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tv   People Power Bureau 39 Cash For Kim P2  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2020 7:30pm-8:01pm +03

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they demand that. all of those we love. and the actions. of the armed groups are accused of widespread abuses too including beheadings and burning homes they've made significant gains this year taking control of some towns as seen here in the center of one of them the government struggling to fight back violence has caused more than 200000 people to flee their homes. rights groups say if the people contrast the government and its soldiers the conflict will only get worse malcolm webb al-jazeera. so this is al-jazeera these are the top stories and the team of doctors treating the u.s. president say they are pleased with his progress but cannot give a timetable or when he will be released from hospital donald trump was admitted to the walter reed national military medical center in maryland on friday we've been
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suffering from fever and fatigue but the physicians say that that fever has now gone and that donald trump is not having any difficulty breathing he's been receiving experimental treatment for cope with 90 just 72 hours in his diagnosis now the 1st week of it in a particular day 7 to 10 of the most critical in determining the likely course of this illness at this time the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. there is a he had a mild cough and some nasal congestion fatigue all of which are now resolving improving support a note the president spent fever free for over 24 hours we remain cautiously optimistic but he's doing great. and stay with that the former new jersey governor chris christie who helped prepare for the 1st debate has now tested positive for corona virus he's tweeted that he'll be receiving medical attention and because if is the number of positive tests of the number of positive tests among lawmakers the
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senate the senate has now canceled legislative work until october the 19th i mean it's prime minister says his country faces a decisive moment on the 7th day of the latest fighting with azerbaijan both sides are accusing each other of shelling residential areas in the conflict over the disputed region of nocona carpet continues. at a conflict is driving people from their homes on both sides you know it's a budge on these families of the homes in tata to take refuge in the school sudan's transitional government has signed a peace deal with rebel groups at a ceremony in south sudan's capital of juba the deal agreed in august aims to end decades of fighting that's left millions displaced and hundreds of thousands of people that. had lines people power is coming right up by foot.
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how was north korea one of the poorest countries in the world managed to evade u.n. sanctions and pay for its nuclear weapons program the answer is through a secretive government organization known as bureau $39.00 which obtains foreign exchange to sund kim jong un's regime in the 2nd of 2 investigations how insurance scams computer fraud and illegal arms sales keep the money road again.
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north korea's like game of thrones but without the dragons. is society as capitalists and everything is geared to make sure that there's as much care for kim as is possible. not a. war yes in that he is going to. $39.00 is involved in everything that makes money for north korea selling arms smuggling of drugs guns are free to go for us bills this is about hundreds of millions of dollars a year. and everything. you need a 100 you don't. make dollars.
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hamburg germany. until a few years ago the north korean state insurance company k n i see how to branch in an innocuous looking apartment block here. 6 north korean officials made deals with major european insurance companies. or home. or jungle. paul one and they're all. good on another don't you know there was a. helicopter there. the head of my age and any of her. son made out on him or all were to me as
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a. terrible loss of lloyd the jungle lloyd to me there's a chair ball and then press of pin you guys you're more of your former ball. alas you can bet that i you know someone down there could be. punished. worries you guys are helicopter car so puzzling me and even my element you know my other larger war one case among many in 2015 the european union put the north korean insurance company on their sanctions list the accusation co financing of the nuclear weapons program through bureau $39.00 experts estimate that with crashed helicopters and similar tricks the kim regime and several $100000000.00. but how does the kim regime an itch to transfer the millions it makes to pyongyang the answer is simple through diplomatic channels
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who are. there to as far as who is who were there who were annoyed is it there's always one of the goods it is over there to look. for her. the subject was it in your own words are true words were that north korea uses its worldwide network of embassies to ferry money back to pyongyang north korean officials enjoying diplomatic immunity carry the money in cash and their flight back each a simple but efficient way to ensure the cash flow doesn't stop. when those with embassies diverted from cymbalta it's often mainly serve the real. that the 2 things of this financial is also illegal mainly. north korean diplomats are basically cas carriers for came. into for the 1st bases where they may be drug
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lords and maybe weapons workers that they carry defer the crossword so they called us. right in the middle of the city lies the north korean embassy. the north koreans have been renting out one of the buildings as a hostel for tourists they've been earning $38000.00 euros per month in rent. using embassy grounds for such activities is against diplomatic practices and contravenes un and e.u. sanctions. like any other country the main goal of the embassies is to so the state in the north korean states priorities in particular so because sanctions are so comprehensively much of the activities conducted in these and pursues may be prohibited. providing military supply training and much of that has been done through north korea's embassies particularly in africa
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and the middle east so out of all the countries in the middle east current syrian arab republic as the greatest levels of prohibited cooperation with north korean military and. half is. the father of the current syrian despot and kim were friends from the 1960 zone back then the north koreans hope the syrians during the war against israel and supplied them with weapons and ammunition an important source of income right up till today. using tactics similar to those of 18th century pirates bureau $39.00 runs ships under folks flags. and fake names according to the un north korea has thus managed to send large numbers of weapons to syria. between 20122017 at
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least 40 shipments from north korea passed through the suez canal but in 2018 the un managed to have one of them intercepted. so we found something called go on its way to syria these were us of resistant tiles involves which could be used in chemical weapons development but also missile fuel is highly corrosive and such tal's could be used for ballistic missile programs as well the bill of lading clearly gave as an address in syria to stop bush from company for serious scientific studies research center the s.s. all see which is responsible for serious ballistic missile and chemical weapons development program the russians that ensued the chemical weapons produced in these laboratories has been used by syria's dictator assad against his own people for
