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yes and no oil nearby indians in need. braces mozambique's armed forces have steadily lost ground to the armed groups military support from the european union and funding from the us the place being discussed but nothing's been finalized yet securing the coastal cafe extraction facilities might be possible securing the 2000000 people who live across the province will be much more difficult. malcolm webb al jazeera. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories stands president is calling for calm after opposition protesters stormed the parliament building a free the former president who was awaiting trial on corruption charges demonstrators accuse the government of rigging sunday's election charles traffic
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has the latest from bishkek. there seems to be a mixture really of jubilation but great on certainty. it's a very fluid situation on the ground a lot of people obviously very happy about what has happened the opposition supporters of multiple opposition parties celebrating what many people here are describing already is this country's revolution so the revolution in the last 20 years it's too early to say that yes and certainly the president has come out this morning and called for calm. workers unions in protesting against a controversial new jobs law they say will weaken their rights and reduce protections for the environment the government argues it's needed to be the economy which has been hit by the pandemic. u.s. president donald trump is back in the white house after 3 nights in hospital for
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a coronavirus treatment he took off his mask on the balcony and supporters not to be afraid of the virus. armenia's defense ministry says fighting with azerbaijan calm down overnight soft and intense bombardment of nicole mccallum back a day earlier nato wants turkey to do more to deescalate the conflict the afghan president is in qatar on an official visit but isn't missing taliban officials ashraf ghani visit comes as ceasefire talks are underway in doha the afghan government and the taliban have so far made little progress mexico's been hit by a sharp increase in the daily number of coronavirus cases and deaths the government says more than 28000 people have tested positive of a 2700 people have died those are your headlines the stream is next
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2 planes came from c.v.r. and 15 czech you know what tell us that you know. it is possible to fully clean the premises of that skeleton but what you then leave is evidence that you have for the claim some mystery wanted to give it's a comedy drama started speaking about the role in the before even the saudi cover up with just a. question during a saudi consulate on al-jazeera. i am going to be ok today we return just something that was touched on several times on the strain and that's minorities in the u.s. being involved in that scene miles earlier we spoke to public historian mabel who told us why it's so critical minorities take part in these vaccine trials have a listen. we advocate for diversity and inclusion and incredible trials including
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challenge trials other social determinants of health and fire mental conditions housing food availability that disproportionately impact nonwhite people and can impact reactions to vaccines and other medications so any clinical trial must incorporate a diverse range of participants nonwhite people as well as to go from a range of geographic and other kinds of backgrounds our work or advocacy works also involves starting a conversation around racism equity inclusion in medical ethics health and public health and vaccination far more broadly than 1000 back scene is on the beginning of a longer project of anti-racist work in medicine so this potentially could be an uncomfortable conversation about race medicine. vaccine trials and the ready for a jump into the comments. to be part of today.
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hi larry linda hello granted we could miss you going to be town team integrate this today they have so much knowledge you're about to see blood junior linda reintroduce your south stream audience. hello femi thank you for having me i'm going to go about president and c.e.o. of the black women's health imperative the only national organization focused on black women's health emotional physical health and mental health so happy to be here welcome back hello there glenn tell everybody who you are like ike their meal melinda good to see you both i am arkell and alice i'm based in philadelphia i'm a currently a visiting scholar at the national bioethics center and at tuskegee university and i'm also a fellow at harvard medical school and both research bioethics and a non-narrative ethics i am going to jump straight into the you cheap comments when i would it's knew we were doing this show this this coming here are you kidding are
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you not aware of the deep mistrust afro americans have about the medical system review your history of medical apartheid and genocide in the u.s. we having none of it it's. impact that you know. yeah there is a lot to unpack there and this is you know as the writer said this is deeply rooted in history this is deeply rooted in 400 years of oppression in this country and then of course colonialism outside of this country going even further back i mean the fact is you know the reason we have trials distance to ensure that vaccines are therapeutics are safe and effective but they need to be safe and effective for everybody and if we don't include everybody then they're less reliable and so in this country where we've got a history that that i know glenn was going to speak to so well of medical abuse of her griffith abuses you go back to james marion sems and the way he brutalized slave women and and you know obviously henrietta lacks and having naming herself
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after her without her permission but come you can come to today i happened to be in georgia and just a month ago we saw where institutionalized let pinas were being sterilized without their permission so this mistrust this reluctance to participate in what comes across as a experimentation is well founded historically but it's well founded in what's happening today. glenn i'm just going to jump back in to you tube again literally or green warner the tonya thank you for joining us she says look the tuskegee syphilis experiment. anyway linda just ruled off a number of i would just see an ethical experiments own black people in united states take one of them take the tuskegee experiment because within the us people know that outside of the u.s.
