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but they sure know being the capital of the company people don't remember came from . people went to school here our economic base we have to get acquainted again with and respect that history but article buildings museums and historical parks remain a reminder that not all is lost in manila at least for now. get out 0 manila. so what you want is there are these are our top stories the true picture of president donald trump's health remains unclear he's still in hospital being treated for the 19 there are conflicting reports from doctors at the medical center and the white house says he's feeling good but faces the real tests and the next few days. i came here wasn't feeling so well i feel much better now
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working hard to get me all the way back i have to be back because we still have to make america great again we do a good job of that but we still have steps to go and we have to finish. it was secretary of state has decided to cut short his asia tour following the president's hospitalization my pompei will be holding meetings in japan on sunday but will not go to mongolia or south korea 2 days ago when news of china's infection became public on pay had said he had no plans of canceling his trip which was. azerbaijan says it has liberated territories from armenian forces around the disputed nagorno-karabakh region military and civilian casualties have been reported on both sides if they meet each other for the latest violence and the decades old conflicts. voters heading to the polls in kyrgyzstan parliamentary elections but there are widespread allegations of parties trying to buy ballots
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throwing doubt over the legitimacy of the vote. people on the archipelago of new caledonia are voting whether or not to become independent from france it's the 2nd time in so many years that voters have been asked to weigh in in the last referendum just over 56 percent of voters were opposed to independence. and israeli protesters have ignored coronavirus restrictions to rally against the prime minister for the 15th straight week it's now his government is under fire over its handling of the economy and cope with 19. and a un refugee agency and guards or is turning schools into food distribution centers to help those most in need on roe was forced to suspend all food distribution join the pandemic due to safety restrictions and schools will be in addition 31 distributions already centers already there 2 people 1000000 people live in gaza one half of them depend on u.s. food and outs. inside story is that. we're heading to the place so deep in the
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proving amazon it's taken us 2 days on this boat just to get there from the search current dangerous macaque techno look at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creature cars were disappearing because k.l. legal pad trade with the main research just wanted to see if reintroduction of nikon's was a viable option to save some of these population pretty good. techno on al-jazeera . after months of pushing for a rapid return to normal president drums in the hospital and a growing number of his political allies civil suit tested positive for cope with 90 with cases rising in many countries will trumps illness become a wake up call for americans and others around the world this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm peter told me now the news that the u.s. president donald trump and his wife melania have tested positive for corona virus has shaken washington trump is the 3rd world leaders to confront the virus british prime minister boris johnson and brazil's president bill sonar also succumbs now the experience of all 3 men is a reminder that the virus does threaten everyone rob reynolds sets up a conversation. with the president hospitalized and facing a period of treatment and quarantine all trump campaign events are now on hold it's unclear if the next presidential debate scheduled for october 15th will go ahead. trump's last rally before the diagnosis was in minnesota on wednesday as usual he did not wear a mask and neither did many of his supporters trump had planned rallies in florida
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wisconsin and arizona over the next several days from campaign officials say the president's absence from the campaign trail is not particularly important. in many of. the british wanat and editions trumps infection also undercuts one of his central themes in these final days before the election which is that the pandemic is waning even though more than 207000 americans have died from it the end of the pandemic is in sight and next year will be one of the greatest years in the history of our country some voters may wonder if since the president could not keep himself or his wife safe from the pandemic he can keep the country safe from it it's definitely ironic to have them have that the best name and her legacy is making fun of joe biden their way and
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then last week he said that kind of it hurts the impacts now line so we don't wish any ill will to the president but it's not at all surprising given direction we just hope that this will cause a change in the direction of his leadership and that he will curtail some of the activities like really the campaign rallies where essentially being. open and spreading that search around after testing negative for covert 19 democratic nominee joe biden continued his campaign and flew to michigan he expressed concern for trump and the 1st lady this is not a man. politics it's a bracing reminder to all of us who have to take those wires seriously biden's events are generally small and strictly adhered to virus control recommendations including mask wearing and distancing in tuesday's debate tro mocked biden for wearing masks and questioned his intelligence because you know what there's nothing
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smart about now biden's caution seems to be the smarter approach robert oulds al-jazeera well president trump is just one of hundreds of thousands of americans whose been infected with covert 19 coronavirus it is the worst affected country in the world with the highest number of covert 1000 infections and deaths is followed by india with more than 100000 fatalities with more than 34000000 infections worldwide the pandemic has disrupted life strained health care systems and disrupted economies globally. ok there we are here we go let's bring in our panel today here on inside story in london we have heidi lawson director of the vaccine conference project of the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine in india's capital we've got rajiv descriptor social epidemiologist and professor at the school of social sciences jawaharlal nehru university in new delhi and in washington d.c.