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years and many of those who died in agony for me. it's a little known fact that the syrian chemical weapons program was created with the help of north korean technicians and scientists some of these sites were all meant by the united states. the purpose of our actions today is to establish a strong deterrent against the production spread and use of chemical weapons. well and the americas bob the chemical there were stories they bugged the north koreans there whether they knew there bubbling there were screams i don't know that they did as the north korean the essence is syria is really much of the report is a deliberate. a that's. one 3rd of all buildings in syria have been destroyed a tragedy and a business opportunity the syrian regime hopes but billions from international
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donors for the reconstruction of the country the necessary work brigades to come from north korea the 2 countries signed a contract as a meeting in june 2019. between desperate. the money to service by office $30.00 and it goes straight into the coffers of the leadership . it is used on the one hand to provide for luxury items it is used to pay for the mercy of these beds cars that somehow found their way into the earth korea despite the sexes but it also is also used and this is probably more important to deliver the best actors you can trade. as early as the mid eighty's came when joe ill started training the most talented children to become cyber hackers they're also good money or ransomware like the other crime fighters for example is
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considered sicko from the north koreans it is the biggest cyber attack the world has ever seen hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in about $150.00 countries rendered useless now the u.s. government is publicly placing the blame for that cyber assault uniquely dubbed want to cry squarely on kim jong un's army of hackers and so computer specialists are hot on the heels of north korean hacking simon choi works as a consultant to south korean intelligence agencies. who. experts estimate that the tween 61300 hackers work for kim or.
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color king aren't. up well appearing on t.v. and i think. their lives are also not going to become in a. real curriculum period or couple argued i won loss. record i would sit on. experts estimate that up to $2000000000.00 have been stolen by young highly trained north korean hackers. north korea has developed an official education system for its upper middle class. here at pyongyang middle school the children who will later be computer specialists scientists and engineers are trained to shape the future of the country is that a region finally appendages of that i don't care anything and this exchange is the last until the students also learn how to use computers
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they have access to a very limited north korean version of the internet uncensored variety is strictly forbidden. north korea's rulers know that once the doors to the digital world have been thrown open they can never be shut again but despite all precautions in 2007 or korea face the 1st digital data leak in its history the danger of pyongyang's municipal registry with more than $2000000.00 entries professor brighter obtained a copy and is currently analyzing it using special software. we never had this kind of. information ever. if you understand the system in the party who can are actually go and allies in a mapping. for the 1st time they were no longer dependent. on people who tellers
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were all the buildings are. reconnecting see who's inside the buildings what companies are what departments there are and races local to the data proves the main building of bureau $39.00 is close to the seat of power right in the middle of pyongyang just a stone's throw away from the headquarters of the workers' party. it's divided into 6 main departments and employs several 1000 people in pyongyang alone they have their own fleet of vehicles kindergartens a golf course an ostrich farm and even their own bank these 6 main departments are in turn responsible for hundreds of individual companies throughout north korea they control iron ore and diamond mines jewelry factories and textile companies they're mainly specialized in exporting goods abroad other
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companies in the bureau and foreign exchange through forced labor arms smuggling and insurance fraud but one rule applies. to all the named bureau 39 is never mentioned outside north korea so it remains invisible impossible for u.n. sanctions monitors to detect. tyrion have already occurred on here as the rewards are there who say where they were you know how because you do your war sums of course their behavior and ours of all around. me. hold. the kernel. their money. put their powers of course you guys you get them you know. as you know by home from work to come illegally it's
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a 1000000 of his own. it's my money they're. tired and everything well you haven't you don't. make dollars. north korea is changing an impoverished socialist state has turned into a country with a highly flexible shadow economy in many ways north korea is run like a commercial company all that matters is cash became the workers here are no longer slaving away for the revolution but for the wealth of their leader and his cronies the gap between rich and poor is widening while the population in pyongyang enjoys a constantly growing prosperity 40 percent of the rural population still suffer from malnutrition what the database shows beyond any doubt is that office 39 other only exists and though it can prove what it does it alls companies it operates
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these companies in their force all kinds of things. that is why the boards and development in understanding how north korea manages to earn money abroad we know know exactly through what kind of companies office 39 does this. the kim jong silk silk spending male named after kim jong un's grandmother a model factory $1600.00 workers are employed here most of them women they sought process and boil the cocoons of the silk worms to obtain a precious young. this open arms come from a province south of pyongyang about 200 tons of silk are produced here every year. a luxury product expensive and labor intensive the factories entire production is
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intended for export abroad but the supervisors are unwilling to disclose who the foreign customers are i'm not sure anymore who suffers the say says. it's a hassle i'm sure for north koreans but i do find ways around that one of the problems is that neither thai that nor russia. is helping in enforcing the sanctions could omens or underscores that it's and. i don't see that here once you're not on and on the. ground when jet hit them he saw you during the day one story doesn't believe she will tell my and the very moment. when he will madonna is going to have a missing mom with him number more you don't moment mom will cause you really. gave her head to come who. won't even let people comment fake turkey. textiles are the 2nd most important north korean export product after
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co. your core core you move. toward the sea to. the to be used is the. force of. the whole who. do any good in the world was. to juggle how to hobble who those. who seem all need. all the. whole school who are followed you know to be the mother to the other. 'd then don't china. north korea's gateway to the world. and a symbol of how few tile the un efforts are to dry up kim sources of cash. the sino korean friendship bridge across the yalu river it's one of the few ways to
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enter or leave north korea every day trucks queue in front of the customs checkpoint smugglers traders and also the agents and entrepreneurs of biro 39 they're all hoping for a quick deal here china is by far north korea's most important trading partner financial experts estimate that 90 percent of north korea's exports go to its powerful neighbor in the north. thousands of north koreans are said to work in textile factories in the region. disguised as businessmen and equipped with hidden cameras we film in one of the factories chinese textile companies hire north koreans because their wages are lower than those of chinese workers the same stresses work day and night. often sleep on the company premises. they're likely to be locked up for years far away from their families.
