pushing over towards northern parts of the appalachians mid atlantic states could see some wet weather but as i said still no sign of any right across the western side of the u.s. some are frightened that we got some very heavy rain in a full cost across western parts of the caribbean little cloud just been talking about this for the last couple of days and that slightly to develop into a tropical depression if not a tropical storm that will run its way up towards the yucatan peninsula heavy rain there for billie's for honduras what's mala city seeing the possibility of some flooding it pushes a little further north and west was through sunday elsewhere sunshine it sounds. the. current tensions between countries along the river nile have their roots in the colonial past from the point of you not to think not in agreement with the pools of victory the new political realities on the ground are increasing the sense
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of uncertainty over koons the rhythm on that with the need to do to help the country through which we may come been and. struggle over the model on 00. 1 with his own talents and working in asia and africa where i'd be choosing editing my own stories in a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is to get them that's why al jazeera is so important we make those connections.
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i'm going on the top stories on al-jazeera this hour u.s. president donald trump has been moved to a military medical center for treatment a day after he and the 1st lady test the also for corona virus will be cared for in a special suite for the next few days the white house says it's out of an abundance of caution and trump posted a video message on twitter thanking people for their support and said that he's doing very well the president's medical team says he's having mild symptoms and has been given an experimental antibody cocktail. meanwhile the u.s. democratic presidential nominee joe biden says trump's infection is a reminder of just how serious this pandemic is he wished donald and melania trump well and said that he would withdraw negative campaign ads about the president's. let's cross over to walter reed national military medical center where the
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president has been admitted mike hanna is joining us from there mike what do you have for us what are you hearing. well we're still waiting for information to come from the hospital and importantly we're still waiting to hear who exactly this information will come from it is assumed that now he is under the control of doctors here at the hospital they will be setting up some kind of format to keep the american public informed as to the president's condition it must be pointed out that throughout the day most of the information about the president has come from his political staff not from medical personnel so this is the 1st point that we are trying to find out when is the information going to be handed out in what form is it going to be handed on and what body is actually going to be giving the american public updates on the president's condition we understand that he is now ensconced in the hospital in a suite that has been specially prepared for him where he will according to his stop continue to work in coming days they are putting
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a timeframe of some 4 days on the his presence here at the hospital but once again we're waiting for food details about this and most importantly about what is the president's condition at this particular point now you saw the video that the president tweeted ont thanking everybody for their well wishes we also saw him walking into marine one on his way to the hospital i was outside the gates here when the marine one landed just inside the gates of the hospital president trump walked on the steps on a did got into a car and was driven to another point in this vast medical complex here so at this particular point very little more to tell you we are waiting to hear from various personnel in particular from the doctors who are treating president trump at this particular time here mike and as you're saying the president did post that video on twitter and he did walk into the helicopter and then walked into the medical
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research center so the optics of this are crucial for this president who always wants to appear strong and in control. indeed yes but one must note as well that the president has had to be admitted to hospital now his stopper saying out of an abundance of caution this is a phrase that we've heard throughout the day and likely to hear in days ahead but there's a critical point here is well is that we're not only dealing with the virus and treatment offered what we're also dealing with is that experimental cocktail that has been administered to the president this is made by a company called regeneration which was in final phase trials but has not been cleared by the f.d.a. it is very much an experimental drug now obviously within this hospital with its greater facilities and bigger stop the it effect of this cocktail will be very
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closely monitored so we're not only looking at the impact of the virus on the president we are also looking about what kind of impact is there having administered a dose of this experimental cocktail so there's a lot going on here and the point is as well that the fact that this experimental cocktail was administered certainly a very huge move indeed given that it is not f.d.a. maintained i cannot recall a leader of state being at minutes to something that has not been through proper testing and this is itself something that people will be watching very closely including those doctors inside the medical center behind me me who will be monitoring president trumps progress and a possible recovery from the virus all right mike hanna thank you very much now the world health organization's chief says he wishes both the u.s. president and the 1st lady a speedy recovery. overnight we heard the president of the united states of america