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if they don't they're going to be shocked when you tell them what happened briefly thank you thank you for to me you know this is a classic example of what it means when it says. until the lion gets his own story tell us the story of the hunt is going to always glorify the hunter and the 1st thing we have to eg knowledge there was no tuskegee syphilis study there was a u.s. public's health service study on syphilis at tuskegee it was only the exclusion of the fact that this was the united states government conducting this study of watching the progression of the disease of syphilis in an educated poor black farmers and we have now allowed the narrative to be about. first of all ups syphilis
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study tuskegee syphilis study as though the university was actually the one that did it but more importantly we talk about this mistrust and we don't even acknowledge that myth it's almost as though they think mistrust is something that we're born with that there's some kind of genetic defect that blacks have mistrust against health care and stead of egg knowledge ing and being accountable for the incredible racist history that linda has just articulated that has led to anybody with commonsense mistrusting somebody who has demonstrated as linda said for over 400 years that we don't matter there's no example in this entire societies history where you can point to something that shows that african-americans and blacks are actually a part of the overall 'd objectives and goals and aspirations of this country
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it doesn't exist so mr mistrusts is totally the wrong term to use it's like common sense and what people understand they need to do is to only way we've survived for the last 400 years use of the reason mind is going to pieces and uncomfortable conversations because. it liddy seen you expect your medical professionals to take care of you weak gondolas of what really looked like where you live what your resources are why does this not happen the 90 states yes it is uncomfortable but it it reveals the the fundamental systemic racism that exists in our health care system let me that the number one reason and we is going talked about there's incredible historical mistrust and warranted but the number one reason black people don't participate in clinical trials is because they are not asked their physicians make all kinds of assumptions about what they will and will
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not do whether or not they're welcome plywood or not they will well be able to travel and that they have enough money and so because of these races perceptions they simply don't ask their patients to participate and so we leave out an entire group of people who can benefit and just in case people think it doesn't matter it does when you look at for example the h.p.v. vaccine which has been demonstrated to prevent cervical cancer in women the 2 strains that are most responsible for cervical cancer in black women are not included in the back scene where there were no black girls in those trials and so this absolutely does matter and you know you come forward to carbon 18 there's a therapeutic dexamethasone which has shown to be effective in people with severe disease well doesn't work as well and african-americans no no surprise not included in the trials so these met these things matter and if if our physicians would ask
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just say look you know miss smith i think this trial would be really good for you we're going to work with you to make sure that you have the best possible experience in this trial it could make a huge difference but it's just nash happening. i mean why is it not happening i think if you let every now do this if we know about the inequities in the house system you ask why it took does not do yes because racism and structural and institutional racism is really designed to protect the power and privilege that white people enjoy so it's in their benefit is to their advantage and to their benefit to do everything not to dismantle it because human nature says none of us like to lose power and privilege that's just a human nature thing so the structural is structural racism in our medical system i
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want to say something 2 things real quickly one i just got over my 1st ever sinus infection and i feel like i should apologize to everybody i ever blew off to complain about a sinus infection that is a horrible it's a horrible experience but anyway the point is i went to an air nose and throat specialist on a referral from my doctor my primary doc i get to the office wait around wait around often as you normally do they called me into the waiting room i go in sit on the exam table look up on the wall there are 48 by 10 photographs of all white men doctors so when the doctor who was seeing me came in the room and said us and enter deuce themself and that's what i was there for us if wait a minute if you tell me what that's all about it's all those of some very great doctors and they were very good mentors to the person who found it a so what doctor let me ask you
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a question how confortable which you'd be if you where our roles were reversed right now you came in here and there were 40 pitches a black man up on the wall and the exam room he couldn't answer that. and the other point is just that how deeply steeped racism and how black just being black has made medical lies to be a condition of disease that goes back to the 70 all the way to the origins of this country then i'm so glad you mentioned that because we switched to cali we we spoke to clean i was going to get a pickup of the back of a clean about there's something wrong with black bodies is this something wrong. that i think used to be experimented on or avoid it to be putting vaccine trials this is how killeen put it let's have a listen to. by frame in black americans as biologically at risk for this disease