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we have rena shaw a public health specialist and republican strategist who is supporting joe biden's campaign she's the founder of g.o.p. women for biden welcome to you all we can i come to you 1st you're there in d.c. this is trump has cohabit hash tag ground 0 on this amazing development when he you know when he tweets yes i've got it he's now in hospital is it however a manifestation of an almost completely disconnected implementation of public policy and the reality of public policy. well undoubtedly the president coming down with kobe supposedly is truly the most somber reminder of my fellow citizens i could and i could have of how this virus continues to plague our country and that there has been no plan look we had our 1st presidential debate this past week between trump and biden and we didn't learn about his plan then either so what i really believe is that plate right now is
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a great deal of uncertainty in the minds of americans everywhere about just when this will be contained on our shores public policy we know in many forms in the dives graves is all didn't need here it's made as a result and somebody thinks some really particularly negative consequence and so what i believe conventional wisdom would lead us to believe is if this president would come out of this hopefully and certainly all of us wish him a speedy recovery he would come out with this difference my sense though having witnessed donald trump these past 4 years is that he may come out of this saying i wore a mask my mask was not correct of it now and i still got her of 'd it and i've lived to tell the tale and it wasn't that bad that is my prediction heidi lawson let's globalize this boris johnson contract suit coronavirus he was hospitalized he was
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in i.c.u. he took several weeks to look and sound as if he was firing on all cylinders again but if you look at the us administration if you look at both sanaa in south america boris johnson where you are it's like an advent calendar all of powerful politicians you know oh he's got it he's got it oh she's got it that person's got it and then we have this ripple effect of testing why is it these politicians it boils down to don't do as i do do as i say. yes to a certain extent and some of it's a bit of bad luck but certainly taking more proactive measures i mean you see on the other extreme putin who's quite extremely isolated and taking kind of an extreme measure for distancing but. on the other hand i i think there are i mean
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the the actual conflicting messages has been one of the issues that has plagued the responses people feel like they're getting contradictory messages. but i. just point out that boris johnson also started with milder symptoms was working from home i'm doing great guys i'm in there and every day you saw him sliding down in his chair and looking this this stage of that were out with president trump is is early we really won't know the trajectory of this for at least a week i would say maybe even 10 days as a valid point i'm sure coming to new delhi. there's nothing like this where you are and when i say that what i mean is you know nobody in the highest location politically has contracted coronavirus as far as we know they could have and they've been asymptomatic all the time but it seems to me that in india the
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implementation of laid down policy is impossible for people to carry through on because you've got localized spikes where the infection rate is climbing quite quickly but the reality is that so many people in india have to move around particularly at these challenging times to get jobs and the reality is they are going from areas where there is a high incidence of covert 19 to low areas i.e. they might be taking it with them or they're doing it the other way around they're going into areas with high levels of covert 19. rather correction to the 1st part of his statement. certainly higher ranking politicians have contracted go that. very high profile home minister he did have of it he was hospitalized on trip isolde's dickered live for postcode syndrome in fact
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most of it syndrome actually became a talking point after his last admission. several ministers in different states have contracted go that there have been a few mortality. in the last week the ministry of state for a raise in the government of india. he was 60 plus he unfortunately passed on account of over the 1st. union minister to have succumbed to talk of it and most importantly we had the we had a brief session of the parliament last week a truncated session of about 5 days or so in which all stopped members of the parliament house as well as the ministers of sorry the members of parliament to read mandatory they tested and it started on 7 september at which time there were 25 positives among the 1500 staff members and by the time the session ended there were 83 staff members were tested positive and the vice president of india he was
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detected to be positive but he certainly remains asymptomatic so. politicians and ministers and certainly those in the highest levels of government have been affected by covered and to come to the issue of the common man yes as you outlined as economic activities open up there in phase 5 of unlock this is really going to be the challenging phase particularly. tempered with the fact that. in september 40 percent of the global cases have come from have been reported from india and 30 percent plus that the september has really been the most challenging and we'll have to wait and see how october goes. rina coming back to you in washington it's early days for the trumpet ministration if we talk about the optics of mr trump's health issues right now and also maloney and also hope picks at what
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point does this of ministration start explicitly telling people you cannot break the ordinances on your health where a mask get tested regularly if you can if you want to behave with respect for yourself and everyone else. well let me take a step back to many months ago back in april this administration pushed out a social media campaign and it was a public health campaign let's be honest i'm sure it made its way onto t.v. airwaves as well that set 15 days to slow the spread in fact they started it would stop and then they also use slow so the from the get go the trumpet ministration as a federal unified response really genuinely failed in doing so because what the president was doing from the back end was saying to the governors of all of our states is do what you want to do you keep your borders open close them do what ever