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do not and 1st lady may learn a term tested positive for cope with 19 i want to start today by wishing them bows a full and swift recovery. with them well donald trump is not the 1st world leader it's a contract the virus brazil's president also narrow tested positive back in july the british prime minister boris johnson was moved to an intensive care unit in april after contracting it he's tweeted to wish trump and his wife a speedy recovery lets him baba has more from london. i think we all want to send best wishes to the president and the 1st lady and i've done that this morning as you can imagine and i'm sure that they'll both stage a very strong recovery british prime minister boris johnson was one of the 1st world leaders to send a message of support on friday one that was informed no doubt by personal experience earlier this year i was at a hospital the other night where i think there are
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a few there are actually if you create a virus of patients like shook hands with everybody that admission in march attracted criticism for sending a dangerous message just weeks later soon after imposing a national lockdown the prime minister announced he tested positive for covered 19 and would be isolating i developed my old symptoms all the coronavirus. he carried on working appearing outside 10 downing street for the weekly applause for health workers and looking on well he extended his self isolation then 9 days after testing positive he was admitted to this london hospital his colleagues insisting he was in good spirits and leading the government but 24 hours later the shock news was he'd been taken into an intensive care units he spent 3 nights there he was never on a ventilator but after ending his stay in hospital he said medical staff had saved his life after returning to work johnson who's 56 said he'd been way overweight before contracting the virus he started a personal fitness regime and
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a national anti obesity initiative. his reaction stands in sharp contrast to another leader who contract coronavirus brazilian president. from the start of the pandemic the 65 year old consistently downplayed how dangerous the virus was covered for i think what i mean are the this is him in march around the same time boris johnson was testing positive saying if he were infected it wouldn't bother him as it would only feel like a slight cold in july he did test positive but even after getting the all clear weeks later he continued to show disdain for mask wearing and social distancing. this week boris johnson was asked directly whether he'd fully recovered his idiomatic response suggested he felt better than ever i'm fitter than i was before i may it may it may irritate you to know i have to do that to the butcher's dog. thanks basically to losing weight but he also accepted that so-called long covert which is left thousands of people in the u.k.
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with serious problems months after contracting the virus clearly exists a reminder that truly recovering can never be taken for granted. al-jazeera. and other news armenia says it's ready to work with mediators to re-establish a ceasefire and i'm going to karabakh 6 days of fighting between armenia and azerbaijan forces over the disputed region has killed dozens of troops and a number of civilians are in its methods and i'm going on karabakh where he visited towns and villages in the firing line off as a reformer. it's the safest place in town but everyone here is scared for 5 days the women and children of matteucci have been hiding in the town's bomb shelters well that is good. and i've been here 6 days how should we feel my sons are on the front line sometimes he managed to talk to them we're waiting for peace
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and for a victory and for sons to return. throughout the night or when the air raid siren goes off this is where people run for cover. above ground mark tunis largely abandoned. the 1st mortars hit on sunday that's when fighting flared again between azerbaijan and the self-governing armenian enclave of nagorno-karabakh is the most serious confrontation since a ceasefire ended a war in 1904 that killed nearly 30000 military personnel. these rockets landed just short of march to the art school and you can see the extent of the devastation there this is right in the center of. this town not far from the front line between azerbaijan and armenia has been hit regularly since sunday by as air force. what i like that's i'll go up there on the floor i'm lucky my head didn't blow off reza make background tells us. you know hit him and shot at his
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shop and home as he sat down for lunch ross make is a veteran of the 1st war here which broke out when armenian majority karabakh broke away from azerbaijan during the breakup of the soviet union. your bottom line we survived somehow we found some bread it's enough what are we going to do i'm staying because everything i own is in the house and i want to look after it all. towns and villages all along the border with azerbaijan there in the firing line no one was home when this cluster of 4 homes was blown apart. myrtle knows that this is our village our home or should i go my children ask me why are you walking out in the village i say if i hear the sound of the bomb it's best if it hits me i won't even know it why should i be frightened and over this turkish animal. the leaders of armenia and azerbaijan say there's no we needed likelihood of talks
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so they'll be more of this. and for those waiting for news of their sons and husbands plenty to worry about. but it's made al-jazeera in a goanna karabakh. of a 07 class or go spoke to azerbaijan's president and back about the conflicts. at the 1st the moment his forces are in a battle over a disputed region azerbaijan's presence in how mali ever put the blame squarely on our minya the main reason is that i mean your doesn't want peace they want to keep our lands on the corporation for ever they don't want to change the status quo and this is a reason why i lasted so long because otherwise if i mean it demonstrated with a real the conflict would've been resolved many years ago. the battle is not only in the field but it's also being felt in the media and elsewhere both are many and