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for covert 19 we're not only communicate the message that black bodies are inherently defective and prone to the disease we obscure the underlying structural causes for racial disparities in health and these are the social determinants of health including and especially medical racism biological race cannot be the basis for equipment recruiters must reject this harmful logic because it ultimately subjects african-americans a disparate treatment in research sedens and they must also abstain from stigmatize and african-americans as irrational in their skepticism and they must contend with the fact that those or usually are recruited 1st are often denied access to the therapies built upon their bodies. glenn i thought there had been cleaning but i know linda in particular you are set up with black women being targeted is
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this something wrong with black when i need to learn pushback all the time absolutely and black women don't view themselves as we say broke or broke down i mean we have conducted a study years ago where we asked black women to define health and that is not our view we know we are trying we know there's nothing wrong with us but there are the systemic barriers and go and i just want to touch on something you said you talked about going to the doctor's office and you know you're waiting around well for me to to give you a sense of how ingrained how entrenched systemic racism is it isn't literally built into technology but the appointment scheduling systems the artificial intelligence systems have racism built into them i brought up a coauthored a paper with some colleagues last year that show that racism is literally built into this intelligence into the algorithms of scheduling systems such that black people wait 23 times as long as white people to get an appointment so if you're
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on a schedule you go to your doctor you've got a 3 o'clock appointment and it suddenly 5 o'clock of course you're going to lead and perhaps he won't come back so this has real implications for our ability to access care and access quality care when racism is literally built into the technology into the machine language. that that can also go to i cling to england you have just laid this out perfectly you've given historical context you put it up to date let me just show you here. some of the child pages from sizes i'm going out to families and they are looking at the trial locations the trial progresses is the cause of 19 vaccines participant diversity let's just look here that that to be pretty transparent in the u.s. 5 percent asian 9 percent black hispanic or latin x. 12 percent native american point 7 percent this rate about 25 percent of their
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current that scene trial for coverage 19 is looking at minorities glenn is that and not. well 1st of all why won't we trust those numbers why why is it that if we have watched systemic exclusion of black people in clinical trials and i served on 5 different r. beings over the course of 15 years so there's nothing about clinical research i don't understand and know and i know there's no accountability we already know systemically there is no universal system to collect racial data so why should the 1st thing is why should we trust what they say why. not why should you not trust these 2020 we have massive movement everything gets turned upside down for 2020 we have 4 lines that we're really seeing right now as apply as this
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is really why we still in a city go as a people a new cheaper. and let me just say this at the beginning of this pandemic. the guidelines of this your formal recommendations were that if you have if you think you have this virus do not go to your doctor call your doctor so they can arrange for you to be tested the data shows that a significant portion of black people don't have a primary doctor so who are they going to call so it just is another example of how deeply embedded systemic racism is so much so that we have black doctors cold at 19 consortium in philadelphia which is a group of black doctors led by dr alice sampler who have their full time doctors she's a pediatrics beach pediatric surgeon and down she has to move light on saturdays sundays at night with the other group of our colleagues to test black people in
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parking lots at churches because now how could we have the entire health care system a public health system and in a crisis like on pandemic there's no inclusion of black people just to be tested so why should we trust what pfizer says about how many of. them i have to agree in the early madonna trials and madonna has in at in ajman mean to so this is government funding and the government requires 9 percent at least 9 percent black anticipation in the early modern trials there were 2 black people. great white house of how many i'm actually looking at their breakdown here with and you know you can see that not an accident if that really doesn't exist like you see that's when you see these tiny little comments here these are people you see people of color green is asian. oh my goodness. until he read that i mean it's not exactly who he is blackall african american so he's like didn't the
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family you know his numbers down here these are people of cholera so you would think by publicizing this this is like we're being. transparent we're printing people who only know what he's into know i'm john snow and i'm going i want your comments a little company there's really no accountability you're not getting government funding so who's looking at you to seem to make sure that you have appropriate representation in your trials i mean after all only 4 percent of black people participate in trials anyway but given the disproportionate impact of coping 1000 on the black and brown population tony found he himself said that people of color are to be 66 percent of all trial participants and we're nowhere near nowhere near that absolutely because i just quickly say this what we have to also not ignore in this conversation 2 things one it's only a difficult conversation to the people who haven't experienced what we've