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together with a team of labor lawyers trade experts and data specialists remco broker tries to find out whether european brands work with chinese companies that directly or indirectly employ north koreans these letters to prove the existence of a significant amount of north korean slave labor in the supply chain of some of the world's leading clothing companies but more than that chinese factories outsource to north korean factories in north korea basically in europe and then in the u.s. we've come to an agreement that we no longer wish to find slave labor or child labor in a supply sense but if you look closer at some of these producers you find that sometimes up to 90 percent of their production does not take place in china. it does not take place in the factories where the european and the americans all that
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are scalded sequitur think this is are these and yes they are in those factories that that's only worth 10 percent of the products as well as the other 90 percent. of korea his team investigated one chinese textile company more closely it's called vonda este their list of customers reads like a who's who of international fashion brands the website features a men's jacket next to it it says korean imported the buttons carry a label a money genius. using trade databases brought his team analyzed wrong desks business relations between 20132019 the databases used customs data showing which goods are sent back and forth between companies in different countries so in a sense the material to legs certain types of clothes 2 or 3 or one low they are the subject in the so-called outer and then you have figures close those close are
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good shipped to say the netherlands or to germany or to america from there this route into our stores between 2013 and december 26th in one day sent around $10000000.00 worth of fabrics and room materials to north korea during the same period from desk received finish garments worth almost $25000000.00 from north korea. customs classified textiles by so-called h s code we take a closer look at h.s. code 6201 it stands for men's anoraks and jackets via money jacket on the website. between 2013 and december 26th von dest imported garments with. $12000000.00 with this coat from north korea the same code
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is also used for deliveries from von desk to europe and the u.s. among the customers a money. a money jackets that look exactly like the one on von desks website can also be bought in europe this one costs 219 euro it can't be proven beyond doubt whether garments like this one are made in north korea but cannot be ruled out we ask the fashion brands a money right we confirm the phone desk is one of our suppliers and as such is regularly subject to checks and inspections the result of these checks being that no finished products are manufactured in north korea like all our suppliers it's also required to declare which subcontractors it uses and where these are concerned it's also the case that none are in north korea we've also contacted von desta in writing the company offered no explanation as to why and to what extent it trades
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with north korea. one thing can be said for certain well known fashion brands have their goods manufactured by a chinese company that cooperates with north korea a country where workers have no rights where human life counts for nothing. his investigation shows that this is not an isolated incident for years and years we've heard testimony from north korean escapees who are in cars and racing go so they have been forced out to produce textile for export workers i think for the 1st i was then able to corroborate as an external source of the through the testimony in this database. the department of bureaucratic department that is responsible for . as saying the production of textiles for was to cause inflation comes from god it
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means that we have other only buy clothes produced by forced laborers there is a slave labor really may even buy clothes all for year in america that's lost legs in cars and facing cars by people in there for see the light of day again these are the kinds of constance you don't leave until your debts that is just too horrific to to prove their worth and reckon pleasants. hundreds of thousands of men and women secretly ensure the survival of the dictatorship their futures a sacrificed for the luxury of the regime and for our prosperity. kim jong un runs his country like a company. his bureau 39 does business with everything and everyone. including us.
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when if your peons rose and forced them all to cross the crews you from power the new administration aim for unity through an ambitious program of political reform. but 2 years on. people in power are asked whether the country's diverse ethnic interests will ever be reconciled. the battle for a sealed up on a. understand
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the differences and similarities of cultures across the pond so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. doctors treating donald trump for kevin 1900 his fever free and breathing unaided but multiple reports say some of his vital signs over the past day have been very concerning. at this time the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. but on the clock this is out there life and also coming up former governor chris christie becomes the latest to test positive cavan $1000.00 having attended the rose garden event now thought to be a super spreader of the disease at the senate has suspended pledge that if works.


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