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as our bridge accuse each other of hiring foreign mercenaries to fight in. but the president denied any foreign involvement and that turkey shot down an armenian fighter jet this is fake news absolutely is this a fake news as a says a turkish if 16 shot down 25 to 25 had an accident but they say they have evidence to present where is evidence i think armenians control mcgurn a car of aa but many in prime minister and he quote has now gone further and said. it's part of armenian soil while presidents have accused their mania of causing this latest round of fighting. you really look at what our media did after the so-called revolution. during the last 2 years and were very clear
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we will see that they were always provoking us and they were aiming at starting a new war as the reason is to disrupt negotiations completely the conflict between us our bridge on and armenia doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon both sides have preconditions on any possible negotiations the dynamics of their internal politics are also of a concern. as are big john has vowed to retain what it considers very territory and ses it's ready to destroy any threats coming from armenian soil there are many in government ses it's ready to work with mediators but it warns any aggression towards not go in a car or a bar will receive every salutes respons see namco solo al-jazeera but as our beach um well you can watch the full interview with azerbaijan's president ilham
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aliyev on talk to our desire on saturday at 043-0100 hours g.m.t. and also an interview with the armenian prime minister in a call passion eon on sunday at 0830 g.m.t. . well the democratic presidential nominee joe biden says he will reassess the u.s. is relationship with saudi arabia if he wins november's election biden says he joined the international community in mourning john who was murdered 2 years ago mr international and reporters without borders marked the 2nd anniversary of the killing of the saudi journalist with a rally outside the kingdom's embassy in istanbul that's where he was last seen jim has more from istanbul. friends and colleagues of the gathered outside the saudi consulate here it's again on friday despite 2 years passing justice has still not been served and those widely believed to have ordered them planned his murder remain at large coinciding with the 2nd anniversary of his killing turkish
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authorities leaked a previously unseen footage from inside the consulate a reminder that the world still doesn't know all the details of what's happened to jamal after he entered the consulate never to be seen again. herschel g. had been writing for the washington post the 1st anniversary of his murder was mocked in a high profile vigil attended by the post's owner and the world's richest man jeff bezos a monument was placed just yards from the saudi consulate store a place for people to pay their respects for the slain journalist who was not afforded even the rights for a proper burial a saudi official still refused to disclose the whereabouts of his body or his remains. only this year's anniversary is being marked with the launch of the organization which will he was setting up before he was killed dawn or democracy in the arab world now it was this type of work his advocacy for freedom and pluralism that earned him the wrath of saudi crown prince mohammed bin son man jamal was perhaps the arab world's most famous political exile in saudi arabia try to silence
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we will give a voice to thousands like him struggled for change in their countries while his friends and colleagues have succeeded in continuing his legacy through the launch of drone there's been little success in the fight for justice. after initially denying they killed him saudi arabia then pushed the narrative that the journalist was murdered by what they described as a team of rogue agents a snotty mask images a video it took months before any form of court proceedings began and even then they lacked any form of integrity or transparency in december 2019 a saudi court sentenced 5 unnamed people to death and 3 others to prison for the murder but those sentences were commuted 3 weeks ago in what the united nations special envoy on extrajudicial killings described as the antithesis of justice. meanwhile turkey says it's committed to holding those responsible for the murder to
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account on thursday the prosecutor's office said it was indicting 6 more saudi citizens in their ongoing case the latest names include true consulate staff crown prince mohammed bin some man who is believed to have ordered the murder appears to have weathered the fallout he's still very much in power and world leaders continue to do business with him but even in his death the remains of foreign in his side and one that could prove to be even more damaging still. a stumble still ahead on al-jazeera i. pads in india defy a ban on protesters anger grows over the gang rape and murder of 2 women. 2 planes came from studio and 15 men checked you know to tell you stuff you're not
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missing for 5 days it is possible to fully clean the premises all forensic evidence but what you then leave is evidence that you have for the clinton administration wanted to give an example of the problem started speaking about the role in before even the saudi government give up with just a general matter in a saudi consulate on al-jazeera examining the headlines that said to me business wire is going round and they watch it on the news and i think you guys the community good for unflinching journalism how relevant is the debate here in this day and age how he characterized the protest movement i would say that 3 observes a awakening of a nation sharing personal stories with a global audience to. explore an abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera. one wound her for war.