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experienced before 100 years i'm not in the business of trying to make people feel good about facing this concept this subject because i've had to watch my aunts what happened with my ancestors but more importantly why are we talking about a concept like race that is totally social base. in the context of science right so you've got to look at how we've how as a society we infused a social concept and made a fundamental fact factor in clinical in science that define. this is how can you help describe exactly what you're saying when considering race in data analysis race is not a risk factor racism is the risk factor that i keep trying to pull you 2 into now what are we going to do when you keep putting me back into it's terrible so here is what i'm thinking. linda you call yourself i'm just looking here on on
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on your on your social hear a carrillo health advocate give us some gorilla health strategies because if people of color if minorities are being impacted by covert 19 more than any of their. different groups the mute we need some guerilla tactics right now the vaccine trials would be less and so one of the things that they were doing at the black women's health imperative is we have a partnership with stand up to cantor and friends of cancer research actually train black women and clinical research clinical protocol protocols how to participate what to expect how to make sure that you get the best possible care and have the best experience and to challenge your providers challenge the researchers when you're participating in clinical trials to make sure that you bet they know you're holding them accountable but one of the things we also have to do is get the
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research community out a bit segregated bubble the you know researchers recruit from their networks that are known to them to look well 98 percent of these researchers are are not black so they don't have black and brown people in their network so we've got to make sure that they go to other scientific meetings national medical association others and build a colleague your relationship with people who don't look like them however our problem is in actual segregation and we already know that if we could integrity and today we would in health disparities but the other thing to me is we've got to make sure that we've got leadership black and brown leadership who's making the decision who is going to suck in the research what becomes evidence depends on asking the questions who they're asking how the data is being analyzed and we end up applying a body of evidence to people who had nothing to do with its creation in the 1st place so we've got to change fundamentally who's making those decisions and who's
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getting funding and it's a legit into and let me just slip in here greg millet because we were talking about trust lack of trust very valid in this scene and great kind of a couple of suggestions now now what to do is have a listen. the 1st consideration is that there is a big difference between a theoretical vaccine and a real vaccine and you lately see changes in opinion when you have a real and effective vaccine that is available the 2nd thing that i think is important as well is it depends upon who is indorsing the vaccine there's a recent poll that came out this week that showed that 2 in 10 americans would take a vaccine if it were recommended by donald trump but 6 in 10 americans would take a vaccine if it were recommended by their doctor so it's very clear that if there were a safe vaccine that was highly effective that was recommended by their doctor or a member of their family that you would likely see higher levels of
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african-americans who take that vaccine so again i didn't mean to you've got people slanted up and he chief aging king says things adrian sounds like you know what the problems are tell me about the solutions grant well. i was just going to 1st to piggyback off that last comment did happen and then and then i'm ok i'll be joining her yak and your when he talked about this the study that showed that 6 out of 10 americans would take the vaccine who are those americans who they talk to who are who are they we don't have the accountability up comprehensively to really know how to address these solutions 1st step is accountability all you have to do to get a protocol approved by our beaches check off a box and say yes i plan to include blacks look at the role that lack of accountability to the f.d.a. that has systemic lee approved drugs devices and treatments knowing that the data
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has a boy is devoid of any inclusion of. black people so we don't even have an accountability system in place to start talking about breaking down and making solutions in my opinion the 1st step is who are they and these other people who are in terms of who it depends on who's promoting it or who's saying it i mean the president of some been some very prestigious has starkly black colleges have publicly made it clear that they they are enrolling but i'm just saying you think it's a going to need a willing announcement at the shows i'm just going to push it ok and already yes. a 32nd elevate have picture kate. would you take part in a kind of a 1000 vaccine trial yes or no i want. but he said. absolutely not and primarily for me it's because i know too much about clinical trials for back to the warp
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speed concept it's all of the accountability has been turned over to the private pharmacy. would you take the 1000 that's in child yes or no i mean when there's a national scientific association made up of black researchers physicians clinical trial experts who have complete visibility and transparency into the data the analysis and the protocols and they say yes we endorse this then i'll do it all right. but it isn't thank you thank you really preacha interesting today and he didn't thank you. and. we want return. with updates on the best algeciras documentary.
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this is millions and millions of dollars of people's money trish being taken in for their whole lives from the mommy. just down the drain and one day on al-jazeera. yes. and the disease because 50 percent of the deaths of children and. adults try. to save childhood education. in this new lead seems to. be. tough. to see.
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kurdistan's electoral body an els the results of sunday's vote after a night of protests and unrest. my money inside this is al jazeera live from doha.


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