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you want to do and i got to be honest with you this is one of those moments as as a limited government proponent as somebody who believes in limited government and having made my career in republican politics i am not one per federal unified response at all times but when we started to see the facts when we start to see that spread through the country after it originated in washington state out west here in the united states that is when i believe our federal government have a responsibility to put down a mandate but that's really difficult because republicans hate mandates and so let me say this i really believe this president given he's been all over the map in his response he said things such as you know if we didn't test so much we wouldn't have so many cases it logical things like that even last week he said dangerous things such as i believe other countries like india and he pointed out india which has been a great ally to united states he said i believe they're watching their numbers so
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he's been all over the place it's really hard to believe how he truly believes and mask wearing and a hand washing in social distancing maintaining that 6 foot distance of people when he regularly pokes fun at other people or even like joe biden this past week he said he wears a big mask at all times yeah he's. things have been detrimental to a good response of this administration and i find it really difficult to see how they will dig themselves out of this in the coming weeks and let me be very honest as well this is a fast moving story i do not believe the president is in the white house because he has mild symptoms i believe he's been taken to what's really because his condition has escalated a little bit is still more abilities we should believe absolutely they only take you to i.c.u. all within walking distance of an i.c.u. if you are properly sick sure let's discuss that point rina to get back to red jeep
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in new delhi rajiv why is it so many politicians are kind of hiding behind this idea of oh i'm tested every day oh i get the quick saliva test in the morning then i get the nasal test in the evening why does that happen because testing testing testing is fine but it only takes you so far. now to be fair. none of them are pleased certainly the vast majority of the indian politicians haven't taken this position though there have been some some order statements coming from from from unlimited numbers that talent in india is actually ramping up the testing a lot more. the u.s. and russia russia for example in numbers of testing per 1000000 they're testing about 6 times more than india brazil is about one and a half times long so while on one hand india has indeed ramped up testing a lot but it's still
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a lot of ground to cover to be able to reach those levels and perhaps then we will get some reasonable idea estimation of the infection rate in the community. heidi lawson in london will mr trump's medical condition as of know what happened to boris johnson what happens is diable scenario what happened to prince charles as well in the u.k. will that be enough to convince the pandemic skeptics that they've got it wrong. well that the pen demick skeptics have done i don't think will be easily swayed to saying they got it wrong i have worked with some of the. we study a lot of these refusing. groups and they're quite set in their ways i don't think they would feel like they got it wrong for some individuals. and we
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see that happening in the in the way that these resistance groups the protests against lock downs and masks and even vaccines in the face of of rising numbers so unfortunately we're going to have to work around. those one the people who are penned make deniers as it were. but there's a there are a lot of other people that still need to be persuaded that this is real and this is a huge threat and actually we're going into a much potentially worse phase in the context of a pending influenza epidemic rina in washington briefly do you think there's a chance here there's only one thing that will make people behave properly wherever they are in the world and that's if and or when they get it. yes i do believe it is that but look this is i do not mean time to play at all the
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present states a contract in code 19 this really will raise the consciousness of many americans who perhaps felt that they too are medically invincible like the present has been acting and perhaps they will also stop congregating in large groups they will perhaps engage and see for practice says such as even wearing goggles or sunglasses because we know eyes to be a factor as well so so there are so many things that people can do that science has actually taught us over the past many months we know so much more about this virus now than we did just a few months ago so i think a lot of americans with our top leader are having constructive that there may be a general sense that i don't want to fall into the same fate and there are things i can do and let me just be a little bit more self-conscious and self-aware of my every day actions i am i do believe that will be the positive outcome here coming back to rajiv in new delhi do
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you have the feeling then that whether it's your prime minister u.k. prime minister the brazilian president or the u.s. president if they retrospect severely have not chimed as someone with the science they kind of then hemorrhage political credibility. well as the lancet noted in its. editorial in the last week of september what it calls the dangers of false optimism and it calls for a lot of far more data transparency than at present and let me underscore the point that this editorial was difficult on the indian situation. so therefore certainly there is an element of false optimism letter is that the political level over there is on the ground and i believe just as the doctor just said test test test. the mantra should also be communicate communicate communicate because that's really