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hello again people in india are defying a protest ban in the state of our protest following the recent gang rape and death of 2 women from the marginalised dallas community they cases have reignited a national debate on sexual violence and a discriminatory cost system involving both citizens and politicians sarah hierarchs reports the. an emergency lockdown and a ban on protests haven't stopped people from gathering at this village in india's northern states of to pradesh this is where a 19 year old one of 2 women from the marginalised dunnit community was gang raped recently resulting in her death was scuffles broke out
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between opposition politicians and the police i'm not doubt if there are dalit gyre job when we were going to meet the doll it family they didn't let us go this policewoman pulled my blouse and beat one of our legislators with a baton she fell down. the 2nd victim was a 22 year old who died on her way to the hospital and she was date the same day as the 19 year old their cases have caused a national public outcry. was a protest is a blaming the government's police and what they say is a deeply entrenched discriminatory call system for what happened to minority women . while the suspects from an opera calls community are in custody the police chief on thursday ruled out rape allegations in the case of the 1st victim. it was clearly stated in the report of the forensic science department that the
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samples that were collected didn't show any trace of sperm this makes it clear that some people used this case to try to stir cast tensions in the state was a claim refuted by forensic experts in the victims' families who accuse the police of destroying evidence and cremating the body of 19 year old victim without her family's permission. facing heavy criticism the government has promised to fast track the cases it's human rights activists and the opposition blame it for allowing police to use excessive force against protesters including the detention of congress party leader raul gandhi and his sister on thursday. culpability is also completely asserted me it's not in the public domain if it's happening it's happening only in the level of the department and that doesn't build public trust it would build public trust of the police reported to the public this is why we have to take the action that we take. student british marines says police in delhi
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mistreated him during a protest on wednesday. police it seems you know is functioning with complete immunity there is really don't care if you file cases there really don't care if the media covers i personally feel that you know delhi is on the word of becoming another german kashmir where you basically waste your demographic opinion and you are welcome to the police station or digit. sexual violence against women was at the center of widespread anger and nationwide protests in 2012 that led to changes in the rule. but 80 years later women here still face a significant risk of sexual assault according to the government's own national crime records bureau a woman is raped in india every 15 minutes. so tonight it has been a russian journalist has died after setting herself on fire
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a day after police searched her apartment arena's levinas set herself ablaze outside an interior ministry office the journalist worked for a kozo press that's a news website advertised as being free from state influence of 5 european members of the u.n. security council are demanding an explanation from russia on the poisoning of the opposition politician unlike cent of all me a letter submitted to the council calls the attack a threat to international peace and security of ali has accused president vladimir putin of directly ordering the attack on him he's still recovering in germany 6 weeks after a nerve agent was used to poison him the kremlin is dismissing the allegations as absolutely groundless and unacceptable french presidents madam i call has called radical islam the biggest threat to french society during a trip to paris he also claimed islam was in crisis around the world michael has outlined proposals for a new separatism law aimed at improving integration and combating religious
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divisions in the country that's also butler reports from. the french president arrived in the paris suburb of limit whore to deliver a speech on separatism emanuel mackerel said there was no place in french society for divisions of along religious lines the biggest threat to france's values and secular law he said was radical islam. what we must fight is islam is separatism it's a conscious theoretical social political project it's repeatedly at all it's with the values of the republic and often leads to the creation of a counter society. mike ross said that islam around the world faced problems he said he wasn't stigmatizing muslims but some disagreed on some people tell me here is that rather than focusing on so-called separatism and not all michael would do better to work more on reducing unemployment and poverty reality the plan post
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people on the margins of society to this. it is a subject a hard several misery is not redecorating the facade of a building but not the inside yes there is crime but what creates it is a lack of projects or jobs for young people like an association she had no money minorities are not helped enough and some neighborhoods are just ignored neighborhoods like this one at a charity food bank it's a valuable not separatism that's on people's minds. and the separatism religious divisions but for some the proposed legislation is more likely to reinforce them mike ross speech comes one week after an attack in paris outside the offices of the shoddy newspaper 4 years ago 2 police officers from the new hole were killed by a man who claimed allegiance to eisele the new anti separatism law aims to raise
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religious divisions but for some the proposed legislation is more likely to reinforce them with al-jazeera. fronts. are back in just a moment right here on al-jazeera we'll have all the latest updates for you on the president's condition say in a minute thanks for watching. what once was affects what will be the one chechen carioca fight tradition in future after reveling in twining through christian who has been racing he preens hunger and energy nation and with then the attention of alluding to it his mind fishing of the future and not from the need to sign east chechnyans down its witness on which is iraq.
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keeping law and order is a primary function of any state. in protecting the people became police brutality a domestic incident became a global lock. in a country torn apart by racial inequality. can americans find a leader to unite them. follow the key issues of the us elections. on al-jazeera 40 years ago on october the 6th when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people egypt and syria going to surprise war against israel. counters were primitive so to get into this situation of
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disaster now in the 1st of a 3 part series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the 1st week of the war in october on al-jazeera. i. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes u.s. president donald trump a shift at a hospital after contracting cool in a virus the white house says it's out of an abundance of caution. one of thank you everybody for the tremendous support of trump's medical team says the president is having mild symptoms and has been given an experimental antibody cocktail. his election rival joe biden would.


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