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not getting the attention particularly given the diversity of some of these large countries diversities of language of culture of perception particularly with a very strong social media presence which can make or break belief systems and convictions. so communication is certainly being the weakest link of all and that's going to be tested in the coming months. heidi lawson in london the pew center did some research granted it was before mr trump went public with his diagnosis and they said 63 percent of card carrying republicans believe the whole thing is at least overblown even if politicians now in the light of what's happened to the u.s. president even if politicians wherever they are in the world want to get strict with the signals with the health message how do you get through to those people who
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still want to believe oh if i go jogging wearing a mask it will kill me oh it's a conspiracy theory it's a cunning plan by the chinese. i think that we really need to communicate better in the in the gaps in communication about what covert is because i think there is a perception that it's it's like the flu and it is it is so not like the flu this is along i mean they're increasingly referring to it as a long cold that it has as we heard from their indian colleagues there's also an after shock when you your whole immune system can go into overdrive even after your initial symptoms this is affecting different parts organs in the body these are systemic issues and somehow we need to get more personal stories out by people who have experienced this and can speak to one how important
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a day it's i think that's a crucial issue have we now reached a time arena where the federal government and the state government i mean i hear what you say about you know you don't like government involvement per se and they stay alive but have we reached the point now where the federal government have bought to give way and say primacy is the science i mean it is so bad donald trump inside a military hospital why not just make the head of the c.d.c. and the head of the f.d.a. join vice presidents and make the president for 6 months and 25 and give him executive power because at least then people would be doing the right thing. well that's you know that's probably never going to work in these united states i'll tell you why because we have a succession of power outlined in our governing documents and that is all these people cabinet heads after you get past vice president and the speaker of the house you got a lot of people who are in line for the presidency so an unelected government
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bureaucrat is never going to be put in the top position no matter what happens and this would be the position that one would think that a pandemic you know really forces that someone's hand to do something more but i have been completely underwhelmed by my government's response whether it's at the the locals state or federal level i think people are very confused because when you see at the very top that there is no cohesive strategy there is no plan of action for the many months ahead everything has been very hopscotch and just 2 weeks ago this very same president who is now the military hospital were out on his campaign trail in ohio at a rally with hoax saying this virus quote unquote virtually attacks impact virtually no one virtually no one except the elderly he forget he falls into the category of the elderly so again this is all from the top but again an arm elected government bureaucrat is not going to be put in power 3 this would be
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a moment where i would hope that everybody in the line of succession would be quarantined right now and i'll tell you at this very moment we do not know that to be the 'd case so again we have a very very. unclear he said strategy here in the united states it's a very scary moment in time for us which is a compelling way to wrap up our discussion heidi i mean i thank you all very much they were aghast heidi lawson best group to and rina shah thank you too for watching you can see the show again any time to the website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to check out our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash raging inside story can also talk to us via twitter at a.j. inside story or tweet me i'm at peta don't be one for me peter told me and everyone on the team here in doha thanks for watching we will see you very soon for the moment. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands
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increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such to moms as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the stigma we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for a future generation the breastpin pioneering future energy. rewind we turn. up on the best of al-jazeera documentary i would compare it to a onion we haven't done in the fleetest buffet's a hug. from city. mo town to grow to. be an all here in the soil learning about health by eating good and it's a life i can't imagine doing something else on al-jazeera. not just the republican party but america needs 4 more years of president donald trump in the white house
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then the outcome of this election will determine i believe the course of our country for generations to come live coverage of the vice presidential debates on a. al-jazeera. after your. next column that a lot of chess. after he is behind boss he has to be strategic to stay out of the precinct. with this friend and chess master he's planning his next move to give
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back to society and the game that saved his life discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe if you find latin american chess lessons. was easy. we're going to beat this coronavirus or whatever you want to call it it would beat it soundly a critical few days ahead for u.s. president donald trump amid conflicting assessments of his fight against covert 19 . this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up cities